ps2 slim 77004 problem
  • Hello everyone
    I have ps2 slim 77004
    and i have litte problem with her
    after the 10 mnutes of playing my console stop read any cd and dvd
    i must wait 12 hours and then console work ok for 10 minutes
    and the same proplem
    i replace laser and lens driver and this no help to my console

    Fan i working ok
    this is gh-051-02 motherboard

    When i short cruit this pins for a 1 secound when console is off everithing is ok for next 10 minutes

    look at the pic,

    please help me

  • I'm not sure exactly what you have done to this thing before but I say let the system rest in peace- there is likely nothing you can do to save it at this point. It would be easier to get another console.
  • this is not a way out
    and you are an expert ?
    ps2 slim console was not modded
    i try to repair her with new parts : laser and lens driver rs2006
    and that not help to her :(
    i think in this motherboard is protection but i dont know where
    it's only one way out to play for another ten minutes
    get rid off tension from lens driver in motherboard
    maybe it is condenser or mosfet fould ??
  • Sounds like you know your way around the motherboard components much more than I do- I never claimed to be an expert on that end of it (or ever claimed to be an expert in anything- the boss of the site put that description up). However, to me it is much more trouble than it is worth to be delving around inside for the sake of 10 minutes worth of play in a 12 hour period.
  • hmm maybe someone ealse in this forum know this problem
    i know one thing i don't buy onother one for sure :)
  • i agree with mr lyndon ps2's are very cheep and would probably be better just to buy new one to continue for gaming.
    though good luck nice to see you giving it 110%