• Hey guys ever since I was on the psp internet broswer My psp is having trouble reading my memory stick and my internet doesn't work. After a couple of hours I starts to work properly only for about 3 minutes but the internet still doesn't work. Can you help me thanks
  • Sometimes removing the memory stick and then plugging it back in will take care of the reading problem. The contacts maybe could use a bit of a wipe off.

    The web surfing would be a whole other problem. If you are being cut off it is likely due to low wifi signal or settings being out of sync for proper surfing. How is your connection on the PSP set up, all automatic settings?
  • That sort of helped the memory stick problem out but the problem has gotten a lot worse first the psp cuts on itself then my sound doesn't work unless I have head phones and when I try to scan the green light will not come on at all and an Error sign comes up and when I try to play or do anything from my memory stick it will either say Cannot open file or cannot play music same thing with videos and customized themes but when I put them in my friends psp the memory stick works just fine

    Can I virus be the cause of this because I started doing this after I downloaded something?
  • A virus would have to be written specifically for the PSP in order to affect it- to my knowledge there are none out there other than some places with supposed downgraders that actually brick the system altogether.

    It almost sounds like the card reader in your PSP has some damage to it- you may want to contact Sony regarding sending the PSP in for repairs. If it is under a year old the repair will be free of charge.