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Spider Man
Written By: John Grevas

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Spider-Man Walkthrough
Copyright 2000, J. Grevas
Version 2.1

8/26/00- Wrote Version 1.0.
Special thanks to for info on the "Quick Change Spidey" 
and "Peter Parker" costumes, as well as the "Big Head Spidey" cheat and 
some comics I missed.

8/28/00- Version 1.1
Corrected minor errors I somehow missed the first time through.

9/3/00- Version 2.0
Added several cheats, characters, requests, 1 costume, updated wish 
list and credits

9/3/00- Version 2.1
Added more info on the Peter Parker costume.
Special thanks to Im Unknown and TroySch1 for the tip.

A. Miscellaneous
B. Controls & Power-ups
C. Characters*
D. Walkthrough*
	1. Get to the Bank
	2. Bank Approach
	3. Hostage Situation
	4. Stop the Bomb!
	5. Race to the Bugle
	6. Spidey vs. Scorpion!
	7. Police Chopper Chase
	8. Missile Attack
	9. Building Top Chase
	10. Scale the Girders
	11. Police Evaded
	12. Spidey vs. Rhino!
	13. Catch Venom
	14. Spidey vs. Venom!
	15. Sewer Entrance
	16. Sewer Cavern
	17. Subway
	18. Sewage Plant
	19. Hidden Switches
	20. Tunnel Crawl 
	21. Venom's Puzzle
	22. The Lizard's Maze
	23. Spidey vs. Venom Again!
	24. Symbiotes Infest Bugle
	25. Elevator Descent
	26. Stop the Presses!
	27. Bugle's Basement
	28. Spidey vs. Mysterio!
	29. Waterfront Warehouse
	30. Underwater Trench
	31. Stopping the Fog
	32. Spidey vs. Doc Ock!
	33. Spidey vs. Carnage!
	34. Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
E. Cheats
F. Comic Collection*
G. Spider-Suits*
H. Wish List*
I. Thanks and Credits

*=Contains Spoilers
A. Miscellaneous

First off, this work is the intellectual property of J. Grevas.  Don't 
steal it!  Feel free to post it anywhere you like as long as you do 3 
things: 1. Give me proper credit.  Writing this took a great deal of 
time and effort, so gimme some credit.  2. Tell me.  I'd like to know 
where this thing is being distributed.  Right now, it should be 
available only on gamefaqs, so if I find it somewhere else, 
I'll go Sabretooth on ya.  3. Don't alter it in any way.  Feel free to 
add things, but please don't take anything out.  If you do, look above 
to see what your fate will be.

Be warned that this walkthrough is full of spoilers.  Anything with an 
asterisk beside it contains spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.  

Please read the whole thing before sending me e-mails.  I don't need my 
inbox flooded with questions I've already answered.  I won't respond.  
No hate mail either (I get enough of that from my webpage).  I'm sick 
BUT IT TOOK ME 10 YOU (insert various nonsensical expletives 
here)!!!!!!"   I'm human, and I make mistakes sometimes.  You're not 
cute, you're not funny, and I don't care about anything you have to say 
if you're gonna talk to me like that.  However, if you have a good tip, 
or a question that isn't covered here, feel free to drop me a line at  I'll try to respond as quickly as possible, but 
don't flip out if it takes me a day or two.

All characters in this game are TM and Copyright 2000 Marvel 
Characters, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, 
Inc. Copyright 2000 Activision Publishing, Inc.  Developed by 
Neversoft.  All rights reserved.  Blah, blah, blah, I'm just a comic 
dork trying to help out his fellow dorks, so don't sue me, 'kay?
B. Controls & Power-ups

Triangle: Fire trap webbing.  Great for the basic enemies in the early         
stages of the game, not so great for symbiotes and lizardmen.  
Sometimes useful against bosses.

Up + Triangle: Fire Impact webbing.  An all around great long-range 

Left + Triangle: Web gloves.  Double damage for punch attacks.  
Disappear after a few punches, if you cling to a surface, or fire 

Right + Triangle: Web Dome.  Protects you from enemy attacks.  Press 
any button to shatter it and damage any nearby enemies.  Fairly 

Down + Triangle: Web yank.  Use this to pull the enemy toward you or 
press left or right immediately after firing to throw the enemy in that 
direction.  Doesn't work against some enemies, and the timing is 
difficult to get the hang of (at least for me, but maybe I just 

Triangle + Square or Circle: Grab.  Press punch or kick after grabbing 
to execute an attack (multiple punches or a mule kick, respectively).

Square: Punch attacks.  Pressing multiple times will unleash a combo.  
Can be powered up with web gloves.

Circle: Kick attacks.  Slightly more powerful than punches.

X: Jump.  This will enable you to beat every enemy in one shot.  Idiot.

L1: Web aim.  Very Useful.  Yellow crosshairs appear if you're 
targeting an enemy, light purple for a switch or part of the 
environment that you can interact with.

L2: Stealth, if you have the right suit.

R1: Zip-line.  Shoots you to the surface directly across from your 
current position if it is a climbable surface.

R2: Web swing.  Another really straightforward one, but be careful 
because you can only swing within a certain range, and sometimes, if 
you attempt to change directions, the camera angle will prevent you 
from doing so.

Blue Spider symbols: Gives you another web cartridge.  Maximum of ten.

White and Red Spider symbols: Health.

Gold Spider symbols: Spider-Armor.  Yeah, it was pretty lame in the 
comics, but it's actually useful here.  Has its own health meter, but 
Health icons won't restore it.  Slightly increases damage, also.

Gold and Red Spider symbols: Magnesium Webbing.  Particularly useful 
against symbiotes.
C. Characters (SPOILERS) 

Don't blame me for any grammatical errors in here.  This text is taken 
straight from the game.

Powers: Super strength, super agility, stick to walls, Spider Sense.  
First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy 15

Peter Parker
Bio: When not out fighting crime as Spider-Man he is a photographer for 
the Daily Bugle.
First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy 15

Black Cat
Bio: A skilled cat burglar- Felicia Hardy knows Spidey as well as 
anyone, even his secret identity!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 194

Dr. Otto Octavius
Bio: Octavius is now reformed and is using his vast knowledge for the 
good of humanity.
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 3

Eddie Brock
Bio: The journalistic rival of Parker and one half of the symbiote 
known as Venom!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 299

Bio: The henchmen live only to serve out the will of their master- and 
to get paid as well!

Bank Thug
Bio: A high tech thief and part of the crime unit known as the Jade 

J. Jonah Jameson
Bio: Editor of the Daily Bugle- JJJ often writes editorials about the 
threat Spider-Man poses on citizens of NY!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 1

Bio: J. Jonah put Mac Gargan through an experiment that transformed him 
into a deranged scorpion!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 20

Bio: Blinded as a youth, Matt Murdock developed a radar sense which he 
uses to fight crime with!
First Appearance: Daredevil 1

Bio: New York's finest!  These guys are against Spidey almost as much 
as they rely on his help!

Bio: New York's other protectors!  This time hoping that more firepower 
will be enough to capture Spider-Man!

Bio: A small time crook turned assassin!  The Rhino has super-human 
strength wrapped in an armor suit!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 41

Human Torch
Bio: A member of the Fantastic Four!  Torch has the ability to generate 
flames of great intensity!
First Appearance: Fantastic Four 1

Bio: A union of Eddie Brock and alien symbiote!  Venom's goal- to 
destroy his arch-nemesis Spider-Man!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 299

Bio: Example of the Lizard's mad science- these creatures can be found 
lurking in the sewers of New York!

The Lizard
Bio: A victim of his own genius- Curt Connors the man now spends his 
life as the vicious Lizard!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 6

Mary Jane
Bio: Mary Jane must balance the roles of being a super model and the 
wife of superhero Peter Parker!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 42

Bio: This creature is part of the alien race that spawned fearless 
villains Carnage and Venom!

Bio: Quentin Beck uses the tricks of his trade to baffle Spidey with 
illusions and robotics!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 18

Bio: His family was killed by the mob!  Now Frank Castle chooses to 
fight bad guys using their rules!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 129

Doc Ock
Bio: When four robot arms were fused to his body, the resulting 
insanity gave birth to Doctor Octopus!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 3

Bio: Cletus Kasady was dangerous even before joining with the symbiote 
that would later be called Carnage!
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 341

Monster Ock
Bio: The terrifying result of the symbiote from Carnage taking over the 
power of Doc Ock!
First Appearance: Exclusive to game!

Captain America
Bio: The Star-Spangled Avenger who got his start battling Axis agents 
in World War II!
First Appearance: Cap Comics 1

Bio: Namor- Prince of Atlantis- has been both Mankind's Defender and 
its greatest foe!
First Appearance: Marvel Comics 1
NOTE: If you know where he appears in the game, let me know.  I have no 
clue (although I'm guessing it's in What If? Mode (see "Cheats" 
section), and I'd really like to know.

J James Jewett
Bio: A fearless man from Montana!  Joel is the ruler of both the Spidey 
and Tony Hawk teams and master of the Neversoft office!

Ghost Rider (No, he doesn't actually appear in the Character Viewer, 
but he makes a small cameo and I love him, so I'm adding him)
Bio: Dan Ketch found a mystic motorcycle transforming him into the 
living Spirit of Vengeance!
First Appearance: Ghost Rider 1 (Dan Ketch Ghost Rider, not John Blaze)

1. Get to the Bank!
After the FMV sequence, you'll get your first game cover (GC), hear the 
legend himself, Stan "The Man" Lee, and get a visit from the Black Cat.  
The Cat informs you that the bank has been held up and that the robbers 
have taken hostages, but doesn't bother to lift a finger to help you.  
Oh well, not too much hidden on this level, so swing for the building 
dead ahead using R2.  If you need a hint, head for the question mark in 
the right corner and the Cat'll tell you how to swing (not that kind of 
swinging, perv).  On the next roof, there's a web cartridge and another 
question mark, this time telling you that the blue icon is a web 
cartridge.  Keep following the *ahem* "Spidey-Compass" (geez, did Adam 
West write this part?), and when you swing across to the next building 
your Spider-Sense starts tingling and you face your first bad guy, a 
basic henchman.  Take care of him, keep going straight, take out 
another henchman and grab the web cartridge and health power-up if need 
be.  There's nothing interesting on any of the buildings to the sides, 
so keep going straight until Spidey comments on the police choppers.  
Here, swing to the building slightly to the right, watch the FMV, and 
get ready for the next level.

2. Bank Approach (Comic #1)
At the start of the level, you can swing straight ahead and go to the 
helipad (there's a health power-up here), and then to the bank on the 
right, or you can explore a bit.  To get your first comic, head to the 
left at the beginning and swing to the building below, then Four 
Freedoms Plaza.  On top, you'll get comic #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1.  
After that's done, head for the bank and climb to the top.  If you head 
down instead, you can find a web cartridge on the right hand side.  On 
the way up you'll find out exactly who you're up against, the Jade 
Syndicate.  They wear all black, but they're here to steal the green.  
Sorry, that's the only explanation I can come up with for the stupid 
name.  You can snag a web cartridge as well as a health power-up here, 
and after you take out the four bank thugs, you'll automatically enter 
the bank through what I'm assuming is a skylight. 

3. Hostage Situation (Comic #2)
When the level starts, there'll be a bank thug straight ahead.  Head 
through the doorway and to the left to take him out.  You can stick to 
the ceiling and use some stealth tactics if you like.  Turn right, take 
out another goon and notice the hostage behind the windows.  Remember 
this spot, you'll be coming back here later.  Go past the windows on 
the right, and take out the thug standing in the entrance of the 
cubicle.  Do it quickly, or he'll assassinate a hostage, and you'll 
have to start all over again.  Around the corner to the left, there's 
another thug.  If you make too much noise fighting the first goon, 
he'll come over and join the fray (depending on your timing, he might 
be there already).  There are web cartridges inside each of the 
cubicles, and a question mark further to the left.  Past that is a 
health icon.  Stand on the grating here and use R1 to zip-line up to 
the vent.  When you exit at the other end, you'll be in a room with 
three switches.  Hit the first one to free the hostage you saw earlier, 
the second to open the door to this room, and the third to open a door 
a little further down the hall.  Take out the thug by the third switch 
and grab the health icon and web cartridge, then double back to the 
elevator at the beginning of the level for another web cartridge.  
There's nothing in the room that switch #1 opened, so head through the 
door switch #3 opened, and take on two more thugs.  Zip-line up to the 
ceiling here and take out another goon, then make your way to the end 
of the hall and turn right to see two more thugs and three hostages.  
Drop these guys fast, or the hostages will bite it.  To the right, 
there's another web cartridge, another health icon and another question 
mark.  Lift up the chairs in the cubicles here to get Comic #2, Amazing 
Spider-Man #200.  After that's all done, head out the door in the far 
corner and board the elevator to pretend you're Steven Tyler and finish 
the level. 

4. Stop the Bomb! (Comic #3)
Time for some Tactical Espionage/Stealth Assassin action so prepare to 
do your best impression of Solid Snake or Rikimaru.  Unlike those two, 
Spidey can stick to ceilings.  Do so in the first hallway, crawl into 
the second room and stick to the ceiling here also.  You should have 
plenty of webbing by now, so take out all the guards in this room by 
holding down the triangle button until they're rendered immobile.  For 
the first two, use L1 targeting and get 'em from the ceiling.  You 
don't want to engage them with your fists because they'll yell and the 
other guards will start executing hostages.  After the one at the 
entryway is taken care of, go all the way to the end and get the one 
who's on patrol.  Work your way back toward the entrance saving 
hostages.  If you hear a hostage begging for help, drop down and take 
out all the guards kamikaze style.  There are a total of five guards 
here, and once you've dropped all of them, head back to the first 
hallway and grab Comic #3, Spider-Man #1: The Death of Captain Stacy.  
Now, go back in, grab the web cartridge and health icon, and climb up 
the vent at the far end.  On the other side, you'll end up in a room 
with two thugs.  Drop 'em, and a door opposite the entrance will open.  
Take out this thug too, and head into the next room through the door 
that just opened.  Enter and hit the blue switch to open the safe door.  
Next, hit the green switch, and, after the automated sequence, move 
into the vault and stop the thugs.  They don't really go after the 
hostages, so just take them out ASAP.  Web gloves and impact webbing 
work well here.  Once all three are down for the count, pick up the 
bomb using the punch button, carry it out to the safe you opened, and 
throw it inside.  If you're impatient (like I am), you can throw the 
bomb repeatedly to save time.  Close the safe door by hitting the 
switch again and the level will end.

5. Race to the Bugle (Comic #4)
After the automated sequence you'll get another GC and an FMV.  This 
level is a race, but it isn't too tough, so don't rush and make 
mistakes.  There isn't much to find here, so just keep swinging forward 
and either fighting or avoiding the henchmen.  When the game cuts to an 
FMA of two henchmen on a rooftop, don't climb up just yet.  Crawl 
around the sides of the building to get Comic #4, Amazing Spider-Man 
#25.  There's also a web cartridge in the center of the roof here.  
FYI: The billboard here is for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.  Keep following 
the *snicker* "Spider-Compass," and on the last rooftop there's a 
health icon and a billboard for Stark Solutions, "Consulting in the 
Future."  Nice touch.  Swing over to the Daily Bugle to finish the 
level and get ready for a showdown with the Scorpion.

6. Spidey vs. Scorpion! (Comic #5) 
Okay, your first real boss.  Mac Gargan's an idiot in the comics, and 
he's an idiot here.  Piece o' cake.  Start off by launching some trap 
webbing so that The Game-ah, Triple J, can run away like a wuss-boy 
with his panties on fire.  Most of the time, Scorpion looks for JJ, so 
you can tag him from behind.  Impact webbing will draw his attention 
and he'll come after you with a tail attack.  If you destroy all the 
furniture in this room, either by lifting and throwing it or letting 
the Scorpion destroy it with his tail, you can get Comic #5, Amazing 
Spider-Man #20.  If you've got lots of webbing, the easiest way to beat 
down the Scorpion is to keep nailing him with impact webbing.  If not, 
move in close and pound him with punches and kicks, or toss furniture 
at him.  After completing a combo (3 attacks), Scorpion will retaliate. 
If you're in close, he'll punch, but if you knocked him back, he'll use 
his tail.  Jump away to avoid either of these counters.  After you do 
enough damage, Jameson will run into the next room, and Spidey and the 
Scorpion will follow automatically.  Stick to the same strategy and 
you'll spank him like a bad puppy.  Final note: Don't jump and stick to 
the walls, 'cause the Scorpion will fire a tail laser that's tough to 
avoid.  After you beat him, there's another FMV featuring everyone's 
favorite Man Without Fear. 

7. Police Chopper Chase (Comic #6)
Keep running!  Those missiles do a lot of damage, but if you're good at 
dodging, you can get some extra webbing and health when they blow up 
the boxes and signs.  Be careful on the bridge between the two 
buildings, because the chopper will fire a missile and take it out.  
Once you pass the "Porkin Donuts" sign, you'll come to a rooftop where 
two policemen pop out.  Let the chopper's missiles destroy the first 
box on the right to grab Comic #6, Amazing Spider-Man #16.  After that, 
swing to the next building to finish the level and start one of the 
coolest levels in the game.

8. Missile Attack
Climb straight up at the start, then head left when you see the boarded 
up section in the center.  If you look to the left here, you'll see a 
billboard advertising a Channel 7 interview with Wolverine.  I love 
this stuff!  Start crawling right when you come to the next boarded up 
section, and up again when you're beneath the keep out sign.  Crawl to 
the center, over the ledge, and up the wall again until you're past the 
first boarded up section.  While on the second one, crawl to the left 
and up again.  Here, there's a billboard for WHLK 96.6, which urges you 
to "Wake up to the Hulk!"  Now, head back to the center, up, and back 
to the left again.  Go up two, right one, up one, left one, and up one 
more.  Whew.  Crawl up onto the ledge, and you've reached a checkpoint 
and a health icon.  For the next section, it doesn't matter where you 
crawl up; just avoid the searchlights and crosshairs, all the while 
enjoying the cops' frustration. On the left, there's a "Four on Tour.  
This Summer" billboard.  In the next section, climb straight up the 
center as quickly as possible to end the level.  On the right, there's 
a billboard for "The Jeffrey Swinger Show," on which Captain America is 
scheduled to be a guest. 

9. Building Top Chase (Comic #7)
Okay, you're on a rooftop now.  There's a billboard to your left, and 
if you climb onto it, you'll receive a humorous message from Spidey.  I 
really wouldn't recommend this if you're not wearing the Captain 
Universe suit, though.  "Tony Hawk.  Hey, I skated with that guy."  
Hah.  Avoid the center of the next roof, unless you like getting pegged 
with missiles, but take note that there's a health icon on the other 
side in the center.  Swing over to the hotel and climb to the top.  
Head to the right and swing over to the crane here to get some armor 
and Comic #7, Amazing Spider-Man #39.  This is a really cool room.  I 
won't spoil the surprise here, but if you're a Spidey fan, you'll 
probably like this.  So what if it isn't exactly in character.  Anyhow, 
keep following the Spider-Compass (hee hee, that still makes me giggle 
like a school girl) until you come to a building with three windows.  
The helicopter will destroy these, revealing a health icon and several 
SWAT members.  Alternatively, you can climb to the top and grab a web 
cartridge, but be warned that the rooftop gets bombarded with missiles.  
Keep going forward until you come to the two cranes.  Move quickly 
here, because the helicopter will shoot them down.  When you reach the 
big building in the distance, the level is complete.

10. Scale the Girders (Comic #8)
Ignore Spidey's comment at the beginning about going up, and go down.  
When you reach the ledge, head left to get Comic #8, Amazing Spider-Man 
#400.  Climb back up, dodging helicopter fire, until you get to the 
girders.  Unless you really need health icons, keep on zip-lining your 
way to the top and ignore all the guards.  At the top, grab the health 
icon and head for the crane.  Walk all the way to the end of the arm 
and swing for the crane to automatically end the level.

11. Police Evaded (Comic #9)
Just like the Building Top Chase, just keep going forward.  Swing for 
the "Gossip" billboard for a funny message and a bit of foreshadowing.  
Shortly after that you'll come to a rooftop with an "Omnitek" billboard 
and two skylights.  Let the chopper shoot out the skylights, and enter 
to fight two SWAT members and grab a health icon.  More importantly, if 
you shoot out the blue glass underneath the yellow glass using impact 
webbing, you can get Comic #9, Amazing Spider-Man #14.  Exit and keep 
going forward past the Roxxon Oil billboards and another crate (it'll 
fall if you dawdle too long; swing for the crane if it does) toward the 
building with the two transmitters and the end of the level.  Yet 
another FMV and the third GC.  

12. Spidey vs. Rhino! (Comic #10, Scarlet Spidey Costume)
Time for your next boss battle.  Don't bother punching and kicking 
Rhino; it doesn't do much damage, and he'll hit back.  Hard.  Also, if 
you take out all the barrels, Comic #10, Amazing Spider-Man #41, will 
appear in the middle of the electric fence.  Another easy one.  Stand 
in front of the barrels until Rhino starts to charge, then jump out of 
the way and head for one of the other groups of barrels.  While Rhino 
is stunned you can nail him with impact webbing, but be warned that if 
you do he'll charge immediately.  Again, don't stick to the walls here, 
or Rhino will unleash a shockwave that brings you back down. If you run 
out of barrels, lure Rhino into one of the electric pylons and tag him 
with some impact webbing while he's getting shocked.  You shouldn't 
need to, but you can also lead him into the walls, then peg him with 
some web glove shots.  This battle is most notable for having Spidey's 
best one liner of the game, "Aw, did you hurt your little tusky wusky?"  
Heh.  I don't know about y'all, but this really makes me want a 
Deadpool game.  After you win, you'll get another FMV, another GC, and 
your first extra costume, Scarlet Spidey.

TIDBIT: The Scarlet Spidey costume was worn by the Spider Clone, Ben 
Reilly, when he believed he was the real Peter Parker.  Years ago, the 
Jackal created a clone of Spider-Man, but it was believed he perished 
in a warehouse fire.  After drifting for years under an assumed name, 
Reilly showed up out of nowhere to claim the Spider mantle in one of 
the most infamous stories in Spidey's 37 year history.  Reilly went by 
the name Scarlet Spider at this time, and was a member of the New 

13. Catch Venom (Comics #11 & #12)
If you're playing this on the Hard difficulty setting, prepare to be 
frustrated.  Start out by going forward, then diagonally left, 
diagonally right, cross the bridge, jump on the platform, diagonally 
left, hard right, and diagonally left again.  You have to make all 
these moves pretty quickly or Venom will get too far ahead and you 
lose.  Now you finally get a breather, as Venom waits for you and 
taunts on the building that's under construction.  When you get here, 
don't worry about losing him, instead, go left right away to get some 
armor and Comic #11, Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #42.  Go 
right now, and you'll see Venom just sitting there.  When you get 
close, he heads for the corner where you first landed.  Head over 
there, then the opposite corner when he runs again.  An automated 
sequence inside a building follows, so catch your breath and get ready 
for the hard part.  When you regain control, climb up the building and 
head left immediately.  Do NOT go straight ahead toward Venom.  If you 
do, he runs away and gets a big lead.  This can end the level right 
here.  Anyhow, go left toward the far corner.  Venom will run past and 
swing off.  Follow him, and on the far right hand side of this rooftop, 
you can get Comic #12, Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #76.  The 
pace increases rapidly here, so do your best to keep up and hit R2 at 
the top of your jump to get maximum swinging distance.  Venom does stop 
at least once, so if you have to climb up any buildings there's still a 
chance you can keep up.  After about four more buildings, the level 
ends with you automatically chasing after Venom.

14. Spidey vs. Venom! (Comic #13, Ben Reilly Costume)
Finally, a boss that's actually a bit of a challenge.  After the oh-so-
cool FMV, you get a bonus set of web gloves.  Trust me, you'll need 
'em.  Start off by attacking Venom with your web gloves.  Try to stay 
in the center at the beginning, or Venom will pull you in with a web 
yank-punch combo, or grab you with the symbiote for an attack that 
hurts a lot.  There's a web cartridge in the back-right corner, and a 
health icon in the front-left.  Also, if you lift up the dumpster in 
the left rear there's a web cartridge, and a health icon under the 
dumpster in the right front corner.  Don't forget to lift up the car to 
find Comic #13, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8.  After your initial 
flurry, stick to the corners so that you can see Venom wherever he 
might appear.  Two shots of impact webbing or web glove combos will 
cause him to disappear again (one if you're wearing the symbiote, 
Captain Universe, or Spider-Man 2099 costumes).  Be warned that if you 
get in close, Venom may hit you hard with a punch attack or grab, lick, 
and throw combo using the symbiote. After you take him down, Venom 
heads into the sewers, so get ready for a brand new set of enemies.  
Winning this battle also nets you the Ben Reilly costume.  

TIDBIT: When Peter Parker believed he was a clone, he gave up being 
Spider-Man to spend more time with his wife, Mary Jane, and his 
daughter, May Parker.  Ben Reilly officially took over being Spider-Man 
and wore this costume.  Reilly was eventually gored on the Green
Goblin's glider and turned to dust revealing that he was indeed the 
clone created years ago by the Jackal.

15. Sewer Entrance (Comic #14)
Start out by following Venom and heading right through the large hole 
in the wall.  When you round the bend, your Spider-Sense will activate, 
and you'll be forced to fight off two Lizardmen.  Take care of them, 
then go forward until you see the large open cavern and Spidey comments 
on the lizardmen.  After that, double back to the entrance of this 
tunnel to get Comic #14, Spectacular Spider-Man #229.  Swing from pipe 
to pipe until you reach the doorway with a health icon.  I highly 
recommend equipping web gloves at this point.  Once inside, the door 
will close, leaving you to fight off four lizardmen.  Beat 'em down, 
and head for the other end of the cavern and the end of the level.  

16. Sewer Cavern (Comic #15)
Swing forward from pipe to pipe until the game tells you to use L1 
targeting.  Walk to the end of the pipe, and, guess what, use L1 to 
swing for the next pipe.  Crawl around so you're facing the next pipe 
and repeat.  Don't swing for the next pipe here, though.  Aim your 
targeting behind the waterfall until it turns green.  There's a hidden 
room back here that contains two web cartridges, some armor, and Comic 
#15, Spider-Man #1 (McFarlane-Silver).  Again, just keep using L1 
targeting until you reach the little pipe at the end and a doorway with 
a health icon.  Get your web gloves ready, 'cause inside there are four 
more lizardmen, another health icon, and the level ends at the end of 
the tunnel.  

17. Subway
Not much to this one.  Just stay on the subway, and keep close to the 
Lizardmen.  If you need health or webbing, face front and try to grab 
the next icon that comes floating your way.  If you're wearing the 
Spider-Man Unlimited costume, press L2 to become invisible and not only 
will you not have to fight, but you can also gather plenty of webbing.  
At least four cartridges appear, so you can really stock up.  

18. Sewage Plant (Comic #16)
When you start this level, three lizardmen are coming for you.  You can 
fight them, but I recommend just jumping over and avoiding them.  Go 
straight until you come to the end of the hall.  Avoid the lizardmen 
and go left to snag a web cartridge, a health icon and Comic #16, 
Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1 (Reprint Version B).  Go back down the hall 
past where you turned left.  You should pass another health icon.  
Eventually, three lizardmen will drop from the ceiling.  When you reach 
the metal grating, zip-line up to enter a vent.  If you go right you'll 
have to fight two lizardmen.  You might want to do that now, because 
you have to do it sooner or later.  To the left is a large whirlpool 
and a switch.  Use your trap webbing to hit the switch, then walk 
slowly to the edge and use L1 targeting to look down and see when it's 
safe to enter.  Drop down and quickly walk straight ahead into the 
small tunnel.  If you're playing on Hard difficulty this can be very 
tight.  Zip-line up to the ceiling when you hit a dead-end.  Straight 
ahead is a room with three switches and a health icon.  Grab the icon, 
hit the switches and double back, where you'll face three more 
lizardmen.  Personally, I use impact webbing to knock them backwards 
into the water here, but use whatever means you prefer.  Hit the switch 
again, and go back into the first vent.  The dead-end by the lizardmen 
is open now, so head through, hit the switch and use L1 targeting to 
look down once more.  Run through, zip-line up and there should be 
another room with three switches and a health icon.  This time, 
however, there are also three lizardmen.  Do whatever you have to in 
order to finish them off, flip the switches, and head back to the first 
vent, yet again.  Drop down, and to your right a new path should be 
open.  Hit the switch, wait for the water to empty, drop down, and when 
you see light coming from above zip-line up to end the level.

19. Hidden Switches (Comic #17)
Tiny little level.  Run forward until you reach the water, then swing 
left to reach a platform with a web cartridge to the right and a health 
icon and a switch to the left.  Hit the switch, then swing for the 
platform on the other side of the room.  Lizardmen will appear, but 
just keep swinging back and forth to hit the switches and grab the 
power-ups that appear.  After you hit the fourth switch, you can exit 
the level, but you should swing back to the third one and nab Comic 
#17, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1 (Reprint Version A).  After that, drop 
down to where the water used to be and head through the door to beat 
this one. 

20. Tunnel Crawl (Comic #18)
Go straight ahead at the beginning and you'll see Venom swing off to 
the left.  Follow him, avoid the lizardmen, and crawl through the 
broken vent dead ahead.  Push up, not right, to crawl forward.  If 
you're having trouble and keep drowning, stop at the brown line before 
the tunnel slopes downward and wait for the water to start dropping 
again before you move.  On Hard difficulty, the timing is really close, 
so I highly recommend stopping here even if you seem to have plenty of 
time.  Once that's over, avoid the two lizardmen, swing to the pipe, 
and across to the opening with a web cartridge.  Hit the switch to 
lower the water level and Venom will bound past you.  Jump down into 
the new room, deal with the four lizardmen, and hit the switch on the 
far side of the first box.  Go around to the other side of the second 
box to pick up Comic #18, Spectacular Spider-Man #158, then go through 
the doorway that's now open on the far side of the room.  Keep going 
straight to finish the level.

21. Venom's Puzzle
Another really easy one.  At the start, Venom will taunt you, and 
disappear behind a set of four doors.  The objective here is to open 
the doors and catch him, so start off by turning around to face the big 
open room with the waterfall.  Walk in and Spidey will explain the 
objective.  The trick here is to go directly down two levels.  Don't go 
left or right, just drop off the ledge and hug the wall or web swing 
back so that you are directly beneath your starting location.  Do the 
same thing again, and you should now be on a ledge with a switch.  Push 
it and the 2nd and 4th doors should open.  Now, facing out into the 
open cavern, the waterfall should be on your left.  Use L1 targeting to 
look up and to the left (near the waterfall) to spot and shoot another 
switch, which will open the other two doors (Venom's taunt here is 
great).  Now, use R1 to zip line back up to the entrance, head back to 
the start of the level and through the doors you just opened to the 
right to end the level.

22. The Lizard's Maze (Comic #19)
Nail Venom here, and he'll disappear.  Keep going straight, stick to 
the ceiling when you have to and avoid the acid that's dripping.  Watch 
out for the slamming walls, and turn right at the next intersection.  
You'll run into Venom again, so take him out and keep going.  At the 
end, you'll talk to the Lizard (YEAH!  You actually talk to him!  He 
isn't psycho!) who tells you how to navigate the maze.  Now, when you 
turn around, Comic #19, Amazing Spider-Man #6, should be nearby.  
Follow the Lizard's directions, and when you come to the third waterway 
turn right.  Venom should start verbally taunting you at this point.  
At the next intersection it looks like Venom is a member of a set, and 
took the time to do some tagging.  Keep going straight past two sets of 
slamming walls and pass the next intersection (to the left is an 
immediate dead end, and to the right is another message from Venom.  
Venom will appear if you go right, also.)  At the second one, turn 
right for another automated sequence and the end of the level.

23. Spidey vs. Venom Again!
This fight can be really frustrating at first, but once you figure out 
the pattern it's actually easier than the first Venom fight.  Right at 
the start, Venom will hit the switch to raise the water level and drown 
Mary Jane.  Oh, the perils of being a superwife.  Parasite kidnaps 
Lois, GL's gal gets stuffed in a fridge.  See, this is why Batman stays 
a swingin' bachelor.  Anyhow, hit the switch with a web line, and stick 
to the center area so that you're ready for Venom wherever he shows up.  
Also, take note that there are four switches here, one in each of the 
cardinal directions, and Venom can appear next to any of them. 
Furthermore, if you shoot at him, be careful not to hit the switch he's 
standing by, or else you'll get the water moving, and Venom will block 
you from turning it off.  Use the same pattern from the first fight, 
and peg him with impact webbing or web glove shots.  If you need health 
or webbing, there are some on the platforms around the room.  Once he's 
finished, cue Chris Jericho, 'cause you will never, eeeeeevvvvvvvver 
face Venom a-gain, and get ready for my favorite FMV sequence and the 
fifth GC.

24. Symbiotes Infest Bugle (Comic #20)
Your first taste of the nuisances known as symbiotes.  Man, I wish we 
could enlist the Protoss to wipe out their whole steenkin' planet.  
Where's Galactus when you need him?  Anyhow, start off by dealing with 
the symbiote that's right next to you.  After he's done, use trap 
webbing to hit the switch and free your first hostage.  Head to the 
back corner to take out another symbiote in the narrow hallway, and 
zip-line up to the vent to grab a web cartridge and Comic #20, Amazing 
Spider-Man #42.  Drop back down, and head right towards the windows at 
the back of the room.  They'll shatter and another hostage will be 
freed.  Kill the symbiote, or just head toward the grate at the back 
(by the health icon) and zip-line up into the vent.  Kill the symbiote 
and drop down on the other side.  To your left, there's a switch that 
will free the final hostage.  Head down the hallway toward the web 
cartridge, fight or avoid another symbiote, turn right, and head for 
the back right corner of this new room.  There's another symbiote here, 
as well as a switch that opens up the elevator shaft and ends the 

25. Elevator Descent (Comic #21)
Stay on the elevator until it stops.  If you drop down, you'll have to 
fight more symbiotes, and nobody wants that.  Now, turn so that the 
elevator is on the right-hand side of the screen.  Jump towards the 
wall in front of you, and crawl down in the middle.  Two doors should 
open.  The one on the left contains a health icon and possibly Comic 
#21, (I can't remember if this is the right doorway or not.  If it 
isn't here, it's in the left doorway later in the level).  The switch 
here is useless, so go back over to the door on the right.  Kill the 
symbiote, grab the web cartridge, and hit the switch to get the 
elevator moving again.  Now, wait until the elevator is completely 
below you and jump back on top.  Apparently, the Bugle's elevators' 
external walls are made out of a frictionless surface, so Spidey can't 
stick to 'em.  More symbiotes will drop from above, and if you turn so 
that the elevator is on the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see a 
health icon in a small alcove in the wall after the elevator busts 
through another layer of symbiote goo.  Turn so the elevator is on the 
right side again, and when the elevator stops again, drop down to the 
next level.  There are two more symbiotes here, as well as a health 
icon.  If you kill the symbiotes, the other elevator will drop, causing 
the ground you're standing on to disappear.  Just avoid them.  There 
are also two switches.  The one on the left has a symbiote, a web 
cartridge, and Comic #21 Amazing Spider-Man #100.  Door number two 
leads to the end of the level and the basement.

26. Stop the Presses (Comic #22)
Symbiotes, oh how we hate thee.  The most obnoxious level thus far 
starts with Spidey finding the source of the symbiotes in the building.  
Destroy this first generator, then keep going straight.  If you kill 
the symbiotes before destroying the generator more will appear, so be 
sure to take out the generators as soon as you see them.  If you don't 
destroy these symbiotes, they'll be waiting for you when you return to 
this room, so take them out.  Web gloves work well, but trap and impact 
webbing are pretty much useless.  Supposedly, you can throw them into 
the printing presses using the web yank, but I can never get that to 
work, so I just beat them down.  Be careful; you'll die instantly if 
you fall into the presses yourself.  Past the stack of papers, there's 
a web cartridge, and to the left is the second generator.  Destroy it 
and kill or avoid the symbiote.  Head back into the first room, and a 
new room has opened on the far left.  Go inside, and if you need 
webbing, there's a cartridge in between the third and fourth presses on 
the ground floor.  Past this row of presses is the third generator.  
Take it out, kill the symbiote, and pick up the stack of papers to the 
left to earn Comic #22, Amazing Spider-Man #50.  Turn right, and go 
into the first door on the left.  When you enter, the symbiotes try to 
steamroll you, so jump up and to the left to destroy the final 
generator.  The switch at the back of the room opens up a room 
containing magnesium, which makes your webbing flamin' hot.  This is 
invaluable against the symbiotes, 'cause they hate fire.  One shot of 
impact webbing will drop 'em like a bad habit.  Be careful though, 
because another symbiote drops from the ceiling in here.  Head back out 
into the main room, and head to the upper row of printing presses dead 
ahead.  There's a health icon in between the first and second presses.  
Drop down to your left, and head through the door.  They'll try to 
steamroll you again, so jump up and to the left to clear this stage.  
The switch on the right hand side will only open the door, so don't 
waste your time and risk your life.

27. Bugle's Basement (Comic #23)
Start out by going straight and killing the symbiote then taking your 
first left.  As you near the door, a pipe will burst and the door will 
open.  Jump over the steam, destroy the generator, kill the symbiote, 
then flip the switch.  Walk up to the furnace and use L1 targeting to 
look up and web-swing to the ledge above.  In the hidden room there's 
magnesium, a web cartridge and a health icon.  Drop back down and head 
out into the first hallway.  Make a left and cross the fire pit in 
front of you.  As soon as your Spider-Sense starts tingling, stop and 
use L1 targeting to seal up the four pipes that explode (look for the 
purple cross and hit triangle).  When all four are done you'll get 
Comic #23, Amazing Spider-Man #13.  Head to the end of hall and go 
right over the elevator.  If you drop down, there's a health icon 
inside, but there's also a symbiote, so you may want to avoid it.  Make 
a left at the intersection, and the last right at the end of the hall 
before the furnace.  There's a web cartridge here, but a symbiote will 
drop from above when you get close.  Take him out and zip-line up to 
another room with a symbiote, a health icon and a switch.  Flip the 
switch, drop back down, go left, then left again.  Destroy the 
generator and grab the web cartridge; you're gonna need it.  Turn 
around, go left and run into a familiar face.  Marvel (no pun intended) 
at Spidey's mastery of the obvious, and the level will end.

28. Spidey vs. Mysterio! (Comic #24)
Really, really frustrating if you're in the original threads, not so 
bad if you're wearing one of the three double damage Spider-Suits.  At 
the beginning, get ready for Mysterio to grab you and throw you all the 
way down to the bottom.  Avoid this by jumping or dropping down a 
level.  On the second level down, Ol' Fishbowl Head will attempt to 
pound you with his fists, and on the bottom level or in the pit he'll 
try to stomp you.  Keep jumping or running to avoid these attacks, but 
be careful not to jump straight up or his attack will succeed.  Keep 
your eyes open, because lots of health and webbing icons will appear 
and disappear on the various levels.  When Mysterio stops attacking, 
he's summoning spiked wheels of death.  Run toward the wheels and jump 
over them when you get close.  Be sure not to get stuck on the columns.  
Stick to the center of each platform and you should be fine, but this 
can be really annoying.  Hammer away at the glowing conduits with 
impact webbing (one shot will do take care of each of them if you're 
wearing one of the double damage suits, two for a normal suit.  Double 
these numbers if you're playing on Hard.).  After you take out all six, 
head down to the bottom level to grab Comic #24, Amazing Spider-Man 
#311, but beware the electrified floor.  Now, head to the top level 
where Mysterio fires laser beams out of his two conduits, and get as 
far back as possible to launch more impact webbing.  Destroy both of 
these conduits and Mysterio will get physical again and try to grab 
you.  Stick to the same pattern of jumping and firing, but take note 
that you also have to avoid the moving electrified floor.  Beat him and 
you're off to the warehouse and a meeting with the Punisher. 

29. Waterfront Warehouse (Comics #25 & #26)
While the FMA is going on, take note of your surroundings.  You can see 
both generators in this room as well as several power-ups.  I'm not 
going to list them all here, except to say that if you zip-line up to 
the ceiling you can get magnesium and other power-ups as well on the 
catwalk.  Take out the two generators, and remember, those canisters 
are flammable, so throw them or shoot them with impact webbing to help 
you take out the symbiotes.  Just past the ground floor generator is 
the hidden exit.  There's a health icon up here.  Drop down and head to 
the left.  When you turn the corner, a symbiote ambushes you, so let 
him have it with a blast of hot impact web death.  Destroy the 
generator in the room ahead, turn around and take the left ahead.  This 
leads to the final room in the level.  Drop down, destroy the 
generators here, and search every nook and cranny for Comic #25, 
Amazing Spider-Man #129.  There are also more catwalk power-ups, so 
grab those if you need to.  When you're done, head out the ground floor 
exit.   Drop down the vent to reach a checkpoint, then drop to the 
floor below.  There's a grating over the fan, so don't worry about an 
instant death.  Go through the door, turn left, left again and drop 
down another shaft.  There's no grating over the next fan, so jump for 
the right wall and drop or crawl down to the platform below.  Follow 
the path, but don't drop down the vent just yet.  Ceiling crawl over to 
the grating and use the punch button to open a hidden room containing a 
web cartridge, health icon and Comic #26, Amazing Spider-Man #15.  Now, 
head back to the vent and drop down to end the level.

30. Underwater Trench (Comic #27)
Unquestionably, one of the three most frustrating and annoying levels 
in the game.  In the first room, you can find a web cartridge if you go 
behind the pipe to your right.  Go through the doorway, and get your 
first taste of why this level sucks so bad.  Swing for the platform
on the right, and take out the cannon or quickly jump for the platform 
straight ahead.  Jump and swing again to head for the next room.  To 
the left, there's a health icon behind the gear, and a web cartridge to 
the right behind the pipe.  Head into the next room, and again swing 
for the platform on the right.  There's a health icon here, and you 
need to take out the cannon this time.  Use L1 to swing up to the 
platform above you to the left.  Take out the cannon, and swing for the 
platform dead ahead.  Don't overestimate your swinging distance here.  
Go for the one slightly to the right, then make a run for the goal.  In 
the next room, there's a web cartridge and a switch to the right, and a 
health icon to the left.  The switch opens up the hidden room where you 
can find Comic #27, Amazing Spider-Man #2, but it's a big pain in the 
butt to go back and get it.  Be prepared if you choose to do so.  The 
method is the same, but uses more L1 targeting.  If you took the time 
to destroy the cannons the first time through, this is much easier to 
do.  Now, to finish the level head into the next room.  This time, use 
L1 targeting to swing over to the platform on the left.  Swing to the 
one to the right, destroy the cannon, then pray that your timing is 
good and head for the one WAY ahead and to the left.  From here, it's a 
straight shot to the door.  There's a web cartridge in this room, and 
the walls aren't electrified so you can crawl straight across to the 

31. Stopping the Fog (Comic #28)
After the last hellish level, this one is a downright treat.  Head 
straight for the center to grab some magnesium, then climb up the 
center column for some armor.  Also, you can climb down the center 
column to find Comic #28, Spider-Man 2099 #1.  Next, head for the only 
door that has a green sign above it.  Go inside to find the Black Cat, 
and the switch that will open the other doors outside on the right hand 
side of this room.  Head to each of the lettered rooms (A, B and C, 
they now have green signs above them also), and flip the switches in 
the center of the rooms.  After you hit all three, the Cat will be 
freed, and you'll automatically move on to face the not-so-shocking 
mastermind of this nefarious scheme.    

32. Spidey vs. Doc Ock! (Comic #29)
Repeat after me: easy, easy, easy!  Keep running around in a circle 
until a section of the floor turns yellow and one of the switches drops 
down.  Repeat this four times jumping over the force walls that appear 
and the shield will drop.  Put on your web gloves, and beat him like a 
red-headed step-child.  When the shield regenerates, Comic #29, Amazing 
Spider-Man #3, will appear, but it disappears quickly, so be on the 
lookout.  Keep repeating this same pattern, and the Doctor will go down 
with barely a whimper.

TIDBIT: Dr. Octopus once dated Peter's Aunt May, and almost found out 
Spidey's secret identity.  Dr. Octavius is also Marvel Comic's foremost 
expert on radiation.  So much so that Reed Richards, the Fantastic 
Four's Mr. Fantastic, once sought out his expertise to save the life of 
Sue Storm's unborn child.

33. Spidey vs. Carnage! (Comic #30)
Carnage has some powerful attacks, but if you know what you're doing or 
get lucky, he's the easiest boss in the game.  The trick is to keep him 
in the sound bubble in the center of the room.  To get him there, 
either web him up and knock him in with a punch or kick combo, or push 
him back with a burst of impact webbing.  Once he's in there, let the 
sound bubble do its thing, and once it's expended, keep him in place 
with some trap webbing.  If you're wearing one of the unlimited webbing 
suits, hold down the triangle button and he can't do a thing.  Remember 
to grab Comic #30, Amazing Spider-Man #33, which will appear in the 
center of the sonic bubble.  Also, don't put too much distance between 
Carnage and Spidey, or Carnage will launch a leaping attack that can 
kill you in one shot.  Web cartridges and health icons will show up 
periodically, so make a dash if you need to.  This is the last battle, 
but watch the FMV, and you're off to the final level.

34. Spidey vs. Monster-Ock! (Comics #31 & #32)
Imagine the Underwater Trench level is a Jawa.  If so, then this level 
is the Rancor.  Again, not much to say here, 'cause this level is so 
freakin' long and repetitive, but there are a few useful tips I can 
give that I hope will help.  1. Web swing whenever you can.  It covers 
ground much faster than jumping or walking.  2. Whenever you come to 
what seems to be a dead-end, use R1 to zip-line up to the ceiling and 
enter the next level.  3. Never, ever stop moving.  Should be self-
evident, but your only goal here is to get outta Dodge.  4. At the 
first bend, you can grab Comic #31, Amazing Spider-Man #252.  5. About 
3/4 of the way through the level, Comic #32, Amazing Fantasy #15, 
appears on level 2.

Sit back and enjoy a job well done while you watch the humorous ending.  
Some purists will probably be offended by the FMVs here, but I've been 
reading comics for 18 years now, and I enjoyed it, so don't write me to 
tell how much you hated it.  If you beat the game on Hard, you'll earn 
the Captain Universe and Symbiote costumes.  If you managed to snag all 
32 comic covers, you'll also earn the Spider-Man 2099 costume, for a 
grand total of five extra costumes on one run through.  Not too shabby.  
E. Cheats
Got a cheat?  Send it to me at

All cheats are entered by selecting "special" from the main menu, then 
selecting "cheats."  Codes should be entered _exactly_ as they are 
printed here (i.e. if there's a space, put one in it when you enter the 

This section wouldn't have been possible without the help of "The 
Amazing Spider-Friends."  Yes, I know I'm a big dork, but that's what 
I'm calling them.  Their names follow the cheats.  If you submitted a 
code and I didn't credit you, _please_ write me so I can give everyone 
their due in the next update.

All Game Covers: "ALLSIXCC"
Big Head Spidey: "DULUX"
   Amazing Bag Man (Unlisted Hidden Costume, very cool): "AMZBGMN"
   Ben Reilly: "BNREILLY"
   Captain Universe: "S COSMIC"
   Peter Parker: "MJS STUD"
   Quick Change Spidey: "ALMSTPKR"
   Scarlet Spidey: "LETTER S"
   Spider-Man 2099: "TWNTYNDN"
   Spidey Unlimited: "PARALLEL"
   Symbiote: "BLKSPIDR"
Debug Mode: "LLADNEK"
Infinite Health: "DCSTUR"
Invulnerability: "RUSTCRST"
J. James Jewett: "RULUR"
Note: This code adds J James Jewett, President of Neversoft (All Hail 
the creators of Tony Hawk and Spider-Man!) to the character viewer.
Level Select: "XCLSIOR"
Random Word: "IDENTITY"
NOTE: This code doesn't affect gameplay, but it's still kinda cool in a 
stupid way that dorks like me appreciate.  Basically, Spidey pops up, 
hits the word you entered, and a randomly selected word takes its 
place.  A new code has never come up for me, but maybe you'll have 
better luck.
Unlimited Webbing: "STRUDL"
Unlock All Character Bios: "CVIEW EM"
Unlock Everything: "EEL NATS"
Unlock Movies: "WATCH EM"
Unlock Storyboards: "CGOSSETT"
What If? Mode: "GBHSRSPM"
NOTE: This code rocks!  I won't spoil the surprises for any of you 
reading this, but lots of cool little differences in dialogue and 
effects such as a scene from "The Matrix," a surprise when you fight 
Doc Ock and a Ghost Rider cameo during "Race to the Bugle."  Very nice.  
You have to start a new game to make this one work, and if done right, 
the Watcher will appear at the beginning of the "Bank Approach" level.  
NOTE 2: This code changes the location of some comics.  I'm still 
looking for a few, but they will be updated before Version 3.0

Amazing Spider-Friends
The following individuals submitted working cheat codes.

Al Amaloo
Dwight D.
Stygmata Martyr
F. Comic Collection (SPOILERS)

NOTE: Some comic locations change in What If? Mode.  I'll add their new 
locations as I find them.  I have not listed the ones that change 
because I'm writing this from memory (Bad FAQ writer!  Bad!), but I'll 
list them in the next update.

1- Bank Approach: On top of Four Freedoms Plaza (The Fantastic Four 
NOTE: The location changes in What If? Mode (see cheats section), but I 
haven't managed to find it yet.  In What If? Mode, the Human Torch is 
on top of the building and he talks to you.

2- Hostage Situation: Under the chair in one of the cubicles.  The area 
where there are bank thugs and three hostages after the first vent and 
room with three switches.

3- Stop the Bomb!: After freeing the first group of hostages, return to 
the first hallway.

4- Race to the Bugle: When the game cuts to the FMA of the two 
henchmen, you can find the comic on the side of the building.

5- Spidey vs. Scorpion!: Destroy all the furniture in the first room 
and the comic will appear in the center.

6- Police Chopper Chase: On the last building, let the helicopter's 
missiles destroy the right-rear box.

7- Building Top Chase: Inside the Goblin's crane lair.

8- Scale the Girders: Climb down to the ledge at the start of the 
level.  The book is on the left side.

9- Police Evaded: Let the chopper destroy the skylights. Go inside and 
shoot impact webbing at the blue section of the wall.  

10- Spidey vs. Rhino!: Destroy every barrel on the level.  The comic 
will appear in the middle of the electric fence.

11- Catch Venom: Head left as soon as you get to the building that's 
under construction (Venom stops here before the automated sequence 
inside the building).

12- Catch Venom: On the right-hand side of the roof of the second 
building after the automated sequence.

13- Spidey vs. Venom!: Lift the car.

14- Sewer Entrance: Fight your way to the big open cavern, then return 
to the hallway just before you fought the first batch of lizardmen.

15- Sewer Cavern: Behind the waterfall after the game tells you to use 
L1 targeting.

16- Sewer Plant: Walk down the first hallway, turn left, walk to the 

17- Hidden Switches: Press the fourth switch and return to the third 

18- Tunnel Crawl: Hit the switch on the first box, then go to the other 
side of the second box.

19- The Lizard's Maze: Talk to the lizard.  The comic will appear 
behind you.

20- Symbiotes Infest Bugle: In the vent with the hostage.

21- Elevator Descent: Behind the last set of doors on the left.

22- Stop the Presses: Lift the stack of papers near the third 

23- Bugle's Basement: Shoot the leaking pipes. 

24- Spidey vs. Mysterio!: Destroy Mysterio's six conduits.  The comic 
will appear on the bottom level.

25- Waterfront Warehouse: Look in the alcove (Second room).

26- Waterfront Warehouse: At the very end of the level, don't enter the 
vent that leads to the next level.  Jump over the vent and open the 
grate leading to a hidden room.

27- Underwater Trench: In the second machinery room head to the right 
and hit the switch.  Go back to the room shown in the FMA.

28- Stopping the Fog: Climb down the center column to a hidden room.

29- Spidey vs. Doc Ock: Appears after Doc Ock's shield regenerates the 
first time.  It doesn't appear for very long, so grab it quickly.

30- Spidey vs. Carnage!: In the middle of the sonic bubble. It appears 
and disappears. 

31- Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!: At the first bend in the pipe.

32- Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!: About 3/4 of the way through the level, on 
level 2.
G. Spider-Suits (SPOILERS)

Spider-man 2099: Collect every Comic throughout the game.  (Double 
TIDBIT: Miguel O'Hara became the Spider-Man of the future when his boss 
genetically bonded the illegal substance known as Rapture to his DNA.  
A scientific genius, O'Hara tried to restore his original genetic 
sequence but was thwarted when his natural code was combined with that
of a spider.

Symbiote Spider-man: Finish the game on any difficulty level.  
(Unlimited Webbing)
NOTE: Although it isn't officially listed as a power, the symbiote suit 
seems to do double damage.  I only needed one impact webbing shot to 
destroy Mysterio's conduits, and one web glove combo to destroy the 
symbiotes as opposed to two with the normal suit.
TIDBIT: Peter Parker gained the symbiotic suit during the Secret Wars 
when he used a machine that he thought would repair his costume.  
Instead, it bonded him with an alien creature.  This symbiote fed off 
Peter's energy, and would take him out while asleep to swing around New 
York.  Parker almost died when he entered a bell tower to try and free 
himself from the symbiote.  He succeeded, but the symbiote would later 
join a more willing host, Eddie Brock, and the two would form Venom, 
arguably the most dangerous member of Spidey's rogue gallery.   

Captain Universe: Beat the game on Hard.  (Double Damage, Unlimited 
Webbing and Invincibility)
NOTE: The Captain Universe suit sucks the challenge out of the game 
like a Hoover on hardwood.  The biggest benefit is being able to take 
the time to spot all the little hidden extras like the Wolverine and 
Hulk signs during the Missile Attack level.
TIDBIT: When Spider-Man gained the powers of Captain Universe, he was 
so powerful that he threw the Incredible Hulk into orbit.  You try 
tossing a guy who weighs half a ton so hard he achieves escape 

Spidey Unlimited: Beat the game a second time on any difficulty level.  
(Invisibilty. Press L2 to become invisible, just like Solid Snake and 
Sue Storm.  Doesn't work on bosses or the police chopper.) 

Scarlet Spidey: Beat Rhino. (No special abilities)

Ben Reilly: Beat Venom the first time.  (No special abilities)

Quick Change Spidey: Score more than 10,000 points in the Zip-Line 
training course.  This suit limits you to two web cartridges.
NOTE: Not that any of you probably care, but this costume is very 
similar to my Halloween costume for this year, 'cause, that's right, 
I'm a big dork.  I'm actually doing "Spider-Sense Tingling Spider-Man," 
and half my body will be Peter, while the other half will be Spidey, 
complete with black things sticking out of the mask side.  I rule!

Peter Parker: Find the Kraven room in the Item Hunt training course.  
This suit also limits you to two web cartridges.
NOTE: Grab all the Spider Tokens above ground, head underground and 
through the "?" door (under door #4).  You have to accomplish all this 
in less than one minute.
Special thanks to Im Unknown and TroySch1 for this tip.

Amazing Bag Man: As far as I know, this costume is only available if 
you enter the cheat code (see the cheats section).  This suit also 
limits you to two web cartridges.
TIDBIT: This is the costume Spidey wore after visiting the Fantastic 
Four when he first freed himself from the Symbiote costume.  The FF 
loaned him a spare uniform and a paper bag to help him conceal his 
secret identity on the trip home.  A very cool addition to the game.
H. Wish List

With the open-ended finale, it's almost certain that there will be a 
sequel if this game is a hit.  So, what do I want to see in it?

1. Swimming.  He can swim in the comics, why not here?

2. Aunt May.  C'mon, she's the most important character in Petey's 

3. A real Doc Ock fight.  The one in this game is lame.  I wanna fight 
Ock and his tentacles, not Ock and his force field.

4. The Green Goblin.  Dig this: the final battle spanning multiple 
rooftops with Spidey and his webs, and the Goblin on his glider.  Two 
words: Pumpkin Bombs!

5. Morbius.  Mist and claws, baby!

6. A fight against the Lizard.  It was nice to see Dr. Connors in this 
game, but I wanna beat the Lizard's scaly tail all over the sewers o' 
New York.

7. Electro.  A power plant battle featuring lots of dodging and 
electricity to show off Spidey's agility.  

8. The Sandman.  Hammer shaped fists, and you never know where he'll 
pop up next.

9. Cloak and Dagger.  Some of Spidey's true allies.

10. More costumes!  Specifically, the costumes Spidey wore during the 
"Identity Crisis" storyline (Ricochet, Dusk, Prodigy and Hornet).  For 
those of you not familiar with this story, all of them had Spidey's 
powers (Peter was wearing the suits, after all), but Ricochet had 
throwing disks, Dusk could teleport through the Negative Zone (read an 
issue of Fantastic Four for more info on this), Prodigy enhanced 
Spidey's strength, and Hornet could shoot and fly.  Spidey wore these 
costumes to hide out when Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, put a 
bounty on Spidey's head for the murder of small time hood Joey Z.  
Naturally, Spidey was being framed (the Trapster, formerly *snicker* 
Paste Pot Pete, was the actual murderer).  

11. Better dodging/fighting engine.  Spidey's famous for his handspring 
move, yet it doesn't appear at all in the game.  He should be able to 
flip all over the place and launch into attacks directly from dodges.  
Agility is one of his trademarks, after all.

12. Kraven.  'Nuff said.

Bottom Line: This was a fantastic game, so the small faults weren't a 
big deal at all.  The great thing about Spider-Man is that he has one 
of the best rogue galleries (in my opinion, only the X-Men and Batman's 
are even close) in all of comics, so there are still plenty of villains 
to use, and each of them can be associated with a cool, original 
battle.  The PS2 and Spider-Man 2 can't come soon enough.  
I. Thanks and credits

Marvel Comics and Stan Lee for giving us one of comics' two best heroes 
(along with the Dark Knight Detective).

Activision and Neversoft for making a great game, and doing Spidey the 
right way.

gamefaqs for posting my walkthrough, and being a great site and 
resource. for information on the Quick Change Spidey and Peter 
Parker costumes, as well as the Big Head Spidey cheat and some comics I 
missed.  Plus, it's just an all around great site.

Amazing Spider-Friends
The following individuals submitted working cheat codes.

Al Amaloo
Dwight D.
Stygmata Martyr

Im Unknown and TroySch1 for information on how to get the Peter Parker 
costume.  The X-Men Dream Teams Page, and my 
webpage.  Yeah, it's a shameless plug, but if you wanna see just how 
little shame I really have, go to my page and check out the John Grevas 
Self-Aggrandizement Section.  The Avengers Dream Teams 
Page.  Yeah, it's my other page, and another shameless plug.

Speed (the J-Pop group, not the illicit substance) for providing me 
with great music to listen to when I got tired of hearing the in-game 
voices.  Kawaii!




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