The musical instruments
  • Is there a right order to assign the musical instruments in to the characters.
  • I do not think it matters, but according to some help I received when I was playing, it will sound better with certain combinations.

    Each instrument has a preset part, and not all the instruments go with each other. Choose matching instruments for a more pleasant sonic experience! Sax, electric guitar, piano, and bass guitar form a jazzy version of Eyes on Me, while guitar, violin, flute, and tap form a snazzy folk tune. The folk tune dialogue is recommended. Choose wisely!

    Hope this helps.
  • gjc300 is right! there are only two good tunes.

    I like the eyes on me version rather than the lively one, but Rinoa didn't like on how it was played (whats wrong with her anyay?) So it is perferrable to use the other one.
  • This the 3 types of music:

    1. Classic Guitar, Violin, Flute, Tap = "happy" music!!
    2. Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Sax, Piano = things go slightly wrong.
    3. mixed up = DISASTER!! What the hell happened to tellin squall he could count on his friends??!