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Written By: Jonathan Leissler
METAL GEAR SOLID walkthrough and FAQ Present by Enigma Gaming Central!

[introduction / general info]

1.0.0 The Docks
1.0.1 Heliport
1.0.2 House 1 - Tank Garage
1.0.3 House 1 B1 - Cells
1.0.4 House 1 B2 - Storage [boss - Revolver Ocelot]
1.0.5 Tank Garage
1.0.6 Tank Yard [boss - Tank]
1.0.7 House 2 01 - Nuclear Weapon Storage
1.0.8 House 2 B1 - Office
1.0.9 House 2 B2 - Lab
1.1.0 House 2 B1 - Office [boss - Psycho Mantis]
1.1.1 The Caves
1.1.2 Sniper's Grounds [boss - Sniper Wolf]
1.1.3 House 1 B1 - Torture / Prison
1.1.4 House 1 B2 - Storage [getting a few bonuses]
1.1.5 Tower 1 
1.1.6 Tower 2 [boss - Liquid Snake]
1.1.7 Sniper's Grounds 2 [boss - Sniper Wolf]
1.1.8 Molten Metal Room
1.1.9 Elevator Shaft
1.2.0 Freezer Room [boss - Vulcan Raven]
1.2.1 Passageway
1.2.2 Metal Gear Rex [boss - Metal Gear Rex, Liquid Snake]
1.2.3 The Chase

| The Docks                                                                                  1.0.0 |

Run down the stairs into the water to get a Ration.

The best way to go through here is this way:
Crawl under the pipe, run to the wall and 
wait until the coast is clear for you to 
run to the right side of the room. Stand 
to the right of the big vent and wait for the
guard to come stand to the left of it. Crawl 
under the pipe and run straight up.
Wait on the right side of the Forklift until 
the elevator comes down and the guard who
comes out leaves and the coast is clear. Run 
into the elevator and it'll automatically
go up. If the alarm is on, the elevator will 
not leave.

 Heliport                                                                                   1.0.1 |
Chaff Grenades x3
Stun Grenades x3
Socom [gun]

Run to the right of the helipad, and wait 
until the two spotlights are as far away from 
each other as a possible, then make a run for 
it. Pick up the Chaff Grenades while you run.
Run into the room on the left, and sneak along 
the top crates then make a run for the 
Stun Grenades when the camera isn't looking. 
Sneak back outside then run up the left wall 
and make sure the guard in the upper left corner 
is sleeping. If he is, make a run for the
truck. While inside pick up the Socom and wait 
for the right moment to run outside, past
the camera and up the stairs to the right. Sneak 
past the guard up here and crawl into the 
air vent.

| Tank Garage                                                                                1.0.2 |

Thermal Goggles
Socom Bullets x12

Sneak past the camera in the top right corner 
and then down and into the cargo room. 
Watch out for the camera and pick up the Thermal 
Goggles. Run out of the cargo room and follow
the bridge. Ignore all closed doors since you do 
not have a keycard yet. Sneak down the stairs
at the end of the "bridge" while watching out for 
the camera. Sneak behind the stairs and pick
up the Socom Bullets. Then wait until the coast 
is clear and run right to the elevator (double-doors
saying "EV." with a yellow button next to it. Go down to B1.

| House 1 B1 - Cells                                                                         1.0.3 |

Socom Bullets x12
Level 1 Keycard
Socom Bullets x12
Socom Bullets x12

Follow the passage-way down and right until you 
reach a ladder, then climb it. Explore this vent
and look down through all the grates. After the 
long talk scene with the leader of DARPA, there will
be a short shooting sequence. Just shoot everyone 
you see and pick up the ammo/rations they drop.
Use rations if necessary. Now you'll have a Level 
1 Keycard. You can open all doors that have a 1 
on them now. Go back inside the door you just 
exited and pick up some more ammo inside. Go back to 
the elevator now and go down to B2.

[remember that you need to equip keycards for 
them to function]

| House 1 B2 - Storage                                                                       1.0.4 |

Socom Bullets x12
Socom Bullets x12
Grenade x4
Grenade x4
C4 x2
C4 x2
C4 x2
Socom Bullets x12
Socom Bullets x12
Chaff Grenades x3
Stun Grenades x3
Socom Bullets x12
Socom Bullets x12
Socom Bullets x12
Level 2 Keycard
Fa-mas Bullets x25
Fa-mas Bullets x25

This floor consists of one big room with 2 exits, 
and 6 smaller rooms. The smaller rooms are
the ones I'm talking about.

Go out of the elevator and down to the room in 
the mid-low part. Watch out for trap-doors.
Run out of the room and to the room on the left, 
there pick up the grenades and run out.
Go to the mid-high room and pick up the C4. Now, 
look at the walls on each side of the elevator.
Notice the blueish cracked ones? Place a C4 in 
front of one of them and blow it up.
Get all the bonuses and run down to the lower left 
corner, here blow up the wall and go in.
In this little hall find the wall you can blow up 
and do so. And in this next hall blow up the 
upper wall that you can destroy, the rightmost one 
is for later.

You will now face Revolver Ocelot.

He will run around the cubic room and fire at 
you, after he has fired 6 shots he has to reload.
Try to get a shot in on him and then advance after 
him while he's stunned, just keep doing this 
and watch out for his shots. Pretty easy eh?

After the very lengthy talking sequence with Kenneth 
Baker you will have the Level 2 keycard.
Go back the way you came and enter the Level 2 room 
in the big B2 room. Equip the Thermal Goggles 
and evade the alarm beams and you'll have yourself 
a new weapon, the Fa-mas. Go out and take the
elevator back up to the Tank Garage [level 1]

| Tank Garage                                                                                1.0.5 |

Socom Supressor
Carboard Box A
Chaff Grenades x3
Mine Detector 

First off call Meryl on the radio. [Her frequency is 140.15]
She will tell you to wait and she'll open the big 
door to the right of the elevator.
While you wait I suggest you do the stuff below.

Go out of the elevator and through the door on the 
right, sneak up on the sleeping guard and 
kill him. Get the supressor and use it (if you have 
the Socom equipped it will be used automatically).
Go out of this room and go up the stairs to the 2nd 
floor of the Tank Garage. Go through the first
door on the 2nd floor. Pick up the Cardboard Box and 
the Chaff Grenades. Go out of this room and
follow the bridge back to the top right room, go 
inside and pick up the Mine Detector and perhaps the
rations. Now you you can go downstairs, kill the 
guards and go through the big door.

When you're through the big door, equip the Thermal 
Goggles and avoid the alarm beams and go through
the door on the other side, welcome to the Tank Yard.

| Tank Yard                                                                                  1.0.6 |

Grenade x4
Grenade x4

Here you will fight a boss, a tank, so I suggest 
you make sure you're ready before you go ahead.
You have to make your way pretty far up, the best 
way is alongside the left wall. You can just equip
your Mine Detector and avoid the mines. Either way 
you have to go upwards. When you've reached the 
tank simply run around it throwing grenades up on 
the tower to take out the gunner. Watch out for 
the machine gun fire. You will now automatically 
enter the Nuclear Weapon Storage.

| House 2 - Nuclear Weapon Storage                                                           1.0.7 |

In this entrance just run down the passage and crawl 
under the door. Watch out in here because if the
alarm is set off the place will be filled with gas 
and you will die. Stick to the bottom wall and creep
into your cardboard box and hide from the patrolling 
guard. Once he passes you continue to the right and
sneak up the stairs. Pick up any bonuses along the 
way but don't bother with any out of the way bonuses
because they can easily get you spotted and killed. 
Once up the stairs, run to the elevator and take it 
down to B1.

| House 2 B1 - Office                                                                        1.0.8 |

Socom Bullets x12
Stun Grenade x3
Nikita Launcher 
Nikita Missile x4
Nikita Missile x4

Run to the left and into the bathroom and kill 
the guy taking a leak. Now run through the lower door 
and into the office room. Kill the guard and enter 
any doors you can. Get the Nikita and run out to 
the elevator, take it down to B2.

| House 2 B2 - Lab                                                                           1.0.9 |

Gas Mask
C4 x2
Grenade x4
Grenade x4
Nikita Missile x4
Nikita Missile x4
Chaff Grenade x3
Fa-mas Bullet x25
Chaff Grenade x3
Fa-mas Bullet x25
Fa-mas Bullet x25
Level 4 Keycard

Go to the right wall and press against it then go 
through the door on the bottom wall. When you get 
through the second door you will enter a gas-filled 
room with an electrical floor. Fire a nikita 
missile and guide it to the left and up to the 
switch box on the wall. (the one shown in the little
animated sequence). Run out and get some air, then run 
in again and enter the two rooms you can enter
on the right wall. Get the Ration and the Gas Mask 
and run down the passage, here you can either go
right and fight a boss or go left and pick up a few 
bonuses. Even if you go for the bonuses you should
go to the right and through the door afterwards. Go 
through a few doors and see a few pretty busted
up bodies and your old friend Ninja slice a few guys 
up. Follow him through the door then get ready
to fight him.

Fighting Ninja isn't too hard. Just watch out for 
his attack and hit him when you can. Don't use any
firearms in the beginning, only throw punches. When 
you beat him up a little he'll start hiding, just
equip the Thermal Goggles and keep beating him up. 
When he starts walking around calmly and throwing
punches that HURT, just throw Chaff Grenades to stun 
him and beat him up. When he is starting to break
down and stands in a big blue ball, fire at him with 
the Fa-mas and he'll soon be out of the way.

After a lengthy talk with Lee 'Otakon' Emmerich (some 
of it concerning anime! :) you will have a level
4 keycard. Now go back the way you came and go to the 
elevator. Take it up to B1.

| House 2 B1                                                                                 1.1.0 |

Level 5 Keycard
PAL key
Socom Bullet x12
Fa-mas Bullet x25
Fa-mas Bullet x25
Socom Bullet x12

Go into the big office and kill the guard patrolling 
on the right. Then let the guard on the left see
you. He will flee, follow him. Run up to the last booth 
in the ladies bathroom and look in it. You
will now meet Meryl again (she was the guard in disguise, 
see). You will talk for a while and she will
equip you with a level 5 keycard and the PAL key. After 
this it's time to enter the double-doors in the corridor 
to the left of the elevator and fight Psycho Mantis.

Mantis will control Meryl at first, throw a Stun Grenade 
and he'll come out and introduce himself and
the real fight will begin.

[NOTE: at the beginning of this fight, and sometimes 
during it, the screen will go black and display
       3 japanese signs. These say 'Hideo'.  I have no 
idea why or what it means, although the games
       creator's name is Hideo Kojima it is still pretty odd]

When he zaps around throwing those magic balls at you, 
just keep running laps around the leftmost desk
and he'll miss. He will then start controlling the 
furniture, following a strict pattern. Just duck 
under the furniture and swing at him when you have 
the chance. Every 8th swing will actually hit. Just
keep doing this for a while. He will then take control 
over Meryl again, you only have to throw another
stun grenade and she'll fall. He will then make her 
stand up and shoot herself, another Stun Grenade 
will take care of that. Then he will start zapping 
around and throwing magic balls at you like crazy,
just equip the Thermal Goggles and follow him around, 
beating him up when he stops. When he starts going
crazy with the furniture, just duck under them and 
swing at him when you get the chance.

you can get some pretty easy hits in if you wear 
the Thermal Goggles and follow him around while he
shoots magic balls.

[his order is: magic balls-easy chairs-busts-blenders
-paintings, set on repeat]

When you FINALLY beat him you exit through the 
hidden door behind the top right bookshelf. (opens
automatically, don't worry).


| The Caves                                                                                  1.1.1 |

Meryl walks off to the right, you should follow 
the snowy path and crawl under that low bridge. Then 
run through the caves (keeping to the right) until 
you reach the point in the lower right corner 
where you can crawl under and met Meryl again. You 
can place a bullet in the wolves if they bother 
you too much. Exit through the door to the north.


| Sniper's Grounds                                                                           1.1.2 |

Meryl will get shot by Sniper Wolf here. After all 
the talk and automated sequences, run all the way 
back to the very first house (you know, with the 
tank Garage) and go down to B2. Enter the level 5 (up-left)
room and get the PSG1, then run all the way back to 
where you just were, where Meryl got shot.

While on your way either forth or back, you can stop 
by in the Office room in B1 in the 2nd House,
the nuclear weapon storage.  Here you can now pick up 
Cardboard Box B.

Now get ready to start some sniper-fighting with 
Sniper Wolf. She will keep shooting and running
around, all you have to do is hit her a few times. 
There are a number of usable tactics here, all I
can say is that it's pretty easy if you concentrate.

After you beat her, follow the passageway and try to 
enter the door on the right. You will be captured
and get to play the "Torture Scene"


| Torture / Prison                                                                           1.1.3 |

Level 6 Keycard

During torture, all you have to do is keep pressing 
Circle to survive. If you can't hack it you must press
select before you die, since there is no Continue 
option in this part of the game!

Between the torture sequences you will be in a cell, 
the first time nothing will happen. The 2nd 
time Otakon will come and give you some Ketchup, a 
Scarf and a level 6 keycard. 
During the 2nd time the guard will also run to the 
bathroom which gives you the chance to hide under 
the bed and get him to open the door. If you don't do 
this, you can wait 'til the third time in the 
cell and let Ninja smash the door. Either way, if you 
survive the torture you will get to escape.

Follow the passage-way back into the torture room when 
you escape, don't forget to grab the big red box
which contains all of your old belongings. Go out 
through the door and watch out for the cannon above it.
Leave using the Elevator. Take it down to B2.


| House 1 B2                                                                                 1.1.4 |

Stun Grenades x3
Chaff Grenades x3

Run down and enter the door in the southern wall. In 
here you should run out through the hole you made
in the wall and blow a new hole to the right of it in 
the next passage. In here you need to watch out
for the cannons and enter the two locked doors. One 
contains a camera and the other contains some 

[NOTE: Doing this during the 2nd you play through it 
is useless, since you have the camera from the beg.]

Now go back up to the 1st floor, the tank garage. And 
go back all the way to where Meryl got shot and 
you fought Sniper Wolf.

Now you can enter the door on the right.

| Tower 1                                                                                    1.1.5 |

Run down the corridor and enter the door. This will 
sound an alarm and basically the only you're 
supposed to do is grab the Rope and Stun Grenades and 
run like hell. Run up the stairs as far as they
go, killing enemies on the way. Ignore the door you 
will see half-way, you can't open it yet. Just
keep running and shooting. Pick up anything you see 
along the way, but keep running.

Once up, go outside and up the stairs (upper left). 
After the satellite has been destroyed, equip the
rope and walk up to the edge. This will start the 
Rappelling sequence. Watch out for steam and bullets
here. When you've hit the ground the helicopter will 
stop following you. 

Here you can blow the door open, but you shouldn't 
enter it now. You should equip your PSG1 and take 
out the guys who're waiting for you on the other 
side of the bridge you're on. Run up the path when
they're gone and enter the door.

| Tower 2                                                                                    1.1.6 |

Sting Launcher
Stinger Missile x5

Get the Stinger and the ammo and run out through 
the lower door. Here, run to the right and follow the
stairs down until you reach the broken stairs. Now 
turn and run back up and go down where you went right
earlier. You will meet Otakon and have a little chat 
with him. Continue running up the stairs now, avoid
the cannon towers as much as you can. When you reach 
the top, get all the missiles and ammo and climb 
the ladder.

Use the door and go outside. You will now face Liquid 
Snake in his chopper.

All you have to do is dodge his shots, run as far up 
as you can when he shoots missiles and fire Stinger
shots at him. It's pretty easy, it just takes a 
little while since he's flying all over the place.

Once you beat him, enter the tower and run all the 
way down to the elevator and take it down to the 1st
floor. On the elevator you will face 4 invisible 
enemies, just put on your Thermal Goggles and fight them.
After you get off the elevator I suggest you run right 
and pick up the Ration and the PSG1 bullets.
Then run right and exit through the door. Run through 
the corridors, dodging the cannons.


| Sniper's Grounds 2                                                                         1.1.7 |

Run around for a bit, once you get too far you 
will be shot down. It's time to face Sniper
Wolf again. This time it's alot easier than the 
first time, so just equip your PSG1 and take 
her out.

Enter the mid-top building (level 6 door) and run 
to the top right, then run down the stairs.

Congrats, you just beat the first disc. 
Now hurry, exchange the discs.


| Molten Metal Room                                                                          1.1.8 |

Take out the first guard with a few Socom shots and 
pick up any ammo and such. Then run to 
the right and follow the longer of the two bridges, 
when you reach the wall press against it
and walk up the wall (keep pressing against it!). 
You need to duck for the metal thing that 
passes by. Once you've made it across, follow the 
bridge down the stairs. To the left here 
there's some ammo and a ration. I suggest you go 
down the right bridge and enter through the 
opening in the south wall.

In here you need to watch out for the steam. Run, 
duck and crawl through. Once outside pick
up the body armor and ammo and make your way back. 
Now enter the big door in the north wall
(opposite of the opening you just came from).

| Elevator Shaft                                                                             1.1.9 |

All you need to do in here is run up to the shaft 
and wait for the elevator to come up. Then
you get on it and activate it using the control 
panel on the right. During this ride you get
to kill some guards.

Once the elevator lands, simple run up and to the 
right and get on the next elevator. You 
might want to look out for mines on the ground here.

When this elevator lands, run through the doors to the north.

| Freezer Room                                                                               1.2.0 |

Here you fight Vulcan Raven. There's one easy 
tactic to use here, just one. Get in behind him
and fire a stinger missile at him. He's never hit me, 
so he's pretty darn easy!

[now you find out that the first DARPA leader you 
met was a fake]

After Raven's done for, exit through the northern door.


| Passageway                                                                                 1.2.1 |

Throw a Chaff Grenade and make a run for it, 
exit through the northern door.


| Metal Gear Rex                                                                             1.2.2 |

Follow the passageway out to the REX, go right and 
up the ladder. Go left, up and climb the ladder.
Climb the next ladder, climb down on the other side. 
Follow the passage and shoot the guard.
Keep following the passage until you find the stairs, 
go up and watch the sequence. Since Snake
dropped the PAL key you're gonna have to run back 
down to the base of the REX room, and run around 
the water trying to find it. If you pick up an item 
called 'BOMB' open your inventory and use it
the way you use Rations, otherwise you will die. 
If you can't find it, try to find a swimming rat
instead and shoot him to pieces. He will most likely have it!
Now, run all the way back up to the control room and 
go inside. Equip the PAL key and go to the
leftmost laptop computer and use the PAL key. After 
that, check the other computers and find out
that you need to change the card itself. For this you 
have to visit 2 different rooms and change
the cards in there.

To make the card blue and usable on the blue laptop: 
Go to the Freezer Room (where you fought 
Raven) and run around a bit 'til it has changed. 
Now run back to the control room and use it on 
the Laptop.

To make the card red and usable on the red laptop: Go 
back to the Molten Metal Room and equip the PAL key
and run around there for a bit until it changes to 
red. When it has changed you need to go back 
to the control room and use the key. 

This will set off the alarm and you will find out that 
your 'friend' Master Miller has been
Liquid Snake in disguise all along! Anyways, the alarm 
will be set off and gas will fill the room
you will need to call Otakon at 141.12 and he'll get the door open.

To beat the Rex, all you have to do is throw a 
Chaff Grenade, and shoot him with the Stinger.
You can only lock onto the radar satellite during 
the first time you meet him. The second time you
can only lock onto the booth where Liquid Snake is sitting.

Now you have to fight Liquid Snake in a one-on-
one fist fight. It's pretty easy.


| The Chase                                                                                  1.2.3 |

This is your escape from the complex. First off 
you should go back through the door you just came
from, to get a ration. Then you should run left. 
Now follow Meryl's lead and get into the car.
First shoot the barrels, and then at the next stop 
shoot everyone then shoot the barrels. At the
last stop you only need to shoot everyone.

Enter Liquid Snake. You just have to keep shooting 
him and eating up Rations if you lose HP.

If you survive this. All i can do is congratulate 
you on beating one of Konami's finest. :)

| Bandana              | Gives you infinite ammo when equipped                                     |
|                      | A reward for beating the game                                             |
| Body Armor           | ???                                                                       |
|                      | Go through the steam room in the Molten Metal Room [House 3]              |
| Camera               | You can snap shots of people, uses 2 memory card slots for one picture    |
|                      | In a secret room to the right of where you go to meet Revolver Ocelot     |
|                      | You'll need a level 4 keycard.                                            |
| Cardboard Box A      | For hiding, and transportation. See Section X.X.X.X                       |
|                      | ???                                                                       |
| Cardboard Box B      | Same as A                                                                 |
|                      | B1 in house 2, the big office room, the top left office                   |
| Cardboard Box C      | Same as A                                                                 |
|                      | ???                                                                       |
| Cigarette            | Just to look cool                                                         |
|                      | You have them from the beginning                                          |
| Gas Mask             | ??? [should filter the gas, but it doesn't seem to work!]                 |
|                      | Third room on the right in the gasfilled corridor of B2 in House 2        |
| Mine Detector        | Shows mines on your radar                                                 |
|                      | On the top part of the Tank Garage, House 1                               |
| Night Vision Goggles | Lets you see clearer when it's dark                                       |
|                      | On B2 of House 2 [Nuclear Weapon Storage] in the rightmost corridor       |
| Scope                | Lets you zoom in on stuff and check it out                                |
|                      | You have it from the beginning                                            |
| Thermal Goggles      | Lets you see everything you need to see, like items, enemies and mines    |
|                      | Cargo room in the Tank Garage in House 1                                  |

| Fa-Mas               | Machine gun has lots of room for ammo and fires fast                      |
|                      | Level X room on B2 of House 1 [need a level X keycard]                    |
| PSG1                 | Sniper rifle, limited room for ammo                                       |
|                      | the Level 5 room on B2 in House 1 [need a level 5 keycard]                |
| Socom                | Small gun with a laser-pointer and a silencer option                      |
|                      |

Writer of this FAQ: Jonathan Leissler
Contact Info:

I purchased the game from WWW.FLASHBACKINC.COM

Please don't remove my tags from this walkthrough 
I have spent long hours doing this so others can 
complete the game with our help
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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