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Blood of Zeon
Written By: Duo Maxwell and JL Lee

Blood of Zeon FAQ V0.1

This FAQ is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy incomplete. If you have anything you want
me to add, E-mail me!

SYSTEM:Sony Playstation (Japan)                                        
TITLE:Zeon No Somethingorother                                            
FEATURES:Videos straight from the original Gundam 
KNOWLEDGE LEVEL OF JAPANIESE:High!                                         
ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE:Depends on how good you are               
NUMBER OF DISCS:2                                                          
MEMORY CARD:3-? Blocks                                                     
ANALOG CONTROLLER COMPATIBLILITY:?                                         
POCKETSTATION OPTION:No                                                    
 Well at last I got this game. Time for another FAQ. This FAQ/Walkthrough  
is for and ONLY for people who have brains. DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS THAT   
ARE ALREADY ANSWERED, thankyou.                                            
 Stealing any of the work from this FAQ/Walkthrough will not be tolerated. 
If you don't give me any credit for this work you can try to create your   
own FAQ/Walkthrough. If for any reason I find any of your FAQ/Walkthrough  
material similar to mine and if you don't even post my name on the credits 
section of your FAQ/Walkthrough, I will personally make your life like hell
if I ever find you. This FAQ/Walkthrough can be reproduced, retransmitted, 
and redistributed as long as the contents of this FAQ/Walkthrough are      
untouched, unedited, unmodified, unmutilated, and unpirated. This          
FAQ/Walkthrough can only be redistributed and obtained in its entirely     
original format. You may not edit or update this FAQ/Walktrough for any    
reason. Do not make any money out of my work by selling printouts of the   
FAQ/Walkthrough or by using any of the material from this work as part of  
your magazine articles.                                                    
 If this FAQ/Walkthrough is posted on a webpage, E-mail me and you will be 
added to my E-mail list so you can get the most updated versions first and 
I will know how many people and webpages have this FAQ on their site, it   
really helps.                                                              
A. General Information
B. Battles
C. Strategy
D. Special Thanks/Contact Information

A. General Information


Main Menu Translation:

Information - See Information about stuff
            - Invest in Spies
Army - Stuff with your Army
Development - Invest money in technology
            - Invest money in MS
            - Invest money in MA
            - Create new weapons/MS/MA
Domestic Relations - See how your friendship level with others is.
                   - To increase your friendship level, you can help them
                     out by paying them funds
                   - You can get money from them too, BUT you lower your
                     friendship level
Setup - Setup Stuff
Save - Duh
Special (Plans) - Execute suggested plans
        (Enzetsu) - raises morale (can only be used once per turn)
End - End of Huge Turn

* This game is unlike G-Generation Zero or Super Robot Wars, it fits under
its own category. This is a STRATEGY game, you won't find so easy to beat
the enemy, it requires PATIENCE and THINKING.
* You start out with several main bases that are capable of producing 
* You can invest in development in 150-600 (insert currency here) per turn.
The more you invest, the higher the bar goes. If you reach the end of the
bar you earn a level.
* There are only certain units that are able to penetrate the ozone layer
(mother ships and some MA/MS). 
* 3 Things to keep in mind, this is LIKE A REAL WAR. Build, Mobilize, and
* There are 2 types of money. The Green and the Blue. The Green is the
money you can spend to buy MS and stuff. The Blue is for investments.
B. Battles
Wohooo this is hard.
Okay you move to your enemy's blue/red square. Most of the time they have
units stationed there resulting in a battle.
* The battles are 5-miniturns per 1-huge turn. Like in real life, the
battles are fought while others are fought too.
The Flow of Battle 
1. Your Turn to Mobilize
2. Fight
3. Thier Turn to Mobilize
4. Fight
5. Goto 1
* You win if there are only your units left.
* At the beggining of a battle, your units are on those hexagons with
squares in them. You start mobilizing them to the nearest hexagon with the
enemy's symbol on it.
* You can't unload troops from your mother ship if the mother ship has

Q. What are those lines?
A. Those lines are "roads". They increase the movement of your troops if you
annex a hex(ones with symbols on them).

C. Strategy
* I recommend doing all of the "Suggested Plans"
* ALWAYS invest in the units that are creatable. ALWAYS invest in MS
* It is VERY WISE to move all of your units at a time unless you're open to
attacks by the enemy. You're going for gold. Defenders never win.

* It is wise to put 3 units on one square. That way they can do 3 times the 
dammage while getting around 1/2 the dammage. 
* When you have 3 units to the square, they form a squadron. Each squadron
has its front, middle and back. The front (Top of your list) takes the most
dammage in each fight. The back takes the least. So, shuffle around your
troops depending on how dammaged they are. 

D. Special Thanks/Contact Information                                   
Mark Kim for the opening statements.
Iwata Shouji for the idea of the specs
This FAQ/Walkthrough was created by Duo Maxwell and JL Lee. Updates and   
saves are at                  
any additions/questions? E-mail me at, ICQ me at 13329280, 
AIM me at "GFN2 Duo Maxwell", Yahoo page me at F_91 or with IRC my nick is
Duo_Maxwell ( at #GundamW..
Please note that A.P.I shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of this article.

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