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Threads of Fate
Written By: Dallas Scott

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Threads of Fate FAQ/Walkthrough (PSX; NA)
by Dallas Scott (
FAQ version 0.3 - August 22, 2000
Copyright 2000, Dallas Scott.

   This document is Copyright (C)2000, Dallas Scott. All Rights Reserved.
This document is for the sole, non-commercial use of it's audience. This FAQ
cannot be retransmitted, published, sold, given away (commercially), altered,
uploaded, etc. without the consent of the author himself. If you wish to post
this document on your non-profit website, please drop me a line. All audiences
have the right to read, print, and download this document for personal use
only, and nothing else without the consent of the author.

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
   i. Introduction
   I. Overview
  II. Rue's Walkthrough
      - Story
      - Carona: Docks
      - Carona: Downtown
      - Carona: Forest
      - Carona: Forest (Side Area)
      - Atelier: Mountain
      - Atelier Area
      - Atelier
      - Carona: Downtown (Revisit)
      - Underground: Transport Pad
      - Underground: Pathway
      - Underground: Hidden Platforms
 III. Character Listing
  IV. Monster Listing
   V. Credits
  VI. FAQ Information

i. I N T R O D U C T I O N
   Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Threads of Fate on the Sony
Playstation. This FAQ covers both the Japanese version of the game (Dewprism)
but it based on the North American version of the game (Threads of Fate).
Basically, the game is an Action/RPG similar to Zelda 64 and Brave Fencer
Musashi. The game was released in July of 2000 in North America. As of now,
my FAQ isn't complete yet. I prefer to work on a FAQ as I go, and the sooner
I get this out, the better. Not much more to say...enjoy the FAQ!

I. O V E R V I E W
   This section is under major construction. So far, I've only covered the
Coin System and Transforming in the game in this section, but much more will 
be added as I progress through the game.

Coin System
   The coin system in this game is sort of an extra "add-on" to your standard
HP. Basically, there are 4 different types of coins (Bronze, Silver, Gold, 
Platinum). When you die (HP is 0) you will be presented with the option to use 
one of your coins to continue from where you last died. Below is a chart 
showing how much each coin is worth.

 Coin Type   |   HP/MP Regained
 Bronze      |   Full HP; 1/4 MP
 Silver      |   Full HP; 1/2 MP
 Gold        |   Full HP; Full MP
 Platinum    |   Full HP; Full MP
             |   Plus 1 Defense

   There are also "Monster Coins" found in the game. You will find a monster
coin after you defeat a new monster for the first time. Using a monster coin,
you are enabled to transform into that monster. You will also receive these
"Monster Coins" after each Boss Battle, but you cannot use a Boss Monster Coin
to transform into that boss (unfortunately).

   What makes this game so fun is the fact that you can transform into any
of the monsters you've defeated. As explained above, you need a Monster Coin
to transform into a Monster. You have "Monster Slots" in your options menu
where you can store Monster Coins. To transform, press and hold down the
square button and select the monster you wish to transform into from your
collection of monster coins. 

   By transforming into any particular monster, you can use that monsters abilities
to help you pass certain obstacles. Keep in mind that you cannot actually use
Boss Monster Coins, they are only collected, not used. You gain Monster Coins
when you defeat the first enemy of a new species, and that coin goes in one of
your empty slots.

More to come for this section...

II. R U E ' S   W A L K T H R O U G H

   After selecting Rue as the character you wish to play with, the game begins
at Rue's house in a snowy town. You will see a mother Pollywog and her 2 children
playing in the snow, when a loud crash scares them. You are then taken to Rue's
house where Rue will begin to talk to his adopted sister, Claire. Rue and Claire 
are very good friends (despite being brother-sister) and after some talking, 
Claire says she will fix dinner. You are then left to roam around for a few 
seconds, you can look at the house at this time if you wish. Then, Claire will 
tell you the food is ready and you will both sit down at the table for a nice 

   A few moments after they begin to eat, they hear some noises coming from
the animals in the barn. Rue eventually decides to check out what's going on,
and Claire tells him to be careful as he is walking out the door. Out of
nowhere, this monster appears and begins to do battle with Rue. Claire shouts
and comes out of the house and hits the monster telling him to back off.
The monster then turns his attention on Claire, and Rue tries to stop him,
but he simply tosses Rue off in the snow. He then captures Claire and leaves.

  Rue then promises he will rescue his sister by finding the Relic. A 3 year
sequence passes by and Rue is placed on a ship. He then says to himself that
it's been 3 years and he still hasn't found the Relic, but he can't give up.
The screen then focuses on 2 brothers named "Blood" and "Smokey." Smokey is
complaining that he wants food, and Blood exclaims that they plan to get food
as soon as they get some dough. Blood then says that he heard the magician
talking about a "legendary treasure" that was hidden nearby. They agree to
look for this treasure to become filthy rich.

   Once the discussion is over, the screen focuses back on Rue who says that
those 2 guys must be after the Relic too. Which obviously tells you that the
"legendary treasure" is in fact the Relic Rue has been looking for over the
past 3 years, and Rue must get it before these 2 guys do. Moments later, the
ship crashes, and Rue gets off in an area that looks very familiar to him.
A man named Davis then approaches Rue and tells him that he has landed in
a town named Carona. He exclaims that not many tourists visit Carona. Blood
and Smokey begin talking again and plan to head to the forest near some ruins
where they think they will find the Relic.

   Smokey and Blood then run off for the Forest, and Davis warns you about
them, saying they seem to be up to no good. Rue (after overhearing Blood and
Smokey) decides to go to the Forest himself to check out the ruins, just in
case he might be able to find the Relic there. After all of that, you are
left on the docks and ready to play.

C A R O N A   -   D O C K S
Items: None
Enemies: None
Bosses: None
New Characters: Davis

   Before heading off into town square and the forest, head over to Davis and
talk to him (if you wish). He will give you some information about the docks
and how they used to be a lively place but now they're deserted. Once you're
finished exploring the docks, head up to where Blood and Smokey went (up the
ramp and to the left) to head into the Town Square of Corona.

C A R O N A   -   D O W N T O W N
Items: Bronze Coin [1]
       Silver Coin [1]
Enemies: None
Bosses: None
New Characters: Hobbs

   The town of Carona is your guide to all that the Town of Carona has
to offer. Upon entrance, you should talk to some of the townspeople roaming
around. One person will tell you that a little girl named "Elena" has gone
into the forest to seek her parents, who have been missing for 5 days. There
isn't much to do here now. The church is located upstairs, and all you can
do is pray, because you don't have enough money to make a donation. There is
also a shop and hotel nearby, which you cannot use because of insufficient
funds. So just talk to the townspeople for now.

   Refer to the map below to find all the places Carona has to feature. When
you first enter Town Square, you can go upstairs to the church (which, as
explained above, is useless since you have no money). To the right of the
entrance, you will find a door that is incapable of being opened, and along
the right side is the house of Elena (you will find a note on the door
saying they aren't home). A bit past Elena's house is a small opening that
takes you to a separate area where you will find a man named Graham.

   A little way down (still on the right side) is the Inn, where you can
register your name (a.k.a. - Save your game) if you have a memory card.
I suggest you save here to avoid watching the story all over again if you
die or turn off the PSX. At the far end of Town, there are 2 big double
doors. These lead you into the Carona Forest. Along the left side of town
is the Item/Weaponry shop. You can't buy anything now, so forget about
it. A little way north of the Item/Weaponry shop is another small opening
that leads to a back alley-type area where the Saloon is located, and
Hobbs' Rare Item shop just across from the Saloon.

   Near the entrance of Town Square on the left side, is the hotel. You
can recover lost HP here, for a small fee of course. The hotel is run by
identical twins, and that leads you back to where you started from. Before
heading out to the forest, collect the 2 coins hidden about town. The Bronze
Coin is located in the entrance path leading into Town Square from the docks.
The Silver Coin is in the alley-like area where the Saloon is located. Once
you get them both and finish exploring town, head through the double doors
at the end of town to head out into the forest.

                     M A P   O F   D O W N T O W N

                              To Docks
  |                                                             |
  |                     Upper Level - Church                    |
  |                                                 _____       |
  -----------|_______|-----------------------------|     |-------
  |          |_______|                           Closed Room    |  
  |          |_______|                                          |
  |                                                             |
  |                                                             |
  |--                                                         --|
  | To Hotel \                                 To Elena's House |
  |--         \                                               --|
  |            -- Hotel                                         |
  |--         /                                                 |
  | To Hotel /                                                --|
  |--                                         To Graham's Place |
  |                                                           --|
  |                                                             |
  |--                                                           |
  | To Saloon / Hobbs' Shop                                     |
  |--                                                         --|
  |                                                   Save Game |
  |                                                           --|
  |                                                             |
  |--                                                           |
  | To Store                                                  --|
  |--                                                 Save Game |
  |                                                           --|
  |                                                             |
  |                                                             |
                             To Forest

C A R O N A   -   F O R E S T
Items: Bronze Coin [3]
Enemies: Pollywog
         Saber Tiger
Bosses: None
New Characters: None

   To start you off in the game, there is an automated tutorial system that
takes effect right about now. Go right near the tree stumps and a message will
pop up on the screen telling you how to jump. You will also notice that you
have your weapon equipped now, and you will learn to use it very shortly. 
Jump over the tree stumps to the right and another message will pop up teaching
you how to use your weapon. Press X or /\ to use your weapon. Continue right,
and kill the Pollywogs you encounter. Keep in mind that the first enemy you
encounter of a certain species, will drop a monster coin after you defeat it.
When you collect this coin, you have the ability to transform into that 

   You will soon come to a swamp and another message will pop up telling
you how to transform into an enemy. Transform into a Pollywog and cross
over the swamp. Remember that you can still use attacks when you are
in monster form (you use that monsters attacks). Once on the other side of the
swamp, transform back into Rue and you will be faced with a little container.
Walk up to it and press X to open it, where you will find the 3 Bronze Coins.
Continue right into the next screen. You will face against several Pollywogs
here, as well as a few Saber Tigers (which are a bit more difficult to kill).
Collect the HP and MP the enemies drop after you kill then and continue going
right, slashing enemies as you encounter them.

   You will soon come to another swamp-like area, but there is no need to 
transform into a pollywog, just use the stepping stones and kill the Mongola
at the end. Head right and off screen into the next area where you will face
off against your first Boss.

C A R O N A   -   F O R E S T   (S I D E   A R E A)
Items: None
Enemies: None
Bosses: Blood [70 HP]
        Smokey [70 HP]
New Characters: Elena

   You will see a FMV when you enter this near area showing Rue hidden behind
a boulder, while Blood and Smokey (those 2 thugs) are roughing up little Elena
trying to get some food/money out of her. She says she has nothing, so they
decide to rough her up some more. It's up to Rue to save her, but he has to
do so in disguise. Transform Rue into a Pollywog (hold down Square) and then
come out of the boulder and confront Blood and Smokey, they will think nothing
of you because they think you are truly a Pollywog).

   Go up to one of the men and hit them with one of Pollywog's attacks. The
men will then throw Elena aside and go after you. These 2 oafs are rather
easy to defeat. Use a few attacks on each man as Pollywag (you cannot transform
during this fight) and Blood will say that he can't fight on an empty stomach
and then run away, with Smokey trudging along behind him. Rue will then walk up
to Elena and she will properly introduce herself and tell Rue what she is doing
(if you didn't talk to the townsperson earlier). Elena will think up a new
nickname for Rue...Polly!

   After a conversation between the 2, Rue offers to help Elena look for her
parents, followed by Elena running off and leaving you to follow her. Don't worry
if she gets ahead of you, the pathway is very easy to follow. Follow the path
all the way to the end where she will be waiting for you. Go off screen into
the next area where Elena finds her parents on the top of a mountain-like 
structure. After a conversation between the 4 people (Rue, Elena, Klaus [Father],
and Mira [Mother]) Rue and Klaus decide to look for the Relic together. Klaus
then tells Rue about a Magician's Workshop called "Atelier" down in the forest.
He says the mountain is too steep to climb down, so Rue says he'll climb down
it and find his own path, he then jumps down to a pathway leading down, and
that leads you into the next area.

A T E L I E R   -   M O U N T A I N
Items: None
Enemies: Stinger
Bosses: None
New Characters: None

   Here, you will encounter 2 new enemies. The first is the Stinger. These are
found on the pathway down Altelier Mountain. Kill one in the beginning of this
area and take it's coin. Jump down the pathway at each opening, killing the
Stingers and the Mongola that you encounter halfway down. There is an area on
the side of the mountain with a gap in between, unfortunately, I haven't
been able to reach this area yet, therefore I am stating there are no items
to be found here. Continue down the path and at the bottom you will fall into
a jumble of trees down below.

   This takes you to the bottom of the mountain. Here you will find a healing
pond to the right side, a statue of a gargoyle perched near the center of
the area. A stone wall with 3 differently colored jewels on it at the back of
the room, an empty perch on the other side of the gargoyle statue, and some
tree stumps. Don't use the healing pond just yet, but instead make your way
to the back of the area and examine the stone wall. It will read "Gargoyle...
Face..." and Rue will assume it means "Face the Gargoyle." Immediately after
that, 2 gargoyles will come and attack you. Easily defeat them and take the
coin from the first one.

   Once you finish off the 2 gargoyles, head over to the right and use the
healing pond to replenish your HP. Now, transform into a Gargoyle, and perch
yourself on the empty perch across from the gargoyle statue. Upon doing so,
a set of stairs will magically appear in the center of the 2 sitting gargoyles.
You will automatically transform back into Rue. Climb the stairs and you will
be taken to a structure he assumes is the Atelier.

A T E L I E R   A R E A
Items: None
Enemies: None
Bosses: Nightmare [100 HP]
New Characters: None

   When you first come to this new area with the structure in the middle, Rue
assumes it is the Atelier. Walk forward and approach the structure only to be
confronted with a large falling unicorn monster from the sky. This is Nightmare.
He has 2 basic attacks. First, he will jump high into the air and try to land
on you. When he lands, he will release shockwaves. The only way to avoid this
attack is to continue running until he lands and the shockwaves disappear. He
will also try and charge at you with his horn, this attack is more hazardous
than the first. To avoid the 2nd attack, use the same method as the first
one. Once Nightmare lands on the ground or misses you, that is your chance
to attack him. Hit him a few times and repeat the process until he finally

   Right after he's defeated, Elena and her parents will make their way up
to where you are. Klaus will confirm that this "structure" is indeed the
Atelier, and then tells you to follow him inside. Head into the 2 double
doors straight ahead to enter the Atelier.

Items: Moon Stone [2]
       Silver Coin [1]
Enemies: None
Bosses: None
New Characters: Mint (a.k.a. - Princess Mint)

   Upon entering the Atelier, Klaus will be amazed at all the old documents
present. First, go up the stairs and head to the right side to find another
container. Open it using "X" to discover the Silver Coin hiding within.
Next, head back down the stairs, and underneath the stairs is yet another
container, open it to find the first Moon Stone. Go upstairs and open the
double doors (which lead to a balcony) to find another container which contains
the 2nd Moon Stone. Now, head back down stairs to the center of the room.

   You will find a Safe here. Examine it and Rue will knock on it attempting
to open it. Klaus then comes and examines the safe and finds a switch. He
pushes it and the safe opens revealing ancient historical research. At that 
moment, Elena will interrupt and call for Rue to come outside. If you don't
come, she will keep calling for you, plus Klaus won't do anything unless you
leave. Go outside and see what she wants. She will point out a Pollywog floating
by and say that you should say "Hi" to your "Friend." The Pollywog will float
away. Now you can head back into the Atelier.

   Klaus will tell you that he decoded the writings to discover the Aeons ruled
the world long ago and were the creators of the Relics. Mint (who was listening
to the conversation on the 2nd floor) will demand that Rue and Klaus hand over
everything they've found in the Atelier. Rue refuses and Mint thinks she will
beat you and Klaus to a pulp for refusing. She then tries to show off her powers
but ends up landing on her face. Rue and Klaus help her up and then you appear
back in the Carona Town Square. If you need help understanding where things are
in the Atelier, please refer to the map below:

                         M A P   O F   A T E L I E R

     |                 |                          |                 |
     |                 |   Balcony - Moon Stone   |                 |
     |                  ---------------------------                 |
     |       2nd Floor                                              |
     |____________________________________________________          |
     |  ------                                           |          |
     |    -------                                        |          |
     |      -------  Stairs                              |Moon Stone|
     |        ------                                      ----------|
     |Moon Stone ------           S A F E                           |
     |           ------                                             |
     |           ------                                             |
     |                                                              |
     |                                                              |
     |-----                                                         |
     |Books                   1st Floor                             |
     |-----                                                         |
     |                                                              |
     |                                                              |

C A R O N A   -   D O W N T O W N
Items: Dream Stone [1]
       Bronze Brace [Shop]
       Silver Brace [Shop]
       Bronze Belt [Shop]
       Silver Belt [Shop]
       Bronze Coin [10; 1000G Donation to Church]
Enemies: None
Bosses: None
New Characters: Ms. Cartha

   Now that you are back in town, you can do several things you weren't able
to do before. The weapon shop is now accessible. You can sell, or purchase
items from the shop. First, head to the shop and talk to the owner. Then
select the Moon Stones from your inventory. You can get 1000G for each one,
which you need, so sell them both. After that, leave the shop and head over
to the hotel. Take a room (for 500G) and once inside, press "X" on one of
the pieces of furniture to find a hidden Dream Stone. Leave the Hotel and go
back to the shop, where you can now sell your Dream Stone for 5000G!

   Now, this next part is up to you, but I highly suggest you buy weapons
from the shop. With your newly gained money, you can either: a.) purchase
new weapons; b.) donate to the church and get 10 bronze coins; or c.) purchase
a drink from the Saloon. In that order, I recommend the first and advise
against the last. If you go along with what I say, purchse a bronze belt
and brace. Or, if you decide you need Bronze Coins, donate 1000G to the
church. Whatever you do, do it, and onc you're done, head over to Elena's
house (which is now open, since the family is back home). Go inside and you
will see Mira standing on a deck like platform.

   Walk up and talk to her, then when you're done, head into the back
room to find Klaus sitting in a chair going over the documents he found in the
safe at the Atelier. You will have a big long conversation with Klaus here,
and you'll find out that 500 years ago, the man who wrote those documents
was also trying to find the lyric. You discover that the Aeons put some type
of seal over the lyric to protect it from theives. Klaus will then inform
you that there is another Atelier somewhere Underground and it will help
you in your quest for finding the Lyric. The doctor then says he will go
with you, but when he tries to get up and walk, he falls due to his twisted
ankle from the Atelier Mountain (earlier in the game).

   Rue then says he can manage on his own, then you are left to play again.
Leave this room and go back into the main part of the house and speak to Mira
once more before you leave. She will warn you of the monsters that lie ahead
in the Underground. Leave the house and you will meet up with Elena who wants
to show you around the lake, but hears you are off to the Underground. She then
trots away. Before leaving, you can do 2 things: 1.) Save your game; 2.) Fight
Rod for a little extra money. I suggest that you don't fight Rod just yet (as
he is pretty powerful and you don't have enough experience) but if you want
to give it a try (and don't mind wasting 100G) head over to the area where
Graham was earlier.

   Once here, you will see the Swordsman (Rod) who challenges you. You must wager
100G, and if you win, you get a prize of 1000G. Do your best to defeat him,
and if you do, congratulations, you just won 900G. If not, you will learn that
Rod has a huge ego (saying he is "too damn powerful") and you'll lose your 100G.
Whether you fight Rod or not, I suggest you save your game at the Inn (as well
as Recover your lost HP) before heading off into the Underground. Once you've
saved, go to the double doors at the end of town and exit to the Underground.

U N D E R G R O U N D   -   T R A N S P O R T   P A D
Items: None
Enemies: None
Bosses: None
New Characters: None

   Before you head to the actual Underground itself, you must first pass
through the transporter which will get you there. Before doing so, you will
view a FMV where Mint shows up. She will ask Rue if he remembers who she is,
so go ahead and say Yes. After a little chatting, Mint offers (in a rude manner)
to join Rue in going into the underground. Go ahead and say yes, and she'll
say great and hop into the transport pad. Follow after her by stepping onto
the pad and you will be transported to the underground.

U N D E R G R O U N D   -   P A T H W A Y
Items: None
Enemies: Gudon
Bosses: None
New Characters: None

   You will encounter 2 new enemies in this area, of which you can take their
monster coins. The first you will encounter is Gudon, a small fire breathing
dragon who lashes his tale for a primary attack, and uses 4MP for his fire
breath attack. When you kill the first one, take it's coin. This new area is
pretty much a maze which leads you back to the same way you came in from the
start, but there is one side area that leads to where you want to go. Before
you continue, however, you must note that the Spiders cannot be killed by Rue
(well, they can, but it will take forever, and you'll most likely end up
losing all of your HP before you kill one). Instead, you must transform into
a Gudon and use your Fire breath attack to kill them.

   This pathway (or "maze") has very few paths to it, but they all seem to
lead to the same place. There is only one correct path that leads to where
you want to go. You will have to find this place on your own, but it should
only take you about 5 minutes to find it (just take different routes until
you reach it). You'll be looking for a short screen that leads into a room
with a hole in the center. Once you find it, jump into the hole to be taken
to this new area. If you don't have at least 50MP or so, you may as well die
on purpose. Up ahead, you will need to use Gudon's Fire breath multiple times
(minimum MP you'll need is 40, but 50 just in case you mess up) which takes
up 4MP each time you use it.

U N D E R G R O U N D   -   H I D D E N   P L A T F O R M S
Items: None
Enemies: Gudon
Bosses: None
New Characters: None

   In this next area (which seems to be like a sewer from the harmful liquids)
there are 6 hidden platforms. You will use these platforms (once you collect
them all) to proceed into the next part of the underground. Okay, from the
room you dropped into, go straight out through the opening and take the right
path. You will now be faced with some harmful water with boxes in it. On top
of 2 of these boxes sit Gudon's waiting for you. Transform into a Pollywog,
and quickly cross striaght past this area and at the end, jump up and go
straight past the spider and into the next room where the first platform awaits
you, collect it (you can collect platforms while in monster form).

   Head back out of this room, and take the path to the right now. Go through
the corridor and you will come to another area exactly like the one before
(harmful water with boxes and a spider at the end). Cross over the water and
go straight through (past the spider) and into the opening just like you did
before to find the 2nd platform, collect it and leave back where you came in
from. Go right through the next corridor and repeat this process for the next
2 platforms. Once you collect Platform #4, take the path right (as usual) but
this time you will be faced with a fork in the path.

   You can either go right or up. Go up to find the 5th platform, collect it
and leave back out of the room, now you can take the right path which leads
into a new area with ice in it. Transform into a Gudon and walk up to the
big ice block that is preventing you from continuing on. You must quickly
press the Triangle button and blow fire on the Ice to melt it. If you aren't
quick, the block will reform. Once it's melted, you can collect the final
platform and head back out the way you came. Transform back into a Pollywog and
backtrack your way all the way back to where you first entered this area.

   Once back at the beginning (where you dropped from the hole in the floor)
the 6 platforms you found will all be hovering in a semi-circle above the
ground. Jump onto the Red one first (the one of the far right for those who
are color blind). Upon doing so, you will hear a confirmation sound, jump on
each platform after that, from right to left. A confirmation sound will let
you know after you've jumped on each one. Now that all 6 have been stepped
on, they will spiral you up to the next area, just jump across and go through
the opening.

More to Come...

III. C H A R A C T E R   L I S T I N G
   Below are the characters that I've encountered so far during the game. Many
more will be added as I progress through the game, so just be patient. I have
included a description of each character, and when they are first introduced
into the game (what area).

First Introduced: Beginning of Game
Description: Rue is one of the 2 main characters in the game. He is a young
             warrior type boy who lost his adopted sister, Claire and is out
             to find the Relic to save her.

First Introduced: Opening Story
Description: Claire is Rue's adopted sister. She and Rue and great friends
             and look out for each other until one day when a mysterious
             creature took her away, and it's Rue's job to save her.

First Introduced: Opening Story
Description: Blood is the tall, skinny brother of Smokey. A thug who wants
             food and is in search of the Relic so he and his brother can become 
             rich. Your standard villans of the game.

First Introduced: Opening Story
Description: Fat, short brother of Blood. One half of this dirty duo who
             is in search of the Relic.

First Introduced: Docks - Carona
Description: Davis is a worker at the Docks. He is the first person you
             are introduced to when you actually start to play the game.
             He gives you some useful information to start the game out

First Introduced: Town Square - Carona (Saloon)
Description: This guy owns a shop of rare items right across from the
             saloon in the Carona Town Square. His shop is closed when
             you first start the game.

First Introduced: Town Square - Carona (Saloon)
Description: The waitress in the Saloon. She befriends you the first time
             she meets you and gives you a free drink to restore some HP
             when you first meet her.

First Introduced: Forest (Side Area) - Carona
Description: The little girl who lives in Carona Town that went to search
             for her parents who have been M.I.A. for 5 days in the forest.
             She hangs around you for a while, and likes to call you "Polly."

First Introduced: Forest (Side Area) - Carona
Description: Father of Elena, who also happens to be a Doctor. He is also
             in search of the Relic, and offers you to join him in search
             of the Relic.

First Introduced: Forest (Side Area) - Carona
Description: Mother of Elena, Wife of Klaus. She doesn't play a very big role
             in the game, but she does introduce you to the Inn keeper who gives
             you free rests thanks to Mira.

M S.   C A R T H A
First Introduced: Carona - Downtown (Revisit)
Description: Ms. Cartha is the owner of the Inn. Her and Mira are good friends,
             and to reward you for rescuing Elena, Mira talks Ms. Cartha into
             letting you stay and recover at the Inn free of charge from now
             on, what a gal, eh?

First Introduced: Carona - Graham's Place
Description: Rod is a master swordsman and sword maker. He likes to test out
             his masterpieces by dueling others. You can make a 100G wager
             to fight him (your prize will be 1000G if you win) whenever you
             like, but he isn't very easy to defeat.

More to Come...

IV. M O N S T E R   L I S T I N G
   Below are the monsters that I've encountered so far during the game. Many
more will be added as I progress through the game, so just be patient. I have
included a description of each monster.

   These creatures float in the air and whip you with their tail or bite you
with their razor sharp teeth. They almost look like fish when examined for a
minute or so. This is the first enemy you will encounter in the game.

S A B E R   T I G E R
   A rather powerful monster, but not excessively powerful. Saber Tigers have
a good jumping capability, and are able to tackle enemies with ease. These
first appear in the Carona Forest.

   These immobal creatures sit in one spot and fire seeds out of their top
at intruders. They aren't very hazardous, nor very helpful if you decide to
transform into one of them.

   Little brownish-redish monsters that pop up their spikes (like porcupines)
when intruders come near. These guys also have a good rolling attack, so watch
out when you face them. They first appear on the Atelier Mountain.

   At the bottom of the Atelier mountain is where you'll first find these
scary creatures. They fly around and spit sonic waves at you. Although easy
to get rid of, they can be hazardous if you don't keep away from their mouths.

   These cannot be killed by Rue by hand (because Rue can only do 1HP damage
with each hit). Spiders will spit seeds at you when you come near, and your
best chance at destroying them is with by using Gudon's Fire Attack.

  Gudon isn't very harmful, he is a dragon, but a small one at that. His 2
moves are a tail lash and fire breath. Fire breath uses 4MP for each use. Easy
to kill, and useful when it comes to defeating spiders.

More to Come...

V. C R E D I T S
Thanks to:

Squaresoft: For creating a wonderful Action/RPG title. Good job, Squaresoft!

Jeff Veasey: For posting this FAQ, and running gamefaqs.

VI. F A Q   I N F O R M A T I O N
   This document is Copyright (C)2000, Dallas Scott. All Rights Reserved.
This document is for the sole, non-commercial use of it's audience. This FAQ
cannot be retransmitted, published, sold, given away (commercially), altered,
uploaded, etc. without the consent of the author himself. If you wish to post
this document on your non-profit website, please drop me a line. All audiences
have the right to read, print, and download this document for personal use
only, and nothing else without the consent of the author.

FAQ Revision History
version 0.3 - A few more sections finished in Rue's Walkthrough
            - Couple more Characters and Monsters added to the listing as well.
              Please note that no other sections will be updated until the
              walkthrough for Rue is completed from here on out.

version 0.2 - Added Introduction
            - Fixed some minor errors in the FAQ

version 0.1 - Initial Release
            - Partial Walkthrough complete for Rue
            - A few Monsters and Characters added
            - Partial Overview added

   Please excuse the mess, this FAQ is under great renovation, and will be updated
(and completed) within a suitable time period. Until then, good luck with the
game, and please, I ask that only questions pertaining to anything this guide
covers be asked. If it's not in this guide, I don't know the answer as of yet,
so don't ask.

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