Trouble loading when switching discs..
  • The problem I have is when trying to switch between disc 1 to disc 2 to continue the game.. the system doesn't load the 2nd disc and I get the message "disc not found." This is a PS1 game BTW that I'm playing on my PS2
    It only fails to read the disc when switching between discs, but it plays all other discs fine (both PS1 & PS2) all the time. This is a new problem that I just encountered because it used to happen with another game but when I tried swapping discs, it tried to read it then it switched back to the game's "Insert disc 2" message screen as if it didn't recognize the disc and I usually got it to work after re-inserting the disc a few times until it finally recognized it. But with this other game it's just not reading it (the disc is clean too). BTW, the second disc itself loads fine from start-up, it's just a problem when switching discs during gameplay and I can't continue because the last savepoint is still on disc one and before a cutscene. does anyone know why it does that or how to fix it?
  • The PS2's backward compatibility always did have this problem, if memory serves- I really do not think there is a fix for it. It may be easier to borrow a PSOne and play on that to get onto a save point on disc 2.