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PlayStation Cheats and Tips

Written By: Spit
Not wishing to spoil the game I offer a few tips on the parts
that have proved to be most tricky.

How to gain the Race Key

First lock the butler in the freezer.
Go to bedroom and collect flares from room next to bed.
Go to attic.  Light flare and push green box twice.
Go to library and push the book on wall opposite the fire.
Fire will go out.
Climb up chimney to secret area.
Push green box to the left.
Light flare and pull lever on brick wall.
Run quickly to open door and go under stairs.
Pull green box back once and right once.
Jump into water in secret area.
Find key in water tank.
Take it to the 'maze' gate and use.
Enjoy the buggy track!

First save crystal.  
Just before spikes jump left.
Avoid boulder.  Walk to top and jump forward/left
onto light patch of green leaves.  Ity's round the back.

Find the key.  
Dive into water and swim through pillars 
and down steps. Follow the tunnel around to surface in 
a small pool. Watch out for the tiger as you climb out.  
Shoot it! Explore both dark alcoves to collect Shotgun 
Shells and MP5 Clip. Climb the ladder. Shoot the monkey 
to collect the Key.

Getting over River
Flick switch in dark corner. Drop through hatch.
Crawl through tunnel shooting snake around corner.
Follow passage and shoot two monkeys in room. Then climb out.
Swim to opposite side of river avoiding Piranhas and head 
right to flick switch.  Swim through opened gate on same side.

Tricky Climb
Avoid flames and jump in water.  Click switch on opposite side.  
Swim through open gate, avoiding poison darts. Get out to the 
left of pool and climb up wall to jump back onto ledge.
Turn left slightly and run and jump diagonally onto ledge above 
entry point. Jump to left ledge, then turn around to jump to wall 
and climb up. Jump diagonally to next ledge, then do a running 
jump to left of snake ledge. Shoot snake, then jump to right ledge. 
Line up with passage ahead. Jump to passage and immediately dash to 
right, avoiding boulder.

Use turbo to jump ramps.
On the buggy you will come to a junction.  Right leads to the river.
Left to the mountains.  Choose a direction as both lead to the end.
Going right is fairly short but involves using a few flares to discover
openings and switches.  Line up jump over river and turbo-start it 
over there. Ride the buggy down through hole into the tunnel.  

Gate Key
Park buggy by closed gate, then head back on foot.
Corner right, then right to enter opening by bushes.
Collect Flares and crawl to get Uzi Clip.
Exit room and head right, then climb onto right ledge.
Shoot snake, then crawl right to collect Gate Key.

Head left, then right to next junction.
Go all the way left to corner right. 
Climb down into hole for Flares.
Climb up left wall to exit hole, then take next right.
Crawl through tunnel and head left, into next tunnel.
Crawl to right for Uzi Clips, then backwards to climb down wall.
Corner left, then left again, to crawl right at the end.
Turn right at junction and all the way to the end to turn right.
Go to end and turn right, then right at the next junction.
Follow the passage left and right and drop to the next level.
Follow passage around to Save Crystal: jump over hole to get it.
Grab Flares and light one, then hang-drop from that side.
Shoot the nearest snakes, then two behind you.
Walk diagonally between slopes, then jump sideways to avoid boulder.
Run forwards, shooting three more pairs of snakes.
Head up corridor towards boulder, then crawl right into tunnel.
Turn left at end, then drop down to get Small Medi Pack and Save Crystal.
Slide down to large chambert.

Dead easy.  Jump in the middle island and stay close to him.  
He cannot hit you so simply shoot him.
Collect the Artefact.  


At start turn around and jump over roof into courtyard.
Follow this path onto a crane and work down to secret area.
Go back onto crane and work your way back to starting point.
Loads of tricky climbs in this one.

Beware of the trains on the underground.  
Only go where green lights are shown.
Here are a few helpful tips.
The coin goes into the ticket booth with a dark window in the main hall.
This gives you a ticket.

In the room with the red blocks work your way to the top
and then slide out of opening and grab onto the nearest ledge.
A huge blade will try to slice you.
Go through the entire section and then return to the top of the red room.
You can now climb on top of the blades and collect a key.

A helpful guide through the maze is to follow the signs on 
the wall adjacent each switch.

In ceremonial chamber jump over spikes into curtain to gain Ornate Star.
Use the star on the door near the second ticket booth. 

To get the Embalming Fluid slide down the slope and immediately 
leap from the collapsing platform onto the far side.  
Don't fall into the water... yet.

In the underwater alcove section image the alcoves are numbered 1-8 
clockwise from the one with air in and T for top, B for Bottom.
Follow this quickest route.
Vehicle in T2
Pull level in B3
Pull level in T4
Pull lever in T6
Go to T8 and swim right to the end.
Complete the puzzles and then return to alcove T3

Avoid the girls firing and work your way right to the top.
Crawl through the gap, turn around, climb up and long jump forward
onto the highest point.  Shoot the electric box and it will kill the boss.


Most people have got completely stuck right at the start of this level.
Climb to the uppermost point and the jet will fly past.
Turn right and long jump onto the far ledge.
Walk to end.  Kill snake.  Jump left.
Walk to end.  Drop down to lower level.
Turn left and long jump grab onto large rock in middle of quicksand.
Climb to top and you will be on top of the green tank.

Two Waterfalls
Enter the left waterfall at the top to advance.

The Dam
In the dam there is a level which opens a door.
Swim down the passage and don't forget to pull the level 
just above the point of entry.

South Pacific

Climb down to the bottom of the rocks and leap over the fast waters.
Go right until you reach a switch on the rocks.
Now go back the way you came and return to the start.
In the dark shadow is an opening in the roof.
Climb through and gain access to a new canoe.

At the end of the rapids is a huge plug.  Ignore it and paddle 
up the exit in the far corner.  This will lead to a new area where
the croc awaits.


The gain the key to the cabin stop the dingy halfway to the gate.
Climb out and follow the route where the key is hidden.

Number the ramps 1, 2 and three from the left.
Use them in the order of 1, 3, 2
Don't forget to use your brakes on those corners.


Shoot six times with Desert Eagle and then run down one of the passage ways.
Turn and shoot the spider once and you should have ample time to 
collect the four items.
Once complete climb to the top of the cavern and complete the game. 

Secret Level

Subject to much debate there is a secret level in Tomb Raider 3.
'All Hallows' may be accessed by one of the following methods:

Complete the entire game and collect ALL of the secrets.
You must then overwrite your game on the save facility.
Return to the main menu and load game.
All Hallows will be at the bottom of the level list.

Load each level and insert the following codes:
All Secrets:
L2 (x5), R2, L2 (x3), R2, L2, R2, L2 (x2), R2, L2 (x2), R2, L2 (x2). 
If you entered the code correctly, Lara will say "Ahhhh."
Follow this by entering:
Level Skip: 
L2, R2, L2 (x2), R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2 (x4), R2, L2, R2 (x4), L2. 
If you entered the code correctly, Lara will say "Nope."

Do this for each level, saving the game at every opportunity.
The most difficult will be the final level against the spider.
Fear not as there are no secrets in this level therefore the
Level Skip code is all that need be inserted.

All Hallows is a spooky level set in London.
I suppose I had better give a few tips as it's mighty difficult.
To get out of the first area climb to the highest point where
the flares are (the camera automatically switches angle here)
Long jump over to the right hand column.
Jump up and hand over hand onto the sloping column.
Slide and fall through ceiling into the spooky chapel.

After pulling the switches available DON'T slide down the rope 
to the streets of London.
DO climb above the swing and collect the key.
Then swing across the spikes and land at the top of the slope.
Turn around and jump/grab the block to her left.
Climb over and a secret passage will open.
The rest is self explanatory. 
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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