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Written By: Spit
Bomber Plane:  Turn both lower switches on while the radars 
are turning to unleash a bomber attack on your current selected enemy.
Crane:  The more it gets damaged the slower it becomes.
Destructable Plane:  Stay away from it's propellers.
Secret Areas:  Behind the advertising board is a wealth of 
hidden goodies but get in and out as soon as you can because you 
will instantly become a target of a bombing raid.

Hoover Dam
Electrocution Switch:  Drive over the narrow low level bridge 
to activate the electical outflow in the canal.
Power Generator:  Destroy generators to stop electrified field.
Teleporting Pipes:  Drive through to be teleported elsewhere or 
fall into the dam to be teleported back into the main arena.
Watchtowers:  Blast the watchtowers above the dam to reveal 
hidden power-ups.

Oil Fields
Destructable Valves:  Shoot the valves to stop the flames.
Silo Catwalks:  Drive up the sides of the drums to reach the 
power-ups before they are blasted by enemies.
Rolling Tanks:  Shoot and dislodge to make them roll into an 
enemies path causing great damage.

Ski Resort
Avalanche:  Shoot the trees at the top of the mountain to 
start avalanche.
Ride Gondola:  Shoot doors open to reveal power up and then 
ride the gondola when it appears.

Casino City
Blimp:  When landed drive aboard the air ship Blimp and drop 
onto the rooftops to collect power ups.
Gas Ramps:  Blast the gas station for the roof to fall and 
create a ramp to reach higher goodies.
Multi-storey:  Shoot down the two multi-storey buildings to 
see them crumble before your very eyes.

Ghost Town
Destroy Bridge:  Blast the bridge and then stand well back to 
watch a spectacular train crash.
Ride the Tracks:  Position your vehicle on the tracks correctly 
and the train will push you around the set.
Train cargo:  Fire at flatbed, or better still board the train 
to collect the special weapons.
Tumbleweeds:  Avoid the blowing tumbleweeds because they will 
only slow you down.
Spook:  Leap over the fence in the graveyard without damaging 
it to reveal a spook vehicle.

Valley farms
Windmill Blades:  Destroy blades on windmill and they will attack 
nearest enemy.
Cart Ramps:  Shoot the horse trailer carts and then drive into 
them with speed to leap onto the second floor of the barns.
Canal Wave:  Destroy the water spigots individually to start a 
canal water wave but make sure only your enemies are in the canal at 
the time because they will be tossed high in the air causing massive 

Secret Base
Laser Turrets:  Find the safe passage across the range to avoid 
the laser fire.
Missile Silo/Launch Missiles:  Two step process.  Drive through 
the HQ building to arm the silo.  Then drive through the silo and 
manually trigger the missile by passing underneath the signal.
Rotating Radar Array/Jamming:  When signalling it will jam all 
weapon systems so avoid shooting tacking weapons at the time as they 
will only come back on you.
Make Stealth Bomber take off:  Knock over the step ladders beside 
each plane to make them head for the runway.

Sand Factory
Block route:  Shoot down the entry ways to trap your enemy then 
carefully steer your way up the narrow sandbanks until you reach a safe 
vantage point.  Now shoot them down below to your hearts content.

Canyon Lands
Bridge jump:  Destroy the suspension bridge and jump the gorge.
Boulders:  Learn the point where the boulders will fall and then 
lead your enemy into the canyon to cause mayhem.
Teleport Beam:  Watch out for the green haze and mystical lights 
to appear and then drive through to be teleported away from the kive.
Secret Boss:  Destroy every building in a time under two minutes 
to unveil a rather nasty shock.

Power Ups
Green diamond:  Shield
Yellow zig-zag:  Radar Jammer
Blue X:  Weapon Upgrade
Wrench:  Repair vehicle.

For Cheat codes to unlock all areas and characters, code to 
unlock quests and to play an area without enemies check out the 
Vigilante 8 Cheat Page in the tips section.
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