internet probelm please help..
  • hello
    i have been online quite a few times with the ps3 and it has been working fine but when i downloaded the latest update 2.3 i think it was i havent been able to connect to the internet :o
    is it just me?
    and i keep getting cant optain ip address when i try to test the connection
    any help would be great thanks
  • cant obtain means it's not your ps3.
    It's your modem/ISP
    Have you checked your modem or bandwidth
    I almost always get that (because of my downloads:))
    It's usually my bandwidth or my modem.
    Can you please tell me what it says at Status list in Network
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  • what do u mean? and thanks :D
  • oh also to add to subject when i go to connect to online it says something is rong with the internet connection settings
    "blahblah.... go to network settings and check to see if they are right"
  • The latest update for the PS3 was 2.01, actually.

    You may want to try something that works for me if things are not connecting- simply power down the router (if you have one) and then do the same with the modem. After about 30 seconds or so plug the modem back in and once all the lights are showing normal function power on the router again. Seems like every so often these things get a bit of "brain freeze" and need a reset.
  • I sometimes do that but mostly its my bandwidth
  • I'm having a problem where my ps3 freezes on a website and I have to restart it
    Problem is, when I restart it doesn't wanna go to internet, it says error connecting to server
    I switch it off for 1 minute but it still does the same c'r'a'p
    Then, after a billion tries it works
  • Most likely it is the site you are trying for having the problems, not your PS3. There is nothing you can do in that case.
  • my ps3 keeps freezing on ps2 and ps1 games is this normall lol
  • Not really, no. What games are you trying and what model of PS3 do you have?

    If your PS3 is the North American 80 GB system the problem may be in the software emulation that system uses not being quite compatible with the games you are trying. Have you checked your games to see how they fare on Sony's list?
  • i have 60gb british consol and its when i was playing sims urbs and the new spyro game for ps2 :O
  • what's a SSID for wireless playstation connection
  • Ceptic, the problem is most likely the backward compatibility not being quite ready for those two games. The UK PS3s also use software emulation for the playing of PS2 and PSOne games.

    Shaddow, the SSID is the name given by the router to your wireless network. More often than not this is left at default.
  • ok thanks:D

    i had a friend come over and fix my internet on my ps3 it took him 2hours :O he said something in jibberish and i dont know how he fixed it but he messed around with the router and took my poor ps3 to pieces :O

    but my ps3 is now online again :D thanks all:D
    and my gamer id is-: ceptic
    so if anyone wants a game just add me and ill give u a game a what ever :D
  • Good to hear things are sorted out. B)

    feel free to add your PSN ID to the pinned thread up in the PlayStation Discussion section (and maybe you'd be interested in joining our Folding@Home team as well- details are there too).

    I would advise not sharing your account details for the purpose of game sharing, especially if you have a credit card on record. It would be too easy for a stranger to run things up on you.