• I have a problem with internet explorer (or I don't know how). When I enter in explorer some page show up where I can chose demo , video .... (http://ps3.playstation3/sd/ I think that this is my home adress)
    For example, when I chose a video there are a few game trilers and when I pres x on some of them , nothing happen. Do you know what I am talking about?
    And how I can download demos on PS3?
  • Yes, that home page they put on the PS3's browser is somewhat limited in function. Those pages only show what is available to get through the PlayStation Store- it is not the actual source.

    Go into the PlayStation Network section on the PlayStation 3's menu bar (right between Network and Friends) and you will see the PlayStation Store (the icon looks like a shopping bag with the controller symbols on it)- in there you can download demos as well as game videos, movie trailers and full original games along with classic PSOne titles playable on the PS3 or PSP.
  • -can you browse the internet properley?
    -can you download demos for free?
  • Yes, the browser can be used to go onto the web properly- hit the triangle button to bring up the command menu.

    Demos are free but you do not use the browser for that. It is all done in the PlayStation Store.
  • thank you mr lyndon