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There are two things you need to know right now...

  1. This will NEVER cost you anything
  2. You can LEAVE the cheat squad at any time

The aim of the cheat squad is very simple:

We bring the best gamers on the planet together in an elite team - the CHEAT SQUAD

This team uses the internet to find the best, the newest, the coolest cheat codes for the Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PSP and PlayStation 3 videogame consoles.

To be ACTIVE in the squad you must find one or more cheat code every month.

All ACTIVE cheat squad members go into a monthly draw for a free PS2, PSP or PS3 game.

When you get 100 cheats online we will send you the level 1 bonus and reveal the next bonus level.

If you don't like this offer click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of this email now and it's all over, we will never contact you again.

If you like what you hear read on...


Here is a very quick rundown of what we want you to do

1: Go to: http://www.absolute-playstation.com/

2: find a game you like

3: go to the Cheats page for that game

4: find some new cheats that we do not already have

5: add the cheats using the form at the bottom of the cheats page

6: our cheat squad staff will check your stuff and if you were the first person in the squad who found the cheat then you will get credited for it

7: we will update the cheat squad stats and hall of fame every day, so you can see where you are in the rankings

8: when you hit a bonus level (the first level is 100 approved cheats) we will contact you to arrange delivery of your bonus item. Some of these items will be delivered by email and some to your door

9: on the first of every month we will make the draw for the free game. All cheat squad members who have had at least one cheat code approved in the previous month will be in the draw

10: if any cheat squad member is found to have more than one account, they will be immediately removed from the squad


If the above information makes no sense then please don't worry, we have a team of staff ready to help you out right now.

Go to: http://www.absolute-playstation.com/playstation-network/cheat-squad-help-area/

You will need to register to ask a new question, but that only takes a few seconds. Use your squad name when you register.

If you understand what you need to do, then you can get started right now.

We will send you more training materials over the next few days, including movies that show you step by step how to gather cheats and add them.

Like we said earlier you can quit at any time by clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the very bottom of this email.


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