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Written By: Johan Henriksson


        //. o m e g a b o o s t F A Q 0 0 0 1 //.

               (c) johan henriksson 1999

              use the font called Courier
               to read this FAQ, please.

 .0001 introduction                             
 I imported  this  awesome  game called Omega Boost  and 
 well, I thought it ruled so I decided to provide people 
 with a decent FAQ for it.  I  have  previously  written 
 FAQs  for  high profile games like Metal Gear Solid and 
 Cool Boarders 3  and  I've  gotten  alot  of  very very 
 positive  feedback  on those (sorry  to the  people who 
 have  kept e-mailing me but not gotten a reply,  I have 
 decided  to leave  my old work  behind  me,  so sorry). 
 Anyway,  I hope this helps and you better go enjoy this 
 game cause it completely rocks!                         
 Johan Henriksson >> >>                 

 .0002 table of contents                                 :
 .0001 introduction _                                    
 .0002 table of contens _                                
 .0003 controls _                                        
 .0004 the screen _                                      
 .0005 zone // boss strategies _                         
 .0006 secrets && rankings _                             
 .0007 additional information _                          
 .0008 hints // tips _                                   
 .0009 gameshark codes _                                 
 .0010 credits // thanks _                               

 .0003 controls ::                                       :
 the  controls  in this game are pretty simple,  you can 
 get the hang of them  really  quickly  (which you  will 
 need cause this is a pretty fast-paced game).           
 these are the default controls.  if you change the Type 
 setting to B,  up//down  will be switched to normal (ie 
 up == up  and  down == down instead of vice versa). and 
 if you switch  Control  to B you will start the engines 
 instead of stopping them when you press L1.             
 d/pad :: use this to control  Omega Boost,  left//right 
          are what  you'd expect them to be but up//down 
          have been reversed, sort of like a flight-sim. 
 /\    :: uses  Omega Boost's  nice boosters,  good  for 
          dodging  an  attack or  such. pressing left or 
          right while boosting causes OB to do a rolling 
 O     :: same as triangle.                              
 X     :: fires the laser.  while  held  down it fires a 
          pretty  short  burst and then stops, so if you 
          want more  rapid fire  you're going to have to 
          keep pressing the button.                      
 []    :: same as X.                                     
 R1    :: hold this down to  lock onto the nearest enemy 
          or enemies  and hold it down to keep following 
          him//them.  if  your opponent  boosts past you 
          or  teleports,  it's a better idea to press R1 
          again  instead of  holding  it.  holding  this 
          button also  makes  you  fly straight,  a very 
          good idea for tunnel flying!                   
 R2    :: fires the viper blaster. cannot be used before 
          you reach level XX.                            
 L1    :: stops  Omega  Boosts  engines.  helpful  while 
          fighting bosses if you  don't want to be moved 
          around as much (it's annoying sometimes).  you 
          should know that it doesn't always work though 
          and the  camera  keeps moving if it's supposed 
 L2    :: switches  camera-view  to a fixed camera right 
          in front of you. completely useless unless you 
          want to see what's  behind you.  which in turn 
 Select:: changes  view  to  first  person mode, like in 
          Quake  or  such.  helpful when you have to fly 
          tricky stuff like the timeshaft [zone XX].     
 Start :: pauses the game. simple.                       
 can't think of any more tips to give you concerning the 
 controls, let me know if i'm missing something.         

 .0004 the screen ::                                     :
  **************** 1   5 0000000000  1 == Viper Boost  
  ================ 2   6    level 1  2 == Energy       
  //////////////// 3                 3 == Missiles     
                                     4 == Closest      
             playing area :)              Direction    
   __                                5 == Score        
  /<<\ 4                             6 == Boost Level  
 1 == displays  your  viper  boost  energy,  it  refills 
      (slowly!!)  as  you  hit  more  enemies.  damaging 
      bosses also adds to the refilling.                 
 2 == the omega boosts energy.  grows smaller as you get 
      hit,  like in any  other game.  refills after each 
      boss and after each zone.                          
 3 == missile energy. instead of having a limited amount 
      of missiles you have a set few  you can fire until 
      it refills the bar. goes very quickly so you never 
      have any worries, really.                          
 4 == shows  in  which  direction  the  nearest enemy is 
      attacking  you  from,  very good for when the game 
      doesn't  warn  you  (usually  it shouts "caution!" 
      when something is closing in, sometimes it doesnt) 
 5 == your score, simple as that.  you get higher scores 
      from killing enemies and beating bosses.  you also 
      get bonus points after you beat a zone,  depending 
      on how well you do.                                
 6 == shows the omega boosts level,  ranges from level 1 
      to level E.  levels 1  through  9 are given to you 
      automatically  after you  beat a level.  the other 
      few  are bonus  levels that  you use in Zone Play, 
      as far as i know anyway!                           

 .0005 zone // boss strategies ::                        :
 typically,  a normal zone consists of a minute or so of 
 shooting smaller enemies.  then comes a miniboss or two 
 and after that you fight the final boss of the zone.    
 good  time  signifies  a  time  i  have gotten that has 
 scored me 100 pts (ie a perfect time).                  
 >> training ::                                          
 lesson 01 :: scan search mission                        
 the  point  here is  to just  press  R1 and then fire a 
 missile. simple as hell, not really that much practice. 
 lesson 02 :: circular flight mission                    
 all you have to do here is almost the same as the first 
 lesson,  except  you  have  to circle around the little 
 meteor while doing it. not too advanced.                
 lesson 03 :: lock-on laser mission                      
 here  you're  supposed  to learn  how to quickly follow 
 an enemy using the lock on feature.  all you have to do 
 while he's boosting around you is press  R1 when he has 
 boosted past you and keep blasting him with your laser. 
 easy, but good practice.                                
 lesson 04 :: pseudo timeshaft mission                   
 the  object  of this  lesson is for you to learn how to 
 navigate through the timeshaft. since the timeshaft has 
 alot of tricky obstacles, this one is a good help.  all 
 you have to do is fly into the  red balls  and fly into 
 as many as you possibly can along the way.  i recommend 
 you at least master this one  before you play the game, 
 it really helps.                                        
 >> zone campaign ::                                     
 // 1st zone // space //                          >>>>>>>
 this  one's  easy,  it's  sort of  a combination of the 
 first three training  lessons.  just  keep locking onto 
 the  different  enemies and  shooting them, missiles is 
 the fast and easy way out.                              
 1st miniboss ::                                         
 this  is  a  little meteor with a gun in the middle and 
 two rings of metal balls that don't do  anything around 
 it.  you don't  have to  destroy all  the balls to kill 
 the boss,  but it  earns you  points!  you  can kill it 
 easily by staying out of the cannons way while blasting 
 all the  balls,  and then when  they're gone you go for 
 the cannon.  here you  should keep just under it, so it 
 misses when you fire it.  when it shoots,  you blast it 
 with your laser  and when it  closes the hatch you wait 
 and let  the missiles  lock on and  then fire  when  it 
 opens. repeat a few times.                              
 1st boss ::                                             
 simple.  just keep yourself  in a  low  enough position 
 under the red "eye" for you to be able to hit it but so 
 it can't  fire it's  circle-attacks.  if it  does fire, 
 just move to the middle of the rings it shoots.  but if 
 you stay  out of it's line  of sight and  shoot all the 
 smaller  baddies that  come at you  while  shooting the 
 boss, you'll do fine.                                   
 // 2nd zone // space //                          >>>>>>>
 another really  simple  zone,  just keep taking out the 
 pesky   little  enemies  in  the  beginning  with  your 
 missiles  (don't forget to dodge their shots!) and then 
 when the rockets start coming,  take them out with even 
 more missiles.  take out the small satellites that come 
 out of the rockets using your laser, it's quicker.      
 1st miniboss ::                                         
 just keep  firing at it using either missiles or lasers 
 and  watch out for it's shots and the enemies it throws 
 at you.                                                 
 1st boss :: mecha 01 ::                                 
 this is training lesson 03 all over again.  he'll boost 
 past you alot and  you just have to keep following him. 
 shoot him  using either  lasers or missiles,  both work 
 well enough.  one thing to look out for is that when he 
 boosts far away,  he  is going to boost  right into you 
 unless  you move out of the  way.  he  can teleport  to 
 right behind you when he does this, keep your eyes open 
 good time ::                                            
 2:12.40 == 100 pts.                                     
 // 3rd zone // orbit //                                 
 the beginning of this  zone  is pretty much the same as 
 the last one.  keep  hitting  the  fighter  jets  using 
 missiles  and  lasers  and  watch out  for their shots. 
 after a few  hundred or so jets  three-four robots will 
 come at you from below, they're easy though.            
 1st miniboss :: mecha 02 ::                             
 a mecha. all you have to do is lock onto him,  and fire 
 some  missiles,  dodge  his  missiles and  his boosting 
 attacks and you're set.                                 
 1st boss ::                                             
 this one is tricky. if you're dead ahead of him,  he'll 
 fire with  the four cannons on the front end. watch out 
 for  those. if you're  below him  he'll release  a huge 
 amount of bombs right onto you, they're sort of hard to 
 dodge,  so don't get  under him.  if  you stay above or 
 behind him he will either fire loads and loads of shots 
 at you or follow you with the nasty red lasers,  you'll 
 know if he's using the lasers by checking to see if the 
 hatches on top are open or not (they're green when open 
 and the same color as the rest of the ship when closed) 
 if he  uses the  red  lasers  i  suggest you just boost 
 around until he stops. besides that, all you have to do 
 is shoot. missiles or lasers both work fine, by now you 
 should  also be able to use viper boost, so if he's too 
 much for you just give him a big ol' viper boosting.    
 good time ::                                            
 2:37.86 == 100 pts                                      
 // 4th zone // the surface //                    >>>>>>>
 at first you'll be flying right on the surface, but the 
 first things that attack you are airborne.  they're big 
 spider-like  droids that  fall down  upon you  and grab 
 ahold of you.  so when the  game gives  the  "caution!" 
 warning just hold the lock and stop buttons (R1+L1) and 
 take the  spiders out with your missiles. there will be 
 four or five batches  of spiders.  after that you fight 
 little isz looking creatures (isz,  didn't you read the 
 maxx? :).  they come crawling underground,  just follow 
 them by holding the lock key (R1) and when they've just 
 gone past you, they will jump up, so lock onto them and 
 take  them out with  missiles  or  lasers.  missiles is 
 quicker and easier.                                     
 1st miniboss :: spider droid 01 ::                      
 this is a bigger spider.  one thing to watch out for is 
 the laser-whip of sorts that he has, if it turns yellow 
 it means that it has locked onto you and will grab you. 
 when it does, just dodge.  a really simple technique is 
 to get  really really  close to the  head and then just 
 circle it while shooting. lasers are to prefer here.    
 2nd miniboss :: worm 01 ::                              
 a big worm.  it's only real  attack is to run into you, 
 so  it  poses no  real  threat if  you  get  the  right 
 techniques in.  when he's above  ground all you have to 
 do is  keep shooting missiles//lasers at him,  but when 
 he goes  underground  you should just left//right-boost 
 away  until  he comes up  again,  because  he  aims  to 
 re-emerge right on you, causing you some damage.        
 1st boss :: big truck ::                                
 this was the first boss that ever gave me real trouble. 
 it's a big truck-looking thing that has alot of attacks 
 and can cause you real damage. at first you should just 
 lock+hold (R1+L1)  and  keep hitting him with missiles, 
 he will  most  likely attack you with the  orange balls 
 they're really easy to  dodge so just  keep  doing  the 
 missile thing. when he starts getting to close or using 
 other attacks,  he can shoot  orange  fire-bars  and do 
 big bombs as well,  just boost  around  to  dodge them. 
 having control of your boosting is needed here.         
 good time ::                                            
 2:40.46 == 100 pts                                      
 3:44.00 == 100 pts                                      
 4:04.10 == 100 pts [hard]                               
 // 5th zone // timeshaft //                      >>>>>>>
 you better have mastered controlling the omega boost by 
 now, cause you're gonna need good control. first you'll 
 be confronted  by  smaller  enemies situated or running 
 along the edges. just lock onto them and take them out. 
 whenever  something  comes  along  that  looks  like an 
 obstacle, it is so dodge it.  training lesson 04 helps! 
 1st mini boss ::                                        
 this one will  attack  you from behind, right after the 
 tricky  dodging part where the music slows down and all 
 that. he's VERY simple, so if you die here  i will make 
 fun of you! :) ok, he'll attack you from behind and the 
 first thing he does is try to zap  you with his electro 
 ray thingie,  just  dodge it,  fly around in circles is 
 good.  do this while  shooting him and that part of him 
 will eventually  blow up. now all he  does is spin that 
 bar in the  middle (watch out for it,  it hurts) and go 
 back and forth,  so just  shoot  him and watch  out for 
 the bar.  simple & fast.  you don't even  HAVE  to kill 
 him,  all  you have  to do is  survive for long enough. 
 but hey, higher points are nice.                        
 1st boss :: spider droid 02 ::                          
 a spider.  again.  i like using missiles  for this one, 
 just  keep going around  in circles (to dodge missiles) 
 while  shooting  him.  he is pretty simple, if you beat 
 him up  enough he  will stop  doing the same thing with 
 the  missiles,  he  will  start  going around the shaft 
 shooting  balls  of  light  or  something,  just  watch 
 where  he's going and go the other  way. one last thing 
 he does is stop in  the middle  of the  shaft and start 
 loading up this  really big laser-beam, it will be very 
 apparent when he does  this, so  when  he does it  just 
 stay close to the shaft's edges to not be hit by it.    
 good time(s) ::                                         
 3:17.76 == 100 pts                                      
 3:36.16 == 100 pts                                      
 3:47.03 == 100 pts                                      
 // 6th zone //                                   >>>>>>>
 this one's short.  you've traveled in time but ended up 
 somewhere  you shouldn't  have.  at  first  legions  of 
 smaller ships will attack you, and later mechas will be 
 there too.  really  simple.  just take  them out as you 
 would any other enemies.                                
 1st miniboss :: armada ::                               
 first off  i cound the smaller  ships of this armada as 
 part of the boss.  to take them out  perfectly  all you 
 have to do  is lock onto one,  fire missiles and let go 
 of  the  lock  (as to  not  fly right  into the ships). 
 repeat  this until  they're all gone.  simple and easy, 
 i've  *never*  been hit by these guys.  the bigger ship 
 on the  other hand is a  problem.  i must admit i don't 
 really have  a good technique to  beat him. all i do is 
 either use  viper boost  to  take  him  out,  or i just 
 systematically  take out  all  the weapons  on one side 
 and then  just keep  shooting  at  that side  to slowly 
 destroy him.                                            
 1st boss :: worm 02 ::                                  
 another worm.  all you  have  to  do  is  keep circling 
 around him while shooting.  this technique also applies 
 to when  he goes crazy  and starts  shooting,  circling 
 around  him  works  whatever  he does. missiles//lasers 
 are equally as good on this one.                        
 good time ::                                            
 4:16.83 == 97 pts                                       
 // 7th zone // planet surface //                 >>>>>>>
 first off you will face big ships that drop off robots, 
 just quickly take them out, they're easy. then you have 
 to fight small planes, to take them out all you have to 
 do is lock in their general direction,  manually search 
 the darkness by  pressing left//right and then hittting 
 them with two  missiles.  after this you get to fight a 
 few more drop-off ships and loose robots. easy.         
 1st midboss :: bike ::                                  
 this is a  two-wheeled bike  doing a wheelie basically. 
 on each side he has  bars  sticking out.  fly straight  
 towards him, lock on and fire missiles, then dodge the  
 bars. when killed he will instantly split into midboss  
 number two.                                             
 2nd midboss :: double mechas ::                         
 the wheels  of the bike will transform into mechas that 
 fly around above you shooting laser beams straight down 
 really pathetic. and shoot.               
 1st boss :: mecha 01 -- again ::                        
 this is the mecha from the 2nd zone, and this time he's 
 pissed!  or something :) the  technique  from  training 
 lesson 03 and  the 2nd zone  boss applies here as well. 
 except now he has a few new attacks.  when he stops and 
 starts shooting a shitload of shots, just circle around 
 him as a matter of fact just circle around him whatever 
 he does and keep in mind that survival = more important 
 than taking him out quickly!  when he's  beaten he will 
 do a viper boost,  so  watch  out!  this part is really 
 tricky and i can't really give you any other tips than; 
 watch out!                                              
 good time ::                                            
 3:51.23 + 100% + Rank S == perfect score :)             
 // 8th zone //                                   >>>>>>>
 from this zone on, it's all just bosses, no levels.     
 1st midboss ::                                          
 ok, this is a tricky one at first, but once you get the 
 hang of it  it's  easy.  the only part of his body that 
 you can permanently damage is the red cone on his back, 
 to  access  shooting  it,  just keep  blasting him with 
 missiles and  lasers while dodging his attacks.  he has 
 two  attacks; one where he loads  of something in front 
 of  his  chest and let's  loose  a  seeking laser beam, 
 which is ridiculously easy to avoid. and another attack 
 where he shoots a bunch of  shots,  also easy to avoid. 
 when you've hit  him some, he will fall apart for a few 
 seconds,  you  have  to spin  around him and do as much 
 damage as you can to the red cone to kill him, you only 
 have 90 seconds to do it on!                            
 1st boss :: jello blob (alpha core blob :) ::           
 yeah, this one's REAL tricky. shoot him. missiles rock. 
 you have 45 seconds.                                    
 good time ::                                            
 1:28.23 == 95 pts                                       
 // 9th zone // last zone //                      >>>>>>>
 1st midboss ::                                          
 the trick  here is to  have at  least a  little in your 
 boost  energy  and  right  when  the  boss'  energy bar 
 starts filling up you have to use the viper boost. this 
 takes him out  instantly  and  you  don't have to worry 
 about doing anything.  viper boost  is  the  only thing 
 i've found that hurts him!                              
 2nd midboss :: worm 03 ::                               
 this guy will come at you from behind, and the trick is 
 easy.  circle around the shaft while shooting until you 
 have destroyed all the parts of him, then you will spin 
 around and he will start attacking using his head. when 
 he opens  his mouth  to  attack,  he  will  reveal  his 
 vulnerable spot,  the cube in the middle,  shoot it. he 
 has  three attacks;  1)  shooting  loads of shots,  the 
 trick  here is  to go up the  farthest  you  can in the 
 shaft's roof and  there dodge  the few  shots that  can 
 reach  you.  2) shooting  a  combination of  purple and 
 yellow shots. the purple shots go  in the middle of the 
 shaft so naturally you have  to stay close to the edges 
 when he fires.  the yellow  shots  on  the  other  hand 
 follow the edges so you have to stay in the middle, his 
 mouth will  change colors  depending on  what attack he 
 uses. 3) he can lunge  forward and try to  hit you with 
 the energy balls  he has on his  lips,  just go between 
 them on both the way ahead and back.                    
 keep in mind that viper boost has no effect on worm 03! 
 1st boss :: final boss :: alpha core ::                 
 the  cube  will go out into space and release the final 
 boss, a  jello  angel. she  has two normal attacks, one 
 where she shoots loads of shots  straight at you. these 
 are easily dodged by boosting left//right. the other is 
 where she shoots shots that follow after you, the trick 
 here is to, yet again, boost left//right to dodge them. 
 keep in mind that you have to boost for a while for the 
 seekers to  give  up.  to  hurt  her  i suggest you use 
 missiles and the viper boost. oh yeah, she has the mega 
 attack thing all final bosses have.  she will disappear 
 for a  brief  moment  and  that's your cue for boosting 
 like hell,  cause she's going to reappear and shoot one 
 hell of a large laser beam that will instantly kill you 
 so get the hell out of her way!                         
 >> bonus zones ::                                >>>>>>>
 // U1 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 // U2 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 the point of this level is to quickly beat three mechas 
 that generally  behave like the  mechas do,  they boost 
 around and shoot at you.                                
 1:32.66 + 100% + Rank S == perfect score                
 // U3 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 here, the object is to quickly destroy 201 fighter jets 
 it's fun and chaotic. just shoot like hell ;)           
 1:18.83 + 100% + Rank S == perfect score                
 // U4 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 // U5 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 this one is TRICKY as hell! you have to be pretty slick 
 with  controlling  the  'boost  if  you wanna beat this 
 one. the object of it  is to manouver  through the time 
 shaft, with moving obstacles. hard, very hard.          
 0:55.20 == 100 pts                                      
 // U6 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 // U7 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 // U8 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 the object here is to destroy the big head.  he doesn't 
 even fight back.                                        
 good time ::                                            
 0:59.50 == 100 pts                                      
 // U9 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 you're in a shaft,  the final shaft,  and you're golden 
 (like alpha core).  why,  i  have  no idea,  but you're 
 supposed to fight mecha 01 again. isn't that hard.      
 1:27.73 == 100 pts                                      
 // V5 zone //                                    >>>>>>>
 this one is like U2, except harder. the obstacles don't 
 move,  but not only do  you  have a shitload of them to 
 navigate through; you have to gather yellow balls too.  
 0:47.33 == 100 pts                                      

 .0006 secrets && rankings ::                            :
 you can unlock new levels to play in the Zone Play area 
 I am not sure of how you do  this yet, but i believe it 
 has something to do with how well you play the missions 
 in the campaign mode.                                   
 my current guess is that new zones are opened up if you 
 meet the requirements  for  beating  the  corresponding 
 campaign zone.  like if you beat  zone 01  perfectly it 
 will open up zone U1. that's what it seems like anyway. 
 but that doesn't explain zone V5.                       
 well, ok.. doesn't really seem like it since i achieved 
 a rank S on the 7th zone, but i didn't open up U7 :(    
 i'm pretty  sure that beating the game  on hard enables 
 you to use the level  E boost,  cause when i beat it on  
 hard the first time, it was there.                      
 rankings ::                                      >>>>>>>
 when you beat the game,  or get  a  game over,  you are 
 awarded with  a  ranking. these are the  ones i've come 
 across ::                                               
 drunkard march                              (0 - 9 pts) 
 pixy rook abyss                               (038 pts) 
 pixy galactic maestro                         (??? pts) 
 pixy eniac mania                              (084 pts) 
 pixy omega hades                              (088 pts) 

 .0007 additional info ::                                :
 the intro,  main  theme  and  final boss song is a song 
 by feeder called 'shade'. it was previously featured in 
 the european version of gran turismo.                   
 the sign on the ENIAC says "Computor" instead of        
 did you notice that the couple in  the ending movie are 
 driving to philadelphia? no doubt a nice little tribute 
 to the  philadelphia experiment movies,  which are also 
 about time travel.                                      

 .0008 hints // tips ::                                  :
 use the training mode. it helps.                        
 have at least an inch of  viper boost energy when going 
 into the fight with the first midboss in last zone.     
 you can spin the camera around left and right when you  
 pause the game.                                         

 .0009 gameshark codes ::                                :
 now I didn't test these codes out very thoroughly,  but 
 i put most of them  in and i was invincible and Level E 
 and stuff, but i couldn't get Viper Boost. And the game 
 hung up in Zone 5.                                      
 don't  really feel  like spending hours making out what 
 each code  does  either,  if  you're  a  cheater you're 
 welcome to figure it all out yourself :)                
 ENABLE CODE (MUST BE ON)                  D0120876 1040 
                                           80120876 1000 
 infinite time 1                           80146BBC 1770 
 infinite time 2                           D00299D8 0001 
 [makes it so you beat levels at 0:00.00]  800299D8 0000 
 infinite power boost                      800A34B4 1000 
 infinite energy                           800A34A8 03E8 
 [for the missiles]                        800A34AC 03E8 
 infinite continues                        D0053F3A FFFF 
 [unlimited amount of continues, duh]      80053F3A 0000 
 no damage                                 D002ED42 0050 
 [makes you invincible]                    8002ED42 0040 
 vb gauge 1                                D00364EC 0004 
                                           800364EC 1000 
                                           D0062264 0001 
                                           80062264 1000 
 vb gauge always max                       D005F43C FFF4 
 [unlimited viper boosting]                8005F43C 0000 
                                           D005FE30 FC00 
                                           8005FE30 0000 
 rk maximum                                800A34C0 0010 
 [rk? i have no idea what that is]         800A34C8 0010 
                                           800A34D0 000D 
 stage 1 - 1                               D012B01A AE63 
 [unlock zones i guess, i didn't try 'em]  8012B01A AE60 
 stage 1 - 2                               D0125786 AE43 
                                           80125786 AE40 
 stage 2 - 1                               D0126146 AEA3 
                                           80126146 AEA0 
 stage 2 - 2                               D0129A2E AE42 
                                           80129A2E AE40 
 stage 3 - 1                               D012627A AE43 
                                           8012627A AE40 
 stage 3 - 2                               D012D01A AE63 
                                           8012D01A AE60 
 stage 4 - 1                               D0129846 AE43 
                                           80129846 AE40 
 stage 4 - 2                               D012B4CE AE42 
                                           8012B4CE AE40 
 stage 4 - 3                               D0133626 AE62 
                                           80133626 AE60 
 all stage selectable (caetla only)        8009703C 4F4A 
                                           8009703E 454B 
                                           30097040 0052 
                                       B0110002 00000000 
                                           800A3410 0101 
 these  codes  were taken without permission from GSCCC, 
 but   i'm   sure   they   don't  mind.  visit  them  at for TONS of good GS/PAR codes!   

 .0010 credits // thanks ::                              :
 this  entire file  and all  the information it contains 
 was gathered and written by johan  henriksson and johan 
 henriksson only.  noone else. so if someone else claims 
 he wrote it or co-wrote it he//she is lying.            
 this file may  be put on archives, either on the web or 
 on a commercially pressed CD.  with my consent that is, 
 and  in  a  completely  unaltered format of course.  ie 
 touch this and die.                                     
 omega boost is  (c) and  (r) and whatever Sony Computer 
 Entertainment Inc. and Polyphony Digital 1999.          
 this  file is (c) and (r) and whatever Johan Henriksson 
 >>> thanks:                                             
 martin//gloone            x( for getting me the game )x 
 sony//polyphony                     x( for making it )x 
 all the people who     x( you make these damn things )x 
 liked my other FAQs                 x( worth writing )x

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