• One of the easiest and quickest ways I know to level up is by fighting t-rexaur in the balamb area or balamb garden's training centre cos you get 800exp and 10ap and he's sooo easy to defeat too! Just use doom (learnt by shiva) on him and you still get full exp and ap!!

    (there are better monsters to fight to gain heaps of exp but you can only fight them later in the game this one you can fight from the beginning)

    Doom is also a good way of getting out of those annoying encounters with really strong monsters but it doesnt work on bosses.
  • Thanks that should be helpful to lots of members! And it's true too! You can level up sooooooo fast by killing a couple!
  • I know another way to gain easy EXP.. from timber go north and until you find a place with Mummy, Lefty and Righty after you defeat them stay there until you get bored... there is also a draw point with Thundaga... It's a good location to get Lv100 in the Disc 1.. I tested it!
  • [b]I like leveling up on the Island closest to hell.
  • what I do is get quitis and bring he to the island closest to hell or island clostest to heven (both are on the farthest east or west coast). then I battle and use her degenerator blue magic to get rid of the monster. I got squall to level 75 in 5 mins and i started at level 30. also if u need magic it is a good place to visit. just equip the encounter none abaility that dablos has. both of the islands are swamped with draw point for magic like triple, metor, ultima, aura, full life etc. u should go there once u get the regonark.

    if u need ap just go visit catcuar island. each one u defeat, u get 20 ap. so that means if u defeat 20 catcuars u get 400 ap
    good luck
  • Yeah you get 20 AP for catuars, but u get no EXP and They always run away! Plus the only item i've got from them is that catus thorn thingy.
  • I also train on the island closest to HELL\HEAVEN :) and I like to kick Ruby Dragon's A$$E$!!! They give you a lot of exp and like 14 AP. Sorry :cry: