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Written By: Nabeel Akhtar

  1: Important Notice.
  2: Credits.
  3: Versions.
  4: Requests by the Author.
  5: About the game: -
    A: Is it any good? Should you buy it? 
    B: My rating on this game.
  6: Walkthrough.
  7: About myself.
  8: Disclaimer.

1: Importance Notice: -
      NO PERMISSION is granted to reprint this summary for a for-profit 
magazine etc.     YOU CAN NOT take any part of my walkthrough without my 
permission. If your job is to write articles in magazines or anything you 
can't just sit down and COPY my work. I am writing this importance notice 
short, but that doesn't mean that you take it easily UNDERSTAND? In other 
sweet words don't plagiarize other people's work.
  2: Credits: -
      To the developers of this game. It took them more than a year to perfect 
this game however.
      To M. Sarfraz for fixing my computer and most especially my e-mail 
programs settings.
      To you for downloading and reading my walkthrough.
      To ABA for telling me about Boss no.1's name which is Doctor Kaufman.
      To Metfan 930 for telling me GL 40 guy's name.                         

  3: Versions: -
      1st version on 28th of December 1999. Just started writing the walkthrough 
and the main tidbits. 
      2nd version on 3rd January 2000. Fixed a few things here and there. Found 
Boss no.1's name. Also Boss no. 5's name (made one of my own). Also wrote the 
disclaimer I accidentally left out. Oh boy I had to restart 22 times to write 
the whole disclaimer. I hope the publishers and developers of this game 
appreciate this. Added "Requests by the Author" and some requests.
      3rd version 4th January 2000. I gave my first credit to a person who 
actually helped me in my walkthrough. Did some corrections. Wrote a line in 
"About my self". 
      4th version on 14th January 2000. I got the correct name of GL 40 guy. 
  4: Requests by the Author: - 
      Well guys you don't read this too often don't you? Requests by the 
author? What the heck is this? Now I won't tell you guys to go and do some 
errands or something like that. But I would like you guys to give me 
information if I need it. Huh? So what do you think? Can't you guys give me ¾ 
KB of information or even less! Ok ok, just kidding. These are small requests. 
People who give it to me will be credited. 
      I have run out of request. 
  5: About the game: -
    A: Is it any good? Should you buy it?
        Well this is a good game with good graphics and music but not great 
lastability. There are only ten levels to go through the game, which are well 
a bit exciting except some few of them, which are really small and irritating. 
But come on this is not a bad game after all and if you are a James Bond 
fanatic, buy the game. But for a gamer who wants the same fun he had in Metal 
Gear Solid I'm afraid he'll be a bit disappointed.
   It's not the best game in the world and can't be too but it's a good action 
game, which will keep you going on until you finish the game. But only with 
ten levels I'm not sure if it's going to keep us going. Ok ok enough!  It's 
your choice if you want the game or not, but I would rather advise you to rent 
it first. 

   B: My rating on this game: -
      Graphics: 8/10
      Sound: 7/10
      Music: 9/10
      Playability: 8/10
      Lastability: 5/10
      Total: 37/50
      Stars: *** Good game.

  6: Walkthrough: -
       Mission No.1: Outpost, Russian Border.
                                                   Military Outpost
                                                    Russian Border
                                                       1600 hours
      Objectives: 1:Laser Designate Dish
                         2:Obtain Security Card
                         3:Escape On Skis

     First of all go and kill the guy up in front by simply shooting him or 
walk stealthily using the L1 button, when you get so close to them that you 
can touch them (they won't feel anything) press X, KAPOW! He's dead or 
probably knocked unconscious (forever). This is called a stealth kill. After 
that, take the assault rifle he dropped. Go back and blow up the barrel and 
take the medkit, then take the ammo case. Don't bother to blow the other 
crate. Go where the fire is coming from the barrel and blow up both of the 
barrels there and take the medkits inside. Move forward, there are lots of 
trees here so hide behind one of them which is closest to the fence. Don't 
hide behind the one which is most closest to the fence because then you'll be 
sighted by the sniper and he'll start shooting at you. Now observe with the R1 
button and use the strafe button (R2, L2). If you look closely you'll see some 
men moving around here or patrolling. It's hard to kill all of these guys 
without sounding the alarm. The alarm will only sound when those tankers are 
destroyed. Don't bother to that because destroying them is not your objective 
however your score….
Well who cares about the score? Remember one thing if you are playing as 
'agent' things will be easy and if you are playing as '007' things will be 
very easy… just kidding VERY HARD or hard I must say. Another difference is 
that when you end the game the game will say that now you should try and end 
it in '007' mode, great, absolutely magnificent. The ending movie and credits 
will only appear when you end the game in '007' mode so make your choice now. 
I ended the game in both modes. 
      Back to the game. Now go and open the door with the O button and try to 
lure those guards where you are, just don't go too far and try to lure them 
where the sniper can't get you however there's a chance that he may himself 
shoot those tankers and sound the alarm. Kill the guards then march where you 
see a bunker type of a room. That's where the sniper is, use the strafe 
buttons to avoid getting hit then go inside and kill him. Easy huh? I don't 
know myself anyway, then take the sniper gun (gosh don't guns have models and 
names? well not in this one). Now if the alarm has sounded then some guys will 
be coming forward towards you, kill them now use your sniper gun and zoom in 
by using the triangle button (you can zoom but by pressing the square button) 
you'll see a guy who's targeting at you. Well what are you waiting for, shoot 
      NOTE: - There is a way of using the sniper gun even if it has run out of 
bullets, it's slow though. What you do is you target your enemy on the head 
using the sniper gun (without bullets) and shoot him, now what happens is that 
instead of hearing a sound that tells us that there are no bullets, 007 will 
shoot him with another gun e.g. with his silenced pistol. The bullet will hit 
him but only one will.
     Now blow up the barrels here one of them contains a medkit. To use it 
simply press square button and to change your item or gadget press triangle 
then up or down on the directional pad. Go where you had shot the guy with 
your sniper rifle and then go up where he was. Take the light armor. The light 
armor works as extra 4 health slots. You'll see a helicopter here trying to 
lift off. Don't bother to shoot it just kill all the guys here with your 
assault rifle. Go forward but don't go too far, as there is another sniper and 
men hiding where you can't see. They are near the truck; also some men are 
roaming around here too. Kill them then hide behind the tree and use the R1 
button, you can see through the tree doing this (this is a common bug in games 
guys) and you can also kill them by shooting at them looking through the tree 
(hohoho). One of them is hiding behind the crate and the other hiding behind 
in the bunker, you can kill and see both of them. If you find problems in 
killing them in this way then simply use R1 and strafe button and X. Also 
another thing, if you want to check if there are enemies hiding or not, or if 
you want to know from which direction someone is firing at you, simply press 
the O button and James Bond will quickly face to the direction where the enemy 
is (a very good feature of the game). So don't go around moving freely yet, 
use your sniper rifle again and you'll see there is another guy targeting at 
you from that small tower kind of building. Kill him then shoot the crate and 
barrel for 2 medkits. Now enter the bunker and take the sniper rifle rounds 
and the heavy armor. The heavy armor gives you 8 extra health slots! Hurray! 
Now kill the guy who's just outside that cave or tunnel. Then destroy the lone 
barrel you see which is blocking your way to the tower where you had killed 
the sniper, then destroy the crate… hey what's this? It's a it's a LIFE! YES a 
brand new life. Take it then shoot the newly appeared guys behind you, after 
killing them go up the tower via the stairs and take the light armor. Now go 
where the tunnel is.
     It's a very small tunnel and at the end of it you'll see a guard, you can 
either shoot him or use the stealth kill (remember at the start of the level). 
There are 2 more guards far away, so lure and kill them too. Now go up the 
cliff and use your sniper rifle to kill 2 more guards, one up in the tower and 
the other below near that big gate. See that satellite that's the one we have 
to designate. Now use your laser.d gadget and press R1 when you target it. A 
jet will come and destroy the satellite. Objective no.1 completed. The alarm 
now sounds again, now go down and a transport helicopter will come. Guards 
will begin to drop out of the helicopter, so you kill them all. The helicopter 
will go away then and one of the guards must have dropped an access card. Take 
it and destroy all the barrels and crates here, collect all the medkits and 
ammo. Now go up the tower to get the light armor. There is a panel the right 
side of the gate, go towards it and press O. Objective no.2 completed. Now you 
get ready to tie up your skies.
   Skiing is simple because you don't need to be worried of enemies shooting 
you but they will hit you with their ski poles. Just don't hit any obstacle 
e.g. a rock or a tree at high speed because then you'll get killed. After a 
bit of time more enemies will come after you, still not to worry, just keep 
going on avoiding them (you too can hit them with your ski poles with the R1 
and R2 buttons). After reaching the end of the mountain James Bond will jump 
in the air and will open up his parachute. Objective no.3 and Mission no.1 
      Mission No.2: Arms Bazaar, Russian border.
                                                   Arms Bazaar
                                                 Russian Border
                                                    1730 hours
      Objectives: 1:Photograph Chopper
                         2:Photograph Mortars
                         3:Photograph Scud
                         4:Locate Cockpit Key
      This is a small and easy mission but don't worry I'll still guide you. 
Go forward up a bit and wait for a second, a guy will out walking the other 
way and he hasn't spotted you either so kill him. See that scud? Go forward 
towards it and use camera and press R1 to take a snap of it. Objective no.1 
completed. Now use your sniper rifle and strafe left, you'll see a guy next to 
the big gate so kill him. Now there is another guy next to that jeep so use 
the sniper rifle to kill him too (he may spot you first so watch out). Collect 
the ammo these guys dropped and go near the jeep and take the picture of the 
mortars. Objective no.2 completed. Collect 2 medkits behind the jeep. Now you 
must be wondering where the chopper is, well it's well hidden. To the right of 
the jeep you'll see lots of big boxes, hmmm. Use your stk. mines on any one of 
them by pressing X twice touching the boxes. Now move away and use your stk. 
detonator. BOOM! Ahhh, what do we have here? There's the chopper but there'll 
be a lot of enemies here (it depends on what mode you are playing). So use 
your sniper rifle and hide behind one of the boxes and kill them all. Collect 
the ammo and take the chopper's picture. Objective no.4 completed. A cutscene 
will happen. Now move towards that gate. Another cutscene.
      Uh oh James is in trouble. The timer now has started. You need to find 
the cockpit key but where is it? I don't know… just kidding. Now if you are 
short of medkits there is a large medkit right there when you move forward. I 
suggest you to kill anyone who bothers you (simply use O and use the assault 
rifle). Now go near that tower to the east. Grab the heavy armor and large 
medkit behind the tower. Now do you see the man near that tanker? Kill him he 
has the cockpit key. Grab the cockpit key. Objective no.4 completed. Now go 
near the jet and you'll see that 'life' rotating again, grab it and go to the 
small ladder that leads to the cockpit and press O.
      In the film you can you know that James Bond fires missiles and machines 
guns. Well, you can do that too! Keep on pressing X and smash the whole place 
out. Wooh! Isn't it cool? Then the jet will take off. Mission no.2 completed.
      Mission No.3: Carver Media, Hamburg.
                                                 Carver Media Party
                                                       2000 hours
      Objectives: 1:Rendezvous With Paris
                         2:Cut The Power
                         3:Destroy Central Computer
      Go down the stairs and move right. You'll see a guard here who has his 
back towards you. I would suggest you to kill him quietly (you'll know why if 
you don't) by using the stealth kill ability I told you at the beginning of 
this walkthrough. If you have made some noise the alarm will go off and the 2 
guards in the next room will be alarmed. If not then you'll see those 2 
playing cards in the next room. After finishing them off grab the heavy armor 
behind that cabinet type of thing and take the access card that is present in 
the last cabinet. Now go to any one of those gate type things and press O to 
open them. You'll see a room where you can see through. Don't bother to open 
any of the doors, just go to the end of this hallway and you'll see a double-
door room which you can open by simply running into it. As you enter the door 
start shooting because there is a man inside. Don't let him turn on the alarm. 
Take the elevator card in the cabinet and the 2 medkits behind the cabinet. 
Now get out of here and go to where the elevator is and open it. Quickly press 
O at the buttons to go up.
      In the next room there are about 5 or 6 guys all hiding so when you get 
out of the elevator hide behind any of the 2 walls. You may have spotted 2 
guys already so use R1 (sniper view) and strafe left or right (depending on 
which side of the wall you are) and start killing them. Use any weapon you 
want (I suggest you use up all your bullets of the SMG 45 because you'll lose 
it after now). After killing each and every one of them, collect the medkits 
and use all of them too, yes all of them (trust me). Now go towards the next 
room where you can see Paris. Talk to her by pressing O. Cutscene. Objective 
no.1 completed.
      You'll find out that you have nothing in your inventory, not even your 
Pk 7 (uh oh). Now go near the mirror and use your gadget and quickly back off. 
The mirror has shattered and there is a man in the next room waiting for you. 
Now what do you do? Can James Bond fight with his bare hands? YES, but 
unfortunately not in this game. You have to get your Pk 7. It's on that table 
so make a run for it, grab it and shoot the hell out of the guy. Grab the 
large medkit, go around this room to the computer and turn the power off. 
Objective no.2 completed. Get out of the room and you'll know where you are. 

The room to the next door is open (where the central computer is) but watch 
out! There are a lot of guys around and inside the room guarding the computer. 
A 'life' has appeared in the room where you had found the elevator card. I 
suggest you to get it first however there is a man outside and inside the room 
so get rid of them and be careful. Now if you want you can target the computer 
using R1 in the room where you had found your Pk 7 and destroy it. Objective 
no.3 completed. Then kill everyone you see and grab the medkits in the central 
computer room, you should kill everyone because it would be very hard to get 
out of here without losing a life. Go to where you had found the access card 
and you'll see that the gates are closed. Open them by O button but watch out 
there are some guys here too. Just get rid of them and go to the area where 
you had started this level. Objective no.4 and Mission no.3 completed.
      Mission No.4: Pressing Engagement.
                                        Pressing Engagement
                                               1000 hours
      Objectives: 1:Find Gupta's Briefcase
                         2:Retrieve Hidden Encoder                           
                         3:Escape From Building
                         4:Minimize Civilian Casualties
      First of all I would like to tell you is that you must not shoot any 
civilians because then your mission may fail. If you are playing in 007 mode 
then if you kill even 1 civilian your mission is failed. The people who are 
roaming here in white clothes and without guns are the civilians so don't go 
around shooting them. Also when encountering with the enemy always make sure 
that there is no civilian who may get hit with your or your enemy's fire. 
      You'll see that your path goes to the left. Go there quietly (using the 
L1 button) and face the wall, from the angle you'll see that there is a man 
guarding a door so use the strafe button and R1 to kill him easily, beware 
however there is a civilian roaming around here. The door he is guarding will 
open (if it doesn't then go and open the door yourself) so go inside and take 
the 2 light armors, 2 medkits and the case of ammo. Now go forward and stay in 
line where the fire alarm is. If you look around in the next room, you'll see 
that there is another man there but WAIT! There are 2 more men you have to 
deal here so first get rid of the guard who is on the right side then there 
are 2 more guards on the left side of the wall. Now there is a possibility 
that there may be only 1 guard standing there on the door on the left side, 
the other guard is inside the door on the left side. Go to the pillar on the 
left side of the wall, strafe left or right (depending on which side of the 
pillar you are and shoot the guy. The door will open and the other guy will 
come out so kill him too. Now you're safe. Go inside the door to get 2 large 
medkits. Try to open that double door on the right side and the computer will 
say that it is electronically locked. You can open this door by using the 
gadget you have got. However don't go there now. 
      Go down the stairs and you'll be about to enter the paper factory (or 
whatever it is). You'll see a civilian working with the paper machine, now 
don't go close to him instead stay just outside the area where you enter the 
factory. Strafe right (if you are on the left side of the wall) and you'll see 
a man just above the machine. Kill him and he'll fall in the machine, now go 
just a bit forward (only just) and use R1 again, now if you look really 
closely you'll see a man (you will) so kill him too. He too will fall in the 
machine. See that pillar on the right? Go there and you'll see a room where 
you can enter. Don't enter it instead go hide behind the 2 barrels that are in 
line with the entrance of the room.
      Now you will be able to see 2 guys clearly, kill them then go inside the 
room. There is one man inside the room so watch out. You'll see a briefcase; 
press O and you will get the access card. Objective no.1 completed. Now go to 
the northern most machine. On the left side of that machine is a life so grab 
it. Now go back to the electronically locked door. Use the F.scan to unlock 
the door. Inside this hallway go to the double-door, because you have the 
access card it will open. Now you have to solve a puzzle. If you go close to 
the picture on the right, the computer will say 'something is hidden', now you 
cannot move the picture physically. Go close to the northern most file-cabinet 
and move to its left side. Press O and James Bond will move the cabinet and 
the picture will open. Go to the picture and use the F.scan again and you will 
get the encoder. Objective no.2 completed. Go outside the room in the hallway 
and equip your assault rifle, open the double-door (where you had come from at 
the first place) and start shooting because there is a man waiting for you. 
Now go where you had found your 'life' and enter the room on the right side of 
the machine. You may already have spotted a man hiding behind the fallen 
barrel. So you hide too and beware because there are 2 civilians here too. Get 
rid of him then move to the next barrel and then move to the other again. 
There is another man hiding behind so kill him. Collect the ammo and move 
forward in the next area.
      Face northeast and you will see a man so kill him. Move towards the 
pillar on the right and face northwest now, there is another man so kill him. 
Now as you'll be making your way towards the right side of the pillar there'll 
be some men around here to kill you, you must get rid of them quickly or 
you'll be in trouble, and another thing always press O to pinpoint the 
direction of your enemy. Now hide behind the pillar just north of you and then 
use R1 strafe and look up in the direction of northeast. There is a man here 
so kill him. Don't release the R1 button yet because there is a man that you 
can spot between the little space of the pillar and the barrel. This guy is 
next to the pillar on the north.
      NOTE: - I hope my instructions are not that hard for you to understand. 
I know they must be, but I am doing the best I can to help you and guide you 
and make this as easy for you as it can get.
      Now go to the pillar on the north and move to its right side. By which 
the angle you see, you'll be able to see a man here. Get rid of him using R1 
and strafe right. Now face the pillar and use R1 and strafe right (R2) again, 
there is a man on the top so get rid of him. Only one man to go, but this guy 
is liable to kill you if you're not careful. This guy is behind you and will 
only show himself when you go near the exit (that is just north of you). What 
you do is that you keep on pressing the O button and when he will appear, 
James Bond will face him automatically and you can kill him easily then. Kill 
him then go near the exit north of you. Objective no.3 and Mission no.4 
      Mission No.5: Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg.       
                                         Hotel Atlantic
                                           1900 hours
      Objectives: 1:Talk To Bartender
                         2:Activate Service Elevator (objective is added when 
you talk to the bartender or kill him)                        
                         3:Meet With Paris
                         4:Escape The Hotel (objective is added after you talk 
to Paris)

      This mission is a bit different. Here the guards will not attack you 
unless you attack them. This makes them easier to kill but you would have to 
use head shot in order to kill them quietly and another thing if they see you 
targeting them, they will attack you. What I say is that you kill everybody 
you see, that would make the number of enemies lower so that you would face 
fewer problems afterwards. 
      There is a door south of you that you cannot open right now so remember 
this door. There are 2 guards here, if you draw your gun in front of them they 
will attack you. I suggest you kill them quietly. What you have to do is that 
first you hide behind the pillar up the stairs leading to the entrance of the 
hotel. Use R1 and R2 to check that you will be able to kill them, crouch if 
you want. When you are ready draw your gun and kill them. Collect their ammo 
then enter the hotel. There is a guy roaming around here and a bartender with 
a gun. When the guy who is roaming comes near you and has his back towards 
you, kill him with a headshot but make sure the bartender is not seeing or he 
will make noise. Then stealthily and quietly kill the bartender with a 
headshot, however there is a high degree of chance that he may see you or you 
may miss the headshot and hit him someplace else. If it was a perfect headshot 
and he didn't even make any noise (that is he didn't fire) then the guys in 
the next room won't suspect you. Also make sure that your gun is not drawn 
when you meet them. If you had made some noise, never mind just go in the next 
room, hide and kill everybody you see here except the bartender on the left 
side. Now go and talk to him. Objective no.1 completed. Collect the key and a 
new objective will be added.
      NOTE: - You can also kill the bartender and collect the key, however I 
suggest you talk to him.
      Go in the washroom and collect the 3 medkits. Now you will see 3 ways in 
which you can go. One where you had come from, and 2 new ones. The one on the 
right side leads to an elevator but its power is off so you exit this room via 
the other new door. You'll see that you are back in the place where you killed 
the guard and the bartender (this door where you have come from was previously 
locked). Now exit this place to where your car is and go inside the lone door 
behind your car. Collect the ammo, the large medkit and the light armor and 
then press the switch. Objective no.2 completed. Now in the mean time a lot of 
guards will come after you and you really are going to have a hell of a 
problem getting rid of them. Don't wait because reinforcements will come 
pouring in so once you press that button, go back where the elevator is, go 
inside and press the button to go up. You're safe here. 
      Use medkits if your health is almost depleted because your first boss 
fight is coming up. Go right and you'll see that life again, but that 
electricity beam doesn't let you get it. Use R1 and you'll see a guy there so 
kill him. Go back again and enter the only door you can open which is near the 
elevator. Then enter another door and… a boss fight!
      BOSS FIGHT NO. 1: Doctor Kaufman.
      In this game every boss has 100 power and ofcourse the only way to 
deplete is to shoot him. Now a fast way to deplete it is to him them with 
headshots but as some of them keep on running it's hard to do that. Now look 
this boss is tough, you have to shoot him in his head, lots of points will be 
depleted from him and watch out of his shuriken type of weapon he throws. Hide 
behind the pillars and you'll be okay and another thing guards will come too 
as reinforcements (GREAT). This makes it even more tough. I suggest you kill 
them first with assault rifle and the boss with the Pk 7. 
      After you finish him off, use some medkits. Go right from where you had 
entered this place, up the stairs, open the door and collect the medkit. Again 
more people will come to kill you. So with the help of the O button, kill 
them. Go back and north to open the double-door but watch out there's a guard 
there. After he's finished go right then up to collect the heavy armor and the 
'life'. Thank God. Go back but left this time to collect the gasbombs. These 
are bombs that release poisonous gases, which will kill those guys quickly. 
Now go back where you had the boss fight, then go up the stairs. Kill the guy 
then move forward and enter the left door to the bathroom and then go to the 
door on the right. Talk to Paris. Objective no.3 completed. 
      Now you have to protect Paris and escape this horrid building. So go all 
the way back to the garage and press O on the door of your car. Objective no.4 
and Mission no.5 completed.
      Mission No.6: Convoy, Swiss Alps.
                                       Terrorist Convoy
                                            Swiss Alps
                                            2100 hours
      Objectives: 1:Rendezvous With Q
                         2:Destroy Terrorist Convoy 
      Thank God, this is an easy and small mission. Face west and you'll see a 
heavy armor so get it. Equip your infrared rifle if you do as I say you'll be 
just fine. Face north and press R1. You'll see something red, yup! that is a
man but you can't shoot him. I don't know why but the bullets doesn't hit him
from here (probably a game flaw I guess). So move forward until you can see
his whole body then shoot him and he'll die. Face east now and keep going
until you go up this cliff. Then face north and use R1, you'll see another man
so get rid of him. Now go back where you had killed the first guy. Move north
towards here and keep pressing R1 until you find yet another man. Kill him
then go back where you had killed the second guy (I hope you know what I am
trying to say or tell you). Again go north pressing R1 until you see another
man. Before you kill him, take the case of ammo just north of you then kill
him. You have to go back again where you killed the third guy, keep going
north again until you spot another guy. Kill him and…no you don't go back now
instead go in the middle of the road and use R1. If you don't see anybody do
forward a bit then kill the guy. Cross the roadblock and who's that man? Don't
shoot him he's Q! Go talk to him then enter the car by pressing O button on
the door then pause the game. Objective no.1 completed.
       As Q said that your car is equipped with heat-seeking rockets (yeah
right) and guns you would be able to use them. You have 10 heat-seeking
rockets and unlimited machine guns. Now I know the location of one rocket that
I can pinpoint, it's on the left side of the roadblock (or whatever it is).
You can only get it when you enter the car and smash the roadblock, remember
the rocket is on the left side.
       So to check the controls of the car pause the game then go into the
options and then controls. Only use your guns to destroy the cars. You have to
destroy 8 cars. Use the rocket only on the last car because it has more armor.
Also there are medkits lying around so get them if you need them. Watch out of
the mines the cars release because it'll damage your car or rather you! Once
you destroy the 7th car, you will have to defeat the last car that can be
defined as a boss car. Destroying it will complete your mission. Objective
no.2 and Mission no.6 completed.
       NOTE: - There is a 'life' later at the end of the level. But to wait
that long you may end up losing a 'life' so it's not that important.

       Mission No.7: Ski Ridge, Hokkaido.
                                      Terrorist Camp
                                         1700 hours
       Objectives: 1:Infiltrate Camp On Skis
                          2:Disable Security System
                          3:Obtain Security Pass
                          4:Eliminate Isagura

       Skiing in this mission is tough because there are a lot of guys around,
lots of obstacles and now you can fall down the mountain too. If you do fall
down, you'll have a –1 life so watch out. I'm not sure if I should guide you
through this skiing because there are unlimited men around you if you are
playing in 007 mode (which I am playing write now) and lots of obstacles and
paths. Your path is pretty forward and simple, the only thing you need to
worry about is surviving. Still if you think I should write about it then e-
mail me. I hope you understand.
      You will take off your skis once you get there. Objective no.1
completed. Some guys may appear from behind if you are playing in 007 mode so
watch out. Hide behind the tree just north of you and use your infrared rifle
to kill everybody here. Remember one thing Never Destroy ANY OBJECTS HERE or
the alarm will go off. Now go inside that little barrack (I know it's not
that) and kill the guy. Collect the medkits and the light armor here. Get out
of here and some guards will attack you. After getting rid of them go to that
white vehicle and get the 'life' which is next to it. There is a heavy armor
here hidden behind some barrels next to these boxes. Find it and take it if
your armor is TOTALLY gone. Now go to the next hut (barrack, house, mansion
whatever) and kill the guy inside who is firing at you like nuts. Collect the
medkits and press O on the computer on the right. Objective no.2 completed.
Get out and kill anyone who's around (press O button to check). Now open the
gate north of you and equip your infrared rifle. Then kill everybody here. Now
go up the tower and collect the security pass and the case of ammo. Objective
no.3 completed. Go down and go near that barrel from which fire is coming out.
Near the barrel is a big building, go around that building and open the door.
Kill the 2 guys here. Follow the path and take the 4 medkits. At the end of
the path use your F.scan to verify the fingerprint to open the door.
      BOSS FIGHT NO. 2: Isagura.
This guy throws gasbombs and shoots with his gun too. Use your Auto 9MM gun
and shoot him in the head. RUN when he throws gasbombs or you'll easily die. A
case of ammo will come time and again so take it whenever it comes. Infrared
rifle also damages him a lot. Aim well and use medkits when needed and you'll
kill him. Overall I don't think this is a tough fight. Objective no.4
      Go to the new path that has opened. Mission no.7 completed.
      Mission No.8: CMGN Tower, Saigon.
                                Carver Media Tower
                                       0530 hours
      Objectives 1:Activate Roof Elevator
                        2:Go Down Two Floors
                        3:Destroy Weapon Crates
                        4:Retrieve Data Disk
                        5:Escape From Building

      There are 3 guys surrounding you. They don't know if you are there or
not however. Use R1 and look up, there'll be a man up there on the roof so
kill him first. Then run towards the stairs and hide behind the 2 goons
against the wall. Before killing them kill the guy north of you then you will
be able to kill the other 2 easily. Collect the ammo and the medkits then go
up the stairs and hide behind the wall. The camera angle will show you 3
people there. Killing them will be hard, I just don't know why doesn't James
Bond use grenades or atleast STUN GRENADES (ha ha). Anyway get rid of them
then take the light armor on your right. Now go up the roof and kill the guy,
who is behind that uhhh thing over there on the right (tsk), take the case of
ammo, on the left side of that 'thing' is a heavy armor. Take it if you need
it (it's free you know ?). Go north down the stairs and right on the junction,
kill the guy, follow the path and kill the 2 guys there. Then collect the
utility key and the large medkit. Now go left on the junction and press O
button to open the panel. Objective no.1 completed.
      Go back to where you had started this level, enter the elevator and
press O to go down. Kill the guy north of you, then take the path on the west.
There are 3 guys here. Get rid of them then go right and enter the room to
kill the 2 guys. Go near the stereo ? on the left and press O. It will reveal
a passage, there's a guy here too, kill him and take the elevator key and go
out. Continue your path and kill the 2 guys and take the 'life', go right and
there are 2 guys here too, kill them take the medkits and kill another guy.
Continue your path until you can go left. There are 2 guys on the left so
watch out, after killing go left and enter the ammunition room. Collect the
cases of ammo and other ammunition. Continue your path and your back again;
enter the elevator and press O to go down the second floor. Objective no.2
completed. Kill the 2 guys here and go to the only door on the left. Cutscene.
      You'll be in the same room, which you wanted to enter early on. Kill the
guy and collect the ammo. Go left, continue your path and kill the 2 guys,
continue your path and kill the guy beside the door. Enter the door and kill
the 2 guys. Collect the 3 large medkits and destroy the weapon crates at a
good distance. Objective no.3 completed. Collect the ammo case then open the
door on the left. There'll be a lot of computers here and 2 guards so kill
them. There'll be a room on the right and a door on the left. First kill the 2
guards in the room then enter the door and take the data disk. Objective no.4
      Now go in the room where you had killed the 2 guards. There is a sofa
here and a mirror? Well now what the hell is it doing here? I don't like it
and so do you so let's shoot it. BAMMM! Hey that's our way out! HUUAAAAHHHHH!
Objective no.5 and Mission no.8 completed.

      Mission No.9: Market District, Saigon.
                                  Market Place
                                   2000 hours
      Objectives: 1:Aquire RL 66
                         2:Destroy Barricade
                         3:Defeat Helicopter
                         4:Decode Data Disk
                         5:Minimize Civilian Casualties

      Surprisingly you control Wai Lin in this level and she has her own
unique stealth kill. It's the KARATE CHOP. Again don't shoot any civilians.
You can easily recognize these civilians. This mission is probably the
toughest mission in the whole game. Even more tougher than the last mission!
You'll have to face 2 boss fights in this mission.
      Go north from where you are, there is a man around the corner so watch
out. Continue the path and you'll see another man so kill him too. Also watch
out of the barricade shooting at you. Go where you had killed the first guard
and enter the door next to where that guard was standing. Kill the guy that's
north of you then destroy the crates northwest of you and the explosion will
kill a guy hiding behind. Then exit though the back door. Face left and you
will see a guard. Kill him then go right and keep going north, kill the guy
around then corner then go up the stairs. Before you reach the top of the
stairs, kill the guy who is just around the corner. Get the light armor and
get another one on the right where there is a civilian. There is a guard on
the next food stand and another light armor is there too. You don't need it
right now so ignore it. Go left from the last food stand and kill the guy
that's in your path, then go down. Open the door and kill the guy around the
corner with your assault rifle (I'm sick of it). In the next room there are
about 3 to 4 guys so you'll have to use your R1 and strafe buttons carefully
and efficiently. There is also a civilian here so when you get rid of these
guys to where the civilian is and take the large medkit. Open the door and
kill the guy around the corner to the right. Open the door beside him, go down
and take the 'life', case of ammo and the heavy armor. Then get out of here
and go north and kill the guy at the end of the path. Open the door he was
guarding, go up, open the door and STOP! Whatever you do don't enter this room
(at the moment). There are 2 guys you need to kill first before you enter this
room. One is on the top left and the other is on the bottom right. Use your
strafe buttons in your sniper mode to kill them. Then enter the room.
      BOSS FIGHT NO.3: Rocketman.
I gave this guy the name 'Rocketman' because he has a rocket launcher. Does
that make him hard to beat? Well not at all if you know what to do. All you
need to do is to dodge his rockets and shoot him in the head with the assault
rifle. It's easy to kill him because he doesn't run much.
      After killing him collect the RL 66 and the rounds. Objective no.1
completed. Now open the door that is on the bottom right corner of this room
and go down. Open the door and kill the guard who is around the next corner.
Then destroy the barricade with your rocket launcher. Objective no. 2
completed. There is a guy behind the barricade so kill him too. Then use your
rocket launcher to destroy the road blocks etc to clear your path.
Take the rocket then move just a bit forward. Kill the guy then destroy the
barricades. Clear your path then kill 2 more goons around this corner where
you destroyed the 2 barricades. As you will go around the next corner you will
see that you are back where the stairs were. Go up the stairs again to collect
the 2 light armors I told you to ignore. Go down then continue your path, skip
the double door and move around the corner. Move just a bit north then use R1
and destroy the barricades with your rocket launcher. Kill any guy who's there
too and kill the guy on the roof. Then move forward and kill the 2 guys
carefully that are on the roof too. Then on the junction go right and you will
see a dead end. Hmmm, shoot it with your rocket launcher and some part of a
wall will break. You will see that a new path has been made on the left side
of that dead end. WOW! Grab everything here but watch out of those stupid
guards. Go back, then continue your path at the junction. There are about 4
guards here and 2 civilians. There is a crate too, which will explode if
shooted with bullets. So when the civilians are out of the way shoot the crate
and it will kill some guards, then you kill the others. Continue your path
until you see a gate. Check if your health is low, if it is use some medkits
then equip yourself with the rocket launcher. Open the gate now.
      BOSS FIGHT NO.4: Helicopter.
This may be a tough battle for you when you meet him the first time. You can
only defeat him by using your rocket launcher. There are 25 rockets (5 each)
spread around this whole place which would be more than enough for you. When
fighting him you should hide yourself behind some wooden piles or that truck
to avoid those bullets of his. To tell you the truth I only lost 2 health
points (without any armor) when fighting him and brought him down in under 10
seconds. This is not impossible. What I learned from this battle was that, to
defeat him should be extremely ferocious! How is that you may ask? Well, as he
is a very big target you can easily use your R1 to target him and damage him.
Just target him and keep on pressing that X button, you must press the X
button as quickly as possible. Go WHACKO! Keep pounding on him with that
rocket launcher and he'll go down like a meteor. Just have that R1 button
glued on him and you'll do it. Objective no.3 completed.  
      Now go north and open that small gate. Equip your assault rifle and move
north a bit. There'll be 2 guys here firing at you so get rid of them then go
to the open path which leads to your secret hideout (or whatever it is).
      You will now have to decode the data disk. This is pretty easy and
interesting. You just put in any code, if some of the codes that you put
match, they will blink. Let me give you an explanation. This is pretty stupid
and unnecessary however.
      For e.g. you put in the code:          
                                     X O SQAURE TRIANGLE                     
      And if:
                                     X O
      Blink, then that means X and O are to be put in the order they have been
put and this also means that SQUARE and TRIANGLE are put in the wrong order.
      Hence the order will be:
                                     X O TRIANGLE SQUARE
Get it? See it's so simple. Objective no.4 and Mission no.9 completed.

      Mission No.10: Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay.
                                   Stealth Boat
                                  Ha Long Bay
                                    0100 hours
      Objectives: 1:Contact M Via Comm Link
                         2:Rescue Wai Lin (objective is added when you
complete 1st objective)
                         3:Find Missile Panel
                         4:Stop Missile Launch
                         5:Defeat Carver
                         6: Escape

      Congratulations for reaching the final mission. After this is game over
and credits. Make sure you have atleast 3 lives so you wouldn't be in too much
      Destroy the barrel you are most close to and take the medkit. Now enter
the door next to you (near the barrel you just destroyed) and kill the guy in
front of you. At the junction go left and try to enter the door on the left
that says "4-A". It's locked but you managed to avoid getting hit by the guy
in front of you, now you can easily kill him. Then around the corner you will
see some crates, there is also a man hiding behind the crates. Destroy any of
the crates near him and he will die. Now go forward and enter the room that
says "Comm 11-B" and kill the guy in front of you. Press O in front of the
computer. Cutscene. Objective no.1 completed.
      Now you have to rescue Wai Lin. Go out of the room and hide behind the
corner because there are 2 guys waiting for you to come. Now this is an
interesting part. What you do is you press the crouch button then you starting
shooting the wall that is covering you and the guards. Surprisingly the
bullets will hit the guard, this way you can kill both of them. Try this
interesting tactic, it's fun! One of the guards will drop an office "4-A" key
so get it. Then enter the room "4-A" which is just around the corner. Then
kill the guy around the corner in this room. There is another guard inside
another room in this room, so after getting rid of him get the "Yellow" key,
the large medkit and the light armor in this room. Go out and press O and
start pressing X, James Bond will face towards that guy and kill him. Around
the corner there is another guy so kill him too. There is a possibility that 2
more guards will appear behind your back so keep pressing O just in case. Exit
this room to the area you had started this level, then unlock and enter the
other door. Kill the guy up in front then destroy the barrel north of you and
kill the guy hiding behind it. Around this corner there is another barrel and
behind it is another guard, behind him is another barrel and behind it is
another guard ?. After getting rid of everyone one of them move around this
corner and destroy the barrel to get a medkit. Then around the next corner are
2 guards hiding behind a barrel so destroy the barrel and it will the guards.
Now enter "Cell 37A-C", destroy the barrels and take the medkit, then enter
"Cell 37A-C". Take everything here then get ready for a boss fight in the next
room. Enter the room.
      BOSS FIGHT NO.5: Mr. Stamper.
This guy is easy to beat because there are crates in front of you and him. But
watch out of his grenade launcher, which can eat up your health real quick.
Just hide behind those crates, equip your assault rifle or your SMG 45 and
keep shooting him in the head until he dies.
      Collect the medkits, the GL 40 and the "Cell" key. The GL 40 is a great
weapon so use it against the final boss. Now unlock the other door in this
room. First destroy the barrel and enter the cell to collect the final "life"
of this game. Then destroy the 2 barrels to collect the medkit and 2 light
armors. Now open the cell door with the O button to free Wai Lin. Objective
no.2 completed. She gives you a key and goes away. Now unlock the other door
in this room and you'll see that you have now discovered a shortcut. Now
unlock another door and another shortcut opened. Exit this room to go back
where you had started this level.
      NOTE: - There are unlimited enemies in this level. They will keep on
reappearing again and again so don't blame me if you get killed. Always be
ready for them.
      Now enter the other door. Go straight, unlock and enter the door that
says "MCON 22-D". Around this corner are 2 more guards so get rid of them and
enter the door at the end of this hallway. Ok guys, you recognize this place
in the film. Now first of all go around this whole place and kill everybody
here. There are 4 doors in this whole area. One from which you came from, one
which is unlocked and the other 2 which you can enter (they lead to the same
room). Now of to any of the 2 doors and kill the guy inside. Then enter
another room in this room. Remember this room, ok? Now exit this whole room
and go down the stairs (whatever) and collect the ammo and large medkits till
you have 9 or 10. There is missile panel here so go towards it and press O.
Cutscene. Objective no.3 completed. Kill anyone who bothers you, then go to
the room I told you to remember. There is a guy here. Kill him and take the
"Missile Room" key. Hurraaay! You got the last key. Now exit this whole room,
unlock and enter the room that is locked in this area. There is a guy hiding
behind the crates so kill him. Now keep on killing the guys that are hiding in
the other rooms. When you will be about to enter the last room a cutscene will
happen. Enter the room.
      BOSS FIGHT NO.6: Carver.
O.K guys this is it. It's last boss fight in the game. Carver's aim is pretty
good and he'll knock you out in a few seconds if you don't react quickly
enough. Beating him is easy because you have the GL 40. Corner him in one spot
and let him have it. SMASH HIM with the GL 40 mercilessly and he'll die in
only 2 seconds! You should use the same tactic I told you with your fight with
the helicopter. Press the X button very quickly and the damage will be so
quick with the GL 40 that he'll die immediately. Objective no.5 completed.
      Oh no! The timer has started. Now you still have to stop the launch so
first collect the "Missile Panel" key Carver dropped and exit this room to the
main area where the missile panel is. Go down and press O in front of the
missile panel. Objective no.4 completed. YAAAGHHH! You still have to escape
and the time is running out too. Go quickly to the door where you had entered
this area and enter it. Go forward, kill anyone you see and exit this hallway.
Now go forward and enter the door to the start of the level. YIKES! There are
a lot of men here. KILL THEM, KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL. Phew! Now go towards
the ladder and press O. Cutscene.
      That's it! You did it. Congratulations on ending the game, watch the
ending credits and give yourself a pat on the back. PAT! PAT!
      NOTE: - If you were playing this game on Agent mode, then you would have
to end this game in 007 mode to watch the ending movie and credits.

  7: About myself: -
      My name is Nabeel Akhtar, I'm 14 years old and I study in 9 Cambridge
and I live in Pakistan, Lahore. I previously wrote a walkthrough on Metal Gear
Solid, which was a total flop because it was small,
A lot of people e-mailed me but I couldn't reply to most of them because
something was wrong with my e-mail. I was extremely disappointed, as I
couldn't tell them what was wrong. But recently I got a new connection and now
everything works fine so don't hesitate to mail me.
      I had absolutely no help in completing this game or writing this
walkthrough. So don't think I'm selfish or something like that. I think I have
added almost everything I could in this walkthrough except a few minor things
I want you to do by yourselves so I'm not sure if I'll update this or not. But
I will update it if people are to be credited. I hope my walkthrough could be
of some use to you. This game also has cheat codes, which I will also write in
my next FAQ of this game. Bye.

  8: Disclaimer: -
      Tomorrow Never Dies Interactive Game © 1999 Danjaq, LLC and United Arts
Corporation. James Bond, 007, James Bond Gun and IRIS logos and all other
James Bond related properties © 1962-1999. Danjaq, LLC and United Arts
Corporation. James Bond, 007, James Bond Gun and IRIS logos and all other
James Bond related trademarks TM Danjaq, LLC. Black Ops game engine © 1999
Black Ops entertainment, LLC. Source Code for character engine © 1998 Killer
Game. Killer Game character engine licensed from Killer Game. The name "BMW",
the kidney shaped grilles, and the BMW Roundel logo are all registered
trademarks owned by Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag. © 1999 BMW Ag Munich Germany.   

Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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