PS3 wireless and wired
  • Hello I am new to the forum. I have just purchased a PS3 primarily for hte Blu-ray and internet. I would like to play games sometimes too. I have 2 concerns. I did some searching but haven't found a thread for this subject if anyone knows of a previous thread would you kindly send me a link. My PS3 is connect to my wireless internet. My television has an Rj45 jack but no wireless hardware. Is it possible to plug Rj45 from the PS3 to the TV and bridge the internet to my TV? If yes any how? If no why not?

    My second concern is about the ps3 network. When I tried to register is asks me about my country of residence. When I select Japan(where I am living) the language field only allows for Japanese. Can I use my North American address or does the address have to match my credit card? Will there be any ip resctrictions for my Japanese IP address?

    Sorry if there is already a thread for either of these.

    Thanks for your help

  • Welcome to Absolute PlayStation, bloodbeard. I'll try to help you out.

    Regarding the net connection, if your router is close enough you could still use ethernet cable to connect your tv to it and still have the wireless for the PS3. An alternate solution would be to pick up a wireless bridge and connect the tv that way. The PS3's ethernet jack will not work in the way you describe, however.

    When selecting your country the address does have to match with it (at least the postal/ zip code does). You could use your North American address for accessing the US PlayStation Store but if your credit cards are issued in Japan you would not be able to buy games from it. They are set up to only accept credit cards that match the PSN name's country of origin.

    There shouldn't be any problems regarding IP restrictions but you may find a touch of lag when playing North American games online depending on your connection and the servers for the game itself. The majority of games with online on the PS3 are regionalized- the Japanese version of Motorstorm (for example) would only connect to the servers set up for that area. To play any friends from North America you would need that version of the game in most cases.
  • Thank you for the reply. :D It's a shame that I cant use the ethernet port to share the internet with my tv. The router/modem are way to far from the living room to run a cable. I will have to get the wireless bridge :( . If the name doesn't have to match maybe I can have a friend pay for the account with a US card. I just don't want to select Japanese and then spend hours trying to translate stuff. To avoid the frustration it would make sense to choose a US address. The playstation says not for use outside of Japan on it. I wonder if It will work in the US?

    Cheers again for the fast reply!!!!

  • The console will work with no problem outside of Japan, the power module inside is universal. They say that to attempt to dissuade exporting. The only thing is the backward compatibility is region coded as is DVD playback- you would still have to use Japanese discs for PS2/ PSOne games and DVD movies.

    One alternative you could use is disposable credit card numbers. All of the major credit card companies now have this (visa, mastercard, american express) and can easily be used for one-time transactions. It's more secure this way as well- after you make the deal and it's authorized that card number is no longer useable for anything else. Need to top off? Just grab another number. A quick Google search will help find more information on where to get these.