Vista + PS3= Network Death?
  • All right, so here's the deal. I've had my PS3 since April 2007, and it has been running on a wired connection, the same cable that I use in the back of my Xbox 360. I was using a LinkSys WRT54GS router and Windows XP, now I'm using that same router, no changes made, and a new Vista Home Basic PC. I've made sure my firewall is not blocking me out of the network.

    For some reason, my connection has fallen apart. I'm able to connect with the PC, the Wii, and the 360, but not PS3. When attempting to connect, PS3 can't obtain the IP, it says the attempt timed out. There was one point last night where I could use the browser, but not the PSN. I've also tried setting up a wireless connection, same error. If it helps, I'm running the original 60GB PS3 with the most up to date firmware. Would appreciate some assistance.
  • You may have to go into the router settings and re-do the information for the PS3. The possibility is there that Vista may have made an impromptu change on you.

    Before doing that, however, have you tried a simple power down and restart of both the modem and router? i find sometimes the things need an ocassional shake up like that.
  • I'll try that now, but before I go, is it possible a lack of bandwidth could keep the PS3 from connecting? I think I read something about that, but wanted to make sure.
  • That is quite possible- if you have something on your computer that takes a lot of bandwidth (a bit torrent program perhaps) it could suck up enough of your internet signal to cut off other items on your network.