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Xenogears - Debug Room
Written By: Andrew Dean

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                         0@ @@
                         000 @@@ @
                        @@800@00 0 0
                         0088880@ @             @@
                         @@88888880           @8@8@0@
                         @@088888888@         08888@0
                           008888888         088888880@
                          0@@08888888@     08888888880@
                            @@88888888@     @8888888888
                            0 @888888888 @0 @888888888000
          000000   00000     00@888888800 0088888888 80@
          0    0   0   0        808888888@@088888888
          0    0  0   0         @8888888888088888888@@
          0    0 0   0          0@888888888888888880@
          0    00   0             80888888888888888@
          0       00              @80888888888888880
          0       0               0@@088888888888880
          0      00                  @@888888888888
         0        0 00000   0000 000  00000880000000  00000 000000 00000 00000
        0        0 0     0  0  00  000     080      000    00     000   000   0
       0         00  00   00       00  0   00      0 0  00  0000  00  0000  0
     00          00      0 0   00 00   0  00   0   00      0      0   0  0   0
    0     0     00   0000 0   0   00  0   0   00   0   00000  00  0  0   0    0
   0     00     00   0    0   0  00   0  00       0   0    0  0  0   0    0   0
  0     0 0     00    00 0   00  0   0   00      00    00 0      0  0   0000  0
 0     0  0    000     0 0   0   00     080000   000    0 0     00  0   0    0
 000000   000000  000000 00000000  0000080      08000000  000000 000    00000  TM
                                    088880     08888
                                   @8888888@@    0888888@
                                  0888888880     08888888@
                                  @888888888@    88888888
                                  08888888@0@     008888888
                                 00888888800       @8888888@
                                @888888880        @@80888880@
                                @888888880         @@0088888@
                                088888888@          @088888@@
                               @088888888@           @@8880@
                               @@888888880             @88880
                               @08888888@               @088@@
                               @88888888                @@@8@@
                               @88888888                  @@@0
                               @8888888@                  @@@@
                              @88888888@                     @@

                             D E B U G    R O O M    F A Q 

                                      VERSION 1.1
                       By Andrew Dean (

NEW: If you thought the last update was big, prepare to be blown away. As well as
featuring complete guides to all the rooms, i've come up with a Japanese version
debug code, and created a whole new huge section on the debug item and it's 
properties. You should also check out the FAQs and miscellaneous section for
information on how to view the complete ending, and a rather snazzy guide for 
creating the utlimate Xenogears party with new weapons and items not available in 
the game.
Plus, you'll now find even more dokodemo options, and a JAPANESE version debug

Remeber kids, ignore the imitators, this guide is the original and best.


This FAQ can ONLY be freely distributed as long as it is done so in IT'S ENTIRETY and
is unaltered. This FAQ CANNOT be used commercially or otherwise reprinted or
incorporated into any commercial medium. It is FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY.

This guide is VERY unfinished. Use at your own risk!


As you may know, it was recently discovered that Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII
had a built in debug room that was left in the game. The room enables players
to visit any scene in the game, and have any item/weapon/character. Two
gameshark hackers, Rpgod and Czardragon found the code, and shortly after I
began to make a guide to the hundreds of confusing options.
A few weeks later, another GS hacker, Ramsus85 had created a debug 
room code for Xenogears.
I was ecstatic to be able to have such an option in Xenogears - 
probably my favourite game of all time, and I immediately began
experimenting so that I could make another FAQ for it.
But then my heart sank. Not only did Xenogears have more debug options than
FF7, it had LOTS more options.. Including some of the more useless features
(like sound effects) there must about 3000 different options to cover. And then
I realised that at least half of them were still in Japanese Kana..

The FAQ idea was basically thrown out of the window. As someone that couldn't
even understand Japanese, it seemed like a bad idea to try and make an FAQ.
Plus half the options are very crash prone - and as I have a PAL Playstation I
have to endure 5 minutes of disk swapping with my AR cartridge to play the
American Import.. I waited a few weeks and there were still no efforts from
other people, and I had found some useful things in the room (like the music
player). I thought "what the hell..", and decided to get going on my own FAQ.



1. The Debug Codes

2. Useful Hints

3. The Debug Rooms

4. Frequently asked questions 

5. Miscellaneous

6. Copyright Notice/Contact information/etc.


Please read the following section CAREFULLY first:

--+1. The Debug Codes +---------------------------------------------------------

This code is for Gameshark and Action Replay cartridges. It therefore may not
work with other devices such as Xplorer carts, and obviously if you do not have
a GS or AR then you cannot enter the debug room.


   8004F34C 0000

BY: Ramsus85

BIG thanks to him for discovering the code. After all, no code means 
no FAQ, so really this guide could not have been written without his 
work. Thank you VERY much!


   D005A0FC 0100
   8004F34C 0000   

BY: Dean Connell

If you can't be bothered to keep switching your GS/AR on and off all 
the time, then this is for you. The code allows you to enter the debug
room by entering a door whilst holding the SELECT button. This makes 
things a lot easier, and it also overcomes (or rather should overcome) the 
"Phantom Gameshark Menace"..


   8004E9ADC 0000

BY: Andrew Dean (me)

I quickly knocked this code up for the Japanese version. I don't know if it 
works because I don't own the Japanese version, but hopefully it should.
If anyone can test it, then please let me know.


   3006F672 0021

BY: Kao Megura 

This code will put an item in your inventory called the 'Debug Item'.
Use it and you'll find that you'll have every item in the game (not to mention
a few that aren't), but even more interestingly you'll have another item called 
'Debug Skill'. Using this will give whatever character you choose every 
deathblow skill they can learn. These items make a very useful addition to 
the debug room, but they also have a few side effects... The debug skill will 
also you give you EVERY character on the global party (i.e Citan 1 AND 2, 
Emerelda 1 AND 2) and this results in the game crashing in shop screens.
To fix this use Margie's options in the main debug room to re-construct an 
appropriate global party. (NOTE: I sometimes have problems using this code from a 
new game so try it from a save further on in the game fro best results).


To use the debug item in a new game, do the following:
Once you gain control of Fei in Lahan, make sure the AR switch is OFF.
Now go into the little room with the two baskets in Fei's/Chief Lee's house.
Search one of the baskets, and you'll find an Aquasol. Go to the item menu, and
click on the aquasol once. Now move the pointer down to the very bottom leftmost
position in the menu, and press X again to place it there. Now exit the menu
and turn the switch ON. Enter the item menu again, and where the aquasol was, 
you'll now have the debug item. Turn the code off and use it.


   8004500C 0015

BY: Andrew Dean

This is hardly an essential code, but on my Tv the screen wasn't quite centred 
properly, and it pissed me off, so this makes things look  a bit nicer. If you 
don't have the same problem, then ignore this code. Also, try changing the
0015 bit to a higher or lower number to suit your screen if you do.


1. Enter the Code into your Gameshark/Action Replay as normal, and insert the
game into your Playstation.

2. Boot the game with the code on.

3. If you want to play the game in 'Wide stereo' surround, then switch the code
off when you see the "Published by.." message. If not, then skip to step 4.

3a. Once the title screen appears, select the sound option as usual. Once
you have chosen the sound mode switch the code back on again, and select 'New
Game'. Press X to skip the intro.

4. Once the loading has completed you should now be in the debug room.

5. TURN OFF THE CODE NOW. (Set the switch to the opposite position on the


UPDATE: I think this section is no longer relevant with the arrival of
the joker code. If you suffer from the problem discribed here, then 
you should use the joker code to fix the problem. If for some reason 
that refuses to work, then try the advice below.

It seems that the 'Phantom Gameshark Menace' has struck again.
There is a serious problem with a certain revision of GS cartridge in 
that it cannot disable codes once they have been activated, no matter 
what the switch position. This was a serious problem with the Final 
Fantasy 7 debug room, and it causes equal amounts of trouble in the 
Xenogears debug room. The solution to fix it is virtually the same:

1. Enter the following code into your Gameshark (along with the debug 


BY: ??

  80059170 0100 

(You'll see why in a minute)

2. Load up Xenogears with the debug code and save anywhere code on.

3. Once you get to the debug room save the game to memory card. 

4. Now reset the Playstation. Load up Xenogears, but this time DO NOT 

5. Now load up the saved game you made earlier. You should now be in 
the debug room with all the rooms made useable.

The downside to this is that there is no way to return to the debug 
room in the game. You have to load the saved game that you made 
earlier to return to the debug room.

(Thanks to Alex Cherchukov for coming up with the solution to the 
'no save point' problem - using the save anywhere code).  

--+2. Useful Hints +-----------------------------------------------------------

This will be finished later. Here are just some little bits of information that
you should know..

*. To get back to the main debug room from another room, then just switch the
code back on and choose an option that sends you to another scene in the game.

*. Be VERY cautious about where you activate the code in the game. if you use
the code in cut scenes, or scenes where the characters move into another room
without your control, then the game is VERY likely to 'mess up' (i.e you appear
in the debug room with no characters, so you have to reset the PS..).
As a rule, ONLY use the code in 'normal' scenes where you can freely walk about
and where the screen zooms in when you enter a new room. If another method is
used, then you are much more prone to 'mess ups'.
In Short, be VERY careful when trying to return to the debug room..

*. Tip for re-entering the debug room: try to be entering an area smaller than 
the one you are in when going back to the debug room (e.g. don't go through a door
leading into a town with the code on, got from the TOWN back to the ROOM with the 
code on). I have found that this will drastically cut down the number of crashes 
and hangs you'll find in the game.

*. If you are new to the whole debug rooms thing, then read my FF7 debug room
FAQ on Gamefaqs, as this covers many of the problems that occur in the Xenogears
debug room as well.

*. The map location "00" is the debug room. If you see this mentioned 
in any options, then you will most likely be sent back here.

*. If you select an option and you see nothing but a red screen, it means that 
the scene you selected is on the other disk. Load up the game on the other disk
and try again.

*. I don't think it is possible to change disks in Xenogears mid game (unless
you have been asked too), or at least the disk change will not be recognised. 
Because of this you should boot the game on the disk that the options you want 
to play with are on. If you have a Gameshark and you have the problem with the 
code, then do the same as you did before and create a save file, but do so on disk 
2 and subsequently boot on disk 2 and you should be able to play the options. 

--+3. The Debug Rooms +--------------------------------------------------------


I have tried to translate the Japanese kana options into Romanji Japanese
so that you can at least attempt to understand an options' function by simply reading
the original description. Over my time of making this FAQ and from persuing other
personal interests I have got more proficient with the Japanese language and as 
such the translation in this FAQ is becoming gradually more thorough and accurate.
There are still errors however (mostly from early attempts at translation), and  
any help with the translation would be much appreciated.

Now that I finally have a dictionary I have begun to translate the 
options into English. However, I decided to keep the original Japanese
sentences to maintain clarity when errors have occurred in any 
translations, but also because it allows the reader to immediately
confirm that they are looking at the correct option.
Remeber that I am a beginner at any sort of translating, so I have 
started with simple options that I already knew or had guessed in the 
past. I have put all English translations under the Japanese romanji 
so that you can read the explanations (after all the most important 
thing) clearly. To further ensure clarity any translations are 
enclosed in { } brackets so they are not confused with explanations.
This is probably not the best (certainly not the neatest) way to 
include the translations, but it isn't too confusing (any 
suggestions on improving the presentation are of course welcome).

Another important note is the problem that it appears the Kanji 
character set has been removed from the game. In place of any Kanji 
characters is simply a box like this:
I initially started out ignoring these characters, but this is 
difficult on some of the menus where so little actual text remains and
the boxes are the only things that can be used to tell between the different
functions. In the faq these have been represented by "[]", for one 
As you have probably realised, theses options can never be 
translated as they contain too few characters to make any sort of 
coherent or salvagable sentence.  


There are several options that are often repeated and have the same 
function. Rather than translating each one over and over again, I will
detail them here. Try to learn their appearence and it'll make the 
debug room much easier to use:

'Tsuuro' - It means 'corridor'.

Modoru / yameru (or other similar words starting with "yame...")

These basically have the same functions:

"return" / quit"

They are both used as quit in different situations. They may quit a 
whole menu, or just return you to the last one.

NAMES: Many of the names are still in their Japanese form which is often
substantially different to the English version names. To avoid confusion, look

Shitan - Citan

alulu/aruru - Alice

Dajil - Dazil

Rahan - Lahan

Erii/eiri - Elly

Ranka - Rankar

Abe - Aveh

Maru - Margie

Hehito - the Hecht

Ramusasu - Ramsus

Houin - The Gazelle Ministry

Azito - Bart's secret hideout

Church - The Ethos

Tola - Taura

Ido -Id

Kareruren - Krelian

More to come..

==== ===== ====

    Door 1 Door 2      Door 3 Door 4
       @     @     @     @      @
              Dokodemo door

      Hammer   Margie Mutant
         @       @      @ 
           Dan           Bearcow
            @               @

Hammer: "face test"
(Selecting this turns the background green..)
   show now = X - Shows current character portrait (X is current face number).
   +1 - next face.
   -1 - previous face.
   +10 - next face (skips 10 faces).
   -10 - previous face (skips 10 faces).
   return - Exits.

0 - Regular Fei.
1 - Elly.
2 - Citan.
3 - Bart.
4 - Billy.
5 - Rico.
6 - Child Emerelda.
7 - Chu-Chu.
8 - Maria.
9 - Citan (With sword. Portrait is the same).
10 - Adult Emerelda
11 - Dominia.
12 - Kelvina.
13 - Seraphita.
14 - Tolone.
15 - Chief Lee.
16 - Dan.
17 - Timothy.
18 - Margie.
19 - Maison.
20 - Alice.
21 - Yui.
22 - Midori.
23 - Big Joe.
24 - Grahf.
25 - Id.
26 - Ramsus.
27 - Sigurd.
28 - Miang.
29 - Jessiah.
30 - Roni Fatima.
31 - Young Krelian.
32 - Sad Fei.
33 - Kim.
34 - Kim without jacket.
35 - 'Nude' Fei.
36 - Fei with bomb collar.
37 - Elly with closed eyes.
38 - 'Possessed' Elly.
39 - 'Nude' Elly.
40 - '?' character (VERY strange..)
41 - Sophitia.
42 - Sophitia with hat on.
43 - Elly in pain.
44 - 'Urobolous/Miang' Elly.
45 - Elly with different clothes on.
46 - Hammer.
47 - Ramsus (in his groovy turtle neck..).
48 - Bishop Stone (After he isn't feeling very well..).
49 - Sophitia.
50 - Member of Gazelle ministery.
51 - Krelian.
52 - Neo-Hammer
53 - Executioner.
54 - Emperor Cain.
55 - Gazelle member.
56 - Kahn Fong Wong
57 - Karen Fong Wong.
58 - Wiseman.
59 - Primera.
60 - Sigurd (With both eyes).
61 - Rene (The 'original' Timothy, if you get my meaning).
62 - Bishop Stone.
63 - Vanderkaum.
64 - Shakhan.
65 - Renk.
66 - Broyer.
67 - Stratski.
68 - Vance.
69 - Helmholz.
70 - Erich Van Houten.
71 - Medena Van Houten.
72 - Queen Zephyr.
73 - Gaspar.
74 - Balthasar
75 - Taura.
76 - Czar of Kislev
77 - Nicholi Balthazar.
78 - Hammer (different clothes).
79 - Franz.
80 - The Captain.
81 - Gazelle member.
82 - Gazelle member.
83 - Gazelle member.
84 - Gazelle member.
85 - Gazelle member.
86 - Gazelle member.
87 - 'Nude' Ramsus.
88 - 'Nude' Miang.
89 - Loops from here on.
Don't use numbers after 89, or the game will mess up (the ones that work are
just repeats of the above list, anyway).


(NOTE: "Emer2" is adult Emerelda, "Citan2" is Citan with sword).
(NOTE2: NEVER 'end' without choosing a party..)

   return - Cancels.
   memberchange - leads to: (this lets you add characters to the global list of
                             who you have found so far)
               plus - adds Member(s) to global party list
               new - Lets you construct a new party by adding characters to GPL
               end - Exit.

   partychange -  Lets you change the party just like you would normally in the

Dan: "gear"

  all on - All characters on Gears.
  all off - All on foot.
  each - lets you assign patterns of on/off gear.

  e.g.: C C G is first 2 characters on foot, last character in  Gear.
        G G G is all characters in Gears.

Mutant: "Jump to planner's map" (Leads to other debug rooms)

   no thank you - Cancels.
   to kato - Debug Room 1
   to eto - Debug Room 2
   to Kazoumi - Debug Room 3
   to suzuki - Debug Room 4
   to tane -  Debug Room 5
   to koumoto - Debug Room 6
   to kigoshi - Debug Room 7
   to uchimichi - Debug Room 8
   to saito - Debug Room 9
   to matu - Debug Room 10

Bearcow: Music select

"Listen to..."

  music - leads to music player menu (see below)

  sound effect -  Leads to sound effect player (600 sounds! I AM NOT going to
                  try all of these. Besises, what idiot would want to listen 
                  sounds like an ant farting mixed in with gunshout noises?)

  return - Cancels.

Music Player Instructions:

You are first presented with a huge chart of numbers, this is the complete play
list divided into groups of ten. Choose a number to get to that selection of
music. Now choose the specific tune you want to play. A new window will appear
with various controls/information:

NOTE: The vol, pitch, and tempo controls are mixed up, and do not control the variable
they are supposed to control.

   next - play next tune.
   head - restart current tune with default player values.
   before - play tune before current one.
   info - Current settings of pitch, tempo, etc.
   vol - Change the TEMPO (use R1/L1)
   pitch - Changes the music VOLUME (use R1/L1)
   tempo - Changes the PITCH (again, use R1/L1)
   return - exit.

00 - Lahan Village theme
01 - Same as above.
02 - Same as above.
03 - Same as 00.
04 - Alice's theme.
05 - Lahan Village. Again.
06 - Blackmoon forest theme.
07 - Citan's House
08 - Music box tune.
09 - Night time ambience (crickets chirping, etc).
10 - Sad church music.
11 - Boss Battle music
12 - Sleeping music.
13 - Sleeping 2/Card game win music.
14 - Game over music.
15 - Chu-Chu's theme.
16 - Outside ambience (on the way to Citan's house).
17 - Sewer ambience.
18 - Sewer ambience 2.
19 - Sinister tune
20 - Boss Battle 2.
21 - Windy outside ambience.
22 - Yggdrasil theme (timpany introduction version).
23 - Very Windy outside ambience :)
24 - Gear factory ambience (clanking sounds, etc)
25 - Emerelda's theme.
26 - Sinister ambience (like Gear factory but more, well, sinister, basically).
27 - Outside Windy ambience.
28 - Another outside ambience.
29 - Normal battle tune.
30 - Elly's theme.
31 - (Silence)
32 - (Silence)
33 - (Silence)
34 - (Silence)
35 - Sad tune.
36 - Ghost ship ambience.
37 - Underwater ambience.
38 - Aveh Theme.
39 - Elly's theme (sad version)
40 - World Map theme.
41 - Intro music tune (Yggdrasil variant).
42 - Dazil theme.
43 - Maria's theme.
44 - Siebzehn theme.
45 - Thames theme.
46 - Fei's theme.
47 - Organ music.
48 - (Silence)
49 - (Silence)
50 - (Silence)
51 - (Silence)
52 - (Silence)
53 - (Silence)
54 - (Silence)
55 - (Silence)
56 - Babel tower/Eldridge theme.
57 - Harpsicord music.
58 - 'Hurry' danger tune.
59 - Yggdrasil theme (Normal variation).
60 - Nortune 'sneaking about' theme.
61 - Sinister tune.
62 - Id's Theme.
63 - Happy theme.
64 - Yggdrasil map screen theme.
65 - Krelian's theme.
66 - Grahf's theme.
67 - Blackmoon forest theme.
68 - Deus Battle music.
69 - Shevat theme ('inside' version)
70 - Yggdrasil theme (same as tune 22).
71 - Nortune (same as tune 59).
72 - Solaris theme.
73 - WARNING: DO NOT PLAY ANY SONGS FROM HERE ON. (unless you want to go
permanently deaf..)

73-99: A load of messed up noises.

(left to right)
1. "to Lahan?" - Leads to Lahan at the start of the game.
2. "View the Preview ?" - Crashes game
3. "dokodemo door" - See below:
4. "To Dazil?" - Leads to Dazil at the start of the game.
5. To Citan's home?" - Citan's home at the end of the game.

Dokodemo Door:
-------- ----

This is one of the most powerful and complicated options in the debug 
room, as it enables you to instantly jump to almost EVERY scene in the
game. In Japanese Dokodemo means 'everywhere' or 'anywhere' amd this is 
literally what this is - a door to everywhere in the game.

The complete storyline of Xenogears is basically divided into a list 
of events. These can be both major plot scenes, or simply a room in a 
town. The dokodemo door lets you instantly jump into these scenes with a 
touch of a button (as it were). The big problem is that all the scenes are
listed by a 3 digit number, and there is no indication of what all these 
options do - the only people who know are Square. In light of this, I - and
with large amounts of assistance from BlurYamaneko - have gone through the list
finding where each scene will take you. Below you will find an increasingly 
complete list of all the dokodemo door destinations. As I will explain in a 
moment, this section would be nowhere near as finished and good as it is without
the help of BlurYamaneko. Thanks a lot :)


After choosing the scene to jump to you will be asked to choose a 
'mappara value'. This value determines where you will appear in the 
scene you selected. A value of 00 is the default position, but 
higher values will place you at different positions in the room. You 
should be VERY cautious in using Mappara values higher than 00 as 
they will often place you in the middle of a wall or otherwise stuck 
in the scenery. That said, if you find yourself stuck in any of the 
dokodemo door destinations, then try changing the mappara value to a 
higher amount and see what happens. 

All the following options were tested with Mappara=00 :

000 - The main debug room
001 - Lahan village 
002 - the Lahan battle (intro version) 
003 - Next morning after the battle.
004 - The introductory text at the start of the game.
005 - Lahan, in the beginners Hall.
006 - Item Shop, Lahan.
007 - Lahan, rock paper Scissors man's house.
008 - Lahan, Basement of RPS man's house.
009 - Lahan pub.
010 - Top room of Lahan pub.
011 - Alice's house, Lahan
012 - Fei talks to Alice.
013 - Fei's house, Lahan.
014 - Looking at Fei's painting, Lahan.
015 - Mountain path leading to Citan's house.
016 - The Gears fly over Citan's house.
017 - Citan's House.
018 - Bedroom of Citan's house.
019 - Kitchen in Citan's house.
020 - Citan's House - top room
021 - Citan's House - Workshop (with music box)
022 - Blackmoon Forest Entrance
023 - Blackmoon Forest - Fei & Elly wake up by tree.
024 - Blackmoon Forest - The 'Rankar' opening.  This is where the Rankar
      attacks Elly.  This room is also the forest's exit, and the Rankar
      stands at the forest's exit.  Exiting the forest places you on the
      world map with the Yggdrasil II, but it can't be controlled..
025 - Blackmoon Forest - Fei and Elly by campfire.
026 - Blackmoon Forest - Citan checks Weltall's damage then chats with
027 - Elly's Flashback (Flying Weltall)
028 - Elly's Flashback (Crash Landing)
029 - Water room in Dazil.
030 - Room in Dazil with Aveh Guards.
031 - Dazil Room
032 - Dazil Room
033 - Dazil Room
032 - Yet another room in Dazil.
033 - Dazil again.
034 - And again.
035 - Outside the Dazil waterworks.
036 - The buggy rental shop in Dazil.
037 - The 'Treasure Hunter Association' room in Dazil. 
038 - Dazil's Aveh Guard station.
039 - The scene when Fei and Citan arrive in Dazil and see the dig sites.
040 - The 'Lucky Avenue' bar in Dazil.
041 - Fei sees Id in Weltall (anime played at Lahan)
042 - Weird room with 2 red guys (I think it's meant to be the Dora, but
      with no textures..  Check it out...)
043 - Dazil Inn (Upstairs)
044 - Dazil Gear Shop
045 - Dazil Ethos Workshop
046 - Duneman Isle - Top of Sandfall.
047 - Duneman Isle - Bottom of Sandfall Cliffs)
048 - Duneman Desert
049 - Aveh Desert - UFO (Shevat) flies overhead.
050 - Aveh Desert - Bikes ride by, Fei steals one.
051 - Duneman Isle - Dino Skeleton
052 - Duneman Isle - Dino Skeleton (Camera zooms around it)
053 - Aveh Desert (Entrance)
054 - Aveh Desert - Fei ambushed by 2 gears, Citan comes to the rescue.
055 - Aveh Desert - Fei meets Grahf
056 - Fei asleep in the Aveh Transport (Dream about Grahf & Kahn).
057 - Aveh Transport (Near exit).
058 - Second room of the transport escpe sequence.
059 - Fei climbs the crane to Weltall to escape the sinking Aveh transport.
060 - Aveh Transport hit by Yggdrasil
070 - Bottom of elevator in Stalactite Cavern (Just before Calamity)
080 - Yggdrasil docking in Bart's Hideout.
081 - Maison explains the exacavation of Fears by the warring factions.
082 - Fei fights Vance as the Gabler attacks Bart's base.
083 - Fei meets up with Citan and Bart to fight the Schpariel boss.
084 - The gear hanger in Bart's base.
085 - Shop in Nisan. 
086 - House in Nisan.
087 - Nisan Inn.
088 - Nisan town hall.
089 - The attack plan map. Game hangs..
090 - House in Nisan.
091 - Artist's studio, Nisan.
092 - Gate Guard's house, Nisan.
093 - At the entrance to Nisan.
094 - Nisan map screen.
095 - Nisan Cathedral, main entrance.
096 - The Yggdrasil arriving in the Nisan secret dock. 
097 - Library, Nisan Cathedral.
098 - Portrait room, Nisan Cathedral.
099 - Staircase leading to the balcony in Nisan Cathedral.
100 - Staircase in Nisan Cathedral (With Margie standing still half way up).
110 - House in Bledavik.
111 - Downstairs of 'flower arranger' boy's house in Bledavik.
112 - Upstairs of previous house.
113 - Back room of armor shop.
114 - Bledavik, armor shop.
115 - AWOL soldiers house, Bledavik.
116 - Downstairs of cat house, Bledavik.
117 - Upstairs of cat house.
118 - Beldavik restaurant.
119 - Bledavik item shop.
120 - Weapon shop in Bledavik.
130 - Bledavik Underground Waterways (No sprite shows up..  I think you
      need to select a party with Bart in for it to work.  Didn't try it
140 - Aveh Castle - 'Table' room. (If you go outside, the Yggdrasil
      theme is on, instead of the 'invasion' music..  Weird.  Don't leave
      the castle via the front door or you get stuck.
141 - Aveh Castle, gun room.
142 - Aveh Castle, bed room.
143 - Aveh Castle, kitchen. 
144 - Aveh Castle, Dining room.
145 - Aveh Castle, library. 
146 - Aveh Castle, state bedroom.
147 - Aveh Castle, waterworks.
148 - Aveh Martial Arts tournament tent. (don't go outside..)
149 - Second Aveh martial arts tournament tent.
150 - Aveh Castle - Throne room (I think).
160 - Ramsus & Miang in bed ^_^..  Dream of Id (Cool!)
170 - Weird room (You can only rotate the camera...)
180 - Fei heads for Vanderkaum's flagship.
190 - Bart Vs Id ^_^..  Sadly, after Id defeats Bart, the game jumps to
      the point where Bart fires at the Aveh Transport containing Fei and 
      Citan (Or was it where he fires at the Goliath?...  Anyway, you don't
      get to see the Yggdrasil getting bent in half, dammit!  Ah well..)

200 - Nortune, D block - House.
210 - D block - Ethos Room
220 - D block - House
230 - Nortune Central District (aka Kaiser Sigmund's house) entrance.
240 - Kislev sewers.
250 - Kislev Gear Hanger (Beneath Arena)
260 - Goliath Factory (Big room where you get ambushed).
270 - Grahf attacks the Goliath (Do the fight to hear Hammer utter the
      immortal words: "Did you just see my MAD SKILLZ?!" lol!)
280 - Yggdrasil surfaces (ie when you first see it), then it appears
      damaged, then the scene cuts to Fei & Maitreya after the Dora fight.
290 - Yggdrasil Bridge (Nothing to do...)
300 - Yggdrasil Room (Nothing to do...)
310 - Vierge is recovered by the Thames.
320 - Looking for the Etone.
330 - Orphanage Toilet ^_^.
340 - Ethos HQ (Pre-assassination)
350 - Ethos HQ (Pre-assassination)
360 - Beneath Ethos HQ, Alkanshel Rises.
370 - Ethos Dig Site (Zeboim).  Staircase.
380 - Fei sleeps in Yggdrasil infirmary.  Flashbacks to Zeboim Era.
      Id awakens.
390 - Kim in Zeboim.
400 - Zeboim at Christmas.
410 - Babel Tower, Transporter.
420 - Top of Babel Tower
430 - Shevat, Chu-Chu room ^_^
440 - Shevat gear dock
450 - Shevat emergency shaft - Outside (By savepoint - You can't move,
      maybe if you change the 'mappara' value)...
460 - Shevat 'tactical command room' (according to the person outside)
470 - Shevat Palace - Room
480 - Ft. Jasper corridor
490 - Title Screen (Maybe there's some difference...  Didn't check).
491 - Fei and Co discover Andvari.

500 - Underwater (Sargasso Point)
510 - Solaris (Underground - The Chase)
520 - Solaris - The transport thingy with the savepoint)
530 - Solaris - Etrenank Ticket Office
540 - Room inside Elly's house
550 - Soylent System (Foreign Object Scanner control room)
560 - Krelian's Lab - Corridor
570 - Krelian's Lab - Wels Room
580 - Krelian's Lab - Hologram Room
590 - Krelian's Lab - Weird Spinny Thing
600 - Escaping Krelian's Lab
610 - Elly on Seibzehn after escaping Solaris
620 - Soylent System (disk 2 scene).
630 - Anima Relic 1, Door lock B control room.
640 - Anima Relic 2, Anima Relic Room (Rico)
650 - Anima Relic 2, Room with save point (The place where Hammer
      ambushes you after Steir synchronising with the Anima Relic)
660 - Fei's friends enter Zohar to witness the birth of the Xenogears!
670 - Fai's dream at the beginning of disk 2 (Lacan painting Sophia)
680 - Lacan sees Miang posing as Elly in Shevat Prison.
690 - Snowfield Hideout, dark corridor (If you enter the connecting
      prison room, you see one of the 'Fei in Carbonite Freeze' scenes and
      the game continues from there).
700 - Snowfield Hideout - Zephyr's Tower 
710 - Ramsus waiting for Fei in Merkava.
711 - Merkava, after beating Ramsus.
712 - Confronting Krelian and Miang in Merkava. 
713 - Merkava, seconds before fighting Opiomorph.
714 - Merkava, just after Elly shoots Fei.
715 - Room leading to the repairbot in the final dungeon.
716 - Repairbot at the end of the final dungeon.
717 - The inner chamber, about to fight Deus.
718 - Fei persuing the destructing Deus.
719 - Talking to Krelian before fighting Urobolus.
720 - Debug room - Kato 
721 - Debug room - Eto
722 - Debug room - Kazoumi
723 - Debug room - Suzuki
724 - Debug room - Tane
725 - Debug room - Koumoto
726 - Debug room - Kigoshi
727 - Debug room - Uchimichi
728 - Debug room - Saito 
729 - Debug room - Matu
730 - Screen went red (On disk 1 and 2), so I think there's nothing
there, but I'll check the ones after it just in case.. 

730 onwards - Nothing. The last scene is DD#729. Any higher values crash the
              game (there are no more scenes in the game, after all).

Options 20 - 700 written by BlurYameneko. BIG thanks to him for helping 
me out so much.
(The rest finished off by me)
More to come later..

ROOM 1 - "Kato"
==== =    ====
(Lahan town)


                  North Bearcow
                        @      Chu-Chu    
             Dan (West)           @

                    Dan (South)
                  Dog     @
                          Southwest Bearcow                                     

North Bearcow:
----- -------

  start game - Leads to the introductory text displayed after a new game.

  to lahan - In Lahan, just after leaving Fei's/The chief's house.

  to shitan - First arrival at Citan's house.

  to kislev - Nortune A-Block outside the Doctors house.

  to alulu -  At Alice's house, Lahan.

  orgel event - Citan's house looking at the music box for the first time.

  quit - Cancels.

Chu-Chu: "pasward"
--- ---

   quit - Leads to 'audio password' test (like at Krelian's lab).
          press the directional buttons for different sound effects, and press
          X to enter the code, and o to exit. I don't know if anything happens
          if you get a 'correct' code, but I think this is possible judging by
          the dialogue boxes. Pressing o will give you a menu with two options:

          "Do you want to quit?"
                 Try again

   quit - Cancels

   to start -  Quits to title screen (sort of..)

   test with face - Displays a test of the dialogue boxes with Chu-chu's face
                    and a weird message.

   test with no face - Same as above, but without a face, and with more badly
                       translated poetry.. :)

Dan (West):

   chuchu's angry - Scene as Achtzehn approaches Shevat..

   chuchu vs AHAZEHN - Maria watches the epic Achtzehn/Chu-Chu face off :)

   maria vs AHAZEHN - Maria boards Siebzehn and goes to fight Achtzehn.

   maria goes to soralis -  Siebzehn carries the team to Solaris.

   golgoda - 'Cruxifiction' scene.

   carbonated sleep - Fei/Id's mind before they ecaspe carbon freeze.

   the carbonated sleep broke down - Fei/Id escape the carbon feeze.

   snow hideout - Save room in Snow Hideout.

   other - Leads to memory cube room in Snow Hideout.

   quit - Cancels.

Dan (South):

   shitan at night - Leaving Citan's house after dinner.

   attack on lahan - Citan and Fei arrive in Lahan at the start of the battle.

   lahan ruin - Fei wakes up after nuking Lahan.

   now making - Below the tower outside of the Snow Hideout. (Talk to Zephyr,
                and the scene with Ramsus begins).

   shevat for the first time comes - Talking to Maria in Shevat's gear hanger.

   to shevat a spy comes - Meeting with Queen Zephyr in Shevat.

   quit - Cancels.


   a spy came - About to talk to Queen Zephyr in Shevat to confirm the team's
   a gear dock - Entrance to Siebzehn's gear dock (leads to confrontation with
                 Dominia scene).
   AHAZEHN came - Council of war with Queen Zephyr, before Achtzehn scenes.

   the throne screen - The throne room with Achtzehn on the projection screen.

   battle at generators - Generator battle choice menu.

   attack on soralis -  Planning the attack on Solaris in Shevat.

   a justice - Citan reveals the truth behind him and Emperor Cain, and Fei/Id.

   runaway - Fei is scheduled to be Carbonite frozen by the Shevat elders.

   a hole in melcover - MDK-esque tunnel sequence before Ramsus battle in
   melcover angels - Room just before the above boss battle.

   zeus - Scene in front of Deus before fighting Opiomorph.

   quit - cancels.

South-West Bearcow (has 'predator' style transparent effect): "change weight"
----- ---- -------

   yase - Very light.
   futuu - Light.
   futome - Heavy.
   davy -  Very heavy.

ROOM 2 - "Eto"
==== =    ===

          Shakhan   Hob-Gob
        @    @    @    @    @
   Gear Pilot   Mutant   Little Girl
             Memory Cube
                  @              Soldier       

Gear Pilot: "ramusasu erii"  ("Ramsus & Elly")
---- -----

   modoru - cancels.

   ramusasu no yume - Ramsus's nightmare/flashback to his defeat at the hands of
  {"Ramsus's dream"}  Id.

   erii iwa yamashutsugeki - Elly leaves the Solaris base in Vierge with her
                            gear squadron.

   hehito sakusen-buxingu - Elly's team recieve their briefing on the Hecht
                           'purge' mission.

   hehito kakunouko - Elly talks to Dominia about the Hecht mission.

   hehito haxtusin - The Hecht is launched.

   goriate tuirakuhannou - Ramsus persues the Goliath

   baberu - Babel tower. Shevat repels Ramsus/Miang's attack.

   erii saiminuketa -  Ramsus heads to the Thames in search of Fei/Id.

   maintohouin no tuushin - Ramsus goes beserk in Nisan.

Shakhan: "abe joushinnyuu"  ("Aveh Castle?")

   modoru - cancel.

   abe jounakanyuu - Bart climbing out of the sewers into the occupied courtyard
                    of Aveh Castle.

   tenshukai - leads to:

             modoru - cancel (seems to hang the game as well, though).

             tenshukaku 1 - Ground floor of Aveh Castle (immediately cuts to
                            tournament fight of Fei vs Wiseman)

             tenshukaku 2 - 2nd Floor of aveh castle.

             tenshukaku 3 - 3rd floor of Aveh castle.

             tenshukaku 4 - Top floor of Aveh Castle.

   maru-to saikai - Bart finds Margie in Aveh castle.

   gebura-kiti - Fei, Bart and Margie on the run in the Gebler base.

   erii no heya - Elly hears the intruder alert in her room.
  {"Elly's room"}

   abe jouudatshutu - Elly takes Fei and Co. to the Gebler gear hanger.

   datshuyugo -  Ramsus addresses the Gebler troops. But then he recieves a
                 mysterious message..

   shinnyuu 2 kaime - Bart addresses his troops in the sewers below Aveh

   kaniibento - Bart and his troops emerge from the sewers - only to be
                immediately captured..


   modoru - Cancel

   ramusasu inyuukou - Aveh map screen. Then Ramsus/Miang arrive at Aveh.

   maru-no heya - Margie talks to Ramsus and Miang in Aveh castle.
 {"Margie's room"}
   hajimete no abe - Arrival in Bledavik for the first time.
{"First time in Aveh"}

   yadoyanite - Entering the Hotel for the first time.

   matsuri hiroba - 'South Shakhan Square' at the festival.
{"Festival Square"}

   fei tan doku - Entering the Sister's room after getting the well key.

   sakusenkaishi - In the Hotel, headed for the 'meeting place'.

   shinnyuukaishi - Sister's room (No Fei, so the game hangs?).

   kaikaishiki - Shakhan gives his exciting speech at the martial arts

   chosuisou - Bart swims through the Aveh sewers.

   daibukai - First Tournament fight.

   abe miniwa-rudo - Aveh map.


   modoru - Cancel.

   tsugi no - leads to:
           maehe - back to previous menu.

           samayou erii -  Elly's 'guilty' flashback in the forest.

           ranka-toujou - Same as above.

           erii no himei - Fei hears Elly's scream..
          {"Elly's scream"}

           fei tai ranka - Fei confronts the Rankar.
          {"Fei vs Rankar"}
           ranka-taoshita - Citan inspects Weltall after the fight.
          {"Rankar knocked down"}

           kyanpu2 - Camp scene. Citan fixes Weltall.
           kyanpu2 yokujitsu - Camp, the next morning.
          {"camp2 the day after"} 

   rahan houkaimae - Black moon forest at start of game.

   rahan houkaigo - Same as above.

   iwa owari eiri toau - Blackmoon forest (rock has moved)

   kyanpu1 - 1st camp scene.
   kyanpu1 yokujitsu - Next morning in Forest.
  {"Camp1 the day after"}

   eiri kaisou - Flashback of Elly trying to escape with Weltall.

   eiri kaisou2 - Flashback. Elly crashlands in Lahan.

Little Girl:
------ ----

   modoru - Cancel.

   zenbushokika - ?

   shinario fura gushokika - ?

   etouguro-barushokika - ?

   10000G -  Gives you 10000G.

   demofuragu - "demofurago0" ?

   taijyuu - Adds extra weight:
            0 - no extra weight added (back to initial weights)

            60 - 60 lbs added

            120 - 120 lbs added

            180 - 180 lbs added

            240 - 240 lbs added

   nyuuge-mu - Quits back to title screen.


   nukeru - Cancel.

   dai1 shiai - Martial Arts tounrnament, first round. (it's a bit messed up,
{"The Tournament1"}                                      shall we say..)

   dai2 shiai - Tournament round 2 (Big Joe).
{"The tournament2"}

   dai3 shiai - Round 3 (Scud).
{"The tournament3"}

   junketshou - Vs. Dan.

   ketshou - Vs. Wiseman.

(These Tournament options are really strange. Not only is Fei in a gear (!?),
but if Citan dies, then the opponent will start attacking himself...)

Maison: "abe sonogo" ("Aveh, er, something..?")

   modoru - Cancel

   abe dat kanbarukoni - Bart's coronation..

   abe dat kanyoru 1 - A sleepless Bart goes to talk to Maison about Sigurd's

   abe dat kanyoru 2 - Bart goes to see Sigurd after talking to Maison.

   sakusenkaigi - Aveh castle, at the gate generator meeting scene.

   abe deta shita - Bledavik/Aveh mapscreen.
 {"Underneath Aveh"}

   baberu hakai shita - Same as above.
  {"Underneath destroyed Babel tower."}   

   sethgenajito - War room of the Snow Hideout

Memory Cube:
------ ----
  Regular memory cube, lets you save game as usual.

ROOM 3: "Kazoumi"
==== =
(Indescribably wierd.. :)


              Door 1 Door 2
                 @     @

          Left Man    Right Spinning Man
              @            @

        Left Spinning Man

                         Memory Cube

Left Spinning man:
---- -------- ---
(This is just another party select screen, but the menus are broken. When you
see the message "party select?", you are in fact in a menu of all the
characters. Pushing up/down changes characters, and pressing X selects, then
moves to the next character space (you set three characters, like normal).

The menu SHOULD have appeared like this:

"Party Select?"

next page - leads to next page of options :-

(page 2)

Citan2 (sword)
[]pe-ji - Back to page 1

= = = = = = = = =

When the menu appears, the cursor is selected on Fei. Pushing up puts the
cursor at the bottom of the list (next page).
You'll know when you've got the second page, as you'll see a dialogue box with
"Fei" in appear. Push up here to get to the bottom option and return to the
first page.


Dominia (Sometimes Margie)
Roni Fatima
Stier (Yes, the GEAR!?)
Emerelda 2
Previous Page

It is also possible to 'be' Lacan as well..

You cannot really play as the NPC as they simply don't appear (except Margie).

Another bug with this menu is that it always puts either Elly or Billy in your
party even if you didn't select them..

Left Man: "Set KAZ-GORG"
---- ---

 Nisan - Leads to:

(NOTE: All of these options set flags on what the player has done. Visit Nisan,
and the game will be at the point you selected)

       Init(n) - I think it resets the current flag.

       Arrive in the hidden dock - In Nisan (go to the town hall).

       Meeting1 - Margie returns to Nisan Cathedral.

       Picture1 - Following Margie up the stairs in the Cathedral.

       Picture9 - Just about to enter Sophia's room.

       Pause - Bart hears Maison calling him in Nisan town.

       Tactics2 - Talking with Bart on the balcony about Sigurd.

       Carry out1 -

       Carry out5 -

       Departure from a hidden dock - Leaving Nisan. Make sure that you warp to
                                      the dock, or you'll be stuck..

       Exit - Exits.

 Nisan2 - Leads to:
       (These are all flags as explained above)

       Recapturing the Nisan - (dosen't seem to do anything..)

       Sister Agnes's talk - Following Margie to the portrait room.

       Open the gate - Opening the door to the mausoleum/Fatima 

       Open the bulkhead - Just before you open the 'Jasper eye' door

       Enter the con-room - entering the control room for the first 

       Sucsessfull of start up - Control room enabled

       Shakhan appeared - Shakhan ambushes everyone

       Battle of Roni's Omnigear1 - Margie fights back the enemy gears

       Drived back - Margie kicks ass

       Go to the hall - ?

       comming a ease - (Brings up a dialogue box, and seems to reset 
                        some flags)

       Exit - exits 

 Exit - Cancels.

Right spinning Man:
----- -------- ---

NOTE: the menu you see here is not the correct one. Look below for 
what you are really selecting:

   1. Leads to:
      "All clear flags"

      Nisan - Clears all flags and returns
      Fortress of jasper - Clears all flags and returns

      Exit - Exits.
   2. Leads to:

      on-ev - Sets a flag of some sort
      on-ev2 - Sets another flag
      ev-tk - Sets another flag.

      end - exits.

   3. ? (Says "Party make", but I don't think it does..)

   4. ? (blank dialogue box..)

   Exit - Exit.

Memory Cube:
------ ----

Regular cube for saving the game.

Door 1: (Left) "Mapjump"

   Nisan's town - Leads to:

       nisan (town) - Standing at the South entrance of Nisan.

       nis-11 - Nisan item shop.
       nis-21 -  Leads to:
              Tactics1 - In the rented house, talking to Sigurd about Ramsus.
              Go on - Rented house normally.

       nis-31 - Nisan inn.

       nis-41 - Leads to:
              Tactics4 - Town hall discussing the recapturing of Aveh.
              Tactics5 - Town hall, halfway through the meeting.
              Tactics6 - Fei is asked to lead the gear platoon in the feint attack.
              Go on - Nisan Town Hall.
              (blank) - same as above.

       nis-51 - Small 'S' shape house in Nisan.

       nis-61 - Artist's studio, Nisan.

       nis-71 - Gate guards house, Nisan.

       nis-doc - The secret Dock in Nisan.          

       For kikoshi - Sends you to Nisan dock. 

       Map test for explain - Back to main menu           

   Nsan's cathedral - Leads to:

       seido1(SW-map for Nsan's cathedral) - Nisan map screen.

       sei-11 (cathedral - LOTS of Flags :(

       sei-12 (monastry - In Sister Agnes's room.

       sei-13 (room of picture - Leads to:
              Picture9 - First visit to the Portrait room.
              Go on - The portrait room.
       stairs1 - In Balthasar's house (!?)

       stairs2 - Talking to Bart after falling into the stalactite cave.

       back - Previous menu.

   wait! - Cancels.

   to map00 - Leads  back to main debug room.

ROOM 4 - "Suzuki"
==== =    ======
(Standing on top of the 'Sufal Mass'.)

Green Location Marker
        @     @    
          Memory Cube  Little Girl  

Green Location Marker:

this just seems to display the messages:




The marker appears and then disappears when each message is read, and 
ends up being invisible. Quite what this does (if anything), I don't 

Memory Cube: "where?"
------ ----

   not jump - cancels.

   sho - leads to:

       sho-1 - Bart and Fei land in the stalectite cave.

       sho-21 - Second room of the stalectite cave.

       sho-22 - Zooming in on Old man Bal's house.

       sho-23 - In one of the long joining tunnels in the S.Cave.

       sho-24 - Second joining tunnel of the S.Cave.

       sho-3 - Last room of the S.Cave.

       sho-4 - Riding the lift down to fight 'Calamity'.

       baru - Fei and Bart meet "Ol' man Bal".

       sho-11 - Fei and Bart talk after falling into the cave.

       baru - Bart asks Ol' Man Bal about the 'omnigear'.

       sho-0 - Bart and Fei escape the cave and look towards Aveh.

       ret - Cancels.

   iwa - leads to:

       iwa-4 - Fei and General Maitreya climb up the valley to fight 
               Elly's gear squad.

       iwa-1 - Near the top of the mountain next to the repairbot.
       iwa-2 - The second part of the mountain climb.

       iwa-3 - Fei and Co are attacked by Elly's gear squadron.

       iwa-kai - Elly's flashback to when she was forced to take 'the Drive'.

       iwa-31 - Elly freaks out, and the game hangs...

       ret - Exit

   zombi - leads to:

         zombi - Boarding the Wels infested abandoned ship.
         cockpit - 'Bloody' boss fight.
         engine - Billy and Co narrowly escape the attentions of the giant Wels.

         trailer1 - Inside a corridor of the Wells ship.

         trailer2 - Second room of the Wells ship. (NOTE: if you don't have the 
                    keys you will be stuck in here.)

         trailer3 - First room of the Wells ship.
         ret - exit.

   ninboku - leads to:

           ranch10 - Soylent system introduction cutscene.

           ranch2 - Nothing (makes characters get out of gears).

           ranch3 - Same as 'ranch10'.

           camp - Fei and Co arrive at the Soylent system.

           core1 - Nothing (same as 'ranch2')

           core2 - The Soylent system facility.

           core3 - Same as above but slightly further forward.

           core4 - The Sufal Mass in embryonic form.

           core5 - The life support tank containing the Sufal Mass.

           ranch11 - Nothing again. 

           ret - Exit.

   mahanon - Leads to:

           blg - On the bridge of the Eldridge in a cutscene.

           yav - Fighting Deus' initial form on the Edlridge

           radi-chr - Fei and Bart discver 'Razael's Tree'.

           out - The Yggdrasil arrives at the wreck of the Eldridge.

           radi-2 - Grahf gloats over the defeated Fei in Mahanon.
           ret - Exit.

   last - Leads to:

        yav - The scene before the final battle against Deus.

        sky - Fei persues Elly after defeating Deus.

        sef - Nothing.

        ret - Exit.

Little Girl:
------ ----

An extremely complicated system that allows you to instantly jump to 
any place on the game map. It's not very reliable, but if I can eventually
find a good use for it I'll document it here.

ROOM 5 - "Tane"
==== =   ======
(Annoying rumbling noise)


   Dan Shakhan Guard   
    @   @        Dog(2)
   Woman          @ 
          Little Girl
               @     @

On entering this room you will see the following dialogue box:


I'm not sure what the significance of this is, but it looks like a 
list of flags or something.

Dog 1   "yugunaka?"
--- -

   [][][][]seirugeritsuji - Planning room cutscene in Shevat. Amusingly you 
                            can still walk around.

   [][][][]hatsureisho - Bridge of the Yggdrasil.

   [][][][]yameta - Cancel.
   [][][][]kyuujyo - On top of the Yggdrasil after capturing the survivers of  the 

   [][][][]abe jyoudat sushutsugo - Top of the Yggdrasil after saving Margie.

   [][][][]abe datsukaizenya - The Yggdrasil cruises through the night to Aveh.

   [][][][]meison wa ruitokan - Meison receives a bad omen before the Aveh mission..

   [][][][]abe datsukan[]nigekaerigo - Talling to Maison after his rescue of Bart and co.

   [][][][]erii kikanshitsubousou - Elly sabotages the Yggdrasil engine room.
   [][][][]toudoumae, giahatsushin - Bart sees off Fei and Maitreya's gear squadron.

   [][][][]emerada[]nakamani - Talking to Emerelda in the Gun room.

   [][][][]id oberuhenkei - Fei/Id breaks out of the Yggdrasil.

   [][][][]erii totsukou - Solaris explodes, and Elly goes to confront Id.


   [][][][]iriguchi - Entrance to Ethos' dig site.

   [][][][]5[] - In Kim's nanotechnology lab.

   [][][][]3[] - In a lift in the Ethos' dig site .

   [][][][]yameru - cancel.

   [][][][]saishokara (shitanatama) - At the top of the site lift with Citan.

   [][][][]kuuchuutsuuro (shitan) - On the bridge in the dig site, about to fight Id.
                                    the game basically hangs...
   [][][][]3[](shitan) - Riding the lift up in the nanomachine lab.

   [][][][]5[](shitan) - Stair case in the lab.
   [][][][]emetorareatodeguchi (shitan) - entrance to the nanomachine lab.

   [][][][]emetorareatokuuchuu (shitan) - In the nanomachine lab before fighting 
                                          the elements.

   [][][][]arukansheru - Sigurd observing Alkenshel boss.

   [][][][]fei yume -  Fei dreams of creating Emerelda.
         {"Fei dream"}

   [][][][]zengeowaruto - At the top of the ethos dig site lift.
   [][][][]arukansheru2 - Fighting the Alkenshel boss.

Shakhan Guard   "[][][]"
------- -----

   [][][][]nazenani kareruren - Fei rescues Elly from Krelian's lab.

   [][][][]tentei - Citan talking to Emperor Cain.

   [][][][]yameru - Cancel.
   [][][][]datsushutsu[]rifu - Fei meets up with everyone before escaping from

   [][][][]monita heya kara - Bart breaks Fei out of his prison room
   [][][][]ritsukyou[]nikaime - Krelian stand at the broken bridge as Id attacks
   [][][][]ritsukyou[]ido - Fei turns into Id and goes to work on Solaris..

   [][][][]tentei2 - Citan and the Emperor discussing Id/Fei.
   [][][][]tentei3 - Citan discussing 'annonelbe' with the Emperor.

   [][][][]tentei4 - Ramsus assasinates the Emperor.

   [][][][]nigedashi, sora - Citan and Elly escape on Siebzehn whilst Id gives
                             Solaris a good thrashing.

Dog 2 
--- -

Note: Just another party change menu. You might as well use an English one
like the one in the main debug room.

   [][][][]keru - Cancel.

   [][][]menba[][] - leads to:

                   [][][]tsuika - 
                   [][][]chiishokara -

                   [][][]owai -

   [][][]pa-tei-[][] -

Woman   "yugu?"

   [][][][]dorufuin - The Yggdrasil emerges from the sand.
   [][][][]yamato - The Yggdrasil fires its guns.

   [][][][]chi-fuisu - The Yggdrasil limps throught desert trailing smoke.

   [][][][]yameru - Cancel.

Little Girl   "igunisu"
------ ----

   [][][][]yusuu[]atamakara - Aveh transport taking away Weltall.

   [][][][]shougeki1 - The yggdrasil targets the Aveh Transport.

   [][][][]shougeki2 - Bart commences firing at the transport.

   [][][][]datsushotsu - Leads to:  "datsushotsu?"

                      [][][][]heya - Transport prison room as it gets hit.

                      [][][][]kikanshitsu - third floor of the transport.

                      [][][][]funagura - Second floor of the transport.

                      [][][][]fure-n - Top of the sinking transport.

                      [][][][]yameru - Cancel.                   

   [][][][]toudou - Leads to: "toudou?"

                  [][][][]ranchou[]~kara - Fei and Maitreya observe Vanderkaum's 
                                           approaching fleet.

                  [][][][]kifa[]sono1 - Bridge of the Dora, attacking Fei.

                  [][][][]1 - Engaging Vanderkaum's fleet.

                  [][][][]kifa[]sono2 - Vanderkaum getting angry on the bridge of the 

                  [][][][]2 - Engaging the flagship.

                  [][][][]kifa[]sono3 - Vanderkaum having more trouble on the bridge..

                  [][][][]kifa[]sono4 - Bridge of the Dora as everyone evacuates..

                  [][][][]do-ra, hatsushin - Fei and Maitreya after beating the
                                             fleet. Well, almost. 

                  [][][][]do-ra, haiho- - Grahf approaches the Dora..

                  [][][][]yameru - Cancel.

   [][][][]abe tetsu tai - Leads to:  "abe?"

                         [][][][]choguzen - Yggdrasil approaches Aveh.

                         [][][][]nigesono1 - Bart decides to sneak into Nisan. 

                         [][][][]ramosasukan - Ramsus listens to confirmation of
                                               the destruction of the Yggdrasil.

                         [][][][]ramosasukaisuu - Ramsus talking to a young Sigurd in 
                         [][][][]fei, ido1 - Fei and Maitreya face the Dora.

                         [][][][]ido choimae - Bart attacks Ramsus' fleet.

                         [][][][]ido - Bart faces off with Id.

                         [][][][]nizeuki - Sigurd desperately tries to stop Id 
                                           giving Bart a good kicking.

                         [][][][]yameru - Cancel.

   [][][][]goriate gekitsui - The Yggdrasil targets the Goliath.

   [][][][]yameru - Cancel.   

Soldier   "zeboimo?"

   [][][][]banya - Book store in Zeboim ruins.

   [][][][]matsuku - Big Joe's great shop...

   [][][][]TV kyoku - Zeboim TV Station.
      {"TV Station"}

   [][][][]chika tetsu - At the start of the Zeboim railway.
   {"underground steel"}

   [][][][]heya - Kim and Elly in bed.. 

   [][][][]zenkei - The entrance to the Zeboim ruins

   [][][][]iriguchi - Entrance to the Lighthouse/Zeboim.

   [][][][]tsui-mokashi - Kim and Elly watch the christmas tree in Zeboim.

   [][][][]resutoran - Kim and Elly debating the war in a resturant.
   [][][][]yameru - Cancel.

   [][][][]1ftu - Descending the lift into Zeboim.
   [][][][]1ftd - Ascending the lift back to the surface.

ROOM 6 - "Koumoto"
==== =    =======
(Lots of playing cards)

MAP:        Hanz            Dominia          Little Girl(1)
---          @                 @                  @


Little Girl(2) Id                            Hanz's Girlfriend
     @         @                                  @

                      Little Girl(3)

                                     Dan     Dolphin(2)
                                      @          @


   1 - Arrival in the duneman's Isle.

   2 - Watching the sand sharks swim across Duneman's Isle.

   3 - The huge skeleton in the Duneman's desert. 

   4 - The 'shifting sands' scene in Duneman's Isle.

   5 - The Wyrm crawls out from under the sand fall in Duneman's Isle.

   6 - Entrance to Duneman's isle with the man and his stuck buggy.

   7 - Cancel.

(No pointer OR text :( )

   1 - The element's gears combine to make a super gear thingy. 

   2 - Cancel

Little Girl(1) (North East):
------ ----
(All blank..)

   1 - Card game win speech. Leads to:

       1 - Fei
       2 - Elly

       3 - Citan
       4 - Bart

       5 - Billy

       6 - Rico

       7 - Emerelda
       8 - Chu-Chu

   2 - Card Game lose speech. Leads to:

       1 - Fei

       2 - Elly
       3 - Citan
       4 - Bart

       5 - Billy

       6 - Rico
       7 - Emerelda

       8 - Chu-Chu

   3 - Cancels.


   1 - Arrival at the Duneman's Isle.

   2 - Falling down the chute into the Nortune gear dock area. 

   3 - Inside the Goliath factory.

   4 - In the long underwater caverns.

   5 - The Thames (after the Wels have attacked).

   6 - Fei watches the gears leaping through Dazil desert.

   7 - Nortune under attack by the Hecht.

   8 - Cancel.

   1 - Id takes control of Fei in his mind.

   2 - Cancel.

Little Girl(2):
------ ----
(These seem to lead to menus of flags, but I don't know where or what 
they do.. I'll leave these for now.)
   1 - 

   2 -

   3 - 

   4 - Cancel.

Little Girl(3):
------ ----

   1 - Elly wakes up on the remains of the Goliath.

   2 - Fei and Elly talk on the ruins of the Goliath.

   3 - The Thames saves Fei and Elly.

   4 - The Yggdrasil docks with the Thames.

   5 - Margie asking for the 'Etone' (Billy) on board the Thames.

   6 - Dominia attacks Elly and Co. 

   7 - Cancel.

Hanz's Girlfriend:
------ ----------

   1 - Standing on the 'Armor Ground' on the Thames.

   2 - Fei and Elly are saved by the Thames.

   3 - The Thames beer hall.

   4 - The Captain helps Fei defend the Yggdrasil.

   5 - Elly and Fei's gears are lifted out of the supply entrance.
   6 - The Thames' dock.

   7 - The Bridge of the Thames (Citan).

   8 - The Bridge of the Thames (going to 'Sargasso Point')

   9 - Cancel.

(skip the first two dialogue boxes)
   1 - Card Game, Tutorial Game.

   2 - Cancel.


   1 - Shevat flies over Fei in the desert.

   2 - Fei steals a motorbike in the desert.

   3 - Fei follows the gears through the desert.

   4 - Fei is attacked by the enemy gears in the desert.

   5 - Grahf taunts Fei after the gear battle.

   6 - Fei and Co board the Goliath.

   7 - Grahf attacks the Goliath.

   8 - The bridge of the Goliath after beating Grahf.

   9 - Cancel.

ROOM 7 - "Kigoshi"
==== =   =========
(Various people)

 Giant Dan  Memory Cube
      @         @
                 Little Girl      
      Chief Lee       @
         Dan             @

Giant Dan
----- ---
(I think all these options set flags, but testing them will be difficult..)

bara - ?

xono - ?

wp subete on! - ?

teihaku flag - leads to :

             nisanteihaku - ?

             shevattehaku - ?

             tamstehaku - ?
             azitotehaku - ?

             yameru - Exit

yobi - ?

yameru - Exit.

Memory Cube
------ ----

Regular Memory Cube for saving the game.

Chief Lee "dokojyai?" 
----- --- 

yamamichisonota - leads to: "dokojyai?"

         yamamichi - Standing on the bridge across from Citan's house.

         miage gearmap - The gears fly over Citan's house

         Kislev waxtusya map - Citan and Fei ride the prison train.

         setsugen azito - In the snowhideout.

         modoru - Exit.

azito - leads to:  "azito no dokojyai?"

      rouka - Arrival in Bart's base (wait..). 

      syokudou - Bar room in Bart's Lair.

      shinshitsu - Bunk room of Bart's Lair.
      bartho shishitsu - Bart's room.
     {"Bart's Bedroom"}

      sakusenkaigishitsu - The control room of the base.

      yggdradoc (syou) - The Yggdrasil in dock at Bart's Lair.

      gearhunger - The bases' Gear dock.

      yggdradoc (dai) - The Yggdrasil arrives at Bart's Lair.

      gear you map - Vance corners two children as Gebler attacks the base.

      gear you map2 (drill majin) - Fighting against the scphariel boss.

      yamemisu -  Exit.

billy - Leads to: "billy no dokojyai?"

      soto - The orphanage.

      reihaidou - Orphanage dining room.

      prim - Primera's room (presents you with the message "really?" before hand..)

      billy - Billy's room in the Orphanage.

      toilet - The err.. toilet. 

      kodomobeya - The orphanage dormitory room.

      yamemasu - Exit.

solaris - Leads to: "Solaris no dokojyai?"

        solaris miniworld - Siebzehn drops off Fei and co at Solaris.

        solaris hinmin - Leads to lots of locations. LOTS of them..

        solaris shigai - Lots of Locations in Etrenank.

        solarisellynti - Areas of Elly's house.

        yamemasu - Exit.

tolagoya - leads to: "tola no dokojyai?"

         tolasoto - Outside Taura's house.

         naka1 - Arriving in Taura's house (and you get stuck...)

         naka2 - In the 'tank room' in Taura's house.

         jukai map - Ol' Man Bal reveals the all-new Wetall 2.

         jukaijuukuu map - Ramsus persues Elly.

         tola hajimekara - Fei emerges from Taura's nanomachine reactor.
         yamemasu - Exit.

yggdra - Leads to: "yggdra no dokojyai?"

       gyomyuuku - Loads of locations...

       gearkakunouko - 

       bridge soto -

       modoru - Exit.

yat-paya-metaxa- - Exit


Just another Party select system, I think it's quite obvious what all 
the options do.

ROOM 8 - "Uchimichi"
==== =   ===========
(A crudely drawn house full of little children...)
(also a nightmare to document :( )

           Door    Window
             @        @
 Little Girl 1  
      @             Dan 5
    Dan 1         L.Girl 4
      @               @      
    Dan 2 
  L.Girl 2
      @           L.Girl 3
    Dan 3   Cat     Dan 4 
      @      @        @      

Door    "dokoniikimasuka"

   chika - Leads to:  "chika no dokoniikimasuka"

         chika1 - leads to: "saranidokoniikimasuka"

                suta-to - Sewers, first floor.

                kaidan - Sewers, descending from the first level.
                hishauguru - Sewers, secnond floor.

                yameta - cancel.

         chika2 - Leads to:  "saranidokoniikimasuka"

                kakushibeyamae - Outside the final locked door in the sewer.

                tobira1 - Sewer. At the two parallel doors third level.
                tobira2 - The same, but at the opposite door.

                keshigo B2 - Next to ladder leading to the bottom most floor.

                keshigo B1 - Low down in the sewer.

                yameta - Cancel.

         chika3 - Leads to: "saranidokoniikimasuka"

                keshigo B1 kie - Sewers, just below the first level.

                tobira1 - At the parallel doors again.
                tobira2 - Second of the parallel doors.

                keshigo B2b mae - bottom level, next to the little sign thingy.

                yameta - Cancel.

         chiks4 - Inside the locked room in the sewers.
         yameta - Cancel.

   kisurebu - Inside Kislev central area.

   ba-ra-1 - Anima Dungeon 1.

   ba-ra-2 - Anima Dungeon 2.

   sorarisu - Getting dumped at the bottom of the rubbish shute in Solaris.

   baberu tawa- - Outside Babel Tower (sealed)

   karerurenmae - At the begginning of Krelian's lab.

   karerurentano - At the end of Krelian's lab.

   yameta - cancel 

Window  "kisurege soutoufunodokoniikimasuka"

   00 : dai3tsuuro - Corridor in Kislev central district building.

   01 : daidokoro - Kislev Central district kitchen.

   02 : souko - Crane warehouse.

   11 : iriguchi - Entrance to the Kislev central district.

   12 : dai2tsuuro - Main corridor of the C.District.

   13 : sakusenshitsu - C.District tactical command room.

   14 : kaidan - Staircase in C.District.

   20 : guritsuji - Commmand centre.

   21 : dai1tsuuro - Upper corridor next to Kaiser's room.

   22 : kichiki no heya - In the Kaiser's bedroom.

   23 : soutou no heya - Kaiser's organ room.

   yameta - Cancel.

Little Girl 1   "ba-ra-1"
------ ---- -

   0 : soto - Outside the first enema.. I mean anima dungeon.

   1 : doa1 - A room in the anima dungeon.
   2 : doa2 - Computer room of anima dungeon.

   3 : doa3 - Elevator system computer in A.Dungeon.

   4 : tsuuro1 - In a corridor of the first anima dungeon.

   5 : tsuuro2 - Corridor in A.Dungeon next to lift.

   6 : enebe-taue - Inside the lift area of the A.Dungeon.

   7 : enebe-tashita - The 'code puzzle' in the anima dungeon.

   yametafuraguOFF - Quit.

Dan 1   "chikafurabedousuru"
--- -

   bit0 - 

   bit1 - 

   bit2 - 

   bit3 - 

   bit4 - 

   bit5 -

   bit6 - 

   bit7 - 

   bit8 - 

   next - Leads to:

        bit9 - 

        bit10 - 

        bit11 - 

        bit12 - 

        bit13 - 

        bit14 - 

        bit15 - 

        kega - 

        akakikemono - 

        all off - 

        exit - exits.

   all off - 

   exit - Exits.

All of these seem to be flags relating possibly to events in Aveh. I don't know
what they do yet, and it'll take a while to find out. Presumably 'all off' 
switches all the flags off.

Dan 2   "baberu"
--- - 

   10 : baberuirigura - Babel Tower (sealed off by the Ethos)

   20 : ekimaneri - Just inside the entrance of Babel tower.

   30 : eki - Outside the Babel Tower train control room.

   40 : ekinai - Train control room, Babel tower.

   50 : kamotsu - Climbing the 'blocks' in the tower.

   51 : sousa - climbing the rows of seats in the train.

   60 : terasu - The train comes under attack from Solaris.

   71 : tsuuro1 - In a corridor of Babel tower.

   72 : tsuuro2 - Yet another corridor of Babel tower.

   73 : tsuuro3 -  Another exciting corridor.

   74 : tsuuro4 - One more corrider.

   tsuki - leads to: "baberu"

         75 : tsuuro5 - 'Cradle' part of Babel tower.

         80 : suusa - Inside the Babel control room.

         90 : toshi1 - Babel tower exterior 'lifts' scene.

         91 : toshi2 - Falling from the second of the tower 'lifts' bit.

         a0 : ue - The top of Babel tower before fighting Siebzehn.

         b0 : minibaberu - A highly amusing 'room' consisting of an outside view of 
              Babel tower that you can fly around in.

         21 : senru - The train races to the top of Babel tower.

         yamerufuragoOFF - cancel.

   yametafuraguOFF - cancel.

Little Girl 2
------ ---- -

All flags.

   chika kaigutsu taoshita - 

   bousoubikuutei -

   baberu no hanashikiita -

   suto-n shaugeki -

   baberu nihairu -

   ramosasu tsuigeki -

   baberu tawa-ue -

   abe deta -

   fei wa naniorata -

   biri-ba-ra- -

   rikobara -

   saigo no mezame -

   o-rukuria -

   yameta - cancel.

Dan 3   "sorarisujou"
--- -

   00 : gomige - Waste disposal shute in solaris.

   01: ro-ta - In the waste disposal shute with the giant fan.

   02 : tsuuro1 - Climbing sets of ladders in Solaris.

   03 : suuko - Storage room in the Soylent system.

   04 : tsuuro2 - Corridor in the Soylent system.

   05 : shiryou - Room before the main slice'n'dice Soylent system.

   06 : seigyo - Soylent system control room.

   07 : koushou - Conveyer belt of Soylent system.

   08 : shitaribeya - Fei discovers exactly what the Soylent system is.

   09 : erebi-ta-shita - Lift leading out of Soylent system.

   10 : erebi-ta-ue - Top of the lift shaft.

   yametafuragoOFF - Cancel.


   feiidoka - Rico's men meet a grisly end in the sewers..

   gesuinobakemoro - The sewer monster lurking about.

   paipuorugan - The czar of Kislev is told of the newly captured Weltall.

   hatsuchakuba - The Solaris 'Fishbowl' docks at Kislev.

   rikonokako - Rico hides in the Kaiser's bedroom

   baberudenshagakita - The train is summoned through the wreckage of Babel tower.
   ramasasu kan - Fei and co are attacked by Ramsus and Miang at the top of Babel tower.

   shebato gakita - At the very, very top of Babel Tower.

   ge - tohakai - leads to:  "ge-tohakai"

          hajimekara - The Yggdrasil drops Fei and co off at Babel tower
                       to alter the mirror position.

          1kai - Leads to: [first attempt at firing the cannon]
               seikou - Citan celebrates Billy's succesful firing of the Ft. Jasper 
                        cannon. (win)
               hazune - Babel tower gets nuked (game over).

               shitsupai - Billy fires again..

               yameta - Quit.            

          2kai - Leads to: [second attempt at firing the cannon]

               seikou - Direct hit (win)

               hazune - The tower is hit (game over)

               shituspai - Near miss (try again..)

               yameta - quit               

          3kai - Leads to: [third attempt at firing the cannon]

               seikou - Direct hit (win)

               hazune - Tower is hit (game over)

               shitsupai - Near miss (try again)

               yameta - quit.

          yameta - quit.                

   gesuinobosutaiketsu - At a save point in the sewers.

   baberu hatsu sao-rai - Riding the train to the top of Babel tower.

   yameta - Quit.

Dan 4   "karerunato" 
--- -
   00 : tsuuro9 - Inside the start of Krelian's laboratory.

   01 : jokin - The weird scanner tunnel thing leading to Krelian's lab.

   02 : tsuuro10 - A corridor on the opposite side of the tunnel.

   03 : hokan1 - One of the spiralling 'staircases' in Krelian's lab.

   04 : hokan2 - Another staircase/ramp.

   05 : hokan3 - Yet another staircase.

   06 : tenshi no heya - Sample room in the lab.

   07 : kansatsu - One of the rooms with big chair/computer system set ups in
        the lab.

   08 : merukaba - Inside a room with a floating map of Merkava.

   09 : tsuuro11 - Corridor next to a stair case room.

   10 : jitsuken1 - Room with a computer and weird revolving circles. Ahem.

   tsuge - Leads to:

         11 : jitsuken2 - Yet another 'circley' room.

         12 : jitsuken3 - Yes. Another 'circley' room.

         13 : de-takyabu - Data room with holograms of Fei and Co.

         14 : rena - Fei's prison room in Solaris.

         15 : houin - (I'd imagine this just sets a flag, but I'm not sure yet.
                       I expect it's the Gazelle Ministry talking to Fei in his 
                       prison cell).

         16 : rabo - Krelian descends to talk to the captured Elly.

         yametafuragoOFF - cancel.

   yametafuraguOFF - Cancel.

Little Girl 3   "karerurenmae"
------ ---- -

   00 : tsuuro1 - Boring corridor leading to Krelian's lab.

   01 : furoa - The big spiral staircase in the lab.

   02 : tsuuro2A - Sloping corridor in the lab.

   03 : tsuuro2B - Another corridor, just after the room with the omnigear.

   04 : shiryou - File room in the lab.

   05 : memori-beya - Room full of 'memory cubes'.

   06 : ba-ra- - Omnigear room.

   07 : souko a - Genetic experiment room full of caged mutants.

   08 : tsuuro3 - Corridor just after Well's room.

   09 : souko b - Second Well's room.

   10 : tsuuro4 - Sloping corridor next to a locked door.

   tsuge - Leads to:

         11 : shujutsu a - Control area of a lab autopsy room.

         12 : shujutsu b - Same as above.

         13 : guri-fuingu - Meeting room with long cental table.

         14 : tsuuro6 - Corridor. Door behind leads to central staircase and item

         15 : guhuinko - Room full of biological specimens in tanks.

         16 : tsuuro7 - Corridor (yep, that's it).

         17 : koubou - Well's creation room.

         18 : zonbisouko - Wells storage area.

         19 : tsuuro8 - A corridor. With a save point this time.

         20 : tsunagihashi - Covered tunnel leading to the other side of the lab.

         yametafuragoOFF - Cancel.

   yametafuragoOFF - Cancel.

Little Girl 4   "ba-ra-2"
------ ---- -

   0 : gia heya a - Anima dungeon 2.

   1 : gia heya ab - Same as above, but with the rock moved.

   2 : nazonazu - Puzzle room in A.Dungeon 2.

   3 : gia heya b - Another anima dungeon area.

   4 : hekiga no heya - Tunnels of the anima dungeon.

   5 : otoshiana - Anima room with two chests.

   6 : wana - Spike room of the anima dungeon.

   7 : suitsuru - Water puzzle room (shudder..)

   8 : ananoshita - Below water puzzle room. (try walking through the door...)

   9 : bosu - rocky area of anima dungeon 2.

   10 : gia heya bb - Slightly further along from the last room.

   yametafuragoOFF - Cancel. 

Dan 5   "kisurebu furugudousuru"
--- -

   bit0 imanikai - 

   bit1 rikohitori -

   bit2 rikako -

   bit3 kako owari - 

   bit4 rimedeta - 
   bit5 hajimeto -

   bit6 orugan -

   gold SET59990 -

   haisukoakuria -

   senge off -

   gigantoubatsuta -

   sha-ka-n taoshita -

   yameta - Cancel.


ROOM 9 - "Saito"
==== =    =====

(This room is just CLASS. Not only is there a jukebox that plays 
random tunes when you enter, but there is almost every useful option 
you could want in Xenogears. And there's a secret 'MTV style' music 
video for you to watch (I'm not joking either..)).

      Primera     Sophia
         @ @         @     Memory Cube
          Roni                  @

        Margie Karen          @
            @    @

Sophia (Serving behind the bar..) "Whatmenu?"
NOTE: if you want to watch the movies, then switch off the music by 
playing tune 94 first.

   demoflag - leads to:

        def - Default

        off - demo mode off

        on - demo mode on

   battring - battling options: (First menu should say "No" or "yeah") 

        giganto -            (Battling at various stages of the game,
                              with various gears unlocked.         
        kyojin tao shita -    The last two options have all the gears
                              unlocked. (all options have Shinobi 
        sharkarn tao shita -  unlocked)). 

        deus - 
        last - 

   musicmode - Music player. See after Movie list for the music list. 

   party+ - Change party members. You can't change Fei, though.

   member+ - Set global party list.

   change - Normal party select screen (nicely done though :) )

   moviemode - lets you play the games movies (see below for the list)
        pageX - leads to page number X (1-5)
        back - previous page of movies.

        Quit - cancels 

   HPMPrecover - restores HP/EP to maximum.
   quit! - cancels ("byby")

Movie list:
(Most movies can be stopped midway by pressing X)


1 - Nothing (dosen't seem to work)

2 - Fei watches Grahf/Kahn/Id 'join'.

3 - Kahn and Grahf disagree..

4 - Weltall transforms into Id's gear and breaks out of the Yggdrasil.

5 - Fei sees Id riding in Weltall at the Lahan Village battle.

6 - Timothy gets wasted. Fei gets angry. Lahan Village gets nuked.

7 - Elly holds Fei at gunpoint in the forest.

8 - Fei's surreal flashback of the caravan of people leaving him in 
the desert..


1 - Fei asks Grahf "who are you?".

2 - Nothing (dosen't work).

3 - Id destroys Solaris.

4 - Escape capsule launches from the Yggdrasil.

5 - The Intro film.

6 - The Yggdrasil launches Weltall.

7 - The weird grainy film of Fei playing ball with his Mum.


1 - Nothing.

2 - Bart destroys the floating base with his 'super dimensional gear'.

3 - Merkava explodes.

4 - Deus expands his 'crispy outer shell'. (Or something.)

5 - End sequence. Fei and Elly run away.

6 - End sequence. The 'path to God' collapses and explodes.

7 - The Xenogears Music Video! Sit back and listen to the unique 
song 'Stars Of Tears'. BTW, after it appears to finish, leave it alone and 
you'll see some more films not in the other options.


1 - Weltall strolls into Mahanon.

2 - Fei and Elly 'get it on' :). 

3 - Merkava cuts a 'swathe of fiery death'.

4 - Elly goes for the 'Goth look' after shooting Fei.

5 - Fei's mum dies horribly. And exceedingly messily, too.

6 - Elly 'soothes the pain' of the Sufal Mass - instead of killing 
the evil thing like it clearly deserves.

7 -  Fei witnesses the creation of Elly.


1 - Merkava rises out of the Earth.

2 - Fei playing ball with his mum again.

3 - Film countdown sequence.

4 - Grainy footage of Sophia guiding her ship on a suicidal run.

5 - Bart's super gear thing gets shot at by Merkava.

6 - Bart's ship still takes a pummeling..

7 - But still manages to get to Merkava.

Music List:

(Notation: A.B A=List number, B=song number)

1.1 - Alice's theme
1.2 - Lahan Village theme
1.3 - Blackmoon Forest theme
1.4 - Citan's theme
1.5 - Music box tune
1.6 - Night time ambience
1.7 - Boss Battle tune

2.1 - Sleeping tune1
2.2 - Game Over tune
2.3 - Chu-Chu's theme
2.4 - Outside Ambience
2.5 - Sewer Ambience
2.6 - Sinister tune
2.7 - Boss Battle 2

3.1 - Outside ambience2
3.2 - Yggdrasil theme (long version)
3.3 - Outside ambience3
3.4 - Gear dock ambience
3.5 - Emerelda's theme
3.6 - Zeboim ambience
3.7 - Outside ambience4

4.1 - Outside ambience5
4.2 - Battle theme
4.3 - Elly's theme
4.4 - Sad theme 
4.5 - Ghost ship ambience
4.6 - Underwater ambience
4.7 - Bledavik theme

5.1 - Elly's theme (sad version)
5.2 - World map theme
5.3 - Bart's theme
5.4 - Maria's theme
5.5 - Siebzehn's theme 
5.6 - Thames' theme
5.7 - Fei's theme

6.1 - Organ music
6.2 - Nortune prison theme
6.3 - Yggdrasil theme
6.4 - Shevat theme 
6.5 - Shevat theme
6.6 - Solaris theme
6.7 - Harpsicord music

7.1 - World map theme
7.2 - Krelian's theme
7.3 - Deus Battle music
7.4 - Blackmoon Forest theme
7.5 - Grahf's theme
7.6 - Id's theme
7.7 - Happy tune

8.1 - 'Hurry' tune
8.2 - Uneasy tune
8.3 - Nortune prison theme
8.4 - Blackmoon forest 
8.5 - Babel tower theme
8.6 - Same as above
8.7 - Card game win tune

9.1 - Sewer ambience2
9.2 - Dazil theme
9.3 - Yggdrasil theme
9.4 - Silence
9.5 - Blackmoon forest theme

Interesting Observation:

The jukebox occasionally plays tunes that do not exist. If it chooses 
such a tune there is just silence (e.g. tune 30).

Krelian: "Karel item?"

   1 - Gives you 99 Hob-Jerky.

   2 - 99 Fangs.

   3 - 99 Eyeballs.

   4 - 99 Scales.

   5 - 99 Hob-meat.
   6 - 99 Hob-Steaks & 99 Ivory.

   battle - Gives you all the best battle accessories (Not armour):
    ( 9 Economether
      9 WizadryRing
      9 HerculesRing
      9 Trader Card
      9 Longdarkcoat
      9 Body Guard
      9 Mind Guard  )

   next - Next page of goodies..
   quit - cancels. ("I see")   

(page 2)

   1 - 99 STR Drive.

   2 - 99 VIT Drive.

   3 - 99 ETH Drive.

   4 - 99 ETHDEF Drive.

   5 - 99 HP Drive.

   6 - 99 EP Drive.

   rea - Gives you all the best gear equipment:
   ( 9 Deathblower1
     9 Deathblower2
     9 Deathblower3
     9 Angel Ar S
     9 Pilot Shield
     9 Frame HP90
     9 FX Cleaner
     9 GNRS50
     9 Z Charger    )

   top - page 1.

   quit - cancels.

Margie: "mapedit1" "what?"

   evtflag - Lots of flags.. At least 60. I'll test them all later :(

   money - leads to:

     def - default money (100G)

     non - No money ("boo!boo!")

     yes - 9999999G 

   endstart - leads to:
              (All these options are flags in Nortune. It wil ask you for 
               your chosen prison rank after each one. To use these options,
               examine the door and choose 'KislevD', then 'def' after you've
               set the flag here).    

     mezame - D-Block after you've passed the 'baptism'.
     iinnkai - Hammer tells you that the new Doctor (Citan) has arrived.           
     daisennsei - On the way to Fei's first battling match.

     nightmear - Day 2 of Battling

     houmonn - Going to the sewers with Rico to investigate the murders

     akakikemono - Going to meet Rico in the dorm after solving the sewer murders.

     kennja - Battling final: Fei Vs Rico

     king - After beating Rico (Fei is the battling champ).

     hehito - After the Hecht raid.

     quit - Cancels.

   disk2 - ?

   format - Resets party to just Fei.

   quit - Cancel.

Karen: "mapedit2"

   aflag - Leads to:

      yamamichi - Citan and Fei walk back to D-Block after falling off the train.

      jiken -      These flags all seem to do the same thing. They all
    {"event"}      start at the point where Fei wakes up in D-block, or 

      kega -       when he meets Rico, depending on where you go.

      kakoowari - 

      organ - 

      next - back to previous menu.
      (blank) - resets menu?

   sflag - Leads to:

      taoshita - 

      jouhou -

      dashu - 

      kyuushitsu -

      hehito -

      koujou -

      ubatta -

      yug3 -

      last - 

      edit2 - previous menu
   format - Resets party to Fei (clears flags as well?)
   Quit - Cancel.

Roni: "evttest"

   feidream - leads to:

      1 - Inside Fei's mind watching the flashback of him playing ball with 
          his mum (before waking up in D-block).

      2 - Inside Fei's mind.. (this seems really messed up, though.)

   mezameD - Fei wakes up in D-Block.
   taimenn - Meeting Rico before the 'baptism'.

   sennrei - The 'Baptismal ceremony'.

   mezameB - Waking up after the 'Baptism'. (Choose your rank first).

   iinnkai - In Latina's  bar, talking to the battling commitee woman. (choose rank) 
 {"Chairman of the Commitee"}

   shitan - Hammer tells you about the new Doctor (Citan)
            (The first options here just choose what door you come in through,
             and you have to choose your rank again).
   shitanshippai - The collar bomb explodes killing everyone. Or does it..?
 {"Citan's mistake.."}

   next - next page of options

   quit - Cancels.


   battring - Hammer tells Fei that he's been signed up for Battling.

   shinngataki - Leads to: 
       iinnkai - First visit to the battling arena.
       toujouki - Looking at Weltall in the Battling gear dock.

   ookege - Fei wakes up after his battling accident.

   jikennshinnssou - Rico tells Fei that his men have been killed in the
   kenja - Fei fixes up Weltall, then wiseman appears..

   king - Fei is awarded the champ's room.

   shinngataki2 - Leads to:
       tower - Hammer divulges Weltalls location on the roof..
       minnka2 - Hammer divulges Weltalls location in the Doctors house.

   back - Page 1

   next - Next page

   quit - Exit.


   ples - Rico's friends ask you to save him.

   sennyuu - Leads to:
       start - Fei heads toward the train tower to escape.

       miokuri - Citan and Fei climb the tower.

       rakkago - Fei and Citan walk back through the tunnel after falling off 
                 the train..

   rankerattack - Rico comes face to face with a Rankar.

   shukusei - Fei climbs out of Weltall to greet Rico.

   kislevbroken - Leads to:
        saikai - Citan Fei and Elly meet with Hammer in the Doctors house..
        boo!boo! - Same as above, but the Doctor is not there. 

   back - Previous page

   top - Page 1

   quit - Exit.


   animset - Character animations viewer.

             Choose character, then:

             Choose direction to face (compass directions. "def" is 
             default direction for that animation. Usually facing out of the screen).

        Kyotsu - View standard movements:
  {"common/shared animations"}

           sonomama - View current characters general movements:
           {"Same person"}

              1 - Standing still

              2 - Walking.        
              3 - Running.

              4 - Jumping.

              5 - Nods head.

              6 - Shakes head.

              7 - Climbing a ladder.

              8 - Looking down, grinning.

              next - Page 2.

              menu - Back to first menu.

              PAGE 2

              1 - Standing still.

              2 - Small jump.

              3 - Knocking on a door.

              4 - Kneeling.

              5 - Half nods head.

              6 - Looks right.

              7 - Looks left.

           henkou - Choose character to view.

        senyou - View characters special animations.

                 Choose character to view:


              1 - page 1
                1 - Sitting down.
                2 - Sitting down, looking right.

                3 - Sitting down, looking left.

                4 - Sitting cross-legged.

                5 - Laying down (like he's been knocked out).

                6 - Rapidly nodding his head. A lot.

                7 - Shrugs his shoulders.

                8 - Sheepishly looks down at the ground..
              2 - page 2

                1 - Fighting stance, ready to pounce.

                2 - Same as above.

                3 - Same as above.

                4 - looks up with a blank expression..

                5 - Looks down.

                6 - Looks up+all around him.

                7 - Cramming food down his throat :)

              3 - page 3
                1 - submenu:
                    1 - painting.
                    2 - Stands back to admire his work.

                2 - submenu: (RPS game animations)
                    goo - Fei plays 'rock'.
                    choki - Fei plays 'scissors'.
                    par - Fei plays 'paper'.

                3 - Sitting down, arms folded across legs.

                4 - Turns round and looks at hands.

                5 - Pushes something.

                6 - Shrugs shoulders "Abe's Odyssey" style.

                7 - Leans back against the wall, looking sick.

              4 - page 4

                1 - Punches the wall.

                2 - Dives to the ground.

                3 - Crouching position.

                4 - Turns away, and opens hands.

                5 - Turns away, shakes fists, then punches.

                6 - Holds his head, then falls to the ground.

                7 - Facing forwards, holding head.

              5 - page 5

                1 - Nude Fei.

                2 - Fei loses his clothes and looks down.. (wouldn't you :) )

                3 - Fei punches the air.

                4 - Furrows his brow.
                5 - Falls on the floor, banging his head.

                6 - Dives to the floor.

                7 - collapsed face down.

              6 - page 6
                1 - Looks sad.

                2 - Holds his hands on his head ("duck!")

                3 - stoops down and holds something/somebody.

                4 - Shuffles along, face away from the camera.

                5 - Furrows brow again.

                6 - Gives a funny look and laughs.

                7 - Looks forwards, amazed..

              7 - page 7

                1 - Laying down, relaxing.

                2 - Moves forwards to kiss Elly.

                3 - Lying down, hand on face.

                4 - Lying down, takes hand away from his face.

                5 - Lifts up something.


              1 - page 1

                1 - Sits down.
                2 - Same as above.

                3 - Laughs his head off :)

                4 - Sitting down, looking left.

                5 - Same as above.
                6 - Sort of giggles/shrugs his shoulders.

                7 - Looks down/right at the floor.

                8 - Pushes a button or something.

              2 - page 2

                1 - Examines something in his hands.

                2 - Looks up.

                3 - Sits down, eating food.

                4 - Kneels down, operating some machine.

                5 - Crouches, pondering..

                6 - Pretends to be a zombie :) (shakes his out stretched arms..!?)

                7 - Shakes his arms standing up (typing?).

              3 - page 3

                1 - Pushes his glasses back up his nose.

                2 - Puts his finger on his nose, thinking.

                3 - Grabs his head..

                4 - Puts his glasses away - then pulls out his katana!

                5 - Stands, arms folded.

                6 - Same as above.               
                7 - Picks something up, then looks at it.

              4 - page 4

                1 - hair/clothes blow about in the wind.

                2 - Same as above, but loops.
                3 - Holds his arms out ("it was this big", etc..).

                4 - Puts his arms behind his back.


              1 - page 1

                1 - Points gun at Fei.

                2 - Walking, with gun aimed.

                3 - Gets knocked to the ground.

                4 - Rolls over on the ground.

                5 - Fighting stance.

                6 - Sits down, eating?

                7 - Shrugs her shoulders ("I don't know"..)

                8 - Sits down.

              2 - page 2
                1 - Collapsed on floor North-South.

                2 - Kneeling down.

                3 - Arms folded, giggling madly..

                4 - Puts her hands to her mouth ("Oh no!")
                5 - Shyly covers her face with her hand.

                6 - Crouching, nude.

                7 - Curled up, nude.

              3 - page 3 

                1 - Nude, facing forward (NO, it's not like that, you perv.. :) 

                2 - Nude - arms raised, mouth open in shock (no wonder).

                3 - Sitting casually on the floor.

                4 - like above, but eyes closed, simpering..

                5 - Arms folded, looking South-East.

                6 - Same as above.

                7 - Same as above.

              4 - page 4

                1 - Holds her hands to her mouth, shaking her head, then holds out
                    her arms ("No, no, not me").

                2 - Looks Left, then picks up something.

                3 - Blinks.

                4 - Fighting stance.

                5 - Same as above.

                6 - Holding hands to her mouth.

                7 - Sort of kurtsying.

              5 - page 5

                1 - Falling over.

                2 - Collapses into sitting position (after being slapped).

                3 - Sitting on the floor again.

                4 - Laying down, looks up.

                5 - Laying in bed, covered by the blanket.

                6 - In bed, sits up.

                7 - Laying down on floor, shakes head.

              6 - page 6

                1 - Bent over, bleeding from her wounds.

                2 - Embraces Fei.


              1 - page 1

                1 - Swimming.

                2 - Sitting down.

                3 - Sitting down, looking right.

                4 - Sitting down, looking left.

                5 - Sitting cross-legged.

                6 - Sitting down, shakes head.

                7 - Collapsed on the floor.

                8 - Laughing.

              2 - page 2

                1 - Small jump ("tadaa!")

                2 - Laughs, then holds head with his hand.

                3 - Fighting stance.

                4 - Sitting on floor, cross legged, tapping fingers on his knee.

                5 - Shows his muscles.

                6 - Puts his hand on his head ("Oh no"..)

                7 - Looks down at the floor.

              3 - page 3 

                1 - Sitting down, doing something with his hands..

                2 - Leans forward, like he's about to sprint.

                3 - Raises his fists.

                4 - Arms outstretched.

                5 - Turning a wheel?

                6 - Arms stratched out to the sides ("I don't know..")

                7 - Pats his head.

              4 - page 4

                1 - Puts his hand to the side of his head.

                2 - Puts his hand to his head, then drops it.

                3 - Puts his right arm up.

                4 - Smashes something with his fist.

                5 - Looks down, pondering..

                6 - Scratches his nose.

                7 - Puts his hand on his head ("Doh!").


                I think I am right in saying that Chu-Chu has no special animations.
                All her options do nothing.


              1 - page 1

                1 - Nude, in  nanomachine reactor.
                2 - Crouched on the floor.

                3 - Crouching, looking East.

                4 - Stands from crouching.

                5 - Picks up something.

                6 - Sitting down.

                7 - Sitting, looking right.

                8 - Sitting looking left.

              2 - page 2

                1 - Laying on the floor.

                2 - Winks her eye.

                3 - Nods/giggles.                

                4 - Standing, left foot back.

                5 - Same as 2.

                6 - Sort of giggles.

                7 - Shrugs shoulders.

              3 - page 3

                1 - stomps her foot. (This seems to hang the game?) 

              Adult Emerelda:
              1 - page 1

                1 - Sits down.

                2 - Sits fown looking right.

                3 - Sits down looking left.

                4 - Laying on the floor.
                5 - Standing arms crossed.
                6 - Fighting stance (foot back, arms raised).

                7 - Looks up.

                8 - Looks down.
                9 - Sitting down.

              1 - page 1

                1 - Sitting down.

                2 - Sitting down, looking right.

                3 - Sitting down, looking left.

                4 - Sitting on the floor.

                5 - Sitting, shaking her head.

                6 - Sitting, head in her hands.

                7 - Giggles, hand on her mouth.
                8 - Sits down on the floor.

              2 - page 2

                1 - Covers her eyes with her hands.

                2 - Puts her fists up, ready to fight.

                3 - Sits on the floor. Her hair gets blown about.

                4 - Stands, leaning against something.

                5 - Looking up.

                6 - Looks down at the floor.

                7 - Sits down, laughing.


              1 - page 1

                1 - Sits down.

                2 - Sits down, looking right.

                3 - Sits down, looking left.

                4 - Sitting cross-legged.

                5 - collapsed on the floor.

                6 - Laughing.
                7 - Shocked!

                8 - Nods his head.

              2 - page 2

                1 - Fighting stance.

                2 - Looks up.

                3 - Looks down.

                4 - Shakes his arm and then talks?

                5 - Dives to the ground.

                6 - Same as above.

                7 - Faces away and shakes his fists.

              3 - page 3

                1 - Sits down, shrugging his shoulders.

           NOTE: Rico has some invisible menus, but all of them hang 
                 the game.


              1 - page 1

                1 - Sitting down.

                2 - Sitting down, looking right.
                3 - Sitting down, looking left.
                4 - Sitting cross-legged.
                5 - Sitting, shaking his head.

                6 - Collapsed on the floor.

                7 - Laughing.

                8 - Jumps.

              2 - page 2

                1 - Covers his face with his hand.

                2 - Fighting stance.

                3 - Twirls his gun.

                4 - Hand on his gun, ready to draw.

                5 - Drinking something.

                6 - Looking down, grinning.

                7 - Sitting down, laughing.

              3 - page 3 

                1 - Driving?

                2 - Looking at something on the ground.
                3 - Hits something.
                4 - Loads his gun into the back of his cape.

        houkou - Change direction character is facing.

        quit - Cancels.
   battring - The battling arena when Fei fights Leonard and Weltall spontaneously 

   yug4 - Bart's "Super Dimensional Gear" fights the "Ft. Hurricane" boss.

   ellie - Elly fights Mugwort and the other gear at the 'cruxifiction' scene.

   quit - Cancels

Door: "where?"

   kislevA - A funny message.. (You must set a flag where Fei is the 
             battling champ).

   kislevD - Leads to:

      def - Standing behind the guard in D-Block, Nortune.

      shukushaima - Kitchen of prison dorm. (first option sets which door you
                    enter through).

      shukushaitem - The useless cupboard in the prison dorm.

      shukushashinnshitsu - Fei wakes up in the prison for the first time.

      shukushayokushitsu - In the prison shower room. 

      kyoukai1 - D-Block orphanage.

      kyoukai2 - Upstairs of the Orphanage.

      ber - Latina's Bar.

      next - next page

      quit - cancel

      PAGE 2


   pastevt - Leads to:
             (PAGE 1)
             shouzounoma - Fei dreams of when he painted Elly's picture as Lacan.
                           (At Taura's house).

             daiseidou - Lacan talks to Krelian in Nisan cathedral. (At Krelian's
                         address in Solaris).

             nisannmachi - Lacan talks to Krelian about his study of nanotechnology.

             kennkyuujo - Krelian and Karen talk about Fei in front of a embryonic 

             ronitaishou - Leads to:

                       1 - Roni talks to Fei about painting Sophia.

                       2 - The same scene - but you can CONTROL FEI! 

             monolog - A VERY interesting set of options. I'll have to go through
                       these in a later update.

             gennsho - Leads to:

                     1 - The crash site of Deus "Kadomony".

                     2 - As above, but you can control Fei again!

             mahanonn - Elly and Margie talk about Fei on the balcony in Nisan.

             next - next page.

             quit - cancels.

             (PAGE 2)

             rahann - (Dosen't work?)

             aisurumono - Leads to:

                        1 - Sophia in the Yggdrasil infirmary bed.

                        2 - (dosen't appear to work..)

             hametsu - Leads to:

                     1 - Lacan talks to Elly/Miang in the Shevat prison.

                     2 - Same as above, but the game effectively hangs when the prison 
                         scene ends. 

             setsugenn - Leads to:

                     1 - Lacan arrives at the Zohar modifier.

                     2 - The same scene, but you control Lacan.

             gorugodagisei - Leads to:

                     1 - Krelian has "a crisis of faith" :).

                     2 - Game freezes on a scene from the above..

             gorugodakyouki - Leads to:

                     1 - Grahf/Lacan vows to "destroy the world".

                     2 - Same as No.2 of the previous option.

             ekusubrig - Leads to:

                     1 - Sophia on her suicidal attack on the Merkava. Then the game

                     2 - Sophia on the bridge of the burning ship.

             back - previous page.

             (PAGE 3)
             shouzounoma2 - Leads to:

                     1 -  Lacan tells Sophia that he can't paint her anymore.

                     2 - Lacan painting, then the scene where Krelian leaves for

             shouzounoma3 - leads to:

                     1 - Fei talks with Krelian about his inability to paint Sophia.

                     2 - Same as option 2 of 'shouzounoma2'.

             ronitaishou2 - Leads to:

                     1 - Krelian talks of his 'wild past' (the irony, eh?).

                     2 - The above scene, but you can walk about again.

             nisannmachi2 - leads to:
           {"Nisan Town2"}
                     1 - Krelian talking to Lacan about his study of nanomachines. Again.

                     2 - The above scene but you can walk around again. (Weird thing:
                         if you head to the bottom of the town you'll find Margie?)

             daiseidou2 - Leads to:

                     1 - Sophia talks about "faith in God".

                     2 - The same scene, but you can control Lacan. (Note that rather
                         symbolically Krelian is standing in the circle of light..)

             kennkyuujo - Leads to:
           {"investigate everywhere"}

                     1 - Miang and Krelian discuss the nanomachine virus.

                     2 - Krelian and Karen talk in front of an embryonic Ramsus.
   subworld - Nortune map screen.

   mapno0 - Leads to:

          katou - Katou debug room.

          etou - Etou debug room.

          kazoumi - Kazoumi debug room.

          toshiaki - toshiaki debug room.

          tane - tane debug room.

          koumoto - koumoto debug room.

          kigoshi - kigoshi debug room.

          uchimichi - uchimichi debug room.

          matsuhara - matsuhara debug room.

          mapnodoor - Main debug room.

   quit - Cancel.

ROOM 10 - "matu"
==== ==    ====
(Citan's House)


Dan: "menu"

 exit - Cancels.

 dajill - Leads to:

    exit - Cancel.

    gear's remains - Looking at an Excavation site in Dazil.

    new entry - Entering Dazil for the first time.

    as free - Dazil at the start of the game.

    after the Shakhan's adjustment - Dazil towards the end of the game.

 wc[] - Leads to:

    exit - Cancels

    Fein in injury - Visit to the Ethos HQ with Fei in a coma (game crashes?)

    as free - Ethos HQ

    houin, after charch broken - Ethos HQ after the massacre.

    secret of charch - In the base under the Ethos HQ.

    work - In secret base again.

 schebat[] - Leads to:

    [][][][]keru - Cancels.
    [][][]shebato erebe-ta shafuto1 - First room of the Shevat emergency shaft 
         {Shevat elevator shaft1"}    dungeon.
    [][][]shebato erebe-ta shafuto2 - Second floor of Shevat emergency shaft.
        {"Shevat elevator shaft2"}

    [][][]shebato erebe-ta shafuto3 - Stairs leading up in emergency tunnel.
        {"Shevat elevator shaft3"}

    [][][]shebato erebe-tashafuto4 - Tops of stairs in Emergency tunnel.
        {"Shevat elevator shaft4"}

    [][][]shebato erebe-tashafuto5 - On lift before the annoying "windmill" section.
        {"Shevat elevator shaft5"}

    [][][]shebato erebe-tashafuto[][]1 - Second "Windmill" section.
        {"Shevat elevator shaft 1"}
    [][][]shebato erebe-tashafuto[][]2[] - Arriving at the first "windmill" section 
        {"Shevat elevator shaft  2"}       mentioned earlier. 

 melkaber - Leads to: (also changes party to Fei, Bart, Elly)

    [][][][]keru - Cancels.

    [][][]merukaba-[][][][]mashipu - ?

    [][][]merukaba-[][][][]mashipusono2 - The entrance to Merkava.
    [][][]merukaba-hanikamu[][]mashipu - The hexagonal map part of the final dungeon
    [][][]merukaba-shafuto mashipu - Standing above the windy shaft in Merkava.

    [][][]merukaba-[][]shinapusumashipu - Standing on top of one of the
                                          bridge control mechanisms
                                          in the final dungeon.

    [][][]merukaba-[][][]2-1 mashipu - Inside one of the side tunnels in the 
                                       final dungeon.

    [][][]merukaba-[][][]2-2 mashipu - Inside another side tunnel.

    [][][]merukaba-shafuto mashipusono2[] - Falling down the tunnel in Merkava.
 the history of human racing - Leads to:

    [][][][]keru - Cancel.

    [][][][][][]no[][] - Sophia asks Lacan to paint a portrait of her.

    [][][][][]no[][]/giakokupishito - Krelian in his gear fighting against

    [][][]rakasono[]mi - ??

    [][][][][]no[]/sofuia wo - Krelian talking to Sophia after a gear battle.

    [][][][][]no[]karerrurenno[]ri[] - Krelian is shocked to find 
                                       Sophia unconscious
                                       under Lacan's "protection".

    [][][]rahan[]/gura-futofei - Wiseman carries Fei's body to Chief Lee.
 houin -  Leads to:

   [][][][]keru - Cancel.

   [][][]FIX1:fei no[][]shita[][] - Gazelle ministry discussing Fei whilst
                                    he is in Nortune prison. 

   [][][]FIX2:[][]kaisotono[][] - The Gazelle ministry discussing Ramsus' pursuit of 
                                  Fei (after the Goliath is shot down).

   [][][]FIX3:"[][]"no[][][][] - The Gazelle Ministry send the Wels down onto the

   [][][]FIX4:[][]surukarerureso - The Ministry talk with Krelian about his 

   [][][]FIX5:mahasheso[][]suru - The Ministry are dismayed to see Fei and Co contact

   [][][]FIX6:[][]raheru ramusasu - Ramsus is "cussed bad" by the Ministry for 
                                    his never ending mistakes.

   [][][]FIX7:"[]"no"[][][]" - Krelian tells the Ministry of the "mother's" 

   [][][]FIX8:idono[][]meto[][] - The Ministry talk to Krelian about Ramsus, and
                                  the "key".

   [][][]FIX9:kiteita, fei - Krelian talks with the Ministery about Fei surviving
                             being shot down by Ramsus. 

   [][][]FIX10:rimishita-[][]saru - The Ministery discuss the plague of mutations
                                    appearing on the Earth.

   [][][][]nope-jihe - Leads to:

      [][][][]keru - Cancels.

      [][][]FIX11:[][]tokaisono[][][] - Cain 'zaps' the ministry.

      [][][]FIX12:miasoheno[][][][] - The ministry plot to 
                                      assasinate Cain.

      [][][]FIX13:ramusasu[]ti[]mu[] - The ministry aren't pleased with Ramsus.

      [][][]FIX15:ge-teiano[][][] - The "gaetia key" is used.

      [][][]FIX16:<[][][][]>no[][] - Krelian "pulls the plug" on the ministry..

--+4. Frequently Asked Questions +---------------------------------------------

Q. How do I get to the other debug rooms that you talk about?

A: Talk to the mutant in the first debug room. A menu of places will appear.
These are the other rooms. 

Q. I want to watch all the FMV films. How can I do this?

A: Go to the "Saito" debug room. Talk to sophia behind the bar (use the service 
window) and choose the "moviemode" option. Refer to the main guide for the different

Q. What's all this about a hidden music video?

A: There is a secret FMV in Xenogears that plays the song 'Star of tears', whilst
displaying a selection of FMV scenes in the background. The song was previously
thought to have only been included in the Xenogears soundtrack CD, but it was
really hidden here all along..
To watch it, Go to "saito" debug room, talk to Sophia, choose "moviemode", and
play page 3, movie 7 (DISK 2 ONLY).

Q. How can I get all those 'drive' items?

A: Go to "Saito" room and talk to Krelian. Now select "next page" and choose 
from the list of numbers. (refer to the main guide to see what each one is).

Q. I want to listen to the music. Can I?

A: There are two music players. Talk to the bearcow in the main debug room to
bring up a music player. Refer to the guide for the actual tunes. 
The other music player is in "Saito" room, talk to Sophia and select "musicmode".

Q. I want to hear all the funny things the characters say when they 
win/lose at the card game. How do I do this?

A: Go debug room 7 (Koumoto). Talk to the little girl to the 
North-East. You'll have to refer to the main guide for how to use the 
options as there's no visible text here.

Q. I selected an option and the screen went red. Why did the game crash?

A: You have selected an option that leads to a scene or event on the other disk.
You'll have to try again with the other disk in.

Q. I want to to watch the full ending, but you can only see the first half in the 
Saito room. How can I see it all?

A: This is somewhat tricky. There is no way to directly view the ending of the game
in the debug room, but you can get pretty damned close. 

To see the ending you'll need this:

1. Disc 2 in (natch)
2. Xenogears (or at least a buffed up Weltall-2).

The key thing here is having a reasonably tough gear for Fei, although it doesn't 
matter that much which model it is, but you'll want to be able to access
infinity attack mode, so you'l want at least Weltall-2.
The best thing is just to start from a save near the end of disc 2.

Now, go to the dokodemo door. Choose DD#719. You'll now be at the very end of the 
game talking to Krelian. You'll have nicely skipped fighting Deus, but you still
have to beat the annoying Urobulous. If you've got a reasonable gear then 
basically you can't lose, just keep wacking away on infinity mode, and you'll
see the ending. 

--+5. Debug item +-------------------------------------------------------------

The debug item is a unique item which cannot be gained even in the debug room.
Simply put it gives you practically every item in the game, including itself
and the companion 'debug skill' item. 

This code was created by Ignacio Lucas and Kao Megura as part of their excellent
Xenogears FAQ, so all the credit must go them for creating such a useful code.
The debug item is the ideal complement to the debug room, as the facilities of
the debug room let you easily overcome any of the problems it can potentially create.

This is principly explained at the start of the FAQ in the codes section, so
for the code and usage instructions, look there. The item will appear in the
bottom left of the inventory, so it needs to replace and existing item. 
Therefore you should a) make sure there is an item there (especially in a 
new game), and b) make sure it is NOT a rare item!

One problem with the code is that it will overwrite all rare items in your
inventory leaving you with none of them, so if you are at a stage in the
game where a specific item is needed, DO NOT use the code, or you will lose
it forever. It doesn't matter if you overwrite the key items later as they 
become useless anyway, but you can potentially ruin the game if you do so
too soon.

Once you have the debug item, simply use it on any character.

This item can cause absolute havoc with the game if you're not careful, but
at the same time it's incredibly useful. Gain it by using the debug item first,
then use it on each character that you want to learn all their deathblows.
However, this is where a SERIOUS problem occurs; every time it is used it 
puts ALL the characters into your party, including two versions of Citan and
Doesn't sound so bad, eh? But the thing is that whenever you enter a shop and
try to (say) buy gear parts, the game will try to display all the character 
portraits, and the extra two will crash the game. (I think this also happens
on 'regular' character select screens, like Margie in the Yggdrasil).
For this reason you need to reassemble your global party in the debug room
AFTER you've given everyone the debug skill that you intended to.
You then need to use Margie's options to fix this bug (see the "Ultimate party"
tip in the miscellaneous section for step by step instructions to do this).


As well as all the regular items, the debug item will also give you several totally
unique items to play around with a large percent of these are useless, but there are
several totally usuable items that add an extra Final Fantasy-esque dimension to
battles that is rather interesting considering Square clearly decided to leave out
these tested abilities.
All the usable unique items can be sold for 25G each, except the 'option' item,
which is worth nothing, so cannot be sold. This also goes for the 'placeholder'
weapons. The useless accessories also cannot be sold except the coin of fate which
is worth 100G.

GENERAL ITEMS: Unique items and use 
(items with {M} can be used in the menu. The rest are battle only items.)

Weak vs wind     -     Makes character weak against wind?

Weak vs Eartw    -     Presumably as above but with Earth.

Weak vs Fire     -     ""  Fire

Weak vs Water    -     ""  Water.

Stop!            -     Freezes character (just like 'stop' in FF games).

Sleep!           -     

Weakling         -     

Confusion        -     Confuses character

Armor loss       -     

EXP Ball         -     

Combo Ball       -     ?

Omni {M}         -

option           -

EQUIPMENT ITEMS:   (item/effect)

Plain ClotheP    -    +0 on everything (useless)

Plain Clothes    -    as above.

LegendaryRobk    -    +0 defence, but claims to raise defense when allies are KO'd.

Coin of Fate     -    ???

{Blank}          -    Nothing.

PlainheadweaR    -    Nothing.

Men's Hat        -    Nothing.


Ladies' DresP    -    Nothing.

PlainHeadweaW    -    Nothing.

Ladies' BonneB   -    Nothing.

Stellar Cap      -    Nothing.

BART'S WEAPONS:  (item/attack power)

baruto yobi     -     Nothing...

CITAN'S WEAPONS:  (item/attack power)

shitan yobi      -    Nothing.

{blank}          -    Nothing.

BILLY'S WEAPONS: (item/attack power)

biri yobi        -    Nothing.

GEAR ACCESSORIES: (item/effects)

{blank}          -     Nothing.

Customiser       -     (?)  

Hex              -     (?)  

Wind Stone       -     (?)  

Earth Stone      -     (?)  

Fire Stone       -     (?)
Water Stone      -     (?)

Energy Saver     -     Dissappointingly doesn't seem to do anything.

{blank}          -    "Increases Guard's Restore" ?

F Circuit        -    Nothing

G Circuit        -      ""

{X} Circuit+1    -      ""

{X} = A-G. C+1 actually appears in the game normally, but the others are 
not used.

ELLY'S GEAR WEAPONS: (item/attack power)

{Blank1}         -    +74 Attack

{Blank2}         -    +90 Attack

{Blank3}         -    +108 Attack (this is Elly's best weapon!)

BART'S GEAR WEAPONS: (item/attack power)

{Blank1}         -    +68 Attack

{Blank2}         -    +80 Attack

{Blank3}         -    +100 Attack

{Blank4}         -    +110 Attack

{Blank5}         -    +120 Attack (Bart's best weapon)

{Blank6}         -    Nothing

{Blank7}         -    Same as above.

BILLY'S GEAR WEAPONS: (item/attack power)

{Blank}          -    Nothing (no ammo anyway)

The 'placeholder' weapons for Bart, Citan and Billy can all be equipped,
and in this case then damage done is merely decided by that characters'
existing attack statistics. However, as Bily's 'biri yobi' has no ammo it 
cannot be used.

--+6. Miscellaneous +----------------------------------------------------------

The ULTIMATE Xenogears party
--- -------- --------- -----

Right, you've seen it, done and got the t-shirt. You've looked at every debug
option, laughed at every weird thing and seen every secret. Here's how to get 
the absolute best items, character skills, etc... basically EVERYTHING. And
even better still the game will be (virtualy) crash proof.
You will need: Levelled up characters. 

               The debug joker code on.

               The debug item code on.

               The Yggdrasil (you need to be on it. You can get round that though)               

Optional:      Disc 2. (a saved game on it)


Anyway, the best use for this is for a party near the end of the game, 
probably on disc 2. However, if you're a naughty sort you can use this 
to absolutely breeze through the game from the start.


1. Start off by loading your saved game (for arguements sake). Hold select down
and enter the lift in the Yggdrasil (any room will do, but this one is 
nicely 'mess up' proof). Now you'll be in the main debug room. 

2. Go to the menu, and use up any 'drive' items and other permanent bonuses you 
may have on your characters. Now use the 'debug item' item on any character.
You'll recieve 10 of a huge array of items, many of which aren't in the game.

3. Now give your current 3 characters one 'debug skill' each. 

4. Next talk to Margie. Select 'partchange', and choose your next 3 characters.
If you're towards the end of the game, then skip Citan, and emerelda (if you've 
got the Adult Emerelda), and choose the '2' version of them. 

5. Give this next set of 3 characters one 'debug skill' each. 

6. Now talk to Margie as before, but this time select the next three
characters, and give them one 'debug skill'. 

7. Keep doing this until everyone has had a debug skill given to them (but
remember that you only want one version of Citan/Emerelda). When you run low
on debug skills, just use the debug item again to get 10 more.

8. Now talk to Margie again. This time choose 'memberchange', then 'new'.
Then choose Fei, Elly, and Bart. 

9. Repeat, but this time choose 'plus' instead of 'new'. Now go through all
the other characters, remembering to choose only ONE version of Citan and

10. Now go to the 'Suzuki' debug room. Talk to the little girl on the right, and
choose 'jump'. You'll now be back in the Yggdrasil (or where ever you were 
previously). Now check your status screen, and you'll see that everyone has
all their deathblows. Also, by this method you'll get Elly back after she is
removed from the party. (Note: Fei can only use his Yamikei deathblow at level
80 usually).

THE YGGDRASIL. Instead, you will need to use an option in the debug room that puts
you in a similar area to where you were previously.


1. Go to Saito debug room.

2. Talk to Margie. Choose 'money'. Choose 'yes'. You'll now have 9999999G.


1. Go to Saito debug room.

2. Talk to Krelian. Choose 'next'. Choose '1'. Now keep repeating this, but 
each time choosing a different number on the second page. 

3. You'll have 99 of every drive item, so keep feeding them to everyone until
they can kill Deus with their little fingers.

You could also use the 'debug item' to get that many, but you can only have 10 of 
each at a time with that method, which is extremely annoying..


1. Use the 'debug item' on anyone. 

2. Now check everyone's inventory, and you'll have 10 of EVERY weapon and armour
including some you couldn't get in the game previously.

Note: If you feed everyone Drives until their stats are maxed then essentially 
there is no need for armour, just give them 'effect' items like the Holy pendant
or ether doublers. Also, once at max, characters attack stat can still be
boosted over the limit with items like the 'longdarkcoat'.

5) LEVELLING UP (from a New Game)

This is principally for if you started from a new game and want everyone 
kicking ass from day 1. 

1. In Lahan get the debug item by using the code and buying an item to place in
the bottom left of you inventory to actually make the debug item appear. Use it
to get all the items.

2. Now use the debug skill item on Fei and then go to the debug room.
Sort out the party as mentioned on the deathblows section above so that you
don't end up with everyone in your party (also you'll want to go through
everyone with the 'partychange' option and give them debug skill).
Now use 'memberchange' to set the party to just Fei, Citan and possibly 
someone else (remember, Citan *1*).

3. Follow the 'max stats' section as before to make the nexth bit easier.

4. Give everyone you're currently using a 'HerculesRing'.

5. Equip Weltall with 3 GNRS50s.

6. Go to 'Uchimichi debug room'. Talk to the top left little girl, and choose
'doa2'. You'll now be in anima dungeon one inside a computer room. Our objective
here is to fight the 'deathblow eater' enemies. They're quite rare though, so
you may end up fighting the harder (at the moment anyway) defensers. 

7a. If you get a Death Eater, then just keep wacking it with normal attacks.
As long as you do this he won't attack at all hardly, and if he does he'll 
just drain some EP or a tiny amount of HP. Use the extra power of Fei's gear
if he's weak on foot, but if you've used all the drive items it might be better
just to have him fight on foot too.

7b. If you fight the Defensers  Use the 'Tragiedienne' item on Citan and anyone else on 
foot that you brought along. Now just keep using 'defend' on the 'dead' people's turn,
and keep attacking with Fei in his gear (best to use Triangle and Square attacks, as X 
will usually miss).
This way you can kill them fairly easily with even the weak Weltall and the 
characters playing dead will receive full experience without getting a single scratch
(apart from the 1/2 HP attack).

8. Rinse and repeat until you're at a decent level, and either find some harder enemies to
fight, or go to the next step

9. Now go back to the main debug room. Use Margie's options to set your global 
party back to just Fei, then go to the far left door, answer 'yes', and you'll
be back in Lahan. 

Weird Things:
----- ------

One very strange thing I have found in the debug room is a number of options
that let you actually explore scenes and areas in the game that you would 
otherwise be a mere spectator in. Here is a list of these strange options:

Sato room/Roni Fatima/feidream/2 - Fei's dream/flashback of him playing ball
                                   with his Mum.

Sato room/door/pastevt/ronitaishou/2 - Lacan and Co. eating dinner around a camp fire.

Sato room/door/pastevt/gennsho/2 - Lacan arriving at the Zohar modifier.

Sato room/door/pastevt/ronitaishou2/2 - Camp fire scene again.

Sato room/door/pastevt/nisannmachi2/2 - Lacan talking with Krelian in Nisan.

Sato room/door/pastevt/daiseidou2/2 - Sophia preaching in Nisan cathedral.

Tane room/dog1/[][][][]seirugeritsuji - Planning room cutscene in Shevat. 

* Dokodemo door option #042 - The Dora(?) 

Try looking around these areas and you'll find some very strange 
things. For example, in the scene with Lacan and Krelian talking about
Nanomachines, you'll find Margie standing by the entrance to Nisan. 
In the scene in the game she is not only never shown - but according 
to the story line she is not even born for hundreds of years later..
Some other scenes also feature strange camera angle changes if you 
wonder into certain areas, as if originally the scene was playable.

* Dokodemo Door #042 is just a test room for the NPC artificial intelligence.
It isn't a proper debug room, it's just to test out routines for characters
to follow and avoid the player (like the hobgobs near the start of the game).
There's not much to see or do, and the dialogue boxes don't do anything.
(Incidentally it's a weird sort of 'outdoor' scene with a cannon and a 
cannon ball suspended in midair).

Song Lyrics:
---- ------
The secret music video song


Your fingertips Moving gently to my heart
The force of Life goes on and on
The song remains
Like a haunting melody
Of angel music held in chains

And I ask you
Can we ease the pain of those who lost
(The force of life goes on)
Can we know the cause of all this sorrow
(Tears of Loneliness)
Can we catch the tears of a broken world
Falling down upon the earth...

The waves of time take me deeper into you
A haze as blue as summer skies
And turn to find
The key will not unlock the door
This broken bird away it flies


Thanks go to Alex Cherchukov for sending me these aaaaages go, but I've only 
got round to putting it in after a few people asked me for the lyrics. 

--+7. Copyright Notice/Contact info/Thanks/Etc..+------------------------------

This FAQ was written totally by Andrew Dean. This guide is all my own work and
is simply a compilation of everything I have found. As such it may not
necessarily be totally accurate, and so does not claim to be 100% correct, although 
the upmost measures were taken to be accurate.

FAQ 1999 Andrew Dean   (

Playstation is Copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc 1999
Xenogears is 1998 Square Soft Inc.
All other trademarks (if any) are acknowledged.

This FAQ can be freely distributed AS LONG AS it is done so in IT'S ENTIRETY and
is unaltered. This FAQ CANNOT be used commercially or otherwise reprinted or
incorporated into any commercial medium. It is FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY.

If you want to put this FAQ on your site, please ask permission first. I'm not
likely to say no, I would just like to know where it's been spread to so I
can send you updates as they become available.

If you use information from this FAQ (in particular UNIQUE information), then please
give me some credit. 

Remember, this is my work. I DO NOT expect to see it copied word for word in some
third rate computer games magazine (unless you want to pay me lots of money..).

^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^
What do you think? Found something interesting? 
Then you can send me mail at:

Please bear in mind that I cannot afford constant internet access and so may
only be able to check my mail once a week. You will get a reply!

This FAQ will always be available from these sites: (Absolute Playstation)

It may be available from other sites, but these are the priority 

In particular, my site will always have the latest version, so check 
here before you ask a question (there may be a new version that hasn't
yet been updated on Gamefaqs, etc).

"""""" ""

Ramsus85 - For making the debug code in the first place.

'shdwRlm3' - For telling me about the movie player and the music video.

Alex Cherchukov - For coming up with the Gameshark code solution.(And not getting
                  angry with me for blatantly mis-spelling his name :) ) Also for 
                  sending me the lyrics to  'Star Of Tears'.

BlurYameneko - For sending me his huge list of Dokodemo door option findings,
               and for general help and advice. Also for reminding me of
               Elly's Mum's name. Make sure you read his Chrono Cross 
               boss guide at :) 

Dean Connell - For his help with a load of incredibly useful gameshark codes,
               most notably the indispensable joker code for Xenogears that saved 
               my sanity (not to mention back) from having to constantly get up to flip
               my AR switch every 10 seconds. Read his Xplorer codes FAQ at 

Kao Megura - The debug item code was borrowed from his excellent (if sadly unfinished)
             Xenogears FAQ.


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