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Tenchu 2 - Stealth Kill Guide
Written By: Jeremy Drake

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                          IN-DEPTH STEALTH KILL FAQ

Version: 1.0    Last Updated: 12th August 2000
By: Jeremy Drake   E-mail: 
                              | TABLE OF CONTENTS |

 1.  Legal Stuff
 2.  Update Information
 3.  Stealth Kills
      A) The Way of the Stealth Kill
      B) The Infamous 7th Kill and The Mysterious 8th kill 
 4.  Ayame's Stealth Kills
 5.  Rikimaru's Stealth Kills
 6.  Tatsumaru's Stealth Kills
 7.  Bugs and Other Strange Odds & Ends
 8.  To Stealth Kill or Not to Stealth Kill, That is the Question?
 9.  Stealth Kill Tips & Tactics
10.  Credits

Section 1.                       Legal Stuff

Tenchu 2 is 2000 copyright of Sony Music Entertainment(Japan). Tenchu is a 
trademark of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan). Puplished and distrubuted under 
license by Activision, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark and Birth of 
the Stealth Assassins is a trademark of Activision, Inc. All rights reserved. 
All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective 
owners, and I make no claim to any of them.

This faq is 2000 copyright of Jeremy Drake. This faq may be saved and stored for 
personal use only. Permission must be obtained to have this faq posted on your 
site. This faq may not be reproduced in any way for any means of making a 
profit, including but not limited too, giving faq as part of a sale or trade, 
reproducing this faq for use in a magazine, etc... If you have any questions 
please contact me at

Section 2.                        Update Log

Current updates will be listed at the top of the section. Updates will be done 
on as seen fit by me to include any new information or to correct any mistakes 

--Saturday, August 12, 2000--
FAQ     typed,revised

Section 3.                      Introduction

Well this is my first attempt at a faq. So if you have any questions, comments, 
suggestions please feel free to e-mail me and let me know.
This faq is written to help players better understand the stealth kill, it's 
advantages, disadvantages, the bugs you may incounter, and of course the proper 
way to execute each stealth kill. I spent several hous on the demo And the game 
making sure that the kills were acomplished correctly everytime. I will also put 
to rest one incorrect idea I have seen floating around about one of the stealth 
kills. Anyways on with the Stealth Killing.

Section 4.                      Stealth Kills

Part A.                  The Way of The Stealth Kill
The most important part of the stealth kill is not to be seen, which may seem 
obvious, but is sitll the key to proper execution of the kill. I don't know how 
many times I've watched someone(myself included), on a board they have never 
played before, try to run up to a guard with their back turned just to be 
spotted by a different guard which they didn't take the time to locate. Not 
being seen doesn't just mean by the guard your going to kill but by anyone or 
thing in the same area of the board. Another improtant part is to know the 
controlls to preform the stealth kill that you want to do, as well as what 
location to do it from.

Here are the Controlls:
(Important Notes about the controls: These are written for use with the default 
controller setup, if you change your setup make sure to use the proper button.)

Key for Controlls:
 The symbol [] represents the square button.

Stealth Kill #1  press [] when behind the guard
Stealth Kill #2  crouch(R1 button) then press [] 'any position'
Stealth Kill #3  jump(X button) then press [] 'any position or while falling'
Stealth Kill #4  press [] when directly in front of guard 
Stealth Kill #5  press [] when on the guard's left side
Stealth Kill #6  press [] when on the guard's right side

which leads to the:
Part B.  The Infamous 7th Stealth Kill and the Mysterious 8th Stealth Kill  

The myth and misconceptions end as of the time you read this, I will lay it to 
rest. I have been told and read in alot of different place (including some 
videogame magazines) that this kill happens when you are back to back to a guard 
or when the guard begins to face you. Both of these hold a small amount of 
truth.Let's take a look at these statements:

 I. "You have to be back to back to your enemy"  Most people think that you have 
to be back to back inorder to do this stealth kill. Well here is some news for 
everyone: Any stealth kill can be done with the players back to the guard. And 
when I say any I mean any. You can do a backwards jump into a guard and still 
get the 3rd Stealth Kill, and you can have your back turned as the guard begins 
to face you and still get the 4th Stealth Kill, so there is a partial truth to 
this. However, just running up to a guard and turning so you are back to back 
will only get you the 1st stealth kill, unless you add a little something 

II. "The guard has to start turning toward you" This statement is a little 
closer to being the truth then the one above. However, it is a little mixed up. 
You have to do something special first before you press [] for the 7th Stealth 
Kill. The special action will cause the guard to start turning around, not 
waiting for him/her to turn around. If you wait for them to turn around you will 
either get one of the side throws or the front throw.

So are you ready for the final Stealth Kill:

In order to do the final Stealth Kill you must simply "Bump" into your opponent 
right before you press []. This will cause the "ki" meter to switch from ? to 
!?(sometime it may go all the way to !!, it will usually still be okay) The 
guard senses something is going on and then during his/her higher state of 
awarness you Stealth Kill him. This means you can do this from almost any 
position as long as you "Bump" into them 1st. The only exceptions is jumping or 
jumping Backwards. If you "Bump" into the guard while in the air you still have 
a chance to get the Stealth Kill, but it will only be Stealth Kill #3(the 
jumping Stealth Kill)

To make the term "Bump" clear it means: to allow the polygons of the player 
character to touch the polygons of the guard character. This can be done just by 
continuing to press up on the controller.Just make sure to press []quickly after 
the "Bump" or you may find yourself in the middle of a brawl with one or more 

There is a couple other ways to get the 7th Stealth Kill, but they lean a little 
more towards them happening by accident then on purpose. If you approach the 
guard from her/his side and your body is more towards his/her line of vision 
then his/her back, then sometimes he/she will spot you without turning or right 
as he/she begins to turn. This will cause the "ki" meter to go from ? to !?. If 
you press [] fast enough you can still get the 7th stealth kill instead of 
fighting it out with the guard. The only other way to really get the 7th Stealth 
Kill is if you are too slow when the guard turns to face you eye to eye, instead 
of Stealth Kill #4(the front Stealth Kill) you will get the 7th Stealth Kill.

So to recap in an abbreviated form:

Stealth Kill #7  "Bump into Guard" then press [] 'any postion except jumping'

There you have it. You can do the 7th Stealth Kill almost as easy as the 1st, 
just add a little "Bump" before it. Much eaiser than trying to get back to back 
or waiting for a turn animation(even though you can still "Bump" during both of 
these and get the 7th Stealth Kill)

The 8th Stealth Kill is simply Stealth Kill #1 but with the enemies head being 
decapitated, unfortunatley I have found no information on this any where. No one 
seems to know, or if they do they aren't talking. Any help would be greatly 
+A note about Section 4,5,&6: I wrote these in as much detail as I could, I + 
+tried to find the best angle possible for each kill seeing as how you can  + 
+watch the same stealth kill from several different angles. The terms I used+ 
+when including Martial Arts Techniques are from my own personal training in+ 
+the Martial Arts, I do know that some styles call identical techniques by  + 
+different names.Also Some angles give the viewer a totally different       + 
+perception of the Stealth Kill. A fine example is Ayame's 1st Stealth Kill.+ 
+It implied from a back and side view that she slits the guard's throat with+ 
+her swords. However, if you get a really close front view her daggers      + 
+usually are underneath the guards arm pits. So I wrote them as I felt they + 
+are implied by the game.Section 6 is about Tatsumaru which is playable     +
+after beating the game on any difficulty level with both other characters. + 
+If you prefer to wait and see his kills on your own you may want to skip   + 
+that section of the faq.                                                   + 
Section 4.                    Ayame's Stealth Kills  
 Ah dear sweet Ayame, not top on my favorite list of characters but I can say 
one thing for sure, here Stealth Kills are very Graceful. The pure beauty of her 
kills bring me back again and again to watch. Here is a Run Down of all here 
Stealth Kills:

Stealth Kill #1:
	From Behind Ayame crosses her swords in front of the guards neck and slits 
the guard's throat.

Stealth Kill #2:
	From Crouch Ayame does a slash with her right sword, spins having here 
back to the guard; does a backflip into a double stab/handstand; slow walkover 
and snaps the guard's neck with her feet using a twist of her hips.

Stealth Kill #3:
	From Jump Ayame does a slash with her right had to the back of the guard's 
neck; she lands by the guard's left side, her back to his side; she twist to the 
right and stabs the guard with her left sword; she pulls out the blade and spins 
both her swords.

Stealth Kill #4:
	From Front Ayame slashes down the right side of the guard's neck with her 
left sword; then follows it a split second with a slash to the left side of the 
guard's neck with her right sword;these motions bring her to a crouch downed 
position; from here she slashes up with both swords in an "x" pattern

Stealth Kill #5:
	From Left Side Ayame grabs guard's left arm with her left hand and stabs 
her right sword into the back of the guard's neck; Ayame steps her right leg in 
front of the guard's left leg and use her hip and momentum to throw the guard to 
the ground, she pulls sword out of fallen guard

Stealth Kill #6:
	From Right Side Ayame takes a spinning step in front of the guard and 
stabs him with both sword's in his/her abdomen(some angles it look like the 
groin); Ayame then takes a step with the right leg and pulls out her daggers

Stealth Kill #7:
	After "Bumping into the guard" Ayame jumps onto the shoulder of the guard, 
crossing her legs,at the ankles,in front of the guard; Ayame then uses a reverse 
cartwheel and rotation to bring the guard head first to the ground snapping the 
guard's neck.

Section 5.                  Rikimaru's Stealth Kills
 Rikimaru, my favorite character to play with. I really like his Stealth Kills, 
then again I love almost all of the Stealth Kills in the game. A majority of 
Rikimaru's Stealth Kills are to the point. However, he seems to pose after most 
of them taking up valuable time.Here are his Stealth Kills:

Stealth Kill #1:
	From Behind Rikimaru wraps his left had around the arm and torso of the 
guard, while bringing his blade to the guard's throat; Rikimaru slits the 
guard's throat while pulling away his(Rikimaru's) arm. Then Rikimaru takes a 
step back with his left leg while flinging the blood off the blade of his 
sword;then he takes a step back with his right leg and returns his sword behind 
his back

Stealth Kill #2:
	From Crouch Rikimaru is positioned a little to the left of the guard; 
strikes the back of the guard's legs with his sword knocking the guard into the 
air; while the guard is still in mid air Rikimaru strikes the guard in the chest 
with his left hand, causing the guard to hit the ground quicker. As the guard 
hits the ground Rikimaru steps to the the right with his right leg and stabs the 
guard in the chest. Rikimaru pulls the sword out of the guard, pulls the sword 
across the front of his body and flings the blood off the sword. Rikimaru then 
brings his feet together and places his left hand above the center of his face 
and brings his hand down slowly to his chest.

Stealth Kill #3:
	From Jump Rikimaru stabs his sword into the right side of the guard's neck 
down through the collar bone area; Rikimaru then uses his left hand to push the 
guard's neck towards his sword causing the guard's neck to snap. He then pulls 
the sword out of the guards body and takes a step back with his right leg while 
bringing the sword in front of his body and flinging the blood off the blade.

Stealth Kill #4:
	From Front Rikimaru while squatting down steps through with his left leg 
stabs his sword into the guard's stomach with the sword edge up. Then he places 
his hand palm up on the bottom of the sword, helping push the sword up until it 
reaches the top of the guards chest. Rikimaru quickly pulls out the blade with 
hip rotation bringing him down on his left knee(his back is now facing the 
guard). Rikimaru then flings the blood off the blade and stands up.

Stealth Kill #5:
	From Left Side Rikimaru slashes across the guard's neck stepping through 
with his right leg; Then he steps out some with his left leg and stabs the guard 
through the chest. 

Stealth Kill #6:
	From Right Side Rikimaru grabs the guard by his neck with his(Rikimaru's) 
left hand. While the guard struggles Rikimaru pulls back his sword and stabs it 
through the guard's chest, then he pulls the sword out quickly using the 
momentum to help flip the guard. He steps across the body with his right leg(his 
back is facing the guard); takes a small step with his right leg and brings the 
blade of his sword over his head and spins counter clockwise to face the guard.

Stealth Kill #7:
	After "Bumping into the guard" Rikimaru grabs the guard's right arm with 
his right hand, Rikimaru does a forearm strike to the elbow with his left hand 
breaking the elbow, Rikimaru then steps underneath the guard's arm with his left 
leg(Rikimaru's back is to the guard's right side) and does an elbow smash with 
his left arm into the guard's ribs;Rikimaru let's go of the guard's arm as he 
does a hip thrust into the guard's back(making a breaking sound) causing the 
guard's head to jerk back, and he grabs it with his left hand; Rikimaru then 
uses both hands to throw the guard over his(Rikimaru's) back ; Rikimaru then 
steps across with his right leg, resting his knee across the guard's back using 
both arms to pull up on the guard, breaking his back. Rikimaru then pulls his 
feet together and brings his left hand up above the center of his face and pulls 
it down slowly until it is at the center of his chest.

Section 6.                 Tatsumaru's Stealth Kills
 Tatsumaru, the walking death machine, I simply love his stealth kills. Most are 
pretty quick and to the point. And I love the way you can see the experience he 
has compared to the others. The way he covers the guard's mouth on some so they 
cannot scream. Plus the way he pauses on some as to let the guard know his fate. 
It's a shame, he will be missed.

Stealth Kill #1:
	From Behind Tatsumaru puts his left hand over the guard's mouth, steps to 
the side so that his torso is right beside the guard's torso, Tatsumaru 
unsheathes his sword with his right hand; turn's the blade over and stabs the 
guard in the heart. Tatsumaru then pulls the sword out releasing the guard and 
resheathes his sword.

Stealth Kill #2:
	From Crouch Tatsumaru gets in Front of the guard and grabs him/her by  the 
lapels; Tatsumaru then perfroms a "Tamanagi Throw"(a throw where you roll 
backwards using your feet to flip the opponent, the thrower lands mounted on the 
opponent). Tatsumaru then has his left hand placed over the guards mouth while 
he unsheathes his sword, Tatsumaru pauses for a minute before thrusting his 
sword into the guard, Tatsumaru then removes his left hand from the guard's 
mouth and uses it to help push the sword deeper into the guard. Tatsumaru pulls 
the sword out of the guard and stands up while sheathing his sword.

Stealth Kill #3:
	From Jump Tatsumaru drive his right knee into the guard's back while 
grabbing the guard's left hand with his(Tatsumaru's) left hand and grabs the 
guard's head with his(Tatsumaru's) right hand. With the guard on the ground 
Tatsumaru pulls back on the guard's head and hand breaking the guard's back.

Stealth Kill #4:
	From Front Tatsumaru picks up the guard by his throat with 
his(Tatsumaru's) right hand. He holds them up for a second before snapping their 
neck,Tatsumaru holds them a second longer then drops the guard as he turns 
his(Tatsumaru's)back on him/her.

Stealth Kill #5:
	From Left Side Tatsumaru does a Roundhouse Kick with his left leg while 
unsheathing his sword, slashing through the guard's ribs using his right hand 
with a short right step. Using the momentum from the step to throw a spinning 
wheel Kick with his left leg to the back of the guard's head.

Stealth Kill #6:
	From Right Side Tatsumaru takes a step through with his right leg while 
using an iaijutsu sword technique(a sword technique where the sword is drawn 
from the sheath in a way to strike the opponent) slashing through the enemy. 
Tatsumaru holds a pose with his back to the guard(his right leg is in front and 
his sword arm is held across his body) there is a dramatic pause, then suddenly 
blood spurts from the guard and he/she falls to the ground;Tatsumaru then 
sheaths his sword and faces back towards the guard.

Stealth Kill #7:
	After "Bumping the guard" Tatsumaru delivers a "knifehand" strike to the 
back of the guard's neck.(This Stealth Kill causes Tatsumaru's sword to be 
unsheathed;he doesn't unsheathe it you hear a sound and it appears in his hand, 
you then can do his combination,crouching strike,and strike to the right. His 
other strikes will resheathe the sword)

Section 7.             Bugs and Other Strange Odds &Ends
 This section will have some of the problems, glitches, bugs what ever you want 
to call them plus some of the small details I've(as well as most of you) have 
noticed. There will be no specific order I will just list them as I see fit as 
well as update this as I find or notice new stuff

1)The Biggest Glitch or Bug I have noticed is Polygonal Problems--
  I can't believe how bad this is in this game. I understand that there are 
going to be some limits but, you can't kill guard's that are on slopes with an 
actual stealth kill, you can still get one hit kills, but it will not allow you 
to Stealth Kill, meaning if you run up to them with out your weapon drawn more 
than likely you will bump into them as you unsheathe your weapon, and now have a 
brawl with one or more guards. It doesn't stop there during a stealth kill if at 
anytime the player or the guard is about to hit another object, a slope,wall, 
edge of the board or too close to an edge the Stealth Kill will suddenly stop.At 
least you get to start the stealth where as above if they are on a slope the 
animation doesn't even start. This kind of stuff takes some time to get use to 
esp. the slope deal if your like me and prefer to keep your weapon sheathed as 
much as possible. 

2)In the Mission Editor, you can't Stealth Kill the Main Character that you are 
suppose to assassinate. You can still kill them with one hit but I think it 
would have been nice to be able to stealth kill them. And during the game I 
think it would have been nice to allow you to assassinate the bosses as well. 
Hopefully in Tenchu 3 you will at least be able to kill main bosses in the 
Mission Editor Mode.

3)One Question I would love to ask the programmers. Why didn't they fix 
Rikimaru's Throat Slash Stealth Kill. I mean everybody can clearly see that 
Rikimaru uses the dull side of his blade to slit the opponent's throat. It 
doesn't seem like it would take too much to flip the blade around esp. after all 
the detail you see in the new stealth kills. Maybe they were just too lazy.

4)Here is something cool I mentioned above. When you do Tatsumaru's 7th Stealth 
Kill, his sword appears in his hand. After which you can use while in the combo 
and during his upper strike. I haven't checked to see if it does anymore damage 
or not but I do know that having it out on the upper slash gives you more area 
to hit with, meaning you can hit the enemy with the blade it's self. Remember 
The left angle slash, the straight in slash both resheathe your sword. The 
jumping slash may resheathe your sword I'll put it in as soon as I check it out 

5)Want an extra challenge on your missions. Well now that you know you can have 
your back turned and still do any stealth kill. You can always go back and try 
beating the game using this method to do your stealth kills.

6)I'm sure everyone knows you can do your Stealth Kills with your weapon 
sheathed. This really helps even out the speed of the characters. All three 
characters run at the same speed over flat areas, how do I know this. Simple I 
went into the mission editor, chose seek out, put the Master at the end of the 
board, the player character at the other end then ran with each character to see 
who got there faster. All were the same time, with just holding towards to run. 
I am conducting more test now, but this FAQ is just for Stealth Kills that will 
be for another FAQ entirely ^_~

7)The characters do a lot of switching movements during Stealth Kills this is 
not all of them but just a few:
 I.Rikimaru's Crouching Stealth Kill cause him to be on the left side of the 
guard even if you are on the guard's right side.
II.Tatsumaru's is one of the most obvious his Crouching Stealth Kill cause him 
to be in front of the guard even though the easiest way to do it is from behind.
Most of them are like this jumping Stealth Kills from the side still start as if 
you were behind the guard. I won't even mention Tatsumaru's 7th Stealth Kill 
from the front. Talking about Teleportation.

That's all I really have right now I'm sure I will put up more stuff later. If 
you have any suggestions, comments, or want me to add something e-mail me if I 
decided to use it you will recive credit in my FAQ.

Section 8.    To Stealth Kill or Not To Stealth Kill That is The Question
 This Section will discuss The advantages and disadvantages of using and or not 
using the Stealth Kills. Let's look at each side of the question. 


	Let me 1st define what I mean by "NOT TO STEALTH KILL". This means to 
sneak up on the guard and use a slash from a distance just enough not to 
activate the stealth kill animation. In the first game, with the boards being so 
short as well as the fact that not being spotted usually got you a "GrandMaster" 
ranking, it seemed only natural to run through the board as quickly as possible 
and try to finish it. If you look at it in this perspective a stealth kill only 
made your time longer. For instance in the practice mode my friend both had an 
unofficial competition going on to see who could get the fastest time without 
being spotted. This lead to use both getting under 40 seconds. Another reason 
you may not want to stealth kill is in a situation where there are more than one 
guards in the same area. It makes me think of the Second Stage with Tatsumaru. 
Right in front of the end of the stage there are two guards very close to each 

                          -                        -
                          -                        -
                          -                        -
                          -                        -
                          -      Encampment        -
                          -      Boss Fight        -
                          -                        -
                          -                        -
          		  -			   -
     			  -			   -
			  ------End of Stage 2------

                             X		X                 X
                         1st Guard   2nd Guard         3rd Guard

Now normally I come in from the left side of the above, that's just my personal 
way that I make it there not planned or premeditated(at least not yet). Usually 
I catch the 1st and 2nd Guard with their backs facing me at the same time. If I 
use a Stealth Kill on the 1st Guard usually the 2nd Guard will see me during the 
Stealth Kill and run over and attack me. If I rush in and slash the 1st guard 
and kill him without the Stealth Kill then rush over to the 2nd guard and can do 
the same thing before the 3rd Guard makes his way back close enough to spot me, 
and I can have the body moved if I want to kill the 3rd guard or can already be 
at the area that cuts to the boss fight. So some situations may be a little 
better handled by not using stealth kills.


	On the other hand we need to look at the way the new and improved(in some 
ways) Stealth Kill can be used to make the game a little better. First off let's 
take a look at the fact most to the boards in the first Tenchu as awesome as the 
game was the boards were rather short and again personally when I played them 
they screamed to me"Beat Me As Fast As You Can". Tenchu 2 is different in that 
the boards are expanded and there are lots of twist and turns on some of the 
levels. It really doesn't scream to me "Beat Me As Fast As You Can" I enjoy 
taking my time and trying to find all the enemies to kill(esp. since some boards 
you can only get GrandMaster by killing all the enemies without being seen) Plus 
you have to explore to find the different Ninja Items. Another reason to use 
Stealth Kills is the fact it is one of the reasons most people bought this game 
as well as the original. Also the Stealth Kills can be controlled allot easier 
than they could in the last Tenchu, it is so much easier to pick a kill you want 
to do and actually make you character do that kill. And of course, using the 
Stealth Kills adds fun to the game, and that is the most important thing is "TO 

No one can ever be right about a question, because no answer is written in 
stone. Personally I use both for the most part I use Stealth Kills when ever I 
can, and when there is more than one guard in an area like the example above I 
just use one hit kills, plus when enemies are on slopes where I can't use 
Stealth Kills I use one hit kills. Remember everyone plays different and should 
be allowed to play different, that way we can always learn something new.

Section 9.               Stealth Kill Tips & Tactics    
This section will simply contain some tips and tactics for using your Stealth 
Kills. I will add stuff here as I find or think of anything important to 
include. There will be no certain order here. If you have anything you want to 
contribute please feel free to let me know.

 1. I don't know how many time I can stress this the most important part of the 
Stealth Kill is not being seen not only by the target but by any one around 
him/her. Which leads to the next thing.

 2. Be aware of your suroundings, make sure you know how close other guards are, 
the pattern of the guard you are going to kill, that there are no sound traps, 
other traps, water to splash into etc. 

 3. Be patient when trying to find the right time to kill, don't rush into 
things make sure to spread your focus around the area not just on the guard its 
 4. If there is more than one guard in the area  try to focus the camera angle 
so that you can watch both of the guards' patterns. Trying to find the best time 
and the easiest guard to kill. 

 5. When going for a Stealth Kill try to approach the guard from a direct 
position. It is easier for a guard to spot you from the side if they are at  
angled views . Try to think of your guard as looking North, South, East, or 
West. Trying to avoid having them looking North-East, North-West, Sout-East, or 

 6. Remember there is always more than one direction to approach a guard, 
everyone gets into set patterns of play. It is best to occasionally try a 
different approach.

 7. The Best way to practice Stealth Kills is to go into the mission editor and 
place a bunch of guards(not too close to each other) Then practice the Stealth 
Kills over and over until you can do them at will.

 8. Try to decide which Stealth Kill you want to preform before running up to 
the guard and waiting till the last minute. As easy as it is to control which 
Stealth Kill you want to do now it feels great to be able to decide what you are 
going to do and then have it actually happen.

 9. Try keeping you weapon(s) sheathed until you get close enough for the 
stealth kill. Since you still will do the stealth kill. It will also let you 
move faster when running towards the guard.

10. To help with the side Stealth Kills you may want to come up with a way to 
tell the different sides from each other quickly. For instance, a guard with a 
spear holds the spear in his right hand when not alert. A guard with a sword 
wears the sheath on his left side. Or you may want to just remember if they are 
facing to the right side of the screen then it's their right side or if there 
facing to the left then it's there left side. I don't guess it's necessary but 
if your like me and start getting in the swing of things you could forget which 
side throw that you are about to do.

11. When doing the jumping Stealth Kills I usually start pressing the [] Button 
rapidly to ensure you get the stealth kill. It really sucks when you jump right 
into the guards back and then have to fight. Remember even if you "Bump" into 
them by mistake you can still get the jumping Stealth Kill you just have to be 
quick with the button.

12. The Best way to get the 7th Stealth Kill is to come directly behind the 
guard, then "Bump" into them and do the kill. Even though you can do the kill 
from any position but jumping, there is a chance that the enemy will turn around 
to quick for you to press the button,esp if they are at an angled view, then 
your stuck with another fight.

13. Getting in front of you enemy is not as hard as you may think, it's best to 
approach from a direct direction, like I mentioned above. Try to have a good 
idea of the pattern of the enemy, know when he will turn to the direction you 
will be standing. Don't worry if all of a sudden his/her 'ki' meter turns to !? 
you can still get the 7th Stealth Kill if your quick enough. Another way to get 
the front stealth kill is to either run in a semi-circle from the side to the 
front of the target, this takes a wide-open space so that you can come in from a 
long arc, not to close or he will spot you easily. Also if a guard is positioned 
around a corner you can run from around the corner as the guard is facing toward 
the wall. Most of the time the guard won't even change your 'ki' meter. This 
kill is best done on an opponent that is standing still.

Here are examples of the last to methods:

1st the arc:
                 facing this way
              X->  o 
          Your Character

2nd the wall:

                | facing towards wall
                v /  
 path ---->  /
 you take   /    -----------------
   	   /	-
          ^     -
	  P	-  part of  building
 Your Character -  castle etc...
Now the above examples are not to scale. Just to try to help clarify a little. 
The arc has to be rather large so that you will end up just in front of the 
guard at the perfect moment. If you start it to close you will run past him/her 
and alert them. Or if you start it too far away you may not make it to the front 
of them. This is a move you may want to try a few time in the Mission Editor.

The around the wall has a guard standing etc. or at least pausing at that 
position for a few seconds. The guard should be standing pretty close to the 
wall, as in two to three body distances(meaning if three people were standing in 
a row like XXX) If they are two far away you will be spotted no doubt about it. 
This move can be done while they are already facing the wall or while they are 
starting to face the wall. Again you may want to practice this in the Mission 
Editor a while.

	This is all I have for now if I think of anything else I will add it to 

Section 10.                       Credits  
This FAQ would never have come true if not for the following companies and 

Sony Music Inc. for:
	--Making the PSX to play the game
        --allowing Activision the rights to produce and 
          distribute the game
Activision for:
	--Making Tenchu and Tenchu 2
Tenchu Team for:
	--adding the old and new Stealth Kills
        --including a level editor to help write this FAQ
Eltronics Boutique for:
	--Having this game 2 weeks before my place of employment
	--their website having Dex Drives in stock
Stephen E. for:
        --making me question whether EB had Tenchu 2
Interact for:
        --making the dex drive
My Mom for:
	--having me ^_^


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