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Bully PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

Bully PS2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Sony PlayStation2 guide to the game Bully, it contains everything we currently know about Bully for the PS2 videogame console.

We will be updating the info on this page as soon as we get more news about Bully, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

Bully game image
We have more Bully images for the PS2 here

Guide to Bully on the PlayStation 2

The strong will always prey on the weak. It's the natural order of things. To survive, you either get tough or you get beat. Sometimes that's just the way the world is. If you want to make it to the top of the food chain, you'd better learn how to fight. No one's going to hand it to you. Make a name for yourself in a dog eat dog world. There can be only one Alpha male.

These are the ideas behind Bully, the single player action game from Rockstar. Set in and around the Bullworth Academy, Jimmy Hopkins is the new kid at school. Full of bullies, student cliques, relentless prefects and unforgiving teachers, Bullworth is a hard place to fit in. Staying out of trouble has never been easy for Jimmy and this school year will be no different. It's a fight from day one and things will only get harder.

Bully is a free roaming, mission based action game where you assume the role of new student Jimmy Hopkins. Your primary goal is to complete various tasks while staying out of trouble. As you complete missions, the story progresses through the school year. Your ultimate goal, bring order to the student body and become the "king" of the school. To do this, you'll have to take on the different student cliques and defeat them to earn their respect. They are not going to make it easy. Around every corner is a potential fight.

The main character Jimmy is a rough and tumble, no nonsense 15 year old kid who "gives people what's coming to them" he would say. The rest of the cast in the game are interesting and diverse. The faculty include a hapless alcholic, a pervert, a crooked and vengeful colleague, a disgusting lunch lady, a chic artist and a strict disciplinarian. The student body includes an apish bully, snobby elitist preppies, stuck up jocks and cheerleaders, a jealous greasers and his promiscuous girlfriend, studiously geeky nerds, a rebellious dropout, an ambitious mastermind bully and his sheepish sissy dorm mate.

The game is divided into different chapters, each with their own unique focus. Each chapter will open up a new section of town to explore and expands the scope of the game. As you start Chapter One, you'll be confined to the school grounds. This means attending classes, following dress codes and basic good behavior are required. You will learn to socially interact with people through various situations. These include bully fights, wooing girls, greeting students and talking your way out of trouble with authority figures.

Learning how to fight, defend yourself and escape authority is absolutely necessary if you are going to survive the school year. Earning the respect of your fellow students is also a must. If they don't respect you, then you are a constant target for beatings. Bad behavior is never acceptable at Bullworth, so authority figures will constantly be watching your actions. Get caught causing too many problems and it's a trip to the office for detention and punishment.

Each school day is represented by an on screen clock. This will guide you throughout the game along with your map. Some tasks are only available during specific times of the day. Classes run on a regular schedule and if you're not in class, prefects will chase you for truancy. This keeps you on your toes and on schedule or else you face discipline. Once class is out you may roam free until nightfall arrives, when curfew is enforced. Every day you must be in bed before 2 AM or you end up passing out from exhaustion.

Attending classes will teach you the skills you need to succeed. Chemistry class teaches you how to make prank weapons like stink bombs and firecrackers. In English class you will learn how to better articulate your taunts and apologies, which in turn helps you escape bad situations. Art class improves your skills with the girls around campus, so when you kiss them it increases your health. But Gym class is where you will learn new moves that can be used in a fight, something that happens quite often at Bullworth. Later on other classes are available which unlock new features in the game. Each class is it's own unique mini game that becomes progressively harder each time.

The weapons in the game are mostly comedic in nature and befitting the school aged characters. These include stink bombs, fire crackers, eggs, sacks full of marbles, potato cannons and a trusty slingshot to name a few. None are deadly and some can be used defensively to escape in a chase. Your primary weapon is actually your fists and fighting techniques that you've learned during the game. These include uppercuts, take down moves, knees to the groin, round house kicks and overhead punches. You can also kick an enemy when they are down or block their punches and counter attack.

Completing missions are required to progress through the game. These are represented by stars in your on screen map. The missions usually involve helping students or teachers with some sort of task. Many of them involve a time limit. The rewards for completing missions vary from money to respect to useful items. Each chapter deals with a different group of students, so mission are specific to them. Every chapter also has a student challenge that unlocks new save locations.

Side tasks are abundant and varied, requiring less time than a regular mission to complete. These include breaking into lockers, egging dorms, stuffing students into trash cans, spray paint tagging and numerous other pranks. The rewards are usually money which can then be used to buy sodas for health or other items in the stores. Another side task is collecting radio parts, which can be exchanged with a hobo for new fighting moves. There are money challenges outside the school campus that will also earn you cash. These are paper routes and lawn mowing assignments (something you've already learned in school detention). There are literally hundreds of things to keep you busy while roaming around.

The environments are expansive and fairly detailed. Each part of town has distinct look and feel. From the learning halls of Bullworth Academy to the quaint Bullworth town, the upper crust of Old Bullworth Vale to the contrasting seedy, dilapidated New Coventry, to the industial park and trailers of Blue Skies, this game has a wide variety of locales. You travel to different locations either on foot, by skateboard or riding a bike. There are a few other ways to get around but these are the primary methods.

While the graphics are not outstanding, they are adequate for the game. The draw distance gives a decent feeling of depth and the surroundings are crisp in detail. The animation of the main character works well regardless of actions, including fighting, swimming, riding and running. There are even changes in the seasons, weather, and daylight to night that add a nice sense of the passage of time.

You can modify the look of Jimmy in many different ways. Clothing can be found, unlocked or purchased so you can dress to your taste. However, often times you must wear certain clothing in order to complete task. For example, while on campus you must wear a school uniform. You can also change hairstyles by visiting a barber shop in town. You will actually be required to get a new haircut in order to complete one mission. There is also a tattoo trailer available later in the game if you like body art.

The voice acting in the game is solid. The main character Jimmy is done well by Gerry Rosethal. The soundtrack is an original composition by Shawn Lee. Musical soundtracks change with actions and environments giving a dramatic feel when appropriate or character to your tasks. Special sound effects are accurately delivered and pedestrian comments are often specific to your character actions. This makes interacting with students and town folk more than just a random occurrence.

Overall, Bully is a game about surviving the school year the best way you can. This means fighting fire with fire. Talk your way out of a fight if you can, but when that fails let your fists do the talking. There is only one way to unite the student factions and that is by taking on the bullies themselves. Only after you gain their respect will you bring peace and order to the school. If you enjoyed any of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series, chances are you will enjoy this game too.

Bully game image
Click here to view our 33 Bully in-game screenshot slideshow

Bully game image
Click here to view our 33 Bully in-game screenshot slideshow

Your Bully Wish List ?

If you have views on a feature or aspect that you would like to see included in 'Bully' or future sequels of this game, we would love to hear from you. Better still we will pass on the very best of these ideas to the developers of the games and who knows, your wish may be granted..!

Click here to send us your ideas about Bully.

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