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PlayStation Cheats and Tips

Written By: Spit
Using these tips could severly spoil the full enjoyment of Silent Hill.
Try the game first and only return here if you become hopelessly stuck.

Take radio.  
Leave Cafe and follow the red arrow on the map to Cheryl off Finney St.
Find the note that says Cheryl is at the school.
Go to the alleyway behind the cafe on Bachman Road.  

You will find a fence-gate that states OFF LIMITS.
Collect Key of Woodman

Go to bridge and search the police car for Key of Lion

Bottom of Elroy Street.  Walk the plank for Key of Scarecrow

Go to Matheson Street for a clue to go to the Dog House on Levin St.  
You cannot go to the house without reading the notes.

Go to Midwich Elementary School.
The school bus has a save point inside.

Floor 2 Lab Equip Room - Alcohol
Floor 2 Chemistry Lab - Pour alcohol over hand and take Sun Crest
Put Crest into left hand section at Clock Tower.

Go to Music Room.
There are five keys that don't play a note.
Number them from 1 to 5 from left to right in your mind.
If you cannot work out the puzzle on the wall (black keys are 
Ravens and Crows because they are black) then press the blank
keys in this order:  2 (white), 4 (white), 5,  3 (white),  1

If you don't understand this then do it this way.
 2 4   7 9  11
1 3 5 6 8 10  12

Now press these keys: 3, 10, 11, 8, 2.

Take Silver Moon and put in the Clock Tower.
Check the Clock Tower Door.
Now go to basement and click switch.

Return to Clock Tower and go to 'other side'.
Collect from Storage Room : Rubber Ball
Collect Yellow Card and go to the Room behind the 
Reception and put it into the door slot. 

Get key to the Library Reserve from Locker Room

Go to roof and plug hole with ball.
Turn taps and flood gutter.
Go to ground floor outside yard and collect key from corner.

Boiler Room:  Valves and Gate.
Turn the right valve left twice.
Turn the left valve right once.

Kill the boss as he opens his mouth
Collect the K. Gordon key

On way to Church through Gordons house collect gasoline (Hard Level only)
and chainsaw or Rock drill.

Cross Bridge.
Go towards the hostpital.  

The Hospital is fairly straightforward.
Here are a few of the puzzles though.

Use Blood Pack on Octopus/snakes???

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four leaf clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

Blue on Top Right
Green on Bottom Right
Yellow on Bottom Left
Red square on Top Left

Use the alcohol and lighter on vines in the grill at Basement floor

Zodiac Chart puzzle.
Easy... count arms and legs and insert number.
eg  Fish have no legs but Bull has four and crab has ten.

Reapers List.
Arrange names in order of age and take initials to form the word ALERT.

Electric Key.
Switch off power in basement.

Top floor doors.
Use camera on pictures either side of alter to reveal code.

At end of hospital level collect key for Antique shop from Lisa Garland.

Leave hospital and go to Antique shop.

Kill larvae in shopping mall.

Return to hospital and then fce the giant moth.

Go to waterworks and smash lock.  Enter sewer and don't forget the map
as you cannot come back.

Read Kaufman's Receipt.  
The combination is 0473 at Indian Bar.

The reception combo is 0886 for the magnet.
Go to Apartment 3 at motel and use Kaufmans's Key
Magnet retrieves key under sideboard.
Use key on Motorcycle.

To kill Cybil keep running away until she runs out of bullets (ten).
Then simply blast her with the rifle or use bottle filled with liquid 
collected from Directors Floor in Hospital.

Poor ending but great outtakes after the credits make the game worthwhile.
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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