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Written By: Henry LaPierre
Revelations Persona is an RPG that takes place in current times. A

large corporation is dabbling in the art of mind manipulation, through

which they open a dimensional portal. You gather a team of characters,

who happen to be students from the local high school, and try to solve

the mystery of what's going on. A large barrier has encased the city of

Lunarvale, where you live. Demons are walking the streets, your friends

and loved ones are missing or being killed. It's up to you and your

friends to bring the city back from the dark reaches. Armed with only

your wits and fists, you start out on a long and perilous journey.

Soon you will aquire better weapons, such as axes, bows, spears, and

swords, not to mention each character will unlock their "persona". Later,

you will be able to purchase automatic weapons like, pistols, pump

shotguns, uzis, and rifles. A whole city is open for you to explore,

will you go to the police station to try and enlist help from the police?

Or will you go shopping at the mall for new weapons? It's up to you, but

you better think fast, life as you know it is depending on you.


This faq was originally written for the Japanese version of this game.

Some of the controls mentioned during the explanations may be for that

version, please refer to the American controls section for a listing of

the control changes made when translated for the American market.

Starting up:

After turning the power on to your Playstation, hit the start button.

After the title comes up, press any button, this will bring up two


   1.Load a game 
   2.Start a new game 

To load a game, press the "X" button("X" is the accept button throughout

the game, The "Triangle" button will cancel your selections and return

to the previous screen) while load game is highlighted.

This will bring up two choices:

   1.Slot 1 
   2.Slot 2 

This is which memory card slot on your Playstation you want scanned

for game saves.

Press the "X" button when the slot you want scanned is highlighted.

After a few seconds all the Persona save files on the card will be shown

on screen in the saved data menu. Choose the save file you would like to

load(highlighted in red), after making your choice you will be asked if

this file is OK to load:

1. Yes

2. No

Press the "X" button to load the saved game. You will appear at the last

Augustus tree or bush you saved at.

To start a new game, choose New game from the startup menu. The game will

scan for a memory card so that you may save when you need to. It will

notify you if there isn't one present. After this the game will begin.

Japanese version controls:

Controls(all are using Type 1 controller configure):

Here are the main controls for the game, if other uses for the buttons

arise, see the individual instructions sections, as extra controls may

be listed among them.

"Circle" button: This is the Accept/Inspect button(choosing selections)

"X" button: This will cancel your decision, and return you to the

previous screen. Holding down this button while walking on

the city map makes your character/party travel faster.

Triangle button: This brings up a descriptive text box in the battle

menus, rotates the city to a 45 degree angle when

walking on the city map.

Square button: This brings up the menu screen in non battle screens, or

cancels directly out of it.

L1 button: Sidestep left

L2 button: Calls up the automap/city map

R1 button: Sidestep right

R2 button: Calls up the enemy diary(list, see various enemies)

Select button: Holding down this button in a dungeon causes the small

corner map and phase of the moon chart to disappear.

Start button: Holding down this button causes a text box to appear with

your current location while in a dungeon.

Directional pad: Moves your party, picks choices, it will also scroll text

so be careful of holding it down during text.

American version controls:

"X" button: This is the Accept/Inspect button(choosing selections)

"Triangle" button: This will cancel your decision, and return you to the

previous screen. Holding down this button while walking on

the city map makes your character/party travel faster.

"Square" button: This brings up a descriptive text box in the battle

menus, rotates the city to a 45 degree angle when

walking on the city map. Holding down this button

while in a dungeon causes a text box to appear with

your current location.

"Circle" button: This brings up the menu screen in non battle screens,

or cancels directly out of it.

L1 button: Sidestep left

L2 button: Calls up the automap/city map

R1 button: Sidestep right

R2 button: Calls up the enemy diary(list, see various enemies)

Select button: Not used

Start button: Not used

Directional pad: Moves your party, picks choices, it will also scroll text

so be careful of holding it down during text.

Options screens:

Hitting the Square button outside of battle will cause the options menu

to appear, it contains these sub menus and their uses:

1. Item:

1a. Use: Choose an item to use, only highlighted items can be used.

1b. Equip: Equip/Remove items or weapons from characters. Can be done

individually(itemwise) or choose maximum/all maximum to

equip the best possible items on your characters. Arrows

to the right, show the values of the equipped items.

1c. Sort: Yes(sort)/No(don't sort) is asked upon choosing this. When

sorting, choose an item you wish to move, it will then

highlight in yellow. Now choose a location you want that

item to go to(helpful for grouping like items, or items you

are familiar with) and press the accept button. This

feature only works properly if you don't leave any spaces

between your items, and have the two columns even.

2. Magic:

2a. Cast: Choose the character who you'd like to cast a spell with.

Now choose the persona you'd like that character to cast a

spell by, then choose the spell itself(only spells listed

in white are available). Finally, choose the recipient of

the spell. Remember, casting still takes spell points.

Spell points are slowly recouporated by walking through

dungeons, at a rate of 1 spell point for every 2 steps


2b. Persona: Same as Changing personas in the Velvet room, except

for a few differences. Choose the character whose

persona you would like to view/inspect, then highlight

the appropriate selection, Change/Status. Change is

accomplished the same way as in the Velvet room(see

Velvet room) accept that you don't have access to the

spare persona bank, it is all done using the 3 personas

equipped on the current character, you're just shuffling

the Main(equipped) and sub personas. Choosing status

will allow you to view the persona's statistics. If you

press the accept button while viewing the personas

statistics, the persona's card will be shown.

2c. Card: View the inventory of all enemy contact cards in your


3. System:

3a. Map: View auto map or city map, depending on location.

3b. Analyze: View the enemy diary(all monsters battled so far)

3c. Config:

3c,1. Auto map: Choose between Free(rotates with you), or

Fixed(stationary). This refers to the small corner


3c,2. Sound: Choose between Monoaural or Stereo

3c,3. Controller configure: Choose between Type 1 or Type 2

3c,4. Window type: Choose from 8 different styles

   1.Solid receeding color 

5. Sand

6. Snowman

7. Metallic

8. Pipe

3c,5. Battle settings: Options available during battle only

3c,5a. Command confirm: On/Off (the OK after all decisions)

3c,5b. Message speed: Normal/Fast/Off(no messages, spell names)

3c,5c. Window anime: On/Off(windows just pop up if off)

3c,5d. Auto battle pre-set options:

Character 1: Hand weapon only/Gun only/Free

Character 2: Hand weapon only/Gun only/Free

Character 3: Hand weapon only/Gun only/Free

Character 4: Hand weapon only/Gun only/Free

Character 5: Hand weapon only/Gun only/Free

These are the pre-set attack commands for battles, that

will be used if you choose the third type of auto battle

from the battle menu in combat. Free setting shuts auto

battle off on the selected character, allowing you to

still select their attacks.

4. Form:

4a. Manual: Manually place each party member in a desired location.

There are 25 possible locations on the character grid to

choose from. By moving the directional pad, pick a

character to move(represented by number), then choose a

location on the grid to place him/her(represented by a

yellow diamond). When all the characters have been placed

it will ask you if it's "OK" Yes/No. If you choose Yes,

it will ask you if you'd like to save the formation to

memory, Yes/No. If you choose to save the formation, you

will then need to pick a slot from among 8(labeled A-H)

to save it in. Press the accept button when the correct

slot has been highlighted. It will ask you if it's "OK"

Yes/No once again, choose yes to save the formation.

4b. Load: Use this to load a previously saved character formation.

To do this, choose one of the saves from the 8 slots to

choose from. Moving left or right on the directional pad

at this time, will show you the party's current formation.

After answering "Load OK" Yes/No, your saved character

formation will be loaded.

5. Status:

Use this to show you a character's current statistics. Select the

character you wish to view and you will be able to see the following


5a. Name of character

5b. Level of character

5c. Experience accumulated

5d. Amount of experience needed for raising to the next level

5e. Persona level

5f. Persona experience points accumulated

5g. Amount of persona experience needed to raise to the next level

5h. Strength(orange is character, yellow is amount added by persona)

5i. Vitality(orange is character, yellow is amount added by persona)

5j. Technique(orange is character, yellow added by persona)

5k. Agility(orange is character, yellow added by persona)

5l. Luck(orange is character, yellow added by persona)

5m. All equipped weapons and armor

5n. Strength of all equipped weapons and armor(from top: sword

attack, accuracy, gun attack, accuracy, defense, dodging

ability, magic attack ability, magic defense ability

5o. Personas equipped, main and sub

5p. Hit points, current/maximum

5q. Spell points, current/maximum

The bar graph of your character's current statistics in the

following 5 areas mean the following:

   1.Strength(attack power) 
   2.Vitality(maximum HP, defending) 
   4.Agility(dodging ability/speed) 
   5.Luck(after battle item percentages) 

The bar graph will be filled in with colors. The orange is what

you have raised your characters level in that attribute to(base

level). The yellow is what the currently equipped persona has

raised your levels in the attributes to. The blue is what any

currently equipped special weapons or armor has raised your

levels in the attributes to. Each persona is different and as

such will raise attributes differently.

Battle screens:

There are 6 choices you can make from the first battle screen menu:

1. Fight: gives you 6 more options

1a. Sword(SWD): Use hand weapon to attack enemy, choose target(s)

1b. Gun(GUN): Use gun to attack enemy, choose target(s)

1c. Persona(PRS): Use characters persona to cast a spell, choose spell

to perform, choose target(s)

1d. Persona change(CHG): Switch to one of the selected character's

sub personas(now=currently equipped), spells

for the currently highlighted persona are shown

to the right.

1e. Item(ITM): Use an item from your inventory, select target(s)

1f. Defend(DEF): Your selected character will assume a defensive

position upon start of the battle.

After all the characters attack selections have been made, you will

be asked if these choices are OK, Yes/No. After selecting Yes, the

battle turn will commence.

2. Escape: Choosing this will allow your party an attempt to escape

3. Contact: Attempt to gain the enemy's interest, or use an already

accumulated contact card to force an enemy type to leave

the battle. Highlight the enemy type you wish to contact

and hit the accept button, this will begin the contact.

4. Form: Re-align your characters battle formation, takes one full

turn(characters not moved will not be penalized). See Form

in Options menu for instructions.

5. Auto: Let the computer take over the battle for you, there are 3

choices of attack strategies to choose from:

5a. Normal: hand weapons only

5b. Replay: same as last "entered" attack commands

2c. Personal: your characters will perform their pre-set

attack selections(see System/Battle settings/

auto battle pre-set options in Options menu)

In all 3 choices, defense is chosen if character is out of

range for the auto attack. Pressing "Triangle, cancel" at

any time during an auto battle will stop the combat at the

end of the current full turn, bringing back up the first

battle menu.

6. Analyze: Check the status of any enemy, highlight target. From this

you can view the following:

   1.Enemy's level 
   2.Enemy's type/name 
   3.Hit points, current/maximum 
   4.Spell points, current/maximum 
  10.Main spell magic types 
  11.Magic strengths/weaknesses 
  12.Current condition of enemy 
  13.All spells known to the enemy 

While in the first battle menu, pressing any of the top 4 buttons

(L1,L2,R1,R2) will bring up one of 4 different options/statistics

screens(depending on the button pressed).

L1: All character status screen

L2: Settings(configurable)

Hitting L2, to bring up the settings selection here, will give you

access to the following:

   1.Command confirm: On/Off 
   2.Battle message speed: Normal/Fast/None 
   3.Battle windows anime: On/Off 
   4.Pre-set auto battle choices: brings up the following: 

Change the pre-set auto battle selection for each individual

character to(defense is chosen if out of striking range):

   1.Sword only 
   2.Gun only 
   3.Free: choose the attack you'd like this character to perform 

R1: Enemy listing for current battle(type, name, amount)

R2: Current controller configuration description

Battle notes:

When a character's hit points drop below a certain percentage, they will

kneel on the ground, as if hurt. Their current hit points will also be

highlighted in red when this happens.

Characters that are killed during a battle are brought back to the

character grid after the battle is over(as long as one character

survives the battle). They will only have one hit point upon return.

You will have to manually place the returning character(s) on the grid.

You are not restricted to choosing the location they were in prior to

being killed.

If all of your characters are killed during a battle, the game will end

and you will have to re-load from your saved game files.

Pressing the triangle button while on a battle screen will bring up a

text box with a description of the current choices in Japanese.

A white number after an attack/spell represents amount of damage, a

green number is amount healed.

After each full turn(all characters) you are given the first battle menu

to choose from again.

The tile next to the characters name shows that characters position on

the character grid, type of attack prepared, or condition of character

if they are affected by a hold type spell(the word Bad, will appear).

Sometimes a group of enemies will sneak up on you. When this happens,

your character formation is reversed, the front is now the back row

and vice versa. You can choose to re-form your characters(see Form),

or leave them how they are. On the dungeon screen this is shown by

your view turning 180 degrees by itself directly before a battle. In

these instances, the enemy will get first attack. You need to re-form

after the battle(if you didn't during) as it stays in the reversed


If the enemies in the front row are all destroyed, the back row moves


Some attacks will riccochet off an enemy and strike your character, take

note of the attacks that some enemies use, try to avoid using like

spells on them.

If a hold type spell is successful, a marker icon will appear over

the affected character(see spell markers).

Spell(hold type) markers:

Icons, these go for both your party and the enemy. These are shown above

the affected characters head, and last various amounts of time. The

number next to the icon represents the level of the spell.

Name Icon Result of hold spell

---- ---- --------------------

Unlucky: Stairs down, luck down

Happy: Sunrise, may skip turn

Poison: Skull, damage to you after each turn

Charm: Heart, you attack your teammates instead

Shock: Lightning bolt, skip turn

Panic: ?!, skip turn, or other random act Freeze: Blue drop, skip turn

Bind: Shield emblem, skip turn

Close: Red X, only able to use close range attacks

Sleep: ZZZ, skip turn

Sick: Face asleep, lose hit points every full battle turn

Terror: Sad mask, character may try to escape the battle

Paralyze: 2 jagged lines, skip turn

Guilt: Rosary, cannot use hand weapons or gun

Blind: Eye with X thru, decreases accuracy

Stone: Stone, skip turn

Raising levels:

When your character goes up an experience level you are given 3 points

to add to his statistics in any way you see fit. To add the points to

his statistics in any catagory or combination of catagories just move

the directional pad to the right the desired amount of times over the

selected statistic or statistics. After placing all 3 points you will

be asked if you are sure that is how you want them, Yes/No.


See Augustus tree, under Room descriptions.


Various weapons and persona spells have ranges that they will be

effective in. If you are not allowed to use a weapon/spell, you most

likely are out of range. Most(not all) hand weapons are close range.

The phase of the moon:

This shows the passage of time. It also has to do with the way certain

enemies behave, which is why sometimes you cannot get a contact card

the same way twice from the same enemy. The Incense shop also works in

conjunction with this feature.

Room descriptions:

The Velvet room:

This is where you make new personas. The object is to combine 2 enemy

contact cards plus an item from your inventory, the result is a new


Upon entering you are given four choices:

1. Fusion

2. Quit

3. Deliver/Erase

4. Instructions

1. Choosing fusion gives you four more options:

note: you will not be able to access this choice if you have a full

inventory of personas until you delete some unneccessary ones):

1a. Self-service(Crosschart on new personas available to you)

From this you choose a contact card, shown by number, type, level

and name from the list to the left, and align the crossbar with

another(shown by number only at the top, 1-12) you would like to

combine it with. If the two cards can be combined into a persona,

the results will be shown in the box at the bottom of the screen.

The various symbols on this crosschart tell you things about the

strengths and weaknesses of the various contact card combinations.

Red: Uncompatible, may screw up

White: Normal

Blue: Compatible(same alignment), good chance of extra


Circle: Normal

Arrow up: Good chance of extra abilities/attributes

Arrow side: Normal

Arrow down: Good chance of mishap occuring, persona may weaken

Some mishaps can produce entirely different personas than expected,

these can be "Fools(enhanced persona) or Jellyman(dead persona)"

These mishappen(Jellyman) personas still appear the same but

will gain or lose spells/attributes depending on which way the

mishap swayed. A Fool(entirely different family, only available

through creation mishap) persona will occur approximately one

in 64 irregularities, if the circumstances are correct. Fusing

spell cards that show a blue symbol will increase your odds of

creating a "Fool" persona, this is due to blue indicating same

alignment of the chosen spell cards(IE: Holylight/Holylight or

Physical/Physical). Some personas may even develop spells after

attaining stage 8(the stage will not rise above 8), or perform

special spells without you even summoning it(I call these Freaks)

if your equipped character is in grave danger(Hit points are

highlighted in red). You can tell a mishap has occured because

Igor will mention that the resulting persona "seems irregular".

1b. Full-service

In this menu you can see a list of all the various personas that

your current enemy contact cards will create. Highlight the persona

you would like to create(in red) and select it. A list of all the

possible card combinations that will create this persona will be

shown. Choose the combination of contact cards you'd like to use

to create the persona. You will then be asked if you are sure of

this decision, Yes/No. After choosing yes, you may now choose

one item from your inventory to add to the persona in it's creation.

An item will possibly boost a personas attributes/abilities, or

even allow for an entirely different persona to be formed, usually

higher or lower within the same family of the chosen persona. After

picking the item(if you wished to add one) to add, you will be

shown the persona's card(scroll down to see it's attributes).

Press the accept button to see if you are able to complete the

merger of contact cards for this particular persona(if the

persona's level is far too high for any of your characters, or you

already have it, you will be denied). If you are able to create

the persona, you will be asked if all the choices you made are

"OK" Yes/No. As soon as you answer yes to this final question, you

will be brought to the persona creation room. You will witness your

two enemy contact cards brought to life and merged into the persona

you have chosen.

1c. See cards

From this selection you can view all the enemy contact cards

currently in your inventory. You can also delete unwanted contact

cards here.

1d. Quit to previous menu

3. Choosing Deliver/Erase allows you to view or change any character's

persona. To do this, highlight a party member whose persona you'd

like to change. You can have up to three personas equipped on each

character, one main(usable) and two sub(must equip them before use).

The character you'd like to equip the new persona on must have a

P-level(persona) equal to or higher than the persona you would like

to equip. The characters main(usable) persona is listed in red, the

sub personas(if any) are listed in white. Bring the flashing red bar

to the persona(or empty space) you wish to replace and press the

accept button, the flashing selection bar will move to the extra

persona bank. All currently not in use personas you've created are

kept in the extra persona bank. Now highlight the new persona you

wish to equip the character with(must be listed in white, personas

listed in grey are not available to that character) and press the

accept button. The new and old personas will change places,

equipping the new one, while putting the old into the extra persona

bank. You can store up to 16 personas in the extra persona bank.

The extra persona bank is only available from this selection in the

Velvet room, you cannot access these personas out in the field. You

can also delete personas from this selection that are obsolete.

Any persona that has reached stage eight before deletion will give

you an item in return when deleted. These items vary depending on

the persona deleted. Another feature available from this selection

is being able to view the persona's statistic card. To do this,

simply press the square button while a persona(any you choose) is

highlighted. The persona's statistic card will show you:

A portriat of the persona entity

The name of the persona

The level of the persona

The amount of spell points it takes to cast one of it's spells

All spells currently available to the persona(more may be aquired)

Amount the persona would enhance the users statistics

The main types of persona magic it uses

Strengths/weaknesses of persona

Pressing left or right on the directional pad while a persona status

card is up will allow you to view the other personas the character

is equipped with. Not all characters can use all personas, try them

in battle to find out which personas fit each character best.

4. Choosing Instructions on the Velvet rooms' use will get you four

more options(begginer, amateur, instructions(basic) and professional,

all of which are various instructions on room use. After viewing any

of the instruction choices you are sent back to the main menu for

the Velvet room.

Judgement 1999:

This is a casino. You can purchase coins from the teller next to the

door. The coins are used to play the various gambling machines in the

room. The object here is to win enough coins to buy goods from the

teller to the left, mainly powerful weapons or items to use during

fusion. Upon inspecting the machines you get four choices:

   1.Start game 
   2.Quit(leave without playing) 
   3.Coins (total amount of coins you have left) 
   4.Instructions(different per machine, this gives 4 more options) 

1. Rules

2. Controls of the game

3. Game advice

4. Exit to previous menu

Here is a list of the games available to play:

   1.Dice game(craps) 
   4.Code breaker 
   5.Slots(slot machine) 

Upon winning at various gambling machines, you will be asked if you

would like to risk your winnings in a double or nothing game. These

double or nothing games vary from machine to machine.

Rosa Candida shop:

This is the armor shop. You can purchase different types of armor here.

Talking to the shopkeeper gives you the option of buying, selling or

equipping items.

Yin Yan shop:

This is where you buy weapons. You can buy, sell and equip here by

talking to the shopkeeper. At various points in the game, new weapons

and items will become available in the shops. Just because you've

already bought all the items in one shop, don't neglect to shop there

again, as you may miss something good.

Give and take fountain(fountain of life):

The give and take fountains are fountains of regeneration run by

fairies. When entering one, you are asked whether you'd like to use the

fountain of give and take. The top choice is Yes, while the bottom is

No. If you choose yes, you will be given a dollar/yen amount to throw

into the fountain for the regeneration, along with two choices...

Yes on top, No on bottom. If you choose to accept the cost of the

regeneration your entire party's Hit points and Spell points will be

refilled to maximum.

The Gem/Incense shop(Essensce shop, wooden bamboo storefront):

This shop gives you the option of raising your statistics, buy, sell,

equip, or use items. There are two shopkeepers in this shop, a male

(red robe) and a female(white robe). By talking to the male shopkeeper

you are able to buy, sell or equip items. He sells mainly various

potions. By talking to the female shopkeeper you are able to use the

Item and Essense selections from her shops menu. First go into the

Item selection menu, here you choose to trade gems from your inventory

for various items. In the Essence selection you can chose to trade

your gems for various essences that you can use to raise your

character's statistics. It costs two gems for every essence you want.

Each essence will also cost different combinations of gems depending

on the phase of the moon. Essences highlighted in white are available

for trade(you have the neccessary gems for trading in your inventory).

After choosing one, you will be asked to choose the character that you

would like to have that statistic raised on. Below is a chart on the

various gems you need for trading at the different phases of the moon:

Strength: New-2/8 Alexandria & Garnet

3/8-5/8 Diamond & Amethyst

6/8-Full Aqua stone & Pearl

Vitality: New-2/8 Alexandria & Topaz

3/8-5/8 Sapphire & Garnet

6/8-Full Aqua stone & Ruby

Technique: New-2/8 Alexandria & Magmastone

3/8-5/8 Emerald & Topaz

6/8-Full Aqua stone & Emerald

Agility: New-2/8 Alexandria & Onyx

3/8-5/8 Ruby & Magamastone

6/8-Full Aqua stone & Sapphire

Luck: New-2/8 Alexandria & Turquoise

3/8-5/8 Pearl & Onyx

6/8-Full Aqua stone & Diamond

HP: New-2/8 Alexandria & Opal

3/8-5/8 Amethyst & Alexandria

6/8-Full Moon stone & Aqua stone

SP: New-2/8 Alexandria & Crystal

3/8-5/8 Amethyst & Aqua stone

6/8-Full Moon stone & Alexandria

Note: This shop will be a regular shop up until a certain point in

the game.

Peace diner:

In the sun mall this is a fast food type restaraunt, yet in the

Black market/Joy street this is a bar. You don't seem able to

purchase anything in either Peace diner, just talk to the employees

and patrons. The Miller and Budweiser beer logos on the front window

of this shop were removed from the American version.

The Frog shop(pharmacy):

This is the drugstore/pharmacy. In this shop you can buy, sell or equip

various items by talking to the shopkeeper. The items are mainly healing

remedies and things of that nature. There is a back door to this shop,

but every time you try to use it the shopkeeper tells you that you

can't. Nice music ;)

Medical office(clinic, has a red cross on the storefront):

In this shop/dwelling, you can be treated by a doctor. To do this,

talk to the doctor, he will ask you whether you would like to be

treated or not, Treat/Do not treat. If you choose to be treated, the

doctor will then tell you what the cost of the treatment wll be. You

will then be asked whether you will pay this amount or not, Yes/No.

If you answer yes to this, the amount will be deducted from your total

money, and all your party member's hit points and spell points will

be returned to their maximum level. Note: Talking to certain characters

throughout the game will also raise these attributes, the school nurse

is one of them.

Agastya trees(Augustus):

Agastya trees/bushes are the games save spots. To use an Agastya tree

enter it on the map(if it's in bush form, inspect it). Scroll through

the text until you come to a set of two choices, it is asking you

whether you want to use the tree or not. Yes(top) or No(bottom) are

your choices. After choosing yes, you are taken to another selection

screen, this time asking whether you'd like to: Save or Game end.

Choosing game end brings up a box asking if it's OK to choose this

option, Yes/No. Choosing save from the selection screen brings up the

file selection screen. Choose a slot to save your game in by

highlighting it in red and pressing the accept button(takes 2 blocks

on a memory card per save file). At this point you are asked if the

slot you chose is "OK"(are you sure about this slot) Yes/No. If you

already have a save in the slot you wish to use, you will then be asked

if you wish to save over the old save file, Yes/No. After choosing yes,

the game will save to the memory card. You can have up to 7 save slots

per memory card. After saving is completed, use the cancel button to

cancel out of the Agastya tree.

Using shops:

When using a shop, you are presented with a buying menu. It includes a

list of all products for sale(items you can afford are listed in white,

ones you can't are grey) and their prices. A description of the

currently highlighted(by red bar) item is shown in a text box at the top

of the screen, while the total of your current purchase and the total

amount of money you have left is shown in the lower right corner. Also,

the amount of the currently highlighted(by red bar) item you have in your

inventory is shown at the bottom left. After choosing a particular item

to buy, you will be asked the amount(how many you want) of the item you

wish to purchase(shown after the "X" sign), use the directional pad to

increase or decrease the number of units desired. The limit on each item

is 99 units. There may be some abbreviations used in the descriptions

of certain items, some are:

P=Player P1=Player 1(one player character) PAll=Player all

E=Enemy E1=Enemy 1(one enemy) EAll=Enemy all

The map:

There are 3 maps in the game, the small corner travel map, the automap,

and the city map. When viewing the automap screen, hitting any of the

top 4 buttons(L1, L2, R1, R2) will cause the map to rotate 90 degrees.

Using the directional pad while the automap is up allows the map to be

scrolled. In the city map, hitting the R1 or L1 buttons will cause

the map to turn clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively. L2 will

cancel or call up the city map from a street location. The directional

pad rotates the city map in all directions. While walking in the city,

pressing the Square button causes the viewing angle to rotate 45

degrees. To open a door or enter something, just push towards it with

the directional pad. Unless it is locked or sealed, you will go through.


These are the demon entitys that each character summons to cast spells

for them. Each persona is different, depending on which 2 enemy contact

cards you create it from. Each persona has eight stages of growth, after

which it will not aquire any new spells. A persona gains spells from

experience, and can have a total of up to seven spells at it's disposal.

Not all personas will have seven spells though, and some can get odd(not

common to particular persona type) spells by adding certain items during

the initial fusion process. Certain items added during the fusion process

will create "hidden" personas within certain families. Those items are

listed beneath each persona where applicable. For more information on

personas see "the Velvet room". Below is a listing of all one hundred

personas and their abilities(listed spells are available at stage 8,

statistics listed are at stage one, they will get stronger as the

persona reaches stage 8, note: Fool statistics fluxuate as they are

only obtained by irregularity):

Lv: Name: Type: SP: Spells: Strengths/Weaknesses:

4 Trickster Heirophant 3 Duel sword Strong against magic

DEF up STR:15 OMP:55

Item "Hell book" Spirit norm VIT:17 DMP:55

Holyer TEC:12

STR up AGL:15 Holylight

LUK:7 Exorcism

5 Pixie Lovers 2 Cure Reflect wind

Wind Weak to physical

Happy dance STR:5 OMP:42

Flash VIT:10 DMP:63

Star punch TEC:7

Bolt AGL:16 Elemental

LUK:18 Air

5 Shaman Chariot 4 Tackle Relect gravity

Rapid fall Weak against spirit

Gravity STR:13 OMP:47

Gravity all VIT:10 DMP:37

Flash all TEC:8

AGL:5 Physical

LUK:9 Graviton

5 Starion Emporer 4 Wind Reflect wind

Blind light Weak against physical

Magic seal STR:12 OMP:65

Confuse VIT:8 DMP:46

Wind all TEC:5

Spin kick AGL:11 Elemental

LUK:9 Sign

5 Maria Priestess 4 Chill Absorb chill

Cure Weak against fire

Poison cure STR:8 OMP:67

Multi bow VIT:10 DMP:68

Trap cure TEC:12

Freezer AGL:9 Holylight

LUK:11 Aqua

6 Vesta Empress 4 Blast Absorb fire

Cure Weak against spirit

Flash STR:11 OMP:54

Red fire VIT:11 DMP:54

Blast more TEC:10

AGL:7 Physical

LUK:8 Ignis

6 Voodoo Heirophant 4 Holy Strong against magic

Candy voice Weak against attack

ACU up STR:10 OMP:39

Iron punch VIT:12 DMP:69

Mag up TEC:9

Holy white AGL:5 Holylight

LUK:7 Awake

7 Nike Judgement 4 Light No effect against magic

Cure Weak against attack

DEF up STR:10 OMP:56

Icy VIT:6 DMP:68

Sonar TEC:5

AGL:13 Holylight

LUK:9 Bless

8 Fury Magician 8 Blaze Reflect fire

Sleep song Weak against physical

Fire all STR:7 OMP:60

Love whip VIT:7 DMP:48

Red whip TEC:11

AGL:12 Elemental

LUK:6 Ignis

8 Talon Justice 7 Ray Absorb wind

Para pin Weak against spirit

Ray all STR:7 OMP:53

Twister VIT:9 DMP:43


AGL:13 Physical

LUK:12 Air

10 Jack frost Lovers 7 Chill Reflect chill

Joy Weak against physical

Tango STR:7 OMP:57

Chill all VIT:12 DMP:82

Sweet trap TEC:9

Ice breath AGL:14 Elemental

LUK:26 Aqua

10 Guni Devil 9 Twin slash Strong against everything

Berserk STR:15 OMP:114

Curse VIT:20 DMP:99

Attack back TEC:13

Magic seal AGL:18 Evildark

Sonar LUK:24 Awake

10 Ven Sun 6 Beak No effect against wind

Fire all Weak against gun

Wind all STR:14 OMP:57

Blaze VIT:7 DMP:52

Fire breath TEC:9

AGL:31 Elemental

LUK:16 Ignis

11 Virgo Priestess 5 Cure all Strong against magic

Happy dance STR:11 OMP:75

Fire VIT:13 DMP:75

Para cure TEC:14

Heal AGL:6 Holylight

Sexy dance LUK:7 Bless

12 Pawn Emporer 6 Tremor Reflect tremor

Paralyze Weak against physical

Slumber STR:18 OMP:75

Quake all VIT:9 DMP:57

Dual sword TEC:7

AGL:16 Elemental

LUK:12 Terra

14 Lx1 Magician 12 Ice Reflect chill

Chill all Weak against physical

Sexy dance STR:13 OMP:75

Ice all VIT:9 DMP:51

Multi pin TEC:15

AGL:21 Elemental

LUK:9 Aqua

15 Rain Empress 6 Gravity Absorb tremor

Flash Weak against spirit

Ray STR:17 OMP:78

Richter VIT:16 DMP:73

Fastball TEC:15

AGL:9 Physical

LUK:16 Terra

16 Hellcat Hermit 7 Ice No effect against tackle

Wind Weak against whip

Panic voice STR:15 OMP:72

Petri nail VIT:22 DMP:65

Icy TEC:27

AGL:18 Elemental

LUK:9 Aqua

17 Hive World 7 Para bite Strong against attack

Blast Weak against magic

Red fire STR:16 OMP:72

Wave all VIT:27 DMP:80


AGL:10 Physical

LUK:14 Grewon

17 Shogi Heirophant 7 STR drop Strong against magic

Holy bound STR:15 OMP:57

Para eyes VIT:20 DMP:82

DEF drop TEC:17

AGL:10 Holylight

LUK:16 Exorcism

18 Vortek Chariot 8 Squash Reflect blast

Poison pin Weak against spirit

Nuke STR:21 OMP:79

Light kick VIT:18 DMP:54

Nuke more TEC:20

AGL:11 Physical

LUK:16 Grewon

18 Halo Judgement 7 Twin slash No effect against magic

STR drop Weak against attack

Heal all STR:16 OMP:84

Magi shield VIT:11 DMP:84

Red fire TEC:7

AGL:22 Holylight

LUK:17 Ignis

18 Crosscut Priestess 6 Fire wall Absorb fire

Cure Weak against chill

Heal STR:16 OMP:84

Revive VIT:17 DMP:89

Blue fire TEC:17

AGL:8 Holylight

LUK:11 Ignis

19 Dark rider Justice 12 Dual stab Reflect ray

Flash Weak against spirit

Flash all STR:12 OMP:81

Destruct VIT:17 DMP:56

Ray all TEC:25

AGL:21 Physical

LUK:17 Photon

20 Jack O' Lovers 13 Fire Reflect fire

Sweet trap Weak against physical

Fire all STR:13 OMP:83

Hula dance VIT:15 DMP:103

Blaze TEC:17

Fire breath AGL:22 Elemental

LUK:34 Ignis

21 Remy Moon 21 Poison Absorb magic

Bad luck Weak against attack

Poison pin STR:13 OMP:105

Dead VIT:18 DMP:104

Candy voice TEC:18

Sickness AGL:17 Evildark

LUK:23 Nerve

22 Sumi Star 24 Tremor Absorb tremor

Spirit norm Weak against ray

Spin kick STR:20 OMP:88

Holy white VIT:19 DMP:102

Eternity TEC:20

Gust all AGL:26 Elemental

Blaze all LUK:18 Terra

23 Brax Emporer 10 Ice Absorb attack

Trap cure STR:27 OMP:95

Item "Pentagon" Ice all VIT:13 DMP:80

Death TEC:10

Mystery hit AGL:22 Elemental

LUK:18 Exorcism

24 Gasious Sun 13 Chill No effect against wind

Chill all Weak against gun

Spike claw STR:21 OMP:113

Gust all VIT:13 DMP:103

Holy word TEC:19

AGL:43 Elemental

LUK:28 Bless

25 Omah Heirophant 9 Heat wave Absorb chill

ACU drop Weak against fire

Restore pow STR:18 OMP:79

Red fire VIT:34 DMP:99


AGL:13 Holylight

LUK:20 Aqua

25 Stalios Hermit 13 Fire all No effect against tackle

Spirit norm Weak against whip

Quake STR:20 OMP:97

Sonar VIT:29 DMP:84

Viri nail TEC:44

AGL:23 Elemental

LUK:13 Ignis

27 Iron bride Empress 17 Ray all Reflect ray

Bolt Weak against spirit

Twin slash STR:26 OMP:98

Wave VIT:25 DMP:98


AGL:11 Physical

LUK:26 Weak boson

28 Lance Magician 18 Dual stab Reflect tremor

Blind light Weak against physical

Quake STR:21 OMP:115

Tremor all VIT:15 DMP:80

Intimi mag TEC:27

Drago spear AGL:32 Elemental

LUK:12 Terra

28 Mach Justice 14 Wave Absorb wind

Poison pin Weak against spirit

Gale wind STR:15 OMP:105

Wave all VIT:20 DMP:75

Sonic TEC:37

AGL:32 Physical

LUK:21 Air

29 Deva Priestess 10 Bless Strong against magic

Ill cure STR:20 OMP:112

Love whip VIT:22 DMP:112

Spirit norm TEC:28

Heal all AGL:10 Holylight

Hell eyes LUK:15 Exorcism

29 Leviathan World 11 Poison air Strong against attack

Magnet Weak against magic

Viri bite STR:28 OMP:102

Bone crush VIT:48 DMP:105

Nuke more TEC:17

AGL:15 Physical

LUK:20 Air

30 Tenji Fool 7 Sweet trap Strong against everything

Attack back STR:25 OMP:145

Quake all VIT:34 DMP:95

MAG up TEC:29

Revive more AGL:31 Physical

Fire breath LUK:37 Normal

32 Anuvis Temperance 11 Drum punch No effect against tackle

Spirit norm Weak against whip

Judgement STR:36 OMP:99

Life VIT:23 DMP:109


AGL:26 Physical

LUK:17 Sign

33 Mordo Chariot 12 Iron punch Reflect flash

Bolt Weak against spirit

Magnet all STR:41 OMP:116

Viper smash VIT:28 DMP:86


AGL:18 Physical

LUK:23 Photon

34 Hera Death 16 Curse No effect against spirit

Mezmerize STR:19 OMP:113

Item "Niple" Trap cure VIT:15 DMP:98

Bad luck TEC:36

Hell eyes AGL:31 Evildark

LUK:41 Necromancy

34 Ug Emporer 23 Blaze Absorb ray

Berserk Weak against physical

Blaze all STR:40 OMP:118

Heat wave VIT:19 DMP:103

Physi wall TEC:14

AGL:31 Elemental

LUK:24 Weak boson

35 Helion Magician 23 Wind all Strong against magic

Gust Weak against attacks

Gust all STR:26 OMP:135

Tackle VIT:19 DMP:100

Dead whip TEC:32

AGL:38 Elemental

LUK:15 Necromancy

36 Brigit Empress 19 Blast Reflect flash

Heal Weak against spirit

Blast more STR:30 OMP:117

Blast most VIT:29 DMP:117

Blue fire TEC:25

AGL:14 Physical

LUK:33 Photon

36 Azreal Judgement 19 Wing flap No effect against magic

Lighter Weak against attack

Fear song STR:24 OMP:133

Life VIT:19 DMP:128

STR up TEC:14

Judgement AGL:43 Holylight

LUK:27 Wonder

37 Wals Priestess 15 Bless all Strong against magic

Heal STR:25 OMP:129

Item "Death ring" Petri cure VIT:27 DMP:129

Eternity TEC:34

AGL:15 Holylight

LUK:20 Sign

37 Region Justice 18 Magnet Reflect gravity

Light kick Weak against spirit

Flash all STR:20 OMP:124

Gravity all VIT:25 DMP:94

Holy white TEC:44

AGL:39 Physical

LUK:27 Graviton

39 Mephisto Heirophant 17 Electro Absorb flash

Pow return Weak against blast

Holyer STR:26 OMP:108

Air slice VIT:45 DMP:128


AGL:21 Holylight

LUK:28 Photon

39 Frost Hermit 18 Poison nail No effect against tackle

Gust Weak against whip

Item "W-Tablet" Bind voice STR:28 OMP:126

Gust all VIT:40 DMP:113

Petri bite TEC:55

AGL:30 Elemental

LUK:21 Air

40 Cerebus Fortune 15 Poison bite No effect against tackle

Wolf Weak against whip

Magi shield STR:31 OMP:123

Tackle VIT:29 DMP:125

Revive TEC:55

Viri nail AGL:30 Holylight

LUK:21 Curse

41 Crow Sun 22 Beak No effect against wind

Quake Weak against gun

Quake all STR:30 OMP:135

Dive bomb VIT:22 DMP:120

Gishin all TEC:99

AGL:56 Elemental

LUK:41 Wonder

43 Odin Emporer 24 Petri eyes Strong against magic

Quake Weak against attacks

Petrify STR:53 OMP:142

Drago spear VIT:23 DMP:122

Gishin TEC:18

AGL:38 Elemental

LUK:28 Curse

44 Inferno Death 18 Curse more No effect against spirit

Cease heal STR:23 OMP:139

Cyber VIT:18 DMP:119

Death TEC:44

Axe bomb AGL:39 Evildark

LUK:49 Curse

44 Celes Empress 21 Wave Reflect ray

Spirit norm Weak against spirit

Item "War tablet" Blast more STR:34 OMP:139

Grounder VIT:33 DMP:134

Sonic wave TEC:29

AGL:18 Physical

LUK:39 Weak boson

45 Gemb Temperance 25 Ice breath No effect against tackle

Quake Weak against whip

Item "Black tablet" Freezer STR:45 OMP:141

Mag up VIT:32 DMP:129

Quake all TEC:60

AGL:33 Physical

LUK:23 Aqua

46 Vixen Priestess 18 Multi pin Strong against magic

Intimi mag STR:28 OMP:153

Heal all VIT:33 DMP:148

Para cure TEC:41

Heat wave AGL:18 Holylight

Revive more LUK:23 Exorcism

46 Morie Justice 21 Wing flap Absorb wind

Sonic Weak against spirit

Sonic all STR:23 OMP:147

Magma heat VIT:28 DMP:113


AGL:46 Physical

LUK:33 Air

47 Vora Magician 32 Ice Reflect chill

Ice all Weak against physical

Item "Monk charm" Glacier all STR:33 OMP:165

Aqua wall VIT:23 DMP:125

Icy TEC:42

AGL:47 Elemental

LUK:18 Aqua

47 Nari Fool 16 Freezer Strong against everything

Glacier all STR:43 OMP:176

Holyest VIT:40 DMP:131

Extinct TEC:39

Lightning AGL:38 Physical

Viper smash LUK:50 Normal

48 Shaolin Chariot 20 Tackle more Absorb tremor

Gravity all Weak against spirit

Nuke more STR:53 OMP:152

Giant pin VIT:35 DMP:117


AGL:23 Physical

LUK:28 Terra

49 St. Dragon World 23 Ice breath Strong against attack

Wave Weak against magic

Item "B-Tablet" Para nail STR:33 OMP:149

Discharge VIT:63 DMP:147

Gale wind TEC:28

Glacier all AGL:24 Physical

LUK:30 Aqua

50 Viper Strength 29 Candy voice Strong against attack

Ill cure Weak against magic

Aqua wall STR:48 OMP:154

STR up VIT:63 DMP:136

Freezer TEC:32

AGL:25 Holylight

LUK:33 Aqua

51 Loki Devil 31 Curse more Strong against everything

Wolf STR:20 OMP:174

Mezmerize VIT:33 DMP:154

Bind voice TEC:25

Wildman AGL:30 Evildark

Iron punch LUK:44 Nerve

52 Thor Heirophant 36 Bolt all Absorb flash

Magi shield Weak against blast

Discharge STR:30 OMP:131

Axe bomb VIT:55 DMP:156


AGL:25 Holylight

LUK:33 Photon

53 Chatz Priestess 22 Poison cure Absorb fire

Bless Weak against chill

Sad attack STR:31 OMP:168

Elixer VIT:34 DMP:163

Red fire TEC:46

AGL:21 Holylight

LUK:26 Ignis

53 Succubus Moon 27 Lunar trap Absorb magic

Slumber Weak against attack

Item "Monk tablet" Mezmerize STR:26 OMP:177

More dead VIT:31 DMP:170

Magic wall TEC:34

Moon whip AGL:33 Evildark

LUK:39 Nerve

54 Darkside Justice 20 Death kick Reflect ray

Sonic wave Weak against spirit

Item "Lunar piece" Sonic STR:27 OMP:165

For Brad Gravity all VIT:32 DMP:130

BiStrike TEC:57

AGL:52 Physical

LUK:35 Weakboson

55 Allmighty Judgement 30 Destruct Reflect magic

Elixer all Weak against spear

Restore pow STR:32 OMP:172

Light all VIT:27 DMP:162

Petri eyes TEC:22

AGL:58 Holylight

LUK:36 Bless

55 Pheonix Sun 34 Blaze No effect against wind

Wing flap Weak against gun

Item "C-Tablet" Fire breath STR:37 OMP:162

Trap cure VIT:27 DMP:147

Inferno all TEC:36

AGL:68 Elemental

LUK:53 Ignis

55 Bard Emporer 26 Ice Reflect tremor

Magic seal Weak against physical

Freezer STR:63 OMP:167

Glacier VIT:27 DMP:147

Holy word TEC:22

AGL:48 Elemental

LUK:32 Terra

57 Dorga Empress 20 Magnet Reflect flash

Eternity Weak against spirit

Item "Dark tablet" Air slice STR:41 OMP:166

For Yuki Destruct VIT:40 DMP:131

Lightning TEC:36

AGL:23 Physical

LUK:49 Photon

58 Mondo Death 20 Curse all No effect against spirit

Wolf STR:29 OMP:168

Item "Coffen" Magic seal VIT:24 DMP:148

For Chris Petri eyes TEC:55

Kill punch AGL:50 Evildark

LUK:60 Curse

59 Jester Hanged man 24 Para eyes Reflect magic

Lunar trap Weak against spear

Star punch STR:24 OMP:178

Confuse VIT:39 DMP:155

Invisible TEC:34

Curse all AGL:60 Evildark

LUK:55 Awake

59 Flare Magician 20 Quake Reflect tremor

Quake all Weak against physical

Gishin all STR: OMP:

Item "Gold pen" Mystery hit VIT: DMP:

For Alana Freezer TEC:

Holy bound AGL: Elemental

LUK: Terra

59 Demo Chariot 20 Bone crush Reflect ray

Eternity Weak against spirit

Item "Pure water" Gale wind STR:66 OMP:197

For Mark Kill punch VIT:45 DMP:157

Sonic TEC:61

AGL:32 Physical

LUK:37 Weak boson

60 Alfred Judgement 20 Sleep song Reflect magic

Love whip Weak against spear

Elixer all STR:50 OMP:202

Item "Trifocals" Magic wall VIT:29 DMP:172

For Nate Light all TEC:24

Kill punch AGL:61 Holylight

LUK:75 Wonder

61 Valzante Priestess 20 Cure all Strong against magic

Revive STR:35 OMP:190

Heal VIT:41 DMP:180

Item "Mud flower" Blue fire TEC:52

For Mary Holy white AGL:25 Holylight

Elixer all LUK:30 Sign

61 Karma Fool 22 Drum punch Strong against everything

Inferno all STR:56 OMP:211

Floater VIT:49 DMP:161

Curse all TEC:47

Light all AGL:48 Physical

Nuke most LUK:48 Normal

62 Michael Judgement 20 Deathbound Reflect magic

STR up Weak against spear

Light all STR:51 OMP:206

Item "Buster" Para eyes VIT:31 DMP:181

For Ellen POW return TEC:33

Physi wall AGL:65 Holylight

LUK:43 Exorcism

62 Ra Emporer 20 Blaze Absorb blast

Inferno Weak against physical

Bind STR:68 OMP:187

Item "Lava charm" Lighten VIT:31 DMP:162

For Main Blue fire TEC:26

Boss damage AGL:53 Elemental

LUK:36 Grewon

65 Ishtal Empress 44 Bolt all Reflect blast

Ice arrow Weak against spirit

Revive STR:45 OMP:188

Discharge VIT:44 DMP:178

Blast most TEC:40

AGL:26 Physical

LUK:55 Grewon

66 Massacre Tower 29 Bad luck Strong against attack

More dead STR:65 OMP:190

Item "Black mask" Cease heal VIT:60 DMP:155

Bind TEC:36

Intimi mag AGL:31 Evildark

Light kick LUK:52 Necromancy

66 Bushido Justice 33 Force Reflect gravity

Force all Weak against spirit

Item "Chess piece" Triple hit STR:31 OMP:195

Discharge VIT:36 DMP:155


AGL:60 Physical

LUK:45 Graviton

68 Hannu Magician 51 Gust Reflect wind

Death kick Weak against physical

Gust all STR:45 OMP:216

Gale all VIT:33 DMP:169

Twister TEC:57

Triple hit AGL:63 Elemental

LUK:28 Air

70 Racsha Priestess 35 Happy dance Strong against magic

Ill cure STR:38 OMP:208

Aqua wall VIT:47 DMP:198

Revive more TEC:59

Fire wall AGL:28 Holylight

Life LUK:33 Bless

74 Bucho Heirophant 41 Lighten Absorb flash

DEF drop Weak against blast

Item "Thunderbox" Ice arrow STR:40 OMP:192

Magic wall VIT:71 DMP:202


AGL:35 Holylight

LUK:49 Photon

76 Borax World 57 Bolt Strong against attack

Blast most Weak against magic

Glass wall STR:51 OMP:211

Holy word VIT:83 DMP:204

Force all TEC:40

AGL:35 Physical

LUK:43 Sign

77 Beezlebum Devil 66 Giant pin Strong against everything

Extinct STR:31 OMP:233

Item "Pagan king" Glass wall VIT:51 DMP:208

Sickness TEC:36

Death AGL:41 Evildark

Moon whip LUK:64 Necromancy

79 Garuda Sun 58 Gust all No effect against wind

Spike claw Weak against gun

Item "Big statue" Gale wind STR:49 OMP:217

Card "EM Maui" Gale VIT:37 DMP:197

Card "WD Yaksha" Death claw TEC:52

Gale all AGL:86 Elemental

LUK:71 Air

79 Dark angel Judgement 58 Holy word Reflect magic

Judgement Weak against spear

Item "Dark ash" Nuke most STR:36 OMP:227

Revive more VIT:37 DMP:217


AGL:76 Holylight

LUK:52 Awake

80 Leuda Magician 61 Inferno Absorb blast

Death bound Weak against physical

Item "Sun seed" Blaze all STR:53 OMP:249

Card "ED Weirdo" Inferno all VIT:37 DMP:194

Card "WM Babe" Holy word TEC:67

Magma heat AGL:72 Elemental

LUK:32 Grewon

85 Kari Empress 55 Reflect gravity

Weak against spirit

Item "Dark gift" Force STR:44 OMP:240

Card "DW Warchild" Triple hit VIT:85 DMP:220

Card "MA Leo" Elixer TEC:39

Force all AGL:34 Physical

Eternity LUK:70 Graviton

86 Ashura Emporer 53 Gust No effect against wind

Gale Weak against gun

Item "Glass doll" Mezmerize STR:86 OMP:247

Card "WD Valkyrie" Gishin VIT:39 DMP:212

Card "SD Cyrus" Glacier TEC:34

Axe bomb AGL:71 Elemental

LUK:44 Wonder

88 Shaa Tower 70 Slumber Strong against attack

Extinct STR:83 OMP:246

Bind light VIT:78 DMP:201

Magic seal TEC:43

Cease heal AGL:39 Evildark

Death kick LUK:68 Nerve

88 Scrag Priestess 45 Elixer all Reflect attack

Eternity STR:44 OMP:256

Item "Fate pin" Revive more VIT:57 DMP:236

Card "ED Faefnel" Elixer TEC:73

Card "DN Shin" Boss damage AGL:34 Holylight

LUK:39 Wonder

89 Endora Heirophant 62 Absorb flash

Weak against blast

Item "Tiger belt" Holyest STR:45 OMP:233

Card "WD Hanya" Magmaheat VIT:83 DMP:233

Card "EM Durahan" Electro TEC:73

POW return AGL:40 Holylight

Lightning LUK:58 Photon

90 Athena Justice 71 Death bound Reflect attack

Steel wall Weak against magic

Item "Olive ring" Discharge STR:41 OMP:255

Card "DW Rantula" STR up VIT:46 DMP:205

Card "WM Sucula" Sonic all TEC:83

AGL:78 Physical

LUK:59 Photon

94 Abracab Judgement 73 Reflect magic

Weak against spear

Item "Silver dish" Light all STR:48 OMP:269

Card "SD Zin" Bi strike VIT:43 DMP:249

Card "AL Kelpi" Holyest TEC:38

Boss damage AGL:87 Holylight

Elixer all LUK:61 Exorcism

96 Shiva Chariot 62 Mega raid Absorb wind

Wave Weak against spirit

Item "Sun Tablet" Triple hit STR:89 OMP:274

Card "SD Ganesha" Gale VIT:59 DMP:224

Card "DD Karak" Nuke most TEC:84

AGL:43 Physical

LUK:48 Air

97 Zuma World 63 Bright air Strong against attack

Fire breath Weak against magic

Item "D-Scales" Ice breath STR:63 OMP:265

Card "DN Naga" Destruct VIT:99 DMP:248

Card "BD Owl" Poison air TEC:51

Nuke most AGL:44 Physical

LUK:54 Graviton

99 Lucifer Devil 100 Curse all Strong against everything

Richter STR:40 OMP:279

Item "David star" Extinct VIT:64 DMP:264

Card "DW Dance" Hell eyes TEC:45

Card "WD Dead chef" Judgement AGL:50 Evildark

LUK:82 Wonder

Important items note:

Here is how you recieve certain items necessary for some of the higher


D-Scales Found in Well of mind and souls, level B6

Glass doll Recieved after getting one of each spell card

Sun tablet Recieved for defeating WM Fenril

Silver dish Recieved for defeating FA Rainchild

Olive ring Recieved for defeating ED Faefnel

Tiger belt Recieved for defeating DN Shin

Dark gift Recieved for defeating GT Chow

Pagan king Recieved for defeating DM Alice

The other items necessary for certain persona creations are found

in the Judgement 1999s, through various events in the game, or by

a stage eight deletion of a specific persona.

Persona compatibility:

Here is a chart that will let you know which characters can use which

personas. The empty spaces are just ones I haven't tried on that

character yet.

Main Nate Mary Mark Brad Alana Ellen Chris Yuki


Trickster No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Voodoo No Yes No No No No No No No

Shogi No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Omah No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Mephisto No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Thor No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Bucho No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Endora No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Pixie Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Jack frost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Jack O' Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Shaman No No No Yes No No No No No

Vortek Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes

Mordo Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes

Shaolin Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes

Demo No No No Yes No No No No No

Shiva Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes


Starion Yes No No No No No No No No

Pawn Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Brax Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Ug Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Odin Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Bard Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Ra Yes No No No No No No No No

Ashura Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Maria No No Yes No No No No No No

Virgo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Crosscut Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Deva Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Wals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Vixen Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Chatz Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Valzante No No Yes No No No No No No

Racsha Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Scrag Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No


Vesta No No No No No No No No Yes

Rain Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Iron bride Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Bridget Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Celes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Dorga No No No No No No No No Yes

Ishtal Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Kari Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Nike No No No No No No Yes No No

Halo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes

Azreal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes

Allmighty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes

Alfred No Yes No No No No No No No

Michael No No No No No No Yes No No

Dark angel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Abracab Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes


Fury No No No No No Yes No No No

Lx1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Lance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Helion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Vora Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Flare No No No No No Yes No No No

Hannu Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Leuda Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes


Talon No No No No Yes No No No No

Darkrider Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Mach Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Region Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Morie Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Darkside No No No No Yes No No No No

Bushido Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Athena Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Guni No No No No No No No Yes No

Loki Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Beezlebum No No No No No No No Yes No

Lucifer No No No No No No No Yes No


Ven Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Gasious Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Crow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Pheonix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Garuda Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Hellcat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Stallios Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Frost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Hive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Leviathan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

St. Dragon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Borax Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Zuma Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Remy Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No

Succubuss Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No


Sumi No No Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes


Anuvis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Gemb Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Hera No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Inferno No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes

Mondo No No No No No No No Yes No


Cerebus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Viper Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hanged man

Jester Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No


Massacre No No No No No No No Yes No

Shaa Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No


Tenji Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Nari Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Karma Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Persona deletion Item chart:

If you delete a persona that has attained stage eight, you will recieve

an item upon the deletion. The following is a listing of the items that

you are given when deleting each of the personas once they have reached

stage eight. I have grouped them by Family.


Trickster Paralyze stone

Voodoo Vitality essence

Shogi Mega glove

Omah Chess piece

Mephisto Panic dirk

Thor Spirit coat

Bucho Discharge stone

Endora Holy stone


Pixie Luck essence

Jack frost Luck essence

Jack O' Iron mask


Shaman HP essence

Vortek Force rock

Mordo Silver tip

Shaolin Mad dog

Demo Machete

Shiva Therm stone


Starion Strength essence

Pawn Iron blade

Brax Inferno rock

Ug Penta glove

Odin Energy bow

Bard Ceasar hand

Ra Inferno stone

Ashura Light stone


Maria Spell point essence

Virgo Petrify cure

Crosscut Revive rock

Deva Blast stone

Wals Fate pin

Vixen Holy vulcan

Chatz Peace maker

Valzante Holy comet

Racsha Elixer stone

Scrag Revive rock


Vesta Zoma

Rain Paralyze cure

Iron bride Electric glove

Bridget Cobra axe

Celes Ceasar helmet

Dorga Infinity

Ishtal David star

Kari Force stone


Nike Tec essence

Halo Sonic rock

Azreal Discharge rock

Allmighty Whispers

Alfred Elixer rock

Michael Heaven gate

Dark angel Hell fire

Abracab Sun stone


Fury Life orb

Lx1 Ill cure

Lance Charm sword

Helion Core shoes

Vora Final axe

Flare Ceasar feet

Hannu Gishin stone

Leuda Laser blade


Talon Agility essence

Darkrider Cobra stone

Mach Gale rock

Region Monk hood

Morie Star sword

Darkside Bind whip

Bushido Glacier stone

Athena Ceasar suit


Guni Nuke stone

Loki Power glove

Beezlebum Curse rock

Lucifer Omega stone


Ven Poison cure

Gasious Charm shot

Crow Exor sword

Pheonix Hydra cowl

Garuda Gale stone


Hellcat Glacier rock

Stallios Sun seed

Frost Tengu boots


Hive Gishin rock

Leviathan Poniard

St. Dragon Muscle arm

Borax Angel knife

Zuma Sonic stone


Remy Ill stone

Succubuss Petrify whip


Sumi Holy axe


Anuvis Dark ash

Gemb Mobile suit


Hera Petrify stone

Inferno Holy glove

Mondo Death cross


Cerebus Dead ends


Viper Twin tower

Hanged man

Jester Grim reaper


Massacre Death stone

Shaa Exit n' stone


Tenji Jingle whip

Nari Hell rain

Karma Musamune

Items recieved by defeating various demons:

Here is a listing of the items you may recieve by defeating the various

demons throughout the game. The higher your luck level is, the greater

your chance of recieving an item.


Moonchild : Ill stone

Insibus : Petrafy stone

Succubus : Opal

Incubus : Dark sword

Hinos : Blood orb

Mermaid : Metal card

Remy : Cobra stone

Nightmare : Paralyze stone

Hermit : Scalpel


King fly : Force rock

Queen fly : Ogre blade

Princix : Blaze stone

Hellion : Garnet

Dark elf : Ph-guard

Water elf : Turquoise

Jack o' : Fire stone

Jack frost : Chill stone

Pixie : Magic stone


Rainchild : Silver dish

Abax : Curse rock

Jester : Di-paralyze

Palerider : Exit n' stone

Astral : Metal card

Blax knight : Bind blade

Arapachi : Dis energy

Dev chef : Shiny candy

Grub : Toad candy


Faefnel : Olive ring

Weirdo : Ruby

Felios : Bowie

Snaketail : Cloud sword

Drac : Amethest

Wyvern : Moon stone

Cockatrice : Di-stone


Light dove : Bolt stone

Alecto : Blast stone

Gargos : Sonic rock

Beezley : Flash stone

Kimono : Ray stone


Fenril : Sun tablet

Bufflax : Baron glove

Dragos : Crystal

Sucula : Topaz

Black widow : Ph-guard

Babe : Ripobitan

Nuea : Herb

Sharktooth : Di-paralyze


Yaksha : Holy stone

Puru : Light sword

Valkyrie : Plate axe

Dead chef : Close bow

Ripper : Paralyze cure

Hanya : Panic whip

Fruman : Mop


Manimal : Emerald

Durahan : Light bow

Maui : Moon stone

Landshark : Ice whip

Fugly : Ripobitan

Ogre : Onyx

Gremlin : Shiny candy


Macabre : Close whip

Lips : Di-paralyze

Flower kid : Magic stone

Toilet kid : Electric whip

Dribbler : Battle axe

Ghost : M-guard

Static : Core shield

Wraith : Magic stone


Grimy : Discharge rock

Shadow : Metal card

Clone : Magma stone

Anatomy : Laser bow

Flux : Dirk

Yakuza : Shock sword

Thug : Blood orb

Slime : Dis-energy


Blackman : Metal card

Agent : Metal card

S.S. : STR drink


Ganesha : Sapphire

Moai : Metal card

Tengu : Gale rock

Cupid : Gold axe

Zin : Hina stone

Raksha : Topaz

Cyrus : Gold sword

Magic urn : Herb


Kelpi : Magic rock

Chronos : Light stone

Dominion : Paralyze axe

Virtue : Zamba glove

Power : Turquoise

Principal : M-guard

Arch angel : Bind bow

Angel : Tanto


Shin : Tiger belt

Vixen : Hina stone

Viper : Amethest

Water asp : Aqua stone

Naga : Onyx

Shadow asp : Metal card

Leach : Iron claw


Ramia : Glacier rock

Bumbo : Gust stone

Ithl : Ice stone

Sith : Aqua stone

Owl : Wind stone

Firebird : Metal card


Leo : Blood orb

Scorpio : Garnet

Otros : Nuke rock

Hemes : Sleep sword

Felicia : Toad candy

Kariee : Metal card

Muskat : Shiny candy


Randa : Nuke stone

Warchild : Life orb

Dance : Wave stone

Rantula : Pit stone

Chomp : Dis energy

Siren : Gravity stone

Sacrifice : Dis enegry


Golem : Gishin rock

Karak : Inferno rock

Dwarfen : Quake stone

Kobold : Magic stone

Goul : Tremor stone

Imp : Gauntlet


Chow : Dark gift

Moroku : Pearl

Insectoid : Ph-guard

Shremlin : Di-ill

Karen : Shiny candy

Ifirit : Magma stone

Shpos : Di-paralyze

Goblin : Di-poison


Painter : Panic punch

Psycho : Lava sword

Gleeb : Di-stone

Zombie cop : Di-paralyze

Dead nurse : Herb

Zombie girl : M-guard

Zombie boy : Metal card

Zombie : Cloth hat


Arrogance : Alexandria

Sloth : Death stone

Bellycasey : Diamond

Jealousy : Zoma

Greed : Magic rock

Obscene : Zoma


Alice : Pagan king

Enemy contact cards(spell cards):

These are the spell cards that you receive upon successfully interesting

an enemy, provided you choose this from your list of rewards afterwards.

A contact(spell) card is set up very similiar to a persona card(see

example persona card) On the stationary bar at the bottom of the enemy's

contact card, it lists the following:

Class/Type(upper left)

Name(bottom center)

If you try to contact an enemy which you already have a contact card

for, all members of that particular group of enemy will leave the

battle. This is helpful when you feel as though you may be outnumbered.

Although you cannot re-contact(in same battle) an already contacted

enemy, you can attempt to contact more than one enemy type per battle.

The battle is avoided if you make any type of interesting contact with

any one enemy(see Getting cards below).

Getting cards:

The object of contacting the enemies is to try and invoke certain

emotions in them. Upon attempting to contact an enemy(some enemies may

try to contact you, if this happens you must Accept/Decline their

invite), a descriptive box will open on the bottom of the screen. This

box contains the contacted enemy's level, name, interests(highlighted)

and whether or not you have this particular enemy's contact card in your

current inventory(highlighted in yellow if you do). If you do not already

have the contacted enemy's card you may choose to continue with the

contact. Choose the party member you would like to attempt to gain the

enemy's interest with, then choose from the four topics of conversation

it gives you(all differ depending on which character you chose). Through

talking to the enemy you will fill the square in the upper left corner

of the screen with color. If you fill the square with a certain color,

you will get the emotional outcome it provides.

   1.Anger: Red 
   2.Joy: Green 
   3.Fear: Blue 
   4.Interest: Yellow 

If you invoke these emotions through your choices when contacting the

enemy here is a list of the consequences:

   1.Anger: The enemy may get first attack on your party 
   2.Joy: The enemy may leave the battle, or become happy 
   3.Fear: The enemy may leave the battle, or become bound 
   4.Interest: You get the 3 choices full Interest brings(see below) 
   5.Anger/Joy: Enemy will leave the battle 
   6.Anger/Fear: The enemy is confused(does not attack right away) 
   7.Anger/Interest: You get the 3 choices as if Interested 
   8.Joy/Fear: Enemy will leave the battle, or become charmed 
   9.Joy/Interest: You get the 3 choices as if Interested 
  10.Fear/Interest: You get the three choices as if Interested 

You get 2 emotions if 2 or more are full(pulsating) when you get one

to maximum power(filling the square). Even if 3 or more are full, you

still only get a combination of 2.

After gaining the enemies full interest you will be given 3 choices:

   1.Take the enemies contact(spell) card, battle will be avoided 
   2.Enemy leaves the battle, you get experience, money or gems 
   3.Enemy leaves the battle 

Gaining enemy contact cards allows you to create new personas.

You may only carry 12 enemy contact cards at a time. If you have a full

inventory of enemy cards, the next time you gain one, a screen will

appear with a listing of all the cards you currently have. You will then

be asked whether you would like to drop a card from your inventory to

make room for the new card. If yes, choose the one you'd like to discard

so the new card can be acquired. Some personas are directly linked to

some enemies. If you try and contact an enemy with a character equipped

with such a persona, you will be asked one question, then automatically

given a contact card(the persona orders the demon to give it to you if

your levels are high enough). One such instance of this is, Loki, at

6/8 moon, this persona will contact the demon Fenril(you have to contact

the demon with a character that has the particular persona equipped).

Below are some ways to gain interest from the demons(note that these

ways are not 100% accurate, as the phase of the moon and whether or not

the demon asks you for items may alter the outcome, but these should

work most of the time):


Moonchild- Mark, stare Ganesha- Mark, stare

Insibus- Mary, shudder Moai- Nate, speech

Succubus- Mark, lie Tengu- Mary, ask

Incubus- Alana, threaten Cupid- Alana, tempt

Hinos- Alana, tempt Zin- Nate, speech

Mermaid- Nate, yell Raksha- Alana, threaten

Remy- Mary, shudder Cyrus- Mark, provoke

Nightmare- Mary, waste time Magic urn- Mary, waste time

Hermit- Nate, yell AL

FY Kelpi- Mark, stare

King fly- Mark, stare Chronos- Mark, stare

Queen fly- Main, recruit Dominion- Nate, speech/

Princix- Nate, speech Alana, threaten

Hellion- Nate, speech Virtue- Nate, speech/

Dark elf- Nate, sarcasm Mark, lie

Water elf- Main, recruit Power- Mary, shudder

Jack o'- Main, recruit Principal- Nate, speech

Jack frost- Main, recruit Arch angel- Mark, stare

Pixie- Mark, lie/ Angel- Mary, waste time/

Yuki, ignore Yuki, ignore


Rainchild- Mark, stare Shin- Mark, stare

Abax- Mark, stare Vixen- Nate, speech

Jester- Main, persuade Viper- Mark, lie

Palerider- Brad, gossip Water asp- Nate, yell/

Astral- Nate, yell Mary, waste time

Blax knight- Mark, stare Naga- Mark, stare

Arapachi- Nate, speech Shadow asp- Mary, waste time

Dev chef- Main, persuade Leach- Mary, shudder

Grub- Mary, waste time BD

ED Ramia- Mark, stare/

Faefnel- Nate, sarcasm Alana, threaten

Weirdo- Mary, ask Bumbo- Mark, stare/

Felios- Nate, bribe/yell Brad, gossip

Snaketail- Brad, gossip Ithl- Mark, provoke

Drac- Nate, yell Sith- Mark, stare

Wyvern- Mary, shudder Owl- Alana, beg

Cockatrice- Mary, waste time/ Firebird- Nate, sarcasm

Chris, ignore MA

CB Leo- Main, persuade

Light dove- Alana, beg Scorpio- Alana, tempt

Alecto- Mary, shudder Otros- Main, persuade/

Gargos- Brad, pickup Nate, speech

Beezley- Nate, sarcasm Hemes- Brad, tell jokes

Kimono- Nate, sarcasm Felicia- Main, recruit

WM Kariee- Main, persuade

Fenril- Mary, ask Muskat- Mark, stare

Bufflax- Brad, gossip DW

Dragos- Mark, dance Randa- Nate, speech

Sucula- Mark, dance Warchild- Main, persuade

Black widow- Mark, stare Dance- Mark, stare

Babe- Mary, waste time Rantula- Nate, sarcasm

Nuea- Nate, bribe Chomp- Nate, sarcasm

Sharktooth- Nate, bribe Siren- Mark, stare

WD Sacrifice- Nate, bribe

Yaksha- Mark, stare DD

Puru- Main, recruit Golem- Mary, shudder

Valkyrie- Brad, surprise Karak- Main, persuade

Dead chef- Mary, shudder/ Dwarfen- Brad, gossip

Main, persuade Kobold- Mary, ask

Ripper- Nate, speech Goul- Mark, dance

Hanya- Nate, sarcasm Imp- Alana, put down

Fruman- Mark, dance GT

EM Chow- Nate, yell

Manimal- Nate, bribe Moroku- Mark, dance

Durahan- Brad, gossip Insectoid- Brad, gossip

Maui- Brad, gossip Shremlin- Mark, dance

Landshark- Nate, bribe Karen- Mark, dance

Fugly- Mark, stare Ifirit- Mark, dance

Ogre- Nate, yell Shpos- Nate, bribe

Gremlin- Mary, ask/ Goblin- Mark, dance

Alana, put down ZE

EG Painter- Alana, tempt

Macabre- Mark, dance Psycho- Nate, bribe

Lips- Unpredictable Gleeb- Main, persuade

Flower kid- Alana, beg Zombie cop- Mary, shudder/

Toilet kid- Mary, waste time Main, persuade

Dribbler- Alana, tempt/ Dead nurse- Main, provoke

Alana, threaten/ Zombie girl- Yuki, ignore/

Chris, Magic Main, persuade

Ghost- Mark, dance Zombie boy- Yuki, ignore

Static- Mark, dance Zombie- Yuki, ignore

Wraith- Mark, provoke/ SS

Nate, bribe Arrogance- Not contactable

OL Sloth- Not contactable

Grimy- Nate, speech Bellycasey- Not contactable

Shadow- Alana, threaten Jealousy- Not contactable

Clone- Brad, gossip/ Greed- Not contactable

Alana, threaten Obscene- Not contactable

Anatomy- Nate, speech SM

Flux- Alana, beg Blackman- Not contactable

Yakuza- Alana, tempt Agent- Not contactable

Thug- Ellen, tempt/ S.S.- Not contactable

Nate, bribe DM

Slime- Main, provoke Alice- Not contactable

Conversation guide:

These are the various topics of conversation that each character can


Main(you) Nate Mark

Persuade Provoke Bribe Speech Dance Provoke

Recruit Sing Yell Sarcasm Stare Lie

Yuki Ellen Alana

Tease Preach Story Sing Put down Tempt

Scold Ignore Spoil Tempt Beg Threaten

Mary Brad Chris

Ask Flatter Pickup Tell jokes Ignore Threaten

Waste time Shudder Gossip Surprise Scream Magic

Using cards(ward off enemies):

Any enemy you currently have a contact card from, can be forced to leave

a battle by trying to contact them again. If you used a contact card in

a Velvet room you do not retain the ability to make that particular enemy

leave the battle, you need to get another contact card from the species.

You cannot have more than one of the same contact card per enemy at the

same time, as the second contacting would make them leave.

Spell card to Persona crosschart:

From this crosschart you can determine which combinations of spell

cards will produce each class(family) of persona. The numbers along

the top match the numbers given to the classes of the spell cards

running down the side of the chart. Use this crosschart to see what

persona class will result from the fusion of any two chosen spell

cards. Spell cards are represented by class only(individual demon

type has no bearing on the resulting persona class). See KEY below:

Class|1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21


   1.ND|X M1 D2 J1 J2 S3 S1 D1 H1 E1 X E1 L S3 M1 H3 P J2 L M1 X 
   2.FY|M1 X M1 M2 E2 H3 H2 C H3 H1 X M1 P H3 H3 P M1 T1 J1 M1 X 
   3.FA|D2 M1 X M2 W T2 D2 T1 M1 M2 X L J1 T1 J1 H3 M2 E2 M2 D2 X 
   4.ED|J1 M2 M2 X C T2 C H2 C H2 X E1 D2 P W J2 J2 S2 W W X 
   5.CB|J2 E2 W C X E1 F S3 M2 J1 X J2 S3 E2 S3 P E2 E1 S3 M2 X 
   6.WM|S3 H3 T2 T2 E1 X F S3 E1 T2 X T1 P C H1 C S3 S2 H3 J1 X 
   7.WD|S1 H2 D2 C F F X J2 M2 H2 X E1 F H2 E2 S2 E2 H2 D1 H3 X 
   8.EM|D1 C T1 H2 S3 S3 J2 X C F X E1 D1 J2 J2 H2 E2 S1 S3 W X 
   9.EG|H1 H3 M1 C M2 E1 M2 C X L X L H1 W L C E2 W D1 W X 
  10.OL|E1 H1 M2 H2 J1 T2 H2 F L X X T1 P W L M1 P S2 M2 S1 X 
  11.SM|X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 
  12.SD|E1 M1 L E1 J2 T1 E1 E1 L T1 X X L E1 S3 E1 J2 L T1 L X 
  13.AL|L P J1 D2 S3 P F D1 H1 P X L X J1 M1 P H2 W H2 J1 X 
  14.DN|S3 H3 T1 P E2 C H2 J2 W W X E1 J1 X C W E2 H2 T2 S3 X 
  15.BD|M1 H3 J1 W S3 H1 E2 J2 L L X S3 M1 C X S1 H3 E2 J2 J1 X 
  16.MA|H3 P H3 J2 P C S2 H2 C M1 X E1 P W S1 X T1 C T1 T1 X 
  17.DW|P M1 M2 J2 E2 S3 E2 E2 E2 P X J2 H2 E2 H3 T1 X P M2 T1 X 
  18.DD|J2 T1 E2 S2 E1 S2 H2 S1 W S2 X L W H2 E2 C P X H3 S1 X 
  19.GT|L J1 M2 W S3 H3 D1 S3 D1 M2 X T1 H2 T2 J2 T1 M2 H3 X J1 X 
  20.ZE|M1 M1 D2 W M2 J1 H3 W W S1 X L J1 S3 J1 T1 T1 S1 J1 X X 
  21.SS|X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 


C= Chariot H2=Heirophant P= Priestess X=None

D1=Death H3=Hermit S1=Star

D2=Devil J1=Judgement S2=Strength

E1=Emperor J2=Justice S3=Sun

E2=Empress L= Lovers T1=Temperance

F= Fortune M1=Magician T2=Tower

H1=Hanged man M2=Moon W= World

Equipping personas:

See Velvet room, under Room descriptions

Building up personas:

The more you use a persona, the more spells you will aquire with it.

After a certain number of uses, new spells will appear in the persona's

spell inventory. A maximum of seven spells can be accumulated by each

persona. Not all personas will gain seven spells. A persona will be

at it's highest point at stage 8(this, current stage, is the # after

the + plus sign).

Using personas:

When using a powerful persona spell that hits multiple targets, choose

the central target for the attack(highlighted in yellow), all the

surrounding enemies(highlighted in white) will also be hit. Certain

persona spells will heal certain enemies, or do no damage at all. Also

certain persona spells(or other attacks) may backfire and hit you instead

if the enemy uses the same magic. Pay attention as to what types of

spells do what to the various enemy types(the same holds true for hand

weapon and gun attacks).

Example persona card:

Here is how a persona card is set up:

Persona number Persona level

Portrait of persona entity Cost of casting spells in spell points

Persona type

Magic(spells available 1-7)

Strength 1.

Vitality 2.

Technique 3.

Agility 4.

Luck 5.



Offensive magic power Main persona magic

Defensive magic power Secondary persona magic



Character descriptions:

You: Dark haired guy

Nate: Guy wearing scarf

Mark: Guy wearing yellow hat

Brad: Guy wearing sunglasses above his eyes

Mary: Dark haired girl wearing red hair ribbon

Ellen: Dark haired girl with neck kerchief

Alana: Light haired girl with pigtails

Chris: Long haired student with scarred face

Yuki: Girl with very short black hair

Philemon: Spirit who lives in the shrine of the butterfly

Ms. Smith: Teacher

Dr. Beverly: School nurse

Bruce: Bandaged boy, Selina's boyfriend

Selina: Long haired girl, resides in the black market

Kain: Pale punk kid from high school library

Guido Sardinia: Head of Sebek corporation

Nancy: Thin woman, Mary's mother

Mae: Little girl in white

Maggie: Little girl in black

Various enemies:

By pressing the R2 button while not in combat you can call up the Demon

diary. In the diary enemy demons are catagorized 2 ways, by type and by

name. After you select the type(family/class) you wish to view, the

different enemies are shown by name and picture to the right.

They are:

1st column

Class/Name Level Health Spell Strength/Weakness


Moonchild Lvl 64 HP 358 SP 768 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Insibus Lvl 58 HP 324 SP 696 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Succubus Lvl 51 HP 285 SP 612 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Incubus Lvl 42 HP 235 SP 504 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Hinos Lvl 34 HP 190 SP 408 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Mermaid Lvl 27 HP 151 SP 324 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Remy Lvl 19 HP 106 SP 228 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Nightmare Lvl 13 HP 72 SP 156 Absorb magic,Weak against attack

Hermit Lvl 7 HP 23 SP 84 Absorb magic,Weak against attack


King fly Lvl 57 HP 273 SP 741 Reflect fire,Weak to physical

Queen fly Lvl 49 HP 235 SP 637 Reflect tremor,Weak to physical

Princix Lvl 40 HP 192 SP 520 Reflect chill,Weak to physical

Hellion Lvl 31 HP 148 SP 403 Reflect tremor,Weak to physical

Dark elf Lvl 23 HP 110 SP 299 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Water elf Lvl 18 HP 86 SP 234 Reflect chill,Weak to physical

Jack o' Lvl 15 HP 72 SP 195 Reflect fire,Weak to physical

Jack frost Lvl 8 HP 38 SP 104 Reflect chill,Weak to physical

Pixie Lvl 2 HP 9 SP 26 Reflect wind,Weak to physical


Rainchild Lvl 71 HP 568 SP 710 Reflect magic,Weak against spear

Abax Lvl 65 HP 520 SP 650 Reflect magic,Weak against spear

Jester Lvl 56 HP 448 SP 560 Reflect magic,Weak against spear

Palerider Lvl 48 HP 384 SP 480 Absorb fire,Weak against chill

Astral Lvl 41 HP 328 SP 410 No effect magic,Weak to attack

Blax knight Lvl 33 HP 264 SP 330 No effect magic,Weak to attack

Arapachi Lvl 26 HP 208 SP 260 No effect magic,Weak to attack

Dev chef Lvl 17 HP 136 SP 170 No effect magic,Weak to attack

Grub Lvl 9 HP 72 SP 90 Absorb fire,Weak against chill


Faefnel Lvl 70 HP 799 SP 700 Strong to attack,Weak to magic

Weirdo Lvl 58 HP 696 SP 580 Strong to attack,Weak to magic

Felios Lvl 51 HP 612 SP 510 Reflect flash,Weak against spirit

Snaketail Lvl 43 HP 516 SP 430 Absorb fire,Weak against spirit

Drac Lvl 33 HP 396 SP 330 Absorb chill,Weak against spirit

Wyvern Lvl 23 HP 276 SP 230 Absorb wind,Weak against spirit

Cockatrice Lvl 15 HP 180 SP 150 Absorb wind,Weak against spirit


Light dove Lvl 66 HP 528 SP 528 No effect ray,Weak against gun

Alecto Lvl 53 HP 320 SP 424 Absorb wind,Weak against spirit

Gargos Lvl 36 HP 176 SP 288 Absorb wind,Weak against spirit

Beezley Lvl 25 HP 136 SP 200 Absorb wind,Weak against spirit

Kimono Lvl 14 HP 80 SP 112 No effect ray,Weak against gun


Fenril Lvl 75 HP 660 SP 750 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Bufflax Lvl 63 HP 554 SP 630 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Dragos Lvl 52 HP 343 SP 520 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Sucula Lvl 43 HP 283 SP 430 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Black widow Lvl 31 HP 204 SP 310 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Babe Lvl 22 HP 154 SP 220 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Nuea Lvl 16 HP 105 SP 160 No effect tackle,Weak to whip

Sharktooth Lvl 9 HP 59 SP 90 No effect tackle,Weak to whip


Yaksha Lvl 52 HP 416 SP 416 Strong against magic

Puru Lvl 44 HP 352 SP 352 Strong against magic

Valkyrie Lvl 37 HP 296 SP 296 Strong against magic

Dead chef Lvl 32 HP 256 SP 256 Strong against magic

Ripper Lvl 25 HP 200 SP 200 Strong against magic

Hanya Lvl 16 HP 128 SP 128 Strong against magic

Fruman Lvl 8 HP 64 SP 64 Strong against magic


Manimal Lvl 61 HP 488 SP 427 Strong to spirit,Weak to physical

Durahan Lvl 53 HP 424 SP 371 Reflect attack

Maui Lvl 42 HP 336 SP 294 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Landshark Lvl 35 HP 280 SP 245 Reflect fire,Weak to physical

Fugly Lvl 27 HP 216 SP 189 Reflect fire,Weak to physical

Ogre Lvl 19 HP 152 SP 133 Strong to spirit,Weak to physical

Gremlin Lvl 13 HP 104 SP 91 Reflect chill,Weak to physical


Macabre Lvl 45 HP 360 SP 225 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Lips Lvl 34 HP 272 SP 130 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Flower kid Lvl 25 HP 200 SP 99 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Toilet kid Lvl 19 HP 136 SP 68 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Dribbler Lvl 15 HP 120 SP 57 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Ghost Lvl 8 HP 64 SP 29 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Static Lvl 5 HP 40 SP 20 Strong against attack,Weak to fire

Wraith Lvl 2 HP 16 SP 10 Strong against attack,Weak to fire


Grimy Lvl 68 HP 598 SP 816 Weak against magic

Shadow Lvl 50 HP 440 SP 300 Absorb attack,Weak against magic

Clone Lvl 41 HP 343 SP 234 Absorb attack,Weak against magic

Anatomy Lvl 32 HP 274 SP 197 Absorb attack,Weak against magic

Flux Lvl 24 HP 211 SP 240 Absorb attack,Weak against magic

Yakuza Lvl 15 HP 132 SP 60 Absorb attack,Weak against magic

Thug Lvl 8 HP 70 SP 32 Absorb attack,Weak against magic

Slime Lvl 1 HP 14 SP 10 Absorb attack,Weak against magic


Blackman Lvl 56 HP 393 SP 321 Nothing in particular

Agent Lvl 20 HP 177 SP 99 Nothing in particular

S.S. Lvl 14 HP 149 SP 67 Nothing in particular

2nd column


Ganesha Lvl 65 HP 364 SP 650 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Moai Lvl 60 HP 336 SP 600 Reflect fire,Weak to physical

Tengu Lvl 51 HP 285 SP 510 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Cupid Lvl 43 HP 240 SP 430 Strong to magic,Weak to attacks

Zin Lvl 35 HP 196 SP 350 Reflect fire,Weak to physical

Raksha Lvl 26 HP 145 SP 260 Reflect chill,Weak to physical

Cyrus Lvl 18 HP 100 SP 180 Absorb flash,Weak to physical

Magic urn Lvl 10 HP 56 SP 100 Reflect fire,Weak to physical


Kelpi Lvl 64 HP 512 SP 640 Reflect magic,Weak to spear

Chronos Lvl 57 HP 456 SP 570 Reflect magic,Weak to spear

Dominion Lvl 52 HP 416 SP 520 Reflect magic,Weak to spear

Virtue Lvl 44 HP 352 SP 440 No effect to magic,Weak to attack

Power Lvl 36 HP 288 SP 360 No effect to magic,Weak to attack

Principal Lvl 29 HP 232 SP 290 No effect to magic,Weak to attack

Arch angel Lvl 21 HP 168 SP 210 No effect to magic,Weak to attack

Angel Lvl 14 HP 112 SP 140 No effect to magic,Weak to attack


Shin Lvl 67 HP 750 SP 670 Strong to attack,Weak to magic

Vixen Lvl 59 HP 660 SP 590 Strong to attack,Weak to magic

Viper Lvl 50 HP 560 SP 500 Absorb chill,Weak to fire

Water asp Lvl 44 HP 492 SP 440 Absorb chill,Weak to fire

Naga Lvl 38 HP 425 SP 380 Strong to attack,Weak to magic

Shadow asp Lvl 30 HP 336 SP 300 Absorb tremor,Weak to wind

Leach Lvl 22 HP 246 SP 220 Strong to attack,weak to magic


Ramia Lvl 55 HP 264 SP 440 No effect to wind,Weak to gun

Bumbo Lvl 47 HP 233 SP 376 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Ithl Lvl 39 HP 187 SP 312 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Sith Lvl 28 HP 136 SP 224 Reflect wind,Weak to physical

Owl Lvl 19 HP 91 SP 152 No effect to wind,Weak to gun

Firebird Lvl 10 HP 48 SP 80 No effect to wind,Weak to gun


Leo Lvl 54 HP 324 SP 486 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip

Scorpio Lvl 46 HP 276 SP 414 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip

Otros Lvl 37 HP 221 SP 333 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip

Hemes Lvl 29 HP 185 SP 261 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip

Felicia Lvl 20 HP 120 SP 180 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip

Kariee Lvl 12 HP 72 SP 108 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip

Muskat Lvl 6 HP 36 SP 54 No effect to tackle,Weak to whip


Randa Lvl 59 HP 472 SP 472 Reflect blast,Weak to spirit

Warchild Lvl 51 HP 408 SP 408 Reflect blast,Weak to spirit

Dance Lvl 43 HP 344 SP 344 Reflect flash,Weak to spirit

Rantula Lvl 34 HP 272 SP 272 Reflect gravity,Weak to spirit

Chomp Lvl 29 HP 232 SP 232 Reflect blast,Weak to spirit

Siren Lvl 23 HP 184 SP 184 Strong to physical,Weak to spirit

Sacrifice Lvl 17 HP 136 SP 136 Reflect blast,Weak to spirit


Golem Lvl 54 HP 432 SP 540 Absorb tremor,Weak against ray

Karak Lvl 45 HP 360 SP 450 Absorb tremor,Weak against ray

Dwarfen Lvl 32 HP 256 SP 320 Absorb tremor,Weak against ray

Kobold Lvl 20 HP 160 SP 200 Absorb tremor,Weak against ray

Goul Lvl 11 HP 88 SP 110 Absorb tremor,Weak against ray

Imp Lvl 4 HP 32 SP 40 Absorb tremor,Weak against ray


Chow Lvl 66 HP 528 SP 580 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Moroku Lvl 54 HP 432 SP 270 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Insectoid Lvl 47 HP 376 SP 235 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Shremlin Lvl 34 HP 272 SP 170 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Karen Lvl 28 HP 224 SP 140 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Ifirit Lvl 21 HP 168 SP 105 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Shpos Lvl 12 HP 96 SP 60 Reflect gun,Strong against magic

Goblin Lvl 3 HP 24 SP 15 Reflect gun,Strong against magic


Painter Lvl 41 HP 328 SP 205 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Psycho Lvl 35 HP 280 SP 190 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Gleeb Lvl 26 HP 208 SP 285 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Zombie cop Lvl 11 HP 88 SP 135 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Dead nurse Lvl 5 HP 40 SP 90 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Zombie girl Lvl 4 HP 32 SP 75 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Zombie boy Lvl 3 HP 24 SP 25 No effect to gun,Weak to magic

Zombie Lvl 1 HP 8 SP 5 No effect to gun,Weak to magic


Arrogance Lvl 55 HP 412 SP 830 Only affected by magic

Sloth Lvl 52 HP 386 SP 786 Only affected by magic

Bellycasey Lvl 50 HP 352 SP 724 Only affected by magic

Jealousy Lvl 49 HP 307 SP 696 Only affected by magic

Greed Lvl 47 HP 303 SP 629 Only affected by magic

Obscene Lvl 45 HP 262 SP 587 Only affected by magic


Alice Lvl 99 HP 999 SP 999 Strong against everything

The enemies will appear in the diary when you fight them for the

first time. You do not have to contact them to make them appear here.

They will be put into the diary higher levels first(at top of list).


I dreamt I was a butterfly. I couldn't tell if I was dreaming. But

when I woke, I was I and not a butterfly. Was I dreaming that I was the

butterfly, or was the butterfly dreaming that it was me? Even if there's

a difference between the butterfly and I, the distinction isn't absolute.

And there is no relationship of cause and effect.


The game will begin with an introduction scene where your characters

are trying to perform a ritual that will give them the powers of summoning

personas. You will be asked to choose between two characters at this time,

Mark or Brad. Mark thinks that persona won't work, while Brad thinks it

will. Choose the character you think is right. this does not affect who

you will have as playable characters throughout the game. As they complete

the ritual, a spirit of a little girl appears. Lightning rains down around

the room, hitting four of your characters(You, Mark, Nate and Yuki), they

fall to the floor unconscious. You are then shown a cinema of what your

unconcious characters are seeing, the spirit who lives in the temple of

the butterfly. After the cinema you will be presented with the character

naming screen. From this screen you name your character.

After you've entered the name selection in, you will be asked if the

choice you made was OK, Yes/No. The cinema of the spirit resumes. After

learning of the abilities of the personas from the spirit, you start the

game in the nurses office of Saint Hermelin high school. You will have 4

characters in your party, Yourself, Nate, Mark and Yuki. The nurse and Ms.

Smith, one of your teachers, suggest that you should go to the hospital

for a checkup. You never know what may have happened during the time you

were unconcious. You may have a concussion. Before going to the hospital,

look around the high school and familiarize yourself with the way the game

controls. In room 2-4 you will find a girl named TJ. TJ asks you to

deliver a message to Mary, Mary is a girl who is staying at the hospital

that your characters are supposed to be going to for a checkup. Tell TJ

that you'll let Mary know what she said. This will show your

thoughtfullness. Through further exploration you will find a man blocking

a hole in one of the walls of the school's dividing hallway, he's the

dean of the school, you will meet him again later. When you feel you're

ready, go out the front door where you will meet Nate's butler, Alfred,

just outside the school. He offers your party a ride to the hospital, but

you decline it. He expresses his concern for your well being.

Go to the hospital for your checkup(notice Nate's butler Alfred in

the corner next to the vending machine), while you are there, visit Mary.

She is in room 302 on the 3rd floor. You tell Mary what TJ said. While

talking with your sick friend she is suddenly wracked with immense pain

and starts yelling. Your party waits outside the intensive care unit to

see if she's going to be alright. While waiting, tremors strike and the

hospital shakes violently. Your characters don't know it yet, but a

dimensional gate has just been opened. After the tremors subside, the

doors to the intensive care unit fly open, and you enter them. Inside you

are all shocked to find Nate's butler lying on the floor surrounded by

creatures, it seems he came to the hospital to make sure you were all ok.

Your party rushes to battle with the creatures, in this battle you are

shown all of your characters personas and you will raise one level of

experience. After the battle, Nate tries to help his butler to his feet,

but Alfred dies while talking to him. At this point you are asked to

create your first character formation(see Form) and equip your characters.

You and your friends are visibly disturbed by Alfreds death, especially

Nate. Talk to Nate to console him, then leave the room and head for the

lobby of the hospital. Upon reaching the lobby of the hospital you will

find a nurse trapped under a vending machine. You will be asked if you

will Help/Do not help, the woman. Choose to help her, as it will show

that you put the safety of others before yourself. After choosing to help

the woman, two demons attack your party. As soon as this happens, Ellen

will appear at the door to the hospital. She rushes inside and uses her

persona to dispose of the demons. After this battle, Ellen will join

your party. Leave the hospital.

After leaving the hospital you are subject to being attacked while

walking around the city. You may also run into some mafia thugs that have

blocked off an area near Sebek corporation. Bringing Yuki to the

freestanding Yin & Yan store will prompt her to tell the girl behind the

counter that she will be late for work.

Go to the Shrine of the butterfly spirit, where you will find Nancy.

Nancy is Mary's mother and has been injured during all the excitement of

the dimensional gateway being opened. Nancy will now travel with you, but

not as a playable character, you need to get her to the school nurses

office for some help. As soon as you take Nancy into your group, a cinema

will be shown, then Mark and Nate will leave your party to get help at the

police station.

Go to the high school, Ellen will know the password that you need to

get into the school. Ms. Smith will meet you inside the front door. Ellen

and Yuki are told to go help block the hole in the back of the school,

so as not to let any demons find their way inside. Bring Nancy to the

nurses office where she will be helped. Check the principal's office and

you will see the principal talking to the Dean of the school, they express

relief that you are safe. If you talk to Tammy in the fencing club room,

she will give you a rapier that she used in her previous school. Now go to

the hole in the broken wall, Alana and TJ are there. Look into the hole.

Alana asks you if you're going to try and go to Sebek corporation to find

out what happened. After answering that yes you were going to go there

(saying no causes you to back away from the hole), Mary will appear from

the hallway door and Nate will step out from within the hole, they will

both talk to you. Go into the hole, Nate and Mary will follow you, the two

other girls do not. Once on the other side of the hole, another enemy

attacks you, Mary kills it with her persona. Mary and Nate will now join

your party. Nate brought guns and other equipment with him from the police

station, so re-equip your characters. Nate tells you that Mark has been

captured and is being held at the police station. Leave the room you just

fought the creature in(but not back through the hole).

Go to the police station. Get the keys from the wall behind the

dispatchers desk in the lobby. Make your way through the police station

Dungeon, until you come across a room with jail cells. Mark and

Brad(kid from beginning with sunglasses) are being held in the cells.

Free Mark and Brad(only if you got the keys) and you will be asked

whether or not to let Brad join your party. This determines who you'll

have as your fifth party member. If you allow Brad to join, you will have

him as a playable character through the rest of the game. If you choose

to not let him join your party, you will be able to get either Ellen or

Alana as playable characters(See obtaining characters section for details

on how to get one of the other two). Leave the police station.

Go back to the high school and try to enter it. Instead of entering

you will see a cinema in which the high school is encased in darkness,

surrounded by 4 different types of towers, one on each side. This is

directly related to the Snow queen quest, which was removed from the

American version.

Go to the factory to the southeast and enter it. Alana is waiting

there for you. If you refused to let Brad come with you, Alana will now

join your party, if Brad is with you she'll leave. Inspect the wall

towards the back of the raised platform. You will trigger an elevator to

start that will gain you access to the dungeon below the factory. Proceed

through the factory dungeon, you will need to push 2 levers(mounted on

walls) to open up passages so that you may continue to the other end. You

will enter Sebek corporation's office building(Sebek towers) upon exiting

the factory passages. There is an elevator on the first floor that you are

able to use. Proceed to the top of Sebek towers where you will find a room

guarded by 4 mafia hitmen bodyguards. Defeat the bodyguards and enter the

room. Inside the room you will encounter 4 more bodyguards, but you will

also have one of the bodyguards of the president of Sebek corporation to

deal with at the same time(5 opponents). At the start of the battle,

the leader throws a magic spell that hurts all the members of your party.

After defeating these opponents, go to the desk and push the button hidden

in the desk. The door in the back of the room will now open. As you exit

the room by the secret door, alarms will sound and flashing red lights

fill the corridors. Exiting through this secret passage on the other side

of the secret door will make you escape through the basement. Upon

reaching the basement, you will witness two men, Guido Sardenia and his

main scientist, Dr. Nicholas escaping through a portal. Go to the computer

bank on the wall, you will have the choice of pressing one of two colored

buttons. Pressing blue will speed the portal machine into overdrive, while

pressing red will stop the machine. Press red, but before the machine can

stop, a little girl appears and says that she won't let you hurt her daddy.

This little girl possesses great powers and warps your entire party back

into the high school.(this happens no matter which button you press)

You appear inside the school's gymnasium. Your characters discuss what

has just happened to them and then Mary leaves your party and goes off

alone into the school. You are now able to explore the school again. Your

characters don't realize it yet, but the high school is very different

than it was before. Look around the school, you will find Bruce, one of

your friends from school on the second floor, he has been beaten up and has

bandages all over his face, Mary is with him. She will rejoin your party.

Proceed to the dividing corridor for the different sections of the

school(where the hole was before), and enter the door on the other side.

You will now be in a corridor with a Velvet room(see room descriptions)

and nurses office. This is the starting point of the school dungeon. In

this dungeon, you may come across Chris, a student in the art room who is

also able to summon personas. You will not be given the choice to let him

join your party, although, you do have the option to re-form your party at

this time...Hmmm.... You will come across Chris again later in the game.

You will also be asked by a member of your party if you have any secrets.

Continue through the dungeon until you make your way to the school's

atrium(open section in the middle of the school). Here you will again meet

the little girl. The little girl is evil and summons a giant mechanical

rat, which you must fight. After defeating the rat, the school reverts

back to normal. Go to the principal's office, where you will again

interrupt the principal while she is talking to the Dean. After doing this

head upstairs to the library and find Kain, the pale looking punk kid who

is working on a stone portal/doorway, Bruce is with him. Talk to Kain, and

inspect the stone portal. You will now be able to exit the school through

the front door.

After leaving the school, go to the mall(there are 2, a cross shaped

one, "Joy street" and a rectangular one, "Sun mall", as there are new

shops open now, and you are able to buy new armor and weapons.

There is also a barrier running north to south, dividing the city in

half now, you will also notice a strange mist is in the air.

Go back to the temple of the butterfly, you will get a new cinema.

Philemon will also tell you about the holy mirror that you need.

Go to the museum. In the exhibits room of the museum you will all

gather around an object in the center of the room, it's the holy mirror.

A vision of Mary(girl in your party) will appear in the mirror. Take the

Mirror, having this vision allows you to battle a creature later in the

game who will block your way. After seeing the vision and taking the

mirror, you are sent out of the museum.

Head into one of the subway tunnels(only 2 are available on each side

of the barrier). From the subway tunnels you can go beneath the streets,

which will allow you to go under the barrier that divides the city and come

out on the other side. After the first section of subway tunnels you will

come to a room with subway turnstiles in it, a creature is also here. The

creature blocks your way. You must now defeat the creature(you can only

battle this creature if you've seen the vision of Mary at the museum, and

have the holy mirror, if not you will be sent back into the tunnels you

came from) if you wish to go any further in the subway tunnels. After

defeating the creature you can proceed into the second set of tunnels

which exit into the city on the other side of the barrier.

The city is in shambles on the eastern side of the barrier. Whole

streets have been destroyed, mounds of dirt block your passage in some

directions, while holes prevent you from going others. Buildings have

changed, while some have even disappeared.

After exiting the subway tunnels head to Joy street, which is now

known as the Black market. You will be able to save your progress at the

Augustus tree inside. There are many new shops open for you to shop in and

re-equip your party. There is also a Velvet room and Judgement 1999. After

shopping and saving your progress you will now notice that you are trapped

inside the mall. There is no way to get out through the mall doors,

every time you try and exit one you are warped to the door on the opposite

side of the mall yet still on the inside. There is a way out though, but

you must brave the ancient tunnels of the Karma palace. It seems that an

evil queen lives at the bottom of the tunnels and is keeping everyone

prisoner in the mall. You must reach the bottom and defeat the queen if

you ever wish to leave the mall.

The Karma palace are tunnels beneath the mall, ten stories deep,

this alone makes this dungeon very large. But now realize this, there are

many places in the tunnels which when walked on, the ground will give way

and you will fall to the level below(no damage is taken), these spots are

always behind doors(they show as red lines on the map). Sometimes this

works in your favor(you may not have to cross a whole level just to get to

the stairs), sometimes it will work against you and you'll have to

backtrack many levels up the stairs due to falling into a dead end in which

you can get no further downward. The entrance to the ancient tunnels is

directly across from the Agastya tree in the cross mall(the mall you're

currently trapped in). There is also an elevator that runs from levels 2

to level 7, you will need this if you go exploring.

The following is the way to get to the bottom(10th level) of the ancient

tunnels, if you don't want to figure it out for yourself.

   1.Enter the tunnels and take the stairs to level B2 
   2.Take the elevator on level B2 to level B4 and exit the elevator 
   3.On level B4 drop down the only hole you can reach in the section you are 

in, you will fall to level B5.

4. On level B5 drop down the only hole you can reach in the section you are

in, you will fall to level B6.

5. On level B6 go to the hole furthest to the east and drop down it, you

will fall to level B7.

6. On level B7 drop down the only hole you can reach in the section you are

in, you will fall to level B8.

7. On level B8 go through the room with the chests(open them if you want)

to the hole furthest south that you can reach. Drop down it to level B9.

8. On level B9 go up through the room with the chests(open them if you want)

to the hole at the end of the passage above and to the right. Drop down

it to level B10.

9. On level B10 pass through the 2 rooms that you have fallen next to and

exit the second room through the door represented by the small arrow, not

the large doors(that's where you entered from). Proceed down the tunnels

to the room towards the upper center section of the level and enter it.

Inside the room is a girl with splotches of black on her face, a bunch

of dead demons and a large mirror. Upon entering the room your party will

realize that the girl is their friend Selina, from school, Bruce's

girlfriend. She has horrendous moles all over her face. You begin a

conversation with Selina, at the end of which, your party will be

teleported by the mirror back to the mall level, inside the Peace diner.

You still are not able to leave the mall though. The patrons(a gang called

the Queens) and bartender in the Peace diner tell you that you need to go

back down through the tunnels to seek out the Queen(Selina) again. So back

through the ancient tunnels you go, hope you remember the way. Upon

reaching the room with Selina on level B10 for the second time, your

party, except for you and Mary are turned to stone. You are then asked a

question, whether you like Mary's paintings or hers(Selina's) better.

Choosing Selina's will cause Selina to release your other party members

from the stone condition they are in, but don't. Choose Mary's(This shows

your honesty). Selina will be outraged, and the little girl from before

warps into the room. The little girl causes Selina to become a demon and

attack your party. Because you answered Mary's paintings were better, the

rest of your party is still stone, this leaves just you and Mary to defeat

Selina. After defeating Selina, the little girl talks to your party

then vanishes. Another person is warped into the room through the mirror,

it's Bruce, your friend from the high school. Bruce is Selina's boyfriend.

As soon as he is warped to the room the mirror flashes and breaks, this

releases Selina from the evil spell she was under and she reverts back to

a pretty high school girl. It also releases your party members from their

stone forms, back to flesh and blood. You are now sent back out into the

ancient tunnels to find your own way up to the mall level. If you re-enter

the room with Selina and Bruce, instead of going to look for a way back to

the mall level, you will see them making out in a back corner of the room.

You then are sent back out into the ancient tunnels again.

Upon getting back to the mall level you will find that #1, the door to

the ancient tunnels is now sealed, and #2 you are now able to leave the


After leaving the Black market head to the hospital, which has now

become the Castle Mana. You will find the little girl there, but she

will run inside the front door and seal it behind her. Leave this area.

After leaving the Castle Mana, return through the subway tunnels to the

western side of the barrier.

Once back on the western side of the barrier go to where the police

station used to be. You will find a maze composed of pink trees in it's

place, this is the Lost forest. Enter the forest and you will find,

a room filled with chests, a give and take fountain(see section on rooms),

and in the center of the southern portion of the forest... a gingerbread

house. Enter the gingerbread house and you will again encounter the little

girl, only this time she's not as evil looking. In fact she looks exactly

like Mary, only younger. She is carrying a stuffed teddy bear in one hand,

and a compact(small mirror) in the other. She tells you that her name is

Mae, and that her twin is named Maggie. Maggie is the evil little girl

that has been giving you problems. Mae tells you that the way to get into

the Castle Mana is to use her compact to unseal the lock on the door. One

problem though, Mae doesn't want to go with you to do this, and she

doesn't want to let you just take her compact. You'll have to answer some

questions for Mae, to see if she can trust you.

Upon talking to her you are asked, "I'll be safe here" from this you are

given 4 choices,

   1.Stop! (pick this one!!!) 
   2.It's safe 
   3.Yeah but... 
   4.Don't know 

Picking any choice will continue the conversation with the little girl

until you get to another question with 4 choices, "Why do you fight?"

   1.For myself 
   2.No reason 
   3.For everybody (pick this one!!!) 
   4.Don't care 

Again, picking any choice in this set will continue the conversation,

stopping this time with a question that has only a choice of 2 selections,

"Why do you live?"

   1.I wonder why 
   2.For finding the answer (pick this one!!!) 

After this last selection, you have set the ending of the game in motion.

If you chose the selections I said to, you will get an opportunity to

get the good ending(if you make it thru the game :). If you chose anything

other than the ones specified(even one), your game will be drastically

shorter and you will get the bad ending. You'll know if you did it

correctly by whether or not you fight the teddy bear the little girl was

holding. If you picked wrong, it grows to about 10 feet tall and you must

battle it. After defeating the teddy bear the little girl gives you the

compact(small mirror), then leaves. If you picked correctly, Mae will

just give you the compact, no fighting the teddy bear. Exit the forest.

Go back through the subway tunnels to the eastern side of the barrier.

Proceed to the Castle Mana. Upon getting there, inspect the box next to

the sealed door in the entryway, doing this will give you two choices,

one, Yes place the compact in the box, or two, No do not place the compact

in the box. Choosing yes will trigger the door to open. Enter the now open

door. Proceed through the Castle, to the boss' chamber. Upon reaching the

chamber, you will find 3 people, the little girl(Maggie), Chris(from

the high school art room), and Guido Sardinia. Chris is lying hurt on the

ground. As you talk to Maggie, Guido summons a portal next to you, in

which you view a cinema of a section of the city transforming into a giant

palace, similiar to the vision you had when you tried to enter the high

school earlier. After the vision, Mark and Nate are struck by a bolt of

lightning cast by Guido, and seriously injured. Guido then warps a tall

creature into the chamber. A flash of light occurs and Guido and Maggie

disappear, leaving your party to battle the creature. (Note: if Chris is

in your party as a playable character, he will confront Guido upon your

arrival at the boss' chamber. In this conversation you find out that

Chris is Guido's brother by way of the same father. After some very nasty

trash talking of Chris' mother by Guido, Chris is struck injured by Guido.

You will then start the battle against the boss with three characters hurt

instead of two) After defeating the creature, Chris gets back to his feet

and talks to you. After you are finished talking to him, make your way out

of the Castle.

After leaving the Castle, head to the Haunted house and enter it. On

both the first and second floors there are rooms with items and people you

can talk to. When you reach the third floor, navigate through the dark

room at the top of the stairs and attempt to open the door beyond it. This

is the bosses chamber and when you try to open it, you will hear voices on

the other side. After a few moments of listening, you try opening the door

and it will open. Inside is a tall creature with a horn, armed with a sword

(called a Norn). There is also a dimensional gate inside the room. Upon

entering, Mary attempts to make contact with the creature, thinking it

sounds familiar. You are then given a choice, whether or not to fight the

Norn? Do not fight the Norn, it is really Mary's mother transformed to

trick you. Through your decision to not fight the Norn, you have shown the

ability to think with reason. Had you fought the Norn, Mary would have left

your party for that battle, and you may possibly have risked the good

ending. After deciding not to fight the Norn, it changes back into Mary's

mother. Your party will start to question Nancy, but the gate starts to

fluctuate. Your party will then follow Nancy to what appears to be it's

controls. Nancy, once reaching the controls, warps your characters to the

palace that Guido had created when you were at the Castle Mana, she stays

behind to keep the gate open.

When your characters arrive at the palace, they will be in the generator

room. Everyone discusses what has just happened. There is a scientist in

the room with you, talk to him. While talking to the scientist, Guido

materializes in the room and confronts your party. After a brief discussion

he leaves by teleporting out of the room. Exit the generator room and head

into the palace. There is a Fountain of life and Augustus tree in the hall

after the first room. I would recommend using them. At the end of the hall,

there is an elevator, it goes from floor one to three. There is a Velvet

room on the second floor to the southeast that you can reach by using the

elevator. Take the elevator to the third floor and proceed through the

palace dungeon, making your way to the fifth floor. On each floor, there

are rooms with items and people who you can speak with to get information.

Once you reach the fifth floor, proceed down the halls towards the

northeast. At the end of the hallway furthest to the northeast, you will

find a plate on the eastern wall. Inspecting the plate will give you two

choices, whether or not you'd like to push the plate, Yes/No. After

answering Yes you'd like to push the plate, the long hallway leading south,

in the northern section of this floor, will no longer be a dead end. The

wall at the end of this passage will disappear, revealing a new set of

rooms to explore. Upon exploring this new area, you will find a square

room with a dead end hallway on it's eastern side. Go down the dead end

hallway, you will find another plate on the wall here. Inspect it to prompt

the Yes/No push the panel question. After pushing this panel, you'll find

that a drop hole has appeared in the center of the adjoining room(look at

the automap to see). Go to the drop hole and fall down it to the fourth

floor. The room you land in on the fourth floor has a connecting hallway

that leads to a stairway going up to the east, and a door that leads to

another hall to the south. Take the stairs to the fifth floor, and you

will find another room with items and people to get information from.

Exit this room from the other door(not where you came in), you will come

to a set of stairs that lead to the sixth floor. Go up them. On the sixth

floor, there is a section of hallways in the shape of a square with a

cross through the center of it. There are red lights on the floor tiles,

which when stepped on, turn off or on(depending on original state). Align

the red lights on the floor so that they match the light pattern that is

on the ceiling. The pattern of the lights will be a cross when done

correctly, it will also make a small beeping sound. Having done this you

can now enter the door(locked if you don't do the lights) to the north of

the lights room. Go through the door and proceed down the following short

hallway to the door at the end. Enter the door. You will now be in a room

where you'll find Maggie and Guido. After talking to you, Maggie

disappears. Upon talking to Guido, you are asked a question, "Why do you


   1.I wonder why 
   2.For finding the answer (pick this one!!!) 

After picking, "for finding the answer" Guido starts to explain his

downfall to you. You then battle him(he can summon very powerful personas

also). After seemingly defeating him, he yells out, levitates into the air,

and disappears. A large golden being then appears in his place. Guido's

persona has taken him over. This new creature battles you. After defeating

the golden being, you find yourself back in the room on the sixth floor.

Guido is lying on the floor. In his dying breath, he explains how Mary

(your party member) and Maggie are actually one in the same. Mary is

upset by this and runs out the door. Go after Mary. Proceed down the

stairs to the fifth, then fourth floor. Upon getting to the room at the

bottom of the stairs on the fourth floor, enter the door to the hallway

leading south. There is a drop hole at the end of this passage, drop down

it. You will land on the third floor, in front of the door that used to be

locked(had you checked it earlier). Enter the now unlocked door on the

western wall of this room. Upon entering, you will see Maggie and Mary

standing next to a bed. On the bed is a girl, she is hooked to the

generator that runs the dimensional portal. This girl is the same girl

that you visited in the hospital at the start of the game. But how can that

be? Mary was with you. There is also a giant mirror on the wall.

Had you answered any questions wrong at the gingerbread house, at this

time Mae would materialize in the room. The two little girls are actually

forms of the same child, one is evil, the other pure. Mae and Maggie talk.

In a flash of light, Maggie, the evil form vanishes. Mae, the pure form

then speaks to Mary. When they are finished talking, Mary says your name,

then she too vanishes in a flash of light. Mae then says a few things to

your remaining party, then she, like the others, vanishes. The mirror on

the wall shatters. This signifies the end of the evil.

(This is the bad ending your game stops here. This was the first of the

two main endings of the game).

A cinema of a glowing butterfly entering a hospital room window and

coming to rest on a bed is shown. It then fades to credits, after which,

the quote, "cogito ergosum" by Rene Descartes' is displayed...

I think, therefore I am



If you answered them correctly...

After talking to Mary, Maggie vanishes, then Mary does. Mark and Nate will

then fight over whether or not to destroy the dimensional gate device hooked

to Mary. But doing so would probably kill Mary. Eventually Mark triumphs

and it is decided that your party will return via the dimensional gate

to save Mae and Mary. A cinema is shown of the gate destructing. Because

of this your party makes a wish to the chaos mirror(large mirror on wall),

to warp them to Mary's world. But the mirror shatters. Mark finds the

compact on the floor, but the mirror in that is broken too. Suddenly, the

compact on the real Mary(on bed) starts to glow. Your party goes to her

and finds it, it's the "Green" compact. Mark uses it to wish your party

back to Mary's world, but it doesn't work. Search the room, in the corner

you will find a piece of the chaos mirror. Pick it up. After putting the

piece of the mirror into the broken compact, a cinema will show your

party being warped back to Mary's world. You land outside the Lost forest,

Nancy(Mary's mother) is there. The broken piece of mirror combined with

the compact, are now the "Red compact". (Note, from this point on, the

sealed door on level 2 of the ruins is open. There is a seven level

dungeon there, where the seventh level is composed entirely of 3x3 rooms.

There is no reason to explore this dungeon, other than level raising, as

the only thing in it is demons.)

Nancy decides to travel with your party this time(not as a playable

character) to find her daughter, Mary. Proceed thru the Lost forest to

the Gingerbread house to find Mae and see if she's alright. Upon reaching

the Gingerbread house, Mae tells you that Maggie has released a third and

even more evil form of Mary from it's imprisonment. This new form is

called Pandora, and it's the ultimate evil. Nate guesses that Pandora can

be found by going through the portal in the school's library, Mae agrees.

Mae then tells you that to open the portal you will need the combined

power of three special compacts and the Ideal Mary(yet another form :).

Since you already have the red and green compacts in your possession,

you only need to find one more and locate the Ideal Mary. Mae tells you

that the Ideal Mary is at the deep end of the Lost forest and that you

need to reach her before attempting to retrieve the third compact. The

deep end of he Lost forest can be reached by going through the backdoor

of the Gingerbread house, which is now unlocked.

Proceed through the backdoor to the Gingerbread house and make your

way through the Lost forest to the Ideal Mary. There are your usual

rooms with items and such in this dungeon also. When you find the Ideal

Mary you will notice that she has no face, this is due to her indecision

about who she really is. The Ideal Mary will ask you a question, "you

think I'm terrible?".

   1.Don't run away (pick this one) 
   2.Maybe it's true 

After answering her, Nate will give a speech about killing yourself, and

then the Ideal Mary will come to a realization about herself and join

your party as a playable character(and get a face). Return thru the Lost

forest to the Gingerbread house. Once you return there, Mae will tell you

that the real Mary has the third compact. It seems the third compact is

with the real Mary's conscience in the cavern below the Butterfly shrine.

Mae then tells you that when you have all three compacts, she will recite

the special words that will open the portal in the school's library and

allow you to reach Pandora.

Go to the Shrine of the Butterfly. Once there you will get a cinema

from Philemon, in which you learn that the caverns called, the Pool of

mind and souls are located behind the Shrine of the Butterfly. Philemon

also tells you that the real Mary is dying and her soul is on it's way

back to the pool. He informs you that you must go and save it before she

dies. After learning of this you are told that only two members of your

party are allowed to enter the Pool of mind and souls, You and the Ideal

Mary. You will then be asked if you are ready to enter the Pool of mind

and soul, yes or no. If you chose yes, Philemon will move the stone that

is behind the Shrine, revealing the entrance to the Pool of mind and soul.

The path to the sea of consciousness(the actual caverns) is now open. You

get to the entrance by walking along the little path on the side of the

Shrine. Talking to Philemon(in butterfly form at this point) again will

let you and the Ideal Mary rejoin your party and do something else(equip,

go buy goods, get more experience and such)before entering the Pool.

Enter the Pool of mind and souls, and make your way to the bottom.

The trick to successfully navigating this dungeon is to pay attention to

the stairways, some have stairs down, right next to them that you may have

otherwise walked by. Most of the demons in this dungoen can only be harmed

by magic and are very powerful(they are the seven deadly sins). I had these

personas(both at stage 8) equipped on my characters,

Main character: level 18 Vortek/Chariot, Nuke more is very useful

Ideal Mary: level 24 Gasious/Sun, Holy word is very useful

Bring lots of healing potions and herbs, life orbs also, as you don't

want to waste any spell points healing your hurt characters. You need

them all for fighting, there's only two of you so be careful :)

On level B8 of this dungeon, you will find a room with an alternate form

of your main character in it, he's playing a videogame(Groove on fight).

Upon talking to the alternate form, you discover that he knows all about

you, even every deed you have performed up to this point. He then shows

them to you and explains his feelings on what you have done. He shows you,

1.Helping the nurse who was trapped under the vending machine at the


2.Stopping the reactor at Sebek corporation, sparing Dr. Nicholas' life.

3.Being honest in your decision on whose paintings were better, Mary's or


4.Choosing not to fight the Norn at the haunted house, who turned out to

be Mary's mother.

5.Giving Guido piece of mind by telling him why humans live.

6.Helping the Ideal Mary discover her purpose of living in the Lost forest.

He then goes on to explain that there are more than one inner self inside

each and every one of us, there are tens of thousands(this explains all

the different Marys :) After telling you this, he gives you something. It

is the key to unlock the strongest persona inside of you, and you are told

to bring it to the Velvet room and give it to Igor, as he'll know what to

do with it. You then take possession of several items to be used during

persona fusion. These items vary, depending on which fifth character you

have and how you performed in each of the activities your alternate self

described. After obtaining the items, leave the room and go to level 9 of

this dungeon, the floor there will have a mist running over it. Upon

entering the room on level 9, you will see a cinema of your characters

finding the true Mary. The Ideal Mary argues with the True Mary for a

while, after which, the True Mary gives you the third compact that you

seek. You now have the red, green, and "blue" compacts. The True Mary

tells you that with these three compacts you will now be able to enter

the Avidea world by way of the portal in the school library. Pandora

lives in the Avidea world, you are told also. Leave this room and make

your way back out of the dungeon and into the Shrine of the Butterfly

to rejoin your friends.

Once in the Shrine, you are told to go to the portal in the school's

library, from there you can reach Avidea world... and Pandora. Leave the


Stop by the Sun mall and use the items you recieved in the Pool of

mind and souls if you'd like. Equip your characters as best as you can,

I'd recommend lots of spell rocks and life orbs. Don't forget to save

your progress at an Augustus tree.

Go to Saint Hermelin high school, and proceed to the library on the

third floor(none of the other rooms are open). When you get to the library,

Bruce and Selina are there. After a brief discussion between Selina and

Mary, the three compacts are placed in the circle on the floor in front of

the portal. Mary then recites the words to open the portal.

Go through the portal into the Avidea world. Proceed through the

dungeon. This dungeon has a save spot, a fountain of life and a Velvet

room all in the first section. The Avidea world dungeon is set up very

similiar to the dungeon that was in the high school after you defeated

Guido's bodyguards at Sebek corporation, as it is divided up into different

areas. On the second floor there are a few trap doors that will drop you

back down to the first floor, they are easily identified, as they are in

the center of 3x3 rooms. On the western section of the second floor you

will encounter an immense blacked out area. You can navigate it by going up

the eastern side to the top, then staying at the top to get to the western

side, finally going south towards the western wall. The area you're looking

for(to get out of the darkness) is at the south western section of this

room. After going thru this dungeon, you will come to a section that will

have a mist lining the floor, like at the Pool of mind and souls. Make

your way to the center of this section, there will be a room with a red

door there. Upon entering this room you will come face to face with the

form of Mary known as Pandora. Pandora is a giant creature with many legs,

and what apears to be a cocoon with Mary in it, sticking out of it's

belly. Pandora speaks to you, it tells you that it is guarding the Deva

system(the mind/portal machine) and wants to use it to create a world

where nothing exists. Mary tells Pandora that it is mistaken, that the

Deva system is not the "Gate to paradise", but Pandora's box, and that it

contains all the evil. Hearing this, Pandora gets upset and you are then

forced to battle her(get ready for a long fight ;). After defeating

Pandora, it's back tears open, and as it's dying, a giant female butterfly

emerges. This is the second form of Pandora, and it looks just like Mary,

only with wings. You are now forced to battle this new form of Pandora

(this form will strike twice during every battle turn). Sad attack,

Heatwave, and the Axe bomb persona spells work well against this form of

Pandora, be careful, as a lot of spells will heal her. After defeating

the second form of Pandora, it will ask you, "why you wish to go on?"

All your party members tell it various reasons why. Mary then confronts

Pandora and tells it that they are parts of the same entity, Mary. With

that, they re-form. The Ideal Mary, now re-fused with Pandora, then says

goodbye to everyone. Since she isn't the flesh and blood Mary, she must

remain in the dream world. She then warps everyone but you, back to the

real world. She wanted to tell you something, is the reason she gives for

not having warped you back with the others. Mary kisses you, then tells

you that she has always loved you. With that said, she says goodbye and

warps you back to the real world to rejoin your friends.

Philemon appears in a cinema and tells you of the power that you now

posses, and how it's really your true self. He then takes off his mask

and you see his real face. After doing this, he turns into a hundred

butterflys and they all fly away.

After Philemon leaves, you learn that after the series of incidents,

the town gained world wide attention, but now everything is back to normal.

Sebec and the name Guido became internationally renowned, yet the names of

the students who were involved never became known.

Time has passed, memories of the incident sank deep into their

consciousness. The boys and girls who found their identities began to

walk into the future not knowing what will happen...

The scene then cuts to the inside of the peace diner, where one by

one your friends are arriving. They are all gathering to go to an

amusement park.

You are then given another cinema. This one of a school classroom,

it's empty, except for one girl, Mary. She walks towards one of the desks

and when she reaches it you see that it has a compact on it. A school

class photo is then tossed on the desk. Life in the town of Lunervale is

finally back to normal.

What happened later in life to each of the characters you used is then

shown in a mini biography:

Mary: With her sickness cured, Mary has now become a mature young lady.

She has won many art awards and good things are happening in her

life. She's happy with her mother now, and has a new boyfriend.

Mark: Mark went to New York to study art. His avant-garde style in

art has won acclaim with the critics, and he's having the time

of his life.

Nate: In disguise, Nate lands a job in one of the companies his family

owns. He finds out firsthand how cruel the business world can

be. His arrogance from the past has now turned into compassion

for all people.

Brad: Brad is now a TV talk show host. He has a new-found openness

when he talks about his past to his viewers. In all of this

glamour, though, he still never forgets to check on his friend


Alana: Alana got a job at a well-known trading company. She met a nice

man at her job, and is devoting herself to her husband and

family. Her only complaint is the size of her husbands salary.

Ellen: Ellen became a model. Her down -to- earth lifestyle, despite

her status, is favorably well-liked among young girls. She often

appears in magazines and TV, commenting on her negotiating

techniques with the demons.

Chris: Relieved from a life driven by vengeance, Chris has started to

walk a normal life. He is now a husband and father of one child.

His friend Mark met his son and immediately noticed the trait

of a loner.

You: How he came to be.. Well, that's up to you to decide...

After the biographies are finished, the credits for the game are shown.

Small pictures of various locations throughout the game are randomly

displayed in the corners throughout this sequence. The theme from the

Velvet room is the accompanying music. The last picture is of an empty

piano in the Velvet room. This picture fades to the quote...

"cogito ergosum" -Rene Descartes'

I think, therefore I am


Here's a rough map of the city's layout:




I I-------------I I--------------I I---------------I I--------------I I



I I Ruins I I I I I I Hospital I I

I I I I I I I I Castle Mana I I

I I-------------I I I I---------------I I--------------I I


I I-------------I I Police I I---------------I I--------------I I

I I I I Station I I I I I I

I I Augustus I I Lost I I I I I I

I I Tree I I Forest I I I I I I

I I I I--------------I I I I I I



I Highway Overpass Highway Overpass I



I I-------------I I--------------I I---------------------------------I I

I I Museum I I I I Joy street I I

I I I I I I Black market I I

I I I I Clinic I I I I


I I I I SubwayI ISubway I I

I I-------------I I--------------I I---------------------------------I I


I I-------------------------------I I---------------------------------I I

I I SubwayI ISubway I I


I I Sun I I I I

I I Mall I I Augustus I I

I I I I Haunted Tree I I

I I I I House I I

I I-------------------------------I I---------------------------------I I


I I-------------I I--------------I I---------I I-------I I---------I I

I I Old woman's I I Yin Yan I I I I I I I I

I I House I I Shop I I I I I I I I




I I I I Shrine of I I---------I I-------I I---------I I

I I I I Butterfly I I

I I I I I I---------------------------------I I

I I I I I I Clinic I I

I I St.Hermelin I I I I I I

I I High I I I I I I

I I School I I I I I I


I I I I TJ's I I Factory I I

I I I I House I I I I

I I-------------I I--------------I I---------------------------------I I



Obtaining the different playable characters:

Brad: You have the option of obtaining Brad as a playable character

when you free Mark from the jail cell at the police station.

Ellen: If you chose not to let Brad join your party at the police

station, you will have the option of getting Ellen as a playable

character if you look in the subway for her.

Alana: If you chose not to let Brad join your party at the police

station, you will be able to aquire Alana as a playable character

when you arrive at the factory.

Yuki: In the Japanese version, you are able to use Yuki as a

playable character in the Snow queen quest. For anyone who is

wondering, she throws razors and uses a double barreled pump


Chris: Chris is also a playable character, although to get him there are

many more requirements to fulfill than obtaining any other

character in the game. The steps to getting Chris are:

1.Go to the school science lab(right of front door) and talk

to the teacher wearing the brown suit. He will tell you of

someone going in and out of a sealed classroom on the second

floor. Doing this triggers the door to room 2-7 to unlock.

2.Go to room 2-7 of the high school and see Chris acting

suspicious. He will leave the room when you see him.

3.Go to room 2-1 of the high school and talk to the male

student who is there. He will tell you about someone partying

at the factory. The person he is talking about is Chris.

4.Go to the Joy Street mall and enter the Yin & Yan shop. Talk

to the female customer wearing jeans, this is Chris' mother.

She will ask you if you know her son Chris, answer Yes, you

know him. She will then ask you if you will be his friend,

answer OK, you'll be his friend. Leave the Yin & Yan shop

without talking to Chris' mother a second time. If you talk

to her a second time, she will ask you if you've seen Chris

yet and that will ruin your ability to get him.

5.Go to the Revolution 1999 in the Joy Street mall. Talk to

Mark's two band members(standing next to Mark). They will

tell you of seeing Chris at the factory.

6.Go to the factory, Chris will be there if you've done the

above steps in order. When Chris sees you he will leave.

7.Proceed through the game as usual, until you are finished

with the hospital(first dungeon you needed to do).

8.As soon as you leave the hospital, try to enter the Sebek

building from the west. There will be a roadblock set up in

front of the building that you can enter(similiar to a room).

Upon entering the roadblock you will once again see Chris.

As before, Chris will leave when he sees you.

9.Proceed with game again as usual, until you get to the cells

in the police station. Upon releasing Mark and Brad from the

cells, tell Brad that, No you will not take him with you.

After sending Brad away, leave the police station.

10.After leaving the police station, head into the subway. In

the subway you will find a room with Ellen in it. Upon

talking to Ellen she will ask if you want her to go with

you. Tell her, No you will not take her with you. After

telling Ellen to leave, exit the subway.

11.Proceed to the factory as usual. Upon arriving at the factory

you will find Alana. Alana asks if she can go with you. Tell

her, No you will not take her with you. If you've done all

the above steps in order, at this point Alana will tell your

party that she hopes you all die, and then she leaves.

12.Now, with only 4 characters, proceed through the underground

passage, beat the Sebek section of the game, and go to the

alternate reality(Mary's world). When the school transforms

(turns into a dungeon after finding Mary and Bruce), look

for Chris in the Art room on the floor above where you start

the dungeon. When you arrive in the Art room, Chris will

be seen killing an ogre, then he will talk to your party.

Finally, after agreeing to work together, Chris will join

your party.

The Snow queen quest:

This was removed from the American version due to time constraints

according to Atlus. In the Japanese version, after returning to the

high school with Nancy(Mary's mom), there will be a quest(if you

complete the below steps), that will take place instead of the

remainder of the regular game. It is actually an alternate story to

play the game by.

To start the quest you will first need to learn about, and find the

Snow queen mask. To do so, follow the steps below after returning

to the high school with Nancy.

   1.Talk to Kain in the school's library once 
   2.Talk to the girl in room 2-4 
   3.Return to the library and talk to Kain again 
   4.Talk to the guy and two girls in the drama club room(near gym) 
   5.Talk to the guy and girl in the student council room(3rd floor) 
   6.Enter the principal's office and talk to the principal and dean 
   7.Go to the gym's storage room(behind gym) and open the orange 

box that is there(second choice opens it), you have now found

the Snow queen mask

8. Bring the Snow queen mask to the school's dividing corridor,

where the hole is

When you arrive at the hole, Yuki and Alana are there. They are

talking to Mary and Mark, who leave thru the hole as soon as you show

up. Mrs. Smith then shows up and talks to your characters. She takes

the Snow queen mask from you and proceeds to tell you the story of the

Snow queen. After the tale is finished she puts the mask on. With a

flash of light, Mrs. Smith is possessed by the spirit of the Snow

queen. Your characters are then rendered unconscious. A cinema follows

that shows the entire school slowly freezing over. After the cinema,

your characters regain consciousness in the school's atrium. The now

possessed Mrs. Smith is also there, and she summons 4 spikes of ice

to rise from the ground and surround her. Your characters advance

towards her, Yuki in the front. As Yuki reaches Mrs. Smith a strong

wind blows her backwards and she falls to the ground, which is now

covered with ice and snow. She regains her footing and your

characters then talk to Mrs. Smith. After the discussion, Mrs. Smith

turns to ice, trapped by the Snow queen. As your characters

contemplate their situation, a glowing butterfly appears. A cinema

of Philemon is shown, in which you learn of a mirror that can again

imprison the spirit of the Snow queen. This is the same mirror that

was shown shattered in the tale told by Mrs. Smith earlier. After

learning that the mirror has been shattered into 12 pieces, all of

which must be found in order to save Mrs. Smith and re-capture the

Snow queen, Philemon gives you the mirror's frame. You must

re-assemble the broken shards in it if you hope to complete the quest.

After you receive the mirror's frame, Philemon leaves and your

characters exit the atrium and venture out into the frozen school.

The school is now completely different, it's walls and hallway

floors are covered with ice and snow, which you can hear crush under

your feet as you walk around. There are shops, a Velvet room and other

new things in the school now. Your object is to find all 12 pieces of

the shattered mirror and re-assemble them in the frame the Philemon

gave you. They are hidden in four towers that now surround the school

(the ice spikes around Mrs. Smith symbolize these). You must find the

way to open the doorways to each of the towers, and find the shattered

mirror shards hidden within each.

Description of rooms within Snow queen school dungeon:

   1.Fencing club, Tammy and Tad are here, doorway to tower #1 
   2.Classroom, doorway to tower #4 (Main tower) 
   3.Classroom, frozen door to tower #3 in back 
   4.Library, Kain and Ellen are here, doorway to tower #2 

You can have Ellen join your party by talking to her and

choosing to take her with you(top choice)

5. Revolution 1999

6. Nurses office, Nurse Beverly, Nate and a female student are here

You can have Nate join your party by talking to him and

choosing to take him with you(top choice)

Talking to nurse Beverly will heal your party

7. Drama club, A female student is in plain sight, there is a

male student behind the chalkboard

8. Velvet room, this is locked until you have a full party

9. A locked room in the back of the dungeon. After defeating the

Snow queen mask the door will unlock and allow you to use the

teleporter inside

10. Cafeteria, Toro(overweight kid), another student and Brad are


11. Atrium, locks after you leave it. It will re-open after you

defeat the three towers with bosses(1-3). This is where you

will fight the Snow queen mask

12. Rosa candida shop, TJ and another female student are here

13. Detention room, Principal Kotter and Dean Vader are here

punishing a student. There is a gun in the closet

14. Yin & Yan shop, there is a student and a customer inside

15. Frog shop(pharmacy), the statue of the giant frog in the

front corner of the shop can be inspected up to three times,

each of which will reveal a hidden health item.

16. Incense shop, customer is inside

17. Classroom, there are two students inside, armor is in the closet

First, go to the nurses office and save your game at the Augustus

bush, as it's the only place you're able to properly save while in

the Snow queen quest. The save feature inside the dungeons are only

continue files. When you use one, your game will end and the file

will be used up upon restarting. If you die, that's it. If you want to

be sneaky, save in a continue file, then copy the file to another

memory card. That is the only way to save once inside the towers.

Next, choose which character you would like as your fourth

character, Nate or Ellen, and retrieve them(you can take both, but

you'll lose the option of taking Brad.

Go to the Frog shop and get the three health items from the frog


Next go to the cafeteria, once there(with at least 4 members in

your party) you will see a confrontation between your characters and

Toro. In the confrontaion, Toro recounts his attempt at winning Alana's

love. He fails. After telling you this, Toro becomes enraged and

transforms into a very sexually explicit demon. A cinema is shown where

Yuki and Brad use their personas to kill the demon that Toro has turned

into. After this confrontation Toro returns to normal and Brad will join

your party(if you have a space left in your party). Toro will have given

you the tower pass, which will open the door to any of the four towers.

Go to the fencing club's room. Inspect the sealed door in the back

of the room. You will be asked if you would like to open the door

and enter, Yes/No. After opening the door, you will see a cinema of

the school surrounded by 4 towers, slowly the view rotates and the

camera pans into the red, castle type tower, this is the Hypnosis tower.

Inside this tower there are 3 mirror shards to find. There are clocks on

various walls inside this, and the other towers. When the clocks point

to midnight, a chiming will be heard. I am not sure if there is a time

limit to the towers, Atlus says no, and I completed the second tower

with the clock way past the midnight mark. There may, or there may not

be. While proceeding through the tower, you will encounter various

shops and rooms, such as Velvet rooms, Fountains of give and take,

Yin & Yan and Rosa Candida shops. Upon reaching the second floor, you

will come to a room with Tad, Tammy and Nurse Beverly asleep on it's

floor. Slightly further down the hall, there will be another room with

the Principal and Dean asleep on the floor also. On the third floor

you will come to a room where, once inside, you will see a multi-colored

doorway on it's opposite side. When you first reach this room you will

see a cinema of Philemon, in which he tells you of Dreamworld. It turns

out that the people sleeping in the rooms you went through have been

hypnotized and are trapped in a place called Dreamworld. They are

unable to wake up in the real world as their alternate forms in

Dreamworld seem to be unaware of the situation. Philemon tells you to

go into Dreamworld and tell the people there that they need to wake up

in the real world. The multi-colored doorway is the door to Dreamworld.

Enter the doorway to Dreamworld. Once inside you need to find four

different rooms with people inside that you need to tell to wake up.

The Nurse, Beverly is in a Yin & Yan shop, talking to one of Mark's

band members. Talk to her and choose the top choice to her question,

to send them back to the real world. The principal and Dean will be in

a room together, as with the Nurse, answer their question when talking

to them by choosing the top choice. This will send them back to the real

world. Look for Tammy and Tad in the fencing club room, and do the same

to send them back to the real world as you did the others. Proceed to

the northeast corner of the Dreamworld map. Once there you will find a

room with a female student sitting on a throne with a man dressed in

long white robes standing next to her. When you first talk to her,

she tells you of how she was always picked on at school, and how her

parents don't understand her. She ends the story by telling of how she

created Dreamworld while sulking in her bedroom. After the discussion,

girl and the man in robes vanish, they've gone back to the real world.

After waking everyone up in those four rooms, exit Dreamworld by going

back out the multi-colored doors you entered it by. Go back to the two

rooms where your friends from the real world were sleeping and talk to

them. Doing this will let you receive 2 shards of the broken mirror.

One from a person in each of the two rooms(very important to do this

before encountering the tower's boss). Proceed through the tower until

you get to the eighth floor. On the eighth floor there is a room with

useful items, get them before entering the boss' chamber. After getting

the items(and equipping them), enter the door with the stained glass

picture of the spider on it. This is the boss' chamber. Inside you will

again meet the female student from Dreamworld. She is lying atop a bed

floating in space. While talking to her, the man dressed in robes will

appear. He forces you to battle him. After defeating him, you are given

a third shard of the broken mirror, and then warped back to the main

school dungeon(the one before the tower). This is why you must retrieve

the other two shards before entering the boss' chamber.

Once you appear back in the main dungeon, you will notice you are in

room #2. The door here leads to the main tower where your party can

gain experience through endless battles. Inside the main tower(black,

covered with spikes) you will not be able to get into battles in the

main hallway. If you use the stairs and look through the tower, you will

notice three sealed doors, one approximately every 2 floors. After

receiving a broken shard of the mirror from any tower boss(towers,

1,2,3), and being warped to the classroom where you can enter the main

tower, you will need to talk to Yuki. She is holding the Mirror frame.

By talking to her you will be asked if you would like to re-assemble the

shards you currently have back into the frame, Yes/No. By re-assembling

the shards you are unlocking a sealed door in the main tower(Tower #1's

boss shard opens door #1 in the main tower, #2's boss shard opens door

#2 and #3's boss shard opens the door #3). You are able to battle once

on the other side of any of these doors. This tower allows you to exit

it at any time, as it's sole purpose is to allow your party to gain


After defeating tower #1 and raising your characters to whatever

levels you deem necessary, enter the library and inspect the door in the

back. Doing this will again give you the choice of entering a tower,

Yes/No. By choosing to enter you are shown a cinema of tower #2, the

Nemesis tower. This tower takes the form of a vine covered pyramid.

Once inside the tower you will come to the entry room, where you will

be confronted by a female spirit(the tower's boss). The spirit talks

to Brad, then disappears. Proceed through the large doors in front of

you and enter the dungeon proper. As with tower #1, there are large

clocks on various walls of this tower. There are also various shops

spread out throughout, again, just as in tower one. Proceed to the

third floor, where once you enter the room at the end of the hallway

in front of the stairs, you will encounter something very odd. Inside

this room is a torture chamber, with two students being tortured. The

two students are Kain and Toro. One wall of this room is decorated with

a cowskin patterned wallpaper, and there is a cow's head hanging off of

it. The cow's head is pouring milk out of it's mouth like a fountain,

which brings us to our tortured students. Toro is tied to the floor

directly underneath the cow's head, and the milk is pouring into his

mouth. His stomach is swollen like a giant balloon, due to having to

swallow the constant flow of milk. His shirt and pants have ripped open

due to his enlarged state. The second student being tortured, Kain, is

being forced to do push ups over a bed of spikes. If he tires and can't

keep himself up... he dies. A man dressed in brown is supervising the

torture. Upon entering the room, your characters discuss the situation

with Kain, after which the female spirit from the entryway makes another

appearance. After talking again with Brad, she leaves. There are three

doors in this room, the one you came in by, one to the north, and one

to the south. The door to the north leads to the bosses chamber many

floors above. Take the door to the south, and progress to the fourth

floor. On the fourth floor there is an area of darkness that you must

find your way through in order to reach the stairs to the fifth floor.

Once at the fifth floor, find the drop spot in the northern section

that will drop you back down to the fourth floor, but in a different

area than you've been in. Once you land on the fourth floor, proceed

down the corridor you are in and drop down the drop spot at the end of

it to fall to the third floor. On the third floor there is another drop

spot in the south east that you need to use to reach the second floor.

From the second floor, find the stairs to the first floor and go down

them. When you arrive at the first floor, make your way to the room in

the south western corner. Enter the room and you will find a large

treasure chest. Open the chest to receive another shard of the broken

mirror. You will also find an invitation from the boss of the tower

to meet her in her chamber on the eighth floor. Leave the room and make

your way up to the boss' chamber on the eighth floor(don't take the

stairs you just came down, there are others, they will lead you to a

drop spot on the third floor that will drop you back down to the second

floor in an area you will be familiar with. Remember to take the

northern door from the torture room. There will also be a series of

empty rooms for you to pass through on your way). Once you arrive at

the boss' chamber(large faces on the walls), the female spirit from

the entryway will appear and again talk to your party. After the

discussion you are forced to battle her. Here are some attack types

that hurt her: Ice, Nuke more, Holy white, Wind, Lightning kick, swords

and guns. Magnet heals her. After defeating her you are warped back to

the school dungeon, in the room with the door to the main tower. Give

Yuki the shards you collected from tower #2 so that you may practice

your combat in the main tower's second section. The items in the

school's shops change after each completed tower, so you may want to

go and make some purchases.

When you feel your party is ready, enter the room in the school

dungeon that is directly behind the library. This is room 3. As before,

inspect the door to prompt the Yes/No, will you enter the tower

question. After answering yes, you will be shown the cinema of tower

#3. An extremely tall pillar shaped black tower made of brick. This is

the Tanotosu tower. When you first enter this tower, you will come to a

room with skulls on the walls and a candle on either side of a set of

large doors. A female spirit will appear and tell you that in order to

enter this dungeon you must blow out one of the candles, after that she

leaves. This is up to the player to decide, which candle to blow out.

Blowing the candle to the left of the door out will cause your main

character to be persona-less, even in a Velvet room you cannot re-equip

him with a persona. Blowing the candle to the right of the door out will

do the same thing, only to Yuki instead. You make the call. After

choosing a candle, you are able to inspect the doorway to prompt the

Yes/No, will you enter the dungeon question. One note about this dungeon,

if any member of your party dies, they will be without persona abilities,

just like whichever character you choose at the door. A character that

has died will also only be cured 5-10 health points at a time from an

herb. So be very careful. As with the other two towers, this one has

various shops and such for your party to take refuge and re-equip

themselves in. After entering the dungeon, make your way to the second

floor. There will be a room here with an Otros inside it, guarding

another doorway. This doorway that the Otros is standing guard at is

a door to a misty dungeon, seperate from the rest of the tower. Inspect

the door to gain entrance. There is a room near the entrance to this

dungeon that contains the spirit of the character you chose to become

persona-less at the start of this tower. Talk to the spirit in order

to return it to the character that it came out of. The character will

now have it's normal persona abilities. Search out the rest of this new

dungeon, as it contains rooms which house four more shards of the

shattered mirror. Some can be found in large skull shaped chests, while

another must be bought off of a woman for 5,000 Yen, as she found it

before you. After finding the spirit of your party member, and the

four mirror shards, leave this misty dungeon and return to the main

Tanotosu tower dungeon. Make your way to the boss' chamber on the top

floor. On the floor below the top, you will find a room with two large

skull chests in it. You are allowed to open only one of the chests.

Open the chest on the left to find another shard of the mirror. After

getting the shard proceed to the top floor and enter the boss' chamber.

It has large golden skulls floating in the air inside it. The female

spirit from before is there also, and she talks with your characters.

After the discussion, the spirit makes you fight the demon Tarotosu

itself(the demon the tower is named for). Tarotosu is a pink, one eyed

female demon with 6 tentacled arms. The demon is buried partly in the

ground, with the six tentacles rising from it in front of her. This

makes for seven enemies at once that you must now battle. Holy spells,

guns and swords work against this boss. After defeating the creature,

it's sole eyeball pops out of it's head and attacks your party with a

hell eyes spell. If any of your party members survived, you now must

battle the eyeball. After defeating the eyeball, the female spirit

re-appears and again talks to your party. She warps away when all is

said, and then you receive another shard of the mirror. You are then

sent back to classroom #2 in the frozen over high school dungeon.

After defeating the boss of the third tower give the mirror shards

from the third tower to Yuki and she will re-form the Snow queen mirror.

You can now enter the upper levels of the main tower. You can also do

something else after re-forming the mirror. Go to the school's atrium

and you will now find it unlocked(don't forget to save first).

Upon entering the atrium, you will see a cinema of your characters

placing the re-formed mirror in front of the frozen Mrs. Smith. When

the mirror is placed, the four ice spikes surrounding Mrs. Smith

crumble to the ground and Mrs. Smith will thaw out. She will finally

take the Snow queen mask off, but then she collapses and falls to the

ground. Suddenly, another person, a woman with a disfigured face,

appears in the atrium. This woman talks to your party, then disappears.

After she leaves, the Snow queen mask starts to shake. It then rises

into the air and grows to over ten times it's normal size. You are

now forced to battle the Snow queen's mask. Holy word and Nuke more

work against it. Have a lot of life orbs handy, this battles going to

take a while. After defeating the mask, it shatters, and the pieces

fall to the ground. Mrs. Smith then regains consciousness and tells your

characters how the Snow queen came to be. It seems that when Mrs. Smith

was your age, something happened between her and the woman who showed

up in the atrium just before you battled the mask. This event caused

the woman's face to become disfigured and for her to become the Snow

queen, thus the hatred towards Mrs. Smith. Soon after Mrs. Smith's

story is finished, another demon dressed in black robes appears in the

atrium. It speaks to your characters, then vanishes. After the demon

vanishes, you regain control of your character.

Go to the room at the back of the school dungeon(room #9) that was

previously locked and enter it. Inside you will find your party standing

around a giant glowing ball of electricity in the center of the room.

Ellen is there also. Talk to Ellen and she will give you an item. After

talking to Ellen, inspect the glowing ball and you will be asked if

you'd like to use it, Yes/No. After choosing to use the glowing ball,

the whole room will start to shake, a bright light will flash and

Ellen will disappear. Actually, Ellen hasn't disappeared at all, your

party has, you've been warped to the school's second floor. You can

re-inspect the glowing ball to go back down to the first floor at any


The second floor of the school is set up like a giant grid. There

are traps set up in many different positions in the corridors. Some

will cause your party to advance or backtrack a certain direction, while

others will cause harm. There are several rooms on the second floor that

you will discover. One contains two frozen female students, while

another in the south east contains two Jack frosts. Make your way through

the traps and proceed to the third floor by way of the stairs in the

south western corner.

On the third floor there are three rooms for you to find. One

contains two frozen students, one has a female student in it, but also

a weapon in the closet. The last room contains a fusion item. After

finding these rooms, make your way to the stairs in the south western

corner, they will take you to the fourth floor.

There are a few important things on the fourth floor, one of them

is the large open room in the corner of this floor. This room contains

many drop spots that will drop you to a small maze on the third floor

below. By navigating the floor correctly, and not falling through to

the third floor you will come to a long hallway at the end of the room.

Go down this hallway and drop down the single drop spot at the end of

it. This will drop you right in front of a hidden room on the third

floor. Inside this room are two Jack frosts, who will give you an item

if you speak to them. After getting the item, leave the room and drop

down the drop spot at the end of the corridor that the room is in, you

will land in a familiar place on the second floor. Proceed back up to

the fourth floor.

After getting back to the fourth floor, make your way to the south

eastern corner and you will find a room with two more Jack frosts in it.

Talking to them prompts them to ask you if you know what 100 minus 95

is, Yes/No. Answering yes to this will allow you to be teleported to

the fifth floor. As with the room on the first floor that allowed you

to travel between that floor and floor two, you can talk to the Jack

frost in this room at any time to return to the fourth floor.

Once arriving at the warp room on the fifth floor you will find

some items in the closet if you look. Just outside this room are two

sets of stairs. One on either side of the room. Both of these sets of

stairs will lead you to floors six thru eight, and sometimes back down

to different areas of level five, of the high school. The stairs vary

as to how many flights up or down they travel. They also connect to

many different hallways and passages that also have an abundance of

staircases attached to them. In all there are over a hundered sets

of stairs and passages all strung together in a maze that you must

navigate in order to reach the boss' chamber on the eighth floor. There

are also many different rooms scattered throughout the maze of stairs,

some contain items, while others contain things of greater significance.

The important things you need to find within this maze are, the Ideal

Mary(she's wearing a steel face mask), Mae, Maggie and Guido(also

wearing a mask). Talking to each of these people will cause them to

vanish. The room where you find Maggie also contains a gun for Nate in

the cabinet. The room you find Guido in is the student council room.

If you've played the regular version of the game, you know that Guido

was the student body president of St. Hermelin high school many years

ago. After finding the people in the various rooms throughout this

dungeon, make you way to the center of the eighth floor.

Upon your arrival at the center of the eighth floor, you will find

a large open room with lights on the ceiling. As with Deva yuga, if

you walk on the floor of this room it will also light up wherever

you step. Align the lights on the ceiling with a matching light pattern

on the floor. A chiming will sound when you've done it correctly.

Doing this will allow you to gain entrance to the passage at the far

end of the room. At the end of this passage is a room. This room is

where the demon from the school's atrium is waiting for you. Enter the


Upon entering the room, you will notice that you are in the

room behind the gym. The demon in black robes that appeared in the

atrium after you defeated the Snow queen's mask is here also. As is

the Ideal Mary and Guido. The three of them all speak to your party,

after which you are warped to an empty classroom on the ninth floor.

Guido is still with you. Talking to Guido will allow you to have him

warp you between various floors of the school dungeon. You are given

the following to choose from, Exit(leave without warping), 8th floor

(where you just came from), 4th floor(room with Jack frosts) or 1st

floor(room with glowing ball or the Atrium, random). If you warp to

the eighth floor, Guido will still be with you, so you are able to

warp back to the ninth floor.

Exit the room on the ninth floor you were teleported to, you will

notice that this floor is set up like a very wide grid. There are many

traps in the hallways of this floor, some will cause damage to your

party, while others will poison them. There is a Velvet room, Augustus

tree, and a Fountain of give and take in addition to the room with

Guido that you can warp from. The Augustus tree is a real save spot,

not just a continue file save. There is also a set of stairs in the

southern center of this floor. They lead to the tenth floor, proceed

to them when you're ready.

Once you've gone up the stairs to the tenth floor, proceed through

the two areas of darkness in the center of the floor and make your

way to the stairs in the north east corner of this level. Take these

stairs to the eleventh floor.

On the eleventh floor, make your way through the spiraling corridor

to the room in the center. This is the final boss' chamber. Enter the

room to find the demon in black robes from before. It is awaiting your

arrival. After a few very brief words, you are forced to fight the

demon. Some spells that work against it are, Boss damage, Nuke more,

Sad attack, Holy word and Blaze. The demon is in the form of Siamese

twins joined behind the head, by a third head, wearing a hood. Looking

into the face under the hood is as if you were looking into eternity.

After defeating the demon, you are shown a cinema of the school

thawing out. Mrs. Smith then joins your characters in the main entryway

of the school and they all discuss what you've just done. In this

discussion you are asked two Yes/No questions(small talk, not important).

After talking with Mrs. Smith, your party leaves the school by the front

door. As Mrs. Smith is turning to re-enter the school, a glowing

butterfly appears in the entryway. Mrs. Smith turns to look at it.

Cut to an anime type drawing of your characters standing on the

front steps of St. Hermelin high school. They are all looking towards

the sky as if they hadn't seen it in a long time(because they haven't).

Text fades in and out over this, just as the ending in the American

version did.

The credits are then shown with various pictures in the corners,

only this time they are all pertaining to the Snow queen quest. The

last picture is of a school desk with a mask lying face up on it. It

then fades to the quote,

"cogito ergosum"

I think, therefore I am

-Rene Descartes'


After the ending quote, the screen fades back in, and you are shown a

scene of your party at the school's front gate. Mark arrives, and

your party tells him of the adventure that they have just had. They

all look towards the school, then turn, and walk away.

Differences between the Japanese and American releases of this game:

1. The voice actors are different, the Japanese version's actors do not

sound like bratty kids. :) Except for Alana and Chris ;)

2. The snow queen quest has been removed from the American version. This

quest adds an entirely different storyline in which to play the game.

It is also way beyond frustrating to finish, as some of these dungeons

can take you upwards of 16 hours to finish with no proper save feature.

There are also glitches that may occur during the quest(once I had the

game show the starting persona demonstration cinema just as I was

getting to the 8th floor of tower two, only it used my currently

equipped personas. After this the characters were formed on top of

each other and Alana was invisible. A quick re-formation cleared the

problem up, but after 16 hours, that kind of thing can really annoy you).

3. The American version has an abundance of television references, from

General hospital & Star Trek, to the Beverly hillbillies.

4. Names were changed(this was a given).

5. There are significantly less random battles in the American version,

upwards of 3 to 4 times fewer.

6. The demons hit points were lowered in the American version.

7. Prices on items were lowered in the American version(Yen to Dollar


8. Due to the fewer battles, the experience gained from a battle was


9. The American version seems a lot easier. Due to fewer battles, and the

extra experience, there isn't enough risk in between level raising(in

which you get full HP and SP back) for it to get overly difficult.

10.The controller setup was changed.

11.Mark is now an African American, and his hat is different. Other

characters graphics were altered as well.

12.There is a "now loading" screen on the American version.

Thanks to:

Atlus for making the best RPG on the Playstation :D

Scott Deyesso for all his help on the trial and error stuff

William NG for his help with the missing steps to starting the

Snow queen quest, and his theory on aquiring Fools

Terry Lin for Ellen's special persona

Ben Hsieh for his help with personas, and how to get the Glass doll

Nobutaka Nishoka for the card combinations needed for some personas

Jeff Marks for the one step I was missing to make Chris appear at

the factory :)

Trunkten for proofreading

and Pup for doing the things ferrets do best :D

This faq was written by

Henry LaPierre

Please do not use this faq on your website without asking me for

permission first. In no way do I wish this faq to be cut up into sections

or altered in any way, and used on people's websites. It is to remain in

it's original state and in one piece if used on websites.

Hope you like it :)


Always remember...

Mark danced crazy :)
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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