For those that lost there XP on CoD4
  • I know the XP lost was a big headache but heres some news that might make you feel a little better about the online support of CoD4...
    This is straight from the source...The same IW guy I got the patch stats on...

    Starts: Friday Dec 7th at 10 AM (PST)

    Ends: Monday Dec 10th at 10 AM (PST)


    We're kicking off a double XP weekend exclusively on the PS3 starting on Friday and lasting till Monday morning. Play at anytime starting at 10 am (PST) through Monday at 10 am (PST) and you'll earn double the XP in every gametype. Rank up higher, unlock more all weekend long!

    This is a special limited time deal, so get in there and rank up while the double XP lasts, as come Monday morning it's back to normal XP. See you online!