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Written By: RICHBUM4
1. Ken Master: He's a guy who has never gotten the 
attention he thinks he deserves. Maybe he has a little bit of 
an ego problem but he's got a nice car.  
2. Amada Watts: Wants to reach a speed while driving 
where time changes and a new realm is reached.
3. Axel: His sick inventor father strapped him in between 
two wheels long ago. He's been hiding for 20 years 
wondering why his father did this to him
4. Captian Robers: Her brother won the last tournament but 
was sent into space. Now she has entered the  tournament 
and get back a Calypso some way
5. Bruce: A South Central gansta' who wants to be the 
king. He's sick of ruling his own hood and wants the entire 
6. Col. Dawson: A hardened but very old soldier-100 to 
exact. He knows what it takes to win but his body ain't 
what it used to be.
7. J.D.: J.D. is a crazy homeless man who has been living 
in his car for the past 10 years. He thinks the entire 
tournament is a figment of his mind.
8. Calypso:Since his daughter's death ,he is a changed 
man. Scarred for life, he has turned to the dark side so to 
9. Krista Sparks: Calypso thought his daughter died in a 
fury crash long ago. Could this somehow be her? 
Supposedly she's part cyborg.
10. Simon Whittlebone: He was fired from hid job for 
having crazy architectural plans. He makes like Michael 
Douglas in Falling in Down and snaps.
11. Mike and Stu: Two teenage boys with girlies on their 
mind an too much on their Hands ( and the keys to a 
monster truck ).
12. Mr. Grimm is addicted to the souls of the dead.
13. Mortimer:A super-natural undertaker who is hired by the 
innocent people who were killed be Calypso in the first 
14. Sweet Tooth: He is an escaped mental patient with a 
serious problem. His obsession with clowns drove him to 
take a hammer to his face and make it look like his favorite 
15. Minion: Minion was sent to Hell 11 years ago and has 
entered the tournament secretly.

1.L.A.: It's the sight of last year's TM. Now it looks like 
RoadKill. There are plenty of Health and Weapon icons just 
learn and conserve. Note: If Sweet Tooth is in the match 
take him out first. It's cool to blow up the HOLLYWOOD 
sign. Get as close as you can (so you can see your 
handywork)and nuke it with Fire missiles or Specials to 
watch Hollywood go up in flames.
2.Moscow: Get the health icons as soon as you can. The 
main Idea in this level is to Run and Shoot. Drop bomb in 
the center by the blue circle. It will blow up the ramps and 
you can get the icons allot easier. You can also burn the 
signs,that hang over the fence with Napalm, one of which 
will reveal a code.
3. Paris:Go and get the remote bomb and place it in the 
Tower and Blow it up.Then go up the tower and follow the 
path. Their are numerous power-ups on roofs Inside the 
Museum there is a teleport that takes you to a good hiding 
place. If you shoot a napalm in the room the paintings will 
burn. And the Mona Lisa will leave something special. 
4. Lava Level: Stay out of the Lava. Blow up the two 
statues and it creates a shortcut. Their are lots of secert 
doors they look like a different color so you can see them 
easily. You face off with Minion in this level to beat him just 
hit and run.
5. New York: The Big Leap: Stay away from the edge. 
Shoot a few fire missiles at the statue of liberty and after 
cooling off she seems to have changed. clothes and weight. 
Shoot her again and she changes weight, again. Shoot her 
again and say goodbye to lady liberty. Also, on the different 
floors of the office building you'll see a few elevator doors 
which you can destroy for access to the elevator shafts. 
You can hide inside and shoot at passing cars. Their is also 
like a square shaft on top of one of the roofs. Blow it up 
and go down it. You will land in a swiming pool. Their are 
lots of goodies down there.
6. Glacier Level: Try not to shoot the walls to much and 
keep moving. Try to find all the weapons you can find then 
attack. Their are a lot of weapons in a crack in the center of 
the stage.
7.Holland:Pick up all the weapons you can find. Then go 
into the windmills and pick off anybody who comes in front 
of you.
8. Hong Kong: Try to get as high as you can in the level, 
but before that get weapons. When you see a car blast it!
1. AXELCalypso:  Axel stood before me and asked me for 
the one prize he wanted more than  anything: the strength 
to face his father who had bound him in this hellish 
contraption over thirty years ago.(Scene changes to a barn 
house somewhere in the country.  Axel is present and he 
opens the barn doors to reveal his father.)Axel's Father:  
Why have you come back?  I thought I'd gotten rid of 
you.Axel:  Father, please, release me.Axels Father:  You 
were always too slow . . . too damn stupid, and you still 
are.  It's going to take ten more years on the wheels to set 
you right.  You need to be taught a lesson.Axel:  No, father, 
I've learned my lesson.  Let me show you what I've 
learned.  (Axel screams in agony as he pulls his arms from 
the contraption. Blood drips from his stumps while circuitry 
hangs idly.)Axel:  I am a free man . . . and you are no 
longer my father.Calypso:  Axel disappeared into the Kansas 
field.  To this day he has yet to be seen.  I am Calypso and 
I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
3. GRASSHOPPERGrasshopper:  Daddy?  It's me, Krista!  
I'm back.Calypso:  Krista.  I thought you had died.  I 
thought . . . in the car crash that almost killed me.  You're 
alive!(Calypso looks deep into her eyes and sees behind the 
iris mechanical parts with the words "Property of the 
LAPD.")Calypso:  Property of the LAPD?Grasshopper:  I'm 
sorry, Father.  They rebuilt me after the accident.  They 
knew I could get close enough to you.  They want to put a 
stop to all the violence you cause with your contest.  Hold 
me Daddy.  I'm just a machine now, but I'm scared the 
explosion will hurt.(Calypso embraces his daughter with 
love and she explodes)
4. HAMMERHEADCalypso:  Hammerhead raced across the 
rooftops of New York.  Inside, Mike and Stu, the drivers of 
the truck, were salivating.Mike:  Wohoo!  We're here, man.  
We made it bro!  Beaches, babes, farm animals!  Hawaii is 
in our grasp bro!  Yes!Calypso:  What can I do for you 
gentlemen?Mike:  We won the game, right?  So, you gotta 
give us our prize.  Um, well we want--Stu:  No, no, dude.  
Say demand.   Mike:  Okay, okay, okay.  We demand that 
you give us the ability to fly.Calypso:  Certainly.(Lightning 
crashes as Calypso casts the spell.)Stu:  That's so 
cool.Calypso:  Congratulations.  I have granted your wish.  
Have a great time in the friendly skies.Stu:  Let's go.(Both 
run forward and jump off of the edge of the building with an 
excited scream of excitement.)Mike:  Hey man, this can't be 
right.(Rather than flying, both men fall horrendously to the 
ground with screams of horror.  Their bodies hit the cement 
and people gather around in surprise as blood flows 
freely.)Calypso:  Good thing these first class tickets are 
refundable.  I am Calypso and I thank you for playing 
Twisted Metal.
5. MR. GRIMMMr. Grimm:  I am here for my prize Calypso.  
I need souls if you must know.  I'm a bit of a junkie, 
addicted to death.  Every moment I am without a soul I get 
weaker.  My job is too hard.  People, they have a tendency 
not dying fast enough.  Please Calypso, accelerate the 
process, do whatever it takes to make them die 
faster!Calypso:  I did just that.  Fulfilling my end of the 
bargain, I the mighty Calypso, caused the world to become 
a battle ground.  All walks of men engaged in fierce 
combat.  Few could call themselves safe as the death toll 
rose and the population fell dramatically threatening to cut 
off mankind in one horrific war.  Within weeks the earth 
was reduced to chaos as the streets began to rise with the 
bodies of the dead.  The souls came pouring in.  Mr. Grimm 
was happy.  The world was never the same after Grimm's 
horrific feast, but no meal can last forever.  The human race 
was obliterated and within time Mr. Grimm was hungry 
again. Mr. Grimm:  Feed me, please, feed me.  I need 
souls.Calypso:  I am Calypso and I thank you for playing 
Twisted Metal.
6. MR. SLAMCalypso:  I piloted my zeppelin above the 
streets of New York prepared to honor the victor with any 
prize he requested.  His name was Simon Whittlebone, a 
disgruntled man fired from his job as an architect for 
wanting to build a tower that stretched to the heavens.  
Greetings Simon Whittlebone.  I raise my glass to the one 
competitor who's made it all the way.Mr. Slam:  Please, 
Calypso.  Help me to build my tower.  Help me to build my 
dream.Calypso:  With a wave of my arms the building of 
Whittlebone Tower had begun.  Using his bulldozer, 
Whittlebone built into the night, the progress he made was 
remarkable.  Within days his tower was higher than any 
skyscraper ever created and for a brief moment he was 
satisfied.  But then, his small mind, as small minds tend to 
do, became overwhelmed with the possibility of losing his 
status.  What if someone else someday built a taller and 
greater building.  Whittlebone became enraged at the 
thought.Mr. Slam:  I am the greatest.  Do you hear me 
world?  You people are all tiny ants to me now.  No one will 
ever be as high or as great as me!  Damnit, I am Simon 
Whittlebone!  I am God!(Simon loses his balances and falls 
from the top of his tower miles to the ground 
below.)Calypso:  To this day you can still see the crash in 
the street made by the crashing body of Simon Whittlebone.  
I let it serve as a reminder that everyone has a chance at 
winning my contest.  Even fools.  I am Calypso and I thank 
you for playing Twisted Metal.
7. OUTLAW 2Calypso:  Captain Robers stepped out of the 
car and stood before me.Outlaw 2:  Last year my brother 
won your contest and you tricked him.  You twisted his 
words and sent him spiraling into outer space.  Now is my 
chance to save him.  I am the winner and as my prize I 
demand that you let me see my brother!Calypso:  I will be 
glad to grant your wish my dear.  I will let you see your 
brother.Outlaw 2:  No, wait!  What I meant to say was--
(Calypso grants her wish the scene changes to outer space.  
Outlaw 2 appears floating next to her brother in the first 
Outlaw)Calypso:  But
 it was too late, her wish had been granted.Outlaw:  Hey, 
Sis!  I'm over here!Outlaw 2:  Oh my God, Buzz, I found 
you!  I can't believe it, I found you!Outlaw:  Guess Calypso 
tricked you too, hus Sis?  Now we're both stuck out 
here.Outlaw  2:  I don't think so.  I've made some 
modifications to my patrol car; I planned on Calypso's little 
trick.(She presses a button and boosters appear on the back 
of the car as it begins to rocket towards the earth.)Outlaw 
2:  These rocket boosters will carry us back.  Next year 
we'll enter Twisted Metal again and get our ultimate 
revenge on that burnt-faced freak.
8. ROADKILLCalypso:  The driver of Roadkill, a man named 
Marcus Kane, stepped out of his car and came face to face 
with me, the creator of Twisted Metal.Roadkill:  They all call 
me crazy.  They all say I'm insane, but I'm not.  I know this 
isn't real.  None of it is.  I know it's all a dream.  Please, 
Calypso, help me.Calypso:  Ah, Marcus, I always knew you 
would be the one to figure it out.  I will grant your wish, but 
please feel free to come back and visit us anytime, for the 
rest of your friends will be here for quite a while.(The scene 
goes black for a moment and Marcus' eyes flutter open to 
reveal the face of a doctor accompanied by three 
nurses.)Nurse:  Doctor, he's awake!Doctor:  Good God, 
son, you're alive!  Why, you were in a twenty-five car 
pileup on the freeway.  It's a wonder you've come back to 
us at all.  The rest are still in comas.(Looks around and sees 
other drivers laying on surrounding hospital beds.)Roadkill:  
These people, they all look so familiar.  I've seen them 
before . . . fought them before.  But where?  Ah, I can't 
remember.Child:  Daddy, Daddy!Roadkill:  Oh my God, my 
family!  You're here!  I'm Back!  Everything's going to be all 
right!  I promise! (The faint image of Calypso appears on the 
screen and vanishes.)
9. SHADOWCalypso:  High above the rooftops of New York 
Mortimer pushed his car to the limit.  It had been a long, 
deadly fight and he was tired.  Soon he would retire into the 
depths for a long day's sleep.  But for now he had a 
mission to complete.  He met with me, the creator of 
Twisted Metal.  Mortimer, any prize you request is 
yours.Shadow:  I am not here for a prize, Calypso.  It is I 
who have a gift for you.Calypso:  A gift for me?  Let me 
see it!(Mortimer opens the doors and dozens of spirits rush 
out and surround Calypso.)Calypso:  It was a trap, my fate 
had been sealed.Shadow:  These are the souls of the people 
who have died in your contest.  The poor  men and women 
who were simply walking the streets of the world when 
your Twisted Metal competitors ran them down.  They've 
hired me to take revenge on you.Calypso:  Within seconds 
the souls of the dead had carried me away.  Some say they 
dropped me in the busy streets of New York.  Others think 
I'm still being carried on the night's winds.(The scene 
changes to a frightened child aboard a plane and the 
camera pans out to show Calypso on the wing with a 
devilish smile.)Calypso:  Only one man knows the truth . . . 
and that man is me.  I am Calypso!  And I thank you for 
playing Twisted Metal!
10. SPECTRECalypso:  Ken Master stepped out of his car 
and stood before me.  He had waited his whole life for this 
meeting, a chance to make his ultimate dream come 
true.Spectre:  I'm an actor and I'm really, really good, and 
I've been struggling, searching for my big break for over six 
weeks.  Please Calypso, you've got to make me famous.  
Make it so the entire world know my face.Calypso:  Your 
wish is granted.Spectre:  Hey don't touch the face.(Calypso 
grabs his face and starts to stretch and pull.  He continues 
to do this for a few second until the scene shifts to a bird's 
eye view of the city.)Calypso:  When Ken first woke up he 
thought he'd been dreaming, but then he look around and 
realized he was thousands of feet above New York City and 
his face felt odd.(The scene changes to a city block with a 
view of Spectre's face now acting as the sky for everyone 
to see.  People below murmured in surprise and 
horror.)Calypso:  The driver of Spectre had gotten his wish.  
Now the entire world knew Ken's face.  And to tell you the 
truth I rather liked seeing his face everyday.  It's a nice 
face.  I do not regret what I did.  I am Calypso, and I thank 
you for playing Twisted Metal.
11. THUMPERCalypso:  The driver of Thumper stood before 
me.  As his prize for winning Twisted Metal he asked for his 
greatest wish.  'I want to rule the world,' he told me.  'I 
want to be in charge of it all.  I want to be king of the 
earth!'  I explained that as winner his ultimate wish would 
be granted.  Your wish is granted driver.  But the world had 
been reduced to rubble during the Twisted Metal contest.  
There was nothing, no one left to rule over.  He was king of 
the earth, but was all alone and remains alone to this day 
sitting on his throne screaming out orders to lifeless 
subjects.  I am Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted 
12. TWISTERCalypso:  Amanda Watts raced across the 
rooftops of New York on the way to meet me, the one 
person who could make her ultimate wish come true.  'I 
need more speed,' she told me.  'I want to go faster than 
anyone ever has.  As my prize give me the ability to drive at 
the speed of light.'  With a wave of my arms I called upon 
my powers and granted Amanda Watts her ultimate wish.  
Moving faster than any person or object ever had, she 
broke through the barrier and found herself traveling 
through time.  Amanda Watts, the world's first time 
traveler, had gotten her wish.  She was on top of the world.  
But no one stays on top forever.(The car stops and Amanda 
notices the fuel gauge on empty.  She gets out of her car 
and looks up to see a T Rex raise its foot and drop it on 
her.)Calypso:  Millions of years later the only trace of 
Amanda Watts and her Twisted Metal victory would be the 
fossilized helmet on display in the Nation Museum of 
History.  To the world of science a helmet so old became an 
issue of world-wide debate, a great mystery.  But to me it 
was simply a cruel reminder of a woman obsessed with 
pushing the limits.  I am Calypso and I thank you for playing 
Twisted Metal.
13. WARTHOGCalypso:  His body worn from one hundred 
years of use, Captain Roberts struggled to stand before me.  
As his prize he asked to be young again.  He wanted a 
second chance at life.  'Please, Calypso,' he begged, 'give 
me the body of a twenty year old.'(Calypso grants the wish 
and laughs.  A twenty year old body appears on the screen 
with Warthog's old head.)Calypso:  Congratulations.  You 
now have the body of a twenty year old.  Maybe next year 
you will win Twisted Metal again and ask for the head of 
someone the same age.  I am Calypso and I thank you for 
playing Twisted Metal.
14. MINIONSMinion: Calypso you are coming with 
me.Calypso: Minion...its uhh so good to see you again. 
Surely we can work a deal Minion: You stole my powers 
Calypso 11 years ago stripping me of my birthrights. Now 
it's time to pay the price.(Minion opens a gate to hell. Souls 
can be seen flying in the gate.)Calypso: No! No! No! 
Calypso: No, no, no you can't minion, its scary down there 
Minion: MuhahahahaMinion: Time to rot in hell with your 
little sister (Minion drops calypso into the portal)   Calypso: 
Noooooooooooo!(Portal bursts into flames)            

1. Los Angles-Blow up the bridge over the freeway with a 
remote bomb,you can also blow up the 2. Hollywood sign 
with missles.                                                                                                                  
4. MOSCOW-Clow up the cross bridges with remote 
bombs.                                                                  5. 
PARIS-Blow up the Eiffel Tower with a remote bomb,Burn 
the Mona Lisa for a secret code.(If you find out what the 
code does tell me )                                                                                                             
6. AMAZONIA-Blow up the statues for an underground 
tunnel,   blast your way into certain temples.(look for lighter 
colored areas to  find away in)                                                                                     
7. NEW YORK-Blow the cloths of the Statue of Libertry,if 
you keep shooting it you can blow it up.           
9. HOLLAND-Blow up the windmills with remote bombs.                                                                       
10. HONG KONG-Blow up the subway trains.   
11. CYBURBIA-The drain things in the Canel
12. OLD ROOF TOP-The big trangular thing in the center of 
13. JET MOTO-Nothing This FAQ is actually intended to be 
a strategy guide for each of the different vehicles in TM2.

5.  AMBUSH POINTSThere are certain areas where any car 
can effectively destroy most opponents with little risk to 
themselves. These are ambush points.Always destroy 
Spectre first to avoid getting knocked out of  place, and 
also watch for Warthog and his long range 
missles.Generaly, cliffs, tunnels, and teleporters are the 
ideal places.
1. LOS ANGELES Useless against the CPU but helpful in 2P 
battles, you can hide in smoking buildings and attack while 
your enemy is puzzled as to where you are.
2. MOSCOW No real good places here
3. PARIS There are three good areas in Paris, in order of 
decreasing help.First there is the Lourve (the building at the 
end of the street facing the Eifel tower). Enemies will 
teleport up and drive right off the edge, making easy targe 
tIf the Eifel Tower hasn't fallen, almost nobody can hurt you 
if you wait on the Lourve's  roof. Also, you can do it in the 
Eifel Tower before it gets blown to smithereens. Lastly, use 
the very narrow diagonal sidestreets as perfect ambush 
points.) Similar to mines, you can wait at a warp point 
(especially in the Lourve at Paris) and ambush your 
4. AMAZONIA Get some remote bombs and power missles 
and hide in the tunnel ora temple with a small opening. In 
the tunnel you can drop the remote at the opening or use 
mines, and then follow up with Napalmand missles. In the 
temples, set the remote in front of the entrance and 
manuver to the side so that the polygons disappear and you 
can see outside. These tactics are perfect against Minion.
5. NEW YORK The teleporter that ends up on top of the 
green glass building is perfect. Park yourself so that your 
back is to a barricade and ice and ram/ricochet anyone who 
goes up. A more risky spot is the swimming pool. Drop a 
remote bomb (from the locker room) rightwhere the cars fall 
and blast them with your special.
6. ANTARCTICA The epitome of the perfect ambush is the 
teleport to the small island. There you can find ricochet 
bombs that can be fired on cars exiting the warp. One well-
positioned bomb will put any car into the icy ocean. Plus, 
the rest of the level will disintigrate while you wait patiently 
on the solid island.
7. HOLLANDHolland has few places to hide. You can use 
the windmills as bases, but they are quickly demolished by 
the enemy cars. You canuse the tall crops if you are using a 
small vehicle, playing 2P,and the radars are turned off.
8. HONG KONGThis level is like a cross between Amazonia 
and New York. The subway tunnels act like the Amazon 
tunnels, the teleporter in the temple is like the glass building 
in NY, and the small side street next to the harbor can be 
used as a cliff if you have a pop-upweapon.2
Mr.Grimm is probably the least cheesy of all the CPU 
characters, but that still doesn't say much. NEVER drive 
behind or head-on whenfacing him, because he can only 
shoot it straight. He is so small that any car can ram him 
and cause major damage. If you can ram his side, he can 
get knocked over. Follow this with Ice and your choice of 
OUTLAW-2Handling: IntermediateArmor: **Special: 
***Speed: **** - 126 top, 168 turboOutlaw-2 is slightly 
different from the TM1 incarnation. The taser special now 
pops the enemy up in the air and can be used similar to 
Axel's special, since it hit one person near the car. 
Remember that it damages when you first hit and when it 
shuts off. Outlaw's speed makes ramming a breeze, but the 
bad handling plus the speed make hertricky to use on levels 
like New York.Strategies as:1) Outlaw plays very similar to 
Axel: you can drive by a group ofcars and use your special 
or pop someone up and Napalm them or set them up for a 
combo. Similarly, you can wait by an edge, use the taser, 
and the enemy will float right off the edge.2) Position 
yourself next to a building or a wall in the course.When an 
enemy comes at you, use the special and the enemy will 
bounce along the wall, racking up damage.Strategy 
against:Outlaw tends to be the last person on the course 
because she is difficult to approach. Treat her like Axel and 
you should be safe.
MR. SLAMHandling: SluggishArmor: ****Special: 
*****Speed: * - 91 top, 138 turboA new character, Mr. 
Slam is a huge bulldozer with an even larger pair of 
chompers, used for slamming (what else?) your enemy 
multiple times. He's quite powerful since he has a strong 
special attack and thick armor. Unfortunately, he is 
extremely large and moves slowly,making him a sitting 
duck.Strategies as:1) A great CPU killer is to load up on 
weapons and grab a car. Use  everything you have 
(Napalm,Power,Homers) and re-ice or ram and  repeat. Cars 
are totally vulnerable when you slam them: they can'tuse a 
Shield and they get turned sideways. Also try driving 
against a wall for more damage.2) Mr. Slam can be brutal 
on the cliff levels. Even if an enemyputs up a Shield, you 
can turbo-ram them right off the edge. Just be careful you 
don't drive off the edge, too.3)
SHADOW Nothing is more fun than picking up a vehicle and 
effectively. His special attack acts much like a cross 
between aricochet and and a remote bomb: it hugs the 
ground as it travelsand damages everyone around it when it 
explodes. Make sure you neverdetonate it too close to 
yourself. It is very damaging and usefulfor large groups of 
cars.Strategies as:1) Since the special can't be fired rapidly, 
you'll need some good combos. Try freezing someone, 
shooting a special quickly followed bya Napalm blast and 
some more ice. Or, begin by freezing and plantinga remote 
bomb, back off and do the special/Napalm attack.2) Since it 
pops enemies in the air, use it like Axel's andOutlaw's as a 
substitute for mine attacks (cliffs and tunnels).Just 
remember to stay clear.3) Always look for unusual shots, 
especially in 2P mode. Since the attack is small and dark, it 
can be a deadly surprise in Holland ordark colored 
rooftops.Strategy against:Like Mr. Grimm, avoid trailing or 
facing Shadow head-on. He's too eager to blast you away. 
Going for his side is easy because of his average speed, 
handling, and the length of his frame. 
GRASSHOPPER  her weak armor and mediocre speed make 
her hard to use well. Strategy against:Grasshopper can be a 
nightmare if she's right next to you, so keep a little 
distance. If she does her special, drive backwards and hit
HAMMERHEADHandling: SluggishArmor: ***Speci8 
THUMPER Whatever you do, do NOT get too close to him 
or you'll eat flames.He also loves to use rear Napalm and 
rear special attacks. Ice will stop his flames in no time.
Warthog is slightly different from TM1: his triple-missle 
specialturns into fireballs if the missles stay in the air long 
enough. HisArmor makes him somewhat difficult to destroy. 
His only real problemis his turning ability.Strategies
 SPECTREHandliSpeed: *** - 117 top, 156 turbo 
TWISTERusesome ice; unfortunately you'll miss often since 
she's so speedy.The best times to hit her with ice are when 
she does her special(the car gets flipped up and can't move 
as fast) and after a knock-back attack (mines, ricochet, 
remote)  Probably #2 in my book of difficult CPU 
characters, he uses his special constantly, making him 
difficult to approach. Fortunately,his big frame makes him 
an easy target from far away. 
MINION - (L1, U, D, L)Handling: Intermediate and you'll be 
fine.Strategy against:Since you face Minion on the 
Amazonia course, use the ambush points and remote bombs 
to their fullest. Note: Hammerhead can't usually drive over 
Minion. Try Jumping to get on top.
Roadkill has changed quite a bit from TM1. His special is 
now aboomerang that becomes extremely powerful on it's 
return trip and cantake about 1/3 off a life bar. Another 
good plus is that if theboomerang makes its way back to 
the car, it will go back into the special move stockpile.
7. TM2 License Plates
1. Road Kill=waykup-wake up 
2. Twister=lyhtspd-Light Speed
3. Axel=Rev 13:10 a bible passage-"If anyone is to go in 
captivity into capivity he will go. If  anyone is to be killed by 
the sword by the sword he will be killed." 
4. Mr. Slam=chwmup-chew'em up
5. Shadow=kremytu-cremate you
6. Hammerhead=bludee whls-bloody wheels
7. Outlaw=2 202 lyf- 20-to life (penalty for killing someone 
with a vehicle)
8. Warthog=luket myhed-look at my head
9. Mr. Grim=yurnxt-your next
10. Grasshopper=jumpin-jumping
11. Thumper=nrsitymn-inner city man 
12. Specter=nvzubl mn-not a clue 
Darktooth's and Sweetooth's are the same
I don't know Minions but its probally go2hel go to hell him 
being the devil he'd say something like that. 

        U=UP D=DOWN R=RIGHT  L=LEFT se=select


(also useful)U  SE VIEW TOGGLE
1. Fire Missile - Standard missile, medium damage, slight 
homing capability.
2. Homing Missile - Cabable of zeroing in on a enemy from 
a far distance away.
3. Power Missile - Most damaging missiles, can destroy 
fighting environment.
4. Napalm R  L  U- anything touched by this instantly 
catches on fire.
5. Ricochet Bomb - Bounce of anything until they hit a car, 
longer in play the more damage it does.
6. Lighting - Only can be used in certain battle grounds, 
shots a electrical bolt off the highest point in that battle 
7. Freeze L R U: Homing capibility, freezes opponent
9. Detonator mine R  L D: strongest weapon lay it down 
with fire button blows up when ran over or if  you hit fire 
button again no maximum range
10.  Bacward Freeze L R D L R U: Same as freeze but 
11.Bacward naplam shot l r d r l u it takes a genuis to figure 
this out
12.Remote Bomb - Most powerful of all weapons pick ups, 
you can control when it explodes or it  will explode when a 
car runs over it.
13. HOMING NAPLAMS highlight naplams press and hold 
the button to fire the naplam and enter-down, left, left, left, 
right, right. it is a little tricky you should hear a noise to 
signal it much like sell your soul you r naplams travelhigher 
and farther and home in on vehicles sometimes they travel 
parallel to the ground. you only have to enter this once and 
until you turn the game of it works
14.Rear Attack (L,R,D) sends your highlited weapon 
shooting out behind you. Unless you have a good homing 
weapon, you could easily miss.
Specials - Their are different specials for every car. They all 
cause more damage than any pick up.
cloak r d  l  u cloaks oppenent
Jump (U,U,L) is more of a utility than a weapon, although 
you can getout of some bad situations with Jump and 
turbo, since it doesn't cost as much as Shield.
Invisibility (R,D,L,U) is utterly useless.Large characters can 
be easily punished by Napalm shots. Just stand right next 
to them, release the Napalm, and it will hit them on the way 
sell your soul trade  wepons for energy  u d  l r u u d d


(for a twisted bonus if you kill all 10 pesbertains in each 
stage you get some life back if you beat the stage)

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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