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Mercenaries Mini Game (CARLOS)
Written By: J.R. Kerr

 Resident Evil 3
           Mercenaries Mini Game
           Carlos Survival Guide
                 A Rank
               Version 1.4
                J.R. Kerr
Resident Evil and subsequently mentioned
characters are the property entirely of Capcom.
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I will update this Guide as I find out more.
 [0] Prerequisites for this Guide
 [1] Why is Carlos such a Pain?
 [2] How to Run down a Hall
 [3] General Rules
 [4] Strategies: Plan Way Ahead
 [4] What Do I Get For Saving the People?
 [5] -I am Ready! Let's Go!-
 [6] Notes from Correspondents
 [7] By The Way
 [8] Saved the Best til Last
 [9] Special Thanks and Credit

[0]  Any Nicholai Survival Guide.
     Carlos takes longer to master than Nicholai.
     I honestly recommend a Nicholai finish 
     before you go for A/B/C ranks with Carlos.
[1]  Find Alvin Webcraft's FAQ and read it first.
     He is more broad in his treatment of gameplay
     than I. His FAQ helped me get better at playing Res 3.
     I also recommend the A.Redfield guide,
     his "super-juke" is something I am not bold enough to go for.
[2]  You have had an "A" rank with Mikhail for
     a long time, but you keep playing to get better time
     and money. (It'll get better when you get used to Carlos' handicaps).
[3]  You have a cursory knowledge of what beating the
     4th survivor scenario in Res 2 is like. ie: hard.
     Hopefully you mastered run-then-step-back-once to let lickers
     Jump over Hunk~ you need this skill for Hunters.
     (muchas gracias A.Redfield!)
[4]  You are prepared to see Carlos run out of time and die
     as you attempt to pull off really elaborate stunts.
[5]  You are willing to: SELECT ~ RESET instantly
     if you miss any of the KEY milestones (listed below).
[6]  You have a colorful repetoire of swear words to cast at the
     undead ankle biters who are in your way.
[7]  Vincent Merken and A.Redfield are 
     clearly better players than me.
     I do however think you might want to try my easier
     path before going for the "super-jukes" or the
     INTENSE Merken knife fights.
[8]  Try not to laugh when I say:
         (a) run past the dog
         (b) let the zombie bite you
         (c) do not let the zombie bite you
         (d) "stumble" the first zombie and "domino" the rest.
         (e) fake out the hunter betas and run past them.

[1]  What makes Carlos harder to use than Nicholai
     is that you get a really poor time bonus.
     You will need the extra time from other rescuable survivors.
     It is really hard to write a reliable FAQ/Guide for
     him, because of the wacky STI EAGLE 6.0.
     Sometimes the Eagle gets a critical head pop
     with one shot and sometimes it takes 8 rounds
     to kill a sleeper~ there is little accounting
     for this truly random-effect weapon.
     Many restarts will be necessary even if
     you do everything perfectly.
[2]  Substitute knifing zombies to death with
     lure enemies into a group so that you can
     kill-multiple-enemies-from-one-spot with the Eagle.
     The eagle needs 3 seconds to drop a single target
     so for time you only ever break even and you lose ammo.
     Try to use the same ammo economy as Nicholai and
     also try not to squeeze extra rounds as the zombies start
     to fall. Your continued shots kind of 'hold them up'
     just like in Nightmare Creatures. Don't waste ammo.
     (actually it is kind of fun to "catch" a jumping dog
     and hold him in the air as you waste your whole clip.)
[3]  You will almost always lose with Carlos because you
     run out of TIME, NOT because you run out of ammo or health.
     He is very frustrating.
     Well, Carlos is the skinniest of the 3 mercs
     and thus has the least surface area for collision detection.
     So he is the most nimble of the 3 mercs,
     although he lacks the BOOM of Mikhail
     and the huge time bonus for Nicholai.
     Ever notice how much more nimble Jill feels after
     running Mikhail for hours in a row?
[5]  The other irritation is that it takes more
     of YOUR time to make it all the way with Carlos.
     Worse, if you don't get at least:
     [A] 82-106 seconds at the first barrel
     [B] 44-62  seconds at the restaurant barrel
     [C] 69-82  seconds at the pharmaceutical office barrel
     then you may as well Select~Reset because you won't
     make it with enough time at the end.
[6]  For clip economy: you need to learn to stop
     shooting your M4A1 Assault Rifle BEFORE you actually
     hear the last gasp of a Beta. It is tricky but crucial
     for conserving that last little 1-2% worth.
[7]  Summarily, I truly feel he is the hardest player for the merc game.
 ----------------------         --------------------------

  I      ^      I                I  ^       I
  I     / \     I                I/  \      I
  I   /     \   I                I    \     I
  I  L_______J  I                I _  /     I
  I             I                I/         I

The point is: you lose time if you put your nose into a wall,
so learn the course and then run straight without bumping the wall!
Losing time means that enemies will be "activated" when you get
to them, whereas if you are quick: the dogs may still be laying
down and pointing the wrong way as you run past.
Play as if you are inside a 2D Pac Man game. You are a triangle
running thru a maze of right angles, being attacked by enemies who are
squares. You should be able to do this if you ever "moved" while in the
map screen inside "DOOM."
    (unless you have to run past the first rocket-nemesis )
[3] WHEN YOU CHANGE WEAPONS: you should not hear "boop boop boop boop"
    You should hear "bloopidity-bloopidity"
    This means your fingers are fast enough for deliberate dodges and so on.
    Thus the best place to be in relation to them is behind them.
    You may want to blow up the bus nemesis barrels even if he
    doesn't show, I think you may earn more money for them
[1] There are two ways I initially ran 
    the Carlos scenario.
    I eventually got to where I could put them together
    for an "A" Rank without killing any Nemesi;
    but it is really tough!
    It took me approx 2 full days to get "in the swing"
    The Guide has been updated to reflect running thru
    for an "A" Rank; but I offer my preliminary
    one-herb strategies first:
[2] "C" Rank:
    you save ONLY Dario-Girl-Brad-Marvin
[3] "B" Rank:
    you save Dario-Brad-Marvin-Nicholai-Mikhail
[4] "A" Rank:
    Keep in mind that you do need to rescue all 6 hostages
    use only one mix-herb and finish with (+1:30 ?), in my case,
    +2:00 on the clock. This complete process will take 
    the longest 15-20 minutes of your life!
1) Dario           : 60 rounds
2) Girl            : FAS
3) Brad            : 60 rounds
4) Marvin          : 60 rounds
5) Office/Nicholai : 60 rounds
6) Bar/Mikhail     : FAS
You really need some of the 6 secret spots for Carlos:
     1) alley by news office              2 Seconds
     2) ala carte tray in restaurant      4 Seconds
     3) low-volt room panel               8 Seconds
     4) firehose cul-de-sac              16 Seconds
     5) 3 dog alley dead cop~had photo A 32 Seconds
     6) the dead cop who had the shotgun 64 Seconds
     (This secret spot info is collected from other FAQs. 
     I'd never have found all 6 myself. Thanks gang!)
[1]  Check: Am I frosty? Get off the first train with
     the Eagle equipped and 1:58 left on the clock.
[2]  When I run from the door/black screen~ I do not hit
     the wall in front of me~ I am able to run continuously, but
     swerve/curve to avoid the wall.
[3]  Cross the first boxes at the sacks, drop off and
     during the blink of blackness cut back in toward the zombie
     I saw earlier and escape this room without hitting any zombies
     or firing ANY shots.
     When I press "open" at a door while running at it~ I see
     a weird vacuum pull me toward the door (for an instant).
     You should have +1:50 on the clock.
     If you don't have 1:50 on the clock, you may want to
     reset and do some jumping jacks to get pumped and frosty.
[4]  Drop Fat-Boy and Clyde with Eagle. Same to 1st
     ankle-biter and shuffle twins.
     You may not want to kill, it takes extra time;
     but you may get some surprise decaps.
     I wish I could say there was a good pattern for this
     but it happens different every time~
     You should exit this hall with 1:40 or better on your clock.
     Hopefully, you used no more than 16 rounds here.
     Run past crows.
[5]  Drop the first cop with no more than 5 rounds to the knees.
     If you hit the Barrel by accident: select~reset
     Walk over him 2 camera angles and
     hit R2~ wait for grouping as before.
     Get 82 seconds for barrel-multiple-kill.
TRICK: If you release then tap auto-aim again to drop/kill the
     first zombie cop who stood up the wrong way behind you
     you can get  92 SECONDS! (10+ your 82 sec barrel kill).
     I have gotten as much as 106 seconds at this spot.
     It does not always work with Nicholai~ he shoots a little slower,
     but with Carlos~ it always works and YOU NEED IT.
[6]  Ignore the dogs. It takes Carlos far too long to kill them.
     Run tight and continuously with a "hitch-in your-step"
     at the red sign on the pump's end. 
     Aim+fire just inside the garage door.
     Pray for critical decaps! You want to finish
     the first shuffler and the next sleeper with
     an economy of time so that you can get quickly into
     the service bay and get multiple-kill-bonus-time.
     Dropping all 3 from just inside the bay is 14 seconds.
     It looks like you get more than 20 seconds off Dario
     if you touch him before the 3rd zombie hits the ground dead,
     but it just adds 20 seconds onto whatever time you had. (ie: 34 sec.)
     You also get 60 rounds!
     You have +90 rounds and a full clip.
     You should have 2:30 to 3:00 on the clock.
[7]  Okay now you are mad.
     Focus on: I'm gonna "key" this Delorean
     then run up and kick that dog who was sleeping earlier.
     IFF from your entrance you turn HARD left and
     key the delorean and kick the dog you may find that
     all three dogs wind up standing confusedly at the
     door of the gas station and don't even run after you.
     You should never have stopped running thru the above.
[8]  At the street before the newspaper office~
     here you need to use Automatic fire from the Assault Rifle
     on the nicely grouped crowd of zombies~
     stand near the window pointed away from them~
     but at an angle where you can see them~
     when they get CLOSE, begin fire!
     You should pick up an average of 
     2 bonuses for up to 24 seconds each.
     20-30% of your clip. If you don't, 
     you won't have time for Marvin later.
[9]  For an "A" Rank, you need to save the girl.
     On a "B" Rank it may not be worth saving the girl
     for her First Aid Spray, but do not miss
     the side alley garbage secret 2 second bonus spot.
     IFF you do want the girl, AR spray 1st hunter down
     then run up onto the first step of the staircase
     and then hold UP+R1+X to shoot up and drop
     a hunter you won't see until his dead body
     slides down the stairs. 
     (P.S. this is good with Mikhail + Magnum too!)
[10] It is kind of hard for Carlos to
     convince the copy girls to give-up-the-ghost
     with Eagle rounds. There is NO ONE good spot
     for dropping all of them.
     You should however be able to pick up TWO pair
     of 14 second 3-kills.
     One from the first angle where you see the dead copy girl
     at the end of the hall.
     Two is just inside the news room.
     "um, thanks for this FAS I won't be using." 
     You still have 2:30 to 3:00 on the clock
     You have 62% to 70% of your clip left.
     You haven't taken any bites/damage.
     Rounds left should be +60 box / full clip.
[11] The dog hall is a grave temptation.
     The AR can net you 20 seconds here, but it costs
     you too much secondary total-time on the clock,
     so you need to run past them.
     At the intersection, hook left.
     With the angle change find yourself bumping to
     Carlos right; but then run up the stairs
     to Carlos' left. You shouldn't get hit by the dogs
     who will leap down past you as you run up.
[12] Into the kitchen where the hook locker is.
     As soon as you come in here aim+fire:
     you'll drop a hunter beta you don't get to see
     (stop firing when you hear the bing for time bonus)
     til you run forward to push his dead body around.
     Stop between the pans and the big refrigerator~
     you'll see the barest edge of a hunter walking at you.
     Count one hump, two humps~ aim+fire on "two."
     Another sucker-shot at dumb betas! ha ha!
     Kick/shove his falling dead body away from the drain
     and down you go.
[13] Do not enter this basement/drain area with aim/fire on:
     you won't target the cop with his back to you immediately,
     Hold up a half second.
NOTE:Brad will be dead if you wasted extra time
     (killing the dog trios for instance).
     Vincent Merken, the guy-who-knifes-Tyrant-to-death,
     tells me that there is a second clock running for your
     total-play-time-so-far. See the note at bottom.
[14] After Brad, come out of the drain with Eagle reloaded.
     You will exit running out into the dining area.
     When you are running past the lamp Jill used to
     ignite the kitchen, keep running 1/2 seconds and begin firing. 
     You can waste this Beta with as little as 3 eagle rounds
     if you shoot him before he is "activated."
     It won't always happen.
     BUT this is a good place to try and make the "knee-shot"
     happen. If Carlos rolls out, hit fire and hold~
     but remember it only lasts til the clip runs out.
     You'll save some AR clip which is good and pick up
     a possible 15 seconds for dodge+dodge+dodge+beta kill.
[15] Keep running~ a horshoe U from where you started firing
     at the Beta. At the end is an end table/ a la carte tray.
     Touch it for an easy extra 4 seconds!
[16] Exit the restaurant from its front door.
     The first outside angle shows no zombies.
     Run forward and to Carlos' left til you see
     2 zombies standing still.
     You want to fake right, then behind the zombie
     to Carlos' left at the bottom right of the screen.
     When you get past them, run past/perpendicular
     to the mouth of the alley where there are
     4 more zombies waiting. 
     Try to shoot but not kill some of these alley zombies as
     the street zombies catch up.
TRICK: Pick a zombie and give 'im 4, then use L1 to toggle to a new one.
     After saying "hello" to 2/3 zombies in the alley,
     and when the street zombies get grouped together,
     then use R2+fire to
     target a barrel behind you for the advancing 4 zombies
     behind you (not the ones in the alley)
     The barrel gives you 24/32 seconds.
     From this same vantage point looking out from the alley
     IFF you release then depress immediately again aim+fire
     for Eagle kills of the 4 alley zombies
     OF THE REMINING 4 KILLS. 46/54/62/82 seconds. (approx)
     The trick to killing without dropping is to pause after
     3 shots while still aiming. The zombies get a second wind
     and do not drop.
     This enables you to kill 'em with 2 more shots.
     Remember that Nemesis "grabs" you with his LEFT HAND.
     So, fake/run left then pull back and run right.
     If you take the corners sharply and hug the inside
     of the stairs, Nemesis may not catch up with you
     or hit you as run to and then vacuum-pull at the elevator.
[18] Off the elevator running.
     To Carlos' right past first spider.
     To Carlos' left past second and continue
     on same path behind and past third spider.
     If they spray poison on you, try to wait til
     you run past them after-Marvin before
     you hit a mix-herb (unless you go to Danger slow-limping).
[19] Visualize before you see:
     You are going to appear in the chain-link hall.
     There is a roach up on the wall near you coming down.
     There is a second roach at the end of the hall.
     Before you see yourself/the hall, be holding
     Up+Left on the D-pad to begin instantly running.
     Almost as soon as the camera angle changes
     and you have run magically thru the descending roach's rear-end,
     you can flick the x button while running to get
     pulled magically thru a door you aren't really facing!
[20] Inside the Control room: run forward one camera angle
     for the long-shot angle of Carlos. It is from this angle
     and not the previous that you can begin to pelt the
     2 skin-jobs in the high voltage control room.
     You won't see them getting shot.
     (Pray for critical decaps~ listen for the snap)
[21] Forward for one more angle change.
     There should be 3 skin-jobs a-shuffling.
     One should be hung on a pipe unless he got
     confused and wandered into the low volt room.
     Pop all 3 with Eagle for kills and the 
     14 second time bonus.
[22] Run forward and into the low volt room.
     Hit the control panel and then do a quick turnaround.
     Run a step and an angle change and begin taking
     long shots at 2 more skin jobs.
     IFF the time bonus was still on screen when you began
     popping the 2 skin jobs and IFF you get a critical decap:
     you will be happy to see 11+ seconds for the next 2 kills.
[23] There is a chance that a skin job is still hiding down
     in the hall next to Marvin.
     He is usually at the end of the hall, so run up 2/3 steps
     towards Marvin so that you can "touch"/"rescue" Marvin
     before the skin job falls down all the way dead.
     You'll see 23 seconds instead of 20.
     Marvin also got 60 rounds for ya.
RECAP: You have +2:00 on clock after touching Marvin.
       +60 rounds and a full clip
       You haven't used a mix-herb yet.

[24] Repeat in reverse the dance steps for
     leaving the roach hall and the spider street.
     It is not worth the time bonus/ammo loss to kill either group.
     If you are poisoned and below yellow caution
     (which is hard to gauge if it is a blue EEG line~
     do your best to guess) then hit your mix-herb 
     before you go up the elevator.
     To get down the stairs hit-free; wait at the corner of
     the landing at the top of the stairs to the bottom left of the screen.
     When Nemesis gets up to the last step; run to Carlos' right and down.
     You could waste these hunters with the Assault Rifle; 
     but hopefully you got their pattern down with
     Nicholai and can run past 'em.
     It goes: run 2 steps forward, 1 step back = lazy swing
     then you run along Carlos' right thru street, a fake.
     Cut back left and curve toward/no-stop-til-door.
NOTE:The Hunter Betas learned a new trick:
     Just to show appreciation of Carlos' Assault Rifle,
     the Betas will jump up and use 1 foot and 1 hand
     to hang from a pole or the wall for a second.
     If they do this, run like the bejeesus!
     It is really hard to shoot up at them here!
     Use auto-aim and down from inside for 1 sleeper kill.
     Then run forward 2 steps and repeat for the deeper
     kill and not the one behind you.
     The "sleeper" nearest the door-you-want-to-leave-from
     (on the left of the screen)
     is not sleeping~ he is really dead. Just run over him.
[27] Run out and then hook left, trying not to
     bump/snag the mini-van. (actually a car, but it looks like a mini-van)
     Run along the wall where the cargo-elevator opens,
     but halfway down let OFF the RUN button and WALK
     just past the corner of the wall near the Big Van's back door.
     You need to hit R2+fire here for a
     14/27 second barrel kill. (you never get to see the barrel)
 IFF you don't have +2 minutes and you want them to try
     Ghaleon X's bus-nemesis-barrel-kill then you can pick 'em up if you
     plunge headlong into a crowd by the barrel, get bit and shrug 'em down
     then run past to the door and R2 for another 82 second barrel kill.
     I don't think the health loss is worth it, though.
     I usually settle for 14 sec 3-kills.
     My best to date is clearing this door with 3:20.
[28] At the FIREHOSE ALLEY, again hold up a second
     thinking "okay, step away from the wall zombie slow-poke."
     When he does, run toward the wall to Carlos' right
     and forward for an angle change.
     When Nemesis whacks the next zombie, cut to the
     wall on Carlos' left.
     There is one more zombie to clear and then you can
     do one of two things:
     [a] Run straight for the hose with the zombie behind you
     to catch the rocket for you.
     [b] Exit the door but then do a quick-turnaround
     and re-enter for the hose~ the zombie will still
     catch a rocket for you, but at the entrance to the
     firehose cul-de-sac. You will wind up dancing
     with Nemesis to get out of the cul-de-sac; but
     I find it easier to avoid all damage by leaving him in there.
[29] The roaches all seem to run up the walls when you enter this room.
     Run underneath them. If they do not go up the walls, run around them.
     This "dead merc" hall is wider than it seems.
[30] Street of Crows. You will never see the crows.
[31] You are now in the Y shaped alley. Run forward on the left fork
     until you reach the angle where you can "activate" AT LEAST FOUR
     of the left fork zombies.
     Quick turnaround and run two angles.
     Begin walking backwards, but do not lose sight of the barrel.
     The right fork zombies seem dangerously close....
     You can still R2 aim at the barrel. Do so.
     It seems that the zombies are blocking your barrel shot.
     Fire. Drop any remaining right fork zombies.
     There could be 2 left fork zombies unactivated.
[32] Worms, worms, worms.
     Running over them means they jump too late.
[33] See the sack you took crank from?
     Into this room 2 steps then fire a "hello" stun shot 
     at a poison roach you can't see. This shot stalls him.
     ~on two occasions now I got a one-shot critical eagle kill: 6 sec,~
     (Look at the map) You run a fast "J" hook to
     get into the pharmaceutical office foyer.
     There is a biter ready 3 feet inside the foyer door,
     pepper his skull with Eagle until death do you part.
[34] There are 2 pair of 14 second 3-kills 
     inside the office. Don't worry if you can't get all the
     bonus time, just clear a path.
     There is one particular zombie who's gotta die,
     the bald one in the lab coat, he reappears at the lab door
     and will get you immediately when you leave if you don't kill him now.
     Inside the storeroom, hold up 1/4 second because
     auto-aim is not immediately available.
     I recommend that you put the first Gamma down with Eagle.
     It is an ugly business and he may hit you, but it
     isn't as bad as getting bit by the two around the corner.
     Try to keep a 2 step, 2 shot, 1 step-back rythym going.
     The time it takes to drop Gamma #1 with Eagle
     gets the curiousity of #2 and #3 piqued.
     Equip the Assault Rifle and wait short of the corner.
     They should peek around the corner and then hop back.
     Try to begin AR strafing on their second peek-at-you.
     Nicholai's got 60 rounds for you.
RECAP: You should have: approx 2:00 on clock.
       AR has 20-30% clip left. (had as much as 40% before.)
       +50 rounds/box and a full clip.
       2 mix herbs left and a FAS you don't want.
[36] Back to where you got the barrel kill:
     Don't forget the unactivated 2 left fork zombies.
     Drop 'em but don't bother killing, its only 7 seconds.
     Run slightly forward then curl to the right.
     You should wind up standing on top of the dead cop who had photo A.
     Touch him for the secret time bonus.
     It'll be 32 seconds if you are hitting 'em all.
     From here with the dogs in front of you,
     fire three shots to stun each dog and then run for it!
     It takes way too much time/ammo to kill 'em.
     Run forward; but hook immediately
     right and down into the crank/dumpster split level alcove.
     Rocket #1 should go over your shoulder on the stairs.
     Keep running. Run past Nemesis #1 on his left side 
     then pull back in to run up the left side of the stairs to the bar.
     The Nemesi are fighting each other behind you.
     has almost all the zombies at the mouth of the bar.
     Except for one zombie who is over by the phone
     where you got the lighter.
     Run toward the phone-zombie and shoot him to death.
     From this vantage spot, release and then re-tap aim+fire.
     Hopefully you'll get another pair of 14 second 3-kills.
     Mikhail gives you another FAS and 20 seconds.
     IFF you feel more inclined to use AR clip here than in the
     final room, run into the bar 2 steps and then R1+X for 
     a 24/32 bonus on 15-20% clip, then use eagle for stragglers.
     Exit by the pay-phone.
     You need to run straight up the stairs, hook a hard left u-turn
     and run from the Betas entirely and escape
     at the alley's end to Carlos' right.
     This will make or break you.
     Your clock has probably run way down to barely +1:00.
     You are in the back alley of the first street.
     Drop each zombie with Eagle, but forget killing.
     One on the landing, girl around the corner, then
     two beyond her, run over all of 'em then turn away
     from the shotgun-stairs so you got more shooting room
     to clear its entrance. 
     When enough fall, duck down the stairs
     for the shotgun dead cop. Touch him for the 64 second bonus.
     Your clock should now be +2:00.
     IFF you are in "Fine" shape proceed with #44.
     IFF you are in "Caution" then go to # 45.
     Exit the alley at the door nearest the target point.
     (check yer map?)
     You will emerge standing next to one hunter who has 2 buddies off-screen.
     Immediately hit R1 but then release and run toward where he jumps from
     and squeeze over for the mash-x-while-running to get sucked
     through the door. Possible, NOT PROBABLE to make it with no hits, 
     usually take two here and wind up in yellow caution.
     Exit the T-hall from stairs and shotgun-cop
     at the door farthest the target point.
     (look at map)
     You are now standing at the angle where you can see the
     red "do not block bikes" sign.
     You are facing southeast if you look at the map.
     Take account of what you look like on the Map screen.
     What you are about to do is the INSANE Nicholai trick.
     Run forward and count aloud:
     "one, two, three, four, five, six"
     You are counting the Camera Angle changes. YOU ARE RUNNING !
     At seven: STOP RUNNING. 
     From this seventh street angle where you can see the blue sawhorse
     that seperates the street from the alley~ YOU HAVE STOPPED RUNNING.
     You are in the center of the screen.
     Walk forward and count aloud SEVEN STEPS.
     Turn and walk one step to your right.
     You are standing pointing at the sawhorse,
     next to a traffic cone. Turn to your left so that
     you are perpendicular to the mouth of the alley.
     Hunter #1 will be along soon.
     He will get snagged on the sawhorse, briefly.
     Hunter #2 will catch up.
     When they begin their beeline at you, RUN forward-
     you should be pointed away from them at a 30 to 45 degree angle.
     When they miss you, curve into the alley.
     Hunter #3 is still in the alley.
     He is however snagged on something briefly.
     He has not lept to hit you yet, which means that he will 
     jump hit you for moderate damage as you are running past him.
     It is like "runner's high" if you make it to the crow hall door
     and you are still above orange "caution" for health.
     In a BEST CASE scenario what happened above is that all three hunters
     lined up in a row walking toward you and get hung on the sawhorse.
     When they do you curve past their right (your left)
     and run smoothly toward the exit door without them hitting you at all!
     This does not always work, because sometimes hunter number 3
     is not "activated" by your walking.
     It works for me only every other time I do it.     
RECAP: You have just under 2:00 on clock.
       You have approx 30 rounds left total and less than 10% AR clip.
       You've only used one mix-herb, right?

     While running, check to make sure the Eagle is equipped and reloaded.
     From your starting point inside the final room
     re-aim til you target the closest zombie (use L1 to switch targets).
     Try not to drop him/them with 4 shots, give 3 wait til they
     wobble and then 2 more for killing.
     You have to use the menu to reload, so
     don't try the tap-to-reload thing.
     You should get at least 2 pair of 14 second 3-kills 
     in a best case scenario.
     Use any/all remaining SEMI-AUTO AR clip on stragglers.
     Remember to depress/release rapidly D-pad and any buttons
     for "dodge"/"stumbles." On my miraculous "A" run, I entered
     in Orange caution, ran out of ammo and was able to "dodge"/"stumble"
     three times without taking damage and run past them.
     Remember that "speed-limping", rapidly thumping the run button,
     doesn't really make you faster, but it does help
     prevent you from getting snagged on the corner of the stairs.
[51] You should finish with: approx 2:00 on the clock,
     all 6 hostages, 1 mix-herb used (or none?), in orange/yellow caution,
     all your ammo spent, with disgruntled zombies chasing
     you up the stairs. My reward has been wildly different each
     time and I am not exactly sure why. $1300 to $1700.
The contributor's below have earned more reward money than me
by throwing in some other skills. You may want to mix them in.
If I am missing something,
Please e-mail me at:
(under 6k~ no attachments)
Also: I suggest you read Redfield's Merc FAQ on 
getting bonus time from Rocket Nemesi crossfire.
-----Original Message-----
>From : Ghaleon X 
To :
Date : 11 December 1999 01:11:36
Subject : Re: WOW~Re: Nicholai: Mercenary mode

>Took me a little while to do, with carlos i got a B also. Mikhail I got an
>A, Mikhail rocks.
>Well with Nicholai, I didnt kill any zombie unless there was a barrel
>around. Also, in parts like when you need to save brad, i knifed all those
>zombies. The funny thing was that when i started to stab the zombies, none
>of them turned around to attack me so I killed them rather easily. I got
>alot of time for that thing. The others were all routine.
>I also killed Nemesis jumping off the bus although it takes a tough  time
>to do that. Just luring him to the barrels was a hard enough task, but those
>2 minutes helped.
-----Original Message-----
>From : Vincent Merken
To :
Date : 12 January 2000 09:38:39
Subject : Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

>There's a countdown for the 'hostages' as follows:
>Dario: 2 minutes
>Brad: 4 minutes
>Marvin: 6 minutes
>Promo Girl: 9 minutes
>Nicholai: 12 minutes (you see Nicholai here if you play Carlos)
>Mikhail: 14 minutes
>So for example, after 6 minutes of play (not the time on your clock!),
>Marvin buys it, ditto for the other hostages. That's why when you play
>Nicholai, you need to rescue the hostages in this order and no other,
>because rescuing a single hostage takes a lot of time with him, even though
>you bag big bonus times and have a respectable clock reading.
    Oops. I said earlier that the reward money determines rank.
    I was wrong. They have a habit of being high together
    but after finishing a $1900 Mikhail run using 2 FAS, I got a "B."
    Likewise, it is possible to receive an "A" rank
    with Carlos for instance, with lower reward amounts.
    I got another "A" with only a $1400 reward.
    The other thing is that multiple Nemesi kills will pardon
    the use of a First Aid Spray, my usual Mikhail uses all health
    but kills all 5 Nemesi for $1850 and an "A."
    Therefore, I believe money is determined/reflects only
    the number of kills.
    Thus an "A" rank is theoretically possible with way under $1000.

[2] I am now also sure about the S rank Japanese = A rank in NA release.
    So the guides I read that say greater than $2100 = S rank
    uh, well...I don't think so. Credit to Merken for clearing that up.
    I am frustratingly stuck at $2076 for Mikhail.
[3] I have read in other places about how Nemesis' rockets
    get stronger later in the game. I don't think so. 
    I think the rockets are just like barrels. 
    The damage is proportional to your
    distance from the explosion. In other words, if you
    are a long way away from Nemesis when he shoots a 
    rocket at you, no big deal. 
    If you are close/point-blank: instant orange caution.
    The merc game is the easiest way to prove this.
    Just experiment shooting rockets with Mikhail
    from different distances at (Bus) Nemesis Type II.
    -or- shoot at a barrel to hurt yourself
    from different distances.
    You'll see.
[1] Oh lord. There are really cool action figures
    available now in Japan for the Biohazard series!
    look at: ""
    click the whale picture and then any/all
    Biohazard logos.
    My favorite is the real shock action figure 2 pack
    with Nemesis type 1 vs. Carlos.
    Maybe if all of us petition Toy-Biz
    they will import/release the same figures and
    not make crappy smaller ones with bad paint
    (like they are want to do).
[2] There is also a limited edition air-gun replica
    of the S.T.A.R.S. special custom M92F.
    I think it is made by Tiger or somesuch...
    check eBay for exporters of this thing~
    you should at least see it.
[3] From the site there are
    a bunch of really cool jackets for sale too.
    You gotta see the R.P.D. windbreakers~
    they are so cool!
[4] a good Japanese fansite:
    a good English fansite:
This oughta prove I ain't in nobody's employ.
I am just a fan like the rest of you.
My thanks to all the other fans for
continuing to buy ResEvil stuff because it keeps
it available to me too!
See you at Codename:Veronica!
Or even Resident Evil Zero for N64!?

 [1] Beth for letting me play.
 [2] Capcom for giving me love.
 [3] Alex for his years of video-game co-insanity.
 [4] Dave "my controller is broken" Wallin.
 [5] Ben "Pokum Taco" Groves for always floating me quarters.
 [6] A.RedField for coining the term "stumbling" in his 4th survivor FAQ.
     and also the new verb "decap"~ I love it! thanks for "coming out to play!"
 [7] Vincent Merken for his input and previous knife training!
 [8] Kao Megura for killing Ben Lansing.
 [9] Henry laPierre
[10] CJayC
[11] Amaloo
[12] A. Webcraft
[13] Old Man Murray
[14] Whoever designed Notepad. Bless You.


Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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