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Written By: Andreas Åhsberg

1- Start the Jill storyline and with Barry run into the dining

room. Get the emblem and go into the next room. Kill the zombie and get ammo.

2- Return to Barry and the to the main hall. Get lock-pick and

head off to the right room. Don't bother with map and ink ribbon.

3- Enter hell hound room (where 2 hell hounds leap out of the

window at you.) Either a-)kill them or b-)run past them 
and quickly grab the clip by moving the second

4- Go through the door at the end of the hound room and pick up

the plant. Go into the shotgun room and take it. Leave and the ceiling

should come down on you. Barry will come and save you in the nick of


5- Go into the next hallway (door across the shotgun door) and

run into the picture room (the room with the crows/ravens 
and paintings.) Flip the switches in order from
new born baby, infant, young boy, young

man, middle aged man to bold old looking man. Flip the last switch to get

the medallion.

6- Leave room and run to the storage room. Pick up plant

chemicals. Exchange items--take only shotgun, beretta, 
and clips (herbs if you think you'll need them).

7- Leave storage area and go up stairs. Kill the right zombie.

Run down the hall and through door. Run down hall into the main

hall-upstairs. Barry will be there to give you acid rounds for the

bazooka. Run over to the patio room to see dead Forest. Get bazooka.

8- Return to main hall upstairs. Go across to next room and

enter upstairs dining room. Kill left zombie and push statue down. 
Exit through back door.

9- Kill zombies and go down stairs and go into second storage

room. Feel free to save your game with the ink ribbon on the bed. 
Exchange items--take chemicals,
wooden emblem and weapons you feel good with.

10- Run to nursery and poison the plant. Get key. While there,

pick up red and green chemicals. Mix them to save room 
and have good healing items. SAVE atleast
three spaces in inventory.

11- Go down hall into the caretaker's room. Pick up clip and go

to desk. Kill zombie from closet (one good quick shotgun blast to head)

and pick up ammo (don't need to pick up diary. Waste of time...) for

the shotgun. MAKE SURE you still have atleast two spaces still.

12- Exit room and turn right, down to the door. Unlock door and

you should be in the hallway where Kenneth's body is. 
Turn left into the Bar/Piano room. Get sheet music
and play piano. Go in the secret

room and exchange emblems.

13- Return to dining room. Place gold emblem over fireplace and

get armor key. Run around table and pick up blue gem. (Inventory should

be about full)

14- Return to hall (where Kenneth's body is) and turn right and

take first door on left. This will take you back to the hall with the

nursery and tiger statue. Go to tiger statue room and exchange blue

gem for the medallion.

15- Go to the back door (the hall with the ammo room and storage)

and enter the ammo room. (The room with the broken shotgun.) Pick up

clip and shotgun ammo. Should be able to carry these 
because hopefully you already have these in

16- Return to storage room down the hall. Exchange items--take

armor key, ammunition for beretta and shotgun. 
Run back to dining room (lower-level. NOT UPPER
level.) Run into the main hall way (LOWER


17- Go across into the second door (the locked one that requires

the armor key. Unlock and go in. Get clip on the desk and kill zombie.

Get shotgun ammo in locked desk. Leave into main hall. Go up the

main hall stairs and go right into the hallway. Run to the suit of armor

room and get medallion. (Don't forget to move the statues over the poison

gas holes.)

18- Leave and run to the attic door. Unlock and enter and see

Richard (if you have space, pick up the green plants). 
Talk to him and run back to storage room and get
serum. May want to save game here just in

case. Exchange items--stock up on healing products, 
shotgun and ammo (hopefully, your shotgun and
ammo will be enough. If you're not that

good at killing the snake, then take bazooka too.) TAKE SHIELD KEY

also (the one behind the clock) with you. Don't need the armor key

anymore. Run back to Richard.

19- Get the radio (who cares...) and enter the attic. If you want

to, you can run next door to the candle room and get a clip. You won't be

able to the shotgun shells because you don't have your lighter yet.

20- Kill the snake. Remember to heal yourself occasionally. Pick

up medallion and shotgun shells.

21- Leave and assuming you've been poisoned, Barry will save you.

If not, go to the next step (22). Wake up in bed, and run to storage

box. Exchange items--take all four medallions and weapons. Run across to

the dining room, out into the main hall.

22- Exit out the back door and go to the mantle/medallion

placement door. (The place where you put the medallions.)

23- Place medallions and enter the garden room. Push the stairway

and climb. Get the crank. Leave into courtyard. Pick up plants and mix

red and green together. Kill hounds FIRST. Pick up blue ones on

other side and mix also. Run across to opposite gate 
and use crank to open flood gate/dam. Go down
ladder and up to other side. Run to the

elevator. Here the radio will go off. Just ignore it because it

takes up time and is not necessary for the story. Every minute counts....

24- Either kill or run past hounds below. Cross over to the

opposite gate. Pick up and mix plants. Kill hounds. (Not necessarily in that order.)

25- Enter dormitory. Push statue over the hole (the one where the

plant grabs you.) Enter storage area. Pick up ammo and health spray. Save game.

*NOTE: If you feel like saving the game more often, that's fine too.

Just do it whenever you make a trip to the storage room.

26- Exchange items--Just take weapons and ammo.

27- Cross over to next dormitory room (001). Kill zombies and get

Red book. Enter bathroom. Drain tub and get C-Room Key.

28- Cross over to the other hallway (past the statue over the

plant hole) and enter the room with the key pad and wasp/hornet nest. Run

past nest and get dorm key (002). Return into the previous hall and

run to the end room using the dorm key. Discard key. Go into room and

push bookcases away to reveal ladder down. (Don't pick up item on bed,

just waste of time. Plus, if you feel like you need ammo, 
run into the bathroom, kill zombie and pick up
clip in sink.)

29- Go down ladder and push crates over the water space. Run down

into the water and enter the shark room. Run directly to the Control Room

and use the key. Discard key and enter room (before the shark has a

chance to get to you.) Push lever and remove water from lower level.

Push button to open next door.

30- Enter next door. Pick up two clips and two boxes of shotgun

ammo. Pick up dorm room key (003) also. Run out and 
back up ladder to dorm room 002. If you have
space along the way, pick up plants and fill


31- Run back to storage and stock up on weapons and healing

medicines, take dorm key (003) and red book with you. Save game would be advised.

32- Run to dorm room 003 (the room next to the wasp nests and key

pad.) Enter the room and go into the bathroom, killing zombie and picking up

the flame rounds. Exchange books with the red book, revealing secret


33- Enter secret door and kill big plant. It will wither, but not

be dead. It will then pick you up and then Barry will come and save you.

Run to the fireplace and get key. Go to step 34. If you feel that

you can't kill the plant the first time you'll need to return to step 31

and now follow along these ideas.

31a- If you don't think you can take on the plant, you'll need to

make v-jolt. Exchange items--make sure you have four empty spaces! Take

the red book and dorm room key 003. Pick up the flame rounds in the

bathroom and exchange books. Walk through the door and exit the other

door before you have to seriously fight the plant. Run to the

chemical room and on the key pad punch in 3-4-5. This will unlock the door.

Pick up empty bottles and mix together v-jolt.

32a- Run down to dorm room 002 and return into the shark room.

Enter the room with the roots and put v-jolt on the roots. 
Return up to the storage room and stock up on
weapons and medicine.

33a- Return to the plant via the double doors (not dorm room 003)

and kill plant. Get key in fireplace.

34- Return to mansion. Kill the hunter that follows you after

entering the mansion. Go into the room on the left and get doom book 1. (No

need to get ammo for the Colt Python.)

35- Go next door into the storage room and stock up on new ammo

and items. Exchange items--take weapons and healing and helmet key. Going

to fight the snake next, so may be wise to save your game.

36- Go upstairs and left to the fireplace room (the room where you

used the lighter to get the map.) Go through the door to the right and go

to the piano. Click on it and the snake will come out. Kill snake and

look at hole while it's dying. Barry will come in and help you. Fall

in and push switch on grave. Wait for Barry to return before going

down. Get pass code then go back down hole. MAKE SURE YOU'LL HAVE


Go down the ladder under the grave.

37- Kill zombies and get shotgun ammo to the left. Run down hall

to the door. Go down next hall and skip the zombies eating the person.

They'll leave you pretty much alone.

38- Enter kitchen and go right to the elevator. Kill the zombie on

the ground. Hopefully, you have two spaces still. Go up the elevator and

kill zombie. Go into the closet and get the battery for the elevator

and some explosive rounds.

39- Back track exactly the way you came from and return to the

ladder and hole (the place where you killed the snake). Return to the

storage room downstairs and exchange items--take battery, crank,
 and weapons, especially the bazooka
(healing also would be nice since the spider's

next. Have about two empty slots). And if you have an ink ribbon

with one slot, go ahead and take it. Make sure there's one slot 
so it'll disappear when you use it.

40- Go out into the garden and cross over to the elevator on the

other side of the pond. Go down elevator. Go to other elevator, install

battery. Go up and over to the flood gate/dam. Use crank closing the

gate and return to the newly powered elevator. Go down and enter the

ladder down (the one behind the waterfall.)

41- Go into the door on the right and see Barry. When he asks to

go with you, say yes, but have him lead. Follow him and enter. He'll

kill a hunter guy and then follow you. Run into the back room and

pick up ammo and health spray. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ATLEAST ONE SPACE FOR

THE HEXAGONAL CRANK. Go into the room where Enrico is and follow

storyline. If you have room for a clip, pick up clip on Enrico's


pick up crank and run out. Just run past the new hunters, or kill them, 
but running past would be advised to save time and ammo.

42- Go to first hall way and run over to typewriter. Save game if

you have a ribbon. Use crank on hole and turn hallway. Go down hall and

past door. Turn right and run to the boulder. Then start running

back. The boulder will follow, run to safety. Then run and get flame

rounds. If you've been killing the hunters, then one won't open the

door and follow you. But there will be one next to the crashed

boulder. If you ran past them, one will open the door as you get to

the flame round and attack you. Kill him or run past him to the door

beyond the smashed wall boulder. There won't be a hunter in there.

43- Go beyond the door and kill the spider. It is possible to

kill it with two blasts of the flame round as long as they hit it's body and

not the legs. Pick up knife if you don't have one in inventory and swipe

open the door. Hopefully you'll have a space for the knife in

inventory (you probably used an herb fighting the spider.) If you don't have

room for the knife, just get bitten a few times by the baby spiders that

pour out and then use an herb. Go to the left and enter storage. Pick up

healing products and save game or don't. Exchange items--take doom

book 1 (eagle medallion if you already opened it), weapons and

hexagonal crank. Run down hall and enter the second boulder stretch. You don't

need to run from the boulder, just use the crank three times and enter

the room where the second doom book is.

44- Get second doom book and open. Get medallion. Go up the

elevator into the garden where the fountain is. Place medallions accordingly

and pick up herbs. Go down fountain and enter elevator. Go further down

the ladder and enter the room with the storage box. Exchange items,

or don't. Run across into the room. Kill zombies and go downstairs. Go

to the left into the computer room and login. Use JOHN for login and

ADA for password. Unlock door on B2 with password MOLE. Return

upstairs to the now unlocked room.

45- Run over to the panel and open it. Push the button and then

get the Lab key. Run back down into the lab and go to the door to use the lab

key on. Run across to the storage room and stock up on healing and

save the game. Exchange items--weapons and healing. Run out door and down

to the left to give power to the elevator.

46- Enter room. You don't have to kill the ceiling creatures.

Just run to the right and use the terminal there to give power to the elevator.

Run to the back of the boiler room and open door. Go down the

corridor to the right and enter the room with the triggering computer and the

circuit computer. Activate the elevator and run out of the boiler


47- Run over to the now operational elevator. Barry will join you

and follow story line. Kill Tyrant. It's easy if you just shoot and run.

Shoot and run. You'll probably never get hit, but try to kill him


48- Barry and you will escape. After the elevator ride run to the

emergency elevator, All you should have to kill along the way are two

ceiling monsters and three zombies. Feel free to use bazooka and

whatnot to kill them quickly. Run out the emergency door. Barry will


waiting for you. On your way you'll cross the storage box. Exchange

items-- all you need now is healing. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE SPACE


49- Run over the battery (the radio will go off automatically and

you'll have to listen to it.) Pick up battery and place in elevator. Go up

elevator. Leave elevator and pick up flare. Use flare. (You don't

have to walk out a ways or anything. Just use it right away if you want.)

Tyrant will come out, just avoid him and run around till the

helicopter drops the rocket launcher. Kill Tyrant.

50- The End. Hopefully, this will take you less than three hours.

(I did it with 2:09:10 and 11 saves.) Restart game with Rocket Launcher.

Blow thy enemies to little pieces. Smile with a big grin......
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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