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Written By: Mordruk

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
FAQ Ver 2.0(8/26/99) Written by Mordruk

1-Contacting me
2-Version Info
3-Why this isn't a walkthrough
4-Introduction to game
5-For those of you that just joined us
6-Cool skills, their uses, and how to use them
7-Coming up!
8-Copyright and thankyou info

1-Contacting me
Ok, this is only my second FAQ and this one is totally 
different from my other one so it isn't going to be perfect.  If you 
have any suggestions, questions, or mistakes please contact me at  Oh and in case you are wondering(since I have 
goten E-mails about this) I just made up the name Mordruk, it does not 
mean anything or is a character from anything and is just my nickname.  
I hope you like this FAQ:)

2-Version Info
I know I said I would add that new know your foe section but I've goten 
a lot of different questions so that section will be delayed some more 
for version 3.0.  Sorry for those of you that are waiting for it.
Ver 1.0-Initial release
Ver 1.1-Fixed mistake in story that was minor but was a mistake and 
updated thankyou section for the person that pointed it out.
Ver 2.0-Changed the skills section to add how to use them just in case 
you lost your instruction manual or something like that.  Also added a 
section on Vorador in the "for those of you that have just joined us" 
Look for Ver 3.0 coming soon with a "know your foe" section!

3-Why this isn't a walkthrough
Ok, first of all this IS NOT a walkthrough if you haven't picked that up 
already.  There was a walkthrough out for this awhile ago by some people 
that got an early copy so just look at that FAQ if you need to beat the 
game.(it sure did help me on some parts)  This is just a FAQ and has 
some information if you haven't played Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, which 
I strongly suggest you get because it is a great game.  So just click 
back and choose the other FAQ if you want a walkthrough:)

4-Introduction to game
Ok, if you haven't even played the game this is for you to tell you 
about the opening movie.  It starts with Raziel, the "hero" of the 
game,(since he does not fight for good but for revenge) he is walking 
towards a circle with 5 other vampires with different color little 
shoulder capes and a symbol.  These guys are the leaders of different 
vampire clans.  They are also your brothers and the sons of Kain.  You 
walk up to Kain as you reveal that you have grown wings to fly upon.  
Vampires have slowly changed over the centuries and since you are the 
first of Kain's sons you got this "gift" first.  Well Kain doesn't like 
it that you have a new toy and he doesn't so he decides to break them 
off.  He then orders his other sons to throw you into a swirling vortex 
of water.  That is where all the weaklings and traitors go.  Since you 
are a vampire the water kills you.  But, some strange being has given 
you life once more.  However if you've seen the picture of Raziel on the 
cover he isn't too pretty looking.  On top of that for having another 
chance to "live" again you do not hunger for blood.  Instead you hunger 
for souls which means you must kill (a lot) to continue to feed and 
live.  But all this is a small price to pay to get revenge on Kain!

5-For those of you that just joined us
This section if for all of you that didn't recognize that Legacy of 
Kain: Blood Omen was a good game and decided NOT to buy it.  But that's 
ok, I've forgiven you and I'll bring you up to speed with the characters 
and stuff in the game.

First, in the opening movie you see Kain, master of all the vampires.  
He is the guy you play as in the first game.  Don't you feel you missed 
out on some serious killin' with this guy?  In the first game he starts 
out as a human.(for about 5 seconds)  He gets killed by some ugly guys 
that were sent by somebody to kill him.  He then makes a deal with 
Mortanius the Necromancer to become a vampire to get his revenge.(why is 
everything about revenge)  He is now only one of two living vampires.  
Well I don't want to ruin the game but in the end he gets to decide 
whether to sacrifice himself to save Nosgoth or plumit it into death and 
he become the king of all vampires.  Uh...duh!  He obviously picked to 
rule over a damned world.  This game takes place a millenia or so after 
that.  Well that's Kain explained except for later in the game you face 
Kain and he has a waky sword.  It is called the Soul Reaver and he got 
it in the first game which is the master of all swords which(did I 
mention) you get later in this game and get to kick some butt!

Also in the opening movie you see twisted and broken pillars where Kain 
placed his thrown and stronghold.    They are the pillars of Nosgoth.  
In the first game all of the people that represented each pillar(i.e. 
Pillar of Mind, Pillar of Balance)  had become twisted and evil.  They 
directly changed Nosgoth and Kain had to kill each of the people that 
represented the pillars and bring back a token to prove he did.(i.e. the 
head of the person or the sword of the person)  Later I guess he got 
angry at all that useless work and destroyed them.  Oh well!

Later in the game you'll meet a nice ghost called Ariel.  She is a 
character from the first game that was killed by her husband 
Nupraptor(don't ask me how to spell it) who was the first boss and 
represented a pillar.  Ariel represented the Pillar of Balance and 
that's what set off the chain reaction that set Nosgoth from bad to 
worse to hell.  In the game she helped Kain and she is the one that let 
him choose his destiny to either rule it as a vampire or be released of 
the curse and save Nosgoth.  Guess she isn't the favorite ghost of 
everyone.  Now she is still around and angrier than ever to get her own 
revenge on Kain.  Nobody can get along in this game!

I just remembered that somewhere in the game it mentions Vorador.  He 
was one of the first vampires and sorta the king of the vampires in the 
game.  He had a small part to do with starting the corruption of the 
pillars which in the end he was executed in front of all the towns 
people and Kain.  In the beginning he killed a knight called Malek which 
was the protector of all the pillars.  Well when Malek died the pillars 
were no longer protected so they either killed each other off(like with 
Ariel) or went madly insane and evil.

As for the vortex of water that you got thrown into I have no idea how 
that was made.  That is a totally new thing to Nosgoth and is most 
likely on the brochures to take a vacation there.  Anything else that I 
overlooked for you guys that hasn't been explained please tell me.

6-Cool skills and their uses
NOTE-not all of these are availabe at the beginning of the game.  Most 
of the cool ones you get from beating bosses.  

Beginning Skills-
Well Eidos just can't resist those ever-fun block puzzles.  Yes, the 
Tomb Raider Legacy lives on with this game.  However you can flip these 
blocks onto higher platforms and flip them to different sides which make 
the puzzles more complicated but also more fun.  Here are some basic 
commands for the blocks as well for other things.

hold onto block-position yourself close to a block and face it then use 
the attack button to dig your claws into it.  Now you can move it by 
pressing up, down, left, or right.

flip block or lift block-To flip a block which is needed for some 
puzzles for blocks to be facing a certain way you must face a block then 
hold L1 to duck then while holding L1 press the attack button and you'll 
flip it.  To lift it onto another platform just push the block next to 
the platform then face the way you want to lift it forward to.  Hold L1 
then press the attack buton and you'll lift it to the platform above.  
Lather, rinse, and repeat:)

fun with wings-well Kain broke your wings but you kinda still have them.  
You can use them to glide to places that are farther away that you can't 
jump to.  Just press X and while still in the air hold the X button 
again and you'll glide your way down.

super jump-to jump much higher to out of reach places hold L1 and press 
X to jump.  You can combine this with glide by holding L1, pressing X to 
jump, then holding X.  It works much better if you do that.  For all 
jumps if you can't reach the ledge but can almost reach it you can hold 
 while in the air and you'll grab the ledge and climb up.

Special Skills-
Here are the skills you get from beating bosses which are much cooler 
than the normal ones.  All of the bosses are vampires which have been 
changed over the centuries and are your brothers that damned you to your 
present state.(not to get you angry or anything)

Boss #-1(Melchia)
Skill-You can now walk through certain "walls".  You can walk through 
things that aren't solid walls like gates or prison bars and stuff like 
Use-This can only be used in the twisted realm as I like to call it.  
Just keep pressing against it and you'll float through.

Boss #-2(Zephon)
Skill-You can now climb up walls and crawl around like Spiderman.  This 
doesn't work in the twisted realm that you can goto at any time.  This 
helps a lot in the game but for the most part it's just plain cool!
Use-When in the material plane just jump up on a wall and you'll stick 
to it.  Crawl around for awhile and press X again and you'll fall off.

Boss #-3(Morlock)
Skill-hmmm...Morlock...Mordruk(brothers?)  Anyways, you get a very dull 
skill that lets you break stuff.  "Oh wow, I can break stuff, woo hoo:("  
However it is helpful so don't dismiss it like it was nothing:)
Use-Hold TRIANGLE and you'll see a little fireball appear.  Let go of it 
and you'll throw it.  This can break windows and pots and stuff and push 
back enemies.

Boss #-4(Rahab)
Skill-Woo hoo!  No more getting hurt by water!  You also find out that 
you have a natural ability to swim???  "Never had a lesson in my life, 
nope!"  This skill is cool and fun AND useful!
Use-In the water just tap X or hold X depending on the speed you want to 
go.  Hold R1 and X to swim slowly and turn better.  You can also press 
L1 to go back in the water:)

Boss #-5(Dumah)
Skill-You can now crush your enemies and move stuff that was unmovable 
before.  "Totally awsome dude!"  You won't get to fully enjoy this skill 
though because all that is left is Kain!
Use-This one is complicated and can't usualy be figured out unless you 
have the manual.  You must run around the object or enemy your wish to 
crush, break, move, etc 1 time.  If you see a trail of magic then you 
are able to do it.  So run around it again and you'll do whatever it is 
you desire to do with it.

I'm sorry to say you don't get a skill from Kain but then again you 
don't need one since it's the end of the game.  It would have been cool 
if you could play some EX game after you beat it with a "Kain" skill or 
something like that but then again Eidos is famous for boxes, not EX 

7-Coming up!
In my next version I'll have a section called "Know your foe" which will 
give advice on special ways to kill vampires and weapons of destruction 
to do so with them.  I just need to play through the game again and make 
sure I didn't leave out stuff.  That's the only new thing that I have 
planned but if you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them so e-mail 
me at

8-Copyright and thankyou stuff
Well I'd like to thank my best friend who inspired me to make this by 
saying nothing I ever wrote would end up on this site.(what a pal)  Also 
I would like to thank Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, and S.C.E.A. for having 
some part in making a really cool sequel to a game that was everything I 
expected and had a totally different engine which really made the game.  
A special thanks to for pointing out a mistake.
I hope you liked my FAQ but as always people will try to steal it and 
call it their own so I must do this copyright thing:(

This FAQ is mine and cannot be copied and sold for profit or promotional 
purposes in any way.  I do not want this published in books, magazines, 
guides, etc without my permission.  It can be printed(please 1 copy per 
person) If you want to post this on a site please contact me first.  I 
would be more than happy to have it on another site but I would like to 
know about it first.  If you are going to use my FAQ as a premise for 
yours please give credit to me because I did work hard on this.  Thank 
you for following these simple rules and give me credit where it is 
Copyright 1999

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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