Playstation 2 help
  • My old ps2 recently started skipping and I decided to take the cover off. In doing so, I ripped a thin plastic-looking connecting piece. I later found out that it was the thing that connected the main board (motherboard?) to the power and eject buttons. My ps2 receives power, but the buttons will not turn the ps2 on. I tried shoving the connecting piece back into the main board, but nothing changed....Is my ps2 a complete lost cause or a quick fix?
  • I'm afraid you may have toasted your PS2. :(

    It is things like this happening that we recommend only going into the system innards themselves if you are extremely careful and know what you are doing.
  • Lyndon is right gorenstein....

    That "thin, plastic connector" is called a ribbon cable. You do have an alternative to tossing it out though. You can find another one of the same version that doesnt work and use it for parts like the ribbon cable that you ripped. Your skipping might have been one of two things. One, the game was scratched or dirty. Two, your lense was dirty. If you end up getting ahold of another ps2 for parts, dont be afraid to ask for assistance before you grab that screwdriver.

    Lesson Learned: Never try to repair electronics unless you are sure of what you are doing.