It's a cows life, or a chickens perhaps????
  • Here's a quick joke for you...

    Two cows in a field.
    1st cow: "Are you worried about this BSE thing?"
    2nd cow: "Why should I be worried? I'm a chicken!"
  • Have you heard the one about two snakes?

    Snake 1 and 2 are slithering through the grass and snake number 2 pauses.

    Snake 2: Are we poisonous?
    Snake 1: No, why?
    Snake 2: I just bit my tongue.
  • A couple of classics, but here goes:

    Why did the Rhino cross the road?
    It was the chickens day off!

    Why did the Tiger cross the road?
    He was stuck to the Rhinos foot!


    Hope you liked
  • Another lame, yet funny joke:

    Why was the sheep feeling down?
    He was having a very baaaaaad day!
  • terrible, sorry mate but just bit to sh*t
  • said:
    terrible, sorry mate but just bit to sh*t

    OK, they weren't exactly funny haha, but thats a bit harsh.
    You must've laughed a little bit, even if it was because they were so lame. If not then well er I don't know.
    Maybe it's my sense of humour
  • i mate made me chuckle
  • You see, the lame jokes are best for getting people to laugh. They're so bad that they're actually funny :laugh: :D