Reflection on the Semester
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    I entered the Fall semester at Mt. SAC with a gung ho attitude and determination that I believed would keep me going good and cause me to do well. Now, I have just checked my grades up to this point (given finals are next week) and I saw that my grades have reflected the amount of hard work I put in. No, it's not all A's..but B's are just as good. With every class though, I have to say I dealt with different sorts of problems that have helped me grow and/or get to know myself more than I had before.
  • You ever get the feeling you've done something before? Just had a serious bout of Deja Vu when I read a bit of your blog here. Almost like I'd read it before, very freaky :eek:

    Anyway, glad about your grades Mel.

    And I presume that game you talk about will be The Sims Castaway?
    It really does look a very good game. I'm almost tempted to get it on PS2, Wii and DS. If only I had the money spare :mellow:
  • good luck with your exames lass