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RPG Maker
Written By: Dyson Turner

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RPG Maker FAQ 
BY: Dyson Turner
Ver. 1.15
Date : Sept. 27,2000

Table of Contents

I.           Revision History          

II.          Introduction              

III.         Game Controls             

IV:          Gobli Walkthrough         

V:           Making an RPG Walkthrough 
             A. System Data            
                1. Title Edit          
                2. Configuration       
                3. Gameplay Edit       
                4. Parameter Name      
                5. Magic               
                6. Item                
                7. Main Characters     
                8. Skill                 *Updated*                           
                9. Monster                            
               10. Dungeon                            
               11. Field.                         
               12. Monster Appearance             
               13. Game Info                          

             B. Scenario Data             
                1. Create Event           
                2. Treasure Event         
                3. Duplicate Event        
                4. Intro Event            
                5. Display Message        
                6. Move Location          
                7. Take Over              
                8. 2 Way Choice           
                9. 3 Way Choice           
               10. Switching              
               11. Change Screen          
               12. Inventory              
               13. Wait                   
               14. Event Status           
               15. Party Display          
               16. Party Members          
               17. Move Party             
               18. Party Status
               19. Character Status
               20. BGM
               21. Sound Effect
               22. Shop
               23. Battle
               24. Game System
               25. Effect
               26. Display Title
               27. Ending
               28. Prohibit Escape
               29. Save Point
               30. Next Scenario
               31. Exit Screen
VI:          Anime Maker Walkthrough  
VII:         Entire Game FAQ          *Updated * 
VIII:        Thanks                   
IX:          Copyright                


Revision History

9/27: Thanks to ( for informing me of the Attack 
+1 skill that I goofed on! Also there are new questions in the FAQ, some basic 
questions about the game from people who have not played or seen it yet.

9/26: I got the same question from many people it is answered, look it is the 
first question in the FAQ Section!

9/25 Still the same day I decided to do more work on it completed the Gobli 
Walkthrough, complete both Scenario Data Anime, and System. This thing is 
complete needs questions for FAQ 

9/25 Created FAQ, realized I did much work will try to get it submitted...


II. Introduction

RPG Maker is one of the newest and most innovative games in Playstation
History. It is exactly what it sounds like it a game that allows you to
make a RPG. People like my self drooled over this thing for month, the
controls and things take some time and patients but within days I'll
help you avoid common pitfalls and problems many people had with this

III. Game Controls

Directional Buttons:
Menus: Moves the cursor around and increases/decreases values


L1 and L2 are used in Field Edit to automatically select map sections. With Auto 
Fix on it is used to switch between letters


These are used to erase map parts in field edit. It also performs the
same text features as L1/L2


On Field Editing, the Start button Brings up the map screen. Select is
never used.

X Button:

This is used to confirm things. The same goes for in the game.

O Button: 
This is the cancel Button.

Triangle Button:
This brings up the commands, in map and field editor.

Square Button:
This allows you to edit or delete Event Contents in the event screen.

IV: Gobli Walkthrough

When the game starts off you will be able to do nothing. Look at the story you 
will see Gobli is just an ordinary Goblin that is easily defeated in any 
standard RPG. Gobli will go back to weakling town the Creator will call him. The 
Creator will tell Gobli to go to Common Plain, to help out the Slimes there. He 
needs to speak to Slimey the Head Slime. Now go around town the only things of 
importance right now are a few healing items snag those. Exit out of the bottom 
of the town. You will be on the Map screen chose to go to the tower. Now go up 
the stairs until your reach a fairy then exit, the tower.

You will be in a forest a few fellow weaklings will be there fight those, and 
cure when necessary because this is similar to games like Dragon Warrior where 
you can't run unless you are stronger than the enemy you are not stronger at 
this point. You will also need to gain experience I advise you to do so here. At 
least get to level 3. When you first get their go down. Then tale the path going 
right then down again. You will be in Common Town, speak to the guy by the sign 
to here his woes. Stay at the inn if needed and stock up on curative items. See 
that shack near the bottom of the screen. Go in there a monkey will be there he 
will jump through the whole in the wall. That's not an ordinary hole that's a 
wall hole with problems. He doesn't want to be a wall hole any more; he wants to 
find out how he can have a range of motion. He will also guide you to Common 
Plain. He starts off on level 1 I think and he has a curative spell. 

When you are done with common town the exit is through the bottom. On the map 
screen go to Common Plain. You won't be there yet by the way the wall hole's 
name is Mark. Mark will tell you the Common Plain is further to the north. So 
that's where you have to go fight enemies along the way keep going up until you 
hit a Bridge then cross it. You level here should at least be 4-7. Anywhere in 
there you have a chance and that is for both characters. Keep going up its a far 
way away. You will run into the slimes. The Slimes will be arguing over there 
range of movement. To stay on the Common Plain you will have to fight them. The 
slimes aren't tough they have about 10 hp each but high defenses if you aren't 
strong hopefully Mark will have high enough levels to stop the attack. Mark is 
also your main curative if you are low on items and HP. When you ice them off 
the slimes will tell you about how not to come at heroes all at once. Mark will 
want to know that more about range of movement he will send you to see an old 
Castle Guard since they don't move. Which is your next destination.

Now leave back out and go to the map screen you will see Soldier's Home. When 
you get there you may have to do a bit of traveling also save on the world map 
this game is lacking save points. When you finally work your way to Soldier's 
Home, the Soldier will basically tell you to buzz off. He is too proud to answer 
your questions and he will tell you to ask a working castle guard. So leave here 
and when you get back on the map the road to the castle should be there. 

The castle is large and complex but it doesn't have too many levels, but you can 
gain at least a good two levels battling through it, don't go for many treasures 
because that will slow you down and you will encounter more random enemies. The 
idea is make your way to the top of the castle. You will see a cut scene where 
the heroes will have to fight the guards. Then it will switch to your current 
party. Then approach the guards there are no random battles on this floor. Next 
step go to the guards the guards will ask if you are heroes or not. They have to 
fight you. The guards are pretty tough but the guards can go down. When you are 
done with the guards they will tell you why they take pride in their work. 
Because they understand their role as just castle guards and that is all they 
want to be. They know about having to fight everybody who comes across them. 
They don't wish to have a motion. The screen shifts, and Mark and Gobli are 
discussing how things seem to be failing. All of a sudden a cat thinks what they 
are talking about is boring. 

The cat name is Neko, Neko also wants to become a boss just like Gobli. He has 
heard of a castle where all the bosses live. It's called Boss Castle, and its in 
the underworld. You will be automatically brought back to the map screen. Head 
to Common Town then to the forest. Then work your way back down the tower until 
you reach the Under World. When you get there you should see a New Castle. Enter 
the castle, when you do the Head Boss will tell you how weakling need to stay in 
their place, and there is now way a weakling can become a boss. This makes Neko 
furious plus the other bosses laugh Neko Mark and Gobli out of the castle. You 
will be automatically returned to common plain. Things again look hopeless for 
the trio. Slimer approaches them and tells them about another weakling who 
became a boss. He is a hermit who lives in the middle of the desert. You will be 
automatically on the world map so I advise you to save the game here. When you 
get into the desert things won't be easy it relies on probability, more than 
likely you will walk around aimlessly for 5-10 minutes and hopefully you will 
come upon a stone structure if you do climb the stairs and go to the sparking 

When you get there you will be on top of a tree go across the branch then down 
the stairs into the little hut. He is old so he forgot about being a Boss. He 
then remembers and he tells you to go and see Evil Lord Garmos in Zomar. He has 
the Boss Emblem with the Boss Emblem you can become a Final Boss! Remember what 
the old man says every character in the RPG is important minor or major, 
Weaklings are important too. Well anyway leave out of the house and you will be 
back in the desert simply exit it since you will be back at the entrance. Now go 
to Zarmos, you will be in a more complicated forest than the first one, but its 
not too complicated. Head right twice then make a left and you will arrive at a 
cathedral. Evil Lord Garmos will be practicing for when the heroes come, he will 
realize you are not heroes. Neko will want to fight for the Boss Emblem. This 
guy is tough he can deliver some nasty spells, but with all the random battles 
you should have your levels into the mid teens possibly the early 20's and Mark 
should have some wicked spells. So shellac this guy, when he is defeated you 
will have the boss emblem. The phone will ring and itís the "creator" He will 
realize you defeated Garmos, at first he will think the game will have no 
ending. Then he figures since you are strong enough to defeat Garmos you deserve 
to be the Final Boss. 

Now head to the Final Boss Room. You will be brought back to the map 
automatically, I advise you to save here there are some very tough enemies 
inside here. Now once you enter here go to the south. Then on the next screen go 
to the south but when you see the south exit go to the exit right of that. You 
will be in a screen with water on it, behind one of the waterfalls you should 
see a cave in there is the games only Save Point. Use it, and exit, to the 
right. You will here murmuring under the water, Neko gets bold and asks whoever 
wants the boss emblem to come and take it. All the Weaklings come out at once, 
the Weaklings are tough and this is a long drawn out battle because the 
weaklings will heal them selves a lot. But just relentless spells and some good 
physical attacking if you got some good weaponry can take down, the weaklings. 
After you defeat the weakling head right, then you head north. You should see a 
fork not to worry take the right path. When you exit go right again, and you 
should be in the Final Boss room. You will hear the "Creator" voice yet again he 
will explain to you about things and how there can't be 2 Final boss's Mark 
doesn't want to be a final boss, his quest is basically done. So you and Neko 
must fight to become the Final Boss. Neko is pretty tough he has some great 
moves and somehow he can now cast curative spells, he has a few good attacks, 
but nothing deadly. Take Neko out, and finally Gobli will talk because the 
"Creator" claims him to be the last boss. The Screen will fade and you will see 
the beginning of the game, it seems Gobli didn't become the Final Boss he 
realized that being a weakling is good enough for him. Mark went to Common Plain 
and was arguing over movement range with the Slimes. And Neko became the Final 

V: Making A RPG Walkthrough

Making a RPG Harder than you though? Well, I'll explain every option to you in 
layman terms ok?!

A. System Data.

System Data is the first steps the groundwork and the look of your RPG's. If 
you're new to RPG Maker do your work here. Don't go to Scenario Data first even 
if you are an expert trying to find new tips, you got to have your tangibles in 
order. First thing is First, and that's:

1. Title Edit

You get these choices
None-Plain ol' Black Screen
Book- A Brown book with writing on it
Sunset: A town in the sunset (My favorite)
Space: Stars pretty cool
Stars: A Dizzying vintage Outer Limits Screen
Sky:   blue Sky big clouds
Country: Some pigs in a forest with tombstones.
Magic Symbol: A Big Star like symbol on the ground.
Bricks: A Brick Wall
Hearts: Yellow background with hearts on it.

You get a huge list of music to chose from tryum all!

Do you want The title to be displayed on the title screen?

If you chose Text you can choose between blue, gold, and Silver.

Low on the screen Middle or High?

How do you want it?
None-Title stays in the place you put it.
Fade in: Title fades in moderately quick.
Fade From Top: Title Slowly makes it way down to the position you put it.
Top. Title comes down from the top with no Fade.
Right: Title comes from the right of your screen.
Left & Right: The very cool effect where the title looks eligible at first they 
cross and you can see it.
Background: Title Comes from the background in to the spot you put it.
Foreground: Title comes from the Foreground to the place you set it.


Cursor Speed: Determine How fast the cursor will move. Using 1, will make it 
move real fast.

BGM: Select the Background music to be played while making the game. I recommend 
none although this game has some good tunes it gets you more frustrated with the 
music on. 

Sound: Stereo or Mono

Collision Sound: Set the sound that will hear when you bump into something.

Message Sound: Set the sound you will hear when you look at a new page of 

Level Up Sound: Set the sound you will hear when your characters gain levels.


Special Attacks: Will your characters or enemies use special moves? Toggles on 
and off special moves use HP.

Use of Class: Will you characters items or monster use classes? Class gives 
different effects that you set for items weapons and magic.

M Def: Will you or your enemies be able to block certain magic spells?

Abilities: Will your characters use born with abilities?

Monster Appearance: Manual or Auto. You could either have monsters randomly 
placed in the dungeon. Or set where exactly will the monsters be.


Change the name of the abbreviations for the following. Here are their defaults:

STR= Strength
DEF= Defense
STA= Stamina
INT= Intelligence
AGI= Agility
S ATK= Special attack
HP= Hit points
MP= Mind(Magic) points
EXP= Experience
M DEF= Magic Defense
Magic A= A Magic
Magic B= B Magic
Magic C= C Magic
None= No Magic


Edit: Lets you create new or edit existing data

Move: Change the order of which they were created

Copy: Duplicate something and place it in another slot.

Delete: Delete one item from the data

Delete All Delete All Items

Name: Edit the name of the magic spell

Type: If Special attacks or on you can change it from Magic to S Attack.

Effect: Here is a list of effects that magic can cause:

None              OTH
Inflict Damage    ATT                          Death              SPE 
Recover HP        CUR                          Increase Attack    AID
Cure Poison       CUR                          Increase Guard     AID
Cure Silence      CUR                          Increase AGI       AID
Cure Confuse      CUR                          Steal MP           AID
Cure Sleep        CUR                          Reflect Magic      AID
Cure Paralysis    CUR                          100% RES Mag       AID 
Cure Petrify      CUR                          50% Res Mag        AID
Cure Curse        CUR                          Enemies HP         AID
Revive            CUR                          Dispel             AID
Restore Status    CUR                          Teleport           OTH
Decrease Attack   AID                          Escape Dungeon     OTH 
Decrease Guard    AID                          Encounter Down     OTH
Decrease Agility  AID                          Check Item         OTH
Poison            SPE
Silence           SPE
Confuse           SPE
Sleep             SPE
Paralysis         SPE
Petrify           SPE

Use of MP/HP: How many MP/HP's will the spell use?

Points: How much damage will it do 1-9999

Magic class: If you are using magic classes select which one here.

Range: Single Group or All?

Graphics: Select the spell graphics, if you are not sure what to do here, or you 
can't figure out how to make a good spell cut a corner and use a sample. You can 
have the spell use 3 different effects listed as Action1-3. You have different 
sets to chose from. 

Message: You have 20 different messages to chose from, like ignite awaken etc.

6. ITEM:

Name: Name the Item

Type: Give this item a Type here is a list of types:

Other: An event item of sorts

Weapon: An Item that is normally used in battle

Drop: Can you drop this weapon?
Graphic: Chose the graphic for this weapon when used in battle
Class: Select the weapon class like Magic class.
Magic: Have your weapon unleash mysteriously powerful magic!
Who: Can everybody get this weapon? Or is this a weapon with awesome abilities 
no one can have? You decided.
Attack: How much damage will this weapon deal? Be a nut and choose 9999.
ATK #: Can you use this bad boy more than once?
Range: Can it destroy every enemy on screen, just one group, or just one enemy? 

Armor: An item worn on the chest to decrease damage from physical attacks.
Shield: An item held by hand to decrease damage from physical attacks.
Helmet: An item worn on the head to decrease damage from physical attacks.

Magic: Do you have a magical hat, how about a shield that shoots rock (quit 
Who: Who gets to use this defensive item?
Guard: set it from 1-9999 its like attack except it ups your defense.

Accessory: An item that improves your base stats The stats it can improve are: 
Attack, Guard, AGI, Luck, M DEF,

Magic: An item that has the same ability as a magical spell.

Cure: An Item that can restore HP/MP or your status.

Transport: A Mobile Item Blimp or Boat.

Key: Open doors that you set as locked. 

Food: Food Can add a certain amount of strength to: Strength, Defense, 

Stamina, Intelligence, Agility, Luck, Magic Defense, Experience. You can set a 
value to this.

7. Main Characters

Name: Give it a name

Skill: Give it a skill (Skill Creation is in the next section)

STR, Def, Sta, Int, Agi, Luck, M Def(If set). Set the amount you will get at 
each level up, please don't jump out the window with unbelievably high starting 

Equip: Set the starting equipment that you created earlier.

Level: Set your character starting level

Magic Level: Set the levels it will learn magic on if you want it to know all 
the spells you created set it on level 1.

Graphics: Give this character a look.

Color: Change the color palette.

8. Skills

Name: Name the skill Duh!

Ability of the skills: Here is a list of possible abilities your character can 
have, plus an explanation.

None: He does nothing
First attack: Always get the first Attack
Treasure Find UP: Increases the chances of enemies dropping goodies.
1/2 Mp Cast: Character uses half the mp that you set for the spell.
2X Magic: Character spells hit double the amount you set them to.
Critical Hit Up: Characters chances of critically hitting an enemy chances are 
raised by a percentage
Battle Heal: Your character will be randomly healed during the battle.
Counter Attack: Enemy hits you, you hit it right back ignoring all standard RPG 
rules of waiting.
Attack +1:Not one lame point, how about an extra attack! I tried this, it was 
cool, you attack twice! 
Reflect Attack: Block the attack, and make the enemy hit it self with it.
HP Drain: During the battle the character will drain the enemies HP
EXP Up: Gives ya more EXP after the battle.
No Class: When that character is hit with magic the magic class setting will 
have no effect.
Random Ability: Sometimes bad most of the time good, your character can do 
basically whatever it wants, from any of the abilities.
AI: Your character is smarter than the aveERage Bear! 
Resist Magic: Your character is basically immune to magic.

Skill can also increase your abilities, don't have it increase it by much unless 
you want to.

Condition- You can set the condition of which the character gains this ability 
like getting a certain level reaching a certain strength etc.


Name: Name this evil exp and gold giver!

Edit attack/Treasure

Edit its attacks and what it will give you after battle Etc.

Here are the abilities you can give it:
No Critical Hits: None of that highly annoying ill timed 20 HP left strong 
Critical Hit UP: A strong monster usually who can deal out more damage with the 
critical attacks
Double Attack: For the faster monster who can sneak in an extra blow before you 
recover your wits.
Multi Attack: For the ultra fast who can get in 3 hits before you can get a lick 
at it.
Miss Half attacks: For the big but slow enemy, who just can get things to work.
2X Damage: For the enemy who maybe powerful but doesn't look as powerful as he 
should be.
Auto Battle: Equal attacks instead of 90% do nothing 10% normal attack, you big 

Attacks: Set the attacks you want your monster to use:

Normal: these are your extraordinary standard issue attacks that most monsters 
will use and the nominees are:

Normal Attack: Attack normally
Charging Attack: He's pissed and he's coming strait at you, does nice damage but 
you get to pop him in the back of the dome for running at you like a nut. 
Poison Attack: Hey does he have Lima Beans under his claws cause I feel sick
Paralyze: He scared me by showing me a picture of his mama! I can't move!
Sleep Attack: He attacks you fall asleep is that even possible?
Petrify Attacked: Your stoned, but like always you can recover.
Critical Hit: Kills, or almost kills the enemy.

Action: These are more advanced than the normal attacks. 
Do Nothing: He actual stands there and doesn't do anything.
Guard: He guards until its next turn, it halves your damage.
Flee: The enemy puts on its skirt and runs like a schoolgirl.
Self Destruct: Kamikaze style, the enemy waits to its energy dropped to half way 
point and blows up on you inflicting critical hit damage.
Steal MP: The monster will steal your MP
Hide: The enemy will disappear 

Magic: Enemy uses a magic spell
S ATK: The enemy uses a special attack on you.

Class: Give your monster a magic class.
Treasure: What item will it give you after the battle and the probability

Graphics: 99 pre made pictures to choose from select the one you like the best. 
you could adjust the color and reverse it too.

Sample- You have sample Dungeon pieces to chose from plenty of them

Dungeon 1, Forest, Desert, Sci-Fi, Magic, Pyramid, Dungeon 2, Church, Bridge, 
Tower , Castle, Tower 2, Arena, Igloo, Shop, Mansion, Ruins, Tomb, Other

Custom: Inside or outside.

Part 1: contains parts you can only use once, like wall pieces, and house fronts 

Parts 2: Contains spread pieces like Grass, and dirt, and walls.

Cut: Cut out an unwanted piece

Copy: Duplicate a piece

Paste: Place a piece that has been recently cut or copied

Name: Name this crazy place

BGM: Give it some more life by adding a tune

BG: Use tile or Wallpaper, Tile Preferred for dungeons

Mode: Auto Fix on/off


*Press Triangle to edit the following*

Parts: Change & manipulate the parts on the map.

Cut: Cut parts out of the map

Copy: Copy a part from the map

Paste: Place a previously cut piece from the map.

Name: Name the Land

BGM: Set the music that will play on the map

Tile: A or B, you chose

Town: Place a Town on the map
Graphics: Made a dungeon or a tower or a town? Chose the graphic that fits it
Appear will this place always appear or will it be switched on? (Switch 
explanation in the next section)
Destination: Where will it take you when you enter the town?
Location: Set the location of the dungeon where you will enter.
Method: Black, Black Melt, White, White Melt

12. Monster Appearance

Select Monster: Select the monster(s) who will appear in the area.
Probability: 0-5 0 is the lowest.

BGM: Select the Background Music that will blares while fighting the monsters.

Battle Test: See if you can takum!

13. Game Info

Title Name: Finally enter a name for your Master Piece!

System Name: put the name that you gave the scenario data here

Staff Name: Give the name of the people who created your masterpiece

Set Password: Don't want lil' Jimmy destroying your masterpiece? Well set a 
password using the controller to keep the little bugger away.

Delete Data: Wasted 10 hours on complete garbage get rid of it at once and start 
a new!

B. Scenario Data:

Now we get interesting here is the Scenario Data where you put stuff in, to 
actually make the game! 
I advise you to figure out and brainstorm ideas before randomly inserting things 
in here, it may sound boring but if you have an idea of what will happen it will 
make production time shorter. This is also the frustrating part you'll see...

1. Create Event

The most basic of all set the spot you will create your event, a whole list of 
options will come up. But I will discuss the first screen first!

Graphic: Put a character or object here

Color: Adjust the color of the character/object

Face: Which way will the character face?

Ghost: will it be faint?

No Graphic: Erase any graphic here.

Move Type:

Don't Move: This is usually preserve for objects or important characters.

Random: Have the character do whatever it want whenever it wants however it 

<- -> Moves right and left only (shop owners)

Up down: same as above

Close Up: The event will be drawn to you.

Awa: The event will run away from you.

Step only: The event will walk in place.

Flashing: Stop that giggling, it won't flash you, but it will flash.

Start: Pick the direction where it starts.

Activate Event Method: Touch, Check, Key or Item.

Page Conditions when using an event that will do two or more things you will 
need something to trigger it. You could use items, cash, switching, or others!
2. Treasure Event

Like the above only difference is it has a graphics before an after the event. 
For example, a treasure chest.
3. Intro Event:

Like the above two the difference is this event will start as soon as you enter 
the dungeon.
4. Duplicate Event: Use an event that is already on the page more than once.
5. Display Message:

A Very basic event where a message is displayed, you will use this a whooooooole 
lot. You have choices:

Normal: The text window is that on the bottom of the screen for standard 
conversation, you can use as many pages as you want here.

Main Character: A Comic book type balloon appears over the main character you 
can type in a short message of 11 spaces, usually when they have a small 

Event: Like the above but it appears over the event like a sign.

Message 1: Story telling text the message starts from the bottom and works it 
way up.

Message 2: The message is against a black background usually used for a far away 
voice, or narrative text.

6. Move Location

This is used for when you want to go to a different dungeon through a doorway, 
or to be teleported. You select where exactly in the next dungeon you want to 
go. Then like the Field edits you select black, white, black melt, or white 

7. Take Over

People don't understand this one, this is where you can start another event from 
where you are at, it's like an intro event because of the automatic activation. 
You select the page you want to start on and select the event. A good idea is to 
have the character move to the event, or at least near it if its a visible 
8. 2 Way Choice

This is where you get 2 choices, usually used for save points or in shops 
sometimes if someone is asking you a question. You get a menu:

Yes/No- You give a yes or no answer to the question.

Messages: instead of yes or no you give a message

Probability: Instead of a choice the game selects the probability of something 
happening like for instance stepping on a switch and you give it a 1% 
probability of giving you 10,000 gold.

Win/Loss usually used with a battle you can change what will happen after the 
battle if you won or you loss. (Used for arenas if you want a Legend of Dragoon 
or, Star Ocean 2 type thing)
9. 3 Way choice

Like 2 way choice but you're adding a 3rd choice to it.
10 Switching

A switch is something many don't know how to use but once you figure it out 
switches are essentials to good RPG's. Example is the best way to explain.

Joe goes to the castle to see the king, the king gives Joe a sword. Joe leaves 
the castle and he sets switch 001 when he leaves. When 001 is set you make a 
second page explained in page options where when Joe comes back to the castle 
the king died of a heart attack.

If you need more in-depth on switching e-mail me.

11 Change Screen

Need to change the screen because of the event like flashing or if you have the 
character looking out over something, well here is how to do it!

Shift Screen: You can Shift the screen Up, Down, Left, or Right up to 65 
different places all over the map. For Example a character doesn't know you are 
there so it may be walking around then stop and see you.

Default Screen: After Shifting the Screen have it snap back into place.

Flash Screen: Have the screen Flash for a brief moment.

Swing Screen: Have the Screen Shake.

Change Color: Change the screen color

Default Color: Have the screen go back to its original color.
12 Inventory

Add an item to your inventory, or cash or remove an item. These may be commonly 
used with treasure chest or giving or getting an important item from, them add a 
tone and a message to confirm it.
13 Wait

This disables any screen actions characters will still move but you won't move. 
These are commonly used when maybe a big event happened, or you are "Waiting" 
for someone to come out the house etc.
14 Event Status

Change the event direction graphics and other things for effect of the moment.

Event Direction: Change the way the event is facing character object etc.

Move Event: Move the event up to 99 spaces in 4 different directions

Move Event To Point: Make the event move to a certain point, have person leave 

Flashing Event: Make the event flash for up to 24.4 seconds

Change Event Graphic: Change the look of the character item for instance a 
closed then opened door.

Unable To Execute: Anything after this won't happen
15 Party Display

Disappear: Make the party invisible although they can still bump into people and 
things and activate events

Ghost: Make your party look like ghost (sort of see through) This is used say if 
they go back in time and they are seeing something and they are not really 

Default: Have your party go back to normal

Flashing: Have your party Flash for up to 24.4 seconds

Main Character: Change the graphics of the main character in front.
16 Party Members
You can change your parties make up by adding or getting rid of a party member.

Add; Means someone new joins you, usually accompanied with a message or some 
sort of sound.

Remove; Someone has to leave now =(

Change whole Party: Change everybody in the party

Move to Front: Move a Party member from the back into the front usually used 
when that character is going back to its hometown.
17: Move Party

Character Direction: Change the direction of the main character so he can look 
around or turn around and speak to his party.

Move Party: move the party a certain point usually use this with the take over 
event option.

Move Party To Point: Move Party To A Certain point on that Dungeon.

Gather Party Members: Make it so that the Party is right behind the main 
character where you cannot see them.
18: Party Status
Change the party Status badly, say if they are walking through a poisonous marsh 
or a character like a witch petrifies them

Poison, Paralyze, Petrify, Restore Status, Increase/Decrease Hp/MP, Increase 
19:  Character Status
You can set it so a character loses or gain abilities or stats similar to the 
Party Status mentioned above.

Learn Magic- Have them learn a new magic spell say if they meet a wise men or a 
Change Skill- Say they are at a P.O.W. camp and some old dude taught him 
something well here is the new skill.  
Remove Equip: Some bully stole your fitted Yankees cap.
You can also Change, STR, DEF, STA, INT, Agi, Luck, or M Def
20:  BGM

Change the Background Music. You change the volume or the tempo and you can do 
reverb. Reverb is the depth of it. 
21: Sound Effect

You can make a Sound Effect here you can also change its pitch from Loooooow to 
22 Shop
With the exception of INN you should have a message before doing this. Inn comes 
equipped with message, the other ones don't. You should have an ending message 
as well, like Thanks for shopping!

INN:  Select the value at staying at the inn from 1-9999 be smart please...

Item: Item Shop select items you want to be put in the shop you already set the 
values for them. Think though you want cheap items for the beginning and 
expensive in the end.

Skill: Set the new Skills you can obtain here, a shop like this one should be in 
an odd place or taught by a wizard or a town bum.

Trade: This is a unique shop where you give item(s) in return for item(s). You 
can't trade an item for the same item.
23: Battle
This is usually used for a boss fight or an important fight.

Select Monster: Select the boss to be used
BGM: Select Back ground Music
Battle Until End: Set this on so that the battle will end when you defeat the 
Battle To: Set the number of rounds this battle will have
24: Game System

Magic Level, Equip, Skill, Gold, Monster can be set on or off
25: Effect

You can make an effect happen like an exploding rock or a lightening bolt plus 
some more.

Explosion: Pick from 15 other things besides explosion
Main character make it happen where the main character is at.
Sound Effect: Add a sound to it
Preview: See what it looks like

26: Display Title

Self Explanatory really, shows the title you made in Title Edit.
27 Ending

Change the BGM and show the ending now
Snap shot, take a clip of the scene so it can be used at the end, for background
28: Prohibit Escape:

Make escaping a dungeon impossible, using the escape dungeon magic.
29:Save Point
Make a Save Point For Your RPG, usually placed before a boss fight and make it 
stand out. Also a message before it like "Do You wish to save?" Is helpful
30: Next Scenario

Sort of like Change Disk in other RPG's this is used when you have so much 
Scenario data it doesn't fit on one Memory Card.
31: Exit Event

Make the Event stop at what point it is.

Anime Maker Walkthrough 

RPG Data: This is used for creating ,a Title Screen, Enemies or, Character Main 
or Town Folk. You can also edit existing characters title screens or Monsters!

This is how it works when you create things. From scratch is pretty hard, how 
about VERY Hard and time consuming. A Very useful thing no one knows about yet 
is editing existing characters. Go to the memory card icon on the bottom of the 
screen. Then Edit, you can change hues of the character if say you disagree with 
the hair color or you don't like palettes offered. Knowing what character a 
color you want to edit before hand saves time. You can also edit the characters 
used for animation and non RPG Maker Data here. The same goes for title screen 
and monster although they are more difficult to edit a few brush-ups on a 
monster never hurt anyone.

With Animation or creating a story you use some pretty basic characters. I won't 
go to in depth here since you get a very easy to use in game walkthrough any 
thing I say here is already explained in the game. Just press square where you 
are stuck.

Game FAQ
Idea E-mail me: I answer question I post question to stop the flow of e-mails.

!:  Switches?!? Help!

A: Millions of e-mail on this one well I got I will use a great example for this 
one. Here is a step by step explanation of switches.

This is the scenario:
John wants to get into the hut. The hut leader will not let him in because he 
doesn't have the password. John goes to see Dyson Dyson knows the password. 
Dyson gives John the password. John goes back to the hut and the hut leader 
allows Dyson through.
How do you do it?! Simple!

First: Go to Create Event in front of the hut.
Create event Graphic then set it so he doesn't move. 
Display message: You can't get in with out the password.
Now press Triangle.
Now add page Front.
Now scroll down to page conditions
Go to switching. 
Put switch 001 on.
Now go to display message: You have the password you can enter.
Now go to event status move event 1 left.
Now Create a new event
Set the event graphics and have it do not move.
Display Message: The password is RPG Maker
Now go to Switching Switch on 001.

Now Test play. First go to the hut guy then to Dyson and then to the hut guy. I 
can't think of any better way to explain this!

Q: How can I have an event start as soon as I get on the screen:

A. Thatís called an Intro Event, it will always start as soon as you get there.

Q: Was the Game Easier of Harder than You expected?

A: Actually in MY OPINION I though it would take a month to figure it out. It 
took me a complete day to figure out how to use each feature. So it was 
basically easier than I expected

Q: Is it worth buying?

A: Depends on how much of an RPG freak you are. If you are a casual player who 
is satisfied with a good adventure, then you do not need this. If you are a 
hardcore RPG player, who loves the thrill of blasting through RPG's and you need 
more then you need this game!

Q: Can you make your own battle system or use a pre-determined battle system?

A: Pre-determined, itís a LOT like Phantasy Star.

Q: Why did you spend the time to write a FAQ for rpg maker?

A: Well, I waited MONTHS for the game. Then it finally got here, I spent that 
entire day playing it, and then I curved my skills in it. Then I reviewed it and 
got numerous questions for it. Then I figured to help more people I would do a 
FAQ on it.  

Q: Do I get to design the graphics of the characters, enemies, such...and how 
in-depth do I get to make the combat system?

A: Yes, you have to be a good artist to do it from scratch, but editing is easy 
but a pain in the wrist with a controller. It can go from mashing X to using 
skills and special attacks.

Q: How come when I went to create event I created it, now I'm on test play and 
all I see is a Black Screen?

A; You forgot to create the dungeon, or you placed the event in the place where 
you can't see anything?

Q: How come I'm walking all over buildings and water and stuff?

A; Because you are in test play, in actual play it does not do that.

Q: What does the cover look like?

A; There is a kid on the bottom and the rest of the cover is red with monsters 
on it.


I would like to thank the following:
God for life and the butt of steel to make me sit here and type all this

gamefaqs for hosting my FAQ, and all my other random spewage.

I would like to thank ( for the attack +1 skill 

Agetec for not releasing this game in December or later...

Gobli the Goblin I want to be a boss too!

And all the guys from gamefaqs who reek of awesomness!
Come visit my E-Fed!!(Cheap plug) All you e-fed guys reek of awesomeness as 

It reeks of awesomeness!!!


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copyright of the author. This can not be altered or transmitted or publicly 
displayed without the written consent of the author (

Copyright 2000 By Dyson Turner 


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