need help fighting Odin
  • well ive been exploring alot in that game and i came across this building i went in and solved the code (took me almost all the time) and when i fought him he kicks my @&#36&#36 with that one attack can someone help me? plus ive saved on another slot the g-garden battle and i cant defeat that three headed thing he just castes triple and im screwed ccan i have help for this
  • On Odin you must have ran out of time. He does his zantasuken attack if you run out of time. Now that you know how to solve the code do it again so you will have more time. For Cerberus he is optional, but if you win he becomes your GF. So my advise to if to cast float so his earthquake attack wont hurt you. That will help out. I dont remeber to much about the boss besides that he does earthquake a lot. Im sure someone else will reply and help you out with him some more.
  • Cerberus is easy if you now the right attacks!! if he uses triple use dispel and he will go back to normal. Have one guy heal one guy jabbing physical attakcs and one guy with the dispels soon he will be done and he will join you. Oh as for odin do try it again and if you know the code go for it but I do fear the code is random but you know what to do I got to odin with tem minutes to go then killed him (oh and when you get him he is very useful especially when you are at the islands of heaven and hell and you also need odin to get gilgamesh but I think I'm gunna stop there before I give out to much:))
  • thanks guys for the tips its strange when im thinking about posting here i say keep on trying and around my tenth try i post here so (being impatent) i try again and i get it before anyone replys strange huh? well anyway i got the ragnarok and off to see kiros and i think that one big guy who didnt talk isward and the pres is laguna but i never expected that rinoa thing man that was F***ed up eh
  • i never got to odin i was kinda hard to do that cause you half to do some sort of switches i guess its where the tonberrys are it was hard i just got out of there and left well bye
  • Here's a good tip in defeating Odin without running out of time. First of all, set you HP very low that it will turn to yellow, then go to Centra Ruins and Junction Enc-None from the Ability of Diablos.

    With this, you can do the code without fighting any monsters and it will save you some time. And for Odin, do your limit breaks all the time since you are in a critical condition.

    Hope this helps!
  • wow i have to try that i havent thought of that one yet well bye
  • hey guys ....i have a problem with odin....i kill odin, recive his card and all...exept i dont actually get the GF odin...
  • You cant junction Odin. He will randomly apper and do his Sable Justiciero
  • Squall9999 i correct.
  • Well i'm new so I'm gonna say what I know....
    First get you characters at level 45, 50, 55, 60 or higher if you want.... then make the puzzle when you're in the battle begin by using Aura (if you have some..) then begin attacking.. don't use Ifrit or Diablos cuz it's useless.... so Attack with all you got..!! if you have a Hero or Holy war use it if no well you gotta make it... I hope this helps you... :)
  • You can also use 'Meltdown' on him to really power your physical attacks up, then just use a limit like Duel or Renzokuken.
  • I cant think of much to say exept to do a lot of limit breaks and summon your strongest Gfs. I had no problem with him. I found him easy and beat him first try. As for ceberus, ??????? i dont know. I died a bunch of times and decided to skip him. hope i helped.
  • I don't know why its so hard for ye to beat odin.I just attacked with all my strongest GF's and with squall's weapon.He wasn't the hardest GF to defeat so I can't remember much about the actual battle except that it wasn't hard.
    As for Cerberus Solid Snake, He was easy.I think i had quistis with recover which healed all party members with no expense.I let none of my party members die and constantly attacked with all my GF's