Title: Championship Motocross 2001   Developer: FunCom   Type: Bike Racing
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Championship Motocross 2001
"Motocross racing has been gaining popularity over the last several years, thanks in part to Ricky Carmichael, the top rider in the 250cc Outdoor National series. Now you can race as (or against) him in this new bike racer for the PSOne."
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This game has a good variety of race modes for one or two players- Single Race and Championship for one or 2 players, as well as a one-player Career Mode and Freestyle. To help you get the feel of the game, a handy Practice mode is available as well.

The control of the bikes is very tight, making them quite easy to steer. In Championship Mode, players can win money to buy parts in The Shop that will help improve performance, depending on the type of track. To help even more, it starts with a bit of money in the account before the first race even gets going; so that the bike can be prepped somewhat to possibly get a better finishing position. Career mode lets players create a racer by choosing a name, race colors and a bike, then attempt to make their way up the ladder from Amateur to a Championship Season. Freestyle gives gamers 2 minutes to pull off as many tricks as possible. As in real competitions, repeating tricks earns fewer points each time, so keep mixing things up. There is a total of 50 trick combos that can be pulled off in the game- four tricks are available in the race modes alone. Freestyle lets you cut loose with every trick in the game.

The rumble feature is used a lot in the game- the controller vibrates quite enthusiastically with every turn and bump. One complaint I have is that when you\'re in the air and come to the side of the track, you seem to run into an invisible wall, keeping you on the track. While this does make it easier to keep on course, it does detract from the realism of the game. Loading screens are a common sight when starting and between races as well, but the longest wait was only about 5 seconds, so the game gets going again quickly.

Considering the limitations of the PSOne\'s memory for video, this game looks good, as they did try to put a lot on screen. You will see some jaggies on some items, plus the track surfaces themselves have a somewhat pixilated look. The frame rate stays at a good clip, with no slowdown at any time. Status information is conveniently laid out around the corners of the screen for easy tracking. It would have been nice to have an actual speedometer instead of a small box though, but that is a minor complaint. Overall, things are nice and crisp and there is no mistaking your rider from the others unless you are colorblind.

Game sounds are nicely done- everything sounds as it should, from the bike engines to the roar of the crowds. Another nice touch is the slightly garbled track announcer, which is as it would sound from the starting line. The music for the game has been recorded by some of the top groups in the underground music scene, such as Taproot, Guttermouth and Primer 55. Most of the 8 songs were quite good, but do eventually get a bit repetitive.

· 28 real riders to choose from

· 24 tracks from motocross, super cross, freestyle and amateur events

· Combinable freestyle tricks

· 16 customizable bikes

· 6 modes of play

· Create-A-Rider

· Varying weather & track conditions

· 8 song soundtrack from various underground music bands

• 1 Disk(s)
• CD Media
• 4 Block required on Memory card per save (min)
• Up to 2 Players (without Multi-tap)
• 2 way split screen multi-player option
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Buttons
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Analog Sticks
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Vibration facility

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Lyndon MacLeod  "While maybe needing a touch-up graphically, the tight gameplay and sounds of Championship Motocross 2001 makes a good change from all of the other racing games that are out now.

Whether you are a fan of this sport or just looking for something different, this will make a good choice to add to your collection."
Graphics  13/20
Playability  40/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  18/20
This is a good solid title that should still appeal to those who like this type of game.
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60 - 69 This game is little more than average and we advise renting or play-testing before considering a purchase.

70 - 79 This is a good solid title that should still appeal to those who like this type of game.

80 - 89 This is a fantastic game that we think you will enjoy playing for quite some time.

90 - 100 This game either pushes the boundaries of it's genre further than ever before on this system, or creates a completely new gaming experience. Either way, it should not be missed and is an essential purchase in our opinion.


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PSone Review SUMMARY and SCORE
Wade V. Corbeil (lucifer)  "Over This Last Year I've Stumbled Across A Full Series Of Games That Were Vastly Sub-par. Championship Motocross 2001 Featuring Ricky Carmichael Is One Of Them. This Title Has Some Promising Features, Including A Number Of Gameplay Options, Yet It Still Disappoints.

New Standards Have Been Set For Aging Systems And In Order To Have Any Success This Standard Should Be Reached Or Surpassed. Unfortunately, Particularly On The Psx, Graphically Inferior Games Are Still Released Regularly. Cm2k1 Is One Of These Games.

When I Look At Cm2k1 I See A Major Step Backwards. The Immediate And Most Noticeable Problem Is The Large Blocky Textures Used For The Ground. The World Is A Veritable Checkerboard Of Brown And Lighter Shades Of Brown. Although Strung Together In Such A Way To Vaguely Resemble Dirt, It Just Doesn't Cut It. What's Particularly Bad Is The Mud Kicked Up By Your Tires. This Mud Is Composed Of Those Very Same Blocs, Enlarged And Flying Towards The Screen.
Square Dirt! How Realistic.

Another Major Problem Is Animation. For The Most Part, There Really Isn't Any, And What Animation There Is, Is Ugly. People's Legs Bend Backwards And Characters Always Go Flying In The Same Direction During A Crash Regardless Of Whether They Were Hit From The Left, Right, Front, Or Back. And You Magically Re-appear On Top Of Your Bike After A Crash, You Don't Get Up And Climb Back On. It Seems To Me Like Animation Was An Afterthought In This Game. It's Poorly Executed, And Inconsistent. Animation Is Supposed To Add To The Realism Of A Game. In This Case, It Detracts From It.

Sound Is The Strong Point Of This Game, Though I Hesitate To Call Any Part Of This Game ‘strong.' The Soundtrack Is Composed Of A Whopping 8 Songs, Of The Rock And Alternative Genres. While The Sound Quality Is Relatively High, The Music Itself Isn't. Even Though Legitimate Groups Perform The Songs, They Aren't Very Good. I Certainly Wouldn't Listen To Them Unless Forced. The Game Was Far More Enjoyable When I Used The In-game Option To Turn Off The Music (thank God They Included That Feature) And Played My Own Music In The Background.

Sound Effects Are Fairly Non-existent; Aside From The High-pitched Noise The Bikes Make A Sound, Capable Of Drilling Into Your Mind, And Dissolving Your Brain. Other Than That, There's A Totally Unrealistic >snap< When Two Bikes Crash, And A Crowd (which I Have Yet To See In The Game, As I Don't Consider Two Or Three Poorly Drawn Sprites A Crowd) Cheers Occasionally.

The Back Of The Disc Case States, "revel In… Rmd+ Physics For Insanely Real Gameplay!" I Warn You Now, Do Not Fall For It. It's A Trap! Run While You Still Can!! You Might Think I'm Exaggerating Here, And You'd Probably Be Right, But Cm2k1's Physics Are Poor. Crash Detection Is Bad, Traction Is Bad, And Control Is Bad. It's All Bad. Well… Jumps Are Good; Everything Else Is Bad.

My Biggest Concern About The Gameplay However Is The Fact That The Game Is Unplayable If You Don't Use The Analog Stick. I Pity Those Without A Dual-shock As Control Will Become An Exercise In Frustration. Turning Is A Difficult Task With The Control Stick. It Requires Timing, And A Lot Of Work. The D-pad, Is Useless. It Seems That When Using The D-pad Your Turn Radius Is Twice That Of The Analog Stick, Making It Virtually Impossible To Make Corners.

The One Nice Feature In Terms Of Gameplay Are The Multiple Features. There Are Career Modes, Championship Modes, Trick Modes, And So On. Unfortunately, They All Boil Down To The Same Thing- Driving A Bike Around A Track. It Becomes Repetitive And Boring Very Quickly."
Graphics  3/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  2/10
Lastability  7/20

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