• Man, some of these Final Fantasy rumors are just.....so funny they make me wanna cry! I put up this posty thing ( forgot what it's called hehe) so if people wanna know what are rumors and what aren't they could come here! Post alll the rumors you know about ( that aren't allready talked about
  • I think the most dumbest and funniest RUMOR is about LUIGI as a Party Member :mad:
  • I remember when they said if you fail to finish FFVII in 99:99 hours, the comit will colide with the planet and the game is over... I don't think that may be true... pu-lease!
    And here's another one:
    The Quizit is the so-called Ultimate Guardian Force. The former rumor stated that if you got the card set from the guy in Balamb Garden, beat the guy in the yellow jacket at the front gate, then defeated Ifrit, and finally fought 10 Caterchipillers in the nearby forest, you'd next encounter the Quizit. You could then draw from this Quizit to acquire it.
    Yeah, right!
  • Some of the funniest i have heard would have to be any for the Revive Aeris rumor going around. Oh, that reminds me, if you play FFX 20 times, beat it 5 times, play FFIX and beat it 10 times, then you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around then she'll be revived. Ok, ok, the easiest way to revive her is by buying Kingdom Hearts when it's released this fall for U/C gamers and early 2003 for PAL users. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Lol Quizit......it sounds like a sandwhich or something! Ya do the hokey pokey and ya turn yourself around * twirls around with an Aeris voodoo doll she made from dirt clods and hay* that's what it's all about! Oh darn! It won't work, shes' AHHH..........hehe....rat. Anyway, you're right, that stuff is quite funny. Hehe Luigi, I think I hear a Nintendo Lawsuit coming!
  • Is Areis in Kingdom Hearts?
  • Lol I heard of it to... I also heard that you can begin FF8 with all the GFs and all the Characters.. :P
  • i know alot of rumors but i can only really rember 2 right now. You've probally already heard of them, but they are that is like FF9 or Something You can get Squall and Cloud as your GF's.
  • Yes, Aeris will be in Kingdom Hearts as well as many old and new Square characters alike. Expect to see Sora and Kairi, two new Square characters along with Wakka, Tidus, Selphie, Rikku, Cid(FFVII), and many many more. If you would like anymore info on this game then drop me a PM or email and i'll give you an in-depth look at the game and the characters including some of the summons and other Disney characters also. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • That Kingdom Hearts game sounds pretty cool. Lol, some rumors are just stupid. Hmm, I think the only FF game that has Cloud in it is Tactics. ( other then FF7) But I knew this was true cause I actually tried it. Quizit..........I still can't get over that lol! :grin1:
  • Whats Kingdom Hearts about?!
  • Kingdom Hearts is a joint Action RPG/Platform/Adventure title from Square and Disney. All the characters that you loved from past FF titles are there including but not held to: Cloud, Squall, Wakka, Selphie, Aeris, Cid(FFVII), Rikku, as well as original characters including Sora and Kairi and many many more. There will be many Disney characters in the game as well including but not held to: Bambi(summon), Dumbo(summon), Simba(summon), Mushu(summon), Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Queen of Hearts, Hades, Ursala, Jack Skellington, and many many more. Expect to see the likes of Moogles, Chocobos, chipmunks, Alice(yes the one that was in Wonderland), Cheshire Cat, and many areas out of Disney movies including the jungle from Tarzan, the coliseum from Hercules, Wonderland, and a few more areas to conquest. This title is set for an October 14th release for U/C regions and a late Q4 release in PAL regions. I expect this to be the next big thing before FFXI is released in both regions. Expect to see FFXII not much more than 6 months after that. Well, if you'd like to know a little about gameplay such as attacking and what not then drop me a PM or email and i'll answer you asap. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Madthr is Kingdom Hearts Better than FFs I don't know you described it so well? I'll try To buy it and see myself
  • The rumor that Squall has to brothers and you can complete the game in under 3 hours to get them.I was laughing my head of.
  • Lol.....I know how to spell Quistis, don't worry. I was talking about a fake GF that there was a rumor about. I finally got Doomtrain! To my luck, Catoblepas had Alexander so I'm all happy now with my two new GFs hehe!
  • Yes, Kingdom Hearts is going to be an awesome game and while you may hear otherwise, this isn't a childish game. If you think that this will make Square look bad or vice versa with Disney then you're all wrong, this is going to make both of them look like geniuses. Oh, I forgot to mention earlier but Cloud is scheduled to be in Kingdom Hearts but i'm not sure in what way they'll be using him. Glad that you finally got Doomtrain and Alexander(both great GFs). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I was readin' my friends PS magazine and it showed a picture of Cloud with demon wings! I'm pretty sure that's how he's gonna look. It's really cool lookin', for a video game character he sure looks good! :2devilish:
  • Wow, this is an old one! Oh well hehehe. Hmmm funny rumors...like...the one where if you run to the left while the spider is chasing you and jump into the water Squall learns how to swim and you can swim to the *breathes* mysterious island that you somehow never saw before even if you've beaten the game *breathes again* then, you fight Griever and aquire him as a g/f!? Yeesh, gimme a break! That's like telling somebody there's a magical marble that will grant wishes, and to get it you must hop on one leg while singing yankee doodle and holding a firecracker in one hand with a flag in the other. :blink:

    I haven't lost my mind! There's just a couple vital pieces missing...
    ~Setsuna~ :ph34r: mwahaha, Ninja...bet you're getting sick of that now aren't ya!?
  • The rumors ive heard are that you can get lugi in ur party,zidanes evil twin in ur party, cloud as a gf, and reviving aeris. I think theyre all fake.
  • Look at this Rumour that I find...


    This is the most in depth rumor yet that I have seen, I have fun reading through this and looking at the good points.
    As we all know, Zack is the close, almost too close friend of Cloud. They fought side by side for some time, and when they were both injected with Jenova cells, they had an inhuman bondage. If one died then so would the other. As they were traveling back home to Midgar, Zack stated that he would not go back to his parents no matter what. Unfortunately, after he said that they were both found by Shinra, and considered spies, so Zack was shot, plain as day. Cloud got away without Shinra's detection. OK, we all know how powerful Jenova is. And then imagine a measly MP firing his gun at her. Chances are he wouldn't last long. So therefore, a few measly gunshots wouldn't kill Zack.
    Seeing something? Cloud comes back and mourns over Zack's "death" then takes his sword and fills out Zack's dream: to become a mercenary. About three years later, the game starts off. After a while, you stumble upon Aeris, and the sector 7 slums. In the slums, you meet a guy who lives in a pipe who is dreadfully sick (which is probably effects of Jenova). Aeris wants Cloud to help her. If you look closely enough, you can see spiky black hair sticking out from under his rags, which of course is the color of Zack's hair. As you will soon find in the game later on, Cloud gets dreadfully sick also, by means of Mako poisoning according to the doctors, but it was really an effect of Jenova. Getting it?
    OK, now we also know that the Reunion would attract all things bonded by Jenova or Sephiroth. Cloud is attracted, and so is Zack. You are probably thinking, "but you never saw him in the crater!" Guess what? If you go back to Midgar, right back to the sector 7 slums, check the pipe. Nobody is there. And if you talk to the right person in town, he will tell you that the guy who lived there stumbled out a while back muttering "reunion....reunion." Why would there be all this plot developing for no reason?! I say Zack is in the game somewhere, and you can use him on your team.
    Aftermath: Many and more people have scrounged the entire world map, every nook and cranny, to find no hidden island, no invisible door, no nothing relating whatsoever to Zack. Even I have, and have turned up with nothing. It is indeed useless to search for Zack.

    I found this on a site and I can't stop thinking if it could be true....