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Written By: Chris Yi


Written by Chris Yi
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FAQ WRITTEN 1-24-99, Last Updated 2-14-99
Version 1.6

UPDATES: Added area name to each Photo. Added a few more names. 

NOTE: I got the general area of each ghost by using GameSages, but
decided to clear it up a bit.

These are more or less in order of the game as it progresses, and I just
tried to find the best angles, but no guarantees. 

To get these early ones, you need to beat the game with a camera and
then start from that save data, or if you save Otacon in the end (by
submitting to Ocelot's torture).
Note: Now each description has an Area name, right after the name of the
developer's ghost.

Muraoka, Dock - Head over to the very right of the loading dock, in the
very first area of the game. There should be a ration there. Head into
thelittle niche formed by the pipe, and it's actually on the wall. There
are two rather thin pipes going down the wall, aim for those.


Fukushima, Heliport - Go here in the very beginning of the game, in the
area where you find the SOCOM:

          ___     boxes
elev-    /   \    
ator____/     \  x

Face the sea.


Tanaka, Heliport -The sleeping guy under the security cam, aim above his


Shigeno, Heliport - Diagram time:

--  c  ___|

c is a camera, stand at x. aim at a 45 degree or whatever angle that is,
so that the stairs are on the right of the pic (chaff grenades help,
otherwise the camera can see you). I doubt that this is the best angle,
but I haven't found any better ones. I know that head on doesn't work,


Yamashita, Nuke Storage Floor 1 - Easy. Even easier if you get the
sniper rifle first, go back out and arm the PSG-1. Since the
nanomachines don't activate, you can fire the PSG into the room, taking
out all the grunts. Cool, huh? Now, you can mosey on over to the nuke
closest to the stairs. Aim for the very tip, just don't stand so close.


Onoda, Tank Hangar B2 - This one requires rather fast reflexes. When you
fight Revolver Ocelot, quickly turn and face the tied up Baker, aim a
little above his head.


Matsuhana, Hallway of Corpses - Hm, this scene *highly* reminiscent of
Resident Evil 2... Anyway, the hallway is shaped like this:

|              |
|__S______    x|
          |    |
          |    |
          |    |
          |    |

D1 is where you come in from. D2 leads to the lab. If you switch on the
thermal goggles, one guy should still be bright red. Actually, just look
for the guy who's still moving. I think he's the guy who says "It's
a..ghost!" Stand at about position S, and make sure that the guy is in
te bottom of the shot. The ghost is in the x direction, but not *on* the
wall, however THAT works...


Kojima, Otacon's Lab - This one isn't too bad. After you rescue Otacon
from the ninja, there are two picture frames in the room, both of the
Policenauts Anime. Aim for the one on the right.


Korekado, Nuke Stg. Building B1 - When you're about to waste the guard
who is taking a piss, kill him if you want, but then aim your camera so
that all three urinals are in the picture.


Kaneda, Women's restroom - Do this after doing the Meryl's underwear
trick. tee hee. Now. Face the mirror. There should be three. It's the
one closest to the stalls. Stand a bit away from it, and aim a little
towards the bar that separates the two mirrors.
It's Paul Stanley!


Not really anything cool, but try and look 1st person into the mirror
with the following items equipped, to see what they look like up close:

Gas Mask -coolest one
Night Vision

You can't see the changes with these things, though:
Any box - damn!

Remember when Liquid says something about the look of joy from killing
all those people? Use the scope, and zoom in on Snake's mouth. Could he
be reffering to that goofy ass grin? :)


Sasaki, Nuke Stg. Building B1 - This is *MUCH* easier to do after you
kill psycho mantis, duh. There should be five picture frames opposite
the entrance to his room. Aim so that all five are in the picture, er
actually a little to the right of that.

PF = picture frame
about where the x is


43. Scott Dolf, Walkway - In the walkway outside COMM TWR A and B, where
those three guys waylay you.

|__  |
   | |
 a | |
 __| |_
|X    _|

stand at the X spot, aim your camera towards the a on this little
diagram, and aim way below the horizontal, so that the raling looks
kinda huge in the lens.


36. Tougo, Blast Furnace - Go into the little room on the bottom of the
blast furnace area, where all the steam and crap is coming out. Head
towards the dead end, face the nikita missiles, aim a little to the


Toyota, Frozen Arena where you fight Vulcan Raven - There are nine
boxpiles in the room where you waste Vulcan Raven, It's on the center


Negishi, Underground Base - When in the sewage waterfall right outside
where Metal Gear is stored, the one with an assload of cameras. First as
you enter heading north, mosey on over to the corner on the left, to
position X.

|x     |
|_    _goes to stairs
  |  |
 _|  |_ 
|      |

Now, aim your camera down towards the waterfall, a little to Snake's


Kimura, Unerground Base 3 - Go near where Liquid stands before he jumps
into Metal Gear, in front of the control room. Look up. You should see
MG's railgun, it looks like a big tuning fork. -this one's funny- 

That's about all I know. I'm having a hard time finding these guys: 

-Nakamura, in Meryl's blood pool?
-Uehara, raven elevator?
-Sonoyama, where on the torure machine?
-Shimuzu, wolf cave's first crawling point?
-Mizutani, when fighting Metal Gear (talk about s#itty instructions)???
-Nishimura, next to Baker's corpse?
-Kitao, Decoy Ocopus's corpse?
-Ishiyama, Heliport top of building?
-Sato, Comm Twr A?
-Shinkawa, 2nd pillar in wolf's hallway?
-Kozyou, behind watertank in Canyon?
-Jerem Blaustein, I feel like a voyeur taking all these pics of Sniper
Wolf trying to find this bastard

These are the ones I've tried and can't find.

Use this FAQ if you want. Just don't forget to credit me. And don't
change it.

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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