• what should I do
    my friend wants to join the AP site (it took a lot o' convincing)
    But the problem is.....
    I can't register him because I'm on auto login.
  • Does he not have his own system or computer to register on himself? :huh: Seems somewhat useless to register if he can't access whenever at home- if he has to go to your place to do his thing you would have to log off for him to sign in.
  • I have an extra pc which I gave him 2 use but my auto-login's still on, please help
  • All you have to do is log out-it's at the far right of the menu, just below where it shows your private message status. Then he can register himself on that computer once you log out on it. I would suggest removing your details from that computer if you are not using it any more yourself for coming here- we've seen other people with "friends" that log in under their name and start creating havoc.
  • okay thanx lyndon