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Tenchu 2 - Ayame Walkthrough
Written By: Garrick Williamson

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Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins 
Ayame Walkthrough/ Boss Guide v1.0, 8/15/2000
Written by Garrick Williamson (

You can find me using the name justG at

Copyright 2000 Garrick Williamson

This document may not be reproduced or distributed for any commercial or profit
gaining reasons with out the written consent of the author.

The Primary purpose of this document is to help in BOSS FIGHTS, some of which
can be extremely difficult and unpleasant.  I do provide tips for each level 
where I think they might be helpful.

This FAQ is by no means thorough.  Some of the levels are rather vast and
calling out the location of each enemy will serve no purpose, but to be
extremely annoying for me to attempt.
Therefore I will only provide strategies that may help with the level.

Table of Contents:

I.) General Tip
II.) General Boss Strategies
III.) Ayame's Levels and Bosses

I.) General Tip:
  Always check the bodies of ninjas you have killed.  You can only start the
level with so many items, but you can carry anything you pick up in the level.
These items will be infinitely helpful in some of the boss fight.  As you get
into the later levels nearly all ninjas will have items on them.  Hit R1 when 
near the body of a ninja (Your swords do not have to be put up!), you will hear
an odd sound if they do not carry any items.  If you do not hear the sound or
see any items added to you inventory, then try to angle your self next to the
body differently until you get the sound or items.  Just hit R2 and L2 to cycle
through the items... not all will show on the screen until you cycle to them.

II.) General Boss Strategies:
  The following are just general tips that work on most or all bosses.  These
can provide time for you to take health or cause a little pain to the boss.

A) BLOCK: Holding down allows you to block enemy attacks.  No matter how large
the enemy is this will work.  The only problem is you must make sure you are
facing the enemy.  Sometimes their blocked attacks will turn your ninja and
they will be able to get some hits in on subsequent attacks.

B) SMOKE BOMBS: The smoke bombs can be used in more than one way.  One,
straightforward enough, is to throw it at the boss's feet and start hacking at
them.  The other is to throw it at the faster enemies so that you have enough
time to get away and hide, or just to take that health potion you desperately

C) CALTROPS: These you have to watch out for.  Once you drop these things they
become dangerous to both you and the boss.  Once either of you step on
(Or really near one) the character will stop in his/her tracks and start hoping
up and down.  This leaves the person open to attack.  As with the smoke bombs
these can be used to stun the enemy for an attack or for a health refill.
Be careful, however, when you drop a caltrop you will actually leave three
behind.  Do not step on one of the others when going in for an attack.
That is what we call a "backfire".

D) SHURIKEN (THROWING STARS): These ninja mainstay can be used in conjunction
with either the Smoke Bombs or the Caltrops.  While the enemy is stunned you
can throw a couple of these and take some of the boss' health without having
to get too close.


1) The Training Course- No Boss

  This is a day-time mission intended to teach the person new to Tenchu how to
play the game.  If you are familiar and confident with the controls you can
forgo the entire training area and head directly to the Master's home at the
top of the cliff.  You will be dropped into a hole and told that if you make
it out alive you will have become a true ninja.
  For the most part the TEST is straightforward.  Keep you eyes open because
there will be a couple of the times were the correct path will not be
immediately seen.
HINT:  Look up and behind from time to time, especially when you reach the
  There are traps on this level.  Just do not step on the big lump.  There
is a spear trap also.  Do not get too close to walls with black squares in
the middle of them.
  It should not be difficult at all to get Grand Master upon completing this
test level.

2) The Mountain Bandits- Bandit Leader

  This is a nighttime mission that has you infiltrate a Bandit camp in some
village in the mountains.  Nothing to worry about here.  There is one guy in a
watchtower and nothing else to worry much about.  You will find a couple of
them sleeping, so they are easy to take care of.  There is one innocent on this
level you do not want to kill.  You will find the boss on the right side of the
map.  The large temple in this level is where Rikimaru's boss is.  Head to the
right of the map and head toward the house against the cliff wall.

  Bandit Leader- I apologize, I did not bother writing his name down.

    This big thug is not that difficult.  Be aware that an invisible wall will
come up to keep you from leaving the small area in which the fight begins.
Of use to you might be the building to the left of when the fight begins.
You only have to go about half way up the stairs and the Bandit Leader will
no longer be able to see you.  You will then be able to drop from the other
side and sneak up on him for some free hits.  Repeat as needed.
Any of the General Boss Strategies will work.

3) Lady Kei in Danger- Genbu, Ninja of the Burning Dawn

  This level is rather straightforward.  Although it takes place mostly inside
this is a nighttime mission.  Enter a building and wander around.  Notice that
the two women running around (One inside and one outside) are not the ladies
you are looking for.  The only tip for this level is to keep an eye out for
walls that can be destroyed.  There are at least two and they hide the areas
you need to advance to.

  Genbu- Big, Stupid and Slow
    Again, not too difficult a fight if you keep your head.  An invisible wall
will come up to keep you from exiting out of the door you came in.  He does
have a fair amount of health, but you will only need to take maybe half of it
off before he makes his, ummmm, escape.  You may want to use the corner of
this almost L shaped room.  Since he is so slow you should be able to get
the '!?' and run up on him from behind from around this corner.
Use General Boss Strategies.

4) To Save a Princess- No Boss
	The Blowgun 

  Those that had the opportunity to play the Demo will recognize this level,
but with a different objective.  Wander around killing as you see fit, you
will eventually come up to the outside of a building and find the princess.
The Ninja Blowgun can be found on this level.  Search along the borders of
the level for the brown box it is in.

5) Kubon Island- No Boss

  This is a daytime mission that will give you the opportunity to do some
swimming.  Make it around to the entrance to the inside of the island.
You will need to get wet if you want to make it through this level unseen.
Nothing to fear here.  If you become overwhelmed you just need to drop into
some water until the heat dies down.

6) The Island Fort- Spectacled Man in a Dress

  This is also a daytime mission with more water.  You will notice a new kind
of Ninja wandering around, one with some unpleasant looking claws.  The boss
can be found above the buildings and cages.  You will know you are there when
you see the columns and one guard in front of the entrance.
Enter when you are ready.

  Spectacles Man in Dress (Pirate Leader)- Again, sorry no name yet.
    The area in which you fight this guy is larger than the previous boss
fights.  Also be aware that there is nowhere to hide this time.  Again a
wall will come up to keep you in the area.  A good strategy for
this large of an area would be the use of Caltrops.  He tends to try and
circle around Ayame, so let him get close enough and just perform a side
slash and move into a combo.
Once again, any of the General Boss Strategies will work here.

7) The Quarantine Village- Snake, Frog and Slug, Ninjas of the Burning Dawn

  This is a daytime mission.  There will be a number of innocent bystanders
on this level.  Just keep away from the skinny and slow people.  The only
thing to note about this level is that this is when you will start to see
more than one ninja in one area.  Keep this in mind when running out to
kill one ninja.  This can expose you to two or three others you may not
have noticed.  Keep you eyes on the roofs also.  There is a ninja box on
this level, inside one of the groups of buildings (Not inside a building,
in the middle of some).  When ready head up the stairs in between the two
red columns.

  Snake, Frog and Slug, Ninjas of the Burning Dawn

    That is right, you must fight three of these guys at one time.  They
differ greatly in their speed, which, of course, relates to their names.
The snake guy will be right behind you all the time, followed by the frog
and then the slug.  I ran around for a while and Slug eventually got lost.
I suggest taking snake out first.  It is also interesting to note that they
do hit each other, so if you can get any of them in between you and another
this could be helpful.  There are two columns here that you can use to hide
behind, but this will not be easy until you get rid of one or more of the
Ninjas.  Again, an invisible wall will pop up where you entered the boss
area.  If you are in need of health a Caltrop drop would be suggested.
See General Boss Strategies.

8) Cherry Tree Hill- No Boss

  This is a nighttime mission on one of the nicest looking levels.  Make
your way around and up to the Cherry Tree.  Just keep heading up the hill.
I believe the Tree is on the North end of the map.  Be careful not to
splash around the water.  You will see non-ninja enemies here.
Wolves wander around the level.  Do not bother wasting any items on
the two people standing under the tree, just walk up to the edge of the
clearing for the sequence.

9) In Pursuit of Tatsumaru- White Tiger 
             (Make sure to be prepared!!!![read-Health])

  This is a nighttime mission through a bamboo forest.  When the game
tells you that sight is poor, they are right.  There is a ninja box on
the right side of the map, but I did not stop to get it.  There is nothing
special to note here.  Go slow and easy.  I initially had some trouble with
the boss so I started running straight to the boss fight.  This was not
hard to do and I made it to the fight with out a scratch.

  White Tiger- 200 health worth of pain in the rear

    For most people this fight will not be fun at all.  Keep it in the
center of the area.  If you let it get you against the wall you are not
going to like it, at all.  It is not fast and it walks around, so running
from it in order to take some health is not going to be a problem.
I suggest the smoke bomb tactic.  Hit and run.  It has a lot of hit points,
so when you run out of smoke bombs and offensive items I can only suggest
you keep at the hit and run.  Just make sure you attack it before he starts
his attack on you.  DO NOT let it get close before you start your attack.
You can BLOCK its attacks, but they tend to turn you to the side and he
swipes two to three time in a row.  Needless to say if you get turned
around after the first hit the remainder will hit you right in the back.
ALSO, if he knocks you down on the first or second hit DO NOT be in a
hurry to get back up.  Sit there and let the computer get you back up.
Often if you wait it will be in between attacks and you can run off from it.
That is all I can provide and I hope it helps.

10) The Kansen Caverns- No Boss

  This mission takes place in a Cave area.  Near the beginning there is a
large opening in the ground (It may lead to water, I do not recall), but if
you grapple to the other side you will find a ninja box with an item I did
not get to identify.  This level is chock full of traps.  Keep your eyes
open for those huge lumps on the ground that I know are so hard to notice.
Also be aware of walls with black squares in the middle.  These are spear
and arrow traps.  Jump over them.  Make your way through the straightforward
level to the opening on the edge of the map at the upper right of the map.

You will get a Short FMV before the level ends.

And another FMV before the next level starts.
NOTE: This is also Ayame's Final Level.

11) Fire Demon- Genbu, Ninja of the Burning Dawn, Part II
                Tetsamaru- Ninja of the Burning Dawn(You know who he is by now)

Yes!  There are two boss fights on this level.  One right after the other.  
Be prepared.

  This mission takes place on the inside of a ship.  This level is 
straightforward.  I particularly enjoyed this level.  Make your way up stairs
and grapple to upper levels.  There are innocents on this level.  Also be
aware that arrow/spear traps are on the level.  When you approach the stairs
to go up on deck Genbu will confront you.  Unfortunately for the big lug you
will have to fight him.

  Genbu, Ninja of the Burning Dawn

    This time you will have to fight Genbu until all of his health is gone.
He has nearly 300 Health.  This will take a little time.  Do not be afraid to
use all of your offensive items on this guy.
The final boss is not hard, at all.
Just try to spare a health or two for the last boss.
And that is my strategy...
hit him with everything you have.  
You should have plenty of items in your inventory from the ninjas on this
Smoke bombs and combo attacks.
Caltrops and Shuriken.  Grenades if you have them.  When all is gone just
start hitting him before he gets close enough to you to attack.
Watch out for his roll attack.

  Tetsamaru- Ninja of the Burning Dawn, former Master of the Azuma Ninja

    This fight is not difficult at all.  There are two objects in this level
you should use to your advantage.  The first is the Pole.  Run around it and 
you will lose Tetsu very easily.  While he is turning around in place you can
run up behind him and get some free hits in and repeat the process.  The other
object is the torch.  You can run around it and you can lose him.  But the
cool thing to do is to let him see you and just run around the torch.
Eventually his combo that ends in a jump kick will land him on the torch,
ending quickly in a fireworks display and some 20 points off of his measly
100 points of health.

You will get an FMV.

The Level actually ends.

Another FMV.

I will note at this point that the game did not seem to save my beating the
last level.  After the final FMV my screen went blank and I ended up resetting.
When I went to the records in the option screen it showed the Fire Demon as
unbeaten.  I thought it would have saved at the end of the level where it
showed  the rankings.  Maybe I just was not paying attention... I just wanted
to make sure that was noted.

And here ends my walkthrough for Ayame in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth

Copyright 2000 Garrick Williamson


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