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Soul Reaver - Secrets Guide
Written By: Kin H. Tam

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Secret Items and Areas for "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" 

                     Version 0.10 

Copyright:  Kin H. Tam , 1999
Created: Aug. 24, 1999 (v0.10) 

Disclaimer:  Use this document freely but do not plagiarize!

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (by Crystal Dynamics, 1999) 


i.   About this Document
ii.  Pie Pieces & Glyph Enhancers

i.  About this Document 

This document is *not* intended as a complete walkthough. PSX Nation
( has a good walkthrough with screen
shots, and explains how to get all the Glyphs.

I'm assuming you've made it through some the game and have acquired at
least the first special ability. This 'guide' will tell you where to get
all of the yellow, pie-shaped health Pieces and the Glyph Enhancers that
I've found in the game and what abilities are required to get them
according to the order in which you gain each ability. At this point I
have discovered 3 Glyph Enhancers (blue glowing diamond shaped
artifact), and there may be more that I haven't yet found. 

You will probably have noticed some yellow pie shaped fragments (I'll
refer to them as Pieces) early on in the game but could not get them.
You can only get the first Slice after you've acquired your first
special ability. You acquire abilities in order as follows: Pass Through
Simple Barriers (Malchiah), soul reaver (Kain 1), Climb Walls (Zephon),
Force Projectile (Malek), Swim (Rahab), the fire reaver (which isn't
necessary but handy, 3rd level below Rahab's indoor water), and
Constrict (Dumah). There are 15 Pieces in all, and as you fill up each
of the three circles, your physical energy coil will have grown by
another half coil or so. When you've acquired all the pieces, the Pause
screen will no longer show any yellow disc on the bottom left of the
screen. Glyph Enhancers will each give you an extra 4 glyph charges to
your maximum. 

ii.  Pie Pieces & Glyph Enhancers

Walk-through Simple Barrier Ability: 

Outside Nosgoth's Stronghold: (where Ariel & Kain's first encounter

1. Face the building and phase through the gate on the very right.
You'll pick up one of your first Pieces here, you can't miss it. 

2. Facing the building again, take the wood door on your very left. Go
down the hall with a couple jumps and a small pool near one of the
halls. Underneath there's a gate blocking another Piece. Simply phase
through it to get it. 

Raziel Territory 

3. You'll notice at some point coming from the Abyss Cliffs (where you
got chucked off initially to burn) you'll come across Raziel's clan area
where there's a metal gate on the right side of a castle wall with a
Piece behind it. Jump on the ledge and phase through to get it. 

Malchiah Territory 2 

4. When you get to the second part of Malchiah's territory through the
warp gate door (the one with the big pool of water and two pillars
mostly under water), switch to spectral and hop in and face as if you
were going to go across to the block/gate/pulley puzzle area. Run
forward until you see the tunnel entrance. Here you will see two gates,
one of them will have another Piece behind it, another will lead to the
Force Glyph. 

Note: there's another Piece here that you will need the Climb Walls
ability to get (See Climbing Ability further down). 

Silenced Cathedral/Zephon's Lair 

5. After floating up from the Cathedral chamber to the bell area at the
top, you'll end up going through the secret door on this level that the
crank opens, then across the bell on the bottom to another area with a
pipe that leads upwards to where the crystals are. There will be a
wooden door to go through with a small square room, a small, adjacent
round room with a clear case with a Piece inside, and a gated room with
a block puzzle on the inside. Solve this puzzle to open the case to gain
access to this Piece. 

Human Territory 

There are three that I know of here, the last one requires Swimming. 

6. The first one is in the area with the Warp Gate. Exit the Warp Gate
room and head right around the square building in the middle, you will
come across a waterfall flowing from above and right. Looking closely
you can see it's climbable but there's another way around it. In each of
the 4 corners of this area is a light post. Take the one on right side
closest to the warp gate door. High jump onto the lightest and
immediately jump up to an alcove in the wall nearby. You'll notice that
these pointy alcoves are almost right beside each other. Jump and glide
over to the next one over. Repeat this until you're directly opposite
the square center building, which you will run, jump and glide across
to. Once in the center, you can walk through and face the waterfall
source and see a Piece there. Run, jump and glide over to get it (It's
that or Climb when you're able to). 

7. When you exit from the Warp Gate, leave this area through the metal
gate door on the opposite side of the room. Make your way down through
another gate door to the main area with the curved bridge over water
(now to your right). There should be a big cylindrical water tower that
has a big curved pipe out back in the middle of this area, in front of
that bridge. Go left to a solid door and enter it. You'll have to climb
some stairs to a second solid door. Once through, make your way towards
the water that flows down a tunnel to your right. Jump across the water
and turn the valve on the left wall (where the water sources) to stop
the water from flowing down the tunnel. Head down this tunnel to a large
sunken room with a gate on the right side, and sunlight overhead. This
gate has a ledge and a space below it. Just move and push the block up
on the ledge so you can pass through this gate. Once past the gate, head
down the tunnel to the water fountain room for your next Piece. 

Climbing Ability: 

Underworld Exit (before the metal gate blocking Zephon's castle moat) 

8. From the Underworld and facing the material portal, look to your left
or right wall closest to you and you'll notice a scalable surface that
looks like the other three. Another Piece up here. 

Malchiah's Territory 2 

9. When you exit the Portal Door into the room with the big lake, you'll
want to end up across the lake from where the triangular shaped path (to
the second smaller lake closer to Malchiah's room) is. Facing the path
entrance up ahead, take the two stacked blocks you put in front of this
ledge and move it to the left. Now climb up the blocks and you should be
at a fire pit with a set of double doors you exited from the
gate/block/pulley puzzle room. Look across and you'll see an alcove with
a scalable surface below. Glide down and grab onto the wall, climb up
and get the Piece. 

Human Territory 

Somewhere inside the center building area near the warp gate is a tunnel
that leads down to a circular room with stone faces on the wall. There's
a Glyph Enhancer here. 

Force Projectile Ability: 

Stone Glyph/Fallen Skull Area 

10. The warp gate exit will lead you to a ledge with a very high
climbable surface to your right. Atop this area is a glyph charge and
another Piece. Problem is, there's a block preventing you from climbing
up. This one's a bit tedious to come back to, so it's more convenient if
you're already searching for the Stone Glyph. After having gotten to the
Skull Jaw, you glide down left to a mountain ledge with a fire on it.
When you're there, walk down this path and keep looking across until you
see the warp gate you came from, or will go through. Now is a good time
to force projectile the obstructing block mentioned earlier into the
wall across. Glide across and now you can climb up the surface to yet
another Piece. 

Zephon's Lair/Silenced Cathedral Chambers 

You may have noticed in the main chamber with the air pit a glowing blue
artifact behind a gate up overhead in the metal walkway but you can't
exactly get to it by phasing. Climb up these rafters and find a circular
tunnel entrance to the left of this gate. Up the tunnel and to the right
is another tunnel blocked by a barrier which you blast. Follow this new
path through and turn right to get a Glyph Enhancer. 

Swim Ability: 

Zephon's Lair/Silenced Cathedral Moat 

11. While facing the lair's drawbridge entrance, head left and look
up/left until you can see atop a cliff a Piece and glyph charge. Head
into the moat. Swim to the end until you see an underwater tunnel
leading you to a small alcove with a climbable wall. Climb up the wall
and voila, another Piece and a glyph charge. 

Human Territory 

12. Go to the area with the curved stone bridge over water. Jump in
right under the bridge and you'll see a circular grating. Force
Projectile it and swim inside and up this watery tunnel. Swim past the
3-bladed fan into the main water reservoir. Look around and you'll see
another circular entrance to swim through, leading to a bigger room with
a water vampire in it. This square room has a tunnel leading to the
Water Glyph area. Directly opposite this tunnel is a climbable surface,
which leads to another Piece. 

Rahab's Area 

Dive into the area with the Pirate ship. Notice the way it's pointing.
Swim past the front of the ship towards the far wall. To the left of
that wall will be a fairly long path to swim through that leads to a
tall, underwater room. At the far end of this tall, water filled room on
the top will be a Glyph Enhancer. 

Constrict Ability: 

Dumah's Village 

13. Shortly after to receive this power from Dumah, go to the room where
you knocked over the pointy pillar that faces Dumah's chamber. Face the
same direction, head right into a room with three big doors and a statue
in the middle. Note the direction it's facing (initially it's facing
you) as you walk in the room. Use Constrict and open each of the three
doors, each of which has monsters and a reward. One of these rooms will
have a Piece inside. 

Rahab's Area 

14. Go through the Warp Gate to Rahab's watery area where you have to
projectile force open the door to the main Abbey (where you fought
Rahab). Having just gone through the door, Swim over to the far left
with the entrance to the building. Once there, make your way inside past
a few snake/water vampires and a couple doors to a room with a big screw
in the middle and four walkways over water. Constrict this screw to
drain the water below (cut scene shown). Jump down and you'll notice two
movable blocks inside the wall. One contains glyph charges, the other
has a vampire and another Piece. 

Raziel's Area 

15. In the middle of Raziel's castle is a circular staircase that leads
to a switch on the inside that opened a drawbridge. Notice in the middle
of this room is a short, circular pedestal with a 'pointer' on it, which
you'll also notice is pointing to the already open drawbridge.
Constricting the pedestal will close the lowered drawbridge and point to
another one. Once the pedestal has been rotated, flip the switch to open
the new drawbridge(s). One of these rooms will have a monster or two and
another Piece. 

This page is Copyright Kin H. Tam 1999 

If you're going to write your own version don't plagiarize this one! 


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