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Written By: Wan Zafran
   |____   ____|        _        _    ________              _       _
        | |  ________  | \      | |  / _______|  _      _  | |     | |
        | |  | |_____| |  \     | | / /         | |    | | | |     | |
        | |  | |       | \ \    | | | |         | |    | | | |     | |
        | |  | |_____  | |\ \   | | | |         | |____| | | |     | |
        | |  | |_____| | | \ \  | | | |         |  ____  | | |     | |
        | |  | |       | |  \ \ | | | |         | |    | | | |     | |
        | |  | |_____  | |   \ \| | \ \_______  | |    | | \ \_____| |
        |_|  |_|_____| |_|    \___|  \________| |_|    |_|  \_______/
                        The Tenchu FAQ! Version 0.3
                       Copyright (c) 1998 Wan Zafran
                      My e-mail:
                  Made for the American Version of Tenchu


                Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Wan Zafran 

This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice
appears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.
This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Wan Zafran
All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically  
mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.


Thank you for reading my FAQ. This game is totally fantastic! Nicely done 
ninjas, great enemy AI's, cool voices, and excellent gameplay! That's only
a little! Play the game and you'll understand how totally marvellous the 
game is. Oh yeah, and Kao Megura, sorry for copying the above writings...
I had no idea what to write, so I just copied it and changed a bit ^_^. 
Sorry Kao! And note that this FAQ is for the American version of Tenchu.


Rikimaru is stronger than Ayame, but falls for enemies with speed such as
the woman ninja in the second level. He's stronger than Ayame, which means
bosses are easier with him. But if your style is running, sneaking, dodging
or anything else that's quiet, pick Ayame.

Ayame is faster, and is more quiet. But she's weaker. Bosses need to be hit
more times with her to make them die. If you choose her, don't forget to 
bring lots of grenades and mines or shurikens. 


These items are only the basic items and as I update my FAQ, the list will
grow larger with secret items.

Shuriken = C'mon, you know this thing. It's a metal star designed for 
distance throwing. Usually you just need to take out the dogs with this, as
for people, they will automatically be alerted if you throw this at them.

Caltrops = People chasing you? Then run away and press Triangle. Your 
character will drop this behind. If the enemy comes near you, he'll step on 
the caltrop and lose 3 HP.

Healing Potion = If you're damaged, no matter how much you are, use this, and
it will restore your health back up to 100 HP.

Grenade = Throw this at your enemy, and the thing will explode. If you miss,
and the grenade is near the enemy, it will explode after a certain time. It
does a quite a lot of damage, umm, like -30 HP.

Smoke Bomb = Some enemies just keep blocking? Throw this (just use it) and
smoke will come out and blind their eyes. Well, what are you waiting for?
Kill them while their in this blinding moment!

Mine = A very powerful explosive. Put it somewhere on the floor and when an 
enemy steps on it, BOOM!!!. It's very powerful so try not to be near your
enemy while using this. It can take from up to 40 to 60 HP!

Poison Rice = Throw this, and when the enemy eats the rice, they'll get a
stomachache. Kill them.

Coloured Rice = Use this as a checkpoint. If you die, you'll start from the 
last place you used the coloured rice.

Tips and Hints

- A gunners bullet or an archers arrow can be dodged easily. When they are 
aiming at you, quickly jump a bit to the right/left. They won't hit you if
you use this tactic.
- If an enemy spots you, try to climb a roof/high place. It's best if they
don't know that you are there, and then... KILL THEM.
- Stealth is your deadliest weapon. Use it to your advantage, but use it 
carefully so that it won't bring you harm.
- Courage is the best thing to bring other than your much needed items. 
Without it, you are nothing.
- Patience is the most needed thing in being a ninja. Wait patiently, and
strike when needed.
- Even the most perfect fish has inedible parts. Nobody's perfect, and so 
are you. Don't think that you are an expert at this game because you have 
won it three times already. You might lose.
- Become one with the universe. Emerge with the background and camouflage 
- On certain levels, if there is deep water near you, try to lure the enemy
into it. They will drown automatically. You won't.
- Kill only when needed. If you don't need to, DON'T! If an enemy spots the
dead body of the person you killed, you're in trouble.

Walkthrough |
My walkthrough is still far from complete, but I will keep updating it. Any
help by mail is appreciated. Your name will be in the credits section.


A merchant who is collecting taxes is not honest with the money. He uses it
for himself. Lord Godha asks you to kill him to avenge for the people.

Stage 1: Kill the Merchant

This level is easy. First, when you start by the side, use the grappling 
hook to go up on the left roof. Now, use it again to go on the right ( -> ) 
roof. Why did I do this? So, when you go in front, a woman (innocent) won't 
see you and alarm the guard in front of the gate. Anyway, head straight (on 
the right roof) and when you see a big gate (that's the main gate), use the
grappling hook to move from your place to there. Check out the map, and you 
should see a few buildings. Look carefully at the long one, and go there. 
Try to stay on the roof so that nobody will see you.

If you went the right way (you SHOULD), you should see a window. Enter it, 
but be careful. Randomly, there is a guard here. Usually, if he's here, he'll
be sleeping. Don't be afraid of sleeping guards, they can be killed with one
hit of your sword. Anyway, you should see a hole in front of you. Jump into
it. After that, watch the cutscene.

Echi-goya's Bodyguard HP: 100

This boss can be very damaging. His normal attacks does 10 to 20 HP damage.
The easiest way to kill him is: block when he attacks, and after he's put
the sword back into his shirt, attack him. If you brought grenades, that's
even better. Go a bit far from him, and throw it to him. Those grenades 
should cause about 30 HP damage. If you're damaged badly, drink your 
Healing Potion. When he's dead, you'll have to find Echi-goya. 

Now, go back up the hole where you came from (use the grappling hook) and 
open your map. You can see that there are 4 houses on the top of the map.
Go there, and Echi-goya should be in one of those houses.

Echi-goya HP: 80

Echi-goya is a gunner, which means he can shoot you from afar. He's easy to
kill, believe me. Attack him, and when he stops to shoot you, quickly attack
him again to make him cancel his moves. If he does attack you, it'll take a
whopping 20 damage. Try to kill all the guards in that area (dogs too) before
you take on Echi-goya. Once, I had two guards on my tail when I was trying to
kill Echi-goya. Fortunately, I managed to kill Echi-goya even at that state.


A group of people is planning to strike against Lord Godha. You have stolen 
a copy of their plans, and you need to deliver the plan back. 

Stage 2: Deliver the message

After the cutscene, you appear behind a corner. Climb onto the roofs, but 
beware: this level has enemies on the roofs and ALL the enemies CAN climb 
onto the roof to get to you. Check out the map, and find the bridge. Go 
straight, but beware of enemy ninjas. And don't forget about the woman ninja
too. When you reach the bridge, go under the bridge into the water to avoid 
the ninja to chase you. If he follows you into the water, though, he'll 
drown. Now, go straight up, and you should arrive home. Sorry about this, but
level two is short, so there's not much explanation to be told.


Another ninja has been captured. You have been sent to rescue him/her before
she gets killed.

Stage 3: Rescue the captured ninja

This place is gigantic after stage 1 and 2 (only). Because this place is big,
follow the instructions below as to not get lost.

You start behind a tree. Check out the map, and look at the right to see the
winding road. Go there, but be careful to kill all the wolfs there with a 
Shuriken and to stealth-kill any guards on the move. Use the Poison Rice (see
Items) if necessary. Anyway, once you progress in, you should be able to see
a guard. Kill him.

Now, check out the map again, and see the LAAAAST place on the map. See it?
The ninja is there, as well as the boss. Anyway, progress, and should you see
a wooden platform, NEVER STEP ON IT. That thing is a trap, and if you step on
it, the thing will open to reveal a pitfall and you will fall and die. Jump
over if you see one. This place is best if you kill everybody with stealth.

There is one place, where you can enter a prison. If you see another door on 
the other side, be careful! There's a pitfall there, and most people won't
realize it's there. Now, the challenging part. When you come across a bridge,
kill the guard on the other side, and go back to the bridge. Look left and 
right, there should be two doors. Take the right one. Here's a small 
illustration of which one to take.

              DOOR       |I| 
                         |D| Go here--> DOOR

Sorry for that, but this is ASCII text. I can't do better, can I? Anyway, 
jump to the right, and a door should open. You should be aware, as another
guard awaits you infront, correction, two. Wait patiently, and go take the 
medicine. Kill any guards on the way, follow the path, this time there are 
NO GUARDS AND NO PITFALLS. As you move on to the front, you will confront 
the boss, Goo and his bear.

Goo's Bear HP: 80

This bear's attack is very powerful. It can cause up to 25 HP damage per hit,
which is why I advise for you to go for him first. The boss, Goo, isn't very
powerful on attack, even though he can counter-attack and be very damaging at
times. At least have 2 or 3 Healing Potions here. When he stands, defend. 
When he lands back on his paws, either throw a Grenade or attack. When he's 
finished, it's time to kill Goo.

Goo HP: 100

Goo uses a club, which makes it hard to kill him as he can interrupt your 
attacks. When he just finishes swinging his club, attack him immediately. If 
you are both far from each other, throw a grenade. Try not to get too close
to him, as he sometimes can also break your defense when he attacks. When 
he's dead, you will release the other ninja automatically.

A man then comes down, and you challenge him to a fight. You can't fight him 
now, but on another level. He then runs away...


Japan is now peaceful, but still aware of a constant attack. Lord Godha has 
sent you to uncover the other groups secret. You found out that they have 
recruited thousands of men for their purpose. You quickly run back home,
covered by the shadows to tell Lord Godha of them. Unfortunately, there are
checkpoints, where each of them is guarded. You must pass over each of them
to go home.

Stage 4: Pass the checkpoint

Boss #1 HP: 100

This boss isn't too hard, but her brother IS. She uses a BIG and LONG scythe,
but she acts just like the guard with the spear. When she attacks, defend 
until she finishes attacking and jumping at you. Attack after that, using the
3 hit combo. She is very weak, so DON'T waste your grenades/mines on her. 
When she dies, go through the door.

Proceed north, and you should see a small tower. Check out your map, and you
can see that two lands are separated from each other. You are on the right 
side, the short one, and you need to arrive at the other land, the long one.
Look carefully at your map, and you should see at the end of the left map,
there are two adjoining dots. That is the last checkpoint you need to arrive

Anyway, there's an archer behind the stairs to the tower, and you can choose
either to or to not climb the tower. If you do, climb up the stairs, and jump
a bit in front to the short wall. If not, go left, and move up the land. 
There's two guards here, and a wolf.

Proceed in front, and soon you'll arrive to a bridge. Ignore any guards if 
they are on your tail, and if you have any caltrops, be sure to drop them. 
If any guards step on them, they will move around the bridge and fall. 
Proceed straight, and try to move silently, and carefully. If you see bamboo 
trees, that means you have reached the right place.

Here, there are LOTS of guards, so be careful.The grappling hook won't be of
much use here, as the shuriken. Try to kill all the guards, whether Archers,
Spearers or Swordsman. Strangely, though, there are no Zombies (yes, I said
zombie) in this stage of the US version. When you see another tower in front
of the gate,  the checkpoint is near. Heal if you need to, and keep at least
1 Healing Potion for later. Then proceed into the checkpoint where you will
meet SanJero Kagechi.

SanJero Kagechi: HP: 120

Now this guy is HARD. He wields two swords, and has 150 HP. Wait after he
attacks you (defend yourself at this moment), and then attack. If you have
any grenades or mines, they work fairly well too. Throw the grenade, or put
the mine a bit farther than where Kagechi is standing. Kill him with this 
tactic, and soon he will lose. Strangely, even though both of these people 
(you and Kagechi) don't know each other, they still respect each other as if
they were long friends! And the woman you saw at the beginning of the stage
is Kagechi's sister.


A minister is not honest with his money, just like Echi-Goya. Lord Godha 
knows that, but the father of this man is a worthy man of the goverment. Not
wanting to embarass him, you are sent to execute the dishonest minister.

Stage 5: Execute the corrupt minister

After the cutscene, you start at the outer side of the mansion. Use the 
grappling hook to get inside, but beware: there is an enemy here that might
spot you if you are not careful. But this stage is just like the 1st and 
2nd: you don't and wouldn't need to kill anybody in this stage, if you are 

Check out the map (Same word I always use, ain't it?) and you should look at 
the upper right corner of the map. There's nothing there, right? Wrong. 
Kataoka's bodyguard is there. Kill any archers you see along the way, they'll
just disturb you when fighting Kataoka's bodyguard. If you see a fat man 
beside a well, that's him. After the cutscene, you'll fight him.

Kataoka's bodyguard HP: 100

This guy fights EXACTLY the same way as you. He has all your moves, but that
doesn't make him stronger. Just defend when he attacks, and attack after he's
just attacked you. When his HP reaches 20, there will be another cutscene. 
He will reveal where Kataoka is, though not exactly, and will be killed.

Now, proceed left/east, and stay on the rooftops. Or for an easier route, go
out of the mansion's gate and proceed left. Kill any guards on the way, until
you reach to an end. Climb up the wall with a grappling hook, and look down
with the L1 button. If you see a man in blue there, you've reached the right
place. Go to him, and another cutscene will occur.

You will ask him to kill himself, if he still has honor, and he does, with a 
knife, and you will assist him in his task to kill himself by decapitating
his head (in other words, you chopped his head) with your sword.


A strange cult named Manji has stolen a sacred stone. The stone can turn 
people into zombie-like creatures. You have been sent by (guess who?) Lord
Godha to find the stone and burn it to coal.

Stage 6: Destroy the Manji cult

This level is easy. You just need to kill a few guards, but if you want to 
kill everybody here, it's your choice. You start at the stairs, and you need
to progress up. Randomly, there are two guards here. Also, and randomly, 
both of them are guards (usually one of them is a zombie). There are two 
pairs of stairs here, and you start at the first. Be careful as you move up,
as at the middle of the stairs separating the 1st and 2nd stairs, a guard is
here. Wait until he's facing another position, or if it's a zombie, wait 
until it "dances" or moves up the stairs, going another way.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you will see an entrance. Instead of
taking it, use your grappling hook and climb up of it. Now check out your
map, and you should see a LARGE building on the right side. There's a statue
inside of it, and a very large one too. Anyway, go there, and you should see
two buildings. One, a building that has three parts, all in one building 
just like this illustration:

                   |   |

It's something like this, but it has three parts which separates it from 
being a "normal" building. Second, a BIG house that has only ONE door. Enter
this one, and get ready. There are three guards here, one an archer and the
other two; ordinary guards. Use your grappling hook to reach the sides, and 
be careful because every platform has one guard. Finish off the three guards
(in this building) and then climb up to the tallest platform you can reach.
Then jump onto the statue's head.

Boss #1 HP: 100

This boss is easy to kill. She has a 4-hit attack, which does 20 damage, but
you can block it. The other one is an attack which she uses her weapon and
jumps with her weapon in front to hit you. Believe it or not, you can win her
with a perfect 100 HP left! She's easy, but the next boss isn't. And if you
left a guard here without killing him, the guard will assist her in finishing
you off. Once you defeat her, Onikage, the man from the third stage will jump
into the scene.

Onikage HP: 200

This boss has some pretty strong martial attacks. One is a jump kick, and 
another one is when he thrusts his feet high in the air, and drops it down
pretty fast. It causes a lot of damage, and it's best if you brought a lot
of grenades, smoke bombs and healing potions here. Smoke bombs will blind his
eyes, thus allowing you to attack him. Grenades does 30 damage, great if you
don't want to get near him. Mines are practically useless here, as the moment
you put the mine, he'll jump at you and attack, hitting the mine, hurting you
and himself. Don't worry about the 200 HP left, it's counted as 100 HP 
because you only need to reduce him to a 100 HP. Then you'll win the level.


China has brought great items to Japan. These include silk, gun powder and
other items. Unfortunately, these have attracted others: pirates. You have
been sent to destroy the foreigners.

Stage 7

You start at the beginning of this stage at a bridge. Proceed down, and you
should see a guard. Go to the left of the bridge, and climb it while moving
to the left. Stealth-kill the guard, and use the grappling hook to go onto
the roof. This level is just like the first and second, you don't need to 
kill any guard at all to win. Now, check out the map, and you should see two 
ships at the southern end of the map. The larger ship is the one with the 

Move towards the ship, and be careful of not to be spotted by any innocents
(woman or man), and be aware of gunners and guards with a scythe. Go into the
water near the large ship, and use the grappling hook to climb into it.
Beware, you are going to confront the boss now.

Boss HP: 150

This boss is easy, just throw 5 grenades, or put some mines and jump away.
Smoke bombs work well too, but be careful. There's a gunner at the back of 
you, and while you're killing the boss, he might be shooting at you! When
you've finished killing the boss, he'll say some particularly cool speech,
but I didn't write it down. Sorry. ^_^


This is the end of my FAQ. I will update soon with the walkthroughs until 
the last level. And the items section will be targeted too. If anybody can
help, please give me some info in the game that I don't know. But if I also
DO KNOW, I'll write your name in the credits section also. Hey, you were
honest enough to help, right? And thanx for reading my FAQ.

Wan Zafran


GameFAQs, for keeping my FAQ, and providing me faqs/walkthroughs/cheats/ for
most of the games that I had troubled with. Go GameFAQs! Visit it at
GameSages, for providing me codes for games more than I ever imagined. 
Visit it at
Wan Zafran (me!) for making the FAQ, and helping myself (me again!) build my
website. Visit my website at .

Version 0.3
 The walkthrough's section was updated (again?). This section will go on 
 until I finish the walkthrough for the whole game. Next will be the Items
Version 0.2
 Updated the Walkthroughs section, and I'm concentrating on it. Later I will
 update the Items section.
Version 0.1
 Done a lot of the basic stuff, as it was the first draft of this FAQ.
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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