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SILENT HILL - Plot Guide
Written By: President Evil

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    | | |_|| || |   | |   |  \  | |  | |   | | | || || |   | |
    | \___ | || |   | |_  |   \ | |  | |   | |_| || || |   | |
    \___  \| || |   |  _| | |\ \| |  | |   |  _  || || |   | |
     _  \ || || |   | |   | | \   |  | |   | | | || || |   | |
    | |_| || || |__ | |__ | |  \  |  | |   | | | || || |__ | |__
    \_____/|_||____||____||_|   \_|  |_|   |_| |_||_||____||____|
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               | |  |    | |   |     | |  | |  |  | | |_
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               |    |    | |   |     | |  | |  |  | | |
               |    |__  \_/   |     \_/  \_/  _  |_/ |__

              Uncopyrighted material 1999 President Evil

1.         Table of Contents
1.         Table of Contents
2.         Updates
3.         Introduction
4.         The complete plot
5.         Endings
6.         Next Fear
7.         Analysis
8.         The Making of Silent Hill
9.         Frequently Asked Questions
10.        Credits

***********************WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS**********************
This thesis is written as a serious discussion of the themes of the
videogame SILENT HILL created by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. 
All plotlines and characters are the sole property of Konami, while the 
views contained within are the deductions of President Evil. This thesis 
CONTAINS SPOILERS of the videogame currently on store shelves. If you 
have not already played SILENT HILL, the author strongly suggests that 
you do so before examining the document contained herein. The best 
introduction to the games is to play them. 

You can always find the newest version of this guide at the following 
locations on the web:
            Evil Online(My site) -

2.         Updates
March 1, 1999 - Version 1, posted at and at Central Silent
April 1, 1999 - Version 2. Added Updates and FAQ section. Added to 
                Credits Section.
April 19, 1999- Version 3. Cleaned out FAQ section. Added logo at the 
                top. Added Analysis section to formally state my opinon.

3.         Introduction
The biggest question on the internet regarding the game SILENT HILL by 
Konami is not where to find the Scarecrow Key or how is the constel-
lation puzzle solved. The most often asked question regarding the game
is "What is the story?????"

In an effort to answer this most debatable question, the author has 
assembled this brief summary of the plot. Included within the summary 
are some general assumptions and deductions that the author feels can
be safely made when the plot is firmly laid out as it has been in this
document. But the author acknowledges that whatever has not been stated
precisely in the game in regards to the plot can only be guessed about
or hypothesized in regards to. The author agrees that some debate may
arise due to the contents of this document, and therefore holds that
none of the statements made herein that are not already stated by the 
videogame are subject to be null and void. Therefore, please do not 
badger the author regarding statements contained herein that are 
obviously his opinions. 

This plot summary is set up as it occurs in the game, as if the player
performed the actions necessary to get the Good+ ending. The other 
endings of the game are also acknowledged in a brief section afterward,
and vital clues as to the nature of the plot is also contained in these
endings. Therefore several assumptions in the plot analysis section 
which may seem to be absolute fabrications are in fact based on state-
ments made by the characters of the game during all the various endings.
The author has drawn on every source available, including e-mails from
Konami Entertainment, to draw his conclusions.

This document does not contain solutions to all of the puzzles of the 
game, nor is it intended as any kind of a walkthrough or guide to 
completing the game. This document pertains to just the elements of the 
story and a possible explanation of those elements. For a complete
walkthrough, the author suggests the reader visit and 
read any of the assorted walkthroughs there.

Now that the grim legal crap has been fully fledged and the author has
disavowed himself of any responsibility for what is said herein, enjoy 
this brief plot analysis of Konami's masterpiece videogame, SILENT HILL.

4.         The Complete Plot
        "The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh"

With this dark and enigmatic phrase, the intro movie of Silent Hill 
begins. The very first image depicts Harry and his wife, finding a baby
on the side of the road somewhere. They are both instantly fond of the 
infant. The next several shots relive what is to come in the game. Then 
the time switches back to the present, where we see Harry and Cheryl 
heading down the highway in his jeep to Silent Hill for a vacation. 
Then a serious of simultaneously occurring scenes happen, in no 
particular order:
    *In a hospital bed, a young woman with severe burns awakens.
    *In a corridor of the hospital, a doctor and nurse are engaged in a 
     vicious argument.
    *Brahms Police Officer Cybil Bennet gets called to venture to 
     neighboring Silent Hill to investigate strange phenomenon.
    *Cybil races past Harry on her motorbike.
    *Dahlia runs, terrified. She knows that something has awakened.
    *Harry passes Cybil's crashed motorbike. This is not a good sign.
    *A young woman steps out in front of Harry's car. He swerves and 

The first scene of the game shows Harry regain consciousness. Cheryl is
missing. Harry climbs out of the wreckage and starts looking around. 
Silent Hill is covered in a bizarre fog. It is lightly snowing. Hearing
footsteps, Harry runs around the corner and catches sight of Cheryl. But
when he calls out to her, she runs off into the fog. Harry pursues Cheryl
down an alley. Hopping a gate, he comes across the splattered remains of
what might have been a dog. Further down the alley, air raid sirens start
going off and a sudden darkness falls. Harry uses his lighter to continue
forward. The snow changes suddenly into a light rain. He comes across a 
broken wheelchair and a hospital gurney with a bloody corpse. The walls 
change from cinderblock to chainlink fence and barbed wire. Puddles of 
blood become more frequent, until Harry comes to an area full of dismem-
bered body parts. He examines the horrible collage.

Suddenly Harry finds himself surrounded by ugly little knife-wielding 
dwarven creatures. He runs past them and back out of the alley, only to 
find a dead end where he'd just come in. The creatures surround him and 
seize him, and then the stabbing begins. Harry dies....

Next, Harry lays on a bench in a café. His heart pounding in his ears, 
he wakes as if from a bad dream. Cybil Bennet has been sitting nearby.

Cybil and Harry introduce themselves to each other. She is a cop from 
Brahms, the next town over. She was told that all communication with 
Silent Hill was abruptly cut off, and she has come to investigate. Harry 
asks her if she's seen his daughter. She has not. Harry gets up to go 
look for Cheryl. Cybil protests, but Harry cannot be dissuaded. So 
Cybil gives Harry a gun to protect himself with. She has a feeling 
that things are not right in this town. Now that Harry is up and moving 
around, she has to go back to Brahms for reinforcement. She leaves.

Harry searches and finds some useful items in the café, except there's 
a radio that doesn't seem to work. As he is leaving, the radio suddenly 
bursts into a high-pitched ringing. Harry returns to the table to 
examine the strange device. A giant winged demon bursts through the 
window and knocks him down. He gets up quickly and shoots the strange 
creature several times until it's dead. He realizes that unlike his 
dream, this creature is real.

Harry searches the areas where he saw himself in his dream. His car's a 
total wreck, but luckily there are supplies at the local convenience 
store. He is hounded by more winged demons and also dog demons.

He finds the alley where he had followed Cheryl in his dream, and there
he finds a dead end instead of a bloody murder scene. Cheryl's sketch-
book lies on the ground, with pages torn out and written on by her. She
has written "To School". Harry checks his tourist map of the town and
heads that way.

He finds that several of the town's roads have been cut off by strange 
cataclysms, which ripped impassable chasms in the ground. At the edge 
of the chasm which cuts off Matheson St., Harry finds more pages from 
Cheryl's sketchbook. On these she has written "Doghouse. Levin St."

Inside the blood-splattered doghouse in the frontyard of a house on 
Levin St., Harry finds a key taped under the roof inside. It unlocks 
the house in front of which the doghouse sits. Harry finds three 
padlocks on the back door and a map showing him where to find the keys. 
He notes this information on his map and goes searching.

Finding the three keys scattered about the North end of Old Silent Hill, 
he returns to the doghouse house and uses them to open the door. In the 
backyard, a strange darkness quickly descends, just like in his dream.

At the northern part of the western side of Old Silent Hill, Harry 
finds that the freeway which runs past the town has completely 
collapsed. He makes his way south toward Midwich Elementary School.

Inside the school he finds a strange riddle that must be solved 
involving the clock tower in the courtyard and three different times of
night. While trying to find clues and items to solve the riddle, he 
finds the school to be infested with the short child demons from his 

After finding what he needs to unlock the clock tower, he descends into 
a strange subterranean passage. When he climbs to the surface on the 
other side, he finds himself right back in the school's courtyard, only 
it is raining like in his dream and someone has painted a huge archaic 
symbol in the center of the area.

He finds himself in an "alternate" version of the schoolhouse, which 
has been converted by the short demons into a horrid torture dungeon. 
He must follow a path left to him by locked doors. In a teacher's area, 
he finds some phones that don't work. When he's about to walk out of 
the room, one of them begins suddenly ringing. On the line is Cheryl. 
She is terrified and lost. She cries out for him. The line goes dead. 
(Of all the scenes in Silent Hill, this one sends shivers up my spine 
every time.)

In the school library he finds two books of interest. One is called 
"The Monster Lurks". It is open to a certain page:

       "Chapter 3.
       ...Poltergeists are among these. Negative emotions, 
       like fear, worry or stress manifest into external 
       energy with physical effects. Nightmares have, in 
       some cases, been shown to trigger them. However, 
       such phenomena do not appear to happen to just 
       anyone. Although it's not clear why, adolescents,
       especially girls, are prone to such occurrences."

Another book recounts a childhood fairytale about a lizard monster and 
the hunter who slew it by waiting until its mouth opened and then killed
it with a single shot.

In the basement boiler room, a bizarre immolation lights an area. A 
gigantic shape moves toward Harry. He blasts away at it, but it's no 
good. When it opens its mouth wide to swallow him, he fires into the 
beast's core. The creature suddenly collapses and melts away. Air raid 
sirens scream and all becomes dark again. 

In the corner of the room, a young woman steps away from the wall and 
offers Harry a pleasant smile. Then she drops a key and disappears, and 
the boiler room returns to normal. Harry is befuddled. The key she 
dropped says "K. Gordon" on it. He takes it and runs back upstairs.

Light pours into the schoolhouse, refreshing everything. Snow can be 
seen falling outside the windows once again. Harry's back in whatever 
weird version of Silent Hill he was in to start with. A church bell is 
ringing like crazy somewhere outside. Harry looks on his town map and 
finds the Balkan Church, obviously his next destination. At the 
reception desk, Harry finds a teacher's register and makes a note of 
K. Gordon's address on his map.

There are still winged and dog demons trying to make supper out of 
Harry along the way, but he makes it to the backyard of K. Gordon's 
house and uses his key to get in. He continues out the front door, and 
from there he races to the church.

In the church, Harry meets a sinister old woman who's been waiting for 
him. She would seem to be a witch of sorts, mentioning Gyromancy and 
other spells, and producing a strange relic called the Flauros. She 
directs Harry to follow the path that has been laid out for him. She 
leaves him the Flauros and a key to the town's drawbridge, and runs off. 
Harry takes the items and heads for the drawbridge.

After using the mechanism to lower the drawbridge, Harry leaves Old 
Silent Hill and enters a new area called Central Silent Hill, or "the 
shopping district". The police station is nearby, but no one is there 
to help him. Harry finds notes from an officer's investigation of a 
strange hallucinogenic drug manufactured in the area from a flower 
called White Claudia, a plant species unique to the area. There is also 
a note from a coroner regarding an officer's death. Apparently the man 
died from a heart attack with no prior history of heart disease. 
(Editor's Note - This can happen, a person CAN die of a heart attack
with no prior history. Perhaps it's supposed to be strange in the game,

At the Alchemilia Hospital, Harry enters the reception area only to 
hear a gunshot from the next room. In there is Dr. Michael Kauffman, 
the hospital's director. He has just killed a winged demon and is 
feeling a bit jumpy. He fires at Harry, but finally realizes Harry is 
another human being. Claiming that he woke from a nap to find that 
everyone had disappeared and snow was falling, he doesn't know what is 
going on in Silent Hill. He hasn't seen Harry's daughter, and casts 
dispersions on whether or not she's still alive. With a hasty goodbye, 
he leaves Harry alone.

Searching the first floor rooms, Harry finds a newspaper with today's 
date. An article has been clipped out. In other rooms he finds a key to 
the basement and some strange things in Kaufmann's office. Someone has 
torn the room apart looking for something, and there is a glass bottle 
smashed on the floor behind the desk, spilling some kind of red 
substance everywhere. Getting a plastic bottle from the kitchen next 
door, Harry scoops some up for possible use later. He heads down to the 

Harry finds that the generator has been shut down. He powers it up so 
that he can use the elevator to search for Cheryl on the upper floors. 
Taking the elevator up to level 2, Harry gets out and finds the door 
locked.  The same situation exists on 3. But when Harry gets back on 
the elevator, a button for a 4th level has appeared on the control 
panel. Getting his gun ready, he heads up to investigate this new 

Across town, the mysterious girl that keeps appearing to Harry walks 
into an antique shop.

The 4th floor of the hospital exists in that strange otherworld of 
Silent Hill. Harry proceeds to the back of the hospital, and suddenly 
it is quite dark once again. With all other doors on the 4th locked, 
Harry heads down the stairs to the 3rd floor. The hospital staff turns 
up. They are all twisted and hunched things now, groaning painfully in 
the darkness. All share the same symptom, something grows in an 
embryotic sac on their backs. The staff have found the surgical 
instruments, and chase after Harry with them like demented fools. 

In the bathroom he finds a blue "Plate of Turtle". He takes it in case 
it might be handy later. In another room is a working VCR. Harry makes 
note of it on his map and continues.

Harry finds more colored plates, and eventually a door to unlock with 
them. On the other side, Harry finds an army of mutating nurses and 
doctors, and also a key to the basement storage room.

In the basement, Harry finds a large shelf that has been pushed back 
and forth a lot. Behind it is a secret door. The trapdoor in the next 
room is covered with vines. After some improvisation with rubbing 
alchohol and a lighter, Harry descends into a very weird area with six
adjacent doors. In one room he finds a videotape, and it would appear
that someone has been kept down here until just recently, separate from
the other patients. There is a picture of the woman who ran out in front
of his car. Alessa is her name. There is an examination room key right 
next to it, so Harry takes it and heads back up to level 3.

Inserting the videotape into the VCR, Harry is treated to a very 
distorted and short segment. Unable to make heads or tales of it, he 
keeps the videotape and goes back down to level 1.

In the examination room where he first met Kaufmann, Harry's light 
finds a young woman in a nurse's outfit hiding under the table. Her 
name is Lisa, and her story is the same as Kaufmann's. She doesn't 
know anything about the weird rooms in the basement. Suddenly the air 
raid sirens start up. Harry collapses to the ground with a strange pain 
in his head.

Harry finds himself sitting in the examination room alone, wondering if 
everything he just experienced was some kind of dream. In walks the 
crazy old lady from before. She finally introduces herself as Dahlia 
Gillespie. She warns Harry that the mark of Samael is everywhere, and 
that it will soon be "completed". Harry must go to the "Other Church".
According to her, darkness threatens to swallow the town. She leaves a 
key on the desk and runs out. Harry reads the inscription on the key, 
which says "antique shop".

Finding the location on his Central Silent Hill map, Harry fights his 
way through the town's new inhabitants to the antique shop. Inside, he 
finds yet another cabinet that is covering up a doorway. Cybil joins 
him, having followed him in from the street. She saw Cheryl walking 
across the schism at the south end of Bachman Road, as if she were 
walking on air. Cybil doesn't know who Dahlia Gillespie is, but figures 
that the woman must be rambling because she's on drugs. Apparently 
illegal narcotics are distributed to the tourists in town. Cybil and 
her squad have been investigating, but haven't gotten any leads on 
who's behind it. Perhaps the "darkness" devouring town that Dahlia was 
referring to is that. Harry doesn't think so, and brings up Silent Hill's
sinister other side. But Cybil hasn't seen the strange other world Harry
keeps slipping into. 

Harry steps through the hole in the wall to investigate the passageway 
within. At the very back is a pagan altar, upon which rests a chalice 
containing a strange powder. Wondering what kind of religion would be 
practiced in such a place, Harry starts to head back out. The altar 
blazes with fire. 

Concerned, Cybil follows Harry to check up on him. When she gets to the 
pagan altar, Harry has disappeared. Harry wakes up in the hospital 
examination room. Lisa tells him he was having a nightmare. Harry notes
that she doesn't look very healthy. She tells him not to worry himself.
When he asks if she knows someone named Dahlia Gillespie, Lisa says that
the old lady is kind of famous around town. Apparently she's been 
considered something of a parriah since her child was killed in a fire 
seven years ago. Gillespie has also been rumored to have connections to
black magic. Lisa relates the towns' history of occultism and how it 
changed as the town grew. The last time this secret history was mentioned
was seven years ago, when several people involved in the growth of the town
died in mysterious accidents.

Harry suddenly awakens in a different place. He is in an alternate 
version of the antique shop. He becomes concerned that everthing he is 
experiencing is happening in his head, and that really he is lying in a 
hospital bed unconscious from a car wreck.

He runs down the street, but Alternate Silent Hill is full of enemies 
that overwhelm him. He ducks through a hole in the security fence on 
the entrance of the Silent Hill town center.

The Town Center is dark and quiet. Harry starts to ascend one of the 
inoperative escalators when a television display nearby comes on suddenly
by itself. Cheryl is on the monitors, begging for Harry to come save her.
Then flashes of Alessa and the mark of Samael flash on the screens. 
Thinking she might be somewhere in the mall, Harry hurries up the 

There is only one shop Harry can enter, a jewelry store. After finding 
some supplies in here, he comes back out to find a large worm of some 
kind chewing on a corpse. Disgusted, Harry moves toward it to kill the 
disrespectful maggot when the floor suddenly gives way beneath him. 

Harry plummets into a sand-filled room. A larger version of the maggot 
he previously saw rises out of the sand and shoots a poisonous cloud at 
him. Seeing a rifle leaning against the wall, Harry takes it and hunts 
the creature as it slides in and out of the sand. After he puts several 
bullets into it, the worm curls up, then digs into the sand. When it 
reemerges, it breaks through a glass double-door. Harry must use this 
makeshift exit to leave the room before it comes back.

Running through alternate Silent Hill, Harry avoids the town's terrible 
guardians and makes his way back to the safety of the hospital.

Lisa is happy to see Harry. She's heard a lot of strange noises in the 
hosptial and it's scaring the hell out of her. Harry wants to get to 
the lake to try to find Cheryl. Lisa tells him that the only way to get 
there is to go South on Bachman road. Harry knows that Bachman is 
blocked off that way. She suggests that he go to the abandoned 
waterworks by the Midwich Elementary School, that the sewers will lead 
to the lake area. Harry tries to get Lisa to go with him for safety, 
but she feels like some force wishes her to stay in the hospital.

Harry finds that alternate Silent Hill has undergone a dramatic change. 
All but the hospital and post office across the street have disappeared. 
Something is summoning him to the top of the post office, it would seem.
Harry climbs the steps.

On the roof, the maggot is back. Only it has matured into a gigantic 
moth with a huge stinger. Harry plays cat and mouse with the thing, 
blasting it with his rifle and shotgun. Eventually the creature falls 
away. The air raid sirens scream, and suddenly the darkness is replaced 
by light and snow. Harry is back in the more normal Silent Hill once 

At the waterworks beside the school, Harry finds the gate bound by a 
padlock that is quite old and rusty. He beats the lock off with a pipe 
and takes the ladder down the open vent into the sewers.

The sewers are not a safe passage to the lake, it turns out. Giant 
green creatures scuttle across the floor and ceiling toward Harry, 
swiping at him savagely. Once he finds a map of the sewers and the exit 
key, he is better able to move on. He finally finds the area he needs 
to get into, but it too requires a key. Harry backtracks, finding a 
pool at the other end of the sewer where the shiny key rests in a red 
murk. When Harry grabs the key, he is suddenly surrounded by sewer 
beasts, angry that he has taken their treasure. Running like crazy, 
with a dozen mutants on his heels, Harry finds a ladder to the surface.

It is night when he exits the sewer. He finds himself behind a 
dilapidated building. A tourist map is nearby, and Harry starts making 
his way around in the dark.

Everything padlocked except a place called Annie's Bar. Inside Annie's
Bar, Harry finds Dr. Kaufmann losing a battle with a new kind of short
demon. Harry shoots the beast and saves the doctor. (Short dialogue 
sequence.) The doctor dropped an envelope containing a key marked "3"
and a receipt from the Indian Runner Grocery store with the number 0473
written on it.

At the Indian Runner, Harry finds a log book in which the proprietor 
has made notes regarding the holding of packages for an unnamed man and 
woman. Finding a key to the safe, Harry finds packets of drugs inside. 
Harry has just gained a lead on Cybil's drug investigation. Kaufmann is 
somehow involved in the drug operation, and so is Dahlia. There are 
notes to make deliveries to Norman's Motel and the combination to the 
back door. Harry finds the closest motel on his map and hurries in that

Pressing the combination into the electronic keypad at the motel's back 
door, Harry gets into the manager's quarters. He finds the same 
newspaper as in the hospital and reads the article that was clipped out.
It details the investigation of the drug racket in Silent Hill and the 
death of the officer involved. Kaufmann uses witchcraft to cover his 
tracks. He may be involved in what is going on with the nightmare 
creatures and the "Otherworld".

In Kaufmann's motel room, Harry finds a key to a motorcycle. Having 
seen a motorcycle in the manager's garage, he heads back over there and 
finds that the bike is dusty, but someone has recently removed the gas 
cap. He unlocks the cap. In the tank is a bottle of the same red 
substance Harry found on the floor of Kaufmann's office. Kaufmann 
enters at that point and goes balistic. He yanks the substance away 
from Harry and suggests that he stick to business and quit screwing 
around, or he could end up dead. With this veiled threat, Kaufmann 
leaves and Harry returns to pursuing his lost daughter.

As Harry crosses the bridge toward the amusement park, a natural hiding 
place for a kid, Silent Hill suddenly becomes its dark other. Harry 
dashes for safety, running down the Silent Hill docks and finding a 
boat to hide in. In the boat's cabin, he finds Cybil. She has been 
introduced to Silent Hill's other side at last. Harry feels that Cheryl 
is being held captive by who or whatever is behind this. Dahlia enters 
suddenly. She tells them that the demon is spreading its wings, 
promoting darkness. The mark of Samael is all over town. Only two more 
are needed to complete the total takeover of the darkside. She says one 
person should go to the lighthouse and the other should go to the 
amusement park. Cybil volunteers, in the hope that she will help save 
Harry's daughter. She heads to the amusement park. Dahlia reminds Harry 
to use the Flauros, that it is a key to stopping the demon. Realizing 
that Cybil may encounter the vanishing girl who seems to be behind all 
this, Harry thinks about going after her. Dahlia steps out of the cabin
and disappears.

Harry continues south to the area on the map where the lighthouse is 
marked. He hurries, hoping not to be too late. After climbing the 
spiral stairwell to the top, Harry finds a giganitic mark of Samael. 
Alessa stands a few feet away. Harry tries to speak to her, but she 
fades away. Harry realizes that he was too late, and that Cybil is now 
in danger and needs his help.

He finds the road to the amusement park area to be incomplete in this 
nightmare world. Nearby, he finds nearby an open access to the water-
works and figures this must be how Cybil is going to the amusement park area.

Carefully moving through the waterworks, Cybil is peeking to see what's 
around the next corner when something hits her square in the back.

Harry races through the waterworks to try to catch up to his partner. 
When he sees the parts of rides that have fallen from above he knows he
can take the ladder up.

Searching the fairgrounds, Harry comes across several rides which are 
working on their own, playing their music and spinning around for their 
demon passengers. One ride is not moving, the merry go round. On this 
ride, Harry finds Cybil slumped in a wheelchair. She rises and moves 
toward him, her eyes red as if she's possessed. She takes out her gun 
and shoots at Harry. Harry runs from her until he has circumnavigated 
the ride, and finds Cybil sitting on one of the horses, waiting for him. 
She hops down and smacks at him. Then abruptly she stops, turns, and shows
him a red patch on her back. In the next second, she is again trying to kill
him. Harry quickly searches his inventory to try to figure out what to do. 
He still has the substance he discovered way back at the hospital. If it 
will bring Cybil back it may be worth trying. He showers her with what 
little he has. Cybil immediately backs off, the red patch on her back 
smoking. She grunts and falls to the ground. Something like a small slug
with a big head slides off of her and tries to crawl away. Harry stomps 

Cybil is back to her old self. Apparently all the hospital staff had
been attacked by the same things she was, a creature that leeches on to 
a human host and takes control of them while it gestates on the victim's 
back. Luckily Cybil's case was not so far advanced that she could be 
saved. Apparently Kaufmann was developing a cure for the affliction, 
and someone wanted to get it and destroy it right before Harry found 
the remains. She wonders why Harry's daughter has been taken. Harry 
explains that Cheryl is not his biological daughter. He and his wife 
found a baby by the side of the road seven years ago. Harry's wife had 
been sick, and the possibility of their having any children wasn't good. 
So they took Cheryl in and made her their daughter. Then Harry's wife 
died. Cheryl may have some link to this town that he didn't know about. 
But he intends to find out.

Leaving Cybil at the merry-go-round to rest up, Harry steps outside and 
sees Alessa walking off. When he gets her attention, she doesn't 
respond to Harry's questions, but instead summons her powers and knocks
him on his butt. When he tries to charge at her, he crashes into some 
kind of force field she has set to protect herself. Harry remembers the 
Flauros and pulls it out. The object glides from his hand and rises in 
the air, emanating a blue light. Harry is absorbed into the light, and 
then a gout of power shoots from the Flauros and knocks Alessa to the 
ground. Sensing the power he now has over her, Harry rematerializes and 
demands to know where his daughter is. Then Dahlia Gillespie shows up. 
Alessa is frightened to see her. Apparently, Dahlia is her mother. The 
Flauros she gave to Harry has put an end to Alessa's nightmare world 
game. Dahlia has used Harry to get the Flauros close enough to Alessa 
to stop her from completing the marks of Samael on her own. The demon 
within her sought to be free in the world on it's own. Now she can 
control the power within Alessa once again. Harry is trying to figure 
out what Dahlia is talking about when Dahlia transports herself and 
Alessa "home" to prepare.

Harry wakes up in the examination room of the hospital. Lisa is leering 
over him, and twitching. But quickly she is her old self again. While 
Harry was gone, she went down to the rooms in the basement Harry had 
mentioned. She seems to remember something about them now as if she'd 
been there before but just couldn't remember. Harry reassures her that 
she's just in a little bit of shock from whatever knocked her 
unconscious, and she'll remember everything soon enough. Fearful, Lisa 
is not sure that she wants to remember and runs out. When Harry goes 
after her, he is not in a hospital corridor, he is on a platform 
floating over nothingness. At the end of the platform is an elevator. 
As he approaches, the elevator opens. Harry realizes that he is being 
summoned somewhere.

He finds himself in a hallway of the hospital. There are several doors 
painted with words like Haggith, Ophiel, and Phaleg. He opens one door 
and finds himself in the antique shop. Behind another door he finds the 
stairs to the basement. But at the bottom of the stairs is a classroom 
from the Midwich Elementary School. A single desk sits in the middle of
the room, the words "Go away Thief" carved into the wooden surface. 
In the next room is the operating room that was once on the second 
floor of the hospital. In here on a towel he finds some bloody tools. 
He heads back up to the hallway and finds a room where a key is stuck 
in a pipe. It is the key to the door marked Ophiel. Behind that door is
another corridor of the hospital. 

Has he been hallucinating this whole time? Has everything that he 
thought occurred to him since his accident really been just his 
delusional wanderings within the twisted corridors of this place?

In what he must have thought of as Kaufmann's office, he finds a 
botanical book that list White Claudia as a ritualistic herb with 
hallucinogenic properties. This must be where the doctor got the idea 
to produce a narcotic.

After solving several puzzles Harry finds a storeroom of sorts. In the 
next room is what he'd thought was the morgue, at the end of which is an
item he'd never noticed before. He takes the star and heads back out. 
Lisa calls out to him. She has followed him because she has realized 
something about herself. She is just like all the others in the hospital,
only she'd forgotten. As Harry backs away, blood pours from her nose, 
eyes and hair sockets. She tries to hug Harry. The horror-stricken man
backs out of the room and blocks the door. Lisa can be heard crying and
knocking on the door. After a few minutes, there is a thud. Harry goes
back into the room. Lisa is gone, but her diary sits in the middle of
the floor. It reads:

	"Ask Doctor to let me quit being in charge of that patient.
	It's too weird.
	Still alive, but with wounds that won't heal.
	Told the doctor I quit. Won't work at that hospital anymore.
 	The room is filled with insects.
	Even with doors
	And windows shut
	They get in to spite me.

	To the hospital...

	Feeling bad. 
	Need to throw up.
	But nothing comes out.
	Vomiting only bile.

	Blood and pus flow from
	The bathroom faucet

	I try to stop it,
	But it won't turn off.

	Need drug.

	Help me..."

It would seem that Lisa was addicted to the drug Kauffman was producing 
from White Claudia.  If she quit the hospital, she was going to lose 
her supply.

Harry finds the room with the VCR and tries to play the videotape again. 
This time the picture and sound are completely clear. The short film 
depicts Lisa sitting at a table, her head in her hands. She is 
confessing that she has discovered the patient in the basement, who 
suffers from wounds that won't heal, but the patient won't die. It is 
obvious at this point that she is referring to Alessa. She has 
attempted to treat the patient, but the situation is just too horrible 
to bear. She begins to plead, and the tape cuts off. The person who 
filmed Lisa must be Kaufmann. As the hospital's director, he obviously 
must have been in a conspiracy with Dahlia and allowed her horribly 
burned child to be kept in a secret room in the hospital basement. He 
charged Lisa Garland to take care of Alessa, since she was addicted to 
the drugs that he was producing, virtually making her his slave. Why he 
videotaped this little session with Lisa is something of a mystery. 
Perhaps she didn't quite say what he thought she'd say.

Behind the final door, the door of Phaleg, is the hallway of the rooms 
that were in the hospital's basement. In the room where he saw Alessa's 
picture by a bed, Harry sees Kaufmann and Dahlia standing over a 
bundled newborn Alessa. They have discovered that Alessa contains only 
half the soul that they were attempting to produce in her birth, and it 
is buried deep in her subconscious. Dahlia figures out a way that they 
might tap the power at any rate, and perhaps draw the other half of the 
soul into Alessa, by treating her cruelly so that the demon inside her 
would want to come to the surface to protect her. One of the others 
agrees that this might work, but it will take a very long time.

Across the hall, Harry finds a replica of a child's room, most likely 
little Alessa's. Five ritual items he's found along the way are needed 
to open the door at the other end of the room.

Behind this door is a replica of a hall in Dahlia's house. Harry is 
witness to another ghostly scene where Dahlia is trying to get Alessa 
to cooperate and share the power within her. But Alessa is resilient, 
hoping that Dahlia would be happy with just the two of them together. 
The words gave Dahlia the idea to have another child, that it would 
have the other half of the soul she and the others seek to raise. As 
the vision fades, Harry feels himself close to the end of this mystery. 
He hurries down the stairs.

At the bottom of the steps is the room in which Harry fought the giant 
lizard. The final mark of Samael has been painted on the floor. A 
burned and bandaged figure is propped up in a wheelchair, and little 
Alessa sits on the floor next to it. Cybil is already here somehow. 
Frightened, she fires at Dahlia. The bullet bounces off some kind of 
forcefield as previously seen. Dahlia then strikes Cybil down. Harry 
arrives at this point and demands to see his daughter. Dahlia teases 
him. Doesn't he recognize her, he's seen her all over town? Harry knows 
that the girl on the floor is not his daughter. Dahlia assures him that 
it is her, she just realized who she really was.

Raising her arms to heaven, Dahlia revels in the fact that her rejoined 
and complete daughter will give birth to a god. The two Alessas are 
combined into one glowing woman.

Kaufmann enters. He realizes that he's been used by Dahlia all these 
years, and that now Dahlia seeks to tap the power of the Evil One for 
her own usage, leaving him out. He's brought his answer to that 
problem. Kaufmann pulls out the bottle of red fluid Harry found stashed 
in the motorcycle. Dahlia immediately recognizes it with horror as 
Aglaophotis. Apparently it was she who ransacked his office and 
attempted to destroy the sample he had there. Kaufmann hurls the bottle 
at Alessa. Dahlia attempts to get in the way and block the missile but 
to no avail. Aglaophotis hits Alessa and breaks, splattering all over 

As with Cybil, the drug is designed to extract the undeveloped creature
inside Alessa. Instead, the girl's back splits open and Samael rises 
into the air, a fully grown demon. He has been nurtured all these years 
inside Alessa's continuous nightmare. Instantly the demon fries Dahlia.
Kaufmann steps back, horrified. The demon attacks Harry with bolts of 
red lightning. Harry cocks his rifle and runs all round the creature, 
blasting it at every opportunity. He runs out of rifle ammo, and 
switches to his shotgun. A few more blasts cause the demon to scream. 
Samael cries out in a woman's voice, totters in the air, and then 
disappates. Alessa's nightmare world shudders and begins to fall apart 
in a hail of fire. Cybil has regained consciousness and sees Harry 
standing across from the fallen Alessa. 

In a corner of the room, the red-eyed Lisa rises from the flames 
beneath the floor behind Kaufmann. She runs up behind the doctor and 
grabs him, startling him. With her new supernatural strength, Lisa 
drags Kaufmann back to her hole in the floor, and pulls him down into 
Hell with her.

Alessa points to a corner of the room. Cybil turns and sees a distant 
blue light a long way off, the exit. Harry approaches Alessa, perhaps 
looking for some trace of the little girl who was his daughter. Alessa 
produces a small bundle and hands it to him. It is a new child. Harry 
makes a dash for the exit. But the roof falls in on him. It looks like 
he isn't going to make it after all. 

The hail of fire is stopped dead in midair. Harry turns and sees that 
Alessa has performed this one last miracle to save him. He turns and 
follows Cybil toward the light. Behind them, Alessa's nightmare world 
falls apart and Alessa dies with it. Cybil and Harry run through Silent 
Hill's more normal streets. Snow is still falling but it won't be for 

In the final shot, Harry stands with Cybil by the side of a road. He 
stoops and picks up the bundle. Cybil is happy to be with him and his 
new baby. With a new daughter to take care of, perhaps Cybil is 
interested in becoming his wife. Harry has regained the family he 
thought he lost.

5.         Endings
There are five possible endings to the game Silent Hill. The one 
described in the plot summary is considered the Good+ ending, and is 
the most full version. In descending order, here is what happens in all 
the other endings. Perhaps there are some clues to the nature of the 
plot in these endings as well.

Good Ending - Same as the ending described above, but Cybil is dead. In 
the final shot Harry is running down a normal highway at night, 
clutching his new baby. He looks up into the sky, perhaps searching for 
some answer as to why this happened to him.

Bad+ Ending - When Alessa is recombined, Harry demands Cheryl be 
returned to him so that they can get out of there. Dahlia calls him a 
fool and says that Cheryl no longer exists. Alessa releases a super-
natural energy that sets Dahlia on fire. Cackling madly, the old witch
burns alive. Alessa then turns her power on Harry, shocking him with 
electric blue lightning bolts. When Harry has shot Alessa enough times,
she cries out and falls. Harry kneels before her. Alessa looks up at him,
but speaks to him in Cheryl's voice. "Daddy," she says, finally 
recognizing him. "Thank you, Daddy. Goodbye." Cheryl's soul is liberated
at last. Alessa disappears. Harry cries out in anguish. Alessa's 
nightmare world crumbles all around him. In the final shot, Cybil regains
consciousness and staggers toward the dazed and kneeling Harry. She lifts
him up and smacks him in the face trying to bring him around. "Harry," 
she says. "GO."

Bad Ending - Same as Bad+ ending, except Cybil is already dead. The 
final shot shows Harry sitting in his jeep, unconscious. Was it all 
just a dream? Harry will find out when he comes to and has to live the 
nightmare for real.

UFO Ending - Or, -the comic relief because you've just ended your game 
a loser- ending. See below for the plot possibilities of the "Next Fear"
save game. When Harry repeats his adventure in Silent Hill, there are
more items and weapons he can find and use. One of these is the 
Channeling Stone. If used at the proper 5 places, the stone will summon 
UFO's which will hover on the horizon and confuse Harry to no end. When
Harry summons the UFO at the lighthouse (the final location), an entire
fleet of UFO's will appear and then land. The rendered "slideshow" 
depicts the large and well-toned aliens disembarking from their ship. 
Harry approaches them and like an idiot asks them if they've seen "a 
little girl, about three feet tall, black hair..." One of the aliens 
whips out a Konami hyperblaster and fries Harry with it. They pick him 
up and drag him onto the ship. The ship lifts off and soars into the 
heavens. The credits roll Star Wars style, rolling up and into the 
distance. A really silly song plays, where someone sounds like they're 
singing "Silent Teal, Silent Teal".

6.         Next Fear
After an initial game is played, the game asks if the player would like 
to save the game he's just played. If the player agrees, instead of a 
town location the slot list the words "Next Fear". There will be more 
items and weapons available in a Next Fear game, and the player can 
make different choices and influence the final outcome differently. 

Instead of starting the game at the very beginning when Harry awakens 
in his truck, the save game starts with Harry waking up in the cafe. 
When this happens the first time, one gets the feeling that the first
game you played was just a bad dream. This, coupled with what happens
at the very end of the Bad ending, might give someone the first 
impression that what is really going on is that Harry and Cybil are both
dead and in Hell, doomed to replay the events of the game over and over.

Here's another idea. At the end of the Good+ game, Harry and Cybil are
seen picking up the infant by the side of the road, exactly as Harry and
his former wife did 7 years ago. With such tenderness and fondness in 
their eyes, is it possible that they will marry and raise the baby 
together? Then, will Cybil develop a terminal illness and die, leaving
Harry to raise this new child on his own? When the child reaches seven
years of age, will Harry decide to take them on a trip to Silent Hill?
It is possible from this that Harry never had another wife, that the 
woman who helped him raise Cheryl was always Cybil, and he just doesn't
remember. When Cybil died, her soul became trapped in Silent Hill forever.
Harry must relive the events that occur in the game over and over because
Samael is willing to play this game over and over until he wins.

When you play a Next Fear game and use the Channelling stone at all the 
locations, in your next game Harry will have the Hyperblaster in his 
inventory screen. Thus, when you start a Next Fear game after the UFO 
ending, Harry has been abducted by aliens, had his memory erased and 
left with the hyperblaster back in the diner. The power controlling 
Silent Hill has reset time so that Harry must begin anew.

7.         Analysis
I decided to add this section in order to state a kind of conclusion to 
this plot guide. What I have done here is written a small essay 
comprised entirely of my own opinion, culled from the facts of the game
(what few are stated). I have done this in order to stem the tide of 
plot based questions. After all, if I'm going to write a plot guide, 
then I might as well guide you!!!

Just keep in mind that most of this is conjecture on my part...

The town of Silent Hill is a sleepy getaway resort town. The area was 
settled sometime in the 1700's by a Puritanical group. Their beliefs
ran afoul of the traditional Christian organization, and they were 
outcasts. They settled in this quiet and peaceful area so that they 
could perform their ceremonies to the gods that existed before God.
They found a certain plant that was unique to this region and named
it White Claudia. Research on the name "Claudia" indicates that it is
connected to worry, anxiety, and possible stomach pain. Perhaps these
are the symptoms caused when this plant is injested. The settlers began
to incorporate this herb into their ceremonies. However, White Claudia
produces a hallucinogen that is highly addictive. It is possible that
these hallucinations corrupted the practices of the group, so that their
belief system changed 180 degrees. The group began to worship the dark 
side, the minions of the opposite persuasion as their former gods. At the
head of these gods was the blind god of ancient hebrew scripture, Samael.

As time passed, the power of the Coven grew. They became able to 
summon their new dark gods and other demons, and many were blessed
with elongated life. The drawback to this was the effect this had on
their physical appearance. Dahlia Gillespie is quite possibly one of
these original settlers to the area.

Over the next century, the township of Silent Hill was chartered. Due
to the location of the town near a beautiful lakeside area, Silent 
Hill soon found itself to be a haven for travelers and vacationers.
The Coven began to practice its alternative religion more discrimin-
antly, keeping their growing powers away from the sight of the new
interlopers. Many of the vacationers loved Silent Hill so much that
they stayed, eventually turning the township into a small city.

The twentieth century brought alot of tourist-based businesses to 
Silent Hill, so the Coven was forced to go underground with their 
practices. They continued to summon their demons in secret, sending 
out these invisible minions to do their hateful bidding. While the 
usual city governing body was established in Silent Hill, the town 
was really ruled by the Coven, who could "make things happen" to 
people that went against their wishes. Yet despite this unholy 
influence, Silent Hill continued to grow in size and geography. Soon
the city was simply too big for the Coven to control.

Then in the early-1980's, a new doctor took over Directorship of the 
Alchemillia Hospital in Silent Hill. Dr. Kaufmann became quickly
aware of the powers contained in Silent Hill, and made contact with
the few remaining members of the Coven. He analysed the substance
they were using in their rituals, and realized that the addictive
properties of White Claudia could be put to use for the Coven. He
set up a manufacturing and distribution network for a drug created
from White Claudia. The idea was to give free samples of the drug to
the "new citizens" and the tourists, making them addicted and vulnerable
to the control of the Coven. Many of the city's businesses were forced 
into the smuggling ring. Failure to comply or reporting to the police
would result in a terrible "accident" happening to the offender. So
Silent Hill's businesses went along with the Coven, and White Claudia
began to influence the town. The local police investigated, but the
threat of supernatural consequences kept everyone from revealing the
source of the drugs.

As the drug operation grew in strength, Silent Hill began to experience
a sharp decline in productivity. Naturally the tourist business began 
to sluff off as a consequence. Silent Hill became a secluded little 
town once again, and slipped further back under the power of the Coven.

With this newfound influence and space in which to operate, the Coven 
decided to seek out and gain the ultimate power available; They would 
bring their god Samael into being. This required the preparation and
creation of a host body, for all that which is living must be made of 
flesh and substance. 

The Coven conjured Samael, possibly in a manner similar to the film 
ROSEMARY'S BABY. (Levin Street refers to the author of ROSEMARY'S
BABY, Ira Levin.) One of the Coven members quite possibly allowed 
Samael to possess him, and then he had intercourse with Dahlia and 
impregnated her with the demon's seed. Dahlia soon gave birth to the 
host body. But upon divine examination of this vessel, the Coven 
realised that the little girl only contained half of their god Samael.
(This is the "ghost scene" that takes place in the room named "Arratron".)
Dahlia suggests that the Coven inflict the host body with cruelty, so that
the half of the soul within the baby will summon the other half to join 
it and protect it. The Coven agrees, but there are complaints that this
will take time.

Dahlia raises the child in a most despicable manner, with plenty of 
torture and abuse. But the demonsoul within the growing girl never does
what Dahlia thought it would. The girl is eventually named Alessa.

After many years (possibly ten), Dahlia finds that her hold over Alessa
and her ability to make the little girl share the power within her gets
weaker and weaker. Alessa becomes more and more resistant to her torture.

One day, during one of these wrestling matches, Dahlia realises what she
must do in order to summon the other half of the demonsoul; The Coven 
must perform the ceremony again, and another child must be conceived.
This child will be another host vessel containing the other half of Samael.

Then, the two host bodies could be magically combined into one "Mother"
being, which will give birth to Samael Himself.(This occurs in the second
"ghost scene" witnessed by Harry.)

The ritual is performed again, and soon another child is born. The Coven 
is successful at last.

Alessa is old enough by this time and has learned enough about her own 
special gifts that she realizes what this means. She has developed her
own personality and will, and she will lose that if she is combined with
this second child into a birthing vessel for a demon god. With the help 
of two of the Coven members, whom she sways to her will with her 
abilities, she steals the baby and hides in an old barn on the outskirts
of Silent Hill. As the Coven members are trying to figure out what to do,
Dahlia learns of the abduction of the baby by Alessa. Summoning demons to
her will, she sends these spectres to take revenge on the traitors. The
demons set half of Silent Hill ablaze, and the entire town is nearly 
destroyed. The hideout is discovered and set fire to, and Alessa is 
consumed with it. She grabs the baby and manages to make it to the 
highway on the other side of the old Silent Hill cemetary. She hides the
baby among the tombstones, just before she is found by Dahlia's minions
and whisked back to town to face severe punishment.

Alessa is so badly burned that she falls into a coma. Kaufmann and 
Dahlia cast a spell on her to prevent her from dying. The two Coven
members who betrayed her are dispatched in gruesome yet seemingly natural
ways. Then Dahlia sends her demons back to the cemetary to find the baby.
But it is too late. A young couple returning from a vacation to Silent 
Hill have stopped by the cemetary, perhaps to soak up some of the history
of their favorite secluded getaway. They find the baby among the tombstones.
Unable to have children of their own and unable to adopt due to the 
illness of the young wife, the couple decide to take in the baby and 
raise it as their own. The young husband, a struggling writer named Harry
Mason, names the baby girl Cheryl. 

They take Cheryl back to their hometown. Sometime after, Harry's wife
dies from complications of her illness. (The influence of supernatural
powers upon her death cannot be ruled out.) Harry's career has taken
off and he's published a few low-circulation books, so he can afford to 
raise Cheryl on his own.

Seven years pass. Cheryl suddenly becomes more inquisitive about her 
mother. Harry would talk about his wife, but he didn't yet feel the
time was right to tell Cheryl that she wasn't really his daughter.
Instead, he promised to take a break from his work on Cheryl's 
"birthday" (probably the day they found her) and take the usually
quiet little girl to the town where he and his wife found Cheryl, Silent

During these past seven years, Alessa has remained deep in her coma. She
is trapped within a nightmare version of Silent Hill, a world of darkness
and pain. The demonsoul within her feeds her this vision, and nourishes
itself on her torment. Dr. Kaufmann has kept Alessa's dormant form locked
in a secret room in the hospital's basement. But he can't take care of 
Alessa around the clock like she needs. He forces one of his nurses to 
care for Alessa. But the nurse, Lisa Garland, is a smart girl in spite
of her addiction to White Claudia, and immediately realizes that there
is something supernatural about her patient. The body has sustained too
much damage, but it won't die and it also won't heal. This horrifying 
fact plus her nightly hallucinations take her to the brink of insanity.
She tells Kaufmann to go to hell and walks out, but can't stay away long.
Kaufmann is her only supplier of the White Claudia she so desperately 

As Harry and Cheryl approach Silent Hill, the demonsoul within Alessa
senses the approach of its other half. Alessa is awakened from her long
sleep, her powers at an all-time peak. She cuts off all exits from the 
town with cataclysmic earthquakes, enshrouding everything in a confusing
mist. She turns all of Silent Hill's White Claudia addicts into demons, 
using the supernatural properties of the drug in their bloodstream to 
metamorphosize them.

In the town neighboring Silent Hill named Brahms, Officer Cybil Bennet 
gets a digital call. Strange events are transpiring in Silent Hill. She
is part of a special task force assigned to investigate this area, 
namely for it's drug trade. She gets on her bike and moves out.

As she hurries to Silent Hill, she passes Harry Mason and Cheryl on their
way into town. A few minutes later, Cybil suddenly disappears off her 
bike. Alessa sensed the interloper coming and teleported her into the 
prison that she's made of Silent Hill. Then, Alessa "dreamwalks" out in
front of Harry's speeding vehicle. Harry sees her form and swerves to 
avoid hitting her. Little does he know that she was never there. Harry
and Cheryl crash. Harry is knocked unconscious.

As the car comes to a rest, Cheryl looks around the town outside the
vehicle with a sense of deja-vu. Intrigued, she leaves her daddy for a
moment and gets out of the wrecked car. Upon leaving the safety of the
vehicle, Cheryl is affected by the power now governing Silent Hill. She
instantly remembers who she really is and the power that she contains.
In telepathic contact with her "other", Cheryl uses her newfound gift to
assume her "true" form, that of Alessa. With her healthy and capable body,
she will be able to perform the proper ritual to protect Alessa and herself
from Dahlia, who seeks to control the power they both contain.

Dahlia is in a panic. She has lost control of the demon she and the
others summoned into this world. It has remade Silent Hill in its own
image, using the second girl as a vessel to carry out its ritual. She
sees the mark of Samael drawn in various places all around town. She
knows that the demon will try to cover the town with its mark, then it
will be completely in control of itself and she will no longer have any
hold over it. The only thing that will bind it to her once again is the
Flauros. But Samael is not stupid, it will see her coming a mile away. 
She must utilize an outsider, an innocent...

And so Harry awakens and begins the game. Dahlia gives him the Flauros
so that he will use it against Alessa/Cheryl and bind her power. What 
occurs throughout the game is Harry's struggle to catch up with Cheryl,
not knowing that he will actually do more harm than good.

Kaufmann has seen this day coming. He knew when he joined Dahlia and the
Coven that he was involved with evil people who would most likely 
doublecross him. He combines White Claudia in a new mixture, an ancient
demon-exorcising concoction called Aglaophotis. If things get out of 
hand, he will use it on Alessa and end this nightmare.

At the end of the game, Kaufmann realizes he's been used and discarded.
Dahlia has bound the power of Samael to herself using the Flauros, 
leaving the poor doctor out of the equation. He flings the Aglaophotis
at the "Mother" being. But the demon god Samael has been feeding upon
Alessa's nightmares for seven years, and has grown too strong to be 
dispelled by the substance. He separates from the "Mother" being and
rises in the air, fully alive in the physical world. But being fully
alive has its disadvantages, especially if Cheryl's father is now armed
to the teeth with weapons that can rend this new flesh. Samael is 
powerful and is not easily killed, but eventually can take no more
punishment. Samael dissolves. 

The daughter of Dahlia Gillespie is dying as Samael recedes into the
Abyss from which he came. And as she dies, her nightmare world falls
apart. With what little power she has left, she opens a portal to the
real world for the man and woman who liberated her from Dahlia and 
Samael. Also she is able to create a small baby girl (hopefully demonsoul
free,) and gives it to Harry in place of the girl he has loved and 
cared for, now permanently lost. Harry and Cybil return to the real
world with this new child. 

The final image shows them examining the infant by the side of the
road, much the same as Harry and his first wife did seven years ago.
Perhaps they will marry and raise this child. Perhaps after some time,
Cybil will become terminally ill. Perhaps after seven years, Harry 
will find himself taking another trip back to Silent Hill, to face 
the Next Fear.

8.         The Making of Silent Hill
Where did the developers at KCET get the idea for such a crazy story?
Well, all great stories are developed with "stolen" ideas, meaning
the creator has taken themes and ideas from other sources. Luckily,
SILENT HILL's plot is so well developed that it is difficult to see
where the inspiration was drawn from unless the person is incredibly
well read.

Anyone who has played SILENT HILL and read the works of horror author
H.P. Lovecraft is going to tell you that this videogame is a direct
adaptation of his life's work. Every Lovecraft fictional story that 
dealt in the macabre was created utilizing a single plot formula, as

     *The narrator of the tale, who is a teacher or writer by trade,
      ventures to a neighboring land for a specific purpose.
     *This land has a history of cult activities and practices.
     *The specific nature, goal, or aim of the cult is unknown, and 
      remains so throughout the story.
     *The narrator encounters the power of the cult firsthand, and must
      face the dangerous and sometimes blasphemous horrors unleashed.
     *The main goal of the cult's sinister members is to raise a demon
      from a world beyond our own.
     *The cult or the demonic force has the power to cause the narrator 
      to think that reality has changed/fallen apart/ceased to exist.
     *After a terrifying struggle, the narrator escapes with his life, 
      possibly having watched several companions die due to diabolic 
      means. Whether he has retained his sanity or not is left open at 
      the end.
There is a street in Central Silent Hill named Sagan St. This is most
likely a homage on the part of the game developers to Carl Sagan, 
science and science fiction writer who is famous for his theories of 
the universe. One of his theories, stated on an episode of Carl Sagan's
brief-lived television series "COSMOS", suggests that reality is a 
perception of the mind. Therefore dreams are a different reality unto 
themselves. We exist in that reality as fully as we do in this one, yet 
our dream reality has fewer physical effects upon us, thus seeming less
real. This would seem to be the train of thought used to develop the 
story of Alessa's dream reality crossing over into our own, becoming 

A short novella by Stephen King entitled "The Mist" is a definite 
influence on the atmosphere of the game. In "The Mist" a brief and 
terrible storm brings a mysterious mist inland. The mist is so thick 
that a group of people in a grocery store cannot see past more than 
five feet outside the store. When the people attempt to leave the store,
they are attacked by winged pterodactyl-like creatures that carry them
off into the mist. At the edge of the parking lot, a mysterious and
silent cataclysm of some kind has destroyed the ground, making it seem 
as if nothing exists beyond this gulf. The layout and monsters of Silent
Hill would seem to have been taken directly from this story.

These may not be the only ideas and plot elements taken from outside
sources. There are so many references in SILENT HILL to authors and 
musicians and other stories that possibly only the game's creators
will ever know just how much has been "borrowed". 

9.         Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: Alessa was scarred and badly burned from the accident that 
occurred seven years ago, so why is she not scarred and bandaged when 
she appears every so often? 
ANSWER: Because that person you are seeing is Cheryl, not Alessa. Alessa
is seen at the end of the game, seated in a wheelchair and wrapped from
head to foot in bandages. The reason Cheryl has taken Alessa's form now
is because upon her return to Silent Hill, she realized that she was 
really only a host body containing half of the demonsoul of Samael.

QUESTION: In one of the very last cut scenes in which Dahlia struggles 
with a little girl who won't share her power - is the little girl Cheryl?
ANSWER: No, that is Alessa before she was horribly burned. Since Cheryl
was raised by Harry, this "flashback" scene could have never actually
taken place if the little girl was Cheryl. She would not remember this.

QUESTION:What are some other theories as to why Dahlia lost Cheryl 7 
years ago?
ANSWER: Through email discussions, I have constructed and collected 
several theories in addition to my own which is written out in length
in Section 7, "Analysis". Here are two other seeming prevalent theories
floating around out there:

THEORY #1. Lisa abducted Cheryl from the hospital all those years ago, 
           fearful for the child's safety after seeing what became of 
           Dahlia Gillespie's first daughter. It is never even hinted 
           at in the game, but it has been suggested to me.

THEORY #2. WEIRDEST THEORY - That there is alien involvement in the 
           game at all, even in a "game secret" fashion, could indicate
           that the baby Cheryl was abducted by aliens and left on the 
           side of the road. Ahhhh, yes, the Visitors, who are actually
           controlling everything about human existence. People, please
           stop sending me emails with this theory, it is just 

QUESTION: Where do you get your answers? What makes you think you're 
ANSWER: I have a degree in playwriting and drama theory, so I have read
just about every fictional story there is to read in one form or 
another. I can pretty much predict the plot of any movie as I'm watching
it. The fact is there are really only about seven stories, told over and
over and over. I can analyze any character as well as a PHD in Psych can
analyse their patient. This guide and the assertions herein were assembled
after very meticulous study of the character type, story type, and even
some background reading on H.P.Lovecraft, Stephen King and the other 
writers who influenced this game and have streets named after them. Alot
of my assertions are developed from the Lovecraft texts in conjunction 
with absolutely every word Dahila Gillespie says in the game. If you 
come up with a more thorough analysis that I can't shoot pellets 
through, then be my guest.

QUESTION: Why write a plot analysis of a videogame? Isn't that kinda 
ANSWER: In most cases I would agree. I've even gone on the record and
said that my previous work, known as "The Resident Evil Thesis", which
is about forty pages long, is very overwritten and meticulous to the 
point of annoyance especially since it's only about a videogame! But
this new game SILENT HILL provides a very different challenge than any
other videogame I've encountered. The game is full of puzzles, but I 
realized right away that the greatest puzzle in the game is the very
plot itself! Someone as analytical as I immediately needs to delve into
and deconstruct such a mystery. Plus, I moderate a UBB Silent Hill Board
at, and the plot questions and confusions nearly
never cease. I wrote this guide to answer many simpler questions hope-
fully in a single swipe. I hope it has been helpful to all.

10.         Credits
Special thanks to the following:

To KCET, for making one of the greatest horror experiences ever, 
and I mean it. SILENT HILL is scarier than any horror movie in 
Theaters or on video right now. Let's hope some Hollywood exec's 
are taking notes....

To Victor Quimson at Konami, for replying to my ridculous demands
for an advance copy of the game and for answering all my questions
before and after the game's release.

To Ashley Jhonen, for being cool enough to post my completely
overwritten Resident Evil Thesis on his website, a cool and 
somewhat dour Resident Evil site at:
and for requesting that I write this and for all his support.

To "Chris Redfield", webmaster of the Central Silent Hill website
also for asking for this treatment.

To "buttcaptain" for his weird e-mails, containing the strangest
jokes I've ever read, and for being kind enough to read my synopsis
only partially contained herein and explaining how Carl Sagan's 
theories apply to the story of SILENT HILL.

To Gunsmith, author of the SILENT HILL Walkthrough at and many other sites, for replying to my 
whiny e-mails and trying to help me find the stupid katana.

To everyone who e-mailed me with every kind of question 
imaginable and forced me to update this guide.

To everyone who sent me really nice letters complimenting me
on this guide and thanking me for writing it. Thanks to your
encouragement, I will definitely write more guides. Keep an
eye out for them.

To Tyrant, Lucifer, Rain and the other guys at Evil Online
for chatting with me on their messageboard, and for taking 
me in and being kind enough to make me an Administrator of
their fantastic gaming site. Come visit us at:


where there are newsbriefs, reviews, previews and commentary
on all the videogames you can handle.

SPECIAL THANKS to my wife, Laura, whom I love very deeply and who
has read everything I've written and corrected all my grammar and
spelling mistakes, even though she hates videogames. If she were
trapped in Silent Hill, not 6000 Winged Demons could keep me away.

And thank YOU, for reading this.

Feel free to contact President Evil with any E-mail, corrections, 
adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, condemnation, or death
threats at:

The latest version of this guide can always be found at Evil Online or

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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