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Written By: Kao Megura
    - Key
    - Quest Mode Commands
    - HP and Stamina Bars
    - Menu Screen
    - Items
    - Shops
    - Churches
    - Miscellaneous
    - Practice Dungeon
    - Pyramid
    - Desert Spaceship
    - Molmoran Mine
    - Castle
    - Final Dungeon

1.  I N T R O D U C T I O N

This is a Mini-FAQ for the Sony PlayStation game Tobal 2.  I wrote it
specifically to cover the Quest Mode -- while some things in here do
apply to other modes, this FAQ does not cover the whole game.  If you
are looking for a general FAQ, I recommend you download John Lacano and
FrostByte's Tobal 2 FAQ, which you can find at

Key  ____________________________________________________________________

 f  - tap forward         F  - hold forward         S  - Middle Attack
 b  - tap back            B  - hold back            X  - Low Attack
 d  - tap down            D  - hold down            T  - High Attack
 u  - tap up              U  - hold up              O  - Action

Quest Mode Commands  ____________________________________________________

u,u - Dash      (you will run slower and eventually stop after a while)
u,U - Run       (you will run until you let go or enter another command)
d,d - Backstep  (a quick dash backwards...only goes back a few steps)
d,D - Retreat   (a quick backwards walk...doesn't go very far)

G               - Stop Moving/Guard
G+l or r        - Turn Left or Right
G+b,b           - Turn 180 degrees
O+any direction - Move while facing in the same direction
G+O / hold G, O - Pick up an item near your feet (when not carrying
                - Place item in storage
G+M / hold G, M - Use item (eat food)
G+H / hold G, H - Throw item in the direction you're facing
G+L / hold G, L - Place item at your feet
Start           - Pauses the game (you can do this while the Menu is
                  activated, too)
Select          - Activates Menu Screen
L2              - When the Menu is activated, shows/hides the information
                  box that explains the Menu functions.
O / X           - When the Menu is activated, O accepts a command and X
                  declines a command/closes a window.  If you're in the
                  initial Menu screen and press X, the menu will close.
O               - When talking to a person or enemy, hold O to speed up
                  or continue their message.

HP and Stamina Bars  ____________________________________________________

When playing the game, you'll see your character's name in the upper-left
corner.  Below that is your character's HP, represented by a green bar
and numbers (current HP/maximum HP).  Below that is a yellow bar that
indicates how much Stamina you have.  You can lose HP by getting injured
in battle, drinking certain potions, eating rotten food, or running out
of Stamina.  As you lose HP, the green color in the bar will be replaced
by red and the number indicating you current HP will decrease.  If the
bar turns entirely red/the number reaches zero, then the game is over.

The Stamina bar will also slowly turn red--you'll lose one point of
Stamina every few seconds.  If your current HP is less than your maximum
HP, you'll gain back 1 point for each point of Stamina lost.  Otherwise,
it has no effect upon you.  Once the Stamina bar is completely empty,
you'll lose 1 point of HP every second, so eat some food before you die.
Even rotten food will restore Stamina, but you will get poisoned, so
unless you have a lot of HP, look for good food instead.  Poisoning is
indicated by your HP bar (it will flash red).  You will remained poison
for a certain period of time, during which you lose one point of HP a
second.  There is no remedy for poison aside from letting it run it's

You can increase the size of your HP and Stamina Bars by drinking
certain potions.  These give you more HP and enable you to last longer.
More Stamina means you will be able to last longer while in the dungeons.

Menu Screen  ____________________________________________________________

To bring up the Menu Screen, press SELECT.  Make sure you're in a safe
place when you use it--you can't control your character while in the
Menu, which leaves you open to a monster's attacks.  In the upper-left
corner of the Menu are three options:

 AITEMU  - Press O to show any items you may be carrying.  You can have
 (Item)    up to 8 items total (you won't be able to put any more in
           storage if you try).  If you press Down twice, you'll see
           the KII AITEMU (Key Item) screen, which shows how many Key
           Items you have on you (up to 8 maximum).  To take an item
           out of storage, put the cursor over it and press O.

 (SLEEP) - Choosing this option makes you lie down and sleep, as long as
           your current HP is less than your maximum HP.  Drinking
           a potion may also make you sleepy.  When you sleep, you lose
           Stamina at a rapid rate, but your HP recovers just as
           quickly.  It's useful when you need a HP boost or if you
           have plenty of food on you.

 SOUBI   - Lets you equip any stones you may have found.  Choose an
 (Equip)   empty space (there are 5 total), and press O to bring up
           your Item Menu.  Pick a stone to equip, press O again.  To
           remove a stone, highlight that stone and press O.  If the
           holder turns red when you equip a stone, it is cursed, and
           you cannot remove it until you drink a White Potion.  While
           stones usually increase the strength of your body, cursed
           stones will decrease your body's powers.  Not all stones
           are meant to be equipped, though--equipping a purple or
           translucent green stone will have no affect on your stats.

           If you pause the game while in the Menu, a row of four red
           numbers will appear on either side of the figure below (the
           stick-man :))  They indicate how any equipped stones are
           affecting your body statistics.  If it's a plus, that means
           that body part acts like it's the indicated number of levels
           ahead.  A minus means that a body part acts like it was at
           a lower level (so if your Left Hand's level is 5 and you
           equip a stone that's +1, your Left Hand acts like it is at
           Level 6.

Below the options is the information box (if you haven't disabled it).
It explains how the three options works and gives you a description of
any item you've selected with the cursor.  Beneath that is a larger box.
On the right are your five stone holders, and below that is the amount
of Stamina you have left shown in numbers as opposed to a bar.  Under
that number is the amount of Moru (mol, the currency) you have; this
can be used to purchase food, potions, and stones from shops.  Finally,
at the bottom is a timer that keeps track of how long you've been
playing the game for.

On the left side of the large box is a list of your statistics:

 Head            Level  EXP     O     Level  EXP            Body
 Left Hand        ''     ''   --|--    ''     ''      Right Hand
 Left Foot        ''     ''     |      ''     ''      Right Foot
 Throw Strength   ''     ''    / \     ''     ''           Guard

You gain EXP from fighting monsters.  Hit a monster with your right
fist and you 'Right Hand' stat. will get some experience points (EXP).
Guard against an enemy's attack and you'll get EXP for that part of
your body, too.  Use combos involving many parts of your body and you
will earn EXP for all those parts.  After you've gained 100 EXP for
a particular body part, it will gain a level.  Raising levels is
important because it increases the power of your body.  Your hands
will do more damage, you will be more successful at grappling, you
can take less damage from attacks, etc.  For this reason, it's
important that you fight monsters when possible and not try and skip
through levels.

Items  __________________________________________________________________

These come in a variety of colors.  Once you've imbibed a potion, you'll
remember it's effects for the rest of the current game (but not if you
save your game and return to it later or exit Quest Mode and enter it
again).  You can throw potions at monsters, too, but you won't remember
the effect of that potion.  You can win potions from monsters, or you
can buy them in a shop, as shown below:

 Potion Type                                                Price
 ______________________________________________________     ____________
 Your size increases.                                       (cannot buy)
 Your size decreases.                                       (cannot buy)

 Curses all equipped stones.                                (cannot buy)
 Uncurses all equipped stones, neutralizes Poison,          150  Mol
 plus one random effect (color is always white).

 Poison (1 HP/second).                                      (cannot buy)
 Poison (1 HP/every few seconds.                            (cannot buy)

 Rating of one equipped stone goes up by 1.                 (cannot buy)
 Rating of one equipped stone goes down by 1.               (cannot buy)

 Stamina bar size increases by 10 or less points.           60  Mol
 Stamina bar size decreases by 10 or less points.           20  Mol

 HP bar size increases by 16 or less points.                160 Mol
 HP bar size decreases by 16 or less points.                20  Mol

 Instantly become dizzy.                                    160 Mol
 Instantly fall asleep.                                     60  Mol
 Unable to sleep.                                           20  Mol

 Gives description of any unknown stones you have.          50  Mol
 Show the completed map for that dungeon floor.             (cannot buy)

 All body stats. increase by 1 level.                       80  Mol
 All body stats. decrease by 1 level.                       60  Mol

 Your 'Guard' stat. increases by 1 level.                   80  Mol
 Your 'Guard' stat. decreases by 1 level.                   60  Mol

 Gain back all lost HP.                                     250 Mol
 Gain 100 Hit Points                                        100 Mol
 Lose 100 Hit Points                                        100 Mol
 Lose 30 points of Stamina.                                 60  Mol

 x2: Next potion you drink will become double-strength      100 Mol
 Muteki: become invincible for a limited amount of time     300 Mol
 Tetsujin: enemies can't block your attacks.                300 Mol
 Invisible: you can run past monsters                       300 Mol
 Hyper: speed increases/you can chain combos for a          100 Mol
        limited amount of time

Potions marked (cannot buy) can only be found by killing monsters in
dungeons or buy mixing potions.

You can also mix potions together to create new ones.  To do this, place
a potion on the ground, step back, and throw another potion at it.  The
color of the two potions will result in one potion of a new color.  If
you keep mixing potions, you'll end up getting a white potion.  Unlike
the other potions, the white kind always has the same effect (see above).
You'll know if you mixed a potion because a chart appears showing the
new color you've created.  The effect of a potion only lasts a little
while, so act quickly after drinking it.

Unlike potions, stones always have the same colors, and their colors
always mean the same thing.  You can equip some of them using the
SOUBI option in you Menu, although others are used for different
purposes.  The only random thing about stones is that while the color
may be the same (i.e. a red stone affects your Arms, Legs, and Throw
levels), you won't know if it will increase or decrease that particular
statistic until you've equipped the stone or used a potion that tells
you what the effects of stones are.  The possible stone types include:

 Color                     Affects/Use
 _________________         ____________________________________________

 Red                       Hands, Feet, and Throw levels.
 Blue                      Guard power level.
 Green                     Maximum HP you can have.
 Yellow                    Maximum Stamina can have.
 Purple                    Throw at enemies to capture them.
 Translucent Green         Will bring you back to HP if you equip it
                           when your current HP equals your maximum HP.

The Purple Stone does not affect the Quest mode directly: it is used
to enable monsters in other modes of play.  To capture a monster, you
must damage it so that it only has a few points of HP left and then
kill it by throwing the stone at it.  It can be used on certain bosses,
too.  You can create stones with new effects by putting one stone on the
ground and throwing a stone at it.  The color will change to that of
the stone you put in the corner, but the effect will be a combination
of the two stones.  Take note of the description of stones before you
try combining them: those that don't have a '+' or '-' score won't
create a new effect when combined.  These stones can't be thrown, but
they can be used as the stones you set down (since the one you throw
determines the resulting new effect of the stone).  You'll know if you
were successful in creating a new stone because you'll hear a sound
cue and the thrown stone will disappear.  Unlike potions, stones sold
in shops have varying prices, I think.  If you've uncursed a stone
by drinking a white potion, you can equip it and dequip it without it
re-cursing you.  You can always tell if a stone is cursed or not because
it's description will be in yellow or red characters instead of white.

You must eat food from time to time to keep your Stamina Bar full.
Generally, food that is the same color as the enemy you defeated is good
to eat, and food that isn't that color should not be eaten.  Likewise,
brown food is usually good, but green-gray food is almost always bad for
you.  While even rotten food will fill your Stamina bar, it will poison
you, too.  Be cautious when eating food because even though it may look
safe, that isn't always true.

There are three types of food, meat, cheese, and jelly.  Meat comes in a
variety of types, and in some cases, you can use the bone left behind as
a weapon once you've finished eating.  Eating food when your Stamina bar
is maxed out will give your 'Guard' stat. more EXP, so if you have food
to spare, you can do this to increase you Guard level quickly.  Cheese
does little for your Stamina bar, but it'll never poison you and so is
safe to eat no matter what condition you're in.

An easy way to get back stamina is to eat a lot of poisoned meat (which
is usually more plentiful than normal meat), then drink a White Potion
(mix one beforehand by combining a lot of useless potions).  Since the
White Potion always has the added effect of curing poison, you'll never
have to worry about eating food as long as you have one of these on

Jellies come in different colors and are won from the 'jelly'-type
monsters, as well as the 'star' enemies.  They always add 10 points of
stamina (unlike meat, in which the number varies) and cannot poison you.
In addition, jellies have the following effects when eaten:

 Type                          Effect
 ____________                  ______________________________________
 Red Jelly                     You gain 'Tetsujin' (Iron Man) status.
 Blue Jelly                    Your 'Guard' stat. doubles.
 Green Jelly                   Gain 50 HP.
 Yellow Jelly                  Stamina bar will not decrease
 Black Jelly                   You gain 'Muteki' (Invincible) status.

As you can see, certain jellies have the same function as potions, but
because they always have the same color/effect you can be assured that
you're not eating something dangerous :)  Of particular use are the
Blue and Yellow jellies: I'd suggest saving your Blue Jellies for boss
encounters or for when your fighting enemies that can dizzy you quickly.
The Yellow jelly is probably the best one available because it give you
about 10 seconds of free Stamina use.  You can go to sleep and gain back
lots of HP without losing any Stamina.  These are also useful in case
you're running low on food and don't want to end up losing HP (but it's
still better to eat food then to eat yellow jelly).

There are several types of weapons in the game.  They're used by throwing
them at enemies.  Be careful, because if you miss, a smart enemy will
throw them back at you.  The weapons include:

 Type                           Damage    Won From/Notes
 ___________________________    ______    _______________________________
 DAINAMAITO (Dynamite)          100       'Carrier' and 'Hammer'-types.
 HANMAABORUTO  (Hammer Bolt)    40        As above, and mechanical foes.
 KOWARETANESHI (Silver Bolt)    30        Mechanical foes.
 BURUU  NA x   (Blue Bone)      35        'Blue Skeleton' monster
 ZYOUBU NA x   (Large Bone)     70         'Skeleton' and 'Lich'-types.
 CHIISA NA x  (Small Bone)      30        Left behind when you eat joints
                                          of meat.  Not all meat has
                                          bones in it (like tails or
                                          worm meat).
 CAPTURE STONE                  Varies*   Captures enemies killed with it.
 STONE                          0         Plus effect of stone.
 MEAT (any kind)                1         Plus possible poisoning.
 JELLY (any kind)               1         Plus effect of jelly.
 CHEESE                         1
 COIN                           Worth     Inflicts damage equal to the
                                          amount of Mol it is worth.

 * The Capture Stone will kill an enemy with less than 10 HP.

However, if you combine cursed stones, you can create a weapon that will
severely hamper your enemies' stats., and you can keep using it should
you defeat that monster :)

When a coin is dropped, you can walk over it in order to add it to your
supply of cash (Mol).  Collecting coins are important since it's the
only way to get money.  However, you can also pick up coins and put
them in your inventory or throw them if you wish.

Shops  __________________________________________________________________

After all this talk of items, you're probably thinking of getting some
for yourself.  In addition to finding items in dungeons, you can also buy
them in shops.  There are three of them: one is in the town near the
house you start in, the other one is in the row of buildings in the desert
town you can go to from the castle, and the third one is in the inner
level between the two mines in the strip-mine area (also accessible from
the castle, once the drawbridge has been lowered).  Shops sell eight items
at a time, and the items being sold changes each time you save and return
to your Quest mode file, just like potions.  You can buy meat, cheese,
potions, and stones from the shops, providing you have enough Mol to do
so.  Mol coins are sometimes dropped by enemies when they are killed.

To purchase items, pick up the object that you want.  Talk to the
merchant in the shop, he asks if you want that particular good.  Choose
HAI (yes, the top option), or IIE (no, the bottom option) to buy it.
You have to have enough money or he won't let you buy it.  Every time
you pick up an item in the shop, it's price is shown in the window in
the lower right-hand corner.  Sure'd be nice if it showed the amount of
Mol you had on you, too....  If you can't buy an item, you'll have to
drop it before the merchant will let you exit the shop.  If you want to
sell an item, put it in your hands and drop it.  Then, talk to the
merchant (this is done the same as before, choose the top option to sell
that item, and the bottom option to decline).  After you've sold an item,
you can't pick it up and leave the shop, but you can always buy it back.

Churches  _______________________________________________________________

There are three Churches; one in the town near the entrance to the
Practice Dungeon, one in the desert village, and another one in the open
area between the mine levels (these last two churches are near the shops
you can find in the same areas).  Talk to the man inside the church and
he'll give you three options:

 SEEBU SURU                - Save your game.
 SEEBU NITSUITE ? KU       - Learn how the Save feature works.
                             Only appears in the Town church.
 ? MOSHINAI                - Return to game (without saving).

You can have up to eight save files; just choose a file and press O to
save.  Saving files does not take up extra space on the Memory Card.
Although you can beat the Quest Mode in one sitting, it's advisable that
you save from time to time, especially after completing a dungeon.

When you want to continue a saved game, choose Quest mode and pick the
bottom option to bring up the eight save files.  Pick the file you
want and press O to continue that game.  Note that when you first start
a new game, you can hold Up to select your character's alternate costume.
However, once you save your game and return to it, that character will
be back in his/her first-player costume for the remainder of the game.

Dungeon Info.  __________________________________________________________

As you explore a dungeon, you'll automatically map the layout of the
dungeon.  This appears in the lower-right corner of the screen.  If you
drink a certain potion, you can instantly have the whole map shown for
you.  Each time you reach a new level, you'll start out with a new map.
On the map, white indicates a wall, blue indicates a passage, red lines
are where monsters are located, and a red square shows where the exit is.
Items and moving monsters are not shown on the automap.  Your character
and the direction he/she is facing in is shown by the glowing triangle.

Automapping is a useful feature because excluding the first and last
floors of a dungeon, the rest are all randomly created each time you

There are two types of monsters: stationary and moving.  The most
frequent kind are stationary monsters; they appear as red balls of fire
that attack you when you approach them.  Moving monsters look like balls
of blue flame that bounce down hallways--if they get too close to you,
then the area you're at is sealed off (just like a normal monster
encounter), and you have to fight that monster as you would normally.
Moving monsters do not appear on the first and last floors of a
dungeon, and they only show up once you've killed almost all the enemies
on that particular floor.

You'll never end up in a battle with an exit in the room unless it's
against a moving monster.  If you leap down the exit, the battle ends
and you go to the next level.  Similarily, enemies knocked into the
exit die instantly and the battle will end (but you won't get any items
and when you use the exit, the enemy won't be there).  Items can also
be thrown into exits (they disappear for good).

Miscellaneous  __________________________________________________________

Any attack that you can perform during a normal game (Tournament, VS,
or Training) can be used in Quest Mode.  This includes the projectile
attacks.  However, your choice of characters is limited to the ten
normally-available ones.

The names for each character's projectile attack are as follows:

Chaco Yutani
 - Ougi...DokuritsuShikiShouHaRenKiDan
   Secret Self-Supporting Style: Manipulated Destroying Refined Spirit

Chuji Wu
 - Ougi...BakuretsuHappa
   Secret Exploding Blast

Doctor V
 - Ougi...Saajikaru Waiku Foton
   Secret Surgical Way Cool Photon

 - Ougi...Puresuteru Aroo
   Secret Prestel Arrow

Fei Pusu
 - Ougi...ShippuDotouShoMouKyuuGokuFuuunRaiJinKokuGekiKyuuRyakuShiTe
   Secret Gale Anrgy Wave Various Fierce Ultimate Wind Clouds
   Lightning God's Black Violent Sphere: Capturing Point Black Ball

Gren Kuts
 - Ougi...Roiyaru Suwoodo
   Secret Royal Sword

 - Ougi...Morumoran Biimu
   Secret Molmoran Beam

Ill Goga
 - Ougi...Garan Uiiva Hanmaa
   Secret Grand Wave Hammer

Mary Ivonskaya
 - Ougi...Roshian Shottoputto
   Secret Russian Shotput

 - Ougi...Tosa Katta
   Secret Toss Cutter

Mark, Ohma  (not usable in Quest Mode)
 - (unknown)
   (Secret Royal Sword)

Mark 2, Ohma 2  (not usable in Quest Mode)
 - (unknown)
   (Secret Molmoran Beam)

2.  T H E   D U N G E O N S

Note that the dungeon's first floor is called 'Floor Zero' by the game,
and the last floor (where you fight the bosses) is not numbered.  I count
both these floors as part of the total layout of the dungeon, so for
example, the empty floor before the boss of the Castle dungeon is labled
Floor 12, but I consider it to be Floor 13.

PRACTICE DUNGEON  _______________________________________________________

You'll start off inside a house.  Go out into the front room and
approach the door to go outside.  Turn to the right and run down the
path until you see an entrace in the wall (it's near the church).
Approach the entrace and you'll see that it's the PURAKUTISU DANJON
(Practice Dungeon).  You're also asked if you want to enter the
dungeon  You can choose HAI ('Yes', the top option) or IIE ('No', the
bottom option).  So, use the O button to choose 'Yes' and you'll enter
the dungeon.

If you want an extra boost before going into the Practice Dungeon, head
down the road until your reach the entrance to the Final Dungeon.  You
can't go in there yet, but if you head left until you reach the corner,
you'll find a green stone.  It always raises your HP by 12 points, never
lowers it.

The Practice Dungeon has 6 levels (0-5).  Unlike most dungeons, once
you've killed almost all of the stationary monsters (red flames), no
moving monsters will appear (these are long blue flames that float down
hallways and turn into monsters if you get too close).  Also, a lot of the
monsters in this dungeon will talk to you when you meet them, unlike the
enemies in other dungeons.

The boss of the dungeon is the Brown Ape.  It moves fast and strikes for
decent damage.  I suggest using jump kicks to wear it down, followed by
some combos.  Don't use slow moves since the Ape will simply knock you
out of them.  When it's dead, pick up the blue stone and step into the
beam of light (you can't exit the dungeon without getting the stone).
Choose the bottom option to stay where you are or the top option to
return to the dungeon entrance.  As with all dungeons, you can't enter
a dungeon that's already been completed.

PYRAMID  ________________________________________________________________

Once you're back outside, run along the road until you reach the
crossroads, then turn to the right.  Go through the archway and you'll
reach a broad area with a house.  Enter the house and talk to the man,
then climb up to the top of the hill and go across the bridge.  There's
a pyramid here; it's the entrace to the Pyramid dungeon.

This dungeon has 8 floors.  You will run into roaming monsters here after
taking out enough monsters, so be careful.  Watch out for enemies that
you have to hit using low attacks, and be wary of the tougher foes
like Gaze Eye and Tiny Helm.  Also, the meat you get from the 'bear'
enemies is usually poisonous.  The boss of the dungeon is Mark.  His
moves are very fast and he has many low-hitting kick combos.  Since he
will guard against your attacks, knock him into the air and use juggles
and follow-ups to damage him.  When you beat him, he'll become a usable
character in the other modes of play.

DESERT SPACESHIP  _______________________________________________________

After leaving the dungeon, talk to the man in the house again and he'll
give you an item.  Then, return to the town and go along the large road
until you come to the bridge that leads to the castle.  Enter the house
nearby and talk to the guard.  He'll lower the bridge.  Go into the
castle and go through the courtyard.  You'll arrive at a room with an
upper and lower exit.  Take the lower one.  The next room has three
exits: take the one in front of you (though you can take the right exit
to visit the desert village if you want).

The north exit leads out into the desert.  Turn to the right and walk
until you see a large path lined by pillars.  Go north along the path
(away from the igloo-like building you came out of).  This leads into
another area.  Keep running until you come to a large sphere buried in
the ground.  Jump on top of it and leap into the hole to enter the Desert
Spaceship.  Note that this is the only dungeon in which you are not
asked whether you want to enter it or not.  The Desert Spaceship dungeon
has 6 floors.

In this dungeon, the exit will not appear for you to use until you've
killed all or almost all the monsters on that floor.  This forces you
into dealing with moving monsters.  For this reason, try to explore as
much of each floor as you can before killing off the monsters.  This
way, should the exit be in an area you passed through earlier, it will
appear on your map.  Once it does, make your way to the exit as fast as
you can, since there are an endless supply of moving monsters.

Furthermore, most of the monsters in the dungeon are mechanical.  You
have to change your fighting style when going against a mechanical
opponent.  For one thing, certain types cannot be knocked to the ground,
and the majority of them will not be pushed back by your attacks.  They
are slow, but powerful, so move in quickly to attack, then back away.
If you need more room, draw a monster's attention to one side, then
move around it.  Some of the smaller monsters (like the Dual Hammer)
can jump over you, and the floating machines (like the Patrol Drone)
can shoot laser beams at you, so take note of this when attacking.
Against the very slow monsters (like '-carriers') long combos are
particularly useful since they won't be knocked back--you can just keep
combo'ing until they drop.

This in turn brings up another danger.  Mechanical monsters don't drop
food for you to eat, and the biological monsters (like the Grell) won't
drop food either (since they're not jellies or 'normal' monsters).  So,
be sure that you have a lot of food on you before tackling this dungeon.
Any yellow jelly that you still have from the other dungeons will also
come in handy.  Luckily, you will probably end up with an abudance of
bolts and dynamite, which can be used to severely injure an enemy from
far away.

The boss of this dungeon is the Alien's Cocoon.  When it collects
energy (indicated by sparkles), it will spin the objects surrounding
it very quickly, either for a high or low attack.  This causes plenty
of damage and can easily damage you.  However, the Cocoon is so slow
that you can easily win by simply darting in and attacking, then moving
away and coming in again from another direction.  Any weapons you have
on you can also be used to injure the boss, although you could always
save them for the next dungon.

MOLMORAN MINE  __________________________________________________________

When you leave the Desert Spaceship, it is sealed up.  Find the path
that leads away from the Spaceship and keep following it until you
reach the raised area with the pillars.  If you turn to the left, you'll
see an igloo-like building.  Enter it and talk to the man inside to get
a key.  Leave the building, turn left, and keep walking until you reach
another building; this is the one that returns you to the castle.  Once
you're back in the room with the three doors, take the opening to your

This leads to a large, grassy area.  You can simply walk or jump down
the sides of the cliffs.  At the bottom of the cliffs is a large hole,
a building, and a mine entrace.  Approach the mine entrace to enter the
dungeon (choose the top option to enter, just like the way you entered
the Practice and Pyramid dungeons).

The first half of the dungeon is 6 floors deep.  You'll run into normal
monsters and mechanical ones, too.  Take special caution when fighting
the Bishop or Ghost: the former has combos that start high and end low,
and the latter can make low swooping attacks and knock you off your feet

The boss of this part of the dungeon is a copy of whatever character you
are using called Psycho (name).  It can utilize all your attacks,
including your projectile attack.  However, it does not have the same
amount of HP that you do (only 255 points).

When you exit the mine, head across the iron bridge.  Here there are
two openings that lead to a church and a shop.  You're now at an
interesting point in the game.  Think of this area of the mine like
          __________           __________
         |          |         |          |
   Entrance         |         |         Entrance (lower walkway)
    /Exit           ----Path---   Key    /Exit
         |          |         |          |
     ^   |__________|         |__________|  ^
     |                                      |
     |                                      |
      ----Right---Shop and Church---Left----

When you first arrived here, you may have noticed a locked door.  You
need a key to open that door and continue to the lowest level of the
mine.  There are two mine floors here connected by a path: you can
take the entrance to the right of the shop and church, go through the
floor, across the path, then through the other floor and end up on the
walkway.  Or, you can go left, use the walkway entrance, and do the
whole thing in reverse.

However, the key is on the lower level, so wouldn't it make sense to
simply take the lower (left) entrance, find the key on that floor, and
then go back the way you came to exit out?  Yup.  Inside this section of
the mine, you won't gain EXP for killing enemies and you won't get
items, either.  So you'll want to get out as soon as possible because
there's no point in staying in there.  So, take the lower entrance,
get the key, and go back out.  Watch out for the Bronze Gorems (Golems)
in this area; they can attack very quickly, take little damage, and
even have an unblockable attack.

Once you have the key and are back outside, go back to the entrance to
this area and approach the locked door.  You'll enter the last part of
the mine.  It's 8 floors deep.  There are three bosses.  First, you
must fight Ikkaku, a dog-like creature who is easily dispatched with
low hitting combos.  Then there's Tategami, who can be killed in the
same way.  After they're killed, you finally get to fight the boss,
the Silver Wizard.  The key to defeatting him is staying in close and
never giving him a chance to strike.  Although the Silver Wizard only
has three attacks, they are ability to throw high, medium, and low-
hitting fireballs.  If he knocks you down, roll out of the way or
else you'll be hit by a low fireball when you try to get up.

CASTLE  _________________________________________________________________

Leave the mine and return to the room with three exits.  Take the exit
back to the castle room with the upper and lower entrace.  You can now
go into the upper entrance, so climb up the sides of the room, go through
the door, and in the next room, keep running until you arrive at the
entrance to the Castle dungeon.

The Castle is 14 floors long.  It's filled with tough enemies like the
Skeleton and Star monsters.  There are no mechanical monsters, but some
of the strongest foes of the game are in the Castle dungeon, like the
Violet Devil, Azurite Gorem, and Undine.  The first boss of this dungeon
is the Wyvern.  It has a two-hit tail swipe attack and can breath fire.
Use repeated jump kicks to bring it close to the ground, then nail it
with high attacks.  If you're standing on your feet when it breathes
fire, you can knock it out of that attack with a jump kick if you're
fast enough.  Notice how the Wyvern's shadow is considerably smaller
than it is in other modes? :)

After you've killed the Wyvern, heal yourself as best you can and keep
walking.  Here you'll meet Mark again.  He fights just like he did in
the Pyramid dungeon, but if the Wyvern beat you badly, you're going to
want to fight very carefully.  After killing Mark, he comes back as
Mark 2.  Watch out for Mark 2's many knockdown attacks and don't forget
that it has a projectile attack, too.  After Mark 2 is killed, walk
up the incline.  You'l be teleported to a small chamber.  Stand on the
raised block of stone and you'll be warped out of the dungeon after a
brief FMV sequence.

FINAL DUNGEON  __________________________________________________________

Once the Castle dungeon is cleared out, you'll find yourself back in the
town.  When you're ready to go to the Final Dungeon, enter the opening
near the Shop.

As soon as you enter the Final Dungeon, you lose all your items and Key
Items, your HP and Stamina bars drop back to 255 and 100 points,
respectively, and all your statistics are reset to Level 1 with zero
experience points.  You can still raise levels, find items, and do
everything else normally inside the Final Dungeon, it's just that you're
doing it from scratch this time around.

The Final Dungeon is 39 floors long.  The floors are broken up as
follows, with the type of monsters changing depending on the set of
floors you're currently traversing:

0-4   - Monsters from the Practice Dungeon.  No moving monsters.
5-11  - Monsters from the Pyramid.  Moving monsters appear in the
        dungeon from now on.
12-15 - Monsters from the Desert Spaceship.  The exit will not appear
        until most of the monsters have been killed.
16-25 - Monsters from the Molmoran Mine.
26-37 - Monsters from the Castle.
38    - No monsters.
39    - Boss fight.

The boss fight is against Ohma, who fights just like Mark.  After Ohma
is killed, it becomes Ohma 2.  You guessed it--Ohma 2 fights just like
Mark 2.  Use the same strategy on these guys that you used on Mark and
Mark 2.  Once they're dead, you've beaten the game!

3.  G A M E   S H A R K   C O D E S

Please give proper credit to the creators of these codes if you use them
in any way not mentioned in the disclaimer.  These codes were made using
a GameShark with PAR software version 1.98.

80000000 - 0000 = Master Code (default)

80123E70 - 0FEE = Infinite HP

801282E8 - FFFF = Enables Mufu, Nork, Udan, Mark, Mark2 and Chocobo

801282E0 - 00xx = Character Select (press left to show character)

Replace xx with =

00 - Chuji
01 - Epon
02 - Oliems
03 - Hom
04 - Fei
05 - Mary
06 - Ill
07 - Gren
08 - Doctor V
09 - Chaco
0D - Mark
0E - Mark 2
0F - Chocobo
10 - Dog
11 - Red Monster Option
12 - Blue Monster Option
20 - Carrier LDE
21 - Wyvern
22 - Deino
23 - Brown Ape
24 - Skeleton
25 - Red Jelly
26 - Green Jelly
27 - Dog (2nd player color)
28 - Ohma 2
29 - Elder
2F - Hound
30 - Violet Penguin
31 - Gravel Carrier
40 - Black Ferret
42 - Dual Pile
44 - Seeker
46 - Silver Wizard
48 - Wyvern (2nd player color)
60 - Blue Star
62 - Giga Hammer
72 - Worker
80 - Thin Man
81 - Battle Emu
82 - Pile Driver
86 - Brown Mole
88 - Mad Plant
92 - Nork

NOTE: I _highly_ advise that you use this code with a Comms Link.  This
is because some of the characters may not show when you activate the
code.  Using a Comms Link, you can turn the code off, enter the code for
another character, turn it on, then enter the variable you wanted and
you can use that character.  You can't do this with just the GameShark
alone and you may not be able to use certain characters (such as Mark)
because of this.

With the Character Select Code, you can use any of the characters in any
mode, including Quest Mode (remember, don't turn the code switch on until
you are at the Character Select screen or you won't be able to select the
character you want).  Note that you cannot change the outfit colors of
any of the monsters, only the 'normally available' characters, bosses, and
extras.  Also, if you use a monster in Quest Mode and save it to a Memory
Card, you can play that file using the monster, without a GameShark.

The reason why the variable listing for this code isn't in the exact order
is because out of 255 possible variables, about two-thirds of them either
give you a blank space (not selectable), or Chuji Wu.  The remainder of
the unlisted codes either give you characters already listed above, or
glitch the game (there are two of these, 68 and CB).  Note that if you
put the code to 100 (the next variable after FF), the default character
becomes Epon (and so on) but the selection is still the same (so 028, 128,
C28 or FF28 would still give you Ohma 2).  While I'm sure that there is a
way to select the other monsters and the 'bonus' creatures like the
Totems and Mono Eye, it apparently can't be done with this code.  All of
the codes listed above apply to the first player side only.  They will
work in any game mode.

These codes were made and tested by K. Megura, excluding the 'Character
Select' code which was made by Charles Mac Donald.

4.  A U T H O R ' S   N O T E

First off, I'd like to thank John Lacano and FrostByte for writing
their Tobal FAQ v1.1 as quite a bit of the information in this file is
based upon info. taken from their FAQ.  Also, thanks to Charles Mac
Donald <> for the Character Select GameShark code.
Thanks to Ignacio DeLucas <> for the White Potion

You can find the latest revisions of this FAQ and more at:


Any comments, questions, complains or corrections?  If so, drop me a
line at:

 This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
 reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
 altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice
 appears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
 purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
 books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.
 This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Kao Megura <>.
 All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically
 mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.

Tobal 2 is (c) Square of Japan and (c) Dream Factory.

Unpublished work Copyright 1997-1998 Kao Megura
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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