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Black PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

Black PS2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Sony PlayStation2 guide to the game Black, it contains everything we currently know about Black for the PS2 videogame console.

We will be updating the info on this page as soon as we get more news about Black, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

Black game image
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Guide to Black on the PlayStation 2

My name is Keller. Im a Sergeant, 1st Class and my serial number is 7178412. Thats all I really have to say, no matter what they do to me. Handcuffs are kinda tight and the leg irons binding, but Ive been in worse spots than this. Wet work, espionage, black ops... after what Ive seen and done, this will be like a walk in the park. Itll be a typical interrogation, I imagine. Small table, a couple of hard chairs, an overhead light and the man. Luckily, Ive got some cigarettes to calm my nerves. Who knows how long they intend to grill me.? The idea of rotting in prison for life doesnt really appeal to me. So, I may have to talk after all. Well see exactly what they want to know. Maybe I can cut a deal.

BLACK is an action packed, guns blazing, blow em up first person shooter for mature gamers from EA and Criterion Games. The story unfolds through a series of live action interrogation sequences regarding Sgt. Kellers covert CIA activities. An organization called the Seventh Wave had been dealing weapons to terrorist cells. Keller was leading one of three black ops teams whose mission was to take down the Seventh Wave. But somewhere along the line things got messy and now Keller must reveal mission details to clear his involvement. Thus begins the journey of Sergeant Keller in this rip roaring, barrel smoking, all out destruction that is BLACK.

Gameplay consists of a series of missions where the player completes objectives to advance through each level. Initially youll start off with basic weapons but quickly find new weapons as you proceed. Destructible objects abound in the sprawling, wide open environments of each unique mission. Enemy soldiers are well equipped and will actively seek out and attack your position. Progressive skill modes offer greater degrees of challenge and provide rewards which enhance replay value. From start to finish, this game is a blast that begins with a bang and never lets up.

The objectives in BLACK are varied with completion requirements based on your skill mode. Every mission has Primary objectives which carry the story and advance you through the level. Secondary objectives include Blackmail (destroying laptops, safes and briefcases containing classified info), Intel (collecting terrorist info & plans in folders and security cases), Recon (finding a blue document roll to help on your next mission) and Armament (finding hidden weapons). The Destruction objective, definitely a favorite, requires use of the black reticule to find and destroy specific objects. Everything from crates, cars and forklifts to huge tankers, industrial equipment and more.

Starting out youll have the choice of two out of four skill modes - Easy or Normal. Easy consists of primary objectives only, contains lots of health packs but has no rewards. Normal has primary and secondary objectives, a liberal amount of health packs and unlocks Hard mode and Silver Weapons. Hard has primary and secondary objectives, no health packs and unlocks Black Ops mode and Silver weapons. Black Ops has primary, secondary and destruction objectives, no health packs and unlocks the M16A2. Once youve obtained the Silver M16A2, youll be virtually unstoppable.

The mission environments are rather elaborate with well designed layouts and excellent scale. Each level has a unique personality that helps move the storyline along. Urban warfare in Veblensk City, the backwoods trails of the Treneska border crossing, graveyards and trenched passages in Naszran, industrial sabotage of Naszrans foundry, interior search and destroy at Tivliz Asylum, recon and rescue through the Vratska dockyards, a perilous Graznei bridge crossing and the culminating climax deep within Spetriniv Gulag makes this an epic adventure on a grandiose scale. Well framed draw distance, especially evident in Naszran and Graznei, make you marvel at the visual experience.

Although each mission is basically linear, in some cases there is room to roam. The sheer size of the landscape allows you to take different avenues in your approach to completing objectives. Some levels are set up so that once you advance to certain areas, you cannot backtrack. This only affects the chance to complete secondary or destruction objectives. Fortunately this problem is addressed easily by the push of a button to check objective status. Each area has a set number of objectives, so checking for completion before moving on assures you have not missed something of value.

Several missions include cooperative play with AI controlled team members. Mostly in supportive roles, they assist in different ways throughout the story. Usually when you are in a tight spot, they will be there in the nick of time. They will follow your lead but they also will set up in defensive positions to await your advance. The missions can be completed without them but its nice to have help when youre outnumbered and outgunned. Ultimately, youll have to win on your own, which in the end gives the most satisfaction.

One of the sweeter features in BLACK is the amount of destructible objects in the environment. Barricades, crates, concrete building columns and other cover can often be shot up to expose enemy positions. In some cases, walls can be shredded with gunfire allowing you to break through and flank the enemy. Spread throughout the levels are targets of opportunity where explosive barrels, crates and other objects can be blown up with some well placed gunfire. Using this technique often nets more kills and is graphically quite exciting. During Black Ops mode this is most evident as there are over 150 targets for the Destruction objective.

The weapons available in the game are numerous, each with their own specialized features and magazine capacity. Various rifles, pistols, machine guns, shotgun, hand grenades, RPGs and more are in your arsenal. At any time during the game you can carry two weapons along with a handful of grenades. Each weapon requires its own type of ammo which can be found scattered throughout the levels or dropped by dead enemy soldiers. A few weapons have detachable suppressors, that when used, enhance stealth attacks without giving away your position. Some weapons are effective from long range, some are better in close quarters. The majority of weapons have a medium range and all weapons can be used as a melee attack. Silver Weapons once unlocked, have unlimited ammo so youll never run out of your death instrument of choice.

The ease of controller use during gameplay makes targeting and switching weapons a breeze. A small white dot reticule makes precise aiming simple and unobtrusive. The reticule, when aimed at a target, differentiates between friend, foe and objectives with a distinct color change. Human targets turn the reticule green for team members and red when trained on the enemy. Secondary objectives are identified as blue and destruction objectives turn the reticule BLACK! Switching weapons is almost instantaneous, although reloading does take some time depending on your weapon. Field of view is momentarily affected during reload as you focus on the task.

Enemy soldiers are relentless once youve been spotted and will maneuver aggressively to attack your position. The AI enhanced enemy is not always static, often ducking and seeking cover as they pursue you. All the while they are laying down intense fire meaning even the best player will take a few bullets. Standard soldiers will fall after taking several bullets or drop instantly with a fatal head shot. The more advanced soldiers are harder to fell as some wear body armor, including special head gear which hinders head shots. Others may advance behind bullet proof shields that will take quite a beating before they crumble. Of course, all are susceptible to explosions so a well placed grenade will usually do the trick.

The graphics are absolutely amazing with detail in every aspect of the game. From massive explosions with bodies flailing to intricate shattering glass shards and flying concrete chunks. Destructive after effects like raging flames and smoking plumes obscure vision leaving twisted metal, burnt out scarring and crumbling structures behind. Every single shot fired is accounted for right down to ground strafing dust trails and bullet hole riddled objects. Married to the graphics are top notch audio effects with remarkable variety including weapons fire, explosions, environmental damage and voice chatter. All of this is complimented by a stirring background soundtrack that evokes heroic feelings at dramatic moments.

As far as 1st person shooters go, BLACK is definitely in the top of the class. It provides non-stop action from the get go based around an intriguing CIA black ops storyline. With a formidable array of weapons at your disposal, going on a rampage never felt so good. The ability to wreak havoc and destruction on graphically beautiful environments while simultaneously mowing down enemy soldiers is the heart of this game. With diverse missions and several hundred objectives, theres plenty here to keep you busy. The replay value makes this game a worthwhile addition to any PS2 library.

According to the game itself, As a BLACK operative, youll obey no laws, know no borders, kill without mercy, and live by the Five Rules of Guncraft: Guns Are The Stars... Every Bullet Is Your Baby... Bigger Guns, Louder Explosions... Leave A Trail Of Destruction... Get Creative With Your Kills. I confess, BLACK certainly delivered on that pledge.

Black game image
Click here to view our 5 Black in-game screenshot slideshow

Black game image
Click here to view our 5 Black in-game screenshot slideshow

Your Black Wish List ?

If you have views on a feature or aspect that you would like to see included in 'Black' or future sequels of this game, we would love to hear from you. Better still we will pass on the very best of these ideas to the developers of the games and who knows, your wish may be granted..!

Click here to send us your ideas about Black.

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