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Written By: Faiola Davis PR
I thought your readers would be interested in the following tips 
for completing some of the late levels in MGM Interactive's WarGames: 
Defcon 1.  It would be great if you could post them on your site.
Faiola Davis PR

Mission #10-Louisiana Bayou
1)	Your HoverCraft is easy to destroy, so for this first part, use
one of your gunships.   There is a WOPR Laser Tank or 2 near the downed
jet, so try to find them and take them out first before trying to clear
out any of the other units.   Do not destroy the jet.
2)	Now it's time for the HoverCraft.   Take them to the Prison Camp
and use them to take out the SAM Turrets and any Drones you come across.
Don't try to take on any Laser tanks or Turrets.   The heat created by
the lasers melts the material of the inflatable pontoons, so these
HoverCraft will rarely survive past the one shot.   Once the SAM's and
smaller units have been destroyed, bring up one of your gunships to
finish everything else off.
3)	Because of the closeness of the huts and the presence of Laser
Tanks, it's suggested that you use one of your Gunships to take out the
WOPR forces in the village.
4)	For the Final Base, a tank rush with your HoverCraft is somewhat
useful.   While the WOPR Forces are busy with your HoverCraft, take
control of your gunships and level the base.

Mission #11-China, Near Beijing
1)	Directly in front of you is a village that is under attack from
WOPR forces.   Immediately take control of one of your Gunships and
clear the village of WOPR units.
2)	Take one of your Slayer Tanks South and you'll find a bridge
across the river.  Clear out all the occupying walkers then get all your
units across the bridge and over to the outpost.   Use your Missile
Tanks to take out any SAM and Laser turrets from a distance, then use
your jeep to call an airstrike in the center of the outpost.   Now use
your Slayer Tanks to level the remaining structures and destroy the last
of the walkers.   You may wish to leave the WOPR Command Complex
standing so you can hack for armor and ammunition.
3)	Use your missile tank to destroy the Laser Turrets around the
breach in the wall then take your units through.   Proceed south,
south-west towards the bridge.   You might want to use one of your
Slayer Tanks at point to clear out a path.   Use the missile Tank to
take out the defenses on the other side of the bridge then head across.
There are a number of openings in the wall to your right, with the main
WOPR base on the other side.   Get through one of the openings and head
north, then turn around and head south towards the base.   The defenses
are a little thinner from this side.   There are a lot of SAM Turrets
through-out the base, so be careful with your Gunships.   Use your jeep
to call some airstrikes, and use your Missile Tanks to take out some of
the Turrets.   Now bring in your Slayer Tanks to finish off the base.

Mission #12-Saudi Arabia
1)	Move forward with your slayer tank and take out the occupying
WOPR forces from around the first 3 oil rigs.   Watch out for laser
tanks.  Near the third oilrig, there is a computer center for you to
replenish your units armor and ammunition.   DO NOT destroy any of the
2)	Move your jeep a short distance forward from your base and find
the opening in the canyon wall to your left.   Proceed through, and drop
a flare between the two defense posts, then move away and call the
	Bring your Slayer Tank up to where the Defense Posts used to be
3)	Bring all your APC's through the shortcut that you just cleared
with the Jeep and meet up with the Slayer.   A short distance forward is
another oilrig.   Move forwards and unload some troops from an APC; this
will help keep the enemy walkers busy for a couple of seconds while you
take them out with your slayer.   There are a lot of drones running
around, just run them over.
4)	For the final oilrig, you'll need to remove a couple of Defense
Posts and laser turrets.   Calling airstrikes on their positions always
works well, but don't drop the airstrikes too close to the oilrig.   Use
your slayer to destroy the remaining walkers.
5)	For the final objective, use your jeep and call some airstrikes
to soften up the enemy forces.   Then use the APC's and drop troops in
the outpost.   This will help to confuse the remaining walkers, and
allow you to bring up your Slayer Tank to finish them off.   DO NOT
allow the Refinery to be destroyed.

	Mission #13-Arctic Circle
6)	To destroy the Naval Base, start by dropping some paratroopers
from the Transport chopper onto the island.   While the WOPR units are
busy with the ground troops, bring in your VTOL Jet.   Take out all the
enemy units then destroy the Harbor.   There is a computer center here
if you should need it.
7)	Drop more paratroopers around the Satellite Tracking Station,
then bring in the VTOL to remove the defending units.
8)	Use the same tactics as before for the backup tracking station.
	9)  Take control of your Otters and head to the WOPR base.
Deploy your troops and try to do some damage with the Otters machine
guns before it is destroyed.   Use your VTOL to level the rest of the
10)	The launch silo is pretty heavily defended, so just go after it,
don't bother with anything else.    Run in with your VTOL and hit it
with your rockets, but don't quite moving or your jet is toast.   Then
head back to the 2 tracking stations and turn them into rubble.

	Mission #14-New York City
1)	Use your Slayer Tank and Missile Tank in combination to destroy
the defending forces around the bridge to the northeast.   Be warned: On
the other side of the bridge is a WOPR Missile Silo.   Rush it with your
Slayer Tank and take it out.
2)	Continue using you Slayer and Missile Tanks to take out the SAM
Turrets that ring the island.   There is a Computer Center in the area
if you find yourself running low on armor or ammunition.
3)	North of your deployment zone there is another bridge that will
give you access to the main island, but it is heavily defended.   Take
control of the jeep and use the running drop technique to place an
airstrike near some of the turrets and Defense Posts, then clear out the
rest of them with your Slayer Tank.
4)	There are a lot of MK4 Walkers around the British Embassy.   Use
your Slayer to try to lead them away, and then destroy them one at a
time, but watch out, there is a Missile Silo to the West of the embassy,
and no matter what, do not destroy the embassy.
5)	Use the jeep and call some airstrikes on the WOPR base.   Drop
the flares along the outside edge of the base and then move to a safe
position to call the airstrike.   Use the Missile Tanks to hit Turrets
from a distance then bring up the Slayer Tanks and Gunships to finish
them off.
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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