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Written By: Mike Coates
Day One.

You begin your journey at the settlers camp. First talk to the man by the fire, listening to everything he has
to say. Tell him you are exhausted. Place the beans into inventory, click goodbye. You once again are
looking at the campsite. Now go see the catlins by clicking your boot icon at the entrance to the wagon
on your left. Once inside they will begin to speak to you. After you talk to them about the storm Mr
Catlin will hand you the compass, place this into inventory. Now take the bible,open the chest by placing
the gear icon at the cross. Take the bear even though Ms Catlin tells you otherwise. Now place the eye
icon on the spot where you found the bear, then using the hand icon take the goggles and place them into
inventory. Give the bear back to Ms Catlin, now leave by placing your boot at the bottom center of the
screen. Once outside you need to equip yourself before you go into the storm. Take the compass from
inventory and place it in your hand, take the goggles and place them on the gunslinger image. Now you
may safely venture into the storm. Follow the compass needle, once through you will be at the main
gate.(no turning back now)It now will become night. You will not want to stay in one spot too long or
you will be attacked by werewolves.

Night one.

To proceed you must click at the center of the screen, you are now in the cemetary. Click at the end of
the road, your are now looking at the town of Silverload. (movie begins) Click at the bottom of the town
to enter,go inside the hotel.(movie begins) Go to the front desk, ring the bell and talk to the hotel clerk.
But don't tell him your on the trail of outlaws, or you'll be sleeping in the stables. tell him you want the
room, and take the key. Go upstairs, take the chair and use the key to unlock the room. Once inside the
room close the door and baracade it with the chair. Now you can safely look around the room. Open the
wardrobe closet, take the paper off the shelf. Now look out window, scary huh. use the hour glass on the

Day Two. 

Go back down the stairs, go behind the clerks desk by clicking on the doorknob behind the counter. Get
your gun, piece of paper, and key. Go back to your room, slide the dresser aside to reveal a small door.
Step towards the door, unlock it and go inside. Talk to Leo then leave the hotel. Once outside go over to
the guys beating up the old man. Tell them you are going to teach them some manners. Now the fun
begins, your first gunfight. It makes me so proud, if you survived now is a good time to save. Now
proceed to the left side of the hotel, you should be in front of the stables. click on the door between the
passage way, and go inside the kitchen. Take the frying pan, and butcher knife. Whatca cookin ! Leave
the kitchen and back track to the begining of the cemetary. Pan over to the far right of the screen and go
to the hanging post. once there climb up the pole by clicking at the upper corner. take the butcher knife
and cut the rope. take the rope and the dice from the mans shirt pocket and go back into town. This time
go to the right of the hotel, go to the barber shop. Talk to him, tell him you shot cain and while your at it
get a shave. Leave and go to the general store to your right. Talk to the store clerk and bye some
supplies. Buy the lamp, lamp oil(to the right of the clerks head) 3 medicine, and the matches.(on the
corner of the table)Leave the store go to the far left of the screen. Welcome to the red light district. Go to
the saloon, talk to the man on the cart.(movie begins)Go inside the saloon. Once inside put the dice in
your hand and go to the gambler to your right. Talk to him then gamble, betting three dollars each time till
he quits. You stinking pig! Now go to the bar, talk to the bartender, and while your at it buy two ale.
Back track so you are looking at the whole saloon, and click on the figure at the top of the stairs. Talk to
sheila then exit the saloon, give the man on the cart the to jugs of ale. Out like a baby, take his
sledgehammer and crowbar. click on the statue to the right of the cart, pan over to the man hanging in the
cell. Did he jump or was he pushed. Click on the space between the last two bars on the right. Talk to
the sherrif, leave and go see sheila by clicking on the space between the buildings behind the statue. Go
into sheila's room through the window. Sheila will tell you to hide so go under the bed by clicking on the
lower left corner. The sherrif will come in and warn sheila about you. When they are finished she will tell
you to come out, after which she will tell you to come back later to talk some more. Once outside click
on the statue again, then click just to the right of him where the rope meets the building. Now go to the
end of the street and talk to the undertaker. While you are there get a picture taken. When he leaves take
the hook off the man in the casket and the hammer on the ground by the cross. Backtrack to sheila's
window and click on the bottom of the screen.Click on the barrel to the right and go back to the kitchen
on the left side of the hotel. Use the hammer to pry up the boards on the floor, go down the hole you just
made. Use the crowbar to pry open the crate to the left and look inside. take the skull and leave the
kitchen. Proceed down the corridor, go inside the gunshop. Talk to the man then go to the glass case in
front of you. Take the book buy the press and the bigger gun,leave the case. Buy some bullets, they are
on the counter to the right. Leave the shop, click next to the indian statue. Click to the left of that
screen,enter the barn doors. At the well use the rope on the crank, go down the well and take the
bucket. Exit the well place the rope back into inventory. Go to the blacksmith's talk to him, but don't try
to take anything. After your done talking leave him for now. Backtrack the way you came till you get to
the livestock building. Go inside(hey what are those kid's playing with)operate the chain in front of you.
Look at the pig,(hello there mr pig)go up the ladder to the right. Place the bucket under the first pig, take
the butcher knife and slice him. Leave and return to the blacksmith, give him the blood.(movie begins)

Night Two.

Take everything in the room,book,shovel and tongs. Now is a good time to save. Now return to the
slaughter house, click at the bottom of the screen until you are at the cemetary. Go to the cross to the left
of thr screen, listen to the skull, you will see an aparition. once the image is gone click your boot on the
spot where you saw the ghost. (the cross to the left) Place your shovel at the base of the cross and dig.
Look down the hole, take the locket from the man's neck. Go back to the previous screen where you
saw the ghost and click your boot just to the right of the cross. See the crack on the ground, use the
shovel, then use the sledgehammer to smash the symbol. Leave the cemetary and go back to the statue
next to the saloon. Look at the base of the statue and using the tongs take the medalion. Now go to the
city hall, its on the other side of the statue. use the crowbar to pry open the doors, go inside. Go to the
room at the top left of the stairs. Look at the clothes on the floor, take the key. Now using the hand icon
take the scroll from the middle shelf of the bookcase. You can't see it by looking at the case, was
probbably the hardest puzzle in the game. Go behind the desk by using the boot icon on the chair. Once
there take the book, use the heart shaped key on the drawer, open it and take the key. Return to the
front of the room, and look at the left side edge of the picture frame. Use the small key you got from the
drawer and open the picture. Push the button behind the picture. Now slide open the bookcase by using
the gear icon at the upper edge of the case. Go into the next room, place the scroll from the bookcase in
your hand. Step on to the platform, you will be transported to the preachers secret room. Once there go
to the crystal ball and smash it. Step back, and place your boot icon on the stool to the left. look at the
doll and smash it then take the scroll. Now go to the shelves on the right of the room, take the red potion.
Now go back through the portal making sure you have the first scroll in your hand. Once back in the
torture room go and see sheila. Talk to her, tell her you will help her, then tell her you are tired of talking.
Now you can sleep, with sheila oh boy. 

Day three.

After waking sheila will talk to you some more, ask her how you can help her. She will tell you to meet
her at the bridge, leave her room and go to the undertaker, once there go to the right of the screen. Sheila
will be there, talk to her again. Go to the house at the top of the hill. Once at the church go to the house
on the left. Once inside using the gear icon pull down the cover on the bird cage. Operate the chair
against the wall to reveal a hidden closet, take the robe. Look at the book on the table, go in to the room
through the curtains. Operate the telescope. Leave the house and go back to sheila. Go up the road to
where it stops and click there. Once in front of the mining camp sheila will be there. Now is a good time
to save. Try to open the gate, the gatekeeper will ask for your pass. Give him the medalion he will let you
in. before you go in you should take some medicine if you need it. Enter the camp, prepare for battle.
After the fight talk to sheila's father, look at the clothes on the floor, take the key. Look at the jacket,
take the gloves, leave the shack. Go to the entrance of the mine, use the key to go inside. Once inside
operate the mine cart to move it out of the way. Take the lantern place it in your hand, place the oil on the
lamp, place the matches on the oil. Now go into the mine. At the pit put the lamp back into inventory, put
the rope into your hand, put the hook on the rope. Take the grappling hook you made and put it on the
beam above. Operate it to swing across. Now put the lantern back in your hand. Take the hickory stick
on your right, place it in your inventory. Place the boot icon to the left about the middle of the rock wall.
Once their take the sledge and smash the rock twice. Take the sulfur put it in inventory. Go to the end of
the tunnel clicking to the left side of the exit. You will be transported to the sacred buriel grounds. Set the
skull free by setting it on what looks like a sword in the ground. Talk to the great lord wolf star, after
which he will send you back into the mine. Go to the passage to the right, talk to the werewolf. Take the
sulfur place it at his feet, light it with the matches. bye bye birdie, pick up the pick axe head on the floor
and place it in your inventory. Now step across the ravine, pick up the dynamite then look at the object
on the ground that resembles a crushed pipe. Now pick it up, and leave the mine the way you came.
Once back at the entrance you will be told to put your weapons in the mine car. ya right, put the lamp
back in to inventory, put the dynamite in your hand, light the dynamite, put it in the cart and send it
flying.Kaboom!! Take the hickory stick and put it in your hand, take thepick axe head you found by the
werewolf and put them together. Now take the pick axe you just made and use it on what was an
entrance. Leave the mining camp and go back to town, at the undertakers click at the bottom of the
screen. Now go to the train station on your right. Put on your goggles and click at the end of the tracks.
take the sledge and smash the symbol on the front of the train. go inside the train, open the boiler, pick up
the coal, put in the boiler and light it. put on the gloves, place the pan in your hand, put the silver in the
pan, put the pan in the boiler. Take the press place it in your hand, take the tongs and pull out the pan,
put it on the press, and put everything back in to inventory. Now is a good time to save, gunfight ahead.
After you save its a good idea to take any medicine you might have, if you need it. Put silver bullets in the
gun, by first puting the gun in hand then place the bullets on the gun. Leave the train,(gunfight begins).

Night Three.

In front of the church put all your extra bullets in the gun, put on the robe and enter the church. The final
showdown!!! At the end of the game you should have 97% if you got better then let me know. This
walkthru is straight forward there is a lot of exploring you can do. I just wanted to show the quickest way
thru the game.

I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I, this game has to be the most frustrating game there is. I made
it my mission to figure this game out, I became so engrossed with it that it gave me nightmares(sick huh)
that is why I wrote this walkthru so my inner demons would be at rest....

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Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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