Mom needs help
  • Hi I am the mother of an 8 yr old boy (Alex). I am at the bottom of the curve when it comes to gaming. I like to moniter the games that my son plays. I keep it to E10 and under. He likes the Lego Star Wars 2 and has had a great time playing it.( He would like to know if there is a map fo all the minikits so that he can find them all.) I would like to find him a couple of new games that he enjoys as much for christmas. Does anyone have any great recomendations? He has Scooby Doo 100 nights of frights. He liked that one as well. Thank you for all your help! Jen:)
  • Welcome to Absolute playstation Alex21, or should I say Alex's mom?

    As far as children's games are concerned I have heard that Meet The Robinsons was an especially good value among children and you're in luck, it is E 10 rating. I believe it is just as involved as the Lego Star Wars games in the fact that it has other side quests in which you must find kits and everything for.;)

    As far as a map for all the minikit locations are concerned, that is a little bit difficult to find. I was unable to locate a map per se. All I could find was walkthroughs which would disclose the minikit locations at the end of every level. I'll keep looking though.
  • I'm afraid there are no maps to pinpoint the locations but if there is a particular minikit he is having trouble locating just give us a shout and we can try to direct him to the right spot. I have listed minikit locations for a few levels in certain threads in the PS2 Game Help section, you may want to check things out there.

    Good to see a parent that pays attention to the ESRB ratings- not many do, unfortunately. I've found the newer Spyro games (A New Beginning and the recently-released The Eternal Night) are pretty good for action/ platforming games in that rating range.
  • CROC the CROC games would be good not that new but still fantastic choice, penny racers,rayman1
  • What about the Spyro games too?

    I must say it is very refreshing to hear from a responsoble parent!!

    Hope your son enjoys his new games!
  • Thank you all for some of your sugestions. About Rayman 1 is that the Rayman raving rabbit? I saw something like it at the store yesterday. Wasn't sure what it was about. He has played and old Spyro game but the graghics on it seem little kid to him especially when some of the other boys are talking about Halo 3 (which I don't want him to be playing). The Star Wars one gave him a action type game but on a milder level and no bad language. I am interested in the Meet the Robinsons game but would like more info if you guys have it. Also where would I look at the Penny Racer game? Thank you again for your help.
  • Another good game that's perfect for what you're looking for, is any of the Micro Machines games.
    Based on the miniature toy cars of the same name, basically it's just a racing game where you race all kinds of cars, boats, hovercrafts, and even tanks along tracks in gardens, tables, snooker tables, or even the Attic.

    I would definitely recommend them :)
  • penny racers should be on amazon or ebay brilliant game, rayman rabbits thing i think is a bit differant but is still aimed at the younger population so should be fine i think the ratatuee game is out by disney i expect that would be enjoyable for a young gamer.
  • It appears that all the reviews I have read for the Meet the Robinsons game are mixed. Perhaps you should rent it first and see how your son likes it before go and buy it.

    I can say with confidence though that Rayman Raving Rabbids is a good game. It's basically a whole bunch of mini games that you have to win in order to allow Rayman to escape from a prison. Some of them are pretty cute (like there is one game were you have to hit a rabbid with a hammer and then get it's bump that appears to a certain height), but some of the games of also just plain irritating (rushing a dynamite bomb to a rabbid to diffuse it at the end of the course).

    I just thought of another game that might be engaging for the kid, have you considered Kingdom Hearts? It's a pretty good game and it doesn't contain anything that you wouldn't be comfortable with a kid seeing. The graphics are relatively good and it also includes quite a few Disney characters.:) If you're considering a game to go off and buy, I highly recommend that one.