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Written By: Jane/Gabe
In the First Level, When you first start, take a right and go through 
the doors to "The Place".  Go through the hallway until you run across 
the doorway that is blocked.  There will be a terrorist waiting for you 
behind the blocks in the room.  Drop him with your 9mm., but after you 
kill him, equip your tazer.  Shoot out the window to your right with the 
tazer, ( Don't waste rounds with any other weapons ), and climb through.  
Equip your M-16 after you do so.  Take a right and run over to the brown 
block ( The dumpster ).  Press the triangle button to climb up onto it.  
Walk to the opposite edge of the block, and press the triangle button, 
Gabe will jump up and grab onto the catwalk.  Press the up button on the 
D-pad of your controller to then proceed upwards.  Turn to your left and 
press the triangle button again to jump and grab the pipe.  
Now shimmy across the pipe but once equiped.  Press R1 to use the Auto-Aim, 
and let them fry in Hell.  Once you have reached the end of the pipe, 
press the down button on the D-pad, and Gabe will lower himself down.  
Walk forward and when you reach the box, press triangle, and you will 
receive the M-79 Grenade Launcher.  But be warned, It only comes 
with 5 rounds, so use them wisley... on bosses. 
Submitted By:: Gabe

Level 2

                              1.Once the movie stops playing, turn
                                 right and go straight until you reach
                                 the end of the first destroyed subway
                                 car. Turn left and cross the tracks.
                                 Turn left again, go straight until you
                                 see the blazing guy running at you
                                 screaming. Back away from him until
                                 he falls down and quits burning.

                              2.Now, go forward again, turning to
                                 the right and fighting the bad guys
                                 that show up. Again cross the tracks
                                 straight in front of you. Turn right to

                                 the subway car and climb up the
                                 subway car.

                              3.Go forward until Lian calls. After
                                 listening to her call, go straight to the
                                 end of the subway car and jump off
                                 the end.

                              4.Go forward, but beware, there is a
                                 bad guy with an M-16 and grenades,
                                 as well as two others on the
                                 right-hand side of the tracks as you
                                 make your way forward.

                              5.Go straight forward until you reach
                                 the end of the track where a crashed
                                 subway car is. Turn right and walk
                                 on the tracks, shooting the bad guy
                                 on the car above you. Once you
                                 reach the edge of the track, push
                                 triangle to retrieve the C4.

                              6.Now turn right and head back down
                                 the tracks slowly and watching for
                                 the grenade lobbing baddy on the
                                 left. Keep your distance and kill him.
                                 Then climb up on the platform on the
                                 side that he was on. Don't forget to
                                 retrieve the ammo from the dead
                                 guys as you pass.

                              7.Go left after passing the dead
                                 grenade thrower and head down that
                                 side of the platform until you reach
                                 the tipped over, red, soda machine.
                                 Climb up the left side of the soda

                              8.Turn left until you see the brown
                                 cement above you. Jump and climb
                                 up onto this.

                              9.Cross the brown cement until you
                                 reach the traffic symbol, shooting
                                 bad guy that is now below you. Turn
                                 left and then jump and climb up

                             10.Turn 180 degrees to face white
                                 cement block above you and jump
                                 and climp up onto it.

                             11.Now turn left and go forward until
                                 underneath the horizontal pipe. Jump
                                 up and grab onto this and shimmy
                                 over to the right until you can go no
                                 further. Then drop down.

                             12.Go forward, avoiding the small
                                 whole in front of you. Lian will
                                 contact you again at this point with
                                 another message. Continue to go
                                 forward all the way the the blocked
                                 passage entrance to the subway.

                             13.Plant your C4 on the blocked
                                 passage and get out of there. Once
                                 the C4 explodes, opening up the
                                 passage, stick around to cover the
                                 CBDC agent while he disarms the
                                 bomb on the tracks. You will have to
                                 fight several bad guys here.

                             14.Once all the baddies are dead, climb
                                 back up on the subway platform and
                                 turn left and go straight to the first
                                 right. Then go straight across the
                                 tracks, climb up and go left.

                             15.Run until you can go no further and
                                 shut off the gas mains. Turn back
                                 around and go straight, backtracking
                                 across the tracks where you came

                             16.Go back across the platform, taking
                                 the first left and continue straight to

                                 the next left and turn left again.

                             17.Go forward to the train tracks, jump
                                 down and go right, going all the way
                                 to the subway car in the tunnel.

                             18.Climb the box and then climb up
                                 onto the train. Go forward. Lian will
                                 again contact you here with another

                             19.Continue to go forward off of the
                                 train. Continue forward slowly,
                                 waiting for the flaming bad guy
                                 running towards you. Turn the way
                                 you were coming from and run back
                                 towards the train to escape the
                                 crispy critter. Be ready to fight the
                                 bad guy on top of the train. Kill him.

                             20.Turn back around and continue the
                                 way you were originally headed
                                 when you first left the top of the train.
                                 Climp up on the box next to the next
                                 subway train and then onto the train,
                                 killing the enemy that is standing
                                 there waiting for you.

                             21.Go forward to the other end of the
                                 train and jump down. Once you've
                                 gotten down and gone forward a
                                 little, another movie starts signaling
                                 the end of this level.

     Submittied by: Jane
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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