How do you get passed
  • how do you get passed the part when he is at the party dancing and is told to change and fight the big dinosaur.
  • You just have to go to your room and change your clothes(press X at the right spot).The go to the Training area and quistis will teach you about junctioning status magic.Then just go to the part of the area where there is a kind of a big metal door in the northern par and go through it.
    There quistis will start to talk about her problems :tired: .
    After that just go to the beginning of the training area and you will see a girl in trouble.The fight is pretty simple.Just attack Granaldo and if youre characters go into yellow use limit breaks.
  • don't kill Granaldo (the big insect) until you've killed at least two of the Raldos (armadillo-like gray creatures).