Cc card group king
  • where is the cc card group king. I thought it was quistis but when I go to challenge her she wont say anything but i hope selphie is feeling all right.
  • To fight the CC card king you have to have quistis
  • Ok I figured out how to beat the balamb part after acidentally paying a guy 30,000 for a tip. Anyways when I go to talk to her she only asks if I got hurt again and not what she said before when she was saying how she lost to another girl. So I talked to her and then went to my room asked everyone to leave and slept then no one came.
  • really ok ummm yeah ill try that well bye
  • if Doctor Kadowaki has already told you she used to be the CC King, make sure you talked to Nida (the pilot of Balamb Garden).
  • You don't have to put Quistis in your party, All you have to do is to defeat all CC group members til the last then talk to Dr. Kadowaki and Go to bed. Something should happen when you wake up, if not, go to sleep again and again.
  • well i never tried that and well i guess ill try that right now soo thanks peoples well