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    So I just finished the last paper of the semester that has been hanging over my head since October. It was actually relatively easy once I got the Works Cited sorted out. I'm pretty proud of it.Now, all I can say is I cannot WAIT for registration tomorrow.But I can wait for my Karate Test. Wish me luck.
  • what are you studying ?
  • good luck by the way
  • Aww thanks sfjp!:) I'm studying English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. In a sense all the writing I did this semester was good for me, but man will I be ever so pleased to sit back and relax and not have to worry about writing for a whole month.:)
  • nice my friend study's creative writing at university of central lancashire seems like a good course, i tried uni for 3 months doing HND public services then quit to join army. Are you prepairing for disetation yet my mate adam had to write an entire book though he really enjoyed it, you should post some stuff im working at recruitment center in preston got nuddin to do would be cool to see what youve written.
  • sfpj, one of my earlier blog posts actually entails one of my creative writing stories which I turned in in my class. I believe it's the post which is called "Shorten Me!!" If you wanna read it you can go ahead. If you like it that's cool, if not well you had nothing to do in the first place and I occupied ya for a bit.;)

    As far as dissertation is concerned, no. I am nowhere near dissertations. I have only just started working towards an English transfer major now. I was at a uni before for about three years but it got too expensive and I couldn't juggle my part-time work schedule (which wasn't part time according to the logged hours):( and my full-time school schedule (which seemed overly full time even though I was barely fulltime).

    I'm trying to get back into a uni, specifically the one which I had to leave, but financially it's not feasible as of yet. I'm crossing my fingers though.:)